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00:01 Stay tuned to meet one of the most
00:02 acclaimed singers of our time.
00:04 My name is Yvonne Lewis
00:06 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:31 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:34 My guest today is Pastor Wintley Phipps,
00:37 Singer, Speaker and Author.
00:39 I had the privilege of interviewing him
00:42 on the "Anchors of Truth" Set so let's take a look.
00:47 I have the privilege of sitting on the Set
00:51 of our Anchors of Truth Program
00:54 with our Presenter for this Series,
00:56 Pastor Wintley Phipps,
00:57 he is no stranger to you, I know,
01:00 but just in case you've not heard of him,
01:03 he is an Author, he is a Speaker,
01:07 he is a Singer, he is a Pastor,
01:11 and he is a blessing to us,
01:13 thank you so much for being with us on Urban Report.
01:16 Thank you very much, good to be with you.
01:18 Pastor Wintley, I have known you for so many years
01:22 you even were... there were two pastors
01:26 that blessed my son, Jason, and you were one of them.
01:30 So, that was like almost 30 years ago.
01:32 So, I've known you for a long time
01:35 and during that time,
01:36 I have seen so many things in your career
01:40 in your ministry, you have sung for...
01:44 how many Presidents?
01:45 Six United States' Presidents.
01:48 Six Presidents!
01:50 Yeah, which is a blessing, and very unusual blessing.
01:53 That's amazing
01:54 and you have written this upcoming book,
01:59 Yes. tell us about the book
02:02 because people know you as a Singer
02:05 but I want our Viewers and our Audience
02:08 to know the Writer,
02:10 tell us about the book, what's the title of it.
02:12 The title of the book... and there are two books actually
02:15 one is a Workbook... a Study Guide,
02:17 it's called, "Perfecting Me
02:19 Becoming the person you were created to be"
02:24 the other book is entitled, "Your best Destiny
02:28 Becoming the person you were created to be"
02:31 and I wrote the book because
02:34 like you and many others myself...
02:39 I chased what seemed to be
02:44 like the destiny God had prepared for me,
02:47 and the destiny that I was dreaming about living
02:51 all of us have dreams when we're growing up
02:55 for me, it was to sing to multitudes
02:58 and to travel the world,
03:00 and when you get to do those things,
03:04 you realize that there are blessings
03:08 but there's something more important than that
03:12 and after doing a lot of prayer and research
03:16 God revealed something
03:20 incredible to me
03:22 and what He revealed to me was that
03:24 those opportunities that I was chasing
03:29 were really "Moments of Destiny"
03:32 and there were moments of destiny
03:36 meaning... moments that I really could not orchestrate
03:40 I couldn't put together but yet how do you
03:43 end up ministering to six Presidents
03:48 of the United States or how do you travel the world
03:51 or how do you meet some of the most amazing
03:54 personalities of the 20th Century,
03:56 I was blessed to be able to do all those things,
04:00 but what God showed me was
04:01 that those were moments of destiny
04:04 for which I was created but they're not the reason
04:09 for which I was created.
04:12 Ah, now unpack that for us a bit.
04:15 In other words, it was not the purpose
04:19 for which I was created.
04:21 So singing for all these different people,
04:24 and being in Stadiums and filling Stadiums,
04:27 that's not the purpose.
04:29 That's not the reason.
04:31 What is your purpose?
04:32 And that's what God had to make very clear to me
04:35 moments of destiny
04:37 are moments for which you were created
04:38 but they're not the reason,
04:40 and then God showed me the reason for which I was created,
04:44 was to grow more every day
04:49 to resemble, reflect, and reveal the character of God.
04:56 Hmmm... now why is that important?
05:00 Well, first of all, we were created
05:04 in the image of God, which means that we were created
05:10 to reflect the character of God,
05:14 the character of God is the glory of God.
05:18 Hmmm... so when we hear something about the glory of God
05:23 it's synonymous with the character.
05:25 Absolutely. Okay.
05:27 You know, for example, when Moses cried out,
05:31 "God, show me your glory," you know,
05:34 God didn't show him fireworks and lightening in the sky
05:38 instead God said and told Moses,
05:42 about His character,
05:44 the character of God is the glory of God
05:49 so when we seek to lighten the world with the glory of God,
05:54 we are seeking to lighten the world
05:58 with the true knowledge
06:01 of the character of God.
06:03 Hmmm... and how is that connected to our destiny?
06:07 Well because that's the ultimate destiny
06:12 for which we were created, Ahh...
06:14 it is the supreme destiny, it is the highest destiny,
06:20 and that's why I said, and I titled the book,
06:22 "It is your best destiny" in other words
06:25 if you achieve all these other wonderful accolades
06:32 and achievements and awards
06:35 and "Firsts" and you know,
06:38 you achieve all those things... those are wonderful things
06:41 but if, in your character,
06:44 you do not resemble Christ, and resemble God,
06:50 you have missed your best destiny.
06:54 Ah, come on now, I see, I see,
06:58 so, there are moments of destiny
07:02 and then there's your "best," come on...
07:05 You got it.
07:07 Pastor, I got you now, I got you now,
07:10 so, one of the things that I see in our young people,
07:15 is this... a lack of really knowing
07:20 their purpose, Yes.
07:22 Why am I here,
07:23 what has God put me on the planet to do?
07:26 Right, and in many ways, very few people are teaching
07:32 what I've just shared with you,
07:35 it's a light bulb that's going on in your heart,
07:38 Yeah, yeah. and it went on in mine,
07:40 and for a long time,
07:43 I taught the same message to young people,
07:47 you got to find your purpose and when we said that,
07:50 often we were talking about finding your career,
07:53 finding where you're going to spend your life on a job,
07:58 or finding... we used to say,
08:01 and I would teach,
08:03 "Find something that if you never got paid for doing it,
08:08 you still love doing it," Right, right, right.
08:12 because trying to help young people focus in
08:16 on what their purpose was, and there is a place for that
08:21 but even when they achieve,
08:26 like I have been blessed to achieve,
08:28 like you and others have been blessed to achieve,
08:32 and be around some of the most amazing personalities,
08:36 of our time, who themselves have achieved,
08:41 even many of them, realize... "Is that all there is?"
08:47 Yes. For example, you know,
08:49 I've been on some television shows
08:54 like Saturday Night Live, so you put it on your resume,
08:59 that's a big thing, you're on Saturday Night Live,
09:01 what if you do it again,
09:03 you put it on your resume again,
09:05 what's that?
09:06 Right, right, yes. What are you chasing?
09:10 More moments to write on a resume,
09:13 is that what your destiny really is?
09:16 You know Pastor, that is such a good point
09:18 because, so many people are chasing the moment,
09:24 Exactly. the moment...
09:26 and once you get there, you say...
09:30 like, I used to really be into the accumulation of things,
09:36 buying the best things and all that,
09:38 but once you get it, you say to yourself,
09:42 "Is this it?" That's right.
09:44 So, your point is so well taken
09:48 because those little... those major things,
09:51 being on Saturday Night Live, okay, that's great,
09:54 but there's got to be more, Oh, absolutely.
09:58 there's got to be more.
09:59 Absolutely, and that's what happened to me.
10:01 I've always admired people
10:06 who seem to have arrived on the stage of history
10:10 just at the right moment and accomplished incredible things,
10:15 and I've lived many of those moments myself,
10:18 I remember singing, "Amazing Grace"
10:20 and Mother Theresa, beckoning
10:23 to get up out of her wheelchair, so she can hug me and thank me
10:27 that's a moment of destiny. Yes, yes.
10:30 You know, I remember, singing "Amazing Grace"
10:33 and to my left is Mrs. Rabin,
10:37 and to my right is, her nemesis, Yasser Arafat,
10:41 and I'm in the middle singing, "Amazing Grace"
10:45 That's appropriate.
10:48 That's a moment, that is a moment,
10:51 and I've lived so many of those moments,
10:53 but then I had to understand,
10:56 and God had to help me understand,
10:58 that there is a bigger destiny than those moments,
11:03 and that bigger destiny is that one day
11:08 I will be able to hear the voice of God
11:13 looking at me and saying,
11:17 "Wow! you look so much like my Son. "
11:22 Oh, yes. "You look so much like my Son"
11:26 Yes, yes, yes. "in your character
11:29 in your temperament, in your attitude,
11:33 in how you treat people, in how you love,
11:37 you look so much like my Son. "
11:40 I will tell you this,
11:41 I often wondered why the most fiery,
11:48 red-hot blistering sermon Jesus ever preached,
11:54 was not to confirm sinners but to the most devout,
12:00 religious people of His day, the Pharisees,
12:03 and they were the preachers of their day,
12:06 they were the evangelists of their day,
12:08 they were well respected in their day,
12:11 they actually would study the Scriptures with people,
12:17 like our evangelists do,
12:19 then they would baptize them by immersion,
12:23 like our evangelists do,
12:24 when you came up out of the water,
12:26 you were a new Jew, you were a new member
12:28 but Jesus said of them, "You go to the ends of the earth
12:33 to make these new members, to make these new disciples,
12:37 but when you're through with them,
12:40 they're twice the child of hell that you are. "
12:43 That you are. That you are...
12:45 that's what Jesus said to them.
12:47 Whew! that's scathing.
12:48 Yeah, He said, "You are graves full of dead men's bones,
12:53 you are vipers, you are snakes,
12:55 you are... Empty sepulchers.
12:57 That's right and I would say,
12:59 "Why was Jesus so hard on these people
13:02 who seem like they were doing good stuff,
13:05 studying the Scriptures, baptizing,
13:08 bringing in new members, why was Jesus so hard on them?"
13:12 And then the Lord showed me,
13:14 what Jesus was really saying to them was,
13:16 "You go to the ends of the earth
13:19 to make these new proselytes, these new members,
13:21 but when you're through with them,
13:24 they look more like you than they look like me. "
13:29 Oh, wow! "They look more like you,
13:33 than they look like me,
13:35 they are cultural clones
13:38 of who you are,
13:40 you teach them to like what you like,
13:43 to act the way you act,
13:44 but when I look at them, I don't see 'me. ' "
13:49 Yes, oh yes, see, the important thing of...
13:53 the whole idea of being like Christ,
13:56 is so critical,
13:58 nothing else really satisfies the soul
14:01 until we're like him. That's right.
14:04 So conforming to His image, that's why we're here,
14:08 to conform to His image.
14:10 That's our purpose, that's our best destiny
14:15 and if you're not chasing that destiny,
14:19 you're missing out on the most glorious,
14:23 wonderful adventure of your life.
14:26 Becoming more like Christ every day
14:30 is the greatest adventure of life"
14:33 most people teach it and people come away scared
14:38 because... "I got to be like Christ
14:40 or I'm going to be lost, or I'm going to be damned,"
14:45 you know, Hmmm... hmmm...
14:47 but I strive now... every day, to more resemble,
14:52 reflect and reveal the character of Christ,
14:54 and I don't do it out of fear,
14:57 I do it out of great joy,
15:01 why? because I know,
15:04 I am making my Lord very happy,
15:08 I do it because it's a source of happiness for me
15:13 and I know that it is a source of happiness
15:17 for my Savior,
15:18 watching me striving to be more like Him.
15:22 And isn't it a cooperative effort
15:25 because the power comes from the Holy Spirit,
15:29 the choice is yours.
15:33 Yes. Let's talk a bit about choices
15:35 Okay. and the importance
15:37 in terms of your destiny of the choices that you make.
15:41 Well, again, we know that in terms of your physical destiny,
15:48 if I can call it that, and those moments of destiny
15:52 choices are very important, and the choices come
15:56 because you got to learn to listen
15:58 to the Spirit of God speaking to you,
16:00 and He will tell you what to do and what not to do
16:03 and you make a choice, Hmmm... hmmm...
16:05 and He'll tell, "you turn left," and oooh!
16:07 you run into somebody you hadn't expected
16:10 you know, a blessing you hadn't imagined
16:12 and all of a sudden, wow!
16:14 "if I had gone that way... I would have missed that"
16:17 so you have that kind of blessing, right?
16:21 but then, you have a situation
16:24 where, when it comes to your best destiny
16:29 you have moral choices to make
16:33 Wow! hmmm... hmmm...
16:35 to keep moving in the direction of a destiny
16:38 to become more like the character of Christ,
16:41 it's not... "do I go ten minutes early
16:46 or do I go ten minutes later,"
16:47 it's not that kind of "moments of destiny"
16:50 it's another kind of choice you make
16:52 and the choice is,
16:53 "to be obedient to the impressions
16:59 of the Spirit of God," choices to be obedient
17:03 to what you know and understand
17:05 to be the will of God and as you do that,
17:11 you grow to become more like the character of God
17:15 and as you study the character of God,
17:18 I must tell you, one of the things
17:20 that I was amazed about is that we don't study
17:24 the character of God.
17:26 Yeah, let's talk a bit about the character of God,
17:30 we know about the aspects, Omnipotent, Omniscient,
17:34 Omnipresent, right? but the character of God,
17:38 what are the attributes of the character of God?
17:41 First of all, you are an awesome interviewer,
17:44 you're asking just the right questions,
17:46 That's why we pray first,
17:48 we ask the Lord, "Please give me the questions" the Lord is good.
17:51 So, in answer to that question,
17:52 that's one of the first things I said, "God... "
17:55 like Moses said, "Show me your glory"
17:57 I said, "God, show me your character"
17:59 God said, "Study the Word," get this, and He handed me a key
18:05 God handed me a key, and this was the key,
18:07 He said, "Study the Word
18:08 and whatever God asks you to be, He already is
18:15 and He is so in perfection. " Whoa!
18:19 "Whatever He asks you to be,
18:24 that's His character,
18:27 He would never ask you to be, what He's not. "
18:32 I love it.
18:34 So now, as I go through the Word of God,
18:37 as I went through the Word of God,
18:38 and I studied the Word,
18:40 I was coming up with all these enlightened dimensions
18:43 of the character of God, I'd never seen before
18:46 because there's no Scripture that says, "God is happy"
18:50 it says... well, the Scripture says,
18:52 "He rejoices" but the Scriptures just say,
18:54 "He wants you to be happy"
18:56 He would never ask you to be
18:57 what He's not,
18:59 so, you can conclude, "God is happy"
19:01 there's no Scripture that says, "God is cheerful"
19:06 and that's probably why a lot of Christians
19:10 can't even conceive
19:11 a God who is laughing or smiling or cheerful,
19:14 but He says, "I want you to be cheerful,"
19:17 And He wants us to have fullness of joy.
19:20 Right! He says, "I love it when you're cheerful,
19:23 I love a cheerful giver,"
19:24 I said, "Oh! so God is cheerful" Hmmm... hmmm...
19:28 so, understanding now,
19:30 I was able to see all these amazing dimensions
19:34 of the character of God that I had never seen before,
19:36 but then I came across eight specific dimensions
19:42 of God's character
19:43 that He says, "I want you to have these eight"
19:47 and I found in 2nd Peter where He says,
19:50 "I want you to have faith, I want you to have virtue,
19:55 I want you to have wisdom and knowledge,
19:58 I want you to have patience,
20:00 I want you to have temperance
20:04 or self-control,
20:06 I want you to have a respect for what is sacred,
20:09 I want you to have love, I want you to have kindness"
20:15 and those eight dimensions are... again...
20:19 He would never ask you to have what He's not.
20:24 In perfection... He has perfected,
20:27 He is perfect.
20:28 He is perfection of all those things,
20:30 so He is faith... in perfection.
20:32 Yes. You know,
20:34 and our belief in perfection,
20:36 I mean, just think about when God believes
20:40 or when God dreams... planets are born.
20:44 You know, He has the power, this is just so incredible
20:48 but He has the power, whatever He has faith in
20:53 or believes in,
20:54 He has the power to see it come into being,
20:58 so He's got faith in perfection, we, in a little way,
21:00 and this is amazing but we, in some way,
21:04 have that same powers but not to that end,
21:07 not to that degree,
21:09 in other words, what we believe in,
21:10 Hmmm... what we have faith in,
21:13 comes into being, Hmmm...
21:15 "faith is the substance of things hoped for,
21:17 the evidence of things not seen,"
21:18 so God is trying to get us to be like Him,
21:22 in that quality of faith, He wants us to be virtuous,
21:27 He wants us to be pure, He wants us to be morally pure,
21:31 He is a person of purity,
21:33 He is a person of righteousness and integrity,
21:36 He wants us to be a person of self-control,
21:40 because when you don't have self-control,
21:43 I tell people all the time,
21:45 when you can't walk away from something,
21:48 you don't own it, it owns you.
21:52 That's right. If you don't have self-control
21:55 enough to be able to walk away from anything,
21:58 you don't own it, it owns you.
22:00 That's very true.
22:02 And God does not want anything to own you
22:05 you can't develop your character,
22:09 as a slave to sin, Hmmm...
22:13 you see, and so, and you can go through all those
22:16 so those eight dimensions, and of course, kindness and love
22:20 are the two highest expressions of the character of God.
22:24 Kindness and love are the two
22:27 highest expressions of the character of God.
22:30 That is so beautiful, we often don't take the time
22:36 to consider the character of God,
22:40 and He showed you
22:43 and I'm thankful that you have written these books
22:46 to share with us,
22:47 so that we can go through each thing
22:49 and work out our salvation with fear and trembling.
22:53 Go through it and get to know God better.
22:56 You know, I'm sitting here in church a little bit
23:00 because, you're preaching my sermon for tonight
23:04 Oh, really? You are!
23:05 when you sit and hear the message
23:08 you're going to say,
23:09 Wow! that's just what we were talking about,
23:13 Praise God. because that's the next step.
23:16 Yes, I'll give you a little peek of it, for example.
23:19 Okay, good, good, we're getting the sneak peek!
23:22 Yeah, you're getting a sneak peek, the Lord says,
23:24 "Work out your salvation with fear and trembling"
23:26 well, salvation... has a purpose
23:31 the purpose is,
23:33 the transformation of our character
23:36 to resemble and reflect and reveal His character.
23:39 Hmmm... hmmm... That is the purpose of salvation
23:42 to restore us into His image.
23:46 So restoration into the image of Christ
23:51 is the purpose of salvation.
23:52 Absolutely. Wow!
23:54 It is the purpose of the Plan of Salvation,
23:58 is to restore us into the very image of God
24:02 and when we were talking about "giving a little snippet,"
24:08 you mentioned something also,
24:12 and it just slipped my heart here but
24:14 do you remember what you were talking about?
24:17 About... I don't know...
24:19 well, we were talking about essentially,
24:22 the character of God,
24:25 And it was:
24:28 "working out our salvation with fear and trembling"
24:31 That's it, so, salvation with fear and trembling,
24:34 get this, this is just incredible.
24:37 "Jesus paid it all,
24:41 but Jesus is not going to do it all. "
24:47 Whoa! now you've got to...
24:51 we have like two minutes, you have to unpack that for us.
24:54 In other words, there are some things that you must do
24:59 to work out your own salvation
25:01 that not even God can do for you.
25:03 Hmmm... such as?
25:05 Such as, He says,
25:07 "I want you to submit
25:11 to His will"
25:13 He can't do that for you.
25:15 That's true.
25:16 He can kind of lead you into situations
25:18 and make you want to submit, right?
25:21 but He won't make the ultimate choice for you.
25:24 You have to submit, He says, "Resist the devil"
25:27 that's not something
25:30 God can do,
25:32 you can do it through His power
25:33 Hmmm... hmmm... but ultimately,
25:36 you have to decide that I'm going to resist the devil.
25:40 Right. I'm going to flee
25:42 Right, right. He's not going to run for you,
25:45 you have to run... does that make any sense?
25:48 Because He doesn't need to run, we're the ones that need to run.
25:51 That's right, so, yes, "Jesus paid it all,"
25:54 praise the Lord, but that doesn't mean
25:58 that you can just... not submit and not resist...
26:02 and you have a... it's a cooperative effort.
26:06 And that's the whole idea of spiritual growth, is it not?
26:10 Yes, yes. Every choice that we make
26:14 helps to move us
26:16 into that best destiny.
26:18 Come on now pastor... You got it, you got it.
26:20 Oh, we're getting ready to have church in here,
26:22 we're getting to sign off, I can't believe,
26:25 our time is going so fast, it's wrapping...
26:28 what do you... give us like a 30-second thought
26:31 of what you want our audience to know
26:34 about their best destiny.
26:35 Well, if you strive for this best destiny,
26:42 meaning, to resemble, reflect and reveal the character of God,
26:48 everyday, more and more, it will result...
26:52 because of Christ,
26:54 in you achieving your eternal destiny,
27:02 and that is that you will live with God
27:06 throughout eternity you will...
27:08 face-to-face commune with Him forever.
27:11 Thank you so much,
27:12 I cannot thank you enough for being with us.
27:15 Oh, you're very welcome.
27:16 May God continue to bless you.
27:18 God bless you too. Thank you.
27:20 Pastor Phipps gave us a lot of information,
27:25 a lot of really valuable information
27:29 that we can use in our own lives
27:32 and if you'd like to know more about these books
27:35 or would like to purchase these books or his music,
27:37 go to: goodsamaritanmall. com
27:41 and you'll be able to get these books
27:44 and really study them
27:46 and make the information your own.
27:48 God has a plan for you
27:50 and God wants you to reflect His character,
27:53 we can do that by His grace if we get in that Word.
27:57 Well, we've reached the end of another Program,
28:00 join us next time, because you know what?
28:02 It just wouldn't be the same without you.


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