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00:01 Stay tuned to meet a woman
00:02 who over came adversity
00:04 and discovered her divine purpose.
00:06 My name is Jason Bradley
00:07 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:32 Hello, and welcome to Urban Report.
00:34 My guest today is SaMonna Watts.
00:36 And she is the founder of Extraordinary Living.
00:39 Welcome to Urban Report, SaMonna.
00:41 Thank you. I'm glad to be here, Jason.
00:43 It's pleasure to have to you.
00:45 It's always a wonderful thing
00:47 when you can walk in our divine purpose.
00:50 Yes, it is.
00:51 God has a divine--
00:52 and I'm a firm believer of this.
00:54 God has a divine purpose for each one of us.
00:57 How did you discover yours?
00:59 Well, I can say I discovered mine through pain.
01:03 I was staying home with my children
01:06 and I came to a point in my life
01:08 where I was just really seeking God,
01:09 figure out what it was that He created me to do.
01:13 I had a career, you know, I went to school.
01:15 I was attorney and I started my own business.
01:19 But that's not what I was looking for, you know.
01:22 I was asking God, "What did You create me to do?"
01:25 Not a career per se.
01:27 And through my wrestling with God
01:28 and praying and really, really seeking Him.
01:31 About it, He showed me that He wanted me to speak.
01:34 And so I was excited about that
01:36 'cause I like speaking and running my mouth.
01:39 Right, you know, so I was like,
01:40 "Okay, Lord, what will I speak about?"
01:42 And I had ideas in my mind,
01:44 I said, "Oh, once my business really gets off the ground
01:47 then I'll go out and I'll speak and I'll be the success
01:49 and," But as I continued to pray and seek God about it,
01:53 He showed me that He wanted me to speak on faith.
01:57 And then basically encouraging people
01:59 because, I discovered that my spiritual gifts
02:02 were faith, exhortation and leadership.
02:05 So based upon that it kind of gave me some guidance
02:07 as to where I believe God wanted me to go.
02:11 So I was excited about that.
02:12 I didn't know how that was gonna unfold
02:14 or when this divine purpose was gonna be manifest for me
02:19 but a few short months later my 5-year-old son
02:23 began to complain of headaches.
02:26 And then that's when the purpose
02:28 became very, very clear.
02:30 Now I want to interject.
02:33 Before we expound on that purpose,
02:36 before we visit that purpose,
02:38 I want to let our viewers see the family pictures.
02:42 I want them to see, Brayden and who we are talking about.
02:45 Yeah.
02:47 So introduce your family to our viewers.
02:50 Oh, yes.
02:52 This is little Savanna is who I'm holding that's my daughter
02:55 and that's my husband Van and that's our son Brayden,
02:58 who was five at the time.
03:01 Lots of personality, lot's of personality.
03:04 He's a joy. He looks like an amazing kid.
03:06 Great energy and very handsome I might say.
03:13 Now-- and that's him and his sister.
03:15 Yes, sister Savannah. They are 13 months apart.
03:18 Okay. So that was his little sister.
03:20 Oh. Best buddies.
03:22 Precious.
03:24 So he was telling you he was starting
03:27 to have headaches and what happened.
03:31 What transpired after that?
03:32 Well, he told me he had headaches
03:34 and so you know, as a parent we're concerned.
03:36 And I took him to the doctor.
03:38 I took him to the doctor on Monday.
03:39 He complained on Sunday.
03:41 The doctor couldn't find anything.
03:42 So he sent me home.
03:44 I took him back to the doctor again on Tuesday
03:46 'cause the complains continued
03:48 and so he sent me for some further testing
03:50 and on Wednesday he told me that CAT scan was clear.
03:53 Nothing to worry about, mom, it's probably migraines.
03:55 But something wasn't right.
03:57 And Thursday evening we found ourselves in emergency room
04:00 and they did further testing and the doctor told us
04:04 that he found two masses on Brayden's brain.
04:07 Oh, no.
04:09 And so at this point, you know, that is devastating,
04:12 you know, I-- it was devastating news
04:15 and I remembered just kind of staring at him
04:18 with this blank stare
04:19 and my husband asked them
04:21 and he said, "Don't try to sugar coat anything.
04:23 Tells us what are we dealing with."
04:26 And he said it's probably very serious.
04:29 And when I was sitting there listening to the doctor,
04:31 he said something that will always remain in my heart.
04:35 He looked at us and he said,
04:37 "I see the Spirit of God all over you guys."
04:40 And for me it was as if God was giving us encouragement,
04:43 letting us know, "I am with you
04:46 even though you're receiving this devastating news."
04:48 Yes.
04:49 So from there I just-- I left the room.
04:51 I was in a daze and a nurse saw me walking down the hallway
04:56 and she immediately grabbed me and took me to her office
04:58 and said, "Hey, you can stay in here
05:00 and get yourself together."
05:01 And when I was in this office, I literally fell to the ground
05:04 and I just cried out to God.
05:06 I literally just cried out to God
05:08 and I said, "God, I can't handle this."
05:12 And it was like light bolts are going off my mind.
05:15 So I started thinking about how God works and I was like,
05:18 "Oh, no, He wants to speak,"
05:20 and generally, people that God really uses
05:24 have gone through the ringer.
05:26 They've gone through some of the serious things.
05:28 Those trials and tribulations,
05:30 we don't understand their purpose
05:32 but we serve a God that knows the end from the beginning.
05:35 Yes, we do. We do.
05:36 So continue unpacking that for us.
05:38 Yeah, so in my mind I was lie whoa, you know, this is what,
05:42 it was like just flash in my head,
05:44 this is what God wants me to do.
05:45 He wants me to speak and I have to go through this trial
05:48 to be able to do His will.
05:51 And I said I didn't want it.
05:52 I told Him, I said, "No, God, I won't speak for you
05:54 if I have to go through this because I want my child."
05:57 This is the child we struggled to have, we prayed and prayed
05:59 and prayed and prayed and asked God to bless us with him
06:03 and then when he came,
06:04 he was like answer to every single prayer that we prayed.
06:07 "So, Lord, no, not this child."
06:11 But as I lay there on the floor,
06:12 something amazing happened
06:14 and I literally heard God speak to me and through my tears
06:18 and my crying out, He said,
06:20 "SaMonna, what makes you think
06:22 I won't bring you through this trial victorious?"
06:25 And I was done, I was like, "Whoa, Lord," you know.
06:28 I didn't know what victory was gonna look like
06:31 because He didn't say I'm gonna heal Brayden.
06:33 That was my prayer.
06:35 He didn't say He was gonna put Brayden to sleep.
06:37 But He guaranteed me victory.
06:39 And that's what gave me the strength
06:41 to move on in our journey.
06:44 Wow. Yeah.
06:45 So how do you feel that He prepared you this trial
06:48 or did He prepare you for this trial?
06:50 I mean, you can never,
06:52 you can never be fully prepared to lose the child.
06:55 Then looking at those pictures of Brayden,
06:57 I mean, he looks like he had an award-winning personality.
07:00 Yeah, he was great.
07:02 And I do think that God prepares us.
07:06 Now this particular trial, in mind, my God,
07:09 there is no preparation in the world
07:10 that could prepare a parent for this particular trial.
07:14 But in essence He had prepared me
07:17 because I had experienced other trials in my life,
07:19 you know, looking back there, not that big
07:21 but when I was going through them,
07:23 they were big and struggling financially
07:26 when I made the decision to stay home with my children
07:29 which I believe God told me to do.
07:31 So you know, I had that struggle
07:33 and when I left undergrad
07:36 I thought I was supposed to be a doctor.
07:38 So I went to medical school and God just shook all that up.
07:44 How far did you get in medical school?
07:45 I went through the first half.
07:48 Okay. All the book work.
07:50 So I didn't pass my boards,
07:52 the board that separates you from going on to clinicals.
07:55 Wow.
07:56 So that's where I was and for me, being a go-getter
08:00 and always doing well in school,
08:02 it was traumatizing at that point in my life.
08:04 It just was really, really traumatizing
08:06 and I had an experience with God
08:08 where He just kind of brought me through that
08:11 and led me down in different path
08:13 and I was okay with that.
08:14 Yes, I mean, after you putting in all that work and then...
08:17 And all that money. Yes, and all that money.
08:20 The school is not cheap. No it's not.
08:22 By any means. It's not.
08:24 So after you doing all that and then finding out
08:28 "This is not what I have for you, SaMonna,"
08:31 what was going through your mind at the time?
08:33 Yeah, you know, and God is good because He sent the answers
08:38 and He sent the solutions to me quickly
08:40 because in a year I was in law school on a full scholarship
08:44 and school was sweet.
08:45 It was like everything just switched.
08:47 The struggle that I was having there, God was like,
08:49 "That's not where I want you to be, here."
08:52 And everything went smoothly.
08:53 So it was like, "well, God I can't believe you did that."
08:56 And so that part of my life, you know, it was fine.
09:00 And then we come to the next stage
09:04 of trials and difficulties.
09:07 But without a shadow of a doubt, the--
09:12 having a child and becoming a parent
09:14 and the love that you have for a child,
09:16 seeing that child sick, there is no other pain or trial
09:20 that I have experienced in my life
09:22 that would compare to that.
09:23 Wow. That would compare to that.
09:25 And so we-- when we left the hospital
09:31 from that Thursday night,
09:33 actually we didn't leave, they told us you cannot leave.
09:35 We have to transport you.
09:37 It's so serious
09:38 and we have to transport you to Children's National.
09:41 And we went to Children's National
09:43 and it was like bad news after bad news after bad news.
09:46 Every time we talk to the doctors,
09:47 it seemed it got worst.
09:49 When we got there they told us, "Oh, yeah, this is serious.
09:52 He has to have a brain surgery."
09:54 So Thursday they tell us this,
09:56 Monday he scheduled to have brain surgery.
09:59 And this is a lot for a 5-year-old.
10:01 Somebody, you know, he didn't know what's gonna happen
10:03 but needles, being confined to a hospital bed,
10:05 you can't eat, it was trying for him.
10:08 Scary thing as kid, I mean, you're in pain,
10:11 you're confused, you see the worry,
10:13 I mean, I know, as parents you try and hide the stress
10:17 and the worry from the kids but I mean, you can't.
10:19 That's such a devastating news. You can't really discuss that.
10:23 So you sitting there confused and just terrified.
10:27 So and that's challenging to see him go through that.
10:30 Yes. Go through that.
10:31 But he had his brain surgery and the surgery went well
10:36 and I remember sitting there praying while we were waiting
10:38 because that was torturous to wait for five six hours for,
10:43 you know, "what's going on, did they make a mistake,
10:45 you know, did something go wrong, is he okay?"
10:48 But I was praying I was like, "God, can this be it.
10:50 Can it just be a cyst and they come out
10:52 and say we got it all, everything is fine."
10:55 But in my spirit, it's like the Lord said,
10:58 "SaMonna, testimony is not great enough."
11:00 And low and behold, when the doctor came out,
11:04 he said "Surgery went well.
11:05 We were able to resect the tumor.
11:08 But there's more concerning news.
11:09 This definitely is cancer.
11:11 Wow. So...
11:13 How did Brayden cope with this sickness?
11:16 Oh, he, poor thing.
11:19 He's very, very smart.
11:20 Very, very, very, very, very intelligent child.
11:23 So when doctors were coming
11:26 and the idea of even putting him to sleep so he could--
11:29 he didn't like it.
11:30 So it was always a struggle.
11:32 When you see the nurses coming he's like, "No,"
11:34 you know, he would just basically cry out
11:38 because mentally he knew
11:39 there was no tricks that were gonna work with him.
11:41 You know, they had Child life come in,
11:43 they would try to distract him but he was--
11:45 he didn't care about teddy bears,
11:46 he cared about
11:48 what you are about to stick into his arms, you know.
11:49 Absolutely. So it was very hard.
11:52 And many times I had to literally hold him down
11:56 in like a bear hug for them to do stuff with him and that,
12:01 it just wears down on you as a parent to have to go
12:04 through that and to be the bad guy,
12:06 you know, so he can get his treatment.
12:08 And how long was he in the hospital for?
12:11 He was in the hospital for two weeks
12:15 and then we were transferred to Philadelphia
12:19 for radiation treatment.
12:22 And when we were there, it was a--
12:24 we stayed in a Ronald McDonald house which was very nice.
12:29 But everyday we'd had to the hospital,
12:31 every single day.
12:33 And when we get up in the morning,
12:35 he would start crying.
12:36 He would just start crying.
12:38 I know I have to go to the hospital mommy
12:39 I don't want to go.
12:40 Just crying so every morning it's a struggle like,
12:43 Lord, please and it just wears you out.
12:47 Yes.
12:49 And they had to put him to sleep everyday, you know,
12:50 'cause they are kids so he wouldn't move or,
12:54 you know, mess up the treatment
12:55 and the idea of that they had to put in the mask on his face
12:57 so that he could go to sleep,
12:59 he was screaming, "I don't want to go to sleep,
13:00 I don't want them to put me sleep.
13:02 I know what they're doing, mommy."
13:04 It was torture. It was torture. Yes.
13:08 But the God, the God brought us through those tough times.
13:11 He really, really did. Wow.
13:13 And then I mean, he's got--
13:15 anytime you are in the hospital
13:16 and you have to stay there for an extended period of time,
13:19 they are sticking you with needles,
13:21 you got people coming to wake you up,
13:22 take your blood, and man, it's,
13:25 you don't get rest in the hospital.
13:27 No. You don't. It's not a place to get rest.
13:28 It's not fun, especially, not for a kid.
13:30 Yes, absolutely and then seeing that mask
13:33 and knowing the result of what was about to happen.
13:37 But as the parent I can say that I was,
13:39 I was so impressed with him.
13:40 His bravery, you know, that he was actually trying to cope
13:43 'cause I don't like getting shots.
13:46 But you know, he had resolved in his mind that he was gonna
13:49 be a big boy and he was gonna do it and he did.
13:52 Absolutely. He did, he did.
13:53 That's amazing.
13:54 I mean, at 5-years-old,
13:56 it sounds like he was pretty tough.
13:57 Yeah.
13:59 Now at what point did you realize
14:00 that he might not make it?
14:02 Well, after we left,
14:04 we finished the radiation treatment in Philadelphia.
14:06 We traveled back to Maryland to start chemo.
14:10 And we met with the doctors.
14:12 They did their preliminary testing
14:14 and they were gonna start us the following Monday.
14:17 But they called us into the office and they said,
14:20 there is no need to do chemo.
14:21 Brian's not gonna make it.
14:24 And that was traumatizing.
14:27 You know, I was so worried about the chemo therapy,
14:30 it had never cross my mind that he might die.
14:33 Not at this stage of the game. And so I was heart broken.
14:38 But I resolved my mind that
14:41 this is what the doctors have said
14:44 God hasn't told me if Brayden is gonna live
14:45 or if he's gonna die so at that point
14:47 we were still gonna fight.
14:48 You know, they suggested that I go home and contact Hospice.
14:51 But I just couldn't do that.
14:53 So my husband and I, we prayed
14:56 and my in-laws had found a doctor in Mexico,
15:02 who said he would do his best.
15:05 He practiced alternative medicine.
15:06 So we flew out to Mexico to give it one last shot
15:11 to see if Brayden, you know, would make it through.
15:13 And I honestly did not think that he would die.
15:16 I believed whole heartedly
15:17 that God was going to heal my son.
15:19 He had opened the doors.
15:21 The treatment in Mexico was $50,000.
15:23 Friday they told us he was gonna die.
15:26 I put a post on Facebook.
15:28 On Monday, we had $50,000 dollars.
15:30 Wow.
15:31 With people donating from social media
15:34 to get us to Mexico and it was just such a blessing,
15:37 I said, "God," you know, "Thank You, thank You."
15:40 God knows that we need.
15:41 You know, when we need it, for whatever reason.
15:44 So I literally did not think my son was gonna die.
15:49 After we finished the treatment at Mexico,
15:51 things happened there that are really they are too terrible
15:55 to even kind of repeat in my head
15:57 but he wasn't doing well.
16:00 So we traveled to California
16:01 and we stayed with my husband's parents
16:05 and he just wasn't doing well.
16:07 But it never, I-- No, he's gonna be healed.
16:10 I just figured it was slow burn.
16:12 God was just taking this thing,
16:13 you know, it was slow process,
16:15 natural healing takes a while.
16:17 But one day and actually I want to say this first,
16:20 when Hospice doctors would come,
16:22 he was like, "Whoa,"
16:24 I wasn't expecting him to look like this.
16:26 He says, 'cause based upon the reports,
16:28 I thought he would look way worse than how he looks.
16:31 So that was giving me some hope,
16:33 okay, yeah, God is gonna heal him.
16:35 But one day, my husband and I just started talking
16:39 and it was just like it dawned on me,
16:41 you know, this whole time, this five months,
16:43 I've been praying, "God, heal, Brayden.
16:45 Thank You, for healing."
16:47 But I said, what if it's not God's will to heal him.
16:50 You know, I really had not
16:51 processed that through my brain.
16:52 Yes.
16:54 And when I had that thought I was like,
16:58 "Oh, my goodness.
17:00 We need to pray a different prayer."
17:02 So my husband and I got on our knees
17:04 right next to Brayden's side
17:05 and I prayed that what I called the most crucial prayer
17:07 I have ever prayed in my life.
17:09 And the prayer was,
17:10 "Lord, if it's Your will to heal Brayden,
17:13 please do it, if it's Your will for Brayden to die,
17:17 we accept it.
17:19 But whatever Your will is, Lord, please do it today
17:22 because I can't take another minute of this."
17:25 And 15 minutes,
17:26 Brayden close his eyes and went to sleep.
17:28 Wow.
17:29 I can only imagine how tough it is to even pray that prayer
17:33 because as humans, I mean,
17:36 you want God's will but when God's will is--
17:40 when you don't understand God's will
17:42 and you want-- you want your child to be saved
17:46 but if that's not God's will,
17:48 you prayed that His will be done either way.
17:51 You just wanted His will to be done
17:52 and for Brayden not to suffer anymore.
17:54 Yes.
17:55 And that is, you are a tremendous woman of faith.
17:59 I'm telling you, God did some amazing things
18:01 because literally, when I prayed that prayer,
18:04 I was in the right place.
18:07 I think in my four or five weeks had passed
18:09 from then when the doctors initially told us
18:11 he was gonna die.
18:12 And I honestly believe that God held it out that long.
18:15 Because each doctor that saw the reports,
18:17 they were like, oh, my good--
18:19 their response was just shocking like...
18:22 One doctor looked at the reports
18:24 and he said, "It's horrific."
18:26 And I was just thinking in my mind like,
18:28 wow, I mean, I don't know what these reports say,
18:30 but they are saying something terrible.
18:33 But it didn't sway me.
18:35 So five weeks God let this thing go
18:37 and tell He knew my heart was in right place
18:41 to truly accept His will.
18:42 Yes.
18:43 And I did. I did. We did.
18:45 Were you ever angry?
18:47 Were you or your husband ever angry at God?
18:49 Yeah. What happened?
18:52 I can honestly say and I'm telling you
18:55 from the deepest truth
18:56 that I can tell you from my heart.
18:58 No.
18:59 People have asked me that and I was like, "No."
19:01 Literally, no.
19:03 The thought of anger never crossed my mind.
19:06 And I thought to myself how could I be angry
19:08 with the God that loves me so much
19:09 and knows what's best for me,
19:11 even if it means putting my child to sleep.
19:14 I never, never had anger.
19:18 I never questioned God. I honestly didn't.
19:21 He had gotten me to a place where he let me know,
19:24 I mean, we prayed that prayer, he went to sleep.
19:26 It might've been less than 15 minutes,
19:28 you know, when you sitting there
19:29 it seems like an eternity.
19:30 Yes.
19:32 But I prayed that prayer and God answered it.
19:33 And He put a peace on us that we still can't describe.
19:37 I mean, "Peace that passes all understanding."
19:39 God did it.
19:41 And so I trust Him,
19:42 I trust His decision making
19:44 and I just know that for what ever reason,
19:46 when I get to heaven, I'm gonna look and see him,
19:48 like "God, You were right."
19:49 What a wonderful day. Yeah.
19:51 That's gonna be a wonderful day.
19:53 So how did you and your family cope after losing Brayden?
19:58 I mean, how do you move forward from that?
20:01 My biggest concern was Savannah.
20:03 It was Savannah and my husband
20:04 because when the whole thing started,
20:07 Van had said, "If something happens to Brayden, I'm done."
20:10 You know, just, "I'm not gonna be able to deal, God,
20:12 if something happens to him."
20:14 And something did happen.
20:16 And then beautiful thing is that Van is strong in his faith
20:20 and he, well, the change that
20:24 I've seen in him is amazing to me.
20:26 'Cause I knew that he was gonna be done
20:28 but, no, he's trusting, he's an encouragement to me
20:31 and he's fine.
20:33 I mean, you don't understand.
20:34 He's hurt, you know, he cries as we all do
20:36 but he does not have an issue with God per se.
20:40 He's at peace with the situation.
20:41 Yes. And trusting.
20:43 And Savannah, she's fine. I was so worried.
20:46 I was like, "Lord, it's one thing for us
20:48 as adults to have to deal with this
20:49 but how do you handle a 4-year-old
20:52 who's lost her best friend."
20:54 Her whole that's all she's seen.
20:55 She followed him around. That's her best buddy.
20:58 And she talks about him all the time.
21:01 You know, the concept of death,
21:03 you know, I don't think she really gets it.
21:04 She thinks we left Brayden in California, you know.
21:07 Even though she knows, yeah, he died.
21:09 He's still in California, you know.
21:10 Yes.
21:11 We'll see him when we get to heaven, you know.
21:13 Yes. But she's been okay.
21:15 She's been happy, you know,
21:17 these adjustments in the home
21:18 because now, you know, we are family of three.
21:20 We were a family of four with built in playmates,
21:25 you know, so now, you know,
21:26 as parents we have to really play with Savannah little more
21:29 and kind of fill in the gap
21:32 or the void that's now occurred because Brayden is not here.
21:36 And then it's tough. I mean, because she is four?'
21:41 She's five now. She was four when he passed.
21:44 She was four years old
21:45 and then trying to explain to child
21:48 about sometimes God's will isn't our will necessarily,
21:53 what we had envisioned.
21:55 And trying to get her to grasp that concept...
21:58 It is tough. Yes.
22:00 Sometimes she'll say, you know,
22:03 "it's because Brayden was so good that he died."
22:05 And I was like, "No, you know, no."
22:09 So it's kind of hard to explain those concepts.
22:11 But she would say that a lot.
22:13 "Brayden was good. That's why he died."
22:15 It's like, "Oh, no, baby, that..."
22:17 You know, we can't-- it's hard to explain.
22:19 I can't explain it.
22:21 I just tell, you know, we just wait,
22:22 we're gonna see Brayden again.
22:23 Yes, and then once she gets older,
22:25 as she gets older and is able to grasp that concept.
22:27 It is easier for her. Absolutely.
22:30 Now you are a founder of a ministry.
22:34 Yes. Let's talk about that.
22:35 What's the mission of your ministry?
22:38 What's the goal of your ministry?
22:40 The goal of my ministry is to encourage people.
22:43 As I've gone through this process,
22:45 I realize how many people out there,
22:48 there are so many people out there
22:49 who are experiencing difficult times,
22:51 who are wrestling with trusting God,
22:53 especially after experiencing death
22:56 or loss or divorce or any other tragedy
22:58 that we experience here on earth
23:00 and so through my testimony
23:02 and through the things that God has taught me,
23:05 I go out and I speak
23:06 and I try to encourage people to know that,
23:09 you know, God is still good,
23:11 you know, don't let the devil dupe you into thinking that
23:13 God is not good.
23:15 God is good.
23:16 The enemy is the reason we have to suffer
23:18 and go through all these things.
23:19 But the beautiful thing about it is God can use our pain,
23:23 our struggles, our trials
23:24 and turn into something beautiful.
23:25 Absolutely.
23:27 And that's what He's done in our situation.
23:28 And I'm determined in my heart,
23:30 you know, the devil, because of him,
23:32 and his foolishness my son is not here.
23:35 I'm not giving him the rest of my life.
23:37 My son's not here
23:38 but I'm going to do my best to tear down his kingdom
23:41 by encouraging others who have gone through devastating loss.
23:45 So we all can rejoice on the other side
23:47 when we get to heaven.
23:48 Wow. And not forfeit that.
23:50 That's amazing.
23:52 And I can tell, I feel your passion.
23:53 I feel because it comes from a place that really,
23:56 you hold near and dear to your heart.
23:58 Yeah.
23:59 What kind of miracles have you witnessed in this ministry?
24:02 When you go and speak to these broken people
24:05 who've been through tragedies,
24:06 who, some of them might be blaming God,
24:08 you know, some of them just don't understand,
24:11 how can God let this happen.
24:13 Yeah.
24:15 When I say I go to speak in a lot of churches.
24:18 Okay.
24:19 Okay, so when you look at church,
24:21 you know, a lot of times you don't see,
24:22 it's not like you're going to a shelter
24:23 where you know everybody is broken.
24:25 You know, people who look very nice,
24:27 you know, who have a smiles on their faces
24:29 but afterwards they come to me crying, you know.
24:33 "Thank you so much. I needed to hear that.
24:35 I've been having these issues with God
24:38 ever since my loved one passed
24:40 or I suffered a divorce and I couldn't understand
24:43 why God allowed this to happen to me.
24:44 But through your testimony
24:46 and through your sharing I've been encouraged,
24:48 you know, to trust God and get past this pain
24:51 and to still love Him."
24:53 Mothers, whose children are--
24:56 sons have been imprisoned for years,
24:57 you know, brokenness.
24:59 Yes.
25:00 And finding hope, you know, that God is still good
25:02 no matter what your circumstance is
25:04 and it's amazing because every single time without fail
25:09 and especially the times when I don't feel like speaking.
25:12 That's when God shows up the most.
25:13 And it's like, "Wow, God," you know.
25:16 It's not that easiest, you know, it's not like,
25:19 "Oh, yes, you know, I'm glad that's happened to me."
25:21 No, not at all.
25:22 But there is so much joy when you actually can go out
25:26 and you see how lives are being touched.
25:29 How chains are being broken
25:30 and people are reconnecting with God
25:33 and learning as I call it, "to adjust their lenses,"
25:36 to see life through the eyes of faith
25:38 and not to focus on all the negative
25:40 that the devil tries to put in your face.
25:42 But focus on what God is doing,
25:43 how He's working things out and focus on heaven.
25:47 Yes. So it's been amazing.
25:48 I mean, it's been amazing.
25:50 And I can only imagine how good you feel after you speak,
25:53 after you share your testimony
25:56 and how God has lead you through those tough times.
26:00 And you touch those people's heart.
26:02 Yeah, yeah.
26:03 And you see the transformation,
26:05 you see the Holy Spirit working on in their lives.
26:08 I can only imagine the feeling.
26:11 So how do people get in touch with you?
26:13 Oh, okay. I am...
26:15 You have a website, correct? Yeah, I do have a website.
26:17 It's samonnawatts.com. Okay.
26:20 SaMonna is not the easiest name to spell,
26:23 so hopefully you guys will post it.
26:24 Spell it out for us. SaMonna is samonna.
26:30 And it's sammonawatts. So watts.com.
26:33 Okay, wonderful.
26:36 Well, I can tell that you are a tremendous woman of faith
26:39 and I appreciate you being so transparent with us today
26:42 and sharing your testimony.
26:45 I know that people have to be touched by this
26:49 and no matter what they are going through,
26:52 that God is still with the victorious one.
26:55 That's right, that's right.
26:57 And you can have victory through Him.
26:58 That's right.
26:59 And I'm just, I mean, I'm-- I feel it in my heart,
27:04 you know, with Brayden, from looking at the pictures,
27:07 I feel like I knew him.
27:09 Yeah, he's a little buddy.
27:10 Yeah, it's just so much personality.
27:13 Yeah, definitely. So much personality.
27:15 Revelation 21: 4 says,
27:18 "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes
27:22 and there shall be no more death,
27:24 neither sorrow, nor crying,
27:26 neither shall there be any more pain.
27:29 For the former things are passed away."
27:31 And what a great day that would be
27:34 when we can be reunited with our loved ones
27:37 that are sleeping in Jesus.
27:39 I want to thank you so much for being with us today.
27:42 Thank you, Jason. And it's such a pleasure.
27:45 It is the ability to tolerate uncertainty
27:48 and put your trust in God through any situation,
27:51 whether it be a blessing or whether it be a tragedy.
27:54 So I encourage each and everyone of you
27:56 to exercise that.
27:57 Well, that's the end of our program
27:59 and remember, it just wouldn't be the same without you.


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