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00:01 Stay tuned to meet man who felt hopeless
00:03 but is now sharing hope with others.
00:05 My name is Yvonne Lewis,
00:06 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:32 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:35 My guest today is Pastor Taj Pacleb,
00:38 Evangelist and Director of Revelation of Hope Ministries.
00:42 I met Pastor Pacleb at ASI and he had a great testimony,
00:47 let's take a look.
00:50 I am sitting here at ASI with a young man
00:56 that I'd just met and I heard about his testimony,
00:59 and you have to hear it,
01:01 you know, how we love to share testimonies
01:04 with our Urban Report Viewers
01:05 so I'm here with Evangelist Taj Pacleb.
01:09 Thank you so much, Thank you so much Sister.
01:12 it's so nice to meet you. Likewise.
01:14 And I have heard so much about your testimony
01:17 that every time I hear that there's a really good testimony,
01:21 I have to get it for Urban Report Viewers.
01:23 I appreciate the opportunity.
01:25 Oh, thank you, thank you.
01:26 So, where did you grow up?
01:28 Originally from the beautiful islands of Hawaii,
01:31 I grew up in the islands.
01:32 Man!
01:34 Catching the waves and swimming in the ocean.
01:36 Eating the pineapple, oh!
01:38 Yeah, you've got some good Mangosteen.
01:40 Oh... I was in Hawaii, it was so long ago,
01:43 like in the '70s, it's so long ago,
01:45 and I had pineapple that tasted like sugar,
01:50 I mean it was so sweet, so fresh, so good,
01:54 it was just... I think I'm starting to salivate right now.
01:56 Just like the Lord Jesus.
01:58 Amen, oh taste and see that the Lord is good, right?
02:02 So, I haven't been there in a long time
02:05 but it's such a beautiful place. Yeah.
02:08 Did you grow up in affluence?
02:11 You know, I was born and raised in Hawaii,
02:14 it wasn't always a pretty sight,
02:16 I was brought up in a very loving family
02:21 but they were not churchgoers
02:23 and they never brought me to church or anything like that,
02:26 so, growing up, we grew up in paradise but
02:30 as far as spiritually speaking, it was like a dry desert,
02:33 not knowing who is God or what was God,
02:37 my parents, they loved me but
02:40 they didn't know the Lord for themselves
02:43 so, obviously they can't give what they don't have,
02:45 but it was definitely a loving family.
02:47 So you grew up in a two-parent household?
02:50 Well, most of my life my parents were not together
02:54 they were not married when I was born
02:56 and they were separated for most of my life,
02:58 so there was, definitely, dysfunction,
03:00 as far as that relationship,
03:03 but I was secure in their love for me
03:06 but it wasn't the ideal situation,
03:09 it was brokenness,
03:12 sometimes, go live with dad, other times, go live with mom,
03:14 and... kind of back and forth,
03:15 in the midst of a lot of fighting
03:18 and sometimes animosity between them,
03:20 but the Lord worked all that out
03:23 and praise God, they're together today.
03:25 Oh... Amen.
03:27 When I was 16-years old they got married for the first time,
03:29 they got back together and
03:32 I was the only child for 19 years
03:34 and now I have a little baby brother
03:36 just me and him and we're 19 years apart,
03:38 and so my mom is bringing him to church
03:41 so he has a much better opportunity than I did
03:45 growing up so, I'm thankful for that.
03:46 Amen, so who came to church first, you or your parents?
03:49 Well, it was actually my mother and I
03:52 at first, we were...
03:53 I was living with her at the time
03:56 she was a single mom, I was 14-years old,
03:59 and she and I were watching television one day
04:02 when all of a sudden the advertisement came on the screen
04:05 talking about a Revelation Bible Prophecy Seminar,
04:08 and we'd never gone to church, up to that point,
04:11 and I started getting into a lot of trouble,
04:14 just hanging around with the wrong crowd,
04:17 got into a life of drugs and whatnot,
04:19 and she... as a single parent was worried,
04:22 she didn't know what to do for me
04:23 and... so when we saw this advertisement,
04:25 she thought that perhaps this was the way to fix me
04:28 and so,
04:30 she asked me if I wanted to go
04:32 and I wasn't interested but, nonetheless,
04:34 she forced me to go
04:35 and so we ended up going to those Bible Prophecy Seminars.
04:40 And how old were you?
04:41 I was 14 and I was in Honolulu, Hawaii,
04:44 Central Church, yeah.
04:45 Yes, so let's go back a little bit
04:47 because you just said you had gotten involved
04:49 with the wrong people,
04:50 like... you had started doing some things,
04:52 how did you... how did that happen,
04:54 how did you get on that path?
04:55 Well, by not having a strong spiritual foundation
04:59 no spiritual guidance in my life,
05:03 it's just the influence of the world,
05:06 when I was in elementary school, I hung out with the wrong people
05:11 started making terrible decisions,
05:12 and I was introduced... In elementary school?
05:14 Yeah, as early as elementary school,
05:16 when I was in fifth grade, in fact,
05:17 that's when I first started smoking,
05:19 and am ashamed to say that...
05:22 that I became a compulsive thief and a compulsive liar
05:26 and I ran away from home, got arrested,
05:29 when I was in fifth grade
05:30 and it seemed like God was nowhere in sight,
05:35 and even though I didn't know him,
05:36 He knew me, He had His eye on me and so...
05:39 He still had a purpose for my life.
05:41 Yes. So He's protected me.
05:42 And you know, you know...
05:43 it's so interesting because
05:45 it doesn't matter where we've been,
05:49 in fact, where we've been,
05:50 when we've been through some things,
05:51 it makes it so much sweeter when we find Jesus
05:55 That's right, yeah.
05:56 because when you've been on that other side, on that dark path,
06:00 like you just said, you feel ashamed to say it
06:03 but you know, that's not who you are,
06:05 that's that other guy,
06:06 that's not who you are.
06:08 I love what one preacher said,
06:09 "Every saint has a past,
06:11 thank God every sinner has a future,"
06:13 and it doesn't matter where we came from
06:16 but where we're going, and so...
06:17 at that young age,
06:19 my life was heading down the wrong path,
06:20 when I got into high school, it just got worse,
06:23 I went to high school, simply to get "high"
06:26 that's why they call it high school,
06:28 I don't know about that one...
06:31 but I was just burning up my brain cells,
06:36 chasing the world,
06:37 just looking for something to fill the emptiness within,
06:40 that void, Satan is out there,
06:43 he offers so many attractions and distractions
06:46 but yeah, in that lost condition,
06:49 the Lord... He still had a plan for my life,
06:51 He had a purpose for me, He still desired me
06:54 even though I was causing Him so much pain,
06:56 and so we received that invitation, and...
06:59 Yes, we need to look at too, this whole idea of
07:06 when we're walking down that dark path,
07:10 God still sees us, he has not abandoned us,
07:14 because we're away from Him,
07:18 it doesn't mean that He's away from us,
07:21 He saw you, He saw who you were going to be,
07:24 and so that whole path that you were on, it only...
07:28 we're not saying that people should go down that path,
07:32 but if you're on that path right now,
07:35 you need to know that God has not abandoned you,
07:38 that He hasn't taken His hand off of you,
07:41 that He has a plan for you, but you have to give in
07:45 and yield to Him,
07:47 in order for your life to turn around.
07:50 Yeah, I love the illustration, when you jump in your vehicle
07:54 you have a large windshield in front of you,
07:57 and a very small rear-view mirror,
07:59 and that rear-view mirror is
08:01 very small compared to that windshield
08:02 for the simple reason that,
08:04 what's behind you is not as important
08:06 as what's in front of you and so...
08:08 so we all have dark pasts, but thank God
08:11 that in our darkness, He is our light,
08:13 He brings us out of it, He has a plan and purpose,
08:16 for me I had no idea what my purpose in life was,
08:19 I had no idea, I was just existing,
08:21 looking for stimulation
08:24 and sin does stimulate, but it never satisfies,
08:27 and only when I came to know Jesus,
08:30 I found the satisfaction that...
08:31 of the longings of my heart, that was always there.
08:34 You know, that's a great statement,
08:36 it stimulates,
08:39 sin stimulates but it doesn't satisfy,
08:42 no one can fill that hole in your soul but Jesus Christ,
08:46 bottom line, end of story... right?
08:49 So you were fourteen,
08:51 you went to this Revelation Seminar,
08:55 and what happened, when you were sitting there,
08:57 were you bored, or were you... where were you?
08:59 Well, that first Seminar that my mother and I went to,
09:04 and we had never really
09:07 stepped our foot in a church before,
09:08 it was at the Central
09:10 Seventh-day Adventist Church in Honolulu,
09:13 and we'd never been exposed to these things,
09:15 and we started learning about the Sabbath,
09:17 we started learning about what happens when a person dies,
09:21 second coming of Christ,
09:22 and all of these things were intriguing to me as a young man
09:26 and to make a long story short,
09:28 at the end of those meetings,
09:30 I realized that this was the truth,
09:34 I mean, it was clear,
09:36 and my mother and I were baptized
09:38 at the end of those meetings but at first,
09:41 when I was baptized, it was just a "head experience"
09:45 I received the information of truth,
09:47 I acknowledged that the seventh day was the Sabbath,
09:50 I learned and realized
09:52 that there were things that we shouldn't be eating,
09:54 I was baptized into the knowledge of truth
09:57 but not the person of truth,
09:58 and I didn't have that deep-heart conviction
10:03 and understand what true repentance really means,
10:05 and so we were baptized, praise God,
10:08 we started going to church,
10:10 my mother had a genuine experience,
10:12 she really loved the Lord
10:14 and for her, that baptism was meaningful,
10:15 but for me,
10:17 I was coming into it... into church,
10:20 but not fully converted. Why?
10:22 I was still holding on to the things of the world
10:24 especially Marijuana,
10:25 I would say,
10:27 "I'm not going to touch the chemical drugs,
10:29 just the natural stuff"
10:31 And make it seem like that's okay right?
10:34 I'd rationalize it
10:35 and I would go to my public high school
10:38 and they'd offer me alcohol, I would say,
10:41 "No, I'm just going to stick with the natural stuff,
10:43 stuff that God made"
10:45 and I tried to witnessed to them,
10:47 and they would ask me, "You're going to church now,
10:49 and you're spiritual, why are you still smoking Weed?
10:52 and I'd tell them,
10:54 "Well the Bible tells us that God has given to man,
10:56 every herb yielding seed"
10:58 and so I was basically twisting the Scriptures
11:05 to do what I wanted to do,
11:06 thinking that... it helps me to think deep thoughts,
11:09 it helps me to spiritualize and philosophize,
11:11 but really, I was just
11:13 burning up my brain cells and rationalizing
11:15 and trying to serve God and myself
11:17 at the same time but it wasn't working.
11:19 That Weed, brother, I've got to say,
11:21 that Weed is such an enemy,
11:24 it's such a tool of the enemy,
11:27 because it has such a grip on so many of our young people
11:31 that they can't see...
11:33 I've heard that argument before, "but it's natural... "
11:36 but you know what? it's really not...
11:37 because it's cut with all these different chemicals
11:40 over 400 different chemicals,
11:42 can now being in Weed, so that you're not getting...
11:45 people aren't getting the Weed that they got
11:48 back in the '60s and '70s,
11:50 they're getting some new "Frankenstein" kind of deal,
11:54 that... it's just totally unhealthy,
11:58 not that it was back then, but now it's way worse than that
12:02 so, we can find a way
12:06 to rationalize the things we want to do.
12:09 Exactly. And that's what you did.
12:10 That's human nature, you know,
12:12 I remember one morning specifically,
12:13 and this was perhaps
12:16 one of the defining moments
12:17 where I understood that I had to make a decision,
12:20 I was reading the Bible, having devotions
12:23 because I learned that that's something good to do
12:24 and so... I had the Word of God in one hand
12:27 and I had the glass pipe in the other hand,
12:30 I was reading the Bible and getting high at the same time.
12:32 Do you smoke Weed through a pipe?
12:35 Yeah. Oh, wow! is that like...
12:37 now this is my ignorance, right,
12:39 because I don't know anything about it,
12:41 is it similar to Crack, I mean the smoking of it?
12:45 No, no, you just put it in a bowl
12:47 and light it up that way,
12:50 you smoke it through a pipe and a bong,
12:52 there are a lot of different ways
12:54 with a Marijuana joint or a cigarette
12:56 I like to say, "The Word of God in one hand,
12:59 the Word of Life,
13:01 and the Weed of death on the other hand"
13:02 and I realized that I was reading the Bible
13:05 but I wasn't understanding what I was reading,
13:08 I was reading words, but it wasn't hitting home
13:10 it was as if God was telling me,
13:13 "Who are you fooling,
13:14 what makes you think you could have me
13:16 and the world at the same time"
13:18 it's either one or the other,
13:20 it's either the "Weed of death or the Word of Life"
13:23 and I realized that
13:24 I was rationalizing and burying my guilt
13:27 and the fact that I was going to church
13:29 and the fact that I understood "new" and believed the truth,
13:32 but I was just using that
13:34 to cover the nakedness of my life,
13:37 the void of not really having a relationship with Jesus.
13:41 This is good because what you're saying is that
13:45 you let him come close but not in...
13:48 Exactly. So he was close and
13:51 close enough for you to have intellectual assent,
13:54 to say, "This is the truth, this is the way I should go,"
13:58 but yet, you didn't let Him in,
14:02 I knew about Jesus but I did not know Him.
14:05 Right... right...
14:06 I knew His teachings but not the person.
14:09 Right.
14:10 And I didn't come to that point of full surrender,
14:14 you know, it's not... "head knowledge"
14:16 it is not sufficient for salvation,
14:18 it's a heart experience that we need,
14:20 many times our heads are full but our hearts are empty.
14:23 Yes, yes.
14:25 And God wants us to understand truth,
14:28 so that we can experience Him in our lives,
14:30 and so I didn't take it to that next step.
14:32 Yes, so you're sitting there
14:35 with the Word in one hand and the Weed in the other,
14:38 and God speaks to your spirit,
14:40 and so it's time to choose.
14:42 Yes. What did you do?
14:44 So, for the next few weeks, the conviction continued to grow
14:49 but I was a slave, this thing,
14:52 I had become addicted to it I smoked it every single day,
14:55 multiple times a day,
14:57 when I didn't have it, I'd scrape the glass pipe
14:59 and smoke the resin of it,
15:01 and it just...
15:02 its grip upon my life was strong,
15:04 as well as other things,
15:06 and I didn't know how to break loose,
15:08 I didn't know how to be free, but then,
15:11 God brought another Bible Prophecy Seminar,
15:14 an Evangelistic Seminar to now our home church,
15:17 in Waianae there in Hawaii,
15:19 and I received the invitation to that
15:22 and I went to those meetings
15:24 now with the realization that I was lost in the church,
15:27 and that "head knowledge" believing in God,
15:31 true belief is more than an intellectual assent
15:35 to believe is to "be live"
15:37 to let Him take control of our lives,
15:39 and so I went to those meetings and as Jesus was lifted up,
15:44 in His prophetic Word,
15:45 my heart was stirred with conviction,
15:48 and there was a theme song that was sung every night,
15:50 entitled, "Change my heart Oh God"
15:53 and I realized that that's what I was missing,
15:55 I had the information but my heart was not changed,
15:59 Yes.
16:00 And so I'd go to those meetings night after night,
16:03 and finally one night, the conviction was so strong,
16:05 God was calling me,
16:07 but the controversy was raging in my mind,
16:10 the devil was giving me every reason
16:13 why I shouldn't surrender all to Christ.
16:14 Like, what was he saying?
16:16 He was saying, "If you give your life to Jesus,
16:17 you life's going to be so boring,
16:19 you can't do this, you can't do that,
16:20 it's going to be mundane,
16:22 how are you going to stop hanging out with your friends,
16:23 how are you going to stop listening to this music,"
16:25 and just going down the list,
16:27 but all the while, God was saying,
16:28 "I have a better life for you, my son,
16:30 I'm the one that can satisfy your longings,"
16:33 and so the controversy was raging in my mind
16:37 and finally, that Evangelist that gave the appeal,
16:40 the Spirit used him in a mighty way,
16:42 I found myself at the alter weeping,
16:44 crying out to God, sincerely with all my heart
16:47 saying, "God, I want you in my life,
16:49 but I realize I can't serve you and serve this at the same time
16:53 and so I need you to do for me
16:55 what I cannot do for myself, I need you to free me,
16:57 take away these drugs and addictions,
17:00 and the desire for them,"
17:01 and when I prayed that prayer sincerely,
17:02 with a willingness to loosen my grip on those things,
17:06 God took it from me, set me free, that moment,
17:10 and by God's grace I never looked back,
17:13 that was about 16 years ago.
17:14 Look at... wow! there are so many elements here
17:19 that are just so beautiful, first of all...
17:23 first of all, you were open to change
17:26 and you knew that you couldn't do it,
17:29 we can't do it on our own
17:32 and God doesn't expect us to do it on our own,
17:35 the only way to do it is through surrender to Him,
17:39 He does the work,
17:40 He makes Himself responsible for the work.
17:42 God doesn't need our help, He needs our permission.
17:45 Yes. How can we help God?
17:47 Taj: We can't help God. Yvonne: That's right.
17:49 He just needs our permission to do the work for us,
17:53 I'd like to say it like this,
17:55 we don't have the power to change,
17:56 the only power we have is to choose,
17:58 God has all the power to change,
18:00 but He doesn't have the power to choose,
18:02 so when we give Him our choice,
18:05 He gives us the change. Come on now...
18:08 It's a divine transaction.
18:09 Yvonne: Come on now, wait a minute, wait, wait, wait, wait,
18:10 you can choose and change,
18:12 okay give that again, I love it, I love it, give it again.
18:15 When we give God our choice, He gives us the change,
18:19 the transformation, He doesn't need our help,
18:22 He just needs our permission,
18:24 for us to yield, for us to surrender
18:26 for us to say it like this,
18:28 "In order to wrestle with the devil and win,
18:31 we first must wrestle with God and lose"
18:34 let God win in our lives,
18:36 and then we will win in the wrestling against Satan
18:39 and all of his attacks and temptations.
18:41 That is so beautiful, when we get held by...
18:47 there is a sin that doth so easily beset us,
18:51 everybody has their own little "pet sins" or whatever,
18:55 and until we're ready to release
18:58 them to God and ask God to take them away from us,
19:02 we will be held in bondage, but you...
19:06 and the Lord brought you to that point of repentance
19:10 because again, He gets all the praise, right?
19:14 That's right.
19:15 He brought you to that point of repentance
19:18 and then, you said, "God, I can't do this,"
19:21 and you were genuinely sorry and repentant.
19:24 I was willing to loosen my grip and to let God take it from me,
19:29 and until we come to that willingness,
19:32 we're always going to be fighting.
19:35 Yes, yes, it's always that tug-of-war isn't it?
19:39 Taj: Yeah. Yvonne: You know always,
19:42 sometimes we don't even want to let go,
19:44 I mean if we really look at it,
19:46 we don't want to let go whether it's Weed,
19:48 whether it's certain TV Programs,
19:50 certain music, whatever it is.
19:52 Because we're so comfortable, I mean, that's our comfort zone,
19:56 and we're afraid,
19:57 we're insecure about living life without those things,
20:00 but God... He gives us the assurance
20:02 that He takes away something from us
20:04 only to give us something far better.
20:06 Yes, yes.
20:08 Taj: His security and His satisfaction.
20:09 Yes, yes.
20:11 The Bible says in Colossians 2:10
20:12 that in Him we are complete,
20:13 without Him, we're always going to be incomplete.
20:16 That's right, in Him we are complete,
20:19 that means, without Him, we are incomplete.
20:22 Yeah, yeah.
20:23 And so the only way to get the victory,
20:26 and I think people need to... you need to know this,
20:30 because, you can't have victory without Jesus Christ,
20:34 so it's going to be...
20:35 you might be able to temporarily give something up or whatever,
20:39 but it's not that "heart change,"
20:41 and the heart change comes from Jesus Christ.
20:44 Amen. So, after that...
20:47 after that day,
20:48 were you then on a path for ministry
20:52 or what did you do and how old were you at this point?
20:54 I was 16 years old
20:55 and at the end of those meetings I got re-baptized
20:57 and that second baptism was the real deal.
20:59 That's the one that "took" hmmm...
21:01 Yeah, the song that kept going through my mind
21:03 when I was baptized was the song, "I surrender all"
21:06 truly I let the Lord strip me from all the things
21:08 that were distractions and
21:10 it was interesting that during those meetings,
21:14 a few specific nights,
21:16 the Evangelist... when he preached...
21:18 I remember one night specifically that
21:20 his eyes would scan the congregation,
21:23 but they seemed to always fall on me.
21:25 I guess he could see the conviction in my face,
21:27 and it seemed like... like God was singling me out
21:31 in that crowd, that's how I felt at least,
21:32 and looking back on that experience
21:35 it was as if God was saying to me,
21:37 "Taj, one day you're going to stand
21:39 where that man is standing,
21:40 one day you're going to be doing what he is doing"
21:43 and I never imagined or dreamed, dared to dream that
21:46 that would actually take place
21:48 but today, that's exactly the place
21:52 that God has brought me to as an Evangelist,
21:54 it didn't happen overnight obviously,
21:56 but when I was converted, we just started...
21:59 I just started sharing my testimony with others,
22:03 my local pastor gave me an opportunity to preach
22:06 for the first time when I was 16 years old,
22:08 went back to my old public high school
22:10 and started passing out "Steps to Christ"
22:12 to all my friends that I used to do drugs with and party with,
22:15 and they were shocked, they were surprised,
22:18 but they could see the look in my eyes
22:20 and the conviction on my face
22:21 and they realized that what I had was real,
22:23 so I had personal Bible Studies
22:25 every lunch period during high school
22:27 and would invite the whole school to come,
22:29 I didn't know much but I knew the Lord
22:31 and I just simply shared the little that I did know,
22:34 and as a result of those Bible Studies
22:36 we held every day in the public high school,
22:39 six of my friends and their family members were baptized
22:42 and came into the truth and...
22:44 Wow! and you didn't even really, at that point,
22:46 you didn't really know the Lord like you do now,
22:48 you were just learning,
22:50 you were just getting it yourself,
22:52 but you wanted to share it.
22:53 Yeah, the Bible Studies were basically the notes that I took
22:56 at the Evangelistic Seminar, Wow!
22:58 and so... I had a little but God blessed that,
23:01 and He used that to make an impact on other people's lives
23:05 and through that experience God was confirming
23:08 that He had a call for my life but, you know, to be honest,
23:11 I felt like I was the least likely candidate,
23:13 I was slow of speech, very shy,
23:15 introverted, burnt up a lot of brain cells,
23:18 socially awkward,
23:20 but yet, I've come to realize
23:23 that God is not dependent upon our own abilities,
23:25 skill and wisdom,
23:27 He's only dependent on our willingness
23:29 to be used by Him,
23:30 and He's not limited by our lack of those things.
23:35 That is so true, it's not about... you know...
23:40 God takes whoever we are, if we are willing,
23:45 if we are available to be used by Him,
23:48 He'll fill in the blanks, just be willing,
23:52 just be available and that's what you did.
23:55 That's such a beautiful thing so you were in high school
23:59 and your friends are probably like, "What is up with him,
24:02 he's a different guy,
24:03 this is not the same Taj that we were in school with,
24:07 it's a different guy"
24:09 It was tremendous, it was an honor
24:10 to be able to share with my friends
24:12 who I had influenced in a negative way,
24:14 I was able to redeem a lot of that negative influence
24:17 by showing them the right way to my own life,
24:20 in my own story, in my own testimony,
24:22 and many of them were listening, all ears,
24:24 because they not only were hearing what I was saying,
24:27 but saw a change in my life.
24:29 Were they trying to get you to come back in like...
24:32 trying to offer you free drugs and all that stuff?
24:34 Yeah, I'd tell them that I found a better high,
24:37 I found a spiritual high,
24:38 and it was a wonderful experience.
24:41 After graduating from high school,
24:44 I went to a small Bible College in Arizona,
24:47 called Souls West, got further training
24:50 and after graduating there,
24:53 we got picked up by Central California Conference,
24:56 to do evangelism and Bible work and literature ministries,
24:58 and we were there for the last eleven years,
25:01 it's been a wonderful journey, doing work for the Lord and...
25:05 Yes, that's tremendous,
25:07 seeing other people changed through our story.
25:10 What is your ministry titled, it's, "Revelation... "
25:14 Yeah, well, our Seminar is entitled,
25:17 "Revelation of Hope Bible Prophecy Seminar"
25:18 and we've done about sixty evangelistic seminars with that,
25:25 mostly in Central California, but in recent months,
25:28 my wife and I actually just made the decision to
25:32 take a step of faith and take the ministry
25:36 to all the world,
25:38 so we resigned from that position there in Central,
25:42 just to give us more freedom to go wherever we were invited
25:45 and to... the Bible says,
25:48 "to every nation, kindred, tongue and people"
25:50 we believe that time is short,
25:52 we want to be a good steward over the time,
25:54 the opportunities that God has given to us
25:57 to make the biggest impact we can
25:58 for the Lord Jesus.
26:00 Amen. And so our Ministry is called,
26:01 "Revelation of Hope Ministries" and now we're full time
26:04 doing Evangelistic Ministry,
26:07 Revivals and training with that ministry name... so...
26:12 That's great, and you have a website?
26:14 Yeah, revelationofhopeministries. com
26:16 that's our website
26:17 and we're just a faith-based
26:21 supporting ministry of the church,
26:22 and God has given us a lot of opportunities
26:26 to go here and there and it's just... no better thing
26:30 than to be in the center of God's will.
26:31 Amen, amen.
26:33 And it was definitely a leap of faith,
26:34 resigning... we're in that comfortable place,
26:37 God blessed, we were there for eleven years,
26:40 we saturated the territory
26:42 we feel... very thoroughly
26:44 and it's time to broaden
26:46 and do the most that we can for Him, so...
26:49 Wow! we are so thankful that you are answering the call
26:55 that's one thing about ASI,
26:57 you don't know when you're going to get
26:58 one of these grand announcements
27:00 but we are so thankful that
27:04 you are answering the call that God has given you
27:07 and that you are willing,
27:09 you and your lovely wife are willing to be available to Him.
27:13 Thank you so much for being with us,
27:15 may God continue to bless you, we enjoyed you, thank you.
27:20 I appreciate it, I appreciate it, Amen.
27:24 What a great testimony, God is so faithful
27:27 and He will take you from Point A to Point B to Point C
27:33 if we would just trust in Him,
27:34 it's so good to know that God has a plan for us,
27:38 and that wherever we are right now
27:41 does not determine where we're going to end up,
27:44 it's all about choices, so choose Jesus today,
27:48 you couldn't make a better decision,
27:51 than to choose Him today.
27:52 Well, we've reached the end of another Program,
27:55 join us next time because you know what?
27:58 it just wouldn't be the same, without you.


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