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Participants: Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jason Bradley (Host), Cheri Peters


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00:01 Stay tuned to meet one of the coolest mentors on the Planet.
00:04 My name is Yvonne Lewis
00:05 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:30 Hello and Welcome to Urban Report.
00:32 One of my favorite people is Cheri Peters.
00:36 Jason and I were debating
00:37 which one of us was going to interview her
00:39 so we decided to do it together, we had a blast!
00:43 Take a look.
00:46 We are so thrilled to be on the Set
00:49 with my dear friend, Cheri Peters,
00:52 Jason, is this not of the bomb right here?
00:55 Wonderful, wonderful.
00:56 And we've never done this on this Set.
00:59 Yvonne: I know. Cheri: I am excited.
01:01 I am too, I am too, because
01:03 I was thinking, "Man! I can't wait to interview Cheri...
01:06 Jason was going to do it because I had another interview to do
01:09 and I thought, "Ah ha, I've got to be here
01:12 with Jason to talk to my girl. "
01:14 And what I've to say, Jason, with you... and...
01:17 is... I've seen you kind of stand up over the years
01:20 and I... I just think you are...
01:22 you are amazing,
01:23 I think the way you have passion for God
01:26 and the way you've kind of stood in that place
01:28 and kind of... sat right in this seat,
01:31 good job!
01:33 Oh! praise the Lord and we had to come to a compromise
01:35 because we were trying to figure out
01:37 who was going to interview you
01:38 and I was determined to interview you
01:41 so, we decided that we'd do it together
01:43 but thank you so much for that.
01:44 God is amazing and He's been working in my life
01:47 as well as... He's worked in yours
01:49 and several other people that you've mentored...
01:51 several of the thousands of people that you've mentored.
01:54 And our passion... this year...
01:56 we have really stepped out... we've done a lot
01:59 like going into prisons and going into rehabs
02:01 and working in people's lives and families
02:03 and addicts trying to stand up, crazy hours...
02:06 I remember how crazy we can be and so...
02:08 we've done that forever and all of a sudden...
02:11 and you know... I've gotten cancer
02:13 and all that kind of stuff and things are slowing down a bit
02:15 and I'm like, "God, what do we do
02:17 and I don't know how to slow down"
02:19 and I started having the most brilliant people
02:23 in front of me, like you,
02:25 that were just starting out and they have such passion
02:28 and such a... something to say
02:30 and I thought, "What if I could help them
02:32 to say what they need to say?
02:33 Not what I need to say in a different voice
02:35 but what they need to say" and all of a sudden,
02:38 I just got goosebumps, I just thought, "No way!"
02:41 So, this is like a shift in your ministry.
02:44 A huge shift.
02:45 Tell us what you were doing before
02:47 and now... what you're doing...
02:48 what was the focus before?
02:50 The focus before was going out
02:52 and really kind of convincing people,
02:55 for one... to look at addictions differently,
02:56 because we're all struggling with something
02:58 and to be easier on ourselves, to do our own recovery,
03:01 to step in and find out what does the blood of Christ mean,
03:04 what does it mean for healing,
03:06 what does it mean that the joy of the Lord is your strength,
03:08 what does it mean that "God is going to get us home?"
03:11 So it was really focused on our own recovery.
03:13 Now, as you were coming up and as you were struggling
03:17 with your own addiction,
03:18 did you have somebody that mentored you?
03:20 Did you have somebody that reached out and helped you
03:22 when you were going through it?
03:24 You know what I want to say
03:25 for anybody that walked alongside of me
03:27 or knew me at that time, this is not a slam, but no...
03:31 one time, I could remember
03:32 standing in front of a church, it was pathetic
03:35 because I was a wreck, strung out on heroin,
03:37 I could barely read... I'm trying to figure out who I am
03:39 I feel like God called me,
03:41 I'm calling everybody on the planet
03:42 to try to get to hire me and stuff like that
03:44 and I stood in front of a church with about 300 people,
03:47 and I said, "I need a mentor"
03:49 and people looked at me like I was from another planet,
03:53 it was like, "What?"
03:54 and I thought, "I need an Accountability Partner"
03:57 and I need a mentor, I need someone to spiritually...
04:00 "Man, if I'm screaming and not sure where to put my next steps"
04:04 somebody that says, "Step here, right?"
04:06 And at first, I saw the reaction that... I didn't get a response,
04:12 then I asked the Pastor's wife about a week later
04:15 and she said, "I'll have to pray about it"
04:17 and about a month later,
04:18 I called her and said, "Have you prayed,
04:20 are you on your knees right now?"
04:23 And she said, "No" to me,
04:24 about a year after that, what she said to me
04:28 is, "I was afraid to say, 'Yes,'
04:30 because I was struggling and I though you would see it. "
04:32 Hmmm...
04:34 So, even when I found out along the way
04:36 that we are afraid to let people close to us
04:38 because we're trying to be perfect,
04:40 we're trying to be all that
04:41 and we don't want someone to know that we're not all that.
04:44 So, what if we just loved each other
04:46 and we didn't have to worry about...
04:48 my next growth or am I perfect enough?
04:51 Or am I okay to be in this position?
04:53 I'll just give you what I have
04:55 and if it's not enough, get something from someone else
04:58 and something from somewhere else,
04:59 but I cannot... not say... "What do you need?"
05:02 Yeah, and I think it's important
05:04 for anybody who's going to mentor someone,
05:08 to consider that, "I can only give what I have"
05:11 but, we can give what we have,
05:14 like, so often, I think about all of these kids
05:18 that need someone to "pour" into them,
05:21 someone to pour into their lives
05:23 and nobody is doing it.
05:27 Yeah, and hold up, Yvonne, on the "kids' thing"
05:29 when I showed up today and you have always loved me,
05:33 I mean, every time I turn around,
05:35 when you say something to me, I know that you've stopped...
05:37 you've seen me and you've said it.
05:39 But today, you even got me something
05:41 because you thought, "Oh, she's going to love this"
05:42 it's a little Blaney shirt that I love
05:44 so even when we're speaking to each other's lives
05:48 on a friendship level, I walk away stronger
05:50 because I see you... see me
05:53 and so it's not...
05:54 it's not just that we're talking to kids,
05:56 we're talking to each other,
05:58 we're talking to somebody that's 75
06:00 and they think they have nothing to give,
06:01 the other day, I ended up at someone's house
06:03 who was teaching me a little bit of crocheting,
06:05 because I knew that that's what she could give me
06:08 and we were doing healing just with that.
06:10 So, we've got to reach out and God told me that
06:13 we have in our Denomination alone,
06:15 and we are in a Denomination
06:17 and so we work in a lot of different places,
06:19 but in my Denomination, I'm Seventh-day Adventist
06:21 there are 78,000 churches,
06:23 18-point-something million people,
06:25 and He said, "What if, two or three people
06:28 in every church just stood up, in their own talents
06:31 and what if you got to be a little part of that?"
06:35 And I'm like, "Shut up,"
06:36 and all of a sudden, somebody speaks into your life
06:42 and you literally get to speak
06:44 into the lives of all these folks
06:46 when that person walks away, that church is different
06:49 and so, I think that "mentoring thing" for me is...
06:52 I'm very serious, what kinds of tools can we do?
06:55 Even on our website, we're dropping content in,
06:58 we're doing online seminars, we're saying,
07:00 "If you need anything, send me an email,
07:02 I'll do a video blog on it,
07:04 if you want to do a Q and A with people
07:06 from all over the world that are doing
07:07 what you're doing and we can talk to each other
07:10 I'll set that up" and so we really are
07:12 intentionally saying, "What can we do?"
07:15 So you're kind of brokering then,
07:18 kind of a resource liaison for other mentors
07:22 to come in and do that as well? Is that what you're doing?
07:25 Absolutely, other mentors...
07:26 or if you click on this button over here
07:28 it's somebody in recovery
07:30 that just needs to know about anger
07:31 or sexual addiction or how to parent
07:33 and if I need to grab someone
07:34 like, if I said, "You know what?
07:36 Can you talk to these guys?"
07:37 I'll grab him and do a little interview
07:40 or have him send me a little clip
07:41 and so it's a "digital mall" kind of thing.
07:44 Yvonne: Ooooh, I love it.
07:45 That I'm literally going to send them to this mall
07:47 and I can click through whatever I need to click through
07:49 and if it is somebody that's doing ministry,
07:52 man! let's equip you,
07:54 but if it's somebody that's new in their walk, let's equip you,
07:57 if it's a parent saying,
07:58 "My kids are out of control," let's equip them,
08:01 if it's a kid out of control, let's talk to them
08:05 and so it's just... just allowing the content
08:08 and what do you need from us?
08:09 That's brilliant and I think
08:11 what I love so much about your program
08:13 and the fact that you're mentoring
08:15 is that you're open and transparent
08:17 and I think that's something that's been missing
08:19 for so long, because, I mean, how can people
08:22 truly get help if everybody is trying to put on that facade
08:26 and everybody is trying to put on that front
08:28 like they're perfect and nothing's wrong with them
08:30 and they put on that holy face when they go to church
08:32 but people are struggling
08:34 and people are struggling with addiction
08:36 and all kinds of issues so, in your program,
08:39 and you're reaching out and mentoring others
08:41 is wonderful.
08:43 To me, what I love about it, even men and women
08:46 that are being raised up like your age,
08:49 you're just saying,
08:50 "You know, don't play me right now,
08:52 I don't want what you've read...
08:54 I want what you've lived through,
08:56 I want to know that I have something that I can hold on to"
09:00 and so if we are truly at the end of the great controversy,
09:03 this is not a time to put a mask on,
09:05 this is the time to take every mask off.
09:07 You know, how did God get you to surrender that?
09:10 When you say, "God search my heart,"
09:13 don't you shake a bit?
09:14 "Search my heart but do it easy... "
09:18 you know what I mean?
09:19 Jason: Be gentle.
09:21 And so, when you talk to somebody,
09:24 you want to say, "I have a God that... that...
09:27 that jokes with me, that tells me jokes,"
09:30 It was really crazy the other day,
09:32 I'm struggling more than I have struggled,
09:35 things are falling apart,
09:36 I was in the hospital with a subdural hemorrhage
09:39 with... being introduced to a neurosurgeon
09:42 after being balked off a horse and I'm like...
09:44 I can't even hardly remember my name,
09:46 it was that kind of an injury
09:47 and so, I'm thinking, "God, I'm afraid," right?
09:51 And somebody in that time...
09:53 because I think the enemy is very strategic
09:55 in what he offers you,
09:57 but somebody in that time, offered me... almost the moon...
10:00 you know, "I'm here, I'll give you this...
10:02 we love you,
10:03 you'll never have to worry about a dime again"
10:06 and we worry about gas money half the time
10:09 so, that... I mean... everything about it was good,
10:11 but he's a player,
10:12 and I realized that I am being played
10:14 and that it's not real and so I had to turn that down
10:17 and I just thought... and I cried...
10:19 I'm sitting there and I'm just crying
10:21 and I'm not a crier... and I said, "God... "
10:23 and I heard this song in the background,
10:25 you're going to die...
10:27 if you know the song, just sing it with me...
10:30 I heard this song, "Save the last dance for me...
10:33 don't forget who's taking you home,
10:36 and in whose arms you're gonna be... "
10:39 and I heard, God Himself say,
10:42 "I know that's a secular song but I'm singing that to you,
10:45 don't be seduced into all kinds of crazy stuff,
10:49 don't even be seduced by your own life,
10:51 save the last dance for me, I'm going to get you home,
10:54 and I love you, don't you know I love you?"
10:57 and I just smiled because I thought,
11:00 "I want someone to know that that's who God is,
11:03 He's very real,
11:04 He'll talk to us in whatever way you need to be talked to
11:07 that He needs to talk to us, He will heal us
11:09 from whatever lies that we are even telling ourselves
11:13 He said, 'I'll get you through all that'
11:14 but you got to know,
11:16 'I don't want you to put a mask on,
11:18 I don't want you to pretend you're something else,
11:21 I want you to be yourself and when you stand up,
11:23 I want you to stand up... smiling...
11:26 and tell someone about it. '"
11:27 Yeah, He's a personal God,
11:29 He didn't just set it and forget it,
11:31 "Here, I created it, you go live your lives,
11:33 He cares about every aspect of our lives...
11:36 that's so important. "
11:37 You know, when you were saying
11:39 about how God speaks to you,
11:42 God is... that personal God,
11:44 he doesn't say that we won't go through things,
11:48 what He said... the Bible says,
11:50 "When you pass through the fire,
11:51 when you pass through the rivers,
11:54 you're going to pass through things,
11:56 but when you do, I'm there with you,
11:58 I've got your back, I'm never leaving you,"
12:01 and so, our God is faithful and He's there
12:03 and what you're doing with the mentoring
12:06 is so critical because
12:09 you are showing what Jesus did.
12:12 You meet people at their point of need,
12:14 that lady... crocheted... that's what she did...
12:18 and you sat down and did that with her,
12:20 and see... that's what I think Jesus would do.
12:22 She had tears in her eyes as she was showing me a stitch
12:25 and I just wanted to thank God that He gave us this moment,
12:29 we don't even know how...
12:30 we don't even know each other's language,
12:32 right, but if she has tears in her eyes,
12:34 then I'm saying, "God, how cool are you?"
12:36 Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm...
12:37 You've preached a sermon on restoration
12:39 and you've shared a powerful, powerful story and testimony
12:44 of when you went to someone's house,
12:47 those two brothers, touch on that a little bit.
12:51 You know, it's really interesting
12:52 because I believe that God can restore any of us
12:54 so this girl I meet six years earlier
12:56 gets saved, she's a heroin addict...
12:58 and heroin... and if you're a heroin addict,
13:00 man! it's going to be tough but you'll make it
13:02 but she's strung out
13:03 and she detoxes and she's clean
13:05 and she just says, "You know what?
13:07 One day, I pray that Cheri will meet my brothers,
13:10 both of them are strung out, one just got out of prison
13:12 they have kids and one of their partners is pregnant
13:15 and they're slamming heroin through the pregnancy
13:17 I mean... it's just crazy... "
13:18 and so she says... while I'm in town,
13:20 and she says, "You know, I'd prayed this one time
13:22 that you'd meet my brothers,"
13:24 and I said, "Today's my day off
13:26 so, how about today?
13:27 Tell them that I want to come to lunch. "
13:29 So, we're talking about a druggie's house
13:31 I'm the Evangelist in town and she's going to come to lunch
13:35 I mean, they don't set china, let me just say that, right?
13:39 And so, she calls them and for whatever reason
13:42 they say, "Yes, but she has one hour,
13:44 at the end of the hour, I want her out of here. "
13:46 So, I go in there, I know I have one hour,
13:49 we start to eat a little bit, I don't have a lot of time,
13:51 so I look at the brother and say,
13:52 "You know, I'm a heroin addict in recovery,
13:55 I've been clean for 35 years, right... "
13:57 And he's like, "Man! yeah, I know... "
14:00 and na... na... na... na...
14:01 and we start talking and he says,
14:03 "I'd love to say that...
14:04 but I'm still using"
14:07 I said, "So, these are your two kids out here?"
14:09 And they said, "Yeah... "
14:10 and they're beautiful... like, little kids...
14:12 and I said, "Pick one of these two kids
14:15 that you'd like to bury, which one would you bury?"
14:17 Wow! Wow...
14:19 And he's looked at me like...
14:21 "No, I'm not picking one,"
14:22 I said, you get lost in your addiction,
14:24 you don't have a choice, it may not be you that gets hit,
14:28 but you may bury one of these kids
14:30 and you will bury them in their addiction
14:32 and I've just lived that
14:34 through people that I've worked with... over and over and over,"
14:36 and he says, "I'm not picking one"
14:38 and we started talking and he seriously said
14:40 "I just want to be clean,
14:42 I just want to be well,"
14:44 and by the end of that... the first 40 minutes...
14:48 It's like we said, you know...
14:50 "Can I pray for you, can I anoint you?
14:52 Because it's going to be really tough,
14:54 you're going to need God, Himself,
14:55 as an Accountability Partner. "
14:57 We walk in the Living Room
14:58 and he's like, "I don't even know what to do"
15:00 and I said, "We're going to pray
15:02 that God, Himself will just step into your life
15:05 and help you with this journey,"
15:06 and I said, "Should we stand up or kneel down?"
15:09 And he's like, "What?"
15:10 I said, "Should we stand or kneel?
15:12 We're going to the God
15:14 that spoke the universe into existence,
15:15 and you're going to ask Him to be your Accountability Partner
15:19 we're going to ask Him to detox you,
15:21 we're going to ask Him to save your kids.
15:23 Should we stand or kneel?"
15:25 And the guy is like... "Well, I think we should kneel"
15:29 I think we should too and pretty soon we are on the ground
15:34 anointing this beautiful guy
15:37 with his kids there
15:39 and his partner there and everybody's looking
15:41 in this drug house where everybody is slamming heroin
15:44 and I am thinking,
15:45 "God, there is no place you won't go to reach us. "
15:48 Yes, yes.
15:50 And to me restoration in his life,
15:51 he went to every single one of our meetings,
15:53 he is clean to this day,
15:54 he is really turning his life around
15:56 and his brother just got out of prison
15:58 he said, "What about me? What about praying for me?"
16:00 But it was... to me, what I'm thinking is,
16:02 all this silliness that we have about how to teach the Bible
16:06 or how to teach about God or how to equip people,
16:08 I think we have to throw that away,
16:09 spend time, mentor people, speak into their lives
16:13 and I'm in a jail a few weeks ago, right?
16:16 so I'm in a jail... Yvonne: Visiting...
16:20 Visiting... thanks for clarifying that...
16:23 they invite me in as a Speaker,
16:26 they give me two full days to do seminars... in jail,
16:30 they never do that, it's ridiculous,
16:32 Two full days?
16:34 Two full days, so now, I'm going in
16:36 I'm in a... I'm in a... they've used,
16:39 "Miracles From the Streets" the book I wrote
16:41 as part of their book club
16:42 then they invited me in as a Speaker
16:43 and now I'm doing the Seminars and I'm thinking,
16:45 "Okay... Am I mentoring right now?
16:48 one of these women... which one?
16:50 Because when I leave, she can stay and teach. "
16:52 Hmmm... Hmmm...
16:54 "So, I'm not going in just to say,
16:55 'this is what forgiveness is' or 'this is what recovery is'
16:59 'this is who God is,' even though I say all of that,
17:01 I'm going in to say, 'which one?'
17:04 'Which one?'"
17:05 Wow! and expecting that God will let you know
17:08 which one you're to pour into in particular.
17:11 Absolutely, you know which one it was?
17:12 The Guard came in and said,
17:14 "See this girl right here? If she says one word to you,
17:18 one word... she's out of here. "
17:20 And I thought, "Oh! so it's that one. "
17:22 She is a troublemaker, she divides everybody,
17:27 she is horrible and so I went up to her
17:30 in the story... I grabbed her by the throat,
17:32 picked her up off the chair, threw her on the chair
17:34 and said, "I just couldn't take it,"
17:37 It was horrible... na, na, na, na, na,
17:39 and she's like, "Did you put your hand on me?"
17:41 She's looking at me like trying to figure out...
17:44 whether she's going to come at me,
17:46 but instead, she said, "You know, I like you. "
17:49 Now all the other girls can listen
17:52 and I spoke to her until she was...
17:54 the next day she started sobbing,
17:56 saying, "I don't know how to forgive people, I am so angry,
18:00 my life has been so trash,
18:02 I have been in and out of jail my whole life
18:04 and you're saying for me to forgive and give it to God...
18:08 surrender it, I cannot,"
18:10 and I got on my knees and cried with her
18:13 and I said, "If you don't,
18:14 you will be in bondage your whole life,
18:18 I beg you... give God a chance, give Him this...
18:20 you're not saying that it was right or wrong,
18:23 you're just saying, 'I'm done carrying it. '"
18:24 And she sobbed, "I'm done. "
18:28 We did an anointing,
18:29 I was just going to really do an anointing
18:31 for her sake but when I brought the Chaplain in,
18:34 we anointed 25 women
18:35 but the one that we spoke into their life as a "Mentor,"
18:40 was this woman... Jason: Wow!
18:41 Cheri: This woman, she'll teach when we leave.
18:43 She's the one that is going to kind of carry the ball
18:47 after you've gone.
18:49 What's interesting to me is, you're not just going there
18:53 just to speak a word and then leave,
18:55 no, you wanted replication.
18:57 Cheri: Rise... raise them up... Yvonne: Yes.
18:59 Change their lives, let them be...
19:01 right now, like... even for her, she goes back in her room,
19:05 she's talking to God Himself, the Holy Spirit Himself,
19:08 God is going to tell her everything that she says next.
19:10 She can speak words that I will never say,
19:13 you know, there are people that even...
19:14 even in my life, there are...
19:16 you're like... Jason, you can't be in my skin,
19:18 I can't be in your skin but when the Holy Spirit says,
19:21 "Jason, say this," right...
19:23 and she'll say stuff that I just don't know,
19:25 she'll changes lives that I don't... that I can't do,
19:28 she's behind bars 24... 7...
19:31 for the next, probably 20 to 30 years,
19:35 her ministry is going to be speaking
19:38 into the lives of these woman
19:40 and so, it's like, you know...
19:41 as a Christian, we're not here just to teach,
19:44 we're here to love, mentor
19:46 and equip other people, disciple them.
19:49 That's the word, that's exactly what... yeah...
19:52 And that's so important because even in the secular world
19:55 and in the work place,
19:56 great leaders create other great leaders,
19:58 you don't want to just be a Leader
20:01 and have a bunch of people...
20:02 you want people to come take your job so you can move up.
20:04 and I think that is... that's very, very important.
20:08 And even as a Christian, I love when you say, "move up"
20:10 you know what God said to me,
20:12 I'm trying to... I'm whining about...
20:14 "I don't have this and I don't have this
20:16 and I'm afraid and do I just go and get a job"
20:19 and God just tolerates me when I whine,
20:21 but, He says,
20:24 "Cheri, do you remember what I promised you
20:26 when I saved you?"
20:27 "Did you remember when we first met,
20:29 what did I promise you?"
20:31 And I thought... I thought, "What did He promise me?"
20:33 And He said,
20:35 "I promised that I'd get you home. "
20:36 Hmmm... Hmmm.
20:38 "I didn't promise you gas money" you know what I mean?
20:41 "I promised to get... " and all of a sudden I thought,
20:44 "All this silliness that I was doing
20:46 like... you know, the ministry needs to grow,
20:48 I need to feed the horses, I need gas money,
20:50 I need all that kind of stuff,
20:51 I need to wear clothes
20:53 when I'm on these Sets with you guys, you know,
20:54 and, and, and, and... " but He said,
20:56 "I didn't promise you any of that,
20:58 I promised to get you home,"
20:59 and I thought, "You know what? That is enough,
21:01 I follow you because you're God
21:03 and we're going home, everything else,
21:05 I'm just going to ask you daily,
21:07 what do you want me to do today?"
21:09 And I don't even want to step up,
21:11 you know, when you step in your rightful place,
21:13 I'm going to step aside, this is your turn.
21:16 Hmmm... you are doing what Jesus did
21:20 which is to meet people at their point of need,
21:22 to pour into their lives
21:24 and then to give them the tools that they need
21:26 to continue in that path,
21:28 that's what Jesus wants us to do.
21:30 Jason: Practical Christianity.
21:32 It's practical Christianity, exactly, exactly,
21:35 how many people are involved in your ministry,
21:37 and we need to put your website up
21:38 so that people can know how to reach you.
21:41 What's your... give us your website.
21:43 Truestep. org and on the website,
21:46 if you need anything that's not there,
21:48 just text me or e-mail me because we'll put it there
21:53 and it depends on... when somebody says,
21:55 "How many people are involved?"
21:56 I don't get paid half the time and so I don't pay anyone
21:59 so it just depends on who is going to stick it out.
22:01 So if you are a Graphic Designer,
22:05 Videographer or if you want to volunteer anything,
22:07 we are always looking for someone with gifts
22:10 because the only thing I know is that,
22:12 "It is time to be real. "
22:14 I came into my Christianity
22:16 and I know that you guys can relate to this
22:20 but I came into my Christianity and looked around
22:23 and I thought, "Oh man, I can't just be myself,
22:26 because it's not enough," right?
22:28 So I tried to be everything
22:29 that I thought a good Christian would be,
22:32 I had a picture of what that was and all that kind of stuff
22:34 and I realized that ten years down the road,
22:38 "I can't do this" I'm screaming at God,
22:40 "I can't do this, I feel like I'm dying,
22:41 I'm just going to be myself and I'm really angry about it,"
22:44 and He said, "Good, because I so missed you"
22:47 so, He doesn't want us to be anything but who we are.
22:52 That's right, there is nobody else,
22:54 nobody on the planet that can do it like you can.
22:58 We're all... we're like snowflakes,
23:00 everything is... fingerprints...
23:02 everyone is individual and we're in this big mosaic
23:05 are we are so...
23:07 it's this big tapestry... and a big puzzle
23:10 and each of us has a place in that puzzle
23:13 and nobody can take your place.
23:14 And it also goes back to like...
23:16 what you were saying about mentoring... earlier...
23:18 there are all kinds of different people,
23:21 one lady could help you with the crocheting and all that stuff
23:25 and someone who's been through heroin addiction
23:28 or marijuana addiction or pornography
23:31 or religious addiction or any type of addiction...
23:34 can help somebody else
23:35 and a pastor can help other people
23:37 so just like how there's always individuals...
23:40 each one has their own purpose. Hmmm... hmmm...
23:43 The person that taught me how to cook,
23:45 you know, I don't know how to cook...
23:47 brown rice all of that healthy stuff
23:49 and she said, "Let me speak into your life,"
23:52 she was an incredible mentor for me.
23:54 Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm...
23:55 At what point did you decide that mentoring
23:58 was what you wanted to do, like, what made that happen?
24:00 You know, to me, I thought when somebody said,
24:03 "I had cancer and I have this much time to live,"
24:06 and I thought, "Wait... "
24:08 and then I started to look around, "Who's standing up?"
24:11 and there are incredible folks standing up all over the world,
24:15 I mean, we would be so proud
24:17 if we could actually see the face of Christ
24:18 in the face of the people that are passionate about Him
24:21 and I thought, "What do they need from me?
24:24 If I go out tomorrow, or ten years from now,
24:26 what do they need in that time?"
24:28 and I felt like God Himself said, "Are you kidding me?
24:31 Are you kidding me? You absolutely love me,
24:34 they need to know that
24:36 and they need to step out in that strength"
24:38 and we started mentoring
24:40 and I watched... with a little bit of information
24:42 this person would be a 100 times more effective
24:45 and I thought, with a little bit of information
24:47 and then... they are stronger,
24:48 they're standing up stronger, their voice is solid,
24:51 they're not saying, "I'm not good enough,"
24:53 they know that none of us are good enough
24:55 just stand up anyway.
24:56 And so I think that it just changed my life,
24:59 and I realized that
25:00 what we give to each other is so huge.
25:03 That's amazing, so where are you trying to take this,
25:06 what's the goal for it or do you have a goal...
25:09 specific goal that you have in mind
25:11 for this whole mentoring piece?
25:13 You know, we do, we're going to do a Digital Mall
25:18 to literally step into people's lives on different levels
25:21 and to be whatever we can add at any given time
25:24 we've built a Studio at my home,
25:26 I don't have to travel, I can walk downstairs,
25:28 we've got video, audio
25:30 and a place even... for people to stay as we interview them,
25:33 and so it's like being able to say
25:35 that we are really going to start
25:37 just concentrating on content,
25:39 what does somebody need... to be more effective?
25:42 That is so great, that is so great,
25:44 what is your burden for the church at this point?
25:49 Where... where's your heart for the church?
25:52 Every mask needs to come off right now.
25:54 We're at the end of the great controversy,
25:57 do your own recovery, do your own healing,
26:00 ask God what your gifts are and share them
26:02 because we have amazing people in the church
26:05 and even for the last few seconds here is...
26:08 if anybody has any funds to help us... send money...
26:11 if you say, "I really... all I can do is this,"
26:15 do that, pray for someone, whatever it is
26:17 but it's like, we've got to... every mask is off.
26:20 We can't tap out now, we're on the way home.
26:23 That's right, that's right, yes we are,
26:25 that's right, that's right,
26:26 I can't believe our time is just about up, was this fun?
26:30 Jason: Yes it was, yes it was, Yvonne: All right see...
26:32 Jason: There was no way you were going to be able to
26:34 interview her without me
26:35 and I couldn't interview her without you, so...
26:37 There you go... there you go...
26:38 we're so glad that you took the time out
26:41 on your Celebrating Life in Recovery Set
26:43 which is awesome, and you're on Dare to Dream
26:46 so we love having you there and we love you so much, Cheri,
26:50 God bless you as you continue... Cheri: Thank you.
26:53 And we're going to encourage our Viewers to support
26:56 True Step Ministries
26:58 it's Truestep. org right?
26:59 Support Cheri in what she's doing
27:02 you know that it's vital,
27:03 you know that this is something that has to be done
27:06 we're not playing... God is not playing now,
27:09 it's time for us to be serious, pour into each other's lives
27:13 and give... set forth God's agenda.
27:17 God bless you, thanks for joining us.
27:19 Wow! that was so much fun you know, Hebrews 13:7 says,
27:28 "Remember those who led you, who spoke the Word of God to you
27:32 and considering the result of their conduct,
27:35 imitate their faith. "
27:36 Contact Cheri's mentoring program
27:39 and mentor someone today,
27:41 there are so many people who need you,
27:43 so many people who could benefit
27:46 from the wisdom that God has given you
27:48 so many young people who really, really need
27:51 someone to take some time with them,
27:54 and to show them the love of Jesus.
27:56 You can do it, we thank you.
27:58 Well, I can't believe it
28:00 we've reached the end of another program.
28:02 Join us next time because you know what?
28:04 It just wouldn't be the same without you.


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