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Participants: Yvonne Lewis (Host), Ezra St. Juste, Monet St. Juste


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00:01 Have you ever heard the saying
00:02 that "Youth is wasted on the young?"
00:04 Well, my guest fiercely disproved that.
00:07 Stay tuned to see why.
00:08 My name is Yvonne Lewis
00:10 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:35 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:38 My guests today are Ezra and Monet St. Juste
00:41 I'm going to mess up your names, I know it,
00:44 you guys, welcome to the Program
00:46 you are Health Evangelists with Eden Lifestyle.
00:50 Thank you so much for being with us.
00:53 Thank you very much.
00:54 Okay, say your names again because we practiced this before
00:58 and I want to make sure I have it right.
01:02 My name is Monet and Ezra St. Juste.
01:05 St. Juste... I totally butchered your name in the beginning.
01:09 That's okay.
01:10 I'm sure you get that a lot right?
01:12 Yes, we get that a lot.
01:13 Well, I'd be calling you by your first names only
01:15 so I don't have to worry about that anymore.
01:18 So, tell us about Eden Lifestyle,
01:21 first of all, what is it?
01:23 Well, Eden Lifestyle is a family ministry.
01:26 It's actually a family of nine, it's my brothers, my sister,
01:29 my mom and dad and my wife as well
01:31 and we have all dedicated our lives
01:33 to do full-time ministry for the Lord.
01:36 So, Eden Lifestyle as well, we are full time in
01:39 lines of Gospel Medical Missionary Work
01:41 so, we go and we help individuals with health
01:45 and I guess later on we'll be talking more in lines of
01:48 what exactly we do as well.
01:51 Right, so, if this is a ministry of health and well-being
01:56 that your family... it's a family ministry...
02:00 Right, it's actually a family ministry,
02:02 and not only that,
02:03 we actually are doing this full time
02:04 so that's all we do.
02:06 Wow! so how did you get into this?
02:08 Okay, well, originally, we were actually raised
02:14 in Saint Lucia just to start off.
02:16 Saint Lucia, okay, tell us where that is
02:18 for those people who have no idea
02:20 where Saint Lucia is where is that?
02:22 Saint Lucia is in the Caribbean and it's right next to Barbados
02:27 if anyone knows where Barbados is,
02:29 it's directly to the left. Okay.
02:31 So they call it "The Helen of the West"
02:32 Okay, okay.
02:34 Yes, so we were raised in Saint Lucia
02:37 and I mean, we were raised,
02:40 my dad was backslidden from the Seventh-day Adventist Church
02:42 and at first, my mom was also a Roman Catholic
02:46 but then, I guess, my dad being Adventist before,
02:50 what he'll do, he would drop us off at church
02:53 every Sabbath
02:54 Wait, wait,wait, so your dad was...
02:58 he wasn't going to church
03:00 but he was making sure you guys went to church.
03:02 That's correct, that is correct.
03:03 And your mom was Catholic.
03:04 My mom was Catholic.
03:06 My father would drop us off but my mom would get us ready.
03:08 Well, it's good that your mom would let you go
03:11 right, but you were missing the whole family being in church.
03:16 Yes. So what happened?
03:17 So, what happened was that
03:19 we kept inviting our parents over and over
03:23 even if they were dropping us,
03:24 they still wouldn't come to the church
03:26 but we kept inviting them and inviting them until
03:29 my dad started coming and there was this Health Seminar
03:34 oh sorry, Music Seminar that was
03:36 taking place in our church at that time
03:38 and it was so perfect because my dad was in the Music Industry
03:42 we all grew up basically
03:44 attending a lot of different dance activities
03:46 growing up... I'm not sure if you're familiar with Calypso
03:49 Oh yeah. which is one of the main
03:51 types of music down there
03:53 Right. and Soca and many other things
03:55 and so the Music Seminar was perfect
03:57 to be able to captivate my dad
03:59 and also us, and for this, our family
04:04 began attending it regularly.
04:06 So your mom came with your dad?
04:08 My mom showed up a couple of times,
04:10 but to the end of the Music Seminar
04:13 our entire family except for my mom,
04:15 decided that we would get baptized.
04:18 Including your dad?
04:19 Including my dad, so even at that time
04:21 I remember having the Week Seminar, right,
04:23 the Music Seminar,
04:24 and at the Music Seminar
04:26 my brothers and my dad decided to get baptized
04:28 but for me... I didn't want to get baptized
04:30 because I was concerned about my friends
04:32 and music and different things like that
04:34 so, I was very involved in a lot of different things
04:36 so I remember that morning, that Sabbath morning
04:39 I woke up and I'm like, "Dad, I'm ready to get baptized
04:42 I'm ready to give my life to the Lord"
04:44 so at that time, in the morning,
04:46 my mother, always makes a little bit of jokes
04:48 when we were growing up, she says,
04:49 "You know when you're get baptized,
04:51 do you know what the Pastor is going to say?
04:52 He's going to hold you by the head,
04:55 as he's going to put you down in the water,
04:57 and lift you back up and say, 'Do you see God?'
04:58 and you have to answer, 'no Pastor,'
05:00 and he'll put you back in the water again
05:02 and bring you up and say, 'Do you see God?'"
05:03 and I remember that afternoon
05:05 we all went to the beach to get baptized,
05:07 and my mom... she didn't come to the beach at that time,
05:09 but my uncle invited her just to come to witness
05:12 the event, and while we were getting baptized,
05:15 my dad went in the water, I went into the water,
05:18 my brothers and so on,
05:20 and from afar my mom saw us on the shore,
05:23 and she saw that when my father went down into the water,
05:26 that... she saw... like a light come on to him
05:28 and she saw something that everybody went up to heaven
05:33 and she's the only one that's left behind
05:35 and so she ran to the shore she said,
05:37 "Stop, stop, stop"
05:38 because they were about to close out the baptism,
05:40 she said, "Stop, I want to give my life to the Lord"
05:43 Wow! so she gave her life to the Lord right then and there.
05:47 Yeah, and my entire family got baptized that same day.
05:50 Praise the Lord and in fact I read
05:53 in one of your statements that you sent to me
05:56 that... who was the pastor that baptized you?
05:58 It was Pastor Johns, Marquis Johns
06:01 the Host of "The New Journey" on Dare to Dream
06:04 which is really... that's incredible.
06:06 So he came over to Saint Lucia,
06:08 did a Seminar, he did the Week Seminar
06:12 or he did the Revival?
06:13 He did the week Seminar, I think it was a week.
06:17 And at the end, your whole family was baptized.
06:21 And even on that Sabbath, that's the first time
06:24 my whole family went to church that afternoon together.
06:26 Oh! Yes.
06:28 How beautiful! so what was the difference
06:31 in your family,
06:33 how was your family before baptism
06:35 and how was your family after?
06:38 Before baptism, I mean, we were involved,
06:40 we were into a lot of things on the side,
06:43 my father was into the Music Production Industry
06:45 I played in a Band at the time
06:48 so I was really involved in a lot of music,
06:50 a lot of carnivals and Calypso and different things.
06:53 I remember, as a boy, 12 years old... 14 years old
06:56 sleeping underneath the stage,
06:57 playing for big concerts at 12 o'clock at night
07:00 and different things, so, that was our life before that
07:03 so in order for our whole family to get baptized,
07:06 we're talking about my father's career,
07:08 he's the major provider in the household
07:11 and then all of us,
07:12 our aspirations and everything had to change at that point.
07:14 Wow! look at... this is so interesting
07:17 because you come to this place
07:20 and it really, really involves faith
07:23 Hmmm... hmmm... because your dad
07:25 is the Provider for the household
07:28 and he has to turn away from his career
07:31 and ask God, "What do you want me to do"
07:35 because he can't do what he was doing before.
07:38 Yeah. So how did that...
07:41 what happened...
07:42 I don't want to say, "How did it evolve"
07:43 because that sounds like it happened on its own,
07:46 how did God lead you from that point of faith
07:49 into full-time ministry?
07:51 Okay, at that time, when I was about 16 years old,
07:55 17 years old, I decided to come to the States
07:58 to go to University at that time,
08:00 so I went to an Art School,
08:01 you know how Art Schools could be
08:02 so there were a lot of things going on in Art School
08:05 and in the class I was really challenged
08:08 we have a lot of strange classes in Art School,
08:10 so I was really challenged in my class
08:11 to go back and study for myself and the Bible,
08:13 and so that kind of drew me even closer to the Lord,
08:16 closer to understanding the Bible
08:17 and at that time, my brother, my other Brother Renoir,
08:20 he came up to the States as well
08:22 and we started studying together
08:24 and we were like, "Wow! we never...
08:26 you know we never actually found out that,
08:28 'wow, this is actually what we believe
08:30 as Seventh-day Adventists'" so even then
08:32 at Art School, I met a friend,
08:34 I met a young lady, and she questioned our faith.
08:35 She was like, "Okay, so, tell me about the Sabbath"
08:37 I'm like, "Well, I don't really know
08:40 but I can go back tonight and find out"
08:42 so I'll go back, search up some things,
08:44 go pick up some Bible Study Guides
08:45 and then come back tomorrow
08:47 and study with her. She would ask me about,
08:48 "Okay, so what about the state of the dead?"
08:49 I'm like, "Okay, I don't really know
08:51 how to give you a Bible Study in that, but I can find out"
08:53 and so I went to the Bible to find out
08:55 and then in doing that,
08:56 in sharing the gospel with her like that,
08:58 it draws me even closer to Christ,
09:00 and draws even into praying some more,
09:02 even praying for her that she understands
09:04 the message for this time.
09:06 But look at what God did, because you weren't prepared
09:10 but you were available,
09:11 you made yourself available to Him
09:14 and He used you, and in so doing...
09:17 watered your spirit
09:18 at the same time. That's right.
09:20 So you went back, and you studied
09:22 right, and you came back to her
09:24 and you were able, though the power of the Holy Spirit,
09:27 to give her a Bible Study and that strengthened you too.
09:30 Yes, and even at that time it was...
09:33 at that time it was my brothers, Monet and Renoir,
09:36 who were up in South Florida
09:38 but then myself, my sister and also my parents,
09:40 who were in Saint Lucia, so they'd be sharing with us
09:43 different things that they were studying and learning
09:46 and we basically attended a
09:48 a Roman Catholic School, High School,
09:50 so, I'll go back to school and I'll start doing
09:53 Bible Studies with some of the students
09:54 I'd start teaching them about the Sabbath,
09:56 I'd start teaching them about
09:58 the "Mark of the Beast"
09:59 and all those things that we were starting to learn
10:01 so, I mean, I'm at a Catholic School,
10:04 oh yeah, so, I mean, it was... something was starting to be
10:09 revived within us, and not so long after
10:12 I graduated from High School at 16
10:15 but not too long after, our entire family
10:17 we all came up to South Florida
10:20 so now we're all united again as one,
10:23 now upon being reunited, we started doing our devotions
10:28 especially from the book, "Adventist Home"
10:30 and that book has been a huge blessing to our family
10:33 really allowing us to be drawn closer to each other,
10:36 closer to Christ, and we began to study more
10:39 as to how families ought to be able to carry out their lives
10:44 upon earth, and how it was to be
10:46 a replication of families in heaven also
10:49 I began seeing more and more
10:50 how the Lord wanted families to be effective ministers
10:53 to their neighbors and to their surroundings,
10:55 so we did... we took it at its word
10:57 we took "Adventist Home" and we said,
10:59 "You know what, let's start going door to door
11:02 and let's start ministering to our neighbors
11:05 and to those around us"
11:06 so we started doing canvassing work at first
11:08 and we started going in the homes
11:10 and we started doing Bible Studies
11:13 and that even gave us opportunities
11:15 to minister to people physically as well
11:17 because, at that point in time,
11:18 we just began learning more about health and
11:21 learning more about the health message
11:22 that the Lord has given us
11:24 and we're like, "You know what,
11:26 let's just put what we know into practice"
11:28 so even one time, I remember knocking on this door
11:31 and this lady coming out to us
11:34 and we started canvassing some books and she mentioned to us
11:37 she had diabetes and a host of other problems,
11:41 taking over ten different medications
11:43 so we said, "You know what...
11:44 we do consultations with people"
11:46 and we sat with her
11:47 we put her on a full lifestyle program
11:49 simple things like exercising and water
11:52 those simple things and her blood sugar was
11:55 about 250 something, and in less than two weeks
11:58 we saw the Lord was able to bring it down
12:00 next to the normal range,
12:02 so, at first this was like... Two weeks?
12:04 big blessings I said, like, "Wow! it worked. "
12:07 It kind of reinforced it for you right?
12:10 it's like, "wait a minute this is...
12:12 I'm reading it here but now I'm seeing it in action"
12:15 you gave me so many things to...
12:18 as you were talking, I'm thinking,
12:20 "Whoa, these are great places to ask questions"
12:23 number one, I want to go back
12:24 to the Catholic School and the Bible Studies,
12:28 did you get in trouble for teaching that?
12:31 Well, certain times I would get in trouble because
12:33 there were Religious Knowledge Teachers
12:36 RK... we call them... "RK Teachers"
12:38 who would come to the school,
12:39 and they would also teach us the "Catholic Doctrines"
12:43 so, certain times, I'd stand up in class and
12:45 I'll object and say,
12:47 "Well, that's not what the Bible teaches"
12:48 and then I'd get in a little bit of trouble but
12:53 a lot of the students they understood that
12:55 what I was saying was supported by the Bible
12:58 so, a lot of my friends were really open
13:00 to what I was saying as well.
13:01 That's good and so, you ended up...
13:03 did you graduate from there?
13:04 Yes I did. Okay, and so, your whole family
13:08 began to really study the "Adventist Home"
13:13 and not only study it, but implementing the principles
13:18 in that book.
13:19 That's right, because we're doing devotions in the morning
13:22 and in the afternoon, we were going to apply
13:24 the same thing we learned in the morning
13:26 and go out into the Communities
13:27 and share with other people as well.
13:28 So, by this time,
13:31 this is how your dad is making his living in
13:34 full-time ministry at this point?
13:37 At that point was in Saint Lucia
13:40 it just so happened that the Lord took away jobs
13:43 where my dad... he no longer was working
13:46 where he used to be working at,
13:47 and this allowed everyone to be able to move up
13:50 to South Florida, so when he moved up
13:51 he basically came up without any jobs at this time
13:55 no one was really working per se,
14:00 but at that point
14:02 where we all began to engage in ministry.
14:05 And the Lord was providing for you at every step of the way.
14:10 At every step of the way, because even then
14:11 as my father... my parents,
14:13 my father really wasn't working at the time
14:14 we actually got involved in doing canvassing work
14:17 Okay. and doing canvassing work
14:19 we were able to get funds that would come in
14:21 you know, bit by bit, to help support the family
14:23 we were living in a little room in an apartment
14:25 in South Florida at the time,
14:27 and then afterwards, we moved up to Northern Florida
14:30 with no money, you know, zero dollars,
14:33 nothing in the pocket, no jobs, into a new territory,
14:36 and we got to a point where we were asking,
14:38 "Lord," we said, "Father,
14:40 what would you have us to do in this area,
14:42 what would you want us to do?"
14:43 So we recognized the importance of being able to
14:45 sustain ourselves,
14:47 while we actually do the work as well. "
14:48 This is such a journey of faith,
14:51 you know, some people would say,
14:54 "Well, wow, they gave up their jobs,
14:56 what is wrong with them?"
14:57 But you were actually proving God,
15:01 you know, God says he will provide for us and He did,
15:06 He certainly provided for you so how did you move
15:11 from there into full-time... well, let's go back
15:17 you have several different...
15:18 under the umbrella of "Eden Lifestyle"
15:21 you have several different ministries, tell us about that.
15:24 So at that time when we actually moved up
15:27 to Northern Florida, we were praying and asking God
15:29 we said, "Father, we need to know
15:31 how can we support ourselves
15:32 and continue this work because
15:34 we have a lot of people to feed in the household,"
15:35 there's a mother, there's a father,
15:37 and there are a lot of children Right.
15:38 so we were praying and as we began to study
15:41 the writings from the Spirit of Prophecy
15:43 and the Bible itself, God was actually teaching us
15:46 to be more industrious, to be more...
15:48 remember like Paul, he was doing tent making?
15:50 Right...
15:51 So we started a lawn-care service
15:52 so we started providing lawn care
15:54 in the Jacksonville area
15:55 and while we were in lawn care,
15:56 we were knocking on doors, doing canvassing work,
15:58 knocking on doors, sharing the gospel with others
16:00 and then as we were knocking on doors
16:02 then we ask the person at the end,
16:03 and said, "Do you have any grass to cut?"
16:05 Then we'll take the funds that we make from that
16:08 and put it back into the ministry
16:10 to get some more books and go back out again
16:12 and then share the gospel again.
16:13 Wow! that is tremendous, so tell us some of the stories
16:18 that you have from working in the field,
16:21 canvassing, by the way, is what we call "Colporteuring"
16:26 or Literature Evangelism, selling books and information
16:31 to people about the Lord, so tell us about
16:34 some of the experiences you had in the field
16:38 and while you were canvassing.
16:40 Okay, well the testimony...
16:42 the lady was one who I was canvassing
16:43 but I'll give another one as well.
16:45 I remember, one time, I was knocking on doors
16:49 I came up to a man,
16:51 I had a book called, "Bible Answers"
16:53 and I was canvassing "Bible Answers"
16:54 so, I mentioned in the canvas
16:57 "it also speaks about the state of the dead"
17:00 and he was like, "The dead?"
17:03 so, automatically I was like...
17:06 "Do you understand the state of the dead?"
17:10 and he said, "No" so I'm like,
17:12 "Okay well, can we do a Bible Study?"
17:13 then he was like, "Hold on one second"
17:15 so he went back into his house
17:18 and a few seconds later he came back out and he told me,
17:21 "Come in" and I was like, "Oh man! I just asked him
17:24 for the Bible Studies and... "
17:25 I was just praying, I said, "Lord, you know...
17:27 bring back some Bible texts to my memory because... "
17:30 but then, I went into the home and sat down with him
17:34 and I began... the Lord just kept bringing back
17:37 text after text, link after link,
17:39 and I believe it was about 30 minutes,
17:41 I did a full study with him and at the end...
17:45 praying with him, and he was just like, so amazed
17:48 and, to him, it was like...
17:50 he has never seen something like this before
17:53 and it's just a blessing just to see...
17:56 just to see souls that are out there
17:58 that are dying for something that we have
18:00 and really sharing it with them
18:02 and seeing the impact that it's having on their lives.
18:05 Yes, and we have some pictures of you in the field and
18:08 we're going to show them, and tell us what we're seeing.
18:10 Okay. What's that?
18:12 This one here is a picture of our entire family
18:15 and my parents, myself, my brother, his wife
18:18 and also my sister. Nice.
18:21 Let's show another one.
18:24 And this is actually at a Flea Market
18:27 what we did once... we said, "You know what,
18:29 let's go to our nearby Flea Market
18:31 and let's try to canvas some books
18:33 and try to meet some people
18:35 that is within the market," so this was me here...
18:38 speaking to someone who was passing by
18:41 and canvassing one of our books.
18:45 Nice. And this is actually when we
18:48 actually started the Lawn Care Service
18:50 and we started cleaning out different lawns
18:53 and different yards, and that's how we made funds
18:55 to go back into the ministry.
18:57 We call this, "Gospel Industry"
18:58 Okay, all right, nice.
19:01 And this here is actually our first Field School,
19:06 the graduates from our first Field School that we conducted.
19:09 Now what's a "Field School?"
19:10 A Field School... at Field Schools we go over
19:14 the Gospel Medical Missionary Work
19:15 so we cover different topics like Bible, health, evangelism,
19:21 we cover topics in lines of studying the Bible
19:25 we go over God's pharmacy which is
19:28 different natural remedies
19:29 and teach people hydrotherapy, we teach people...
19:32 it involves... basically training people to
19:35 be able to carry out gospel medical missionary
19:37 in their church, and also at their homes as well.
19:42 Oh, and that was your first...
19:44 let's go back to the other picture please
19:47 that was your first graduating class?
19:49 Yes, that was our first graduating class,
19:52 I believe it was 12 students at that time and
19:55 that one, I believe that lasted
19:57 somewhere about two months.
20:00 Well, we do have different Field Schools that are:
20:02 one, one week... two weeks or three weeks as well.
20:06 Okay, oh you guys are busy, okay, let's go to the next one.
20:09 The next one is actually our youngest graduate
20:13 from one of our training,
20:14 and I think she is either 11 or 12
20:18 I'm not 100 percent sure, but 11 or 12.
20:20 Wow! that's incredible.
20:23 And this was actually when we actually conducted
20:27 a Seminar at a Camp Meeting as well
20:30 so we got involved a lot into Seminars
20:33 and also Training.
20:34 That's your wife? That's my wife.
20:36 All right, which... you guys look so young
20:38 and I was like, "what in the world!"
20:40 okay... baby faces.
20:42 And this... what you're looking at here
20:44 is a website that we developed for Online Evangelism
20:47 Hmmm... it's called bibleanswer. org
20:48 and it's kind of funny how this developed
20:50 because one day we were thinking about
20:52 how to do evangelism online
20:53 and then we went to Craigslist
20:55 and posted about free Bible Studies on Craigslist
20:57 and in posting free Bible Studies on Craigslist,
21:00 a lady contacted us,
21:02 and as she contacted us, we went to her home
21:06 it was really strange because we'd never met her before
21:08 we called her, went into her home,
21:10 and also started doing Bible Studies,
21:11 she requested that she wanted to do the Free Bible Studies
21:13 and she wanted to study the Bible some more
21:15 and being at her home and being able to study with her
21:17 she said that... we told her,
21:19 "How did you hear about the Ad?"
21:20 she said, "Well, I don't normally go on Craigslist but...
21:22 but actually when I went on this website,
21:24 I actually... on this website...
21:28 I saw free Bible Studies,
21:30 I'm like... 'what? free Bible Studies?'"
21:31 and then she clicked on it
21:33 because she was looking for some furniture,
21:34 some free furniture to furnish her house,
21:36 and when she looked at it, she contacted us
21:37 and then we came to her home and studied the Bible with her
21:40 not knowing that
21:41 she and her whole family we were studying the Bible with
21:43 with all the children and everyone else
21:45 and in doing that,
21:46 the whole family got invited into church as well.
21:48 Praise the Lord, you guys are busy for the Lord
21:53 busy for Him, I mean, it's like...
21:56 it's so nice to see young people that are on fire for God
22:01 and one of your goals,
22:03 I had read on your sheet that you sent me,
22:06 one of your goals is to train young people
22:08 tell us about that.
22:09 Yes, and the reason our ministry really is directed a lot
22:15 with the youth as well is because
22:16 even when we read in the book "Messages to Young People"
22:21 page 204, it says that, there's a great influence that
22:25 youth to youth have upon each other
22:27 when ministering to each other
22:29 so we focus a lot on really training the youth
22:32 and even previously, just a few days ago,
22:35 we also conducted a Youth Bible and Health Training
22:40 as well and at that ministry we focus a lot on the youth
22:46 because we realize that the Lord...
22:48 basically this entire church... it started off by young people
22:54 and we believe... young people will also have to
22:57 take up and finish the work
22:59 so we really want to train and equip young people
23:02 in lines of Gospel Missionary Medical Work
23:04 and in lines of canvassing and many other lines of ministry
23:07 to be able to thoroughly go out
23:10 and share the gospel with others.
23:11 Wow! so, what do you say to young people that
23:16 say, "What are you doing, like, I want to party,
23:21 I don't want to do that, it's boring,
23:24 your life is boring" what do you say to them?
23:27 What do you say to a young person
23:29 that says, "It's boring. "
23:31 Well, a lot of times what we do is
23:35 we basically share with them why it's not boring
23:38 because we actually get involved in everyday activity
23:40 doing the work for the Lord,
23:41 and one of the greatest joys that we get
23:44 is to see a soul being converted to Jesus Christ,
23:46 you know, it's such a joy, I'm like,
23:48 "How can you trade that for anything else?"
23:50 You know and we give them a rundown
23:52 on what our day looks like
23:54 because since we're young
23:55 we want to be able to show them that,
23:57 you know, being young, you can do ministry
23:58 and you can support yourself while you do ministry
24:00 and it is also very important that...
24:04 especially a young person,
24:05 using your talents and means at a young age
24:08 to put into the Lord's business.
24:10 So what does your day look like?
24:12 Well, our day would look like...
24:14 in the morning we have family worship
24:16 so that's how we stay together as a family,
24:18 we come together, we pray and we study,
24:20 we ask God exactly what He wants us to do
24:22 for that day in particular or we have plans for the day
24:24 so we would get up and we would do...
24:27 we would call the different people we need to call,
24:29 let's say, we do a lot of phone consultants as well
24:32 working with people who are ill, who are sick,
24:34 and also in the afternoon time, we come together as a family
24:38 we prepare lunch, and different things
24:39 and we study some more,
24:41 if there are any Bible Studies in the evening,
24:43 we do Bible Studies in the evening,
24:45 we do Bible Study with friends,
24:47 we do online evangelism,
24:48 it only depends because sometimes...
24:50 most of the time, we're on the road
24:52 traveling, doing Seminars, or maybe in somebody's home
24:55 helping them with certain illness,
24:57 or something of that sort.
24:59 So when people are ill, they can call you and say,
25:02 "How can I deal with this naturally,
25:06 what can I do to help myself naturally
25:09 and you will talk to them
25:11 and if they're local,
25:13 you'd go to their homes, how does that work?
25:15 Yeah, so two ways we do it...
25:17 we do consultants so that way
25:19 if someone is unable to allow us to come into their home,
25:22 we'll send them a full lifestyle program
25:24 that they can be able to utilize
25:26 which is specific to their illness,
25:29 and also right now we're mobile
25:31 so we'll go into their homes and we'll work with people
25:34 we work with people with Cancer, with High Blood Pressure,
25:37 with Diabetes and different illnesses as well
25:39 we have different programs for example, ten days,
25:42 eighteen days or more if requested.
25:44 Wow! that's amazing and we have an address for you
25:47 we'll put your address up on the screen
25:49 Eden Lifestyle Ministry,
25:51 PO Box 305, Live Oak, Florida 32064
25:57 or you can call them at 844-433-3654
26:03 or you can go to their website at: edenlifestyle. org
26:08 or e-mail them at info@edenlifestyle. org
26:14 so we have the address up here and it's important
26:18 to get in touch with them and support this ministry
26:22 this is such a life-changing ministry
26:26 you have... you brought with you a
26:30 colon cleanser, tell us about that real quick
26:33 we have just about a minute for you to tell us
26:35 but tell us about that colon cleanser
26:37 that you've manufactured.
26:39 Well, actually... we actually are trying
26:40 to set up a base in Florida
26:42 an Outpost Center to be able to train young people
26:44 and also to engage them in ministry
26:45 so, we're trying to raise funds, so the Lord inspired us to
26:49 to be able to raise funds in such an effectively way
26:51 so what we did was, we developed something called
26:54 "A natural colon cleanser"
26:56 and with this natural colon cleanser
26:58 we are able to actually provide the funds
26:59 to be able to start up this Outpost Center in Florida
27:03 and you want to say a little bit about it?
27:06 So, what we realized was that one of the main things for us
27:11 was in terms of finances in getting that place,
27:14 so the Lord gave us,
27:15 we were just praying and the Lord inspired us
27:18 to put together this entire product
27:20 so this product... it's...
27:22 we call it The New Enema Cleanser
27:25 it's a full herbal high-fiber cleanser
27:28 and it helps individuals in cleaning out
27:31 any part-sized mucus and releasing any fecal matter
27:34 from the intestines.
27:35 That's tremendous and we know how important it is
27:39 to keep that colon cleansed because
27:41 if you don't... that's the seat of our immune system really
27:45 and a lot of people don't know that
27:46 and that's just super critical.
27:48 Thank you so much for being with us
27:51 what a blessing, what a blessing,
27:53 and thank you so much for being with us.
27:56 We really, really hope that you're blessed by these programs
27:59 join us next time,
28:01 because it just wouldn't be the same... without you.


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