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00:00 Stay tuned to meet a woman
00:02 who overcame the throes of drug and alcohol addiction
00:05 and is now on fire for Jesus Christ.
00:08 My name is Yvonne Lewis
00:10 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:32 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:35 My guest today is Denise Sanderson,
00:37 community service center director
00:39 for the Seventh-day Adventist community center
00:41 in Phoenix, Arizona.
00:43 Welcome to Urban Report, Denise.
00:45 Thanks, Yvonne.
00:46 Thanks for having me here today.
00:47 Oh, it's great to have you.
00:49 I have heard such great things about your testimony.
00:53 Brian Hamilton, who is our chief financial officer here,
00:58 he is also very, very involved in prison ministry.
01:02 Yes, yes.
01:03 And he was telling me about you
01:05 and I just felt like I had to have you on Urban Report
01:08 so that our viewers could hear your journey.
01:10 Praise God.
01:11 So let's talk a little bit about your journey.
01:13 Tell me about your childhood, what was it like?
01:16 Growing up as a child in my home, there was no love.
01:19 Where were you from?
01:20 I'm from Austin, Texas. Okay.
01:22 So my father was a military man.
01:25 I had four siblings and I was the only girl
01:28 but I grew up in a home where there was a lot of abuse.
01:30 Sexual abuse, verbal abuse and physical abuse
01:34 so by the time that I was seven years old,
01:37 I had taken myself to an extreme of drugs
01:41 at that time which was popping pills, huffing paint.
01:44 Where did you get the pills?
01:47 Basically, my father was in the military,
01:49 we were close to an air force base
01:51 and some of my friends that I had,
01:52 they, their parents were doctors and nurses
01:55 so of course when I went over to my friends' house,
01:57 I would've raid the medicine cabinet
01:59 and just start popping pills just to medicate myself
02:01 because there was a lot of sexual abuse going on.
02:04 I was molested from that time.
02:06 I remember being five, being molested,
02:08 it could have went on earlier than that
02:10 but I remember at the age of five
02:12 my father molesting me so.
02:13 So that's where it actually started the pain...
02:17 Yes.
02:18 ...from the molestation at five?
02:20 Yes.
02:21 And so that you were trying to self medicate,
02:24 trying to just ease that pain.
02:25 Yes.
02:26 And at seven, that has to kind of sink into my head
02:31 because usually, you think of teenagers
02:35 beginning to pop pills
02:36 or, you know, teenagers experimenting with drugs
02:39 but you were seven years old, a baby...
02:42 Yes.
02:43 Popping pills just trying to get over that pain,
02:47 so what happened from seven?
02:49 You were popping pills,
02:50 did anybody know that you were doing this?
02:53 My stepmother at that time,
02:55 recognized there was a behavior change in my life
02:58 but I think because of the abuse
03:01 that took on in our home daily,
03:04 she was probably closed to it because of her dealing with her
03:07 own emotional issues so nobody really knew
03:10 what I was doing except me.
03:12 Did anybody in your household
03:13 know about the abuse besides you and your father?
03:16 No one. Nobody.
03:20 He told me that if told anyone that he would beat me
03:23 and that people would not believe it anyways
03:25 so he put fear in me at a very young age
03:28 not to ever tell anyone so I just did that.
03:31 Did your father abuse alcohol himself or--?
03:34 He was an alcoholic. He was a terrible alcoholic.
03:37 Very physically abusive, would come home
03:39 and he had gotten to the point
03:42 with his strictness in being to the military
03:43 if we didn't have our beds made up
03:46 and the way that he saw fit,
03:47 if he threw the quarter on the bed
03:49 and it didn't bounce, he would rip it off,
03:52 you know, snatch the covers off
03:53 and make us come and do it again.
03:55 I mean, he was just real evil.
03:58 And he would go-- would he go into a rage?
04:00 Yes.
04:01 We would get whipped with many things,
04:03 tension cords, whatever he could reach
04:05 is what all of us felt and my siblings and I.
04:09 Where was your biological mother?
04:11 My biological mother abandoned me
04:13 when I was a baby
04:15 because when my father married her,
04:17 she was 13 years old and he was 23
04:20 so she got pregnant with me at the age of 14
04:23 and had me at the age of 15.
04:25 So he was overseas and the TDY,
04:28 I guess it's what they call it back then,
04:30 and she was doing things when she was only a child
04:34 but CPS had came to take me because of the neglect
04:37 and the abuse of my mother
04:38 and so she more or less gave me up.
04:41 So look at the environment
04:45 out of which you came, your dad was abusive,
04:50 molesting you, physically abusing you,
04:53 sexually abusing you, verbally abusing you,
04:57 and your mom had abandoned you.
05:01 All of this led you into the lifestyle
05:06 that you ended up being...
05:08 Correct. Correct.
05:09 So you started at 7,
05:12 what happened by the time you were 13?
05:14 What were you doing?
05:16 By the time that I was 13 years old,
05:18 I had tried to kill myself, I tried to commit suicide.
05:21 The pain was too much, the drugs and alcohol
05:25 that I were doing at that time just,
05:27 it wasn't enough to take away all the hurt and things
05:30 that were just haunting me daily so.
05:33 Did you have anybody in your life that,
05:38 at school were you able to talk to a counselor,
05:40 I mean, where was your support system at this time?
05:44 I didn't have any and I didn't know
05:46 that I had any, let me just say that.
05:48 I was afraid, I was ashamed,
05:50 I'd blame myself for me being molested
05:53 that maybe I shouldn't have had on the dress
05:55 that day and things like that
05:57 so I just kind of withdrew myself from everyone.
06:01 I withdrew from the world
06:03 and everything just began to come from within
06:06 and I didn't want to share anything on the outside.
06:09 You know, Denise, to know
06:10 that you went through that kind of pain
06:13 and had no one around you and you didn't know the Lord
06:18 so it wasn't as though you could
06:20 or would call upon Him,
06:22 you didn't know Him at that point, correct?
06:24 Or did you?
06:25 Actually, I had went to church.
06:27 I used to go to church every Sunday.
06:29 Okay.
06:30 And I used to hear in church that,
06:31 you know, Jesus delivers and heals and forgives and,
06:36 but because every time I'd come home from church,
06:38 there my father was waiting for me.
06:40 Somehow, the thought of even crying out to Jesus
06:45 didn't seem like there was any use,
06:47 didn't make any use for me to do that.
06:49 Isn't it something that
06:52 when we don't really know like
06:55 we could have a working knowledge
06:57 but not really that intimate relationship with the Lord
07:01 that we don't really know that we can depend upon Him
07:04 and you were 13 so you really just,
07:09 you're just kind of out there feeling so alone.
07:12 Yes. What did you do?
07:15 How did you work through this whole thing?
07:17 Did you leave home? What did you do?
07:19 I ran and left my home when I was 15.
07:21 Okay.
07:22 So I got tired of the sexual abuse
07:24 but when I ran away from home,
07:26 because there were so many things
07:27 that were taking place,
07:28 I kind of went into some wrong roads of life
07:31 when I ran away from home.
07:33 Okay, let's talk about that, what did you do?
07:35 I got connected up with bad people,
07:38 one of the people said, I didn't know,
07:40 he was a gentleman and I'd lived in Austin
07:42 and I hitchhiked to Houston, Texas.
07:45 And when I got there, it was a nice gentleman
07:47 so I thought but I was only 15, you know.
07:49 He took me out to streets and fed me
07:51 and put me up in a hotel for a week
07:53 and I didn't know he was a pimp.
07:55 I had no clue.
07:56 So that lifestyle there was,
08:00 you know, he wanted to put me on the streets but I refused to
08:03 so every time he put me out there, I ran back away.
08:05 He would always find me so,
08:07 I mean, and my life just began to spiral
08:09 in the wrong direction from that time on.
08:12 I think one of the things was just that
08:15 I was just looking for someone to love me.
08:16 Yes, yes, and I think that
08:19 that's what happen so often with our young girls,
08:22 with our-- Young girls and boys
08:24 that run away from home,
08:25 they're looking for someone to love them
08:28 and looking for love in all the wrong places
08:31 so to speak, yeah, right,
08:33 so then you hookup with someone
08:37 who you think has your best interest at heart.
08:40 Yes.
08:41 And then you find out that
08:42 this guy's no different from my father.
08:45 From my father, exactly.
08:47 So you were continuing the cycle at this point?
08:51 Yes.
08:52 Not, not because it's your fault, by any means.
08:56 Correct. 'Cause it wasn't.
08:57 But you-- you were still caught up
09:00 in that same cycle of abuse.
09:03 Yes.
09:05 And you were trying to kill yourself
09:07 before the emptiness that you must have felt,
09:11 the loneliness, tell us a little bit about
09:14 the depth that you reached during that time.
09:19 I had blamed myself and there was so much guilt
09:23 going on inside of me
09:26 and I knew that my mother had abandoned me
09:28 and didn't want me.
09:29 And I knew that I was placed in a family
09:31 where there was no moral values.
09:33 I didn't have anyone to look up to.
09:36 There was lying, cheating, stealing,
09:38 drinking and abuse and everything
09:40 and I had to grow up in that for so many years
09:42 and then when I ran into--
09:45 'cause not only I tried to kill myself once, I tried twice.
09:48 The first time wasn't successful
09:50 neither was the second time
09:51 but I had felt such worthlessness.
09:56 I didn't feel like I mattered, anything about me mattered
10:00 and that's why I tried to because in my mind's eyes,
10:04 at that time as being young as I was,
10:06 I thought if I did away with myself,
10:08 I wouldn't have to hurt anymore.
10:10 Yeah.
10:11 And that's what goes through
10:13 so many young people's heads that attempt suicide,
10:17 some of whom are successful with it.
10:20 But if they only knew
10:22 that there is a better day coming...
10:23 Yes.
10:25 Tell us how your life turned around.
10:27 Well, I had got pregnant with my daughter,
10:32 when I was 20 years old, I had met a gentleman
10:36 and I had prayed a prayer,
10:39 I said, "Lord, could You give me someone to love?
10:41 Someone who would love me, someone who wouldn't hurt me?"
10:44 And that one of those prayers
10:45 that I just shot up that people do often.
10:49 But lo and behold, I got pregnant and,
10:51 you know, when-- during that time,
10:53 I stopped using drugs and alcohol
10:54 because there was a life growing inside of me
10:56 that meant something to me.
10:58 You know, and so...
11:01 that was the beginning process
11:05 but yeah, there was still a lot of darkness ahead for me,
11:07 after I had my daughter.
11:09 So your prayer was answered in that
11:15 now you had someone to love,
11:17 that you could love unconditionally,
11:20 that wouldn't hurt you, that would just love you back.
11:25 Yes.
11:26 And so that in the sense was an answer to prayer,
11:29 and it's interesting to me that
11:31 during the time of your pregnancy,
11:33 you were able to let go off the drugs,
11:36 let go off the alcohol
11:38 because there was something more important there for you.
11:41 Yes.
11:43 To me, you were filling a void with this--
11:48 with this baby, you were filling that void
11:52 that you had in your soul
11:54 and so you were able to let go off
11:58 the alcohol and the drugs but then you find out that
12:01 really that void isn't filled with any human relationship.
12:05 Correct.
12:06 What happened after the birth of your daughter,
12:10 what happened in your life?
12:12 I got introduced to crack cocaine.
12:15 Okay, okay.
12:16 I got introduced to that with a friend of mine
12:19 which, today, I know now is not a friend,
12:22 but I got to introduced to crack cocaine
12:23 and I started using recreationally,
12:27 a functioning worker, you know,
12:29 going to work everyday and using it once a month,
12:33 you know, at parties and events and things
12:35 like that but within a few years,
12:37 the lie that I told myself was this,
12:40 "I have this under control" and that was a lie.
12:44 So you went from week--
12:47 like, once a month to how often?
12:50 Everyday all day.
12:53 That's what I went to within four years, I believe.
12:57 Everyday all day long to where
13:00 that's all I thought about because I had, once again,
13:03 found something to medicate me
13:06 from the hurt and the pain that was still haunting me,
13:08 'cause I still had to face molestation
13:11 and the self worth and no value, you know.
13:16 You ugly, you-- everything that,
13:20 today I know it was the enemy
13:22 but then, I didn't know who it was.
13:24 And I'm so glad you said that because,
13:27 you know, all the time on Urban Report,
13:30 I talk about God's plan for us.
13:33 But just as God has a plan for us,
13:35 the enemy has a plan for us.
13:37 God's plan is to prosper you, to give--
13:39 and I don't necessarily mean materially.
13:42 But I mean to give you a better life,
13:44 a more abundant life,
13:45 that's what Jesus said He came to do.
13:48 But the enemy's deal is that
13:50 he wants to take you on that downward spiral
13:53 and he'll take his time but he will--
13:55 he'll have you starting out
13:57 as a recreational crack user once a month,
14:00 but by the end of the deal,
14:02 you are doing it everyday all day.
14:05 Because his plan for you is destruction.
14:09 Yes.
14:10 And God says, you know, choose.
14:12 Yes. Choose.
14:13 Which plan do you want?
14:15 'Cause I have the one that's gonna give you a future
14:17 and a hope and Satan has the one
14:20 that's gonna take you into destruction.
14:22 So you were on that road to destruction
14:28 doing crack everyday all day.
14:33 Tell us if you would briefly like
14:35 what is it about that whole thing
14:39 that draws you in with crack.
14:41 What draws you into it so much
14:44 that it consumes your every thought?
14:47 The pain, hurting, the high
14:52 because once you take the first hit from it,
14:55 you're always chasing
14:56 that kind of particular feeling thereafter
14:59 and that's why people continuously do it
15:02 because they're looking for that first rush
15:05 that they had for the first time.
15:07 And you don't ever find it.
15:08 And it never comes again. You don't ever find it ever.
15:11 Wow, wow.
15:14 So how far did you spiral downward?
15:17 To the point to where it ended up
15:19 getting me incarcerated.
15:21 Okay.
15:22 Giving up my child, abandoning my daughter,
15:29 just... it was horrible
15:31 and I'm reaping some of those effects today
15:33 by the choices that I made,
15:34 you know, being a single mother,
15:37 raising my daughter, trying to do it out of hurt
15:41 and whatever else and you said it earlier,
15:46 it was just the void
15:47 that could not be filled by human, you know.
15:51 So you ended up being incarcerated for how long?
15:54 I was in and out of the jail system for about five years.
15:58 I did a lot of time altogether for five years, in and out.
16:02 What was it like in jail?
16:03 Oh, horrible. It was terrible.
16:07 But I was terrible because when they arrested me,
16:11 I was high and drunk so I went in there with spirits
16:15 that were just as ugly as the other people
16:17 that were in the jails with me
16:18 and then when I moved on to the tents
16:21 and the astray where they had house ladies,
16:23 the women, I mean, it was just horrible.
16:27 It was something that
16:28 I would not ever want to go back and do again.
16:32 Yeah.
16:33 I mean, I've been to jails, prisons,
16:38 you know, for prison ministry.
16:39 Right.
16:40 But never have I seen the cells themselves,
16:43 you know, you go into a room
16:44 and you administer to music or whatever there.
16:48 So I've never seen the actual cells
16:50 except on television or something
16:52 but they, it-- from what I understand,
16:54 it's just such a horrific way to live every day of your life
17:00 in that kind of surroundings, in that kind of environment
17:04 where there's a lot of anger and rage and fighting and...
17:09 just all of that and you're saying that
17:11 that's how you went in, what changed your life?
17:16 That's when Jesus introduced Himself to me.
17:19 It's when I was locked up the final time
17:21 'cause I had been--
17:22 had pat on the backs prior to that,
17:24 you know, doing couple of months here
17:26 and a few weeks here and there
17:27 and nothing really consistently long
17:30 but I had told my daughter, she was 12 years old
17:33 'cause I had got arrested and I told my daughter,
17:36 I said, "Well, mama's coming home."
17:38 And I told her to come to court,
17:40 you know, and of course, when she came to court
17:42 she heard all of my charges which devastated me
17:44 because I didn't want my daughter to know.
17:46 Some of the things that I'd did
17:48 but when the judge hit the gavel and told me
17:52 that I wasn't going home in no time,
17:54 I was brokenhearted and devastated
17:55 because for real, this time
17:58 I was gonna be separated from my daughter
18:00 but when being incarcerated, I went to church
18:03 'cause they called church in there,
18:04 you know, when you have an opportunity
18:05 to go to church, like of course you know,
18:08 and I went to church and I had my own plans
18:11 to sit in the back row and be disruptive
18:13 and, you know, do the evil demonic things
18:16 that I was practicing, you know.
18:18 But God had another plan for me.
18:20 Come on, come on.
18:21 God had another plan for me. Come on.
18:22 And there were two women there that day
18:24 and they were preaching and when they were sharing
18:27 what they were teaching that day,
18:29 it was like my life story was being exposed to everyone there
18:33 because everything that they had talked about
18:35 is what I had did.
18:37 They were talking about Mary Magdalene
18:39 and the things that she had did and I began weeping.
18:43 And as I began weeping, that's when the process began
18:46 for the Holy Spirit to show me that.
18:48 "This was you but you're gonna be
18:50 something different when I get done."
18:53 How beautiful is that. Yes.
18:55 Really, how beautiful is that
18:57 that God would reach into that prison and say,
19:00 "I've got something better for you, I love you.
19:04 I have something better for you."
19:07 Yes.
19:08 "And I will be your Father." Yes.
19:12 How-- Was it difficult for you to,
19:14 because of where you had been with your father,
19:18 with your earthly father, was it difficult for you
19:21 to accept the love of your Heavenly Father?
19:25 Very difficult and there are times today when I struggle.
19:29 When I read in the Bible the word father,
19:31 I just, it just caused me to crunch,
19:34 you know, and it was a long str--
19:37 a long haul for me because father
19:39 and the love and the acceptance
19:41 and because when I was a child,
19:43 I would do things to try to make my father happy.
19:46 And I just grew up into that behavior
19:48 so coming into this Christian walk with Jesus,
19:53 I thought the same thing.
19:54 You know, let me do some things
19:56 that will make Jesus happy so that,
19:58 you know, He'll love me.
20:00 Yes.
20:01 So that He'll love me. Yes.
20:02 Wanting to earn his love,
20:04 not knowing that you already had it.
20:07 Didn't have a clue.
20:09 Even being incarcerated and learning about His love,
20:12 that was a long road Jesus had to allow me
20:16 to continue on the journey of,
20:18 "I'm not like your earthly father.
20:20 Something totally different and magnificent,"
20:23 which I've accepted today and I love it today.
20:26 Yes, hallelujah, that's such a beautiful thing.
20:30 Yes. Beautiful, beautiful.
20:32 So while you were at that meeting, you heard--
20:37 the Holy Spirit just worked on you.
20:38 Yes.
20:39 And you became convicted
20:40 and how did you begin the walk from there?
20:45 I had a clergy that came in to speak with me
20:47 and she told me to read constantly
20:49 and so I did and I treasured every word,
20:53 I hid it in my heart, I-- 'cause that's all I had,
20:57 at that time I was separated
20:58 from the one person that I knew loved me.
21:02 So I held on to every word and it began a journey for me
21:06 but it was a journey that once I got released,
21:10 of course, there was challenges out there, you know.
21:12 You know, the Bible says that if you,
21:16 it's about the story about, you know,
21:18 the devil seeking around, you get your house clean and--
21:20 Oh, yeah.
21:21 He comes back and he finds your house clean,
21:23 he brings back seven sp-- Seven... Yeah.
21:25 Well, that happened to me
21:26 because the clergy forgot to tell me
21:27 before being released, is to read your Bible
21:30 when you get out, and I didn't.
21:33 I took my Bible home with me and I set it up on a bookshelf
21:37 and I just based everything of what I knew
21:39 but I didn't know to continue
21:42 that relationship being on the outside
21:45 so I ended up back into drugs.
21:47 But every time that I was using,
21:49 I heard this voice saying,
21:50 "What are you doing? What are you doing?"
21:53 Because now you belonged to Him.
21:56 Yes.
21:57 And He wasn't gonna let you just go.
22:00 Yes.
22:01 So you kept hearing that little voice saying,
22:03 "What are you doing? What are you doing?"
22:06 And so how did you-- how did He,
22:09 through you, turn it around ultimately?
22:13 My daughter, after my granddaughter was born,
22:17 she had purchased a car
22:19 and she had called me and she said,
22:20 "Mom, should we get a car
22:22 'cause you want to go to church?"
22:23 Well, she was blinded by the love for me
22:25 'cause I was still, you know, just, and I said,
22:28 "No, don't use your money on that"
22:29 'cause I had other plans for her check
22:30 and that was for me to use it.
22:32 But she ended up buying a car anyway
22:33 and I used to take it to work
22:35 and it happened in Phoenix, out in Mesa.
22:38 I would drop her off at work and then I would go out to Mesa
22:40 and get my stuff and go back home.
22:42 But my granddaughter was nine months old
22:44 and I had a miniature Doberman pinscher
22:46 and his name was Snoop Dogg.
22:49 Oh, like the artist. Yes.
22:52 And I has set them in their play areas,
22:55 my grand baby in her play area and my dog
22:58 and I would go in the bathroom where I would do,
23:00 you know, my evil deeds, and I would get ready to use it
23:03 and my granddaughter would be at the door
23:05 crying at the top of her lungs
23:06 and my dog at the door just barking
23:08 and I would open the door up
23:09 and she would have this big old pretty smile,
23:12 she would stop crying and my dog would stop barking
23:15 and I'm like, "What is going on?"
23:17 You know, and so I'd go and do that,
23:18 and I'd set them back on her little play thing
23:20 and him and I'd go back in the bathroom
23:22 and sure enough they were right there at the door
23:25 just screaming at the top of her lungs
23:27 and him just barking as loud as he could.
23:30 And I would open the door up and he would just be,
23:32 you know, smiling and so would she
23:34 and so I stopped that day
23:35 and it went on for three days straight.
23:37 Every day I take my daughter to work
23:39 and every day I would go there and go in that bathroom,
23:41 they would be right there at that door
23:43 being real distracters you know, just--
23:45 and I'd stop and on the third day,
23:47 I was at the park and I purchased some drugs
23:52 and I heard a voice very audible
23:56 like talking with you today, "You will get high no more."
23:58 And I kind of looked around and I'm like, "What is that?"
24:02 And it became even louder, "You will get high no more."
24:06 And so I looked at the crack in my hand,
24:08 and I kind of looked around
24:11 but I threw it down and walked away from it
24:13 and I've been clean for 16 years now.
24:18 Praise the-- look at that, look at God, 16 years,
24:23 "You will get high no more" and you never did again.
24:27 Never did it again.
24:29 Wow, that's powerful, that is powerful.
24:32 Tell us what you're doing now, what's your ministry now?
24:35 We have a prison ministry in Phoenix
24:38 and I work at the community service center.
24:40 I'm the director there but we do three days a week
24:43 inside the jails, do Bible studies.
24:48 I've just-- I'm filling my life
24:52 with those things that are positive,
24:54 that have to do with Christ,
24:56 that helps me to keep my eyes fixed on Him.
24:58 It's not an act of work...
25:01 anymore, it's an act of love
25:04 because now I know that I'm loved
25:06 and I want other people to know that.
25:08 Doesn't matter how far you've went
25:10 and what you've done, you're loved, too.
25:13 That's right, that's right, that's the bottom line.
25:16 Look into that camera there and tell someone
25:20 that needs to know about Jesus,
25:22 just take one minute and tell them
25:27 that you-- what you went though
25:29 and what God has in store for them
25:30 'cause somebody out there is hurting.
25:33 Talk to that hurting woman that's been abused.
25:36 Yes.
25:38 Yes, for the hurting men
25:41 or the hurting women out there...
25:44 don't listen to the lies that are being
25:46 told to you in your head because they are lies.
25:50 I've listened to it for so many years
25:52 and through those years,
25:53 I've missed the greatest love that our Savior has for us.
25:57 Don't you miss it, it's there for you.
26:01 Take it, embrace it, cry out to Jesus,
26:05 cry out to God, ask Him to help you
26:08 with whatever you're struggling with,
26:10 unforgiveness in your own heart
26:11 for whoever may have hurt you or low self esteem,
26:17 not being worthy because you are worthy.
26:20 I thought that I wasn't worthy
26:21 because I was told that when I was a kid
26:23 that I would never amount to anything
26:26 and I believed that all of my life but today,
26:29 I am somebody and I'm only somebody because of Jesus.
26:33 And you are somebody as well because of Christ.
26:36 He died for you.
26:38 I didn't know that His death meant victory for me.
26:43 His death is victory for you.
26:45 You don't have to stay in sin.
26:48 You don't have to say that I don't have anything else
26:51 or anyone else because you do.
26:53 I told myself, all of my life, I didn't have anybody
26:58 but I always had Jesus and the devil lied to me
27:01 and today if you're listening to that voice,
27:03 he's lying to you.
27:06 Don't listen to the lie anymore,
27:08 grab a hold of the unchanging hand,
27:11 if you have to do it all day like I do sometimes,
27:14 do it all day long because those voices
27:18 will tell you to let go
27:20 but don't ever let go of the unchanging hand
27:23 and He'll take you right through.
27:25 He'll take you through your pain,
27:27 your sorrow and your hurt
27:29 and He'll begin the healing process.
27:32 So look up to Jesus and not to your problems.
27:36 Thank you so much.
27:37 Thank you so much, Denise, for being here.
27:40 Thank you so very much. What a blessing you are.
27:41 May God continue to bless your ministry.
27:45 Don't forget that God has a plan for you.
27:48 Just remember to choose God.
27:51 Well, that's the end of our program for today.
27:53 Thank you so much for tuning in.
27:55 Join us next time
27:56 'cause it just wouldn't be the same without you.


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