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Participants: Lewis (Host), Yvonne, Danny Shelton, Shelley Quinn


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00:01 There is a buzz around 3ABN and Dare to Dream.
00:04 What's it all about? Stay tuned to find out.
00:07 My name is Yvonne Lewis
00:08 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:35 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:36 My guests today are
00:38 Danny Shelton, 3ABN's Founder and President,
00:41 and Shelley Quinn, Program Development Manager
00:43 and G.E.T. Coordinator.
00:45 Welcome to Urban Report, Danny.
00:48 Thank you, I'm going to stay here with you today.
00:52 I can't believe that I get to sit on this side
00:55 and ask you guys questions now!
00:56 Well, yeah, I'm a little more comfortable
00:58 asking the questions than answering them for sure.
01:02 Well, this is a subject that you are intimately familiar with
01:06 I'm so excited and there's so much going on
01:09 at 3ABN around this whole,
01:11 "Blessing Is on the Go" initiative
01:14 tell us about it, what is it,
01:16 where did it come from, give us the scoop on that.
01:19 Well, I've learned over 31 years of ministry,
01:22 that the blessing of God is on the go,
01:24 if you want something to happen, go... take a step into the water
01:28 God will part the Red Seas, He will...
01:30 Pharaoh's armies can be behind us
01:32 and mountains on either side,
01:33 but the Lord will make a way through
01:35 so, today, my main word, I'd say, my focal point
01:40 and it has been,
01:42 I've tried to keep it there for 30 years
01:43 is Evangelism, so I say, you know,
01:45 my repertoire words may not be that great
01:48 but the main one I want to keep
01:49 in the front of my mind is,
01:50 Evangelism, Evangelism, Evangelism.
01:53 So in order to evangelize, you've got to go...
01:55 don't wait on God
01:57 to open the windows of heaven to pour you out blessings
01:59 where there's not room enough to receive it,
02:01 just say,
02:03 "Lord, I'm willing to go, where do you want me to go?"
02:04 and God will bless it.
02:06 He will... and I noticed that
02:08 around here,
02:10 ever since we started this whole thing,
02:13 with The Blessing Is on the "Go!"
02:15 everybody is so pumped about it
02:17 because as you get into it,
02:20 you're whole focus gets deeper with the Lord
02:24 it really waters your spirit, wouldn't you say that Shelley?
02:27 Absolutely, you know, we have to add the rest of it
02:30 The Blessing Is on the "Go!" Evangelistic Team
02:33 and the "Go Evangelistic Team" is growing like wildfire
02:36 what I'm so excited about and Danny, this is something
02:40 I haven't shared this thought with you,
02:42 but the Law of Life
02:43 in the spiritual and the physical
02:46 "The Law of Life demands a reproduction"
02:49 in other words, you can't...
02:52 you know, in the physical realm,
02:54 if a species doesn't reproduce, it is soon extinct
02:58 and our churches have to reproduce Christians
03:03 or they begin to dwindle and die off
03:06 you just can't have this maintenance idea
03:10 but Christians also, if we are given spiritual life,
03:15 we've got to reproduce to keep that spiritual life going
03:19 what I am so excited about this Program in a nutshell,
03:23 is that if you give a monthly donation of any amount to 3ABN
03:29 to become a part of
03:30 The Blessing Is on the "Go" Evangelistic Team,
03:32 we will send you a beautiful certificate
03:36 that certifies you are a member of 3ABN's
03:40 "Go Evangelistic Team" and then, what we do is
03:44 we send a book which is Danny Shelton's
03:47 "The Blessing is on the Go!" a wonderful book,
03:50 it's so inspiring, and we send an evangelistic tool
03:54 each month to the "Go Evangelistic Team" members
03:59 so they are out each month
04:01 it's something very simple, it can be a CD, a music CD or
04:07 it might be a sermon DVD, it can be a Bible Study
04:11 but there's something that they can go share with
04:14 the neighbor or friend or a family member
04:16 and it makes evangelism which is simply
04:20 just telling the good news about Jesus Christ
04:23 it makes it so simple,
04:25 people from 9 to 90 can participate in this
04:28 and people are beginning to really feel the blessing
04:33 and it is wonderful. Absolutely.
04:35 You know how it's funny is that Shelley...
04:37 she stays on "high" with this
04:40 I know, I know, well, you cannot...
04:43 to me... you can't get a little snippet of it
04:49 without catching the vision, Amen.
04:51 the vision of it is to not only support 3ABN,
04:56 but to share the gospel of Jesus Christ
04:58 with the world, and a lot of people say,
05:01 "Well, I'm not good at Bible Studies"
05:04 or "I can't do this"
05:06 well, you can give a book to someone
05:09 or you can give the CD to someone, right?
05:11 Absolutely. You can share.
05:13 Absolutely, let me tell you where...
05:14 give you a little background
05:15 as to where this all started. Please.
05:17 Thirty-one years ago when the Lord impressed me to build
05:19 a television station to reach the world,
05:21 with an undiluted three angels' message,
05:24 one that would counteract the counterfeit,
05:26 I knew that I didn't know anything about television,
05:28 and I didn't have any education in communication,
05:31 didn't have any money, and property, equipment,
05:33 any of those things and I said,
05:34 "Lord, I'll go forward on two conditions"
05:36 I'll never beg for money and borrow money.
05:38 I said, "beg" because
05:39 there were a couple of Christian stations
05:42 back then already on the air,
05:43 and it seemed like they begged for money,
05:46 in fact, they would ask Melody and me to come sing
05:48 and I said, "Man, those people are just begging for money"
05:51 so I said, "Lord I'm not going to do that,
05:53 I'm not going to fight this thing, if this is you,
05:55 you'll have to supply all the need. "
05:57 That's the way I will know whether it's God or not
06:00 and so, over the years, we've been really conscious
06:03 not to try to have "beg-a-thons"
06:05 or "praise-a-thons" or "telethons"
06:07 and yet what is happening to the ministry after 30 years,
06:10 I'm going to use it like... as a foundation
06:12 our foundation are people who give on a monthly basis
06:16 is only... really... it's amazing...
06:18 eight, nine, ten thousand at most
06:21 people out of 18 million Adventists
06:23 let alone all the other folks watching,
06:26 you know, actually give a monthly gift.
06:28 How many? Eight to ten thousand
06:30 but that's not every month,
06:32 that's not... they give a monthly gift
06:33 it's just... that many people give a month
06:35 maybe it's a one-time gift, but our donors
06:38 our monthly donors are way less than that,
06:40 so, what's happening is,
06:42 as we grow and go into all the world,
06:44 Jesus said, "Go ye into all the world"
06:46 it's like we have, Shelley,
06:47 our structure is going out like this
06:50 because our foundation is small
06:52 and so I said, "Lord, we really need something
06:55 this is the first time that I can see
06:57 doors are opening with things happening
06:59 in the world, and the politics
07:01 and here in America, changing the...
07:03 literally, redefining marriage into same-sex marriage,"
07:09 I mean, that's a slap to God in the face
07:11 "Lord, if we ever need to be awake, it's right now"
07:14 and so, how can we do this because
07:17 our financial base is this big,
07:19 and yet our needs are this big,
07:21 so, I was praying about it and I just woke up one morning,
07:23 I don't know if it was three or four in the morning,
07:26 "The Blessing is on the go" I've said that for years,
07:29 and all of a sudden it hit me
07:31 you know what?
07:33 in order to have revival and reformation,
07:34 which Jesus is coming back for a victorious church,
07:38 he's coming back for a purified bride,
07:40 a church that's on "fire" so to speak for Him
07:43 and a church triumphant
07:44 and yet when I look around me,
07:46 I don't see the church triumphant,
07:47 I don't see it triumphant, and I don't see your church...
07:50 whatever church you go to either... triumphant...
07:52 I'm saying, "All of us as Christians,
07:55 there has to be revival and reformation"
07:57 well, all the Networks get on,
07:59 "Give money,
08:00 Grandma, we got to have your five bucks,
08:01 we've got to have all of these things,"
08:03 and you do, it takes millions of dollars
08:05 for 3ABN, we're 501c3 supporting
08:10 or independent ministry,
08:11 so we don't get tithes
08:12 or offerings or money from the church.
08:14 And I think that's an important...
08:15 I just want to stop there for one second Danny,
08:17 because I think that's an important point
08:19 that a lot of people think that when they're giving
08:22 like on Media Sabbath or something like that,
08:24 that they're giving to 3ABN and they're not,
08:27 they're not giving to 3ABN
08:28 because 3ABN receives money independently
08:31 but not from the churches.
08:32 Right and rightfully so,
08:34 but it's just that people don't always, as you say,
08:36 know that because we are
08:37 a supporting or independent ministry
08:40 but my thing was
08:41 "Lord, we need revival and reformation"
08:44 and yet we need finances to go forward
08:46 and all of a sudden this idea came to me
08:49 "The blessing is on the go Team members"
08:51 Evangelistic Team Members so what happens is,
08:54 we tell people, as Shelley just said,
08:56 "if you give any monthly donation,
08:58 whether it's $5, $50, a $100,
09:01 whatever the Lord impresses you to give
09:03 on a monthly basis,
09:04 then we send you this little plaque she was telling us about,
09:08 Certificate, saying that you are a "Go Ye" Team Member,
09:12 Evangelistic Team Member,
09:14 Let's put it back up on the screen,
09:15 so they can see what they get.
09:17 But the benefit of this and what really hit me is,
09:19 Yvonne, was that now,
09:22 it encourages, when you become a team member,
09:25 you now become an Evangelist.
09:27 Come on now...
09:28 So it's not like... just give...
09:30 just send 3ABN some money
09:32 because all the money in the world
09:35 really won't impact this church enough
09:37 that we're going to find victory through money,
09:40 you don't find it,
09:42 whether it's the Adventist Church,
09:43 the Baptist Church, or anything else,
09:44 you could have billions of dollars
09:46 and that's not going to set the pace
09:48 for Jesus to come back
09:49 what's going to set the pace for Jesus to come back,
09:52 he said, "when you go into all the world. "
09:54 See, the blessing of God is on the "Go. "
09:57 Jesus says, "All power is given me in heaven and earth.
10:00 Go ye therefore... " so what He just said is,
10:02 that there is no excuse
10:05 for not taking the gospel to the world,
10:06 because He set the stage, all power is given... who?
10:09 Jesus says, "All power is given me in heaven and earth.
10:11 Go ye therefore... "
10:13 so what He says is, as Dr. Walt used to say,
10:15 "He's counted His resources in advance when He said,
10:18 'Go ye into all the world'" Hmmm... hmmm...
10:20 So, what we need is, I said 3ABN, we... financially
10:23 this is the toughest position we've ever been in,
10:27 and yet, I don't want to go on the air because I said,
10:29 "Lord, I'm not going to beg for money, this is Yours... "
10:31 but the Lord really showed me this, I am convinced,
10:34 that the Blessing on the "Go" Evangelistic Team Member,
10:37 so, what happens is when you give a monthly donation
10:41 of any size, then we send you an Evangelistic tool
10:44 whether it's a DVD, it could be CDs or music
10:47 might be the books, it could be preaching
10:50 and what you do... you take it
10:53 and maybe you need to listen to it or watch it,
10:55 and you say, "Lord, what would you have me to do?"
10:58 you can't sell something that you don't own
11:00 that you don't have, right?
11:01 If you don't have a relationship with Jesus,
11:03 please don't try to sell it because the world can see it,
11:06 they know "false religion"
11:08 so, what I'm encouraging you,
11:10 I said, "Lord this could be that grassroots movement,
11:13 the latter rain, why not begin here
11:16 and why not begin now?"
11:17 and so, I said, "Okay... "
11:19 You're preaching brother.
11:20 Well, I don't know, sorry but...
11:22 No, I love it...
11:23 no, no, no, we love that... we want that.
11:24 But absolutely, so this is what's gong to get
11:27 the grassroots movement involved,
11:29 so, we're asking people,
11:31 "Submit and commit your life to Jesus"
11:33 and then as we send these to you,
11:35 you can benefit spiritually but then,
11:37 you give them to someone else,
11:39 you don't sell it, it was given to you,
11:41 so you send...
11:42 whether it's the little book, "The Blessings is on the Go"
11:44 whether it's the CD, John Lomacang's got on music
11:47 how pertinent to this time,
11:49 we have it on almost every topic you can imagine.
11:53 "What happens to you when you die,"
11:54 "The Sabbath," we'll have it on "Salvation"
11:57 all kinds of topics and you can give these to your friends
12:00 and your neighbors, I tell people, your enemies,
12:02 give them to everybody, because this is what I believe
12:06 when people get involved,
12:07 when we get involved,
12:09 that's when we begin to feel the Holy Spirit,
12:12 and begin to realize... just today, somebody said,
12:15 "How do I know God is real, how do I know God is real?"
12:18 and I said, "Well, that tells me
12:19 that you're not really doing anything for Him"
12:21 because once you accept that I am...
12:24 that once you accept that...
12:26 yeah, and they were Christian by name,
12:29 but I said, "Once you accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior,
12:32 you'll go and tell... " they said,
12:34 "Well, I'm not a preacher, and I don't know what to do"
12:36 I said, "Go and tell what He's done for you. "
12:37 You're greatest asset is your own personal testimony
12:41 of what God has done for you.
12:42 No one can argue with that,
12:43 they can try, but you know what Jesus has done for you.
12:46 So now, as you begin to go forward,
12:49 you will feel, literally,
12:51 I can feel and sense and I have for years now,
12:54 the anointing of the Holy Spirit,
12:56 you do too when you're up singing...
12:57 Shelley, when you're up preaching or talking,
13:00 you sense this and the world didn't give it
13:02 and the world can't take it away.
13:03 That's right, that's right, so right now...
13:05 so that's what I want to see for each and every Viewer
13:08 of Dare to Dream or 3ABN... all the Networks that we have,
13:11 is that a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ
13:15 so the "Blessing is on the Go Evangelistic Team Member,"
13:18 that's just saying, "Guess what,
13:20 we're all on the same team
13:21 and now we are going to equip you
13:23 with tools, that you become an Evangelist
13:26 in your own right," to me, this was a "win-win"
13:28 because I said, "Thus saith the Lord... "
13:30 we're not saying, "Grandma, just give us this,
13:31 Grandma, give us that"
13:33 it's "No, how do we start something that's a 'Movement?'"
13:36 Shelley, I like the way you talk about it,
13:38 it's not... this is not an event or a Program,
13:41 this is a Movement,
13:42 it's going to continue till Jesus comes and we believe
13:45 it could be the beginning of the latter rain
13:47 to get everyone involved in evangelism.
13:50 You have given me so much to chew on right now
13:54 it's almost like... there's so much to this but
13:58 when you dissect this, this whole movement,
14:02 is, as Shelley mentioned earlier,
14:05 it is for the growth of the individual as well as the church
14:09 so we're all benefitting, when I give this to someone,
14:13 it's not just for them, it's also for me
14:16 and it also grows the local church,
14:18 this is a win-win kind of situation for everyone.
14:22 And when someone becomes a good Evangelistic Team Member,
14:26 they are supporting evangelism around the world,
14:29 we're going to be doing
14:30 huge evangelistic events around the world,
14:34 so they're supporting that,
14:36 they're supporting the missionary mission of 3ABN
14:40 but as you said,
14:41 when Danny first started talking about this,
14:44 it was just like...
14:45 the Holy Spirit was just all over us
14:50 all over me, and I thought,
14:52 "Lord, we can talk about revival and reformation
14:56 till the cows come home, and nothing is going to get done
15:01 until we go out and share,"
15:03 when I was in Israel last year, I remember that
15:07 when you look at the Sea of Galilee,
15:09 the Jordan River feeds into the Sea of Galilee,
15:13 and the Sea of Galilee is teaming with life,
15:16 it is beautiful
15:18 and this living water comes to the Sea of Galilee
15:21 and then it goes out of the Sea of Galilee,
15:23 and goes on further south and it ends up in the Dead Sea.
15:27 Why is the Dead Sea "dead?"
15:29 It's fed with the same living water,
15:32 it's because there is no outlet
15:36 so now, for us as Christians,
15:40 if we are receiving the living water of the Holy Spirit,
15:43 and we just sit there and try to hold on to it
15:46 for ourself, we're only doing Bible Study for our own benefit,
15:49 we don't share our testimony,
15:51 if we don't get out and tell something
15:55 there's got to be an outlet,
15:56 "we learn to teach, we teach to learn" right?
15:58 but so many people will say,
16:00 "I don't have a ministry, I don't know what to do,"
16:03 as a "Go" Evangelistic Team Member,
16:06 once again, not only are you supporting
16:09 all of the Evangelistic efforts around the world,
16:12 but now, you get that monthly tool
16:14 and pray, I ask you to pray and ask God
16:18 who should I be sharing this tool with,
16:21 and then, once you give it to them,
16:24 your job's not over, and that's the simple part...
16:26 giving it to them, you need to keep praying
16:28 that God will encourage them to listen,
16:30 that He'll open up their eyes of their understanding
16:33 and that you'll be... if they ask you a question
16:37 that you don't know how to answer,
16:38 have them call us, have them call the church,
16:41 don't worry, just get out there and share.
16:43 Absolutely, and I was going to mention that...
16:45 that's such an important point,
16:47 pray before you give that to someone,
16:50 ask the Lord to whom you should give that gift
16:54 because He knows where He wants it to go
16:57 but you are a team member
16:59 when you join the "Go" Evangelistic Team,
17:02 you are a member of this worldwide movement,
17:06 we want to finish the work
17:08 and get ready for the Lord to return
17:10 and this is absolutely the way.
17:11 I think some people will say,
17:14 "Well, I only have like $5 or $10,"
17:17 ask the Lord, just ask the Lord
17:20 what He would have you to do
17:23 and then He's going to supply it for you,
17:25 this is an investment also just like tithing, to me,
17:30 tithe and offerings are kind of... a test of faith,
17:34 so this is, ask the Lord,
17:36 just when he would have you to give
17:39 and then, obey, and just set it up
17:41 as a monthly recurring bill, I find that... to me...
17:45 that's the easiest way to do it,
17:47 you don't have to see it anymore,
17:49 you don't have to do it anymore,
17:50 you just set it up once as a recurring,
17:52 online, kind of banking thing, and that's it,
17:56 it is easy, it's done.
17:58 So you can just go to our website.
18:01 Go to the website and 3abn. tv website
18:06 or D2Dnetwork. tv go to the website, donate,
18:11 become a G.E.T. member just like that, it's so easy.
18:16 You can do it, I do it where it takes out
18:17 automatically, I don't have to worry about it,
18:19 or I don't forget about it each month,
18:21 and so, to me, that's an easy way to do it,
18:23 and you don't miss it that much when it comes,
18:26 but, you know, Yvonne, there is a Movement
18:28 that's been going on for the last 15 or 20 years,
18:31 in a lot of the Evangelical churches
18:33 it's the, "Name it, claim it" you know,
18:35 "Well, if you give to God, He'll give you so much more"
18:39 and I heard one man say,
18:40 "If you sow your old Cadillac, God will give you a new one. "
18:43 all of this stuff is so selfish because it's all turning back...
18:47 "I'll give... as long as I get" yeah, what I get back in return,
18:50 so that's not what we're doing here,
18:52 and that's what I want people to understand,
18:53 this is not about...
18:55 when we're sowing seeds and giving money,
18:57 it's not sowed that somebody personally benefits from it,
19:00 it's not even yourself, to give, and a lot of people...
19:04 that's the preaching that they give,
19:06 this is totally different, the seed that we're sowing,
19:10 that you're sowing, when you support 3ABN,
19:12 is when you get the tools back
19:14 you are sowing seeds into your neighbors,
19:17 your friends, people at church,
19:18 everybody that goes to church is not a Christian,
19:20 if you haven't figured that out by now,
19:22 you might want to think about that... for just a little bit,
19:24 so, it's like,
19:26 "Who am I going to give this to, oh, I'm kind of bashful,"
19:29 how about starting with some of the people in church?
19:31 you know, because, we really need this,
19:34 so these tools... they will help draw us closer to Jesus,
19:37 they'll keep our minds spiritually focused
19:40 so I want people to know, this is not about a Movement
19:43 of, "Hey, give to us and it's going to help us,
19:47 we're going to build big buildings
19:48 and we're going to do all this,"
19:50 it has nothing to do with that, it has to do...
19:52 with me, what excited me the most is,
19:54 "Lord, we're asking for souls, we want you to come back,
19:57 we say, we believe you're coming soon,"
19:59 but the church has to show it, we have to be alive and well,
20:04 people don't want... as I already mentioned,
20:06 they don't want something...
20:08 you can't sell something that you don't own or you don't have,
20:10 so when we reflect Jesus in our lives,
20:13 as we submit and commit our lives to Him,
20:16 He says, "I... if I be lifted up from this earth,
20:19 will draw all men unto me"
20:21 and so each of us has an opportunity
20:24 but a lot of folks say, "Well, I'm not a very good,
20:26 I'm not a very good communicator,
20:29 I can't talk, I can't preach, I can't sing,"
20:32 well in this case you don't have to,
20:33 because you know, you can pass out a book,
20:35 you can give a CD or a DVD but I had somebody tell me once,
20:40 I was at a beautiful home and the guy said...
20:42 he was driving a brand-new car,
20:44 he said, "Well, you can go preach,
20:45 and teach and talk but I can't...
20:48 I'm not a good communicator I'm terrible,"
20:50 I said, "You can't witness for Jesus?"
20:52 he said, "No, you know, other people can do that"
20:54 I said, "That's a beautiful car you got,"
20:57 I said, "Where did you get that?"
20:58 he said, "Well, what do you mean?"
21:00 I said, "You bought it? "Yeah," he said,
21:01 I said, "Who bought it for you?" he said, "Oh, I paid for it"
21:04 I said, "No, "who made the deal?"
21:06 "Oh, I did," he said,
21:07 I said, "So you can communicate"
21:09 because he said, "I got a really good deal on it"
21:11 So I said,
21:12 "Oh, so you can communicate if you really want to"
21:14 so, see, my dad used to say, "People do what they want to do"
21:17 if we really want to serve the Lord, we can do it,
21:20 if we're really excited about Jesus coming back
21:23 it's going to show, it's going to show...
21:25 you are going to want and get involved in evangelism
21:29 and why not do it,
21:30 team up with 3ABN so we can work together.
21:32 Absolutely, and if you're not excited about it,
21:35 ask the Lord to put a passion in your heart for it,
21:37 He will do that,
21:38 He will give you a passion for souls,
21:41 a burden for souls, I know He will.
21:43 What's been the response so far?
21:45 Oh, we've had an incredible response so far
21:48 just within the first couple of months,
21:50 there were over 1,600 people and it just keeps coming in
21:53 hundreds each week, but I want to share something,
21:56 and I'm not trying to contradict what you said about
21:59 not giving to get,
22:01 but it kind of goes with what you were saying also
22:04 about, "ask the Lord to give you a passion"
22:06 one of my favorite Scriptures is,
22:08 1st Thessalonians 3:12 and 13 where Paul says,
22:11 "May the Lord cause you to increase
22:14 and abound in love to one another
22:16 so that He may establish your hearts blameless in holiness"
22:21 don't you want to be blameless in holiness
22:24 at the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?
22:27 Paul is saying that it is God who is going to do that,
22:31 as He pours His love into our heart
22:34 by the power of the Holy Spirit
22:36 and as we grow in the love of God,
22:38 we grow in holiness, we become more like Him,
22:41 and this is something that Danny, your focus, to begin with
22:46 may have been on supporting the world evangelism
22:50 and increasing the foundation but immediately what I saw was,
22:54 "Lord, this is what you're going to do, it is so simple,
22:57 this is what you're going to do to usher in the latter rain"
23:00 because, pray and ask God, "Fill my heart with your love"
23:04 and I guarantee you, when God fills you with His love
23:08 as He establishes you perfect in holiness,
23:10 He is going to give you that burden for the lost,
23:14 I mean, even since we've started this,
23:17 my whole focus personally has changed,
23:21 I feel that burden for the lost,
23:23 Yvonne: Yes, yes. Danny: Absolutely, absolutely,
23:25 thank you Shelley for doing that
23:27 because it had actually helped me,
23:29 my point was, earlier, and I kind of trailed off of it,
23:32 was "the name it... claim it"
23:34 for physical things, a new car, whatever,
23:36 no, but you can "name it and claim it"
23:39 because Jesus says, "All power is given me
23:42 in heaven and earth, so go ye therefore... "
23:44 so anything we do
23:45 for the cause of God,
23:47 God will bless that, He will honor that,
23:49 every need will be supplied,
23:51 every need... that's what He says,
23:52 God's not a liar, He tells you the truth
23:54 so, whatever it is that you need to get the gospel to the world,
23:58 you can name that and claim it,
24:00 you can take that, as they say, "to the bank"
24:02 if you say, "Okay Lord, I'm going to be...
24:04 I'm going to join 3ABN as an Evangelistic Team Member,"
24:07 I promise you, God will supply everything that you need,
24:11 we're going to give you the tools,
24:13 and as you begin to give these out and share these,
24:16 watch what it does in your own life
24:18 see if the "joy of the Lord" has not become your strength
24:21 you're going to see it because
24:23 you can't share Jesus without it affecting you.
24:26 That's right, that's right, and speaking of giving,
24:29 tell us about this book.
24:31 Okay, The Blessing is on the GO! I wrote this a few months ago,
24:34 and then had no idea
24:36 that we were going to be doing
24:38 The Blessing is on the Go! Evangelistic Team Member,
24:40 but this book will help those who say,
24:42 "I'm not an evangelist,
24:44 I don't have any money, I don't know...
24:46 I don't know how to start even evangelism,"
24:49 and I just go back and tell you
24:50 how I started when the Lord impressed me
24:52 to build a television station to reach the world,
24:55 and some of these seemed like obstacles
24:57 and mountains, turned out to be blessings,
24:59 you see, because I believe
25:01 that God is big enough to move the mountains,
25:02 and so, it will encourage you hopefully,
25:05 I wrote it for one reason, is to encourage you
25:08 that everyone of us,
25:09 when it says, "Go ye into all the world... "
25:11 it's not just "Go, Mark Finley,
25:13 and Brother Byrd and Doug Batchelor
25:16 and all these folk"
25:18 it's go ye... that's you and me
25:19 that we can become evangelists for Jesus
25:22 now we may not preach like John Carter to 50,000 people
25:25 but God can use us as an Evangelist
25:28 and you know why He does this, Yvonne?
25:30 Why? He does it for our own salvation
25:32 That's right.
25:33 God does not need us to save anybody
25:35 but He allows us to be a part,
25:38 to allow His blessings to flow, His Spirit to flow through us
25:42 as we're trying to be a blessing to others,
25:44 for our own salvation because otherwise,
25:47 I get too selfish, I think about me, myself, and I,
25:50 when Jesus says that we have to love one another
25:52 if I love one another, and I have discovered
25:55 what can give me eternal life
25:58 that it's a free gift through Christ Jesus,
26:00 then, I've got to share that with somebody else,
26:02 I have to share it,
26:04 so The Blessing is on the GO! hopefully, it's a little book
26:07 we'll recount several miracles that God has blessed us with
26:10 along the way as He wants to do for you.
26:12 And for everyone that's watching,
26:14 that calls in today,
26:16 they can get this book for free,
26:19 this is our free offer, we don't usually do this on...
26:21 You know what, we'll even pay the postage too.
26:23 Oh, wonderful, well, see, praise the Lord.
26:26 No gimmicks here...
26:27 No gimmicks, this is a free book for you
26:29 just e-mail us at: and the e-mail is on the screen
26:34 freeoffer@3abn. tv
26:41 or call us at 618-627-4651
26:47 that's 618-627-4651 and you can get this free book.
26:54 Give us a closing thought if you would
26:56 about Blessing is on the GO!
26:58 I think that the most important thing in life
27:04 is... we know that the only thing we can take to heaven
27:08 with us is our character,
27:10 and we have to develop the character of Christ
27:12 first we have to have the essence of His love
27:15 that's the essence of His character,
27:17 but we have to be turned outward,
27:19 we have quit looking at just what's going on in our life
27:24 and we have to reach out to others
27:26 and the Go Evangelistic Team Members are doing that,
27:29 they're already being blessed and we want you to join
27:33 my personal vision is that every Viewer of 3ABN,
27:38 Dare to Dream or whatever network
27:40 will be involved
27:42 and we will turn this world upside down.
27:45 Amen. Thank you so much,
27:46 how about you Danny? Oh, I'll say,
27:48 "Praise God from whom all blessings flow
27:50 He's ready to come back, let's do our part. "
27:53 Amen, thank you so much for being with us
27:55 and you have to come back on Dare to Dream
27:57 because I don't get to have you often,
27:59 and thank you for watching, join us next time
28:02 because it just wouldn't be the same... without you.


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