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Unknowingly Mixed Up with New Age Medicine

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Participants: Yvonne Lewis (Host), Wendy Gareau


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00:01 Sometimes we unknowingly get mixed up in New Age Medicine.
00:04 Stay tuned to meet a woman
00:06 who thought she was doing the right thing for her son
00:09 but had a supernatural outcome.
00:11 My name is Yvonne Lewis
00:12 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:37 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:39 My guest today is Wendy Gareau...
00:42 a woman with a fascinating testimony.
00:45 Welcome to Urban Report Wendy. Thank you Yvonne.
00:48 Wendy, when I read what your testimony is
00:53 what your story is, I thought,
00:54 "Wow! I really want to interview her"
00:57 because it's going along the same lines of my journey
01:02 and so, tell us, about your journey.
01:07 What happened to you?
01:08 Well, my third son... when he was born...
01:12 he was born with some
01:14 life-threatening food-borne allergies
01:16 Life threatening? Yeah...
01:19 he had his first anaphylactic reaction
01:21 when he was six-months old
01:23 and that was his first introduction to solid food
01:27 and so, after that, we had blood tests done
01:31 and we knew the things that he couldn't... could not have
01:34 so we learned how to cope with that
01:36 and then, by the time he was three-years-old,
01:39 we had just met some people that we had trusted
01:43 and that we had taken their word for it
01:45 and we're like... because at this point,
01:47 so many people were advising us to try so many different things
01:51 to help our son to see if this would help him
01:53 and what not... and so we tried this...
01:56 we got referred to this doctor and he sounded pretty scientific
02:00 it was based on German medicine and this new...
02:05 New Medicine, I guess, I don't know how to explain it
02:09 it was kind of naturopathic and after meeting with him
02:14 and he just really shared with us
02:16 some things that were completely different than our Pediatrician
02:19 and then he was going to the source of the problem
02:22 of what was causing him to have these reactions
02:25 and he said, you know... he put a lot of fear in us
02:27 and said, "If you don't do what I advise you to do,
02:30 I don't know, really, what's going to happen to your son"
02:33 so we took his advice
02:36 and he was six hours away from where we live
02:38 we're in Red Deer, Alberta,
02:40 and this was in Saskatoon in Saskatchewan
02:43 so he referred us to go see this lady
02:46 that was in Calgary to work on our son
02:49 to help him with these problems
02:51 so we took his advice we went to go and meet with her.
02:54 And what did you find when you met with her?
02:57 Well, when he told us that she was going to work on our son
03:01 one of the things that he said is
03:02 that his intestines were not
03:04 properly placed... they were like upside down
03:07 or backwards and that was what was causing
03:09 him to produce so much histamine
03:11 and have these allergic reactions
03:12 so he said that this woman was going to work on our son
03:18 and help place everything properly
03:20 and we never questioned what he termed as "work"
03:25 I assumed that it was going to be
03:26 some kind of massage therapy or chiropractic or physiotherapy
03:31 or something like that, something physical in nature
03:33 and when I went to see her it was nothing like that at all.
03:37 What did you find when you went to see her?
03:40 Well, when I went to see her basically,
03:42 she never touched him at all,
03:44 except for one specific thing that she did
03:47 but for the most part all the work she did was
03:50 from the top of his head to the bottom of his chest
03:53 and she waved her hands over top of him...
03:55 like about an inch away from his body
03:57 and she was breathing heavy over top of him
03:59 but before she started doing that... she put him to sleep
04:03 he was only three-years-old and he an active...
04:05 it was hard for him to even sit on the massage table
04:08 in her little room she had in her house
04:11 but she put him to sleep within 45 seconds
04:14 and then, she had told me when we first got in the room
04:18 when she had asked me, like, "What are you here for?"
04:22 and I thought that was bizarre,
04:23 I thought this doctor would have sent the file to her
04:26 so she would have all the medical background
04:28 and so, I started sharing his medical history
04:30 and then she stopped me partway through...
04:32 she said, "Don't worry, I'm going to find out the rest
04:33 for myself" and before she started
04:36 she told me to sit down in the chair
04:38 if I wanted to stay in the room,
04:39 I had to sit in the chair in the corner
04:41 not speak and not move unless I was invited to do so
04:44 because she didn't want any interruptions at all.
04:47 Wow, so she did something to your son
04:52 that put him to sleep within 45 seconds...
04:55 Yeah, it was less than a minute.
04:56 Did she touch him when she put him to sleep
04:59 or say anything? Well...
05:01 She was just speaking really softly,
05:03 she was looking into his eyes and then she just had her...
05:05 from what I remember, her hands were on his shoulders
05:08 and that was it, and then,
05:09 because her hands were on his shoulders,
05:11 he just kind of fell asleep
05:12 and then she laid him down on the bed.
05:15 How long did she work over him? An hour and a half... 90 minutes
05:19 Wow! And then time went by so quickly
05:23 and I was just waiting to see, okay, well...
05:26 she's doing so much work over his head and his chest
05:28 and he has asthma as well and so I thought,
05:31 okay, well that's fine because she's helping with
05:33 the asthma part... maybe...
05:34 but she never really did a lot of work
05:36 over top of his stomach
05:37 which I thought was where the physical work
05:39 was going to happen... and then she went down his limbs
05:43 and it wasn't until the very end when she was working on his legs
05:46 because she started at the top
05:48 and she was working her way down
05:50 and when she got down to his legs,
05:51 this is when she spoke to me and she invited me to get up
05:55 she said, "Look at his one leg"
05:56 and he was like flat on the bed at this time,
05:59 still fast asleep,
06:00 and she said, "See his one leg
06:02 it's kind of twisted to the side like this
06:04 do you notice when he walks or runs, he walks differently?"
06:07 I said, "No, I don't notice anything"
06:09 She said, "Well, here, I'm going to fix it"
06:10 so she took his leg,
06:12 I guess that would have been his right leg,
06:14 she took it and she twisted it
06:17 in a way that I've never seen a leg turned
06:20 or moved or twisted, or that could or should move
06:24 and then she put it back
06:25 in a position and then she said,
06:27 "Oh, look, see now it's nice and straight. "
06:29 When you... you were sitting there
06:33 watching this, and she manipulated the leg
06:39 in a way that it was just...
06:42 supernatural.
06:45 Yeah, it was supernatural for sure, for sure.
06:48 Was there anything... what were you thinking
06:51 during this process,
06:52 what were you thinking when she was breathing all over him
06:55 and all that, so did you think anything
06:57 was weird or...?
06:58 Well, I have to admit, before we did this,
07:01 my husband and I are baptized Christians... we're baptized
07:06 it will be 11 years in June for us...
07:08 Seventh-day Adventist Christians?
07:09 Yeah, we're Seventh-day Adventist Christians
07:11 we're first generation
07:13 and so we were not born in the church
07:15 we had different influences but anyway...
07:18 so we started our marriage and our family
07:21 as a unified family but at this point
07:23 we weren't going to church as regularly as we were
07:26 and we definitely were not praying as a family
07:29 or praying about every single thing we did
07:31 so I didn't pray if we should go in here
07:34 or anything like that
07:35 but the one thing that was really bizarre to me
07:38 she wasn't doing the work that I assumed
07:41 she was going to do but I was still curious to see
07:44 what it exactly was...
07:45 what she was doing, Right...
07:47 and so, I continued on
07:49 and the minute she took authority in the room
07:52 and told me to sit and not speak
07:53 was almost like I was paralyzed in the chair
07:55 and I couldn't do anything there anyway
07:58 even if I had a thought come up or a doubt,
08:00 it was washed away immediately with curiosity...
08:03 and just sit here and be patient,
08:04 just sit there and be quiet, right?
08:06 And so, when she did that to his leg I was like...
08:09 this is... at that point,
08:12 I was like what kind of Voodoo is this?
08:13 because I knew she was almost done by this point
08:15 Right... and then she woke my son up
08:17 and when she was done, I asked her, I said,
08:21 "So is my son going to get better...
08:22 are his allergies going to go away
08:24 is his asthma going to go away,
08:25 do I need to come back for more treatments?"
08:27 And she said,
08:28 "Well, you probably are going to want to come back
08:31 for more treatments" but she's like...
08:32 she was kind of bewildered when I...
08:33 was asking the questions if he was going to get better,
08:36 and she's like, "Well, let me tell you this,"
08:38 she's like, "he's going to get stronger,
08:41 don't be surprised if when he's playing
08:44 he gets tired more quickly
08:46 like... he'd be playing with the kids normally
08:48 and then all of a sudden... boom... he needs to have a nap
08:49 like... whether it's even in the morning
08:51 or the afternoon, don't be alarmed by that
08:54 just know that he's getting stronger
08:57 his body is getting stronger
08:59 and he needs to get stronger to fight what's inside of him"
09:01 and I was like, "Okay... "
09:04 so I kind of tried to justify that in my mind
09:06 maybe it's some kind of cellular rejuvenation kind of thing
09:08 you know, when you're sick you need to sleep,
09:10 so I was like, "Okay, well maybe that kind of makes sense"
09:13 and then she said that when he's playing,
09:17 you might notice that he'll be more aggressive with the kids
09:20 don't be alarmed... that's him
09:21 just getting stronger
09:23 I was like, "Well, I don't want him to get mean...
09:25 and I don't want a different child,
09:27 I just want him to get better" and she's like,
09:29 "No, no, these are all the things that need to happen"
09:33 and so, when... after she was done saying that
09:36 and I was like, I had heard a couple of things
09:39 different kind of New Age Medicine or whatever
09:42 and I'd never experienced any of those things before
09:45 but then I just asked because
09:47 if somebody had a sign on the door and said,
09:49 "Here, you're going to be doing X, Y, Z"
09:51 then I probably would not go and
09:52 walk through the door, right?
09:54 Right... But there were no signs or...
09:56 so I asked her... I said, "Is this Reiki?"
09:58 and she said... she laughed,
10:00 she's like, "No, this is not Reiki"
10:02 she's like, "I don't limit my source of energy"
10:05 and her voice kind of changed
10:06 and she lifted up her hands like this
10:08 she said, "I use universal energy
10:10 I don't limit my sources of energy"
10:13 and then after that,
10:17 then I asked the question I don't even know...
10:18 I don't even feel like it was myself that asked the question
10:21 because I don't believe I would have the courage
10:23 to ask the question to a stranger, outright,
10:26 and I said, "Do you believe in Jesus Christ"
10:29 and I kind of surprised myself when I said it
10:31 and she looked at me and she's like, "No... "
10:34 and she kind of snickered and laughed and she's like...
10:36 "I don't believe in any religion"
10:38 and so, at that point I was like,
10:40 okay, I'm not here for a spiritual debate
10:42 she doesn't believe in Jesus,
10:44 she's associating Jesus with religion
10:46 and that's not the way I look at Jesus
10:48 but I'm not here for a spiritual debate
10:50 and I'm just going to leave now, so...
10:52 Right... So, I'm sure that...
10:58 when we go to doctors now, many of them are not Christian
11:05 they might be Muslim, Hindu, whatever...
11:08 they might be Christian, they might not be
11:10 so you kind of... you can kind of let that go by
11:14 because you're thinking, "Well, they're not...
11:18 they don't have to be a Christian
11:20 to be a physician... my physician, whatever,
11:22 right or wrong, I mean, you know,
11:25 we might let that go by
11:27 but that situation is so typical of that whole "New Age"
11:36 energy work... energy medicine...
11:39 and you and I have talked outside of here
11:42 and I was telling you that I used to practice that,
11:45 not the... Reiki...
11:48 right... no, no, no, I knew Reiki was...
11:50 there was something wrong with Reiki
11:51 I never worked with that, but the acupuncture,
11:54 and then traditional Chinese medicine
11:57 and all that, and so, what I realize happens
12:01 Wendy, is that you're curious,
12:04 and you use that term too
12:06 you're curious to see how this is going to work
12:10 how is this going to play out
12:12 how is this going to help my child
12:14 because you really were probably at your wit's end.
12:16 Yeah... we were... and you know what
12:18 we were coping well with it
12:20 we were coping well
12:22 he seemed to be doing well
12:24 he was growing, he was doing well in school,
12:27 so, all we wanted to do
12:29 was help him have a better quality of life
12:31 like his brother and sister, because we're like,
12:33 how long is this going to happen
12:34 we don't know if he's going to have this
12:36 for the rest of his life and you know, I would feel horrible
12:38 knowing that I didn't give and do everything I possibly could
12:41 to give my son the same quality life
12:43 as his other siblings.
12:45 Right... So... that's all...
12:46 and at this point he was three-years-old
12:48 so he was in the hospital,
12:50 he was hospitalized at least three or four times,
12:53 for his asthma,
12:54 so, that was one of our big concerns too
12:56 like... if he would have an asthma attack
12:58 and we couldn't get it under control at home,
13:00 and his food-borne illness,
13:02 we know he's getting old and he wants to go for sleepovers
13:05 and it was really difficult for him to go places... like...
13:08 everyone in our church family and everybody in our close,
13:10 immediate family, knew his needs
13:13 but everybody was scared to take him
13:15 because they didn't want something to happen to him
13:17 right? Right...
13:18 so it was just... it was hard...
13:19 so we were like we didn't have anything to lose,
13:22 we trusted this doctor who seemed to have
13:24 a scientific explanation
13:26 for all these things, and we were like...
13:29 but when I left there, all I felt like...
13:31 is that this was Voodoo, I told my husband,
13:33 and I said, "Get me out of here"
13:34 he's like, "but what did she do?"
13:36 I was like, "You know, she didn't do anything,
13:37 she put him to sleep and like in seconds...
13:39 and it was... " and I explained it as a coma
13:41 because there's nothing that she could do
13:43 that could wake him up, she could take his shirt off,
13:45 flip him on his back, or on his stomach,
13:47 and nothing would wake him up
13:48 and she had control over that
13:50 so she put him to sleep and she woke him up,
13:52 and I said, "It was... it was spooky,
13:55 ...I said, "just get me out of here"
13:57 I don't ever want to come back to this house again
14:00 but what was really bizarre is that at the same time
14:03 I had a sister that was doing something called,
14:05 "Angel Empowerment Practitioner" and she had taken a course
14:08 and so she was doing this other work
14:10 and when I talked to her about what this lady did
14:13 she encouraged me that it was the right thing to do
14:15 and that she could even do it the next time...
14:18 she would do it for me for free, I said, "Really?"
14:21 And again, I was curious to see
14:23 if she really could do these things
14:24 because in my mind, I didn't see anything happen
14:27 there's nothing that she did, my son was exactly the same,
14:30 but we would learn quickly that
14:33 he would, in a short period of time,
14:35 things would totally change.
14:36 Yeah, so, your sister practiced "Angel Empowerment Therapy. "
14:45 Yeah... That's exactly it
14:46 and "Mediumship"
14:48 And so she was a "Medium. " Hmmm... hmmm...
14:51 Now, had your sister been raised as an Adventist too?
14:54 No, see... I come from a family of six,
14:58 my parents are non-denominational
15:02 I can't say that they're Atheist or anything like that
15:04 because I believe that they believe in God
15:05 but they're definitely non-denominational
15:07 so we were raised in a really confused Christian home
15:12 where... there was no truth... it just happened that
15:16 I really followed what my Grandma taught me
15:18 since I was five-years old
15:20 my Grandma became a Seventh-day Adventist Christian
15:22 when she was 65-years old,
15:23 so I was a young girl at that time
15:26 and so I can really follow what she had done
15:29 but my younger siblings... because I was the oldest
15:32 they didn't get the same influences I did
15:34 and they had multiple influences after that
15:37 from different churches and so, she was just always raised...
15:39 "Well, how come, Grandma says this happens to dead people"
15:42 and then somebody else says, "Oh, no, they go to heaven"
15:45 and so when you hear her story, hopefully, you will someday
15:48 because she's not... she's a former Medium
15:50 she's not a Medium anymore... Praise the Lord...
15:51 she belongs a 100 percent to Jesus Christ now
15:53 Amen... and so... she always says,
15:56 "I was always confused about the dead"
15:59 and when you experience death as a young person...
16:01 as a teenager...
16:03 and you have close people to you that die... like we had...
16:06 you want to know what happened to them
16:08 and so she went searching for that
16:10 and that's when she found "Mediumship" as an adult.
16:12 Oh, so she told you that she could do...
16:15 she could take care of your son
16:17 she could do what that other Practitioner did.
16:20 And I had a bondage to money so... to me...
16:22 if she could do it for free,
16:23 well, I didn't see any harm in it
16:25 because I didn't see that the woman did anything anyway
16:27 even though I had a feeling
16:28 that it was spiritual and it felt like Voodoo,
16:31 I was like... "Oh, but she didn't do anything,
16:32 she never touched him, so how could it hurt?"
16:34 I'm curious to see
16:36 if my sister could really do it. Right...
16:38 And sure enough, she could.
16:39 And so she put him to sleep too? Hmmm... hmmm...
16:42 And she breathed over him
16:44 and did all of that? Yeah... yeah...
16:46 So, what happened to him how did this affect him?
16:49 Well, it was... that summer he was four-years old
16:53 and all of a sudden we could start to see
16:55 that he was starting to make some changes
16:56 but we had already kind of forgotten
16:58 what this lady had done in the fall
17:01 and we just didn't connect the two,
17:03 I call it, "Spiritual Amnesia" we just forgot
17:08 but all of a sudden,
17:09 the personality started to change
17:11 he started going through those fits where he would
17:13 be really tired and sleep for a really long time
17:16 or just be playing hard
17:18 or... then he started getting more aggressive
17:19 and we're like...
17:20 "Oh well, it must be because he's going through
17:22 a growth spurt or he's just changing his personality
17:24 like he's just different than his brother and his sister
17:26 so we can't judge him for that he's just different.
17:30 But was he still having the physical symptoms?
17:33 Oh yeah... He still had the asthma...
17:35 Yeah, yeah, none of that was affected at all,
17:38 he still had all that but by the time September came around
17:41 and he was starting school, Kindergarten...
17:43 he'd done play-school the year before
17:45 or pre-school... and they assured us
17:47 that he was more than ready to go into Kindergarten
17:50 even though his birthday was a lot later
17:52 he's a December baby,
17:54 they said... he's more than ready for Kindergarten
17:57 put him in without hesitation
17:59 and so we did and our children
18:00 go to the Seventh-day Adventist School
18:02 and literally... the first day of Kindergarten
18:04 he was there, the Principal called me
18:06 at noon and said,
18:07 "We don't know what to do with your child,
18:09 he is uncontrollable"
18:11 I was like, I've never gotten a call from
18:13 the school before, it's just a small little school
18:16 and she's like, "Wendy," she says,
18:17 "I don't know what to do with him
18:19 he's locked himself in the bathroom,
18:21 and he's hurting the other kids,
18:22 even the big kids that are in the upper-grade room
18:25 and he's out of control, he won't allow us to pray,
18:28 he's disruptive, he won't let me teach,
18:31 he won't let us sing songs... "
18:33 I was like, "Huh... okay"
18:35 so then... shortly after that we tried for a couple more days
18:38 and as the Principal,
18:41 my husband, myself, made the decision,
18:43 "Maybe we should take him out of the Christian school
18:45 and put him into Public Schools, so he'd be...
18:48 not in a mixed classroom and maybe
18:50 being around peers his own age would be better for him"
18:53 and it was for a little while,
18:55 he really didn't want to go to that school either,
18:58 but shortly after his behavior got out of control,
19:01 wherein... every day we would pick him up,
19:03 there would be a report, "Darrian did this... "
19:05 or... "he was in the Principal's office all day"
19:07 and...
19:08 for one example... I was like,
19:10 "Well, what is he doing that's so bad?"
19:12 and she's like, "He was chasing a little girl
19:14 trying to stab her with a pair of scissors. "
19:16 I was like, "What?"
19:18 Or, "he was out in the playground one day,
19:19 and it was recess,
19:21 and he climbed up on the monkey bars"
19:23 and these are monkey bars that are over six-feet high
19:25 they're probably seven- or eight-feet high...
19:27 and at the very top of the monkey bars,
19:29 he's walking across the bar like... with no aid...
19:32 just walking across the bar by himself
19:34 coercing the other children to come up and do the same thing
19:37 like him, "Oh, you need to do it,
19:39 if you don't do it, you're not cool like me...
19:40 look how awesome this is" and even jumping down from there
19:44 but not being harmed but putting himself in harm
19:47 and if the kids didn't do what he said,
19:49 he would take his coat
19:50 and try and cut their throats with the zipper on his coat.
19:54 He was acting really bizarrely,
19:58 what happened that time when you told him
20:02 you wanted him to go to church?
20:03 Well, this was the time when
20:05 it was really all coming to a head,
20:07 we went to our church... went to a campout...
20:11 we were together and we kind of...
20:12 all saw it too... and it was Friday night,
20:14 it was my ten-year wedding anniversary
20:16 my husband couldn't be there, he was at work,
20:18 and that night... God just really revealed to me
20:21 because we were turning into parents and people
20:23 we didn't want to be, responding with anger
20:26 and violence... and we're like...
20:28 "This is not normal behavior, and it's actually turning us
20:32 into being people that we don't want to be"
20:34 and I asked some of my other sisters from the church
20:38 I said, "Do you guys have any advice for me?"
20:40 All they're like... all they had was sympathy,
20:42 they're like, "We have no idea of what to do"
20:44 and that night God revealed to me
20:46 through a book... what was happening.
20:49 And so... he kept me up all night long
20:51 like praying and revealing exactly what was happening
20:55 and in the morning when we were getting ready
20:58 I told God, I said, "God if this is real
21:00 and this is really an example of demon possession,
21:03 give me an example... either... "
21:05 see what happened was that...
21:06 I had a book that the Pastor gave me
21:08 called, "Beyond Medicine"
21:09 and I had gone to my Pastor in the fall when I was
21:13 doing studies on my own,
21:14 my sister and I were studying the Bible
21:16 this was when she had come out of Mediumship,
21:18 and I went to my Pastor
21:20 and I shared some of the experiences
21:22 and he immediately said,
21:23 he said, "I have no experience in this,
21:26 I have no experience with any of this,
21:28 and I don't know anything about this,
21:30 I believe it's real, I believe the great controversy
21:32 is real between good and evil,
21:34 but here's a book and Dr. Rambally comes from St Lucia
21:38 he was Consulting or the Chief Medical Officer
21:42 on the Island
21:43 as well as the Consulting Psychiatrist
21:45 and he has lots of experience with demon possession
21:47 and spiritual things, read his book
21:50 if you can believe it or not, he lives in Sylvan Lake now,
21:53 in the town where we're from and he goes to our church
21:56 I said, "What... really?" and he said, "Yeah"
21:59 and so God inspired me to take the book
22:01 and finish that book that night, and there was a story in there
22:05 about an eight-year-old little boy
22:06 from St Lucia that had been possessed by a spirit
22:11 and all of his characteristics, and reports from the Principal
22:14 and school teachers and his grandmother
22:16 were the same as my experience
22:18 but I said, "Oh, that only happens in the Caribbean"
22:21 Hmmm... and then he said,
22:23 the next very story was about a woman from Alberta, Canada
22:26 and I was like, "Oh my goodness"
22:28 well that's two things
22:29 I completely thought was impossible
22:30 I thought children couldn't be affected
22:32 by evil forces like that and I thought
22:34 it only happens in like... those third world countries
22:37 Africa and South America and Mexico and the Caribbean,
22:40 where they actually do practice Voodoo and stuff like that
22:43 it doesn't happen in Canada, but I was like
22:45 "If it can happen to a child, then it can happen in Canada,
22:48 it can happen to my child in Canada"
22:50 so I prayed, I said, "God, if this is real,
22:52 maybe Dr. Rambally will come here by a miracle
22:54 and I'll meet him and he can meet Darrian"
22:56 but God told me, He was like,
22:58 "Wendy, don't put a limit on me" like...
23:01 "just trust me... just trust me"
23:03 and so the next morning
23:05 even though I was really looking for a sign,
23:08 I never wanted to get a sign like this,
23:10 we were getting ready to go to church
23:11 all the children were ready
23:13 and Darrian was the only one still up causing mischief
23:16 and I got him to come in bath and I was getting dressed
23:19 and I was on my knees buttoning up his little shirt
23:21 and he's like, "Where are we going?"
23:23 and I said,
23:25 "we're going to church, we're going downstairs"
23:27 and he's like, "I'm not going to church"
23:30 and he yelled out loud and I was like,
23:32 "Of course we're going to church,"
23:33 I said, "we're here to worship Jesus"
23:34 and then his face changed and his voice changed,
23:37 he's like, "I hate Jesus, I love Satan"
23:42 and I've never even heard my child
23:44 even use the word "Satan" before,
23:47 and I said, "What did you just say?"
23:49 and he repeated himself... and I grabbed...
23:52 With a different voice? But it wasn't him,
23:55 it was not even his voice, his voice completely changed
23:58 it got really coarse
23:59 and raspy... like a really deep and kind of scratchy
24:03 and I gave him a hug,
24:05 and I started praying as loud as I could,
24:08 I was on my knees and I held on to him
24:11 because he's only five-years old so I grabbed on to him
24:14 and I started praying out loud, as loud as I could...
24:17 one of the prayers I had read that night
24:19 by Dr. Rambally that was in his book
24:23 I started praying like that "I rebuke you Satan,
24:26 and you must leave and in the name of Jesus Christ
24:29 you must leave this child right now"
24:30 and he fought me with a strength that I've never...
24:34 he was actually, physically hurting me,
24:37 to get away from me, and I had to let go of him
24:40 and as he left, he went down the hallway
24:42 he just looked at me and gave me the most evil stare
24:45 and just like... "there's no way you can beat me"
24:48 like... "what are you trying to do"
24:50 and I'm telling you that entire service
24:53 was probably the most hardest service
24:55 I've ever gone through in my life,
24:58 he's there and he's being so bad
25:00 and so disruptive and I was so afraid
25:03 and I had so much guilt because
25:04 I knew God had shared with me that night
25:08 I paid a woman to put an evil spirit into my child.
25:12 And how... that had to just be so overwhelming for you
25:17 overwhelming...
25:19 I felt like my body was being split in half
25:21 like the good and the evil
25:23 because the devil was trying tell me,
25:26 "This isn't real, this isn't true,"
25:27 and "if you tell anybody,
25:29 your husband's going to leave you
25:30 and everybody is going to... this is crazy... "
25:33 and then I just knew God was saying,
25:36 "Wendy, you know what you saw,
25:37 you know what you've been living with,
25:39 trust me... "
25:40 How did God deliver you from it,
25:42 how did He deliver Darrian?
25:44 So, we met with Dr. Rambally, and did an assessment
25:48 and he said 100 percent...
25:49 "I believe that your son is inflicted with an evil demon"
25:53 and so we got Elders who started fasting,
25:55 and he said, "I'm going to call... "
25:57 we had prayer from around the world
25:58 he had his prayer partners from around the world
26:00 praying at the same time, and he said,
26:03 "We need to fast and pray right away"
26:06 and so we started, my husband came home from work
26:08 based on an emergency, and for three hours
26:13 we prayed over my son, we sang songs
26:15 and the most powerful song that we sang
26:18 was "Jesus loves me" Hmmm...
26:20 every time we sang, "Jesus loves me"
26:22 something happened and you could just feel
26:24 his whole body tremble
26:25 and he was trying to get away from us,
26:26 and then there would be a little bit of relief
26:28 but we prayed and fasted
26:31 and we had a complete deliverance
26:33 when Darrian was done, he said the Lord's Prayer
26:36 he repeated Psalm 23, he gave me...
26:39 he went from being a little child that wanted to kill me
26:41 and was shooting me with his eyes
26:43 and saying how much he hated me
26:45 like... "Give me a hug" and when I said, "I love you"
26:47 he said, "Of course you love me" he's like, "I love you too"
26:50 he came and gave me a hug and yeah... so...
26:52 we started a new life from that moment on
26:55 February 24th, 2014,
26:57 our new life started from that moment on.
27:00 Amen... look at God, look at how...
27:03 yes... you went through this dark time
27:07 but God made sure that you came out of it.
27:10 Yeah... Thank you so much
27:12 for being with us
27:13 I'm so appreciative of your testimony
27:16 it's so powerful... Thank you Yvonne.
27:18 1st Timothy 4:1 says,
27:21 "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly,
27:23 that in the latter times
27:24 some shall depart from the faith,
27:26 giving heed to seducing spirits,
27:28 and doctrines of devils"
27:30 we are in the last days
27:31 when Satan stepped up his activities
27:34 and seeks to deceive God's people
27:36 be sober and be vigilant.
27:38 If you have a question
27:40 concerning some practice or philosophy,
27:42 research it, find out its roots,
27:45 don't just accept it at face value
27:47 God's Spirit will lead you into all truth.
27:50 Well, we've reached the end of another Program.
27:53 Thank you so much for joining us
27:55 join us next time,
27:56 because it just wouldn't be the same without you.


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