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00:01 Stay tuned to meet a couple
00:02 that turned tragedy into triumph.
00:04 My name is Yvonne Lewis
00:05 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:31 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:33 My guests today are Rod and Mary Cassidy,
00:36 President and Vice President respectively
00:39 of Brianna's Wings of Passion Foundation.
00:42 Welcome to Urban Report Rod and Mary.
00:45 Thank you.
00:46 Wow! I almost don't know where to start
00:50 because yours is a story of such intensity
00:54 and something that no parent wants to deal with
00:59 but before we get into that part of your journey
01:03 tell us a little bit about yourselves,
01:05 Mary, where were you born, where are you from?
01:08 Southern California, I was there for well...
01:11 for quite a long time and went to school there
01:15 but I came from a real dysfunctional family,
01:19 my father was an alcoholic, he left when I was four,
01:22 so my mom raised eight of us on her own
01:25 and that was a lot of tragedy within the home too
01:31 because there was just so much oh... stress and you know...
01:35 but having my dad there,
01:37 he was very abusive to all my brothers and sisters
01:40 so, that was just a really hard time for all of us
01:43 him being an alcoholic and being around like he was
01:46 but there was always violence in our family,
01:48 my brothers grew up in the same path
01:50 incarcerated one after another,
01:53 and just violence constantly in our family
01:55 yeah, so, it was a hard upbringing.
01:58 Yeah, yeah, and were you a Christian as a child or...
02:03 I was a Catholic, we were Catholics
02:05 but my mom was raised in a Convent
02:07 for a very small portion of time after her father passed away
02:12 so we weren't just "Catholics"
02:14 we were Catholics, we didn't just go to church,
02:17 we were really Catholics and so...
02:19 but that's a whole 'nother story how the Lord led me...
02:23 led us, after my mom got cancer,
02:25 she was supposed to die within six months
02:27 when she found out, she lived seven years after that
02:30 and we came into the Adventist message,
02:33 and it was just by moving next door to a neighbor,
02:36 so that's a whole 'nother story on that.
02:38 Praise the Lord. Yeah, so, thank God.
02:40 Yes, yes, what about you, Rod?
02:42 I also was raised in Southern California,
02:45 and the struggles we had were not quite the same
02:50 by 12 or 13, I had a broken home,
02:55 there was a lot of fighting, arguing,
02:59 my parents split up and so there was increasing tension
03:03 especially into my teen years,
03:05 and at age 17, I went away to my Uncle's in Walla Walla,
03:10 spent the summer there, he had a farm,
03:12 and I'd spend time with him,
03:14 and that's really where I began to have spiritual awakening.
03:19 My cousin had a big influence on my life,
03:22 and it helped me get connected with God,
03:26 so not as traumatic as my wife,
03:30 but still there was stress and dysfunction in the family.
03:34 Hmmm... now how did you two meet?
03:37 We met in high school at the academy
03:39 when I was blessed to be able to go through the System,
03:42 School System, and we met,
03:45 we were high school sweethearts and so we were actually...
03:49 once we got married, we were married for ten years
03:51 before we even had our first child,
03:53 we didn't want any kids that was...
03:55 we both agreed on that coming from the brokenness...
03:58 that we said, "We don't want any kids"
04:01 and we were still supporting some of our own family members,
04:03 so... but the Lord had other plans
04:07 so ten years later,
04:08 we had our first and only child, Brianna.
04:11 Tell us about Brianna.
04:12 Boy! there's so much to tell, we raised her in the country,
04:18 we had really sought the Lord to direct us in raising her
04:23 because, as I said, we came from brokenness,
04:26 and so, for us, it was the country,
04:29 we wanted to have her just be able to...
04:31 just to be in the mountain areas,
04:33 and also, I homeschooled her,
04:35 but that really put a stress on us financially
04:39 because my husband and I prayed about it
04:41 and he said, "You know what, if that's the case,
04:44 I want you to stay home, home school her and raise her"
04:47 and so, that was... we went into it with that.
04:50 So you made a huge sacrifice to just have one income
04:54 to raise your daughter. Hmmm... hmmm... correct.
04:57 And for most of her growing years,
04:59 it was one income so we had the financial stress
05:03 that we were continually dealing with.
05:06 What was she like, what's Brianna like?
05:09 Well, she's a lot like her mother
05:11 strong willed,
05:14 determined, she's a naturally-born leader
05:18 when she set her mind to do something, she would do it
05:21 but growing up
05:24 as my wife alluded to,
05:26 we come from broken homes, all of us,
05:29 and Brianna, I think through the bloodline
05:34 and through other relatives,
05:36 she experienced feelings of rejection and abandonment.
05:41 Rejection and abandonment from you or from school or...?
05:46 No, from relatives. Okay.
05:48 Because you get them together with cousins and families
05:54 and grandparents,
05:56 she was real close to her grandfather though
05:58 which was a good thing, but he passed away in 2009,
06:02 and so another dose of,
06:05 "Why has this happened in my life?"
06:07 So she struggled with these things growing up,
06:10 she was also a loner,
06:12 because she had excelled so early on,
06:16 she loved to read books,
06:17 that her age group could not really relate to her
06:21 and so she related a lot better
06:24 with people two and three times her age.
06:26 Now she was homeschooled, you said,
06:29 did she have friends at church or...?
06:31 Oh yes, she was very involved in church,
06:33 she ran the cameras at our church
06:36 and so she got into Media,
06:38 she was actually the youngest that they allowed
06:41 behind the camera, she was just 12 when she started
06:45 and so they saw though that she was very mature,
06:48 like my husband said, so they went ahead
06:50 and allowed her to get started on it
06:52 and that's what started her love about Media,
06:54 and editing and all of that, so she really enjoyed that.
06:58 Oh, so she had a love for Media and editing.
07:02 Oh yeah, yeah, yes, yes and we didn't subject her to
07:07 a lot of the devices that the kids are now using,
07:11 and actually just recently,
07:13 she had told us how thankful she was for that,
07:16 because she said, "I can actually think
07:18 when I'm reading and my mind isn't going all over
07:21 because she's been so un-inundated by electronics,
07:25 so, even though she was good at them,
07:27 that wasn't her... you know, so...
07:30 We have some pictures because we're talking about her
07:32 and I'd like to put some pictures up of her
07:35 so that our audience can see what she looked like.
07:38 This is Briana with her dog, Yuki,
07:44 she named her Yuki because
07:46 Brianna was learning the Japanese language
07:49 and so, it's "snow" in Japanese
07:52 she rescued her from Tennessee,
07:54 so this was a picture she took with her.
07:57 Awww... This is her Senior picture
07:59 her graduating Senior picture from high school,
08:03 yeah. This picture is
08:08 when she went on her first mission trip to Panama
08:10 Ah... and that's where the desire
08:14 to be more involved... become involved in missions
08:17 really took hold,
08:19 from here she went on another mission trip,
08:23 this is when she went to Japan just two years ago,
08:28 and there was a whole story behind that
08:30 she took that picture, remember she was a photographer.
08:33 Oh, so see, I didn't know that.
08:35 So she took over a thousand pictures
08:37 including this one in Japan. Beautiful.
08:41 And this one, she actually got First Place
08:44 from a Photography Company,
08:47 they gave her First Place for that picture,
08:50 the jellyfish, yes, so...
08:52 This is the picture that
08:56 has become precious to us
08:59 that I think she also took a couple of years ago.
09:03 This was at the actual airport that she worked at,
09:07 she was also getting her mechanics license,
09:09 on top of being a pilot,
09:12 so this was one of her favorite planes because of the color.
09:15 Look at how well rounded she was.
09:21 She just had a lot of interests, she was a scuba diver,
09:23 master scuba diver, a pilot,
09:26 photographer,
09:28 she was working on her AMP at the airport
09:30 and she played the violin.
09:32 My! and how old was she?
09:34 She was nineteen. Nineteen.
09:36 Tell us about 2014, what happened?
09:39 2014 was a very difficult year for us
09:43 for a number of reasons, one, I could not find work
09:47 I was applying for jobs all over and for some reason
09:51 I had interviews, nothing was coming through,
09:53 then finally by the fall time,
09:56 October, my wife and I were watching a 3abn Program
10:00 on missions, and at the end of the Program
10:04 they mentioned about their need for a Bookkeeper,
10:06 and I'm an Accountant by trade, so we got the idea
10:11 and we started praying about that
10:12 and I said, "Why don't we contact some ministries
10:16 and see if I can do some bookkeeping remotely online"
10:19 Hmmm... hmmm...
10:21 so the next day, I put a couple of letters together
10:23 and sent them off to two ministries,
10:25 well the day after that,
10:27 I got a response from one of them right away
10:29 and Pastor Bill wrote me and he called me and he says,
10:33 "This is just what we need,
10:34 we've been looking for a bookkeeper
10:37 somebody who can help get our financial picture... "
10:39 And how long had you been out of work at the time?
10:42 All year, about nine to ten months.
10:44 Oh, a whole year! Wow!
10:46 So when this happened, we thought
10:47 maybe this is what the Lord has been waiting on
10:49 they said, we have a Retreat coming up this weekend,
10:52 we'd love to have you,
10:53 come down and we can make sure that this is the right fit,
10:57 I did and it was a tremendous fit so they put me on a salary
11:01 so I was beginning to receive at least a compensation
11:04 that helped, wasn't fully, but at least the rent was paid.
11:09 Excuse me one second, so in the meantime,
11:12 because for years, you had worked
11:15 and you, Mary, had stayed home with Brianna,
11:19 so at this point, neither of you was working
11:22 or were you working, Mary?
11:24 Actually, we had a little savings,
11:27 we used that up and I began to work
11:30 just like barely part time,
11:32 that's all I could find in our area
11:34 and my husband couldn't find anything.
11:37 So, it was really hard, very difficult.
11:40 Yes, very stressful. Oh, yeah.
11:41 At the same time,
11:43 that I joined up with the Ministry,
11:46 Brianna had started working at a Department Store,
11:49 she knew the financial difficulties
11:51 we were going through and she thought
11:53 she wanted to finish up the next rating in her aviation,
11:59 commercially, and she thought,
12:00 "If I have to get a job and contribute that way, I'll do it"
12:03 and so she applied and she got the position,
12:05 and excelled very quickly in Kohls,
12:09 and that's another story too,
12:11 but this happened at the same time
12:14 that I started working,
12:15 so we began to see a game plan, here, formulate.
12:18 Then, a little over a month later,
12:24 oh, God gave us a blessing,
12:26 additional blessing, I'll let my wife share with you.
12:29 It was really difficult, of course,
12:31 as he said, during that time,
12:33 some people have savings and they think,
12:35 just having to tap into their savings... that's difficult,
12:38 we didn't have a safety net at all,
12:42 so, I had a friend that I was...
12:45 the Lord just really put it on my heart that I was to help him
12:50 and I'm thinking,
12:51 "You must be telling the wrong person,
12:53 because, there's no money to help him,"
12:56 you know, the money I had, I had just made,
12:58 was going to be to get propane
13:00 and I'm thinking, "there is just no way"
13:03 and the Holy Spirit would not let me go,
13:06 He kept on... so I wrote him a check
13:08 I told my husband when I got home and he was like...
13:12 "Well if that was the Lord... we need to be obedient"
13:15 so he moved away, our friend moved away,
13:19 and several months later,
13:22 after my husband got this little stipend he was getting
13:25 and Brianna starts working on top of working at the airport,
13:29 he calls me up one morning, and this morning I was just...
13:32 I told the Lord, "I cannot take it anymore,
13:35 either we're doing something wrong... "
13:37 I was in that mindset of Job's friends,
13:40 I'm doing something wrong, and I thought,
13:42 "I just don't know what to do, I cannot do this anymore"
13:45 that morning, he calls me, and he says, "Mary"
13:48 and I said, "Yes, how are you doing,
13:50 we've been praying for you"
13:51 and so he says, "You know what?"
13:53 he says, "Remember when you helped me months ago"
13:55 I said, "Yeah" he says, "Well"
13:56 because he's a veteran, "I got some back pay,"
13:59 so he says, "I want to give you ten times what you gave me,"
14:03 and I was already in tears, I was crying and I was like...
14:07 I was just pleading to the Lord that morning,
14:10 and so I said, "Are you serious?"
14:13 And he said, "Yes" so I told him what happened,
14:16 I was just praying, and he says,
14:18 "So how's Brianna?" and I said,
14:19 "Well, she's a little down, she's got a job
14:22 we're thankful for that we prayed to the Lord,
14:24 the Lord got her a job but
14:26 she can't finish her commercial license
14:28 because we can't really help her right now"
14:30 he says, "How much does she need?"
14:32 so I told him, he says, "You know what,
14:34 I'm in the car right now, talking to you on my Bluetooth
14:37 I'm heading to the Bank,
14:38 I'll put that money in her account this morning"
14:41 and I said, "What?" and he said,
14:42 "I want to provide for her, I want to sponsor somebody
14:46 who's in the Lord's work"
14:47 because Brianna wanted to become a missionary pilot
14:50 so, I was just ecstatic,
14:54 so my husband was away that weekend,
14:56 Brianna comes home from work,
14:57 and I wanted to tell her on the phone but I didn't,
15:00 and I said, "Manuel called, and
15:03 he's coming for the holidays" she was all excited,
15:05 and I said, "Guess what?" she says, "What?"
15:08 I said, "He's going to sponsor you"
15:10 she sat there and she said, "He'd do that for me?"
15:13 I said, "He's going to do it for you"
15:15 and so she got up from
15:17 the table and she ran into the room,
15:19 waited a couple of minutes, she comes back,
15:21 I said, "Where did you go?"
15:22 she said, "I had to call two friends"
15:24 and she says, "One of them said,
15:26 'why don't those kinds of things happen to me?'"
15:29 and she said, "You know what?
15:30 If you're doing what the Lord wants you to do,
15:33 He'll provide" Hmmm...
15:35 So, she couldn't believe it,
15:38 she was like, "Mom, do you know what this means?"
15:39 and I said, "Yeah, it's exciting"
15:42 and she was, and I said,
15:44 "You know Brianna, the Lord has a plan for you,
15:47 He loves you that much,
15:48 that's why He's providing for you"
15:50 and so, it was just, it was just that week, she was...
15:55 this was Monday, she was just on-track
15:57 it was like the Lord said,
15:59 "Now I'm sealing what I want you to do for me"
16:02 so for her, it was like,
16:03 "Okay, I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing"
16:05 Yeah, yeah.
16:07 Friday morning comes, like any other morning,
16:09 it had that rained that morning it was cloudy,
16:12 she was getting ready for work,
16:14 Mary made breakfast for her
16:16 and saw her out to the car,
16:18 and that's all... she regularly would tell her,
16:23 "Brianna, be careful on your way to work the roads are wet,"
16:27 Brianna looked at her and said, "Mom, don't you trust me?"
16:31 and Mary looked back and said, "Oh, I trust you,
16:35 it's those other drivers out there
16:37 who are reckless, I'm fearful of"
16:39 and then she said something that was prophetic,
16:42 she said, "Mom, you got to let me go"
16:47 we didn't realize it, we would...
16:50 those were the last words we'd ever heard from her.
16:52 She was to work to twelve, but she got off an hour earlier,
16:58 typically when she'd work, she would send a text to mom,
17:01 she didn't for some reason that morning.
17:04 So she made it safely to work? Hmmm... hmmm...
17:07 She worked and then she got off early,
17:08 then at 1:30,
17:11 Mary was getting kind of concerned
17:13 because she knew she was supposed to be off work,
17:15 and she hadn't gotten a call,
17:17 at 1:30 she got a call from the hospital,
17:20 the one call that parents fear, and as a result, they said,
17:29 "Ms. Cassidy, is there somewhere you can talk?"
17:31 she went into the next room, she said,
17:34 they said... the Social Worker said,
17:36 "Your daughter was in a major car accident,"
17:39 of course, Mary said, "Is she okay?"
17:41 and then those fateful words,
17:44 that should never be said on the phone,
17:46 "She didn't make it"
17:48 my wife just... it's just like a ton of bricks falling on her,
17:54 she said, "It's got to be a mistake,
17:56 you need to call my husband and talk to him"
17:57 she called me, she gave me the number
17:59 to call the hospital,
18:00 I spoke to the Social Worker and then the Highway Patrol
18:03 and told us what happened, I got off the phone,
18:07 she was coming home to get me,
18:08 and I'm just shaking, How can this be... "
18:10 You just saw her that morning, you just saw her.
18:13 Rod: She was here and now she was gone... Mary: Six hours.
18:16 When she got home, I had to call somebody
18:18 to have prayer with and I called Pastor Bill,
18:20 the first thing out of his mouth he said,
18:22 "The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away,
18:24 blessed be the name of the Lord"
18:26 Although that didn't seem that comforting then,
18:29 he had a great prayer with me,
18:30 he prayed two more times that weekend,
18:32 we got in the car, went down to the hospital,
18:35 and the Physician came in and spent some time talking to us
18:39 the Highway Patrol saying,
18:41 they did everything they could to save her.
18:44 Then we were taken into the room where she was,
18:46 and we had called a number of family members and friends
18:50 and one family, in particular, came to the hospital,
18:54 and he told me,
18:55 while we were just crying our hearts out,
18:58 he said, "We lost our daughter seven months ago,
19:02 to the day, she was twenty, DUl hit her,"
19:07 and so immediately we had a bond with this family
19:11 in the church, and we got home that night,
19:17 almost midnight, we never walked into the house
19:20 when it was so cold, so dark,
19:23 her two little animals,
19:24 cat and dog, Brianna's met us... the one on the picture,
19:27 and they knew something was wrong,
19:29 we went into her bedroom and just cried,
19:32 what do you do,
19:33 Mary wanted to be as close to her as she possibly could,
19:36 finally... through sheer exhaustion
19:40 must have been 1:30 or 2 o'clock I fell asleep,
19:42 it's tiring, it's exhausting for me,
19:45 I fell asleep, maybe an hour or two went by
19:48 we woke up with this overwhelming grief,
19:51 and it just grabbed me and I thought,
19:54 "I'm going to go insane, this is only the first night,
19:56 how do you survive this?"
19:57 and the Holy Spirit immediately gave me seven words,
20:01 John 11:25, "I am the resurrection and the life,
20:05 I am the resurrection and life" I just kept repeating it,
20:08 until that peace came that night.
20:12 For two days, we were torn, especially Mary,
20:16 nobody was with our daughter,
20:18 finally, Sunday night,
20:19 a lady reaches out to us on Facebook,
20:23 she had been trying to reach us for two days,
20:25 and we called her,
20:27 and I'll let Mary tell you about that.
20:30 She was on with us, Kimberly,
20:32 she was on with us for about... almost an hour,
20:35 and she said... actually, that she was with Brianna,
20:39 that she had seen the entire accident,
20:44 that he actually,
20:46 and prior to seeing the accident,
20:49 she grew up in that area, she had been to Costco
20:52 and had been through three lines,
20:54 she said, "That never happened to me"
20:56 Rod: Three lanes Mary: she'd go to one,
20:57 okay, you have to go to the next one,
20:59 she's like, "What's going on?"
21:00 but we know now, the Lord was delaying her
21:04 to be at the scene of the accident
21:07 the minute it happened
21:08 and she saw how it all took place,
21:09 this guy was, for four minutes, driving recklessly,
21:12 he almost hit them, he almost hit another vehicle,
21:15 then he veered off the road, eastbound lanes,
21:18 two lanes this way and two lanes westbound,
21:21 he flew off the highway, lost control of the vehicle
21:24 and there was a five foot berm, he flew over that,
21:26 and Brianna was coming around the corner,
21:29 and she didn't have a chance, she didn't see him,
21:31 and he flew right into her car,
21:33 both vehicles...
21:34 the force of the impact put them perpendicular
21:36 on the side of the road, they saw it all
21:39 Kimberly and her husband, and they rushed out,
21:41 quickly went over to where she was
21:43 they couldn't get in on the driver's side
21:46 so they went to the passenger side,
21:47 he had to kick out the window, it was cracked,
21:50 and she went, and she couldn't open the door
21:52 so she went in and while she was in the car,
21:55 leaning over through the door,
21:57 she was a Christian, and had just come back to church
22:01 she was a mother of five, and a Trauma Nurse,
22:04 now what's the chance of that happening?
22:07 Come on now...
22:08 While she's in the car, she hears a voice,
22:11 she's taking her vitals,
22:13 which was dropping minute by minute
22:15 she hears a voice, she hears a lot of commotion
22:17 people were stopping along the side,
22:18 to pray and come over
22:20 she thought somebody had gotten on the back seat,
22:21 she hears a voice, it said,
22:23 "Kimberly, calm down, call my daughter by her name"
22:27 she realized it was the voice of the Holy Spirit,
22:31 and there was an envelope of peace in the car,
22:35 the rest of the time she was in there,
22:37 she finds a wallet, she didn't know what to call her
22:40 because she... Brianna would go by "Brianna" but
22:44 many people call her "Brianna" so she just called her "Brie"
22:47 which was her nickname, and she sang to her,
22:50 but then the time came, shortly thereafter,
22:53 she knew the signs of the end of life,
22:55 Brianna took a breath and it was over,
22:58 so she believed, she didn't make it out.
23:00 And she did confirmed with us that Brianna didn't suffer
23:03 because apparently when the car hit her,
23:06 it knocked her unconscious, so Brianna didn't suffer,
23:10 thank God for that. Praise God.
23:12 Yes, yes...
23:13 The next day her brother came up
23:15 from the ministry he had just been involved in,
23:17 to minister to us, and he said two things
23:21 that I'll never forget, he said,
23:24 "Satan's kingdom needs to be damaged
23:27 for what he has done to your daughter
23:29 you need to put this on video,
23:34 the Memorial Service and put it on YouTube
23:38 for the world to see," Hmmm... hmmm...
23:40 and he also said this,
23:41 he said, "There are two lights in the world,
23:46 some... they burn slow and long,
23:48 and others... they burn fast and bright,
23:50 your daughter was one of those... the latter"
23:54 Hmmm... and from that time on
23:57 we started thinking about maybe doing a website
23:59 to tell our story to the world, and we have done that
24:03 we also have a 30-second video clip
24:06 that we did, maybe we can show that now,
24:09 Yeah, let's show it and then we'll put the website up as well
24:11 let's show that clip right now.
24:13 Hi, my name is Brianna, every time I fly an airplane,
24:18 I experience freedom,
24:19 the stress of the week, melts away
24:21 because I'm in a heavenly burden-free environment,
24:25 I want to be able to share a better type of freedom
24:28 with people from different walks of life,
24:30 freedom and peace
24:32 that comes from leaving the shackles of sin behind
24:34 that feeling that can only be achieved
24:37 by being forgiven and set free in Jesus Christ.
24:41 Thank you so much
24:42 for taking the time to consider me.
24:44 She did this video clip two weeks before her...
24:49 that tragic day
24:50 she was doing it for Quiet Hour Ministries
24:54 as a sponsorship for another Mission Trip
24:57 and later we ran across the gentleman at ASI
25:01 and he... one of his assistants
25:04 put us in touch with him and he said, "Oh... "
25:06 he's also a pilot and he said, "She would have won that,
25:09 Mission Trip sponsorship. " Wow...
25:12 There are so many comments that I can make
25:16 but one of them is that, what you've gone through
25:19 is what every...
25:20 every parent that's watching this right now
25:23 can identify to an extent with the idea of loss,
25:31 of losing your child, it is unthinkable,
25:34 and to know, though, that there is a resurrection
25:40 and that Jesus Christ said,
25:42 "I am the resurrection and the life"
25:44 we don't have to worry about this being, "good-bye"
25:48 this is just a temporary... temporary absence,
25:53 we're going to put her website up as well
25:55 so that people can go to the website: briannacassidy. com
25:57 see the story, what...
26:00 what did you do... to deal...
26:05 and we only have like a couple of minutes left,
26:07 what did you do to deal with the suffering
26:10 that you went through over this period of time?
26:13 For us it's been a...
26:15 just reaching out to other people in our grief
26:19 that's been a big blessing for us...
26:22 to be honest... to keep busy,
26:23 because Brianna was our only child
26:25 so, setting up our Foundation that we've set up for her
26:29 and that was a miracle because we got our 501c3 Rating
26:33 in a week and a half, and we were like... "Miracle!"
26:37 That's unheard of, isn't it?
26:39 Yeah, and that's what we've been told by many, yup.
26:41 We have put our energies
26:43 toward the website and the Foundation
26:45 because it's been... for us... therapeutic,
26:49 and as a result, we have found some healing,
26:52 we are presently sponsoring two pilots in South America,
26:57 we also have three Media Ministries
27:00 in all of these, Brianna was, in some way,
27:03 either involved in or she had some influence with
27:07 we're helping in sponsoring UnScene Media...
27:10 Yvonne: Oh yes, Ryan St. Hillaire.
27:12 Little Lights Studios out in California,
27:15 and just recently, we're helping a Program
27:18 that will be aired on Brenda Walsh's Kids' Network
27:21 called "Kids in Mission" that should be filmed next year
27:25 and so through this we are promoting
27:28 what our daughter wanted to do,
27:30 helping get the gospel out there
27:32 while we still have time
27:34 and we know God has a plan to reach more souls through it.
27:38 Yes, he does and God has allowed you to take this tragedy
27:43 and turn it into triumph. Absolutely.
27:47 And Brianna's memory will be memorialized
27:50 through your efforts so we praise the Lord for that.
27:54 Thank you so much for being with us.
27:55 Thank you. Thank you so much
27:57 and thank you for joining us,
27:58 we've reached the end of another Program,
28:01 can't believe the time flew by so quickly,
28:03 join us next time because you know what?
28:05 It just wouldn't be the same, without you.


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