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00:01 Stay tuned to meet a man who went from crime to Christ.
00:05 My name is Yvonne Lewis
00:06 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:33 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:35 My guest today is Wyatt Allen,
00:37 he's an Author, Associate Speaker
00:39 and Evangelist, for Amazing Facts.
00:41 Welcome to Urban Report, Wyatt.
00:43 So glad to be here.
00:45 Oh, it's a blessing to have you, your testimony is so rich,
00:50 God has brought you a mighty long way has He not?
00:54 He certainly has, but my testimony is...
00:56 I'm just one in among many of
00:58 what God can do in somebody's life.
00:59 It's amazing to me as you look at people's journeys
01:04 and you listen to where they were... and where...
01:08 and you look at them now, and you see,
01:11 such a transformation
01:13 from where they were to where they are now,
01:15 tell us a little bit about yourself, where did you grow up?
01:18 I grew up in Missouri, pretty crazy life growing up,
01:21 just... it was actually pretty common to most people
01:24 because this is pretty typical in America today
01:26 but... my parents split up when I was three,
01:29 divorced, we... my brother and my sister...
01:31 we all moved into a Women's Shelter with my mom
01:34 because my dad was violent and abusive
01:36 and we eventually settled in Jefferson City, Missouri,
01:39 and for a few years
01:42 we were safe from the violence and...
01:43 but not safe from life,
01:46 we still got into a lot of trouble
01:48 and my brother and I... we would steal and rob and
01:52 burn down houses, not that we really tried to
01:55 but we set some fires and ended up burning down a house,
01:58 that was at... six years old...
02:00 At six?
02:02 Six years old...
02:04 So, when you... okay, let's go back for a second
02:07 your dad left, and you were... how old?
02:10 Well, my mom left... she had to sneak out like,
02:13 2:00 in the morning, he was drunk and...
02:16 finally was able to get away and so... I was three years old.
02:20 So, your mom carried a lot within her,
02:25 a lot of pain and maybe fear,
02:28 was your mom a Christian at this time, was she...?
02:32 I think she was doing the best she could,
02:34 she was a busy mom, and I think she just...
02:37 she had tried to hold down three jobs at one point
02:39 and it just... it was really...
02:41 let's just say, I wasn't raised with a Christian upbringing
02:45 though she did teach me the Lord's Prayer.
02:47 I remember when I first read the Bible
02:49 for the very first time in my life,
02:50 the Lord's Prayer just came back to me when I came to it...
02:53 I'm like... "I know this, I know this"
02:54 but I don't remember learning it
02:56 so it's really interesting how that worked out.
02:58 Yes, yes, so at three... you moved...
03:01 you sneaked out, basically,
03:02 your mom sneaked out of the house
03:04 and took you to a shelter
03:05 and you lived in the shelter for how long?
03:08 It wasn't terribly long
03:10 until we could actually find somebody to move in with
03:13 and then... she was able to get a job further north
03:16 and so, it was a little process but my dad eventually...
03:20 he'd got into some trouble and had gotten out of jail
03:23 and... so he was able to start getting custody back of his kids
03:26 so it was a back and forth custody issue for years.
03:31 Ah, so at six, then... you began doing some really...
03:36 it began to express some anti-social behavior, right?
03:40 So you started doing what... with your brother?
03:43 Well, I mean, I was six, my brother was eight,
03:46 we ran all over town just causing trouble.
03:48 Where was your mom?
03:50 Working.
03:51 We were supposed to be with the babysitters
03:54 but the babysitters... at least the one we had
03:56 the ones we had weren't really as much concerned
03:58 about watching us and we had a little sister,
04:00 I have a sister who was three years younger than me
04:02 she was a newborn when we left,
04:04 and so she... anyway, she was three at this time
04:07 and so she was home with the babysitter
04:08 but my brother and I...
04:10 just skateboarded around town and...
04:12 we started fires in places and we would steal from stores.
04:16 I think we have a picture of you and your mom and your family
04:20 that we can put up,
04:22 your mom and your brother and your sister.
04:25 And of course that's me being pretty ornery,
04:27 you can see my little sister there,
04:29 and I never was the nicest kid.
04:31 Well, praise the Lord for the journey, right?
04:34 Not where you were but where you are now.
04:36 That's right and where I'm going to go.
04:38 Amen, amen for sure.
04:40 So, at six, you started doing all of these things...
04:44 running around town, setting fires...
04:47 just doing all kinds of things, what happened then...
04:50 if you're doing this at six,
04:51 and your mom had no idea
04:54 that you guys were acting like this?
04:56 Well, we got arrested for the fire thing...
04:58 so... she actually... we just lost custody
05:01 for a short time, from my mom
05:03 because of that issue.
05:04 Did you go into Foster...?
05:06 We didn't then...
05:07 we actually were in a Foster Home later,
05:09 my dad had... it was a big issue and
05:12 he came home to drop us kids off
05:14 and my mom was sleeping,
05:16 like I said, she had all these jobs
05:17 and she wasn't there, and so he broke in the house
05:19 he got into a fight with my mom, broke her back
05:21 and so she was in the hospital recovering
05:24 my dad was... he got in trouble
05:26 so we had to go to Foster Home during that time
05:28 but I was probably about ten or eleven, then, I think,
05:31 but it was pretty... a lot of violence growing up
05:35 a lot of alcohol and...
05:37 I know there were drugs behind the scenes now,
05:40 but I didn't really see it then, but...
05:41 How did seeing the violence then, impact your life?
05:46 Well, what... I'm going to share with you in a little bit,
05:49 how I ended up going to prison
05:50 with a 20-year prison sentence
05:52 and it was for a violent crime. Dr. Yvonne: Okay...
05:53 We'll talk about it in a moment but...
05:55 when I look back at the violence I saw growing up,
05:57 I don't make that as an excuse at all
05:59 I mean, I chose what I did,
06:01 it was a very, very much conscious choice
06:04 but at the same time,
06:06 violence always seemed to be an answer.
06:07 My dad would pull people off the road
06:10 and then just beat them up for cutting him off
06:14 and just seeing that as a solution, so many times,
06:17 I thought, "Well, violence must work for me too"
06:20 You know, Wyatt,
06:22 it's interesting you would say that
06:23 because so many times, in our inner cities,
06:25 especially when there are no men around
06:28 then our young guys have no clue about how to be a man
06:33 and so... "you looked at me, funny... "
06:36 or "you stepped on my shoe, I'm killing you,"
06:39 it's like... the response is so disproportionate
06:42 to what's actually done
06:44 and it's because of the absence
06:47 of the father... to teach...
06:50 in your case, your dad was there,
06:52 but he didn't have...
06:54 I don't know what his situation was with his dad,
06:56 but somewhere, there was kind of...
06:59 Very much the same,
07:00 there was violence and alcohol and others...
07:01 Yes, yes, there's this trend,
07:05 that we see, that only God can break.
07:08 Indeed and it does take a miracle,
07:11 you can't just wake up one morning and say,
07:14 "You know what... I'm not going to do this anymore. "
07:16 Literally, it takes something supernatural to change a heart
07:20 and that's what I determined in my family,
07:22 that listen, there has been a... this...
07:24 I don't know if you call it a generational curse
07:26 or whatever you want to call it, but it's stopping
07:27 because through God's grace, we're going to be overcomers,
07:30 and we're going to live a new life
07:32 and I'm going to be the dad that I didn't have
07:34 and even though my dad was sometimes there,
07:37 he worked pretty hard himself, he was a hard worker,
07:39 if he taught me anything, it was hard work,
07:40 but it definitely...
07:42 the other moral lessons were not there,
07:44 in fact, when I first started using drugs,
07:47 it was because I found his stash of Marijuana
07:49 and he had all of these drugs... I mean... pounds of Marijuana
07:53 and so I was able to take as much as I wanted and...
07:55 Was he selling it?
07:57 No, he just bought it,
07:58 he used it... him and my step-mom,
07:59 they smoked as much as they...
08:01 we always would smell something funny
08:03 but I didn't know what it was and one night,
08:05 one day, just being a kid
08:07 and putting my clothes or something
08:09 and there was a safe,
08:10 they had a floor safe and it was open
08:12 and I was able to get in there and see all these drugs
08:16 it was incredible and I just...
08:18 so I went and experimented with it,
08:20 before I experimented with it though,
08:22 I reverse-engineered the lock, I didn't reverse-engineer,
08:25 I basically figured out the locking mechanism
08:27 so I knew the combination because it was open
08:29 anyway, I was a stupid kid but I was pretty smart...
08:33 and so... anyway... and then... from then on...
08:36 I had access to these drugs all the time.
08:37 How old were you when you started experimenting with drugs
08:40 I was 13- or 14-years-old and, of course,
08:43 I had a whole new group of friends,
08:46 I started... all of a sudden...
08:48 to make friends I didn't have before,
08:50 because I seemed to have a lot of drugs and so
08:53 everyone wanted to be my friend and I was too naive to see
08:55 that it was actually to drugs they liked and not me,
08:58 but I was invited to parties and it was a change in my life.
09:02 So, look at the trend now, right...
09:05 one of the things that we talk about
09:07 on Dare to Dream and particularly on Urban Report,
09:11 is God's plan,
09:12 God has a plan and Satan has a plan,
09:15 and Satan's plan is to destroy,
09:18 and Satan's plan is to start you here
09:21 and take you downward.
09:23 And listen, I was reading his plan book
09:25 and following it perfectly.
09:27 Right... I believe that's what was happening,
09:29 and thankfully, God intervened,
09:31 but you were on this downward spiral at three, at six,
09:38 at eight, at fourteen... downward spiral,
09:44 because that was Satan's plan but praise God
09:46 that's not where God wanted you.
09:48 Tell us a little bit more about when you were... at fourteen...
09:52 what happened to you,
09:54 you mentioned something in this book
09:56 and you have a great book
09:57 that we are going to be referring to,
10:00 "The Least of the Least," it is an excellent book
10:02 and I'm really impressed with what I've seen so far,
10:07 so, what happened to you when you were fourteen
10:11 with the nightclub?
10:12 Well, again I was that kid that was always searching,
10:17 always looking for belonging and meaning and that nightclub,
10:21 it was a place where they played all this loud music
10:25 but since they didn't serve alcohol, I could go in there
10:28 and so, one night,
10:30 we were just looking to go out and have fun and party
10:34 and so when we were pulling into the parking garage,
10:37 there at the nightclub, the police lights were behind us
10:40 and we all... of course we were extremely high
10:43 and we were all packing drugs
10:45 so we jumped out of the car
10:46 and began to run as fast as we could,
10:48 in the opposite directions,
10:50 all of us took off a different way,
10:51 mine happened to lead me right into this night club
10:53 called Silverado's
10:54 and when I went into there,
10:57 I mean, I was in the "Goth" thing for a time
11:00 so I had all this makeup on
11:02 and this black lipstick and it was a mess.
11:03 I got to ask you something about that
11:06 because I don't know that much about the "Goth" thing,
11:08 is that related to witchcraft? Is it... what is the Goth...?
11:13 No, there are some people that are into Goth
11:16 that are completely Atheists but Goth is...
11:18 it's a subculture of people that are...
11:20 you know, they're really...
11:23 they don't need to be involved in just anything,
11:27 they're okay with being loners and... but anyway,
11:31 it has a dark essence to it where you dress in dark clothes,
11:38 you put black makeup on
11:39 and I guess, I dabbled in it, and I wasn't really
11:43 there weren't a whole lot of us that did this,
11:45 and it wasn't a long part of my experience
11:48 but it was that night
11:49 at the nightclub you mentioned earlier,
11:51 I went and washed all that stuff off my face
11:53 because I didn't want to get caught,
11:54 I knew that it was pretty recognizable so...
11:56 I didn't want the police to catch me
11:58 so I washed all of it off my face
12:00 and then I sat down at a table
12:02 and guess who? Right next to me
12:04 was a guy in a long, black trench coat,
12:06 and the long and short of it is, he turned out to be a Satanist
12:10 and he could see I was nervous, I was high, I was scared,
12:14 I thought I was going to get caught,
12:15 I didn't want to get caught, and he did a spell
12:20 at which he was able to take away
12:22 all the nervousness, all the fear,
12:24 my mind was completely clear,
12:26 you'd think Satan wanted me to be "high,"
12:28 but all of a sudden, I'm thinking as clear as
12:30 I've ever thought... and...
12:31 He did a spell verbally or did...
12:33 We went through a ritual,
12:35 where he had a noose and a knife
12:37 and prayers and Luciferian... and calling out to Lucifer
12:40 and Mephistopheles and all these Satanic names
12:42 and I was basically repeating after him... a prayer
12:45 and we had to hold our hands in a certain way
12:47 and so, after the spell was over immediately... just the clarity
12:51 and so I knew there was power in this...
12:52 Ooooh, that gives me a chill.
12:54 And I was involved in witchcraft
12:55 so this was mostly a cult, up to this point,
12:58 but just... not...
13:00 because it wasn't a whole lot of us
13:02 and so I didn't delve on it too deeply... I read the books
13:04 and believed in the power and the...
13:06 but I had never seen something this powerful
13:08 and I've always been told to stay away from dark magic,
13:10 you know, it's okay, white magic is great
13:12 but black magic is not good and so...
13:14 What's the difference?
13:15 There isn't... but I thought there was.
13:17 What is the professed difference?
13:19 Oh well, White Magic being... you know,
13:21 you manipulate people but...
13:25 it's like in Witchcraft, we had the Wiccan Rede,
13:27 "Do as ye will but harm ye none"
13:29 so there was the ethics there to some degree
13:32 but in Satanism, it was different,
13:34 it was this whole attitude of,
13:36 oh like Aleister Crowley said,
13:38 "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law"
13:41 you know, it's the Stelema idea of
13:43 "You are your own god, do what you want to do"
13:45 and so I loved that idea
13:47 and... but it wasn't the spirit of Christ,
13:51 you know what Christ's attitude was,
13:53 He says, "Not my will but thine be done"
13:55 and so that's the attitude I didn't know anything about
13:58 because that was selfish.
13:59 At this point, when you were talking to the Satanist,
14:03 did you feel anything like, "Oh! this is like...
14:07 I don't need to mess with this, this is evil"
14:12 or were you drawn to it?
14:14 Well, Satan had already been getting to me
14:16 through the... I was listening to heavy metal music
14:20 which was very Satanic,
14:22 I was reading all these spiritualistic books
14:24 that dealt in the occult, I played Dungeons and Dragons,
14:27 I played Magic: The Gathering I read these fantasy books
14:30 and so I was already inclined toward
14:34 the "dark side" if you could call it that,
14:37 but even though there was a little bit of...
14:39 I won't say "resistance" but hesitation,
14:42 but, you know, the guy... he was really as open with me
14:44 he said, "Why don't you go out and buy a Satanic Bible,
14:46 go to any bookstore and get one"
14:48 I said, "Really, I've never even heard of it before"
14:50 And so I went down to the Bookstore
14:52 and I got a Satanic Bible
14:54 and as I began to read this thing,
14:56 it appealed to my flesh in every single way
14:58 it told me, like I said, that I was my own god
15:01 that everything is here for my pleasure,
15:04 and it twisted Christianity so much
15:07 but it made sense to me which, of course, it would
15:10 because I was definitely a carnal-minded person
15:12 and so, I would, use the Satanist thing,
15:16 to... I would pick on my Christian...
15:20 I wouldn't call them friends but
15:21 schoolmates, I was in 9th Grade by now,
15:24 I was about 15 years old, and just out of control
15:27 because... if you have no morals,
15:31 if what is right is based on what your heart says,
15:36 which you hear repeated so often,
15:37 "just followed your heart" right? Yvonne: Right...
15:39 That's really a Satanic principle. Yvonne: Absolutely.
15:42 But, in the Bible it says,
15:43 "There's a way which seems right to man,
15:44 but in the end are the ways of death. " Yvonne: Right.
15:46 "And he that trusteth his own heart is a fool"
15:47 that's another Scripture. Yvonne: Right.
15:49 but you know, I trusted in my own heart and I just...
15:51 but it made sense to me
15:53 and I did everything I wanted to do,
15:54 which was partying, which was to have fun,
15:56 which was to do drugs, which was... nothing right...
16:00 I didn't care who I hurt in the process,
16:02 I broke my mom's heart, I would run away from home,
16:04 can you imagine the tears she shed
16:05 as she went around town putting up Missing Posters,
16:09 to try to help her find her boy when I would run away from home.
16:12 So you would run away from home routinely
16:16 I mean... was it a routine thing?
16:17 Yeah, because at home all I heard was,
16:18 "Don't do this, don't do this"
16:20 but whenever I was out there at a party,
16:22 I mean, I could stay all night long,
16:24 I could eat junk food out of
16:26 neighbors' cabinets, you know, whatever...
16:28 and just living my life the way I wanted to live it
16:31 and I didn't have a care in the world,
16:33 for anybody else,
16:34 and that's the spirit of Satanism... it's selfishness.
16:37 Selfish... that's at the root, isn't it?
16:40 But you wonder how many people are Satanist
16:41 and don't know it.
16:43 Ooooh! now that... that is a very deep question
16:47 that is a very... so, you can kind of take that
16:52 a little bit further and say that
16:54 "You could be a Christian and be a Satanist?"
16:58 Well, Satan has a lot of Christians in his camp
17:01 that certainly think they're Christians
17:03 and we got to be careful,
17:04 it's not about going around and judging
17:06 who's a Satanist and who's a Christian,
17:08 but if you really want to boil it down,
17:10 there are only really sheep and goats,
17:12 there are only wheat and tares,
17:14 which in reality it means
17:15 there are only Satanists and Christians,
17:18 and we need to consider which camp we're in.
17:21 And I think it's important that we really look at...
17:26 we really take time to evaluate where we are
17:29 as it relates to Jesus Christ.
17:30 Also, examine yourself.
17:32 That's right and work out our salvation
17:34 with fear and trembling, so, we have to
17:37 really talk to the Lord and find out where we are,
17:40 you know, "Search me O God, try me,
17:43 see if there is any wicked way in me,"
17:46 and so, if we do that, then, we can be on the right path,
17:50 He will put us on the right path so let's kind of... again...
17:55 go through your journey, by this time,
17:56 you are doing drugs,
17:59 you are... kind of a full-blown Satanist?
18:02 That spiral you were talking about,
18:04 it was going down further and further
18:06 and it really got out of control,
18:09 I got arrested so many times because I was burglarizing homes
18:12 I was beating people up at school
18:16 or getting beat up whenever we have a fight,
18:18 but I would definitely fight a lot,
18:20 so I was getting arrested for assaults,
18:22 I was getting arrested for possession
18:25 because I had all these drugs and I wasn't...
18:27 like I said that I was smart but I was stupid,
18:28 so I'd get caught a lot,
18:30 but I kept getting released, I kept getting out of trouble,
18:33 I kept getting a slap on the wrist,
18:34 and I just... I thought it was my Satanic prayers
18:38 that was delivering me, you know,
18:40 but it was still spiraling...
18:41 finally I got arrested for the last time,
18:43 but not for the last time,
18:45 but for a time, they said, "We're not letting you out"
18:47 we are going to send you to Drug Rehab, you have a problem,
18:50 and I said, "My only problem is the fact
18:52 that you're taking away my drugs"
18:54 I had such a chip on my shoulder I had such an attitude.
18:56 What was the charge for this?
18:57 Well, it was possession, and then there was...
19:00 they called it "Habitual Absence"
19:02 continually running away,
19:04 and every time I got arrested,
19:05 I was either... had drugs or... I was...
19:07 my the drug test was always positive
19:08 and so they could tell I had a big drug problem,
19:11 and so, they finally sent me to Drug Rehab,
19:14 and that's where
19:16 I had the biggest opportunity of my life to fix my life,
19:19 they talked about "delayed gratification,"
19:21 they talked about... not being a slave to your addictions
19:25 and it wasn't a Christian-based Program
19:26 but it gave me another avenue of life to follow,
19:30 but I just couldn't wait to get out,
19:32 because I couldn't wait to get back to my parties.
19:35 So... how did you... I can't...
19:37 our time is going so fast
19:39 and I need to find out how you found the Lord.
19:42 Tell us how...
19:45 So, when I was in the Rehab Program,
19:47 I got into a conflict with one of the Supervisors there
19:50 and that's a long story... you have to read the book
19:54 to find out the details but I ended up attacking the man
19:57 and he went to the hospital hurt really bad
20:01 and they locked me up in the Juvenile Detention Center
20:03 and I spent a year in that Juvenile Detention Center
20:06 and while I was in the Juvenile Detention Center,
20:09 I challenged the Bible, I wanted to prove it wrong,
20:12 I wanted to put Christians in their place,
20:13 I wanted to find... really... I think even deeper down,
20:16 I wanted to find an excuse to not follow God.
20:20 And... but as I read through the Bible,
20:23 I mean, just reading story after story of God's love,
20:27 of His patience, how, even from the Garden of Eden,
20:30 all through the end, He's always pursuing His people
20:34 that are always running from Him, you know,
20:36 stubborn... just like I was, and I was so stubborn,
20:39 and the Children of Israel, I mean,
20:42 you look at how many times they strayed,
20:44 but God still reached out His hand of mercy
20:46 and I finally came into a story in the book of 1st Samuel,
20:49 I saw again, God's mercy... and when I saw God's mercy,
20:53 as beautiful as it was,
20:55 it just broke my heart
20:57 and I saw... for the first time in my life,
21:00 the magnitude of my crime, and not just my crime,
21:03 but what I had done to my parents,
21:05 what I had done to everybody in my life,
21:06 how selfish I was living, and how... I would just...
21:11 more than anybody, I had hurt God.
21:12 And I didn't even know a whole lot about Jesus
21:14 at the time because I hadn't gotten to the New Testament yet
21:17 it took me about a month to read through the whole Bible,
21:19 so this was a...
21:20 Yvonne: A month?
21:22 A month... I was locked up for about 23 hours a day... so...
21:24 Wow! so you were doing some serious reading...
21:26 Oh! and I remember,
21:27 they made me shut the lights out like 9 o'clock
21:29 I'd be up there at the window, I'd be like...
21:31 looking at the light coming through the window,
21:32 I tried to... just to keep reading...
21:36 the stories were so interesting.
21:38 The hunger kind of took over.
21:39 I didn't like it at first because, I mean it was like...
21:41 it was very religious, you know,
21:44 it was just soaked in religion and I just
21:46 didn't like the idea but the more I read it,
21:48 I realized that it's actually a story... a love story,
21:51 and I had read all the fantasy books in the past and
21:55 I'm starting to get the big picture
21:56 because when you read a whole lot, you get to see that
21:58 but I just kept reading through the Bible,
22:01 I came to Psalm 51 about God and His mercy and His forgiveness,
22:04 and just poured out my life to Him,
22:06 I believe I became a Christian then.
22:09 Were you going to meetings inside of the prison,
22:11 were they having Church Meetings or anything?
22:14 No, not at all, I hated Christians, remember?
22:17 I despised them,
22:19 I still considered myself a Satanist,
22:20 but as I decided that this really was something
22:24 that was incredible and I gave my heart to the Lord,
22:26 and I kept reading and I found out about who Jesus was
22:28 and I read the Book of Matthew and I'm like,
22:30 "Whoa, this is incredible,
22:31 this is what everybody has been saying,
22:32 why didn't somebody tell me this?"
22:34 You know, and then I read the book of Mark
22:36 which was like, "Are you kidding me?
22:37 I get to hear the story of Jesus... again,"
22:39 and I get it for the third and fourth time in reading John,
22:41 and as I just... I fell in love with Jesus,
22:44 and I did start to go to some of the church services
22:47 that were there, that were Sunday services
22:49 and this was in Springfield, Missouri,
22:50 and we had people coming in
22:52 from the local Christian College there,
22:54 and they would give me books on hermeneutics
22:57 and my mom sent me a Strong's Concordance
22:59 and I'm listening to the radio, we had a Walkman radio
23:01 I finally earned some privileges,
23:03 and I'm learning as much as I can
23:04 soaking in the gospel,
23:06 and just wanting to know the truth,
23:09 and that put me on the path,
23:10 the journey of finding out about the Sabbath,
23:13 finding out about many of these precious truths
23:15 that we now teach as Seventh-day Adventists,
23:19 and it took me a long time but I finally said,
23:23 "These are God's people, this is the church... for me "
23:25 and so, anyway, I was certified as an adult,
23:28 I was sent to County Jail, I spent 10 months there,
23:30 I pled guilty, the judge sentenced me
23:33 to 20 years in prison. Yvonne: Twenty years?
23:34 Wyatt: Twenty years... Yvonne: For possession?
23:36 Wyatt: No, no, no, I'm sorry, this was for the assault,
23:38 I assaulted the guy while I was in Juvenile Detention Center
23:41 Yvonne: Oh! Okay, okay.
23:43 Yeah, actually, because all the other charges
23:44 were minor in comparison, they dropped all those...
23:46 though I was a Juvenile so
23:47 they didn't bring me to trial for those,
23:49 but... anyway, yeah, 20 years in prison for assault,
23:53 and... but by God's grace,
23:56 even though I studied during that time
23:57 and I took every opportunity I could to memorize the Bible
24:00 and to grow and to learn, God had mercy
24:05 and he let me out in 14 years... six years early,
24:10 they let me out of prison. Yvonne: Oh! praise God.
24:12 That was mercy, Sister. Yvonne: Amen, amen...
24:15 And so, anyway, I got out and that's where my life just...
24:20 miracles, more miracles began to happen.
24:22 Now look at this now... so you go through all of this
24:26 you were incarcerated for the 14 years,
24:29 and then... you get out...
24:32 but sometimes, when guys get out or women get out,
24:35 their religion is left...
24:38 Yeah, they read their Bible only once...
24:39 Exactly, exactly, but for you,
24:41 you took it with you, didn't you?
24:44 I had no other option, I wouldn't know how to live
24:46 if it wouldn't be a Christian life
24:49 and I knew, it wasn't just that,
24:51 it wasn't just the practical reasons,
24:52 the reality is, you don't leave your best friend behind.
24:55 Oh, come on... come on now...
24:57 And so you got take Him with you
24:58 and He's been with me by my side... ever since
25:00 and you know what? He has loved me so much
25:02 Yvonne, listen, it wasn't long after I got out,
25:06 that God placed in my path,
25:08 the most beautiful woman I've ever seen,
25:10 and it just so happened that God had worked in her life
25:13 in such a way that she would actually listen to me
25:15 after she found out... I told her right... immediately
25:18 that I... the time in prison and she wanted to know
25:21 what I had done for... work, and I told her,
25:24 "Well I actually... I just got a job"
25:25 she asked: "What did you do before that?"
25:27 "Well, anyway... " long story short,
25:30 she wanted to make sure I wasn't living with my Mama.
25:32 Okay...
25:34 But... I wasn't some freeloader, which was good for her,
25:36 but anyway, the Lord just led us together,
25:39 and we were so... and by the way that whole courtship
25:41 and dating experience and how we got married,
25:44 all that stuff is in the book.
25:45 And this book again is,
25:47 "The Least of the Least: From Crime to Christ"
25:50 how do you get the book?
25:51 You can do it a couple of different ways,
25:53 you can go to remnantpublications. com
25:54 or call Remnant Publications
25:56 and they'll be happy to send you some
25:57 and I encourage people to get them
25:59 and send them into the prisons, give them to your young people,
26:01 I wrote this book specifically...
26:03 anybody can enjoy it,
26:04 but for specifically the young person
26:07 that has been struggling with drugs and alcohol
26:09 loneliness... this book is for them
26:12 but... and you can also go to my website:
26:15 www. EndTimeHope. org
26:17 and I have all the information there to help you get a book
26:20 or several if you want. Yvonne: That's great.
26:23 But, you know, now with this book, it's really interesting,
26:27 the miracles associated with that book,
26:29 lives have been transformed from what I've heard,
26:32 many people share with me,
26:34 but we also now work full time, my wife and I,
26:37 we travel around doing Bible Prophecy Seminars
26:39 and so we do full Revelation Seminars
26:41 we've done them all over the Country and around the world.
26:43 People can contact you through your website?
26:45 Yeah, they can contact us through the website,
26:47 they can contact me through Amazing Facts
26:50 in fact, we have a whole team at Amazing Facts
26:52 that is happy to go around and travel and do these meetings
26:55 but you know... endtimehope. org.
26:57 That's awesome, that's awesome,
27:00 so, right now, you've come through this long journey
27:04 you've given your heart to Jesus,
27:06 He has shown you miracle after miracle,
27:09 how would you summarize your experience in one sentence?
27:14 Hmmm... grace to grace,
27:18 mercy to mercy,
27:20 every day is a new adventure to serve
27:23 and to please and listen... Jesus said this,
27:27 He said two things, "Not my will by thine be done"
27:33 that's my attitude now and He also said,
27:35 that He has to be about His Father's business.
27:38 Yes...
27:39 So, that's kind of my attitude today.
27:41 Amen, well thank you so much for being with us.
27:43 Wyatt: My pleasure.
27:44 May God continue to bless you
27:46 as you continue in His steps, you are following Jesus.
27:49 I can't believe,
27:51 we've reached the end of another Program
27:53 the time goes by so fast
27:55 especially when you have a rich story like this,
27:58 make sure to join us next time though and remember,
28:00 it just wouldn't be the same, without you.


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