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Participants: Yvonne Lewis (Host), Anthony Elder


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00:01 Do you need to know how to avoid car-repair scams and rip offs?
00:04 Stay tuned to meet the Car Care King.
00:07 My name is Yvonne Lewis
00:08 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:35 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:37 My guest today is Anthony Elder
00:39 also known as the "Car Care King. "
00:42 Anthony has more than 25 years of experience
00:45 in the automobile industry,
00:47 he is going to share some facts on Car Maintenance
00:50 and just how to avoid being ripped off.
00:53 Welcome to Urban Report Anthony.
00:55 Thank you Yvonne, I'm glad to be here
00:58 I'm so happy to be here,
00:59 I want to give your clients and your listeners
01:02 some information that they've never heard before
01:05 in a way that they can understand and use
01:08 the next time they bring their car into the shop for repair.
01:11 Oh, that's awesome,
01:12 I had started to get my son to do this interview
01:16 and then I thought...
01:18 and he said, "Mom, maybe you should do it as a woman"
01:20 because I really don't know about car maintenance and repair
01:24 I mean, I just will go, take my car in
01:28 and let it get repaired or whatever,
01:32 that's what I used to do
01:33 but I'm so glad we have you on
01:36 because you're going to let us know
01:38 how to avoid being ripped off, especially people like me
01:41 who don't know anything about cars
01:43 who just... you know... when you get that car,
01:45 taking care of it,
01:47 you go in and you think one thing is wrong
01:49 and then you find out there are
01:50 ten things that they wanted to charge you for,
01:53 so, let's just kind of go down the list
01:55 and tell us what happens when people go into...
01:59 a lot of... some of those that are unscrupulous,
02:02 we're not saying that all mechanics are... by any means,
02:06 but some mechanics are unscrupulous
02:08 and they want to take advantage of people like me
02:11 who don't know anything about cars,
02:13 tell us about that, Anthony, and how prevalent that is today.
02:16 Well, that is prevalent
02:18 especially with the female drivers in the street
02:22 they take advantage of you and also males too...
02:25 they take advantage of anybody they can
02:27 they're out to earn a living
02:29 or to take your money
02:30 and "not knowing" causes exactly what's going on
02:33 before you bring your car in to the shop,
02:35 if you're brining your car in for a check-in tonight,
02:38 because you had a concern with that,
02:40 then go research that, you can go to many places
02:43 where they'll read your car for you
02:45 and give you the quote for a check-in tonight
02:48 for no charge... at all... Advance Auto does it,
02:51 Auto parts in Department Stores across the Country do it,
02:55 they go in and give you a code,
02:57 and once you have that code,
02:58 you can take it, go on the computer
03:01 to a place called enginecodes. com,
03:03 put that code in,
03:04 and it will let you know what's going on with the car,
03:06 so when you bring your car into the shop,
03:09 you got a little more ammunition,
03:10 you're not going in blindfolded.
03:12 Okay, okay, wait, wait, before you...
03:14 that's some juicy...
03:15 that's some juicy information right there, okay, so,
03:19 let's stop for a second and go back through that,
03:22 so, I see my "check engine" light on... in my car,
03:25 so, I take the car then...
03:29 instead of taking it immediately to the mechanic,
03:32 I go somewhere where I can get a code,
03:35 explain than again, and what am I doing?
03:38 You can go to Car Advance Auto...
03:41 or auto parts stores, they have Code Readers there
03:43 that you can hook up to the computer
03:46 of your vehicle called the OBD tool
03:48 and it could read the code for you
03:50 and they do it at no charge, now you have ammunition,
03:54 use your misfire...
03:55 I don't want to give you too much technical information,
03:57 but let me say this though,
03:59 if the "check engine" light is on solid...
04:01 you have time to make an appointment
04:03 and go to... I call it... "Big Box Garage"
04:06 that's your Dealership,
04:07 or small box garage,
04:09 that's your Mom and Pop and the little places.
04:11 if the "check engine" light is flashing,
04:14 you have no time, pull over, stop the car,
04:17 call a tow truck,
04:19 you're having a severe problem with the car,
04:21 if you continue to drive the car,
04:23 with a flashing "check engine" light,
04:25 you have a severe problem with your vehicle
04:28 and causes more damage, costs you more money,
04:30 those are the two things they put in vehicles
04:32 so you would know when to make the appointment
04:34 and when to stop.
04:36 Oh! that's some good information...
04:39 that's really good, okay, so... so...
04:42 I go to some place like an Auto part store
04:46 or some place and they'll give me...
04:48 they'll look up the code, they'll give me the code
04:50 and it will be a diagnostic evaluation
04:54 of what's going on with the car under that code, correct?
04:59 Right... right... that code also references into
05:02 another category, that's what I'm talking about
05:05 enginecode. com, you'll have to go there
05:08 PO301
05:12 means there is a misfire on Cylinder one.
05:16 So, that means that either spark plug, wire,
05:20 injector, is having a problem
05:23 on that cylinder or it's not getting fueled
05:25 now you have information, okay, so you go to your garage,
05:29 they give you a diagnosis,
05:31 and this is why I like people to make sure
05:33 that they do this a 100 percent right every time,
05:36 when you have a diagnosis
05:38 there's the dollar amount that you want to spend
05:41 if they tell you the diagnosis is a $125,
05:44 that's where they have to stop, not to do anything else
05:47 or any more repairs unless you give them authorization
05:51 so if you go in there and you say,
05:53 "I'd like to get my car's diagnosis
05:55 because I have a check-in tonight,"
05:57 they go ahead and do the diagnosis,
05:59 and then later on they call you back and say,
06:01 "Ms. Lewis, we did a diagnosis
06:04 and we found that your radiator is leaking. "
06:06 Radiator? that's as though a buzz goes on...
06:10 radiator is leaking,
06:11 how is the radiator leaking when I have a code information
06:14 saying I got a misfire on Cylinder One?"
06:16 Right, in my engine right?
06:18 On my engine... so... that's a problem...
06:21 so you know they either don't know how to work on cars,
06:23 or they're trying to rip you off,
06:25 so that's what I mean by getting a little bit of information
06:29 now, if you go in there and the guy says to you,
06:32 "Mrs. Lewis, we found that your spark plug was broken
06:37 and you need to replace your spark plug,"
06:39 now you say, "Wow! he's right on target"
06:41 because you already had the information
06:43 from your free diagnosis at Advance Auto or Auto parts store
06:49 so now you know that he's telling you the truth, okay
06:52 so you can go ahead and get that repaired,
06:54 but now you need to know
06:55 how much it's going to cost to repair it
06:57 because you just don't take the diagnosis only
06:59 so he says the repair is going to cost you,
07:02 let's use a round number, a $175,
07:04 now if you think that's a little high, do some research...
07:07 call another garage and call them up...
07:09 what type of car do you drive Mrs. Lewis,
07:11 what kind of car do you drive?
07:12 A Chrysler 200.
07:14 A Chrysler 200... call another Chrysler dealership
07:17 or another Big Box Garage and find out how much they charge
07:21 for replacing a spark plug on a Chrysler 200
07:24 or whatever the issue you have,
07:25 now you're getting a little information that you can use
07:28 and go back to him and say, "I made a couple of calls,
07:30 and I found out $175 is a great price,
07:34 so I'm going to go ahead and let you do it
07:37 but now I'm going to hit you with a Car Care Defender,
07:39 that's me, discount...
07:42 You say, "Can I get a discount of 20 percent?"
07:44 Yvonne: laughing... I love it...
07:48 now you going to put him on to work... defense...
07:51 he says, "Wow! she did her research
07:53 she knows more than I expected,
07:56 now she came back and she wanted a discount,"
07:59 now he has two choices here,
08:00 he can either say, "I can't give you a discount,"
08:03 okay... or he can say, "I'll give you a discount
08:06 but I can't give you 20 percent, I can give you 15... "
08:09 so you take the 15...
08:10 but he does not want to lose your business,
08:13 you're already there and having your car worked on,
08:16 he already knows that you went to another garage
08:18 or called someone to see if they could do the job for you,
08:22 so you might leave there and go somewhere else
08:24 he doesn't want to lose money that's in the house,
08:26 so most likely, a 100 percent of the time,
08:28 they would do the deal.
08:30 Oh, this is some good... good information
08:33 I know our Viewers are going to love this,
08:36 okay, so, we got the diagnosis, we got them telling us
08:40 just what needs to be done, you got the discount perhaps,
08:44 if you could get the discount,
08:46 now, I think you also mentioned
08:48 in some correspondence to me
08:50 that it's important to get an estimate
08:53 let's talk about that, a written estimate...
08:55 why is that important?
08:57 Because a written estimate keeps them legally...
09:02 at what they can do...
09:03 if they gave you an estimate of $500
09:06 for doing whatever job they're going to do,
09:08 brakes, hoses, light bulbs, whatever it is,
09:11 and they call you back and say,
09:13 "Well, that's going to be $700,
09:16 and we already did it without you okaying it,"
09:18 then they're not supposed to take care of that either..
09:21 because they didn't get the authorization from you.
09:24 so that's why you always need to have a written estimate
09:27 and plus if you have to go to the Court of Law
09:28 you can go and show them, "I signed for $500 not $700"
09:33 so that gives you a legal leg to stand on
09:36 also, if something happens while your car is there,
09:39 you have evidence that your car was there,
09:41 you might never know what might happen
09:43 when you go to these places, then...
09:44 something could have happened, unforeseen...
09:46 so you want to make sure that your car was there,
09:49 also, it gives a time of when your car was there,
09:51 and like I said,
09:53 when you bring cars into different dealerships,
09:54 Big Box or Small Box Repair Facility,
09:57 always leave one key... do not leave any of your other keys
10:01 that you have to your vehicle,
10:03 like your house keys, your office keys,
10:05 I don't believe in that, just leave one key
10:08 keep yourself safe,
10:09 I'm not saying everybody is unscrupulous or going crazy
10:12 but I like...
10:14 an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.
10:16 Absolutely, I think that's very wise,
10:18 so you just leave that car key...
10:21 that one key there and no other keys.
10:24 Because you got to think about this,
10:26 they have your Registration, inside your glove compartment
10:29 they know where you live,
10:31 that's a good idea to only leave one key...
10:36 that's one of the... best advice I could give people out there,
10:39 but also, when you're doing these estimates,
10:41 make sure they tell you what they're going to do
10:43 and how they're going to do it,
10:45 and what benefit it's going to be for you.
10:47 What I mean by that is, the car tells you what it needs,
10:50 if you're having an electrical problem,
10:52 there's no warning, it just happens,
10:54 electrical... just happens,
10:56 if you're having a mechanical problem,
10:59 there's a warning... noise, grinding,
11:01 some type of sound, vibration, anything,
11:04 so it gives a little warning
11:05 so you have time to get that repaired,
11:08 electrical, there's no warning, it just happens,
11:10 battery... just goes bad,
11:12 starter... just goes bad,
11:13 the windows stop working... just goes bad,
11:15 so you're at their mercy when those happen,
11:18 but be prepared to understand what's going on,
11:20 do your research,
11:22 there's a wonderful website out there called RepairPal. com
11:26 free to use,
11:28 when you put your car information in,
11:30 your zip code and what repair you're looking for,
11:33 it will give you the lowest and the highest price
11:36 for that repair in your zip code
11:38 and then you have some more information.
11:40 What's that website again?
11:42 RepairPal. com
11:44 RepairPal. com... and it's free...
11:46 it's free, it's awesome.
11:48 And you just go on there and you can find out...
11:51 you put your zip code in
11:52 and you can find out what the closest,
11:55 what the cheapest, the most economical...
11:58 Cheapest to the high... for that repair
12:00 so you would go in, you have a Chrysler 200, 2013
12:04 you go in, put that in,
12:06 put in your zip code, and then put in the repair,
12:10 front brakes, rear brakes, transmission, this service,
12:13 and click on it and get an estimate
12:15 it will give you a dial,
12:16 from the lowest... to the highest...
12:19 then also, it gives dealerships that it recommends,
12:22 repair garages that it recommends
12:24 but now you have ammunition,
12:26 if you know that you got an estimate
12:28 you're towards the high side,
12:29 you know the guy is probably ripping you off,
12:32 if you're dead in the middle,
12:33 you know he has to make a profit or a living, so that's okay,
12:36 and if it's on the lower side,
12:38 you know that's a great place to do business with,
12:40 because they're fair and honest
12:42 and they want to take care of you.
12:44 I like to compare the car business
12:47 with the medical business,
12:49 I hope that there are no doctors out there
12:51 to get upset or anything,
12:52 but I just want to compare these two for a second.
12:55 I compare the hospitals being your Big Box Garage,
12:58 Big Dealership,
12:59 I compare the immediate care, the outsource doctors, you know,
13:04 quick doctors, as your Little Garages,
13:07 your Small Garages, now...
13:09 Like an ER doctor?
13:10 ER... you go in... and come right out, okay?
13:14 So, now, the doctors are compared to mechanics
13:18 they both use tools, they operate on the vehicle,
13:21 they operate on humans,
13:23 they take care of the same thing with the car,
13:25 but doctors and hospitals are regulated
13:28 by how much they get paid by an insurance company
13:31 right... if you have insurance,
13:34 they say, "You can't overcharge for that,
13:35 we're not going to give you that much money,"
13:37 In the car business,
13:40 once you're out of warranty of your vehicle,
13:42 who is regulating how much they're charging you?
13:44 Hmmm...
13:46 So you would have to be careful
13:48 that you're not getting ripped off
13:50 and do your research...
13:52 do your research,
13:55 if you have a problem or question at all,
13:57 you can contact me and my e-mail at carcaredefender@gmail. com
14:02 or on my Twitter, at ccaredefender.
14:05 I'll repeat again for you, nice and slow,
14:08 CarCareDefender@gmail. com or ccaredefender@twitter
14:15 now, repair. com will help you
14:18 also, cars. com has a service page on
14:21 that lets you know if you're getting ripped off
14:23 when you're having your car serviced,
14:24 these are available to you free of charge,
14:27 you only got to take a couple of minutes to do it,
14:30 we compare shop for everything, TVs, furniture, clothes,
14:35 why can't we compare shop for having our cars serviced?
14:39 Absolutely, I totally agree,
14:42 I'm so thankful that we're getting this information
14:45 because it's so often that again...
14:48 if you don't know better, you don't do better,
14:51 so now the information you're giving us,
14:54 we now... are knowing better
14:57 so we can do better.
14:58 Yeah, absolutely, now, also, I want to mention that
15:02 I had people all over the Country
15:03 send me their invoices
15:04 of what they had with service repairs and everything,
15:08 and I analyzed for them
15:09 and I give them a report back to let them know
15:12 were they charged fairly or were they overcharged.
15:15 Now, once I do that for them, if they were overcharged,
15:19 I give them advice...
15:20 I told them they need to find another garage
15:21 to do business with,
15:23 I have a young man that was out of Washington, D.C. area
15:28 he brought in an Audi into a dealership
15:30 they overcharged him $800.
15:34 Overcharged? so that means, he paid one amount
15:39 and then on top of that $800...
15:41 The job should have been... they charged him $1,500
15:45 to have rear brakes done with pads and rollers
15:48 and what we call a "purge valve" which is part of emissions
15:52 now, doing that at the regular price
15:54 after I did my analyzation
15:55 and looked over the bill,
15:57 it should have been $848 plus tax,
16:00 nothing wrong with that... great price,
16:02 they're entitled to make a profit,
16:05 but they charged him $1,500.
16:09 And how did you figure that out, based on what?
16:12 I based it on the repair that they did on the vehicle,
16:16 the model of the car, and the parts that they replaced
16:19 and knowing the labor times,
16:21 because the internet has a lot of things available,
16:23 plus I also have different software that I can use,
16:26 now, if you're doing a real brake job on a vehicle
16:29 and your replacing the brake pads
16:31 which clamp down on the rotors,
16:33 and you're not machining the rotors,
16:35 putting them on a lathe and grinding them down,
16:37 it should take you... quicker,
16:38 the young man replaced his brake pads,
16:40 and replaced rotors, so basically,
16:43 he was just swapping parts, that was it,
16:46 they charged them for machining rotors
16:49 they didn't machine the rotors, and it was stated in the story
16:53 and I read the story,
16:55 a lot of times, people don't read their repair orders,
16:58 they pay and they walk right out the store,
17:00 out of the garage and throw it in their glove box,
17:03 that's the last time they see it,
17:05 they throw it in the glove box,
17:06 the only time they complain is
17:08 if there's something wrong with the car,
17:09 that wasn't fixed correctly, but you need to look at it,
17:12 have the guy go over the repair with you
17:14 on what they've done,
17:16 so you make sure that you're not getting ripped off,
17:19 it happens a lot... it happens a lot.
17:22 That is so... it's terrible in that...
17:26 I mean, if you're a regular working person,
17:29 you don't just have money to just throw away like that,
17:32 his bill should have been $800 and it was almost twice that.
17:37 $1,509...
17:40 $1,500... that is so crazy,
17:42 give us some other examples of people that you've helped
17:46 that have had these major scams or rip-offs happen to them.
17:49 I mean, there are so many to mention
17:52 but the way I do it is that they send me the information,
17:56 and I design a plan for them
17:59 of how they can either get their money back, number one,
18:02 or get a credit from the store that they're doing business with
18:06 for the future business.
18:07 I like people to send me any bills,
18:09 I like the estimates first,
18:11 so I can tell them what to do before they pay,
18:14 it's always hard to get money once you pay,
18:16 Hmmm...
18:17 so, if you can do it before, sending your estimates in to me
18:21 in my e-mail, I'll be glad to look at it,
18:24 because, I'm tired of you ladies getting ripped off,
18:26 kids that are going to college getting ripped off,
18:29 senior citizens getting ripped off,
18:31 and nobody is saying anything,
18:33 no one's saying anything at all, everybody's quiet... mmm...
18:38 I'm tired of that, I need them to make noise,
18:42 my son, right now,
18:43 is going to college in North Carolina,
18:46 and he has a car, and he took it in for a recall,
18:49 brought it in for a recall,
18:51 and the gentleman looked over the car, did the recall,
18:53 he told my son that he needed $1,200 worth of work on the car,
18:59 my son calls me, he says, "Dad, this guy is saying
19:04 $1,200 worth of work on the car,
19:06 it's only got 28,000 miles,"
19:10 I said, "Let me talk to him" so my son puts him on the phone
19:12 and this guy goes through his whole spiel
19:14 of everything that the car needs to have done,
19:18 so I said to him,
19:19 "It needs a 30,000-mile service?"
19:22 He said, "Yes,"
19:23 I said, "And what's recommended for that?"
19:26 He goes through the whole list,
19:27 I said, "Is that in the Owner's manual,
19:29 because I don't see that in the Owner's Manual,"
19:31 he's like, "Well, that's what we recommend"
19:33 I said, "But the manufacturer recommends this and that...
19:37 and you want to charge me $540 to change my oil,
19:42 rotate my tires, do an air filter,
19:45 that's way... that's not stealing
19:49 that's robbing with two guns and a mask,
19:51 so you want to charge us $1,200,
19:58 why would I buy a new car or lease a car
20:00 I'm not going to do a lot of maintenance?"
20:03 the guy started to get indignant with me and upset
20:06 but I continued to smile and say, "You know what?
20:08 I'll tell you what I will do, just do the recall for us
20:12 and we'll come back and make an appointment
20:14 for the other stuff,"
20:15 because I didn't want them to hold the car hostage,
20:17 you know, they do the scare tactics with you
20:19 when you're at these places
20:21 and you don't go ahead and give them the okay
20:23 or authority to do the job, they're trying to scare you,
20:26 "If you leave right now, the tire might fall off"
20:28 and they give you all these things
20:30 and make you spend your money which is not true,
20:33 because if there was something that was "safety,"
20:36 and you had a written estimate
20:38 and they do not put it down on the paperwork
20:40 and something happens to you, you got legal recourse
20:43 "because you know there was a safety issue
20:45 and you didn't tell me," so let's stop playing that game,
20:49 stop trying to scare people out there
20:51 to buying extra work that they don't need,
20:53 and let them do what the car needs.
20:57 That is excellent... excellent information,
21:01 what about additives?
21:02 Additives... I like to say that additives
21:07 there are two things, if you're using them correctly,
21:10 what I mean by that,
21:11 if they're being put into your car,
21:13 they're great...
21:15 Now, what's an additive,
21:16 explain it to our Viewers, what is an additive?
21:19 An additive... well, let's use gasoline,
21:21 for example,
21:23 the additive into the gasoline
21:24 is put in to help the fuel injectors become cleaner
21:27 go through the fuel line,
21:29 get any gunk or any contaminants that exceeds and cleans it out,
21:34 it's an additive,
21:35 it usually can run you anywhere from $29 up to $169, okay?
21:41 Wow!
21:43 If they're using it correctly, if you're going to a place
21:47 and they tell you they're doing the additive
21:49 and they don't put it in the gas tank,
21:51 how would you know?
21:52 You can't test the fuel once you leave,
21:54 you're not a Chemist so you won't know.
21:57 You have get it at a respectable garage that you trust
22:00 and that they're doing it,
22:02 I like going to a place where I can see my car being worked on,
22:05 if they can't let you see it being worked on,
22:07 let them send you a video, everybody has Smartphones,
22:10 if not, we got e-mail, e- mail me a picture
22:12 let me see, as a matter of fact,
22:14 let me have the old parts, "Can I have the old parts?"
22:17 They're your parts,
22:18 you're paying somebody $100 an hour to work on your car,
22:21 they should give you your parts back, right?
22:23 So, put them in check, make sure they do their job,
22:27 that's one thing I say, when you're doing additives,
22:31 make sure they are doing their job.
22:35 And make sure that what you are being charged for...
22:39 you're getting.
22:41 Yes, absolutely, you need to make sure
22:42 or you're going to be getting ripped off,
22:44 you don't want to get ripped off.
22:47 That's tremendous, that is so...
22:49 that is so, so neat.
22:51 So what are some of the tactics that they use
22:54 you know, these guys that are not
22:56 that don't have integrity or scruples,
22:58 what are some of the things they do
23:00 to get you to pay more money?
23:02 Well, from my previous experience,
23:07 it's seeing and looking at different bills and invoices,
23:12 what they do is try to charge you
23:14 for more than what they did,
23:15 what I mean by that is, if a job is paying...
23:18 it should be anywhere... insurance rate...
23:21 pays less than a a customer-pay rate,
23:24 and warranty pays less because they're paying for it,
23:27 so we call it, "Customer Pay,"
23:28 Customer Pay is going to be a little bit higher
23:31 because you're paying,
23:32 if you're getting a job and it's supposed to be
23:35 around 2 hours or anything like that,
23:37 stealing from you would be... charging you for three hours,
23:40 they know that they did it in two hours,
23:42 but they charge you for three,
23:44 so no matter how much they charge you for an hour,
23:46 you're being ripped off.
23:47 But how do you know whether or not they put
23:49 two- or three-hours into the job?
23:50 I mean, each job pays different things, you should...
23:54 one of the things that you should use is RepairPal. com
23:57 so it brings up your knowledge
23:58 so it lets you know what's going on
24:00 because remember I gave you the dial of low-to-high
24:02 now knowing exactly the hours and everything,
24:05 you would need to get a manual,
24:06 which most of us don't have that manual,
24:08 so it's not available to us
24:09 but the internet it's available to you,
24:12 you can go on YouTube, and put your car in
24:14 and a video will come up
24:16 on how long it takes to do something on YouTube.
24:18 Okay...
24:19 It was $300 they wanted to charge, I couldn't believe that,
24:22 I went to YouTube and checked out YouTube,
24:25 put the year, car, that I had,
24:27 I saw two videos of two guys replacing head-lights,
24:30 they showed me what I needed to do,
24:32 one of the trick things about doing it...
24:35 when I had to keep kitty-corner the headlight to get it out,
24:38 but I was able to do it, I got big hands,
24:40 so that was in the way a little bit
24:41 but I was able to do it and I got it done in ten minutes
24:45 it cost me $15 for the headlight,
24:47 so you got to do your research, you have to do your research,
24:53 it's available now on the internet, YouTube, Facebook,
24:57 RepairPal. com also Cars. com,
25:02 they also have a service page and also you can call me,
25:05 I mean, text me, I'm thinking "text" now...
25:09 but e-mail me at CarCareDefender@gmail. com
25:13 or hit me on my Twitter, ccaredefender
25:16 now, I'd also like to say a couple of things
25:17 before we close out,
25:19 this is the time or season to buy a car
25:21 if you need a car, they got great deals out there,
25:24 I just bought a car last week, I saved over $5,000
25:27 and what I did is, I used this rule of saying "No"
25:31 three times, continue to say, "No"
25:34 when they give you one price, let them come back again,
25:37 say, "No" again, as a matter of fact,
25:39 say "No" on the third time
25:41 and tell them you want to think about it,
25:43 that you wanted to go home
25:45 and you'll call them back tomorrow, guess what?
25:47 They're going to give you a deal that you won't believe,
25:50 because they need to move cars at the end of the year
25:54 especially this month.
25:55 So, when you're saying this month,
25:57 this might air later on, so we want people to know that
26:01 at the end of the year...
26:02 that's the best time to buy a car, right?
26:04 Yeah, end of the year or at the end of the month,
26:07 anytime you buy a car,
26:09 any day between the 25th to the 30th
26:11 because they need to make their quota
26:13 that's the best time to buy a car.
26:15 Don't buy a car on the first or the 15th... any of that...
26:18 25th through the 30th or the 31st,
26:22 what time of the month it is, of course,
26:23 but the end of the month,
26:25 is the best time to buy a car.
26:26 Oh! that's great, you are a wealth of information.
26:30 Give us a 30-second closing thought
26:34 for the Viewer who doesn't want to get ripped off,
26:37 whether it's repairs or buying a car,
26:39 give us a 30-second thought.
26:40 Thirty-second thought... if you have a bad feeling
26:44 when you go there,
26:46 you probably are going to be getting ripped off,
26:47 if they don't want to show you your car
26:49 or bring you back to the garage earlier
26:52 or explain to you what they're going to do,
26:54 they're probably ripping you off
26:56 because they don't want to show you,
26:58 that they're trying to hide from you,
27:00 ask them, "What's wrong?
27:01 Can I see the parts? Can I keep the parts?
27:03 Where did you get that price from?
27:04 What are you going to do?"
27:06 Be inquisitive, ask what, why and when,
27:10 you need to know those things,
27:12 and then I'll be able to take care of you,
27:14 and if you're not sure,
27:15 e- mail me at CarCareDefender@gmail. com
27:19 or Twitter, ccaredefender.
27:21 Thank you so much, Anthony, for being with us,
27:25 we really appreciate it.
27:27 God expects us to be good stewards
27:30 of the money that He has entrusted to us,
27:32 so we have to be wise as serpents
27:34 but harmless as doves.
27:36 Thank you so much for tuning in,
27:37 join us next time because you know what?
27:40 It just wouldn't be the same without you.


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