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00:01 Stay tuned to meet a man who overcame adversity
00:03 and is committed to helping you do the same,
00:05 my name is Jason Bradley
00:07 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:33 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:35 I had a chance to interview Dr. Donnell Josiah,
00:38 he is an Author, Consultant and Musician
00:41 let's take a look at what he had to say.
00:43 I'm here on a special Set with a very special guest,
00:49 Dr. Donnell Josiah,
00:51 welcome to Urban Report, Dr. Josiah.
00:53 Thank you for having me. Jason: You're welcome,
00:55 tell us a little bit about your background.
00:57 Well, I'm actually from the
00:59 Caribbean Island of Antigua and Barbuda
01:00 and I grew up there for...
01:02 I left there after 24 years of living there
01:04 and then I migrated to the United States
01:07 and I pursued higher education and have been here since.
01:10 Wow! wow! now you said you pursued higher education
01:13 you are a doctor, what is your doctorate in?
01:16 My doctorate is in Applied Management,
01:19 it's an emphasis on Organizational Change Management
01:21 and Leadership Development
01:22 but I'm really an Engineer at heart by prior degrees,
01:25 my under graduate and graduate degrees were all in Engineering
01:28 Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering,
01:30 Engineering Management,
01:31 so my doctoral work was actually a departure
01:34 from all my other technical work that I've been known for.
01:37 Okay.
01:39 But it's quite a change and I quite enjoy it
01:41 because now I get a chance to work one-on-one with people,
01:43 especially at the State Level where I'm able to lead
01:46 large technology initiatives for the State of Maryland.
01:48 That's excellent, now, you're the type of person
01:51 that likes to solve problems, is that correct?
01:54 Absolutely, that's right, as an Engineer,
01:56 I've been to too many Engineering Schools
01:59 and an Engineer... always is an Engineer.
02:00 Why? because they think a certain way.
02:02 They're very analytical and they think about
02:04 how do they find solutions to problems.
02:06 Were you doing a lot of puzzles as a kid?
02:08 I really was not, you know,
02:10 I was a Musician when I was growing up,
02:12 I spent a lot of time playing music,
02:14 music is my passion so I spent a whole lot of time
02:17 playing the piano, and actually, in my later teens,
02:20 I decided to open a Recording Studio,
02:22 so it was quite a venture for me growing up in the Caribbean,
02:25 I really enjoyed my time there,
02:26 but you get to a point where there is a new calling,
02:30 a new purpose that you have to go and acquire
02:31 and then my opportunity came to go to higher education
02:34 and afforded me the opportunity to really pursue my dreams
02:37 as a Management Consultant.
02:39 Wow! now see, I happen to know
02:41 that you are a phenomenal musician
02:43 I've heard you play, you actually played for
02:45 one of our programs called Magnify Him
02:47 and you played a song called, "All we ask"
02:50 and you did your own arrangement
02:53 on there that was absolutely amazing
02:56 I need lessons on that.
02:57 Thank you, I'll be happy to help you with that.
02:59 It was wonderful, wonderful...
03:00 and you recently came out with a CD, correct?
03:02 That's right, multiple actually, I am producing music now...
03:07 not only performing... the last several years
03:10 I've been actively performing piano solos,
03:12 in the last year, I've decided to somewhat focus
03:15 less on solo performance and more so... on producing music
03:21 so, taking a song from the conceptual phase
03:24 sketching the song out from the compositional stage,
03:26 the arrangement stage, the song development stage,
03:29 and it's a whole development process
03:31 that really turns me on, I'm really excited about that
03:34 especially with my new Recording Studio
03:36 that I released in the last two years,
03:38 now I have capacity,
03:39 unlimited capacity to produce all the things that I want,
03:42 so I'm really excited about the production aspect of music,
03:45 in additional to... also my solo performances as well.
03:48 Well, I definitely see the passion involved
03:51 and I see the passion involved when you're playing the keys,
03:55 hopefully, some of our Viewers will get a chance
03:57 to check you out on the Dare to Dream Network
03:59 on Magnify Him, but I want to move into
04:02 your book, you recently wrote a book
04:06 and it's entitled, "Overcomers"
04:09 what is your definition of an overcomer?
04:12 An "Overcomer" is anyone that has been able to overcome,
04:16 for lack of a better word... to overcome,
04:19 to confront and to move past obstacles
04:22 that may have precluded them
04:24 from accomplishing their life's purpose.
04:26 That comes in all forms, all shapes, all styles,
04:29 because when you look at impediments and obstacles,
04:33 some folks have emotional impediments,
04:35 some folks are confronted by hardships in their families,
04:38 some folks are confronted by failure, depression,
04:42 and a number of different obstacles that prevent them
04:45 from really accomplishing their purpose in life,
04:48 "Overcomers" provides an opportunity
04:51 that gives these people the ability to define a life goal
04:55 whatever that life goal is, whether it's higher education,
04:59 whether their life goal is making a career change,
05:02 whether that life goal is pursuing
05:04 some other personal goal,
05:06 it allows them to define that goal
05:09 and following a 31-day trajectory,
05:12 define measurable ways
05:14 in which they can accomplish that goal.
05:15 Wait a minute... in 31 days... they can do that?
05:18 Believe it or not, it's a 31-day process
05:20 what I do... I talk about specific topics
05:22 that need to be mastered within a 31-day period.
05:25 Now, the reason why it's 31 days
05:27 is not because the skills will be perfected
05:30 but because they will be able to gain all the tools
05:33 in 31 days, that would allow them
05:36 to perfect those skills over a period of time.
05:38 So essentially, this book is... sort of like a roadmap
05:42 to finding your purpose
05:45 or you have to find your purpose first
05:47 and then follow the roadmap,
05:49 how does that work, break that down for us.
05:52 That's an excellent question
05:53 because before you can actually accomplish your destiny,
05:57 you first have to achieve your purpose,
05:59 defining your purpose, and to do that,
06:00 you first have to define... listening to your inner voice
06:04 what is the Lord telling you about your purpose,
06:07 what do you feel compelled in pursuing
06:09 what turns you on, what really excites you?
06:13 Because what I found...
06:14 many people spend a lot of time pursuing higher education
06:18 completing 3- to 4- to 5- to 6-years of higher education,
06:22 only to live a life,
06:23 not even in the same fields of study,
06:26 and I'm thinking, when that usually happens,
06:29 it's usually because their
06:30 purpose was not properly defined in the beginning
06:32 that now, we need to step back and say,
06:34 "Well, here's what I really love doing
06:36 and here's what I want to pursue for the rest of my life. "
06:38 And that's great that you said that
06:41 about changing... like a couple of years...
06:44 they go to school and they change their minds
06:46 and they went for one thing
06:48 and it changed it into another thing
06:50 some people go for a particular job that makes a certain salary,
06:56 some people try and go for the money,
06:58 but they're not passionate,
06:59 it's not something that they would do for free,
07:02 how important is it
07:04 to pursue something
07:06 because you're passionate about it,
07:08 as opposed to just going for...
07:10 say... the money?
07:12 In my book I speak about a chapter called "Passion,"
07:14 and Passion talks about being able to perceive that one thing
07:18 that you love to do,
07:19 even if you are not adequately compensated for it,
07:21 because that's truly... what brings fulfillment,
07:24 that's truly what brings happiness in your life,
07:27 the money will come
07:28 if you excel at that thing that you are passionate about
07:31 but many times,
07:33 the motivation is to acquire wealth
07:35 versus to live a life that's ordered by your purpose
07:38 I prescribe that it's best to identify that purpose,
07:41 to develop a love for what you're doing,
07:44 and then to develop a niche of competencies
07:46 that allow yourself now to become an expert in the field,
07:49 that will then attract others to you
07:52 as a subject matter expert
07:53 to provide additional support in a particular area.
07:56 Now, that could be in technology,
07:58 that could be in IT Management, that could be in a hobby,
08:01 that could be in music, it could be in any area
08:03 where you develop a unique skill set,
08:05 the important thing is defining that skill set
08:08 really harnessing the tools for mastering the skill set
08:12 and then watching how God will turn the skill set
08:15 into a really fulfilling career,
08:17 the Bible says, "A man's gifts would make a way for him"
08:21 and there's a reason for that because
08:23 when your gifts make way for you,
08:25 then you truly walk into your purpose.
08:27 Once you've identified your purpose,
08:30 then... you can then listen to that inner voice
08:33 then... putting in place the passion,
08:35 the consistencies the discipline,
08:37 all the topics as a part of this book
08:39 that allows someone to say,
08:40 "Here's what I'm going to pursue in life,
08:43 here's how I'm going to achieve my destiny,
08:45 this will provide some tools for defining that. "
08:47 I like that... I like that... tell us about the testimony...
08:53 you share the testimony in your book
08:55 and it's like the testimony that you never shared.
08:57 You're absolutely right.
08:59 Touch on that.
09:00 I own three companies,
09:02 the first company is a Management Consulting Company
09:05 called Change Dynamics.
09:07 Change Dynamics is an IT Consulting Practice
09:09 where we provide Project Management,
09:11 Program Management and Technology Consulting Services
09:13 for the State of Maryland,
09:14 and in that particular Company,
09:17 I was blessed to receive a State Award
09:20 for a very large procurement,
09:22 I was sitting at my desk one morning
09:24 getting ready to plan my day's activities,
09:26 outlining the activities in my project schedule
09:29 that needed to be accomplished within a 30-day period,
09:31 and the Lord spoke to me very loudly
09:34 and He said, "I blessed you publicly
09:37 yet you would not testify of my blessings publicly. "
09:41 I immediately stopped what I was doing,
09:44 which was... working on my project schedule,
09:46 and I opened a Microsoft Word document and I began to type,
09:50 and as I typed, the Lord began to inspire me,
09:53 He began to show me, "Here are the obstacles
09:57 that I was able to have you overcome,
09:59 here are the things that you have not yet shared
10:03 to someone who may be going through the same thing,
10:05 that your testimony can be used, now as a tool,
10:08 to help them through this period of time"
10:10 now, also, remember, prior to that Award,
10:13 I was unemployed for four-and-half months,
10:15 Four-and-a-half months!
10:17 And you had a family at that time too, correct?
10:20 You are absolutely correct, I have a wife
10:22 and I have two young boys,
10:23 but never once during that period of time
10:26 were we ever in need
10:27 and that's really the heart of that testimony
10:31 because every day His hands... God's hands...
10:34 steered us towards where he wanted us to go.
10:37 He provided what we needed and He ultimately...
10:40 even blessed us with new music,
10:41 so there are songs that came out of that experience,
10:44 a book came out of that experience,
10:47 so sometimes when you face hardship,
10:49 God is using that hardship to set you up with your destiny
10:52 but you have to have a discerning eye to see that.
10:55 Amen... yes...
10:56 So I'm typing away at my computer,
10:58 working on this testimony I never shared...
11:00 and I decided to post this testimony on Facebook.
11:04 On Facebook?
11:06 On Facebook, well He did say,
11:08 "You've never shared it publicly,"
11:09 what better medium to share it but publicly on Facebook?
11:13 So after an hour of pondering, I decided to hit, "Submit"
11:18 on that Facebook Post.
11:20 Was your heart beating fast?
11:21 You know, it absolutely was
11:22 because I never was that transparent
11:25 about my personal life, I'm a very private individual
11:28 I'm not someone to easily share the difficulties
11:32 and the hardships that I sometimes face,
11:34 that all folks face, but the Lord said,
11:36 "You have never shared it publicly,
11:38 it's time for you to do that. "
11:40 Now, how were you feeling about God
11:42 at that particular time when you're going through it,
11:44 I know you probably spend a lot of time in prayer,
11:47 sometimes during tragedy and adversity,
11:50 we either run towards God or we run away from God,
11:55 how did you...
11:56 I guess, did you seek God at that time
12:00 or... I mean like... when you're going through that
12:03 four-and-a-half month unemployment?
12:05 That's an excellent question, during that period of time,
12:07 I found myself being drawn to God,
12:10 in fact one of the songs that came out of that experience,
12:12 merged two concepts, two songs...
12:15 "Great is thy faithfulness and I surrender all to you"
12:19 and that song came out as a single
12:21 that my wife just released called, "I Surrender"
12:23 the words... "Today is a new day
12:25 with new mercies I see, I surrender it all to you,
12:28 I need you to lead me, guide me and hold me through it,
12:32 I surrender it all to you"
12:33 so on that experience, I was able to write songs
12:37 in fact, during that period of time,
12:38 I was also able to really help my other Companies
12:42 do some of my 501c3s... do some of my music charity
12:44 and also, my recording studio
12:47 also flourished during that period of time as well
12:49 so it was almost... God was saying,
12:52 "I need you to take a break from your consulting work,
12:55 to develop your other passion that you really have,"
12:57 which is music development.
12:58 Wow! and I often say this that the true testament of faith
13:02 is the ability to trust God and tolerate uncertainty
13:07 through trusting God that He has the best will
13:11 and best plan in mind for you,
13:13 because He sees the end from the beginning,
13:15 we don't see what's going to happen tomorrow
13:17 or the next day, but He knows
13:18 before we were even born, what is to come.
13:21 You are absolutely right
13:23 which actually leads me to your original question
13:24 about "was I apprehensive in sharing the testimony"
13:27 because it was His plan that He would use that testimony
13:31 to bless other souls, and when I began realizing...
13:34 I began getting in-box requests,
13:36 I began getting folks responding
13:37 within a short period of time, that Post went viral,
13:40 then I also had members from my University...
13:43 folks who'd never responded to a Post
13:46 in-box me, I had folks text me,
13:49 folks who were encouraging me but at the same time saying,
13:52 "We need to learn more of this journey that you've been on"
13:55 and then quietly, November 6,
13:58 I began getting some of my confidence
14:00 telling me, "You need to put this in a book"
14:03 and I began listening,
14:04 I began pondering, "should I really do this?"
14:07 How can I do that given the fact that I have
14:09 so many things already in motion?
14:12 November 17th... I made the decision,
14:14 that I was going to put pen to paper,
14:17 and began working on this book
14:19 but then, a short period of time,
14:22 I began realizing that the ideas were coming,
14:25 the thoughts were flowing and I began wrestling with the idea
14:28 what do I call this book?
14:30 Should I call it Change Dynamics?
14:32 No... Should I call it "Overcomers?"
14:35 Yes! because that, for me, was the crowning joy
14:39 of my experience,
14:41 I overcame this particular difficulty
14:43 and I'm going to use that testimony to do that,
14:46 is to help other people overcome... as well,
14:48 but also, remember that prior to that
14:50 there were other obstacles
14:52 that I had to overcome,
14:53 even prior to going to higher education...
14:56 going to higher education,
14:58 I had a number of different challenges
15:00 that precluded me from even entrance...
15:02 Let's touch on those challenges,
15:04 what were some of those challenges that you faced?
15:06 Excellent question, for example,
15:08 I remember when I was actually in 12th grade,
15:10 I was the youngest person in my class,
15:12 I was from a rural district in Antigua in the Caribbean
15:17 where you don't have all the amenities
15:19 as you would have in the US schools,
15:22 a lot of technology, a lot of access to resources
15:26 so, here I am in 12th Grade preparing to sit
15:30 for what is called Caribbean Examination Council Exams,
15:34 these were pretty rigorous exams
15:36 that test all aspects of your academic life
15:39 over a five-year period,
15:41 so, consider the fact that I'm now fifteen in that class,
15:46 I'm the youngest person in that class,
15:48 and I'm registering to take nine subjects
15:51 Chemistry, Physics, Agriculture, Science,
15:53 Geography, Mathematics, English...
15:55 and the list goes on and on,
15:57 and the Principal calls me into her office and she says,
16:00 we're not going to allow you
16:02 to take more than five subjects because of your age,
16:04 I said, "What! my age, why should my age preclude me
16:08 from pursuing my goal?"
16:10 Needless to say, I tried to fight that decision
16:14 I went to the Board of Education for the Country
16:18 over weeks of trying to plead my case,
16:21 they decided that they were not going to overturn
16:23 the Principal's decision, needless to say
16:25 that the five subjects that I decided to take,
16:29 I did not have the instructional support,
16:32 to allow me to master the skills sufficient to take the exams,
16:37 so when time came to really receive my results,
16:41 I was devastated.
16:42 So, let me get this right,
16:44 they cut you down to five subjects
16:46 but then they didn't prepare you accurately
16:49 when it came time for the test.
16:51 Adequate surmise, absolutely right,
16:53 but that did not stop me
16:55 because my mom always encouraged me
16:57 by referring me to the poem that says,
16:58 "The Go-Getter goes...
17:00 until he gets what he goes for,
17:02 The Go-Getter reaps what he sows,
17:04 when he fixes a goal and resolves when he sets it,
17:07 the way to the prize is to go till he gets it... "
17:10 and that poem...
17:12 actually originally written by Susan Willoughby,
17:16 that poem motivated me to define my life's goal,
17:19 back then, and to pursue it,
17:21 now the results that came afterward did not encourage me
17:25 the results devastated me, why?
17:27 Because I felt like a failure
17:29 I was teetering on Childhood Depression,
17:32 "Can I enter college with these grades?" I could not...
17:35 "Could I go into higher education?"
17:38 I could not... so I was forced to move into
17:42 a vocational position back in the Islands
17:45 to gain the experience,
17:48 thankfully, my dad, with his wisdom
17:51 connected me with someone who offered me a position
17:55 as an apprentice to begin learning electronics.
17:59 That's what turned me on to Electronics...
18:02 well, at the same time, I've always loved Physics,
18:05 I've always loved the Sciences,
18:07 I've always loved Mathematically-based courses,
18:10 but this vocation allowed me to bring them all together.
18:13 And that confluence, that bringing together
18:16 of my love for Physics and the Sciences,
18:18 with now... working as a Technologist,
18:21 working as a Technician,
18:23 really exposed me and really showed me...
18:26 "You know what? You are cut out to be an Engineer.
18:28 So you put everything that you loved into one,
18:31 you bundled it into one and went for it...
18:34 like that was your passion,
18:35 that's what you're passion about... that's great!
18:37 Right, but isn't it amazing
18:38 how God turned bad situations into positive situations!
18:43 Absolutely.
18:44 So the title of this book, "Overcomers"
18:47 though it started with a testimony that I never shared,
18:51 it really started with an experience from childhood
18:54 which is why the first three chapters of this book
18:57 really talks about my childhood,
18:59 it's not a Biographical Sketch at all,
19:01 but what it does... it gives context
19:03 to how someone can also overcome, despite the obstacles.
19:07 Who might be going through a similar situation
19:10 that you're going through, also, I read in there,
19:13 that during that unemployment period,
19:17 on your way coming out of that,
19:19 you saw blessing after blessing after blessing,
19:22 how did... touch on a little bit about the jobs that
19:27 were offered to you coming out of that period
19:30 and how God just tremendously blessed you with those jobs.
19:34 It's absolutely incredible to think about
19:36 how those jobs began seeking me out.
19:39 During a period of a
19:41 four-and-a-half month cycle of unemployment
19:43 I began getting phone calls, folks began seeing my resume
19:47 and they began calling me,
19:49 but there was one interesting trend I began experiencing,
19:53 folks began telling me, "You are too good to be true,
19:57 your resume speaks too well,
19:59 we probably can't even afford you,"
20:01 how does someone
20:03 with a Ph. D. find themselves on unemployment line?
20:07 but it happened for a reason,
20:09 and then the Lord told me,
20:11 which is another chapter in my book,
20:12 "How can you continue to work with someone else,
20:15 building their dynasty, building their operation,
20:19 and you've been asking me to bless your Company?"
20:22 So, He said, "No, I can't do that,
20:24 if you want me to bless your Company,
20:26 I'm going to thrust you into your Company"
20:29 so after seven years of building Change Dynamics,
20:32 with zero revenue, the time finally came
20:36 in 2014, for me to launch out into entrepreneurship,
20:39 to launch out on my own, building my own practice...
20:43 Took that leap of faith...
20:45 Took that leap of faith, two State Contracts later,
20:47 here I am, looking at God
20:49 with His miraculous intervention
20:51 less than 18 months after I got my first job.
20:55 Wow! wow! and that's coming out...
20:58 and I can only imagine how happy you and your wife must have been
21:04 when you started getting those calls,
21:06 those calls started coming in,
21:08 what would you say to a person that's at home
21:15 that wants to know... like... "How do I overcome adversity,
21:18 what should I do, how do I determine my purpose?"
21:22 What would you say to that?
21:24 It's a good question, first of all,
21:26 this book, "Overcomers" is set into a framework
21:30 of spiritual, faith walking,
21:33 which means that there's partnership...
21:36 intentional partnership with God,
21:38 with God... not against God...
21:40 why I said that is because God gives you the ability
21:45 to discern the things that you do like.
21:46 But when you partner with Him, He then provides the avenues
21:51 what I call, "Divine Connections"
21:53 that connects you with individuals
21:55 that can make that dream come to life,
21:57 so how did you define your purpose?
21:59 Well, look at the things you like doing.
22:00 What really turns you on, what really excites you,
22:04 what gives you a sense of fulfillment?
22:06 Those are the questions one has to ask themselves
22:09 if they're sitting at home,
22:10 how do I define my purpose?
22:11 And it's very easy, for some it's the Arts,
22:14 for some it's the creative side of them,
22:16 for others, it's working in very analytical fields of study,
22:20 for others, it's higher education
22:22 but whatever is your interest that turns you on,
22:25 that's the beginning point of defining your purpose,
22:29 once you have identified the purpose,
22:31 then you work backward, what can sustain me...
22:35 what can sustain me pursuing my purpose,
22:38 so then you begin looking at your vocations
22:41 you begin looking at, "Where can I use my skills?"
22:43 How best can my skills
22:45 be used to edify the body of Christ,
22:47 and build the community at large,
22:49 so now it's operationalizing not only your passion
22:52 but now bringing that passion into fruition
22:55 to help someone also by actually...
22:58 you doing some service in the community,
23:00 so that's what I would tell someone,
23:02 here's how you define how your service to humanity
23:06 can be used while edifying your purpose
23:08 then putting that purpose to use to help someone else,
23:11 Deep, deep, what kind of values
23:15 did your parents instill in you as a child?
23:17 Excellent question, especially my mom,
23:21 she's now deceased, and she has instilled in me
23:24 what I call the "Go-Getter Spirit"
23:26 that passion, that drive
23:30 to always pursue your purpose,
23:33 to pursue your goals with relentless conviction
23:36 even if no one else around you believes that,
23:40 she has always told me, "Pursue your dreams,
23:43 pursue what God puts in your heart,
23:45 if it's music, pursue music,
23:47 if it's consulting, pursue consulting,
23:49 whatever it is, pursue it,"
23:51 so she was a strong force along with my dad
23:55 to really guide me towards becoming who I am today,
23:59 and it's always difficult talking about my mom
24:04 because she's no longer here, but my mom truly was a force
24:09 in my life, someone to really encourage me,
24:12 especially at the times when I felt... underachieved,
24:16 when I felt that I was a failure,
24:18 when I felt that I was not going to make it
24:20 I was not going to be able to attend college,
24:22 I was not being able to gain entrance into college,
24:25 she was always in my corner, "You can do it Donnell,
24:27 you keep pushing forward"
24:29 which is where my passion for encouraging others
24:31 to do the same...
24:32 that's where that comes from. Jason: Yes...
24:34 Your path to your prize is through perseverance
24:36 you can acquire that
24:38 if you keep pushing for the limits
24:40 to accomplish your dreams.
24:41 So what's next for you?
24:43 Well, I would love to see "Overcomers"
24:45 in the hands of students across the Country
24:48 whether that's students in Grade School
24:51 or students in Grad School, why?
24:54 Because, every student
24:56 needs to define for themselves their purpose,
24:58 every student has a purpose for them to accomplish,
25:02 a destiny for them to pursue,
25:03 every student needs to be able to define for themselves,
25:07 "Here's where the Lord is taking me,"
25:10 and then this book can help them accomplish that.
25:12 But it's not only for academia,
25:13 it's also for anyone looking to make a life change
25:16 so, Mentoring Programs and Counseling Programs,
25:19 and any type of opportunity
25:22 where there's motivational speaking
25:24 where there's one-on-one counseling
25:25 I would be happy to use the skills
25:28 and the content that God gave me.
25:30 I was just about to say,
25:31 "I see you as a Motivational Speaker in a few years"
25:34 I wouldn't be surprised if I'm getting an e-mail saying,
25:37 "I'm speaking here, I'm speaking there... "
25:40 I see you as a Motivational Speaker
25:41 because you're passionate about this,
25:43 this is what you're passionate about,
25:44 That's absolutely my passion, why is that?
25:46 Because I do believe that
25:48 everybody has the capacity to learn,
25:49 everyone has the capacity
25:51 to define their life's goals and pursue it,
25:53 I want to be able to be a facilitator of that process,
25:56 and I think, in motivational speaking,
25:57 in each of my books,
25:59 in working one-on-one with individuals,
26:01 it gives me a platform for doing that.
26:03 You also have a CD
26:05 that goes along with that book,
26:07 it doesn't come with the book but it goes along with the book,
26:09 what is on that CD?
26:11 That CD is the narration, a 31-chapter narration
26:14 of everything in this book in addition to the theme song
26:17 of "Overcomers" which actually...
26:20 we actually put together in my Studio,
26:22 Jason: Wow, wow!
26:24 so there are things on the CD that are not in the book.
26:26 How do people get your book and CD?
26:29 My book is available in all
26:31 major retail outlets who sell books,
26:34 so, you have Amazon, you have Books-A-Million,
26:37 you have Borders any of the major bookstores
26:39 whether it's local or whether it's online,
26:41 my book is available there.
26:42 It's also available on donnelljosiah. com
26:45 and there, you can get autographed copies
26:48 not only of the book but of also the CD,
26:51 also our merchandize like
26:53 our T- Shirts, our wrist bands, our pens
26:56 and other products that we sell
26:57 that inspire other people to pursue their life goals
27:00 and to become Overcomers.
27:01 Wow! wow! your passion is so inspiring
27:05 and I know that our Viewers have been inspired as well,
27:08 I know they are already trying to figure out
27:10 what their purpose is in life,
27:12 I want to thank you so much for joining us.
27:14 Thank you for having me.
27:15 What an interesting journey that Dr. Josiah had,
27:20 you know, it doesn't matter what you're going through,
27:23 what kind of struggle you're facing,
27:25 what kind of obstacles are in your path,
27:27 we serve a great... powerful God, a faithful God,
27:32 a God that is longing to save His children
27:36 and is willing to help you no matter what your circumstance
27:40 all you need to do is surrender
27:42 and pray and invite God into your life
27:45 ask Him to help you overcome
27:47 any adversity that's in your path,
27:50 you too can be an Overcomer.
27:52 Well, we've reached the end of another Program,
27:55 join us next time and remember,
27:57 it just wouldn't be the same without you.


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