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Participants: Jason Bradley (Host), Mia Pile, Darnell Gordon


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00:01 Stay tuned to meet two young people
00:03 who answered their calling to ministry
00:05 and have been on fire for the Lord ever since.
00:07 My name is Jason Bradley
00:09 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:34 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:35 While at the General Conference Session
00:37 I met so many young people that joined the ministry
00:40 and started making a difference in their community.
00:43 Mia Pile and Darnell Gordon are part of the
00:46 NAPS Organization.
00:47 An Organization that has made so many positive contributions
00:50 to Communities across the globe,
00:53 let's take a look at the impact they're having
00:56 in Communities around the world.
01:00 It always makes me so happy to meet young people
01:05 that are on fire for the Lord, today, I have two people with me
01:09 Mia Pile and Darnell Gordon from NAPS,
01:13 welcome to the Program.
01:14 Thank you for having us. Thank you, thank you.
01:16 Yes, yes, so everybody wants to know
01:19 what does NAPS stand for?
01:21 Well, NAPS stands for the
01:22 National Association for the Prevention of Starvation
01:25 and it basically just means it's an Organization
01:28 that's dedicated to meeting people's needs
01:30 not only their physical, but their spiritual as well.
01:33 Wow! that's deep.
01:34 Well, I've heard that you all have done
01:36 so many amazing things and we're going to get to that,
01:39 we're going to get to that in this Program
01:41 I want to hear the miracle stories,
01:42 I want to know, just everything that you guys
01:46 have witnessed as this Organization has progressed
01:49 but who is your ministry comprised of?
01:52 Well, our ministry is mostly comprised of
01:55 college students and graduates,
01:57 the Organization has been in existence since 1978
02:01 and honestly, whoever so willed,
02:04 we invite them to come out and serve.
02:06 Praise God, now, there's a common misconception
02:10 everybody... a lot of people...
02:13 I won't say "everybody" but a lot of people
02:14 think that NAPS is Oakwood and NAPS...
02:18 like what's the relationship there
02:20 because a lot of people think NAPS is a part of Oakwood.
02:23 Well, thank you so much, Jason, for asking that question,
02:26 actually NAPS was founded
02:29 at the wonderful campus of Oakwood University.
02:31 It was founded by the former
02:34 Dean of Biology there, Dr. Anthony Paul,
02:36 and it was there for about 35 years
02:39 but we've recently been able to have our own establishment
02:42 where we have a Wellness Center, we're about to have a school,
02:45 and so it was originally founded there,
02:48 however, we're now our own Institution, or Entity.
02:51 And so, how did NAPS start,
02:54 I want to direct this question to you Darnell,
02:56 how did NAPS start as far as,
02:59 what was the reasoning behind it,
03:01 who saw the need for it to come about
03:04 and how did it come into fruition?
03:06 That's a very good question,
03:08 so NAPS started off with college students
03:11 in 1978, they saw a need, they saw that there were people
03:18 who were under a bridge, who did not have any food,
03:21 who were in despair,
03:24 and they said, "You know what, we have so much"
03:26 I mean, it doesn't hurt us to go out
03:28 and give food to those who are hungry,
03:30 and so it started off small, you know,
03:33 they just started going out after church on Sabbath
03:35 and giving out food, and then they said,
03:38 "This is great, you know, we're making an impact,
03:40 but we want to do more,"
03:41 and so they started saying, "You know what,
03:44 what if we went out into the Community
03:46 on Sabbaths and go out and...
03:48 go out and work with the children
03:50 teaching them more about the love of God,
03:52 working with them and telling them that
03:55 even though they may have been born in certain situations
03:57 or go through certain things that they still have hope,
04:00 they still can be successful" and that would give...
04:03 but then there was like... "You know,
04:04 this is great but we want to do more"
04:06 and so NAPS started going overseas to different countries,
04:10 our first mission trip was to Haiti
04:12 and now, we've been to over 23 different countries
04:15 across the globe, in Asia, South America,
04:18 in Africa, going around as missionaries for Christ.
04:22 Wow! that's huge, I love the fact that you guys
04:25 saw the need and by God's grace
04:30 you filled that need because, helping to develop the youth,
04:33 you know... it says... the Bible says,
04:35 "Train up a child in the way he should go...
04:37 or the way that they should go... "
04:39 and I think that that's so important
04:42 because you establish that foundation
04:45 which is very important
04:47 now, going through all these trips,
04:50 I know that it gets expensive, okay,
04:53 so, where is the financial support?
04:56 Well, one of the things that really helps our ministry,
05:02 we like to say, "It's a bunch of $5 bills,"
05:05 Okay. but, it's different donors
05:07 from all over, different churches support us,
05:10 different schools, our parents, they support us,
05:13 we do a lot of canvassing,
05:15 we actually have a Pathfinder Band
05:16 that we'll use, and we'll march down the street
05:19 playing music, and people give... that way...
05:21 Well, that's a wonderful...
05:24 it's a blessing to support ministries
05:26 that are helping to further the gospel of Jesus Christ,
05:29 what disasters have you all helped people in?
05:34 So we've... we've been able to help with a lot of disasters
05:40 God has just really been good
05:41 and He just sets us up to be able to help
05:45 at the right time and so, we were able to go out
05:48 after 9/11, our team went...
05:50 all the way back in 2001 and our team went
05:54 and they hugged the families, we brought a Marching Band,
05:59 we were playing our Band, just encouraging families,
06:02 after Hurricane Katrina our team was there,
06:05 after the Haiti earthquake, our team was there,
06:08 and even after the Moore Oklahoma Tornadoes,
06:10 I was privileged to be a part of the mission
06:13 where we were able to go and help them with the rebuild
06:17 after their homes were destroyed,
06:19 I've never seen such destruction where I would look and see
06:23 miles and miles of houses destroyed
06:26 and places just really devastated,
06:29 and I'd see cars flipped over, everything...
06:33 and it was just a blessing to be able to go and be there
06:37 that time of hurting for those people
06:39 and we even sang at some of the funerals
06:40 of the children who died as well as the school there
06:43 so it was just a blessing.
06:45 One significant tragedy
06:47 that we were able to be a part of as well
06:49 was the Sandy Hook tragedy,
06:50 and we all know that many of those precious children
06:53 were killed but NAPS was actually privileged
06:56 not only to go and be among those who were mourning
06:59 but several of the families actually invited us
07:02 into their private moment, where at the funeral services
07:05 we were able to sing for those families
07:07 and not only that, but I'll never forget,
07:09 one of the families was actually an Atheist family,
07:11 and they were kind of saying,
07:13 "We don't why we've allowed you guys to come
07:15 but we just feel like this is the right thing to do"
07:17 and even at that Service,
07:18 we were able to give out some literature
07:21 and just to pray with the families and encourage them
07:24 so, it's just amazing how God will put His people
07:26 in the right places
07:28 when you step out for someone else.
07:31 Absolutely, now, with these disasters,
07:33 how do you guys come together as an Organization,
07:37 how do you strategize, how do you plan
07:39 how you're going to handle these situations?
07:43 Well, basically,
07:46 we've been training every Tuesday and Thursday morning,
07:50 and our training not only consists of Bible Study but also
07:54 in the event of a disaster what are we going to do,
07:57 even when we travel from different cities,
07:59 we may stay at churches or homes
08:02 where you basically have to be ready to rough it
08:05 because you don't know what kind of disaster situation
08:07 you're going to be in or when we go overseas on our trips,
08:10 we don't necessarily stay in a hotel,
08:12 we'll live with the people in huts where they live
08:16 is kind of where we're going to live
08:17 for six weeks, two months,
08:19 whatever the timeframe may be so a lot of times
08:22 going to those different churches
08:23 and cities, and, maybe sleeping on a church floor,
08:26 that is our best training for these types of scenarios.
08:29 Wow! wow, wow,
08:32 so it encompasses that self-sacrifice
08:36 you want to go, you want to live with the people
08:38 how they're living and you want to help bring them up
08:41 that is amazing, how does this...
08:45 how is this line of ministry...
08:47 how has this impacted your life,
08:49 let's start with you Darnell.
08:51 Yeah, well, this ministry has impacted my life
08:56 in ways that I cannot even put to words,
08:58 when I made the decision
09:01 after running for a while to come back to God,
09:05 to develop my relationship with Him,
09:08 I was in class
09:10 and my college professor, he was saying that
09:13 there was going to be food at his house,
09:15 and you can come, it was free dinner, free food,
09:19 and as a college student, I was like,
09:20 "This sounds like... something that
09:22 maybe in my best interest to go"
09:24 and so I went
09:28 and it was actually a NAPS meeting, okay,
09:31 but they did have food, but it was a NAPS Meeting
09:35 and Worship and while I was there
09:38 the Lord just kept impressing it upon my heart
09:40 to go... to go... and I'm just like,
09:42 "Lord... " I had so many excuses,
09:44 I felt like Moses when God was telling him to go and speak
09:48 and he was like, "But Lord... " that's how I felt
09:51 I'm like, "Lord, I'm inadequate,
09:53 I just came back to serving you again,
09:57 I need more time to develop my relationship,
09:59 I'm not holy enough, I'm not good enough,
10:01 I'm not trained enough," and God was just like,
10:04 "My grace is sufficient for you, just go... "
10:06 and I said, "Okay, I'm going to go on this mission,"
10:09 and I went on that mission
10:10 and it was just a blessing to be on the mission field,
10:14 and to be able to minister to people
10:16 and it's just time and time again
10:18 their expression of joy
10:20 and really they just don't understand
10:23 a lot of times how we will go and give up
10:26 the comforts of our own homes and go and minister to them
10:29 to meet their needs and just seeing that
10:32 and experiencing that...
10:34 for me has really changed my life,
10:35 it really has deepened
10:37 my relationship with God
10:39 and really encouraged me to keep doing service
10:41 and even to add on to that,
10:43 I really believe that God had given me practical skills
10:47 even in being in this ministry to like...
10:49 we were able to build a Wellness Center
10:52 in Southern Alabama
10:53 and I was able to do some electrical work,
10:56 plumbing, putting on some carpentry,
10:59 all kinds of stuff, you know,
11:01 these are just basic skills that God has even given me
11:05 as I've been faithful to Him in this ministry.
11:07 Amen, now, what about you?
11:09 You know the truth is, Jason, what I've seen in this ministry
11:14 is that... if we, as young people, don't go
11:16 if we don't respond to the call of God's ministry,
11:19 then there is someone who is going to miss out,
11:22 you know, just like he was talking about
11:24 the Wellness Center,
11:25 we've been in a place where we've seen people
11:28 who basically have died for lack of medical care
11:31 and so that inspired us to have the Wellness Center,
11:34 we've been able to work with people
11:36 and help them reverse their Diabetes
11:37 and High Blood Pressure through natural remedies,
11:40 through NEWSTART, but the thing is,
11:42 if we weren't willing to go out and learn those skills,
11:45 if we weren't willing to just have
11:47 more than just a normal Christian life,
11:50 then we would be missing out on those testimonies,
11:53 but because God... He's calling all young people
11:56 to step out of your comfort zone and do something for him,
11:59 and it will be beyond your wildest dreams
12:01 and that's the one thing that I've learned
12:02 in being a part of this ministry,
12:04 is, if you just do what God says,
12:06 just respond to that conviction in your heart,
12:08 to step out... I mean, He has so much in store for you
12:12 it could be someone's very life.
12:14 Absolutely, absolutely,
12:16 I'm so glad that you all answered that call,
12:19 now, what can you tell me about the work you're doing in the...
12:22 is it the Black Belt? Yes, it is.
12:24 Is it Alabama and Mississippi?
12:27 Yes, actually, we're in a place called Sawyerville, Alabama,
12:29 which is between Mississippi and Alabama
12:31 and when you go there, it's almost sometimes
12:34 like going back in time,
12:35 just the education there is very, very poor,
12:37 the literacy rate is very low,
12:40 I mean, in terms of people
12:41 not really being able to read, we found,
12:43 also Medical Care is lacking
12:47 for most of the population there
12:50 and so it has been a blessing for NAPS to actually
12:53 to build a Wellness Center there,
12:54 we are also about to have what we call NALA.,
12:57 NAPS Abundant Life Academy for those children
12:59 who've been having to bus
13:01 from like 4 in the morning
13:03 just to try to get an education they miss breakfast,
13:05 now they have a school a little bit closer to them,
13:08 so that they can get the type of Christian Education
13:10 that we've had the privilege to have.
13:12 Yes, yes, and see that's what's so great about NAPS
13:16 this is what I really like about NAPS is that
13:19 you guys, it's almost like
13:21 when NAPS walks into a room,
13:24 you don't have to go and announce
13:26 that you are a Christian, they can tell by your lifestyle
13:31 by the things that you're doing,
13:33 the fact that you make the choice
13:36 to live how these people live,
13:38 see, you go to the mission field and these people have...
13:41 they don't have the choice on whether or not
13:44 they can move from this hut to a mansion
13:47 or if they can move from this hut to an apartment
13:50 they don't have that choice, so you sacrificed your luxury
13:55 and you go over there and you live like them
13:58 and I know I said this earlier, but you live like them,
14:00 and sacrifice that lifestyle,
14:05 I mean, that's a true testament to me
14:08 of Christianity.
14:09 And you know, this is how I feel
14:10 that we as young people know Christ is real,
14:13 you know, there are so many young people
14:15 that are leaving the church now because they feel like...
14:17 "Is God even real, can I really believe the Bible,
14:20 I know I've grown up in this church
14:22 or going to church because somebody made me"
14:25 but honestly for me, Christ became real
14:27 when I started to go into the mission field
14:30 you know, when I started to see the Bible come to life,
14:32 I see people who are possessed of demons
14:35 and you pray for them in Jesus' name
14:37 and those demons have to flee,
14:38 people who could not walk for months and months,
14:42 we go there, do a simple remedy for them
14:44 and now they're standing on their feet walking
14:46 even ministries like Dare to Dream
14:49 you know, we actually play it at our Wellness Center,
14:51 and the 3ABN ministry,
14:53 We love that, we love that...
14:54 yes, it's making an impact, you know what I mean,
14:57 so, I know that Christ is real because we step out
15:00 of our comfort zone
15:02 and honestly, we say the word "sacrifice"
15:04 but it's really not a sacrifice
15:05 because Jesus has done all of this for us,
15:08 you know, and it's really more of a privilege
15:11 I'm seeing it now, than anything, you know.
15:15 Speaking of "privilege," being a part of 3ABN
15:18 has been a privilege
15:19 being a part of the Camp Meetings,
15:21 the different Camp Meetings that 3ABN has had
15:24 even them inviting us to come,
15:26 has really been a blessing,
15:27 and as we go out to do God's work,
15:30 and follow the call,
15:32 He opens up so many blessings for us,
15:34 one of the privilege that we have now
15:36 is now we have four new vans, Really?
15:38 we have four new vans that help us
15:40 and I'm going out to spread the gospel
15:43 and we want to give a special "thank you" to 3ABN
15:47 and all the different Viewers
15:49 and the people who've supported us
15:50 in being able to get that,
15:52 and it's just that, man, all God wants us to do
15:55 is to go... if you go, He'll provide the food,
15:58 he'll provide the transportation,
15:59 he'll give you the words to say,
16:01 everything you need, it's a package deal
16:04 all you have to do is "Go" and once you go,
16:07 all the different things will be added unto you.
16:10 And I think about your testimony, Jason,
16:12 like I was getting to read it in the magazine that...
16:15 I mean, I'm just appreciative of you
16:17 living transparently,
16:19 because somebody can benefit from your testimony
16:22 I think that's another thing, some young people feel
16:24 maybe they've gone too far, you know, like,
16:26 maybe God can't use me because I've done this thing
16:29 or this thing wrong... but look at you,
16:30 God is putting you to high places
16:32 and He's using your testimony to other young men
16:35 so that they can know, like know...
16:37 you know, this may have been where you started off
16:39 but you don't have to stay here,
16:40 "Just follow me and you will do
16:42 things that you never imagined. "
16:44 Yes, God is good, I mean,
16:45 I'm just happy that's He's still able to use me
16:49 and use us, if you look at the disciples
16:53 they weren't perfect by any means
16:56 but He helped them, He developed them,
17:02 He taught them, That's right.
17:04 and God can use anybody, anywhere at any time.
17:08 What do you think made you decide
17:17 to go into ministry?
17:19 Hmmm... wow!
17:21 for me, it's because someone actually came to my door,
17:25 I actually was 19 years old and I was an Atheist,
17:29 I didn't believe in God because
17:30 I couldn't understand why He would allow
17:32 certain things to happen,
17:34 being a survivor of rape and molestation,
17:36 I was like, "If God is real,
17:38 where was He when I was going through these things?"
17:40 But God sent Bible Workers to my door
17:44 and they started taking me to a Revelation Seminar
17:46 and they went out of their way
17:48 to make sure that I knew that Jesus actually loved me
17:51 and that that was not his original plan for my life
17:54 that there was actually a devil that was out to destroy me
17:58 and, now being a missionary, I feel that it is a privilege
18:01 to follow in their footsteps
18:03 doing the same thing for someone else
18:05 so that's what makes me do what I'm doing.
18:07 As I was saying earlier, when I did come back to God
18:12 from running, you know,
18:15 I went and started to do the mission work
18:18 but as I think back, four years later
18:20 I realize that... the different things that I...
18:23 the reason why I was even open to doing ministry
18:26 was because of the principles that my parents instilled in me
18:29 and I didn't see it then
18:30 but I remember there were many times
18:32 when my mom will be praying so much,
18:34 I'm just like, "Mom, why are you always praying?"
18:37 like, "why do you need to pray so much"
18:38 or my dad would give his time and his resources
18:41 when he didn't need to and in my opinion,
18:44 it wasn't necessary,
18:46 or there were times when my mom would be going out of her way
18:49 to help a needy soul,
18:50 and those things were instilled into me,
18:53 and that's really an encouragement to even parents
18:55 that your kids are watching and
18:58 they are watching the example that you set
19:00 and so I really attribute a lot of the reason why I'm here
19:04 today in ministry,
19:06 to my parents' example of Christ.
19:07 And praise the Lord for that,
19:09 now what are some of your current needs as a ministry,
19:12 what things do you need to help you with your ministry?
19:15 Thank you for asking that question...
19:17 No problem, we want to know.
19:19 Well, please... we are building a school,
19:22 like we said,
19:23 it's going to be in the Black Belt,
19:25 it's going to be serving K through 5 to start off
19:28 and we're really praying that we will be able to...
19:31 we've already started on the building,
19:33 we know God's going to bless,
19:35 but we need materials like,
19:36 materials to continue with the building
19:39 we need books, more books for our library
19:42 that we're going to have for them,
19:43 that's one of the huge challenges that we have
19:46 we also have a Wellness Center and it's already built,
19:49 we have dorms but we're now needing to add on
19:52 because there are so many people in that area
19:54 that want the Evangelistic Training
19:56 they want hands-on skills of plumbing, of agriculture,
20:00 how to grow their own food, and so...
20:02 even though we thought we'd built a big enough building,
20:04 we are finding that space is running out
20:06 so those are two major things that we're just praying,
20:10 "Lord, send people, and laborers"
20:13 we need more people
20:15 that are willing to volunteer for God
20:17 that are willing to make a sacrifice but then also
20:20 to realize that sacrifice comes with blessings
20:23 to come and give their time maybe doctors or dentists or
20:27 teachers that maybe can come down
20:29 and volunteer their services, cooks, all of that.
20:32 What are some of the things that you can think of
20:35 that maybe Mia might have missed?
20:37 Another big need that we have is
20:39 next summer we are going to Haiti on a mission trip
20:42 whenever we go to a Country to do a mission,
20:45 it's not just about doing the mission and leaving,
20:48 but we have to think about
20:50 after we've planted these seeds, how are they going to grow
20:54 if they're not taken care of and watered?
20:56 And so, whenever we go, we set up a branch
20:58 and we train other young people to do the work
21:01 in their own Countries but after a while,
21:04 as different discouragements come,
21:07 we see that sometimes...
21:09 there are branches... that... you know
21:11 they just need a little boost
21:12 now to go back and be like, "God is still with you"
21:15 and so we just go do re-visitations,
21:18 we go back and we visit the branch, encourage them,
21:20 remind them of why God...
21:22 remind them of why they're doing the work that they're doing
21:25 reminding them of the call that God has given
21:27 and encouraging them to press forward
21:29 and so we're going to be returning to Haiti next summer
21:32 and as you know, to go overseas,
21:35 to do a mission is not free, unless somebody sponsors you
21:40 so we do need help in that regard
21:42 towards our foreign mission and also prayers,
21:45 I know people may not always have the funds
21:47 to be able to support, but even if...
21:50 whenever we come to mind, pray for the mission there
21:52 even if you don't remember NAPS,
21:53 just remember the missionaries in blue
21:56 whatever will help just remembering
21:58 to pray for us as we go out.
22:00 Jason, I wanted to say too,
22:02 you know we travel around to different churches
22:04 and schools, so if you see the blue shirt,
22:07 we'd love to be able to do a Program for the youth there,
22:10 share testimonies, maybe go out with them
22:13 doing door-to-door or be able to do special music
22:16 and so, just look out for us as well.
22:18 Mia, what you said earlier is,
22:20 we're talking about the $5, what do you call it?
22:22 The five dollars...
22:23 Yes, yes, we survive by a lot of five dollar bills,
22:26 20s, 100s, everything. Yes, even a dollar,
22:28 sometimes people think that you have to give a whole lot
22:33 in order to... a dollar helps,
22:36 five dollars help, two dollars help, so...
22:38 Yes, it really does, it really does
22:39 we have people that have been giving for years
22:41 and we just are so thankful to the 3ABN
22:44 and Dare to Dream ministries
22:45 because of people like you,
22:47 we're able to share our ministry
22:49 and also share our testimonies,
22:51 and people always look out for us... so please look out for
22:54 Dare to Dream as well and for 3ABN.
22:56 Well, we are grateful for what you all do,
22:59 with the few minutes that we have left
23:01 I want you to look into this camera over here
23:04 and I want you to tell that young person
23:08 that is thinking about getting involved in ministry
23:10 why they should do it and tell them
23:14 a couple of your thoughts.
23:15 Wow! I'm speaking to you, whoever you are,
23:23 as a young person,
23:24 and I know how it feels to be a young person
23:29 and you want to do the right thing,
23:32 you want to follow God but there are always these
23:34 distractions, there are different reasons
23:35 there are different things that may stop you
23:37 but I want to say that doing ministry is worth it,
23:41 every sacrifice was worth it,
23:44 every friend that I lost was worth it,
23:46 every floor that I had to sleep on
23:49 in a foreign country was worth it,
23:51 it was all worth it for the sake of one soul
23:54 that will be in heaven, and I want to say that
23:56 all that is on this earth will pass away
24:00 these shoes, the latest shoes, the latest fashion trend,
24:03 even our highest educational pursuits,
24:07 one day, will be forgotten
24:10 but what will last in the end
24:11 is our relationship with Jesus Christ
24:13 and so I encourage you, if you have not already,
24:16 to develop that relationship day by day
24:18 to pray, read the Bible,
24:20 it may start with five minutes devotions in the morning
24:24 or even a minute,
24:25 but starting somewhere and developing what really matters
24:29 because what will it mean
24:31 if you gain this whole world but you lose your soul
24:34 and there are souls that are perishing right now
24:36 and God wants to use you.
24:38 Why do we give God...
24:40 a pastor was saying yesterday "Why do people give God
24:43 their later areas of life when they're older
24:46 and they can't do as much but want to use their
24:48 younger years of life for the devil?"
24:51 but I say, "Switch that around
24:53 and not waiting until you're too old
24:56 or waiting until you're older to start worshipping God
25:01 to start living for God, but even starting now
25:04 starting now, using the moments that you have today
25:07 because God wants to use you now
25:09 He wants to use the old person, He wants to use the young person
25:12 He wants to use everybody to do His work,
25:14 the commission was given, so... "
25:16 Amen, amen, in the 15 seconds
25:19 what do you have for that young person out there?
25:22 What I really want to say is, "Don't let pain...
25:26 pain that you have been through stop you from serving God
25:30 don't let any root of bitterness
25:32 keep you from giving yourself to the Lord,
25:34 He will heal you,
25:35 He will help you as you serve others,
25:37 you'll even receive answers to those questions you may have had
25:41 about why God may have allowed certain things to happen. "
25:43 Amen, amen, even you at home...
25:49 God can use you, you might not think...
25:52 you might think that you've done too much "bad" in your life,
25:56 God can still use you, and don't ever forget that
26:00 even the smallest things, just go out there,
26:02 go into the mission field, help somebody,
26:05 even if it's passing out some literature,
26:07 even the smallest things make a difference,
26:10 go win a soul for Christ.
26:12 I want to thank you guys so much for joining us today
26:15 it's been a pleasure having you on, God bless.
26:18 Thank you, thank you.
26:19 That is such a powerful ministry,
26:23 here are two young people
26:24 that follow that burning desire to serve Christ
26:27 and spread the gospel around the world
26:29 if you are interested in knowing more about NAPS,
26:32 please visit their website at www. napsoc. org
26:37 again that's www. napsoc. org
26:41 it was great meeting a lot of you
26:43 at the General Conference Session
26:46 it's such a blessing to know that these programs
26:49 are having such a positive impact on our Viewers
26:52 by leading them to Christ,
26:53 we couldn't do this without you,
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27:50 I hope you've been
27:52 as richly blessed by this Program as I have.
27:55 Well, we've reached the end of another Program
27:59 join us next time and remember
28:01 it just wouldn't be the same without you.


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