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Participants: Jason Bradley (Host), Yvonne Lewis (Host), Ivor Meyers, James Rafferty


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00:01 Is the Book of Revelation a puzzle to you?
00:03 Well, stay tuned to meet some men that...
00:05 under the unction of the Holy Spirit
00:07 can connect the dots for you.
00:09 My name is Yvonne Lewis
00:10 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:35 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:37 Our guests today are
00:38 Pastors James Rafferty and Ivor Myers,
00:42 Co-hosts of Dare to Dream's new prophecy program,
00:45 Salvation in Symbols and Signs.
00:48 Jason and I were both on the program
00:50 and we had a chance to talk to these great pastors.
00:53 Take a look.
00:57 It is so great to be on the Set
01:00 of Salvation in Symbols and Signs,
01:03 Jason and I are not only on the Set right now
01:06 but we are also on the program
01:09 and we can't wait for you to see it.
01:11 Jay, tell us about our guests... our Hosts.
01:14 Oh, we have... Pastor Ivor Myers
01:16 and we have Pastor James Rafferty
01:19 who are both very, very knowledgeable
01:22 in terms of Revelation and Prophecy
01:25 and all of that, we've been learning a lot...
01:28 a lot on that program.
01:30 One of the things that I love about this program,
01:34 is, it is so basic, like I spent...
01:38 I have spent years, you guys, just... like...
01:43 I've read Revelation... I've read it more than one time
01:45 and every time I read it, you know,
01:47 it's just like zig zag, it's never connected
01:52 but tell us what is your view of this program?
01:57 Let's start with Pastor Rafferty
01:59 because he's hosting the program and just... well...
02:03 you guys are kind of Co-hosting,
02:05 you look like our Primary Facilitator here, would you...
02:08 give us like an idea as to what this program is about.
02:11 Well, first of all, it's a lifelong dream
02:13 so, this program... we've talked about it for years actually
02:17 and it's actually now come to fruition
02:20 and we are just realizing something
02:22 that has been in the back of my mind...
02:25 and I think as I've talked to Ivor... in the back of his mind
02:27 concerning the book of Revelation...
02:29 a different approach... not different from
02:33 what it always has been and really should have been,
02:36 but different from the way we've approached it,
02:39 perhaps, regularly in our denominational history,
02:42 the focus of the book of Revelation, is Jesus.
02:45 Yvonne: Hmmm...
02:46 It's the revelation of Jesus Christ
02:48 and it is a love story,
02:51 and so, we have a completely different approach
02:54 we have the opportunity here to present the Book of Revelation
02:57 in a way that perhaps has not been presented
03:00 in the history of our church because
03:02 we're living in a time and an age, I believe,
03:05 where this book is coming alive as it never has before,
03:09 we're living in the time
03:11 where there have been predictions made to us,
03:14 personally, as a church, about this book...
03:17 a time when we will see forces
03:20 starting an action that cannot be repressed,
03:22 a time when we will have a better understanding
03:23 of the books of Revelation and Daniel
03:25 but will cause our characters to be impressed with... with...
03:28 with the beauty of Jesus Christ,
03:31 a time when we want to see these books
03:34 bringing together the entire Bible,
03:37 the book of Revelation is going to bring the Bible together
03:40 so that in the book of Revelation,
03:42 all the Bibles begin and end. Hmmm... Hmmm.
03:44 And that has been the basis for our approach.
03:46 So that when we look at symbols,
03:48 when we look at little phrases,
03:49 when we look at the story of Revelation
03:51 we're going back into the Bible and saying,
03:53 "Now how does this connect to the rest of the story?"
03:56 Now typically, where do you see people start with...
03:59 when they start talking about Revelation,
04:01 where do you see them start at? Is it Revelation chapter 13...
04:03 do they start with the beast and all that
04:06 but, what you're saying is true and we're starting with Jesus
04:12 which... and... it's been phrased as a love story
04:16 termed as a love story
04:18 which is a whole 'nother perspective because I mean...
04:22 the book of Revelation can be quite intimidating
04:26 Rafferty: Hmmm... hmmm... and scary...
04:28 Yes, yes... depending on how it's...
04:30 how it's depicted... but... yes...
04:31 but, this is a much lighter approach,
04:35 and its... I must say, it's been very, very interesting.
04:39 And it's an approach that's true to the Bible.
04:41 It has been a long time coming, I've wanted to do...
04:46 for Dare to Dream... a program like this on Revelation
04:51 for a long time and we talked about it,
04:54 you and Danny had talked about it,
04:55 because he told me that he had talked about it with you
04:58 "... and you should get James Rafferty to do a program"
05:01 and then we had Pastor Perg, Pastor Pergerson...
05:07 who was going to be a part of this program
05:10 and tell us what happened with Pastor Perg?
05:14 Pastor Perg and I met...
05:16 some people had been telling me
05:18 "You got to meet this guy, you got to meet this guy,
05:19 he's an evangelist
05:20 but he's just really on fire for the gospel
05:22 and he's bringing the gospels... "
05:23 when we think of evangelism, we think of Revelation...
05:25 Daniel and Revelation...
05:26 but he's really on fire for the gospel
05:27 he's bringing the gospel into his series... and I thought
05:29 "Well, that's my burden, and that's what I want...
05:31 I want to get the gospel into the book of Revelation,
05:33 it's there and I want to bring it out... "
05:34 so we met and we just hit it off,
05:36 I mean, I went and did some meetings
05:39 in an area where he was...
05:40 we were together doing this series of meetings
05:42 in this church... and we were like long-lost brothers
05:45 and it was very similar, I have to say to...
05:49 the first time that I met Ivor.
05:50 It was just like... we connected...
05:53 we were just in the same room, we were just in the same space
05:55 we were doing meetings together
05:57 and what he was saying... I was saying
05:58 and what I was saying... he was saying
05:59 and it was just... boom... natural...
06:01 so, then I thought, you know,
06:02 we had experimented at the ministry I work with,
06:06 Light Bearers Ministry
06:07 with kind of a table-type discussion
06:11 rather than a preaching-type discussion
06:14 and I thought, "Wow! Pastor Perg...
06:16 it would be good if we can work together,"
06:18 so I brought up the name, we met together
06:20 at... was it GC...
06:23 last year... 2015...
06:25 and we started making plans for this, we were just like,
06:28 "Ah yes, finally, after years, this is going to happen
06:31 and we can have a few people sitting at the table
06:33 and we can just start discussing the Book of Revelation"
06:35 and unfortunately, Pastor Perg...
06:40 from that time that we met in July of 2015... until now...
06:44 was involved in an accident that took his life...
06:48 prematurely took his life. Hmmm... hmmm...
06:50 It was an airplane accident...
06:51 he was actually in the middle of planning
06:54 a series of meetings in Michigan
06:55 and he was also a pilot so he was flying his own Kit plane
07:00 and there were some issues that took place
07:04 as he was trying to land
07:06 and the plane exploded on landing and took his life
07:09 and I was devastated... I was just like, "Oh... "
07:12 and I thought primarily about him,
07:14 primarily about his family and secondarily about the program
07:18 and I thought, "Yeah, well, it's in God's hands... "
07:20 and that's where I just
07:24 left it... I think... we talked a little bit...
07:26 we were just... I just wanted to get over it,
07:28 I didn't want to think about this,
07:29 I just wanted to get over the loss and...
07:31 you know... the feeling of loss of a brother in Christ
07:35 but as things developed... another name came into my brain
07:39 and that name was Ivor Myers.
07:42 Yes and when we talked... I asked you, "Who?"
07:45 and you said, "Ivor Myers" and I thought,
07:48 "Wow! that's great,"
07:50 and this is... the combination of you two...
07:54 is such a blessing.
07:55 My heart aches that Pastor Perg couldn't be a part of this too
08:00 but I'm thankful as well for you, Pastor Ivor,
08:04 I'm so glad that you are with us.
08:05 What have you been experiencing with this program?
08:08 Well, first I just want to mention something
08:10 about Pastor Pergerson,
08:11 and this is a connection that is really quite amazing
08:15 as you guys know that I was in the music industry
08:18 and doing hip hop... it was a four-man group...
08:22 and one of the guys in the group his name is Mondo McCann
08:25 and you know... best friends...
08:27 well, when we all came out of the group,
08:32 became Adventists and he moved to Richmond
08:37 and he... you know...
08:40 I was still in New York,
08:42 he was in Richmond, and we'd always dialogued...
08:45 talked about the Bible and stayed truly connected
08:47 and then... he got this other friend
08:51 whose name was Joel... Joel Pergerson...
08:54 and they started connecting really strongly
08:58 and I'm just like... "Hey, who's this Joel, man?"
08:59 James: Coming into my space...
09:02 Ivor: yes... he's coming into my space...
09:04 and Joel was just... so down to earth
09:07 and Joel and I immediately connected
09:09 well... I didn't know that Joel, I knew Joel had a brother
09:12 but I didn't actually meet that brother
09:14 until about five or six years ago,
09:15 through e-mail dialogue and that was his brother, Will,
09:19 and so, he and I were dialoguing a little bit
09:22 and talking about some things with "Righteousness by faith"
09:25 and so... I never met him in person... but the connection
09:28 from my best friend in the hip hop group
09:31 meeting his brother and then... us...
09:34 just sort of dialoguing, you know, just...
09:36 it's kind of amazing how the Lord brings things
09:39 you know, so, anyway, I was called
09:45 to participate in the program and I just thought to myself,
09:52 "Wow! that's...what an opportunity,
09:55 I didn't know if we were going to be on the same page
09:57 because when it comes to the book of Revelation...
09:59 James: Yeah, I was wondering what...
10:00 what is Ivor thinking? what is Ivor thinking...
10:04 are we going to be on the same page?
10:05 And I said, "Lets... why don't we... "
10:07 I said, "Why don't we get together and talk
10:10 a little bit over the phone and try to see
10:13 are we on the same page,
10:14 because that's going to be crucial,
10:16 you don't want to be on a program and be like...
10:20 "Well... actually James... if you look at... "
10:23 you know... Yvonne: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
10:25 James: It's a love story... Ivor: and so we began dialoguing
10:28 and almost everything... we found ourselves...
10:34 and it's interesting because I was just telling James
10:37 that I'd just been through the book of Revelation
10:39 several times but I decided about three months
10:42 before he called me to go through the book again
10:44 in a way that I had never gone through it before
10:47 and much of what we're presenting now,
10:49 much of the things that I am sharing
10:52 are things that I've never presented before
10:54 so when we connected, it was just...
10:56 when he contacted me, I was like...
10:58 "Wow Lord, were you preparing me for this?"
11:01 Because going through the book in a new way
11:04 and with a fresh insight...
11:05 and so, one of the things that we're
11:07 trying to accomplish on this program...
11:10 I know that I've been an Adventist now for
11:13 18 or 20 years now
11:16 and I've read almost every book on Revelation
11:19 that our Denomination has put out
11:22 and I've gleaned so much from those books
11:25 but the one thing that I've never gleaned
11:27 from any of these books is: how did you get that?
11:30 Hmmm... hmmm... hmmm...
11:32 how did you get that these seven churches represent
11:35 you know... I believe it, I see the history... but how?
11:39 And for me that was just a very important question
11:42 because I didn't want someone asking me,
11:45 "How did you get that?"
11:47 and not be able to tell them,
11:48 "Well, okay, this is how you get that. "
11:50 And so, for me, I had to get behind the "what" to the "why. "
11:56 Why... why these seven seals,
12:00 what are they trying to portray to?
12:01 I know the "what" but why?
12:03 And so this last time that I went through
12:06 the book of Revelation, I actually went through it,
12:08 not focusing so much on the "what"
12:10 but the "why... " the principles...
12:12 how do we come to these conclusions?
12:14 Why do we come to these conclusions,
12:16 are there laws that govern the book of Revelation
12:19 that if you understand those laws,
12:21 then every one of us should be coming to the same conclusion.
12:25 Because, you know, even within Adventism
12:26 you have different people coming in...
12:28 you know... different conclusions...
12:29 and we can't have different views about gravity.
12:33 Yvonne: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Ivor: You know what I'm saying?
12:36 There's a law that dictates how gravity works
12:39 and so... the Law of Gravity... and so, gravity is truth
12:43 and truth is not plural, you know what I'm saying?
12:46 So, if there are laws that govern the book of Revelation,
12:51 then we really all should be coming to the same conclusion
12:55 based upon those laws.
12:56 And so that's kind of what we want to...
12:58 in this program, we're presenting more the "why"
13:03 and not just the "what. "
13:04 Yeah, the principles that bring us to the conclusions.
13:07 Absolutely, and that's for the sake of the student
13:10 so the student can know,
13:12 we're not just telling you what to believe,
13:13 but we're showing you why you should believe in it.
13:16 We also learn the "why" behind the different
13:19 denominations as well
13:20 because you're talking about not having
13:23 necessarily multiple interpretations
13:26 because there is one truth but we learn why
13:30 there are the different denominations
13:34 give us a quick breakdown of that.
13:37 So, we had shared in one of the studies that we did
13:42 that there are several different schools of prophecy
13:46 one is "Preterism" which puts everything in the past,
13:49 one is "Futurism" which puts everything in the future
13:52 then there's "Historicism"
13:54 which is the unfolding of prophecy throughout time.
13:58 And we saw that... one of the things that was
14:01 that was done during the... around 1500s and 1600s was
14:08 an intentional redirecting of the prophecies
14:12 that basically led to different schools
14:16 in other words, time was changing prophecies
14:19 to show, you know,
14:20 certain things that you believe about prophecy
14:22 that point to certain entities can't be true,
14:24 it was done in the past, it was done in the future,
14:26 those things threw off the interpretation
14:30 and understanding of Bible prophecy,
14:32 that's one reason why we have so many different teachings.
14:35 Another reason is that God was calling a reformation,
14:40 God was calling for a reformation
14:42 because of teachings that were not Biblical...
14:45 that were not found in the Bible and what happened is that
14:49 as the founders of these truths...
14:54 reestablishing these truths,
14:56 Martin Luther, Wesley, Wycliffe Huss...
15:00 the people who were following them, began to...
15:04 just kind of... settle down around that one truth,
15:07 "I'm of Martin Luther so we are Lutherans... "
15:10 or "I am... you know...
15:12 of the... Calvin... we are Calvinists"
15:14 and these men were never meant to be followed
15:18 what should have happened was these truths...
15:21 should have been brought together...
15:22 but people started crowding around the "figure head"
15:26 right... and this was where we got the formation
15:30 of all these different denominations.
15:32 Yeah, we saw that in the church in Sardis,
15:34 "I have not found your works perfect before God,
15:37 the morning star of the reformation comes out
15:40 in the church in Thyatira and it's Wycliffe,
15:43 and the Bible comes out... the Word of God comes out
15:46 and people are gifted like Jerome and Huss
15:48 and Martin Luther and Melanchthon and others
15:51 are gifted to search and discover these truths
15:54 and they themselves...
15:56 many of them didn't want the searching and
15:58 discovering of truth to stop with them
16:00 and for their names to become denominational
16:02 like the Lutheran Church but in the Church of Sardis,
16:06 Jesus says, the true witness says,
16:08 "I've not found your works perfect before God"
16:10 and the Bible says
16:12 that the path of the justice is a shining light
16:14 that shines more and more unto the perfect day
16:16 so that means,
16:17 "not my works being perfect before God"
16:19 means that these Reformers stopped,
16:21 they didn't continue on unto the perfect day
16:24 and so... out of that, God brought a Movement
16:26 called the Millerite Movement
16:27 and that Movement was made up of people
16:29 from all these different denominations and backgrounds
16:32 who came into this Movement
16:33 and brought with them the light of the Word of God
16:36 and the truth of the Word of God
16:37 that God had gifted these different Movements
16:39 but encouraged them to move on and that "moving on"
16:42 didn't stop with the disappointment of 1844
16:44 but became... blossomed into the Seventh-day Adventist Movement
16:48 the Seventh-day Adventist Church
16:50 and now God is encouraging us to move on
16:52 let's not be satisfied with interpreting
16:54 the Book of Revelation with the emphasis on the beast
16:56 and the Antichrist... let's move back now
16:58 to understand the full picture of Revelation
17:01 and in the Book of Revelation, all the Bible meets and ends
17:03 and it's a picture of the Bridegroom and the Bride
17:06 and the marriage and it's a love story
17:09 of a Bridegroom that beckons us, that redeems us,
17:16 that protects us, and that moves us on.
17:19 And an antagonist who is saying,
17:21 "Give me some time with your woman and I'll bet you...
17:25 that I can take her heart. "
17:26 Yvonne: Hmmm...
17:28 So that's the whole drama of the book.
17:30 Yvonne: Yeah.
17:31 Because I'm going to steal your woman.
17:33 Yeah, wow! and you know what's great about
17:35 this program to me is like... Jason and I represent
17:38 two different camps...
17:40 and Jason has just recently gotten baptized
17:43 and has come to the Lord and I don't...
17:45 have you ever read Revelation, Jay?
17:47 What's been your experience with Revelation?
17:50 I've looked at parts of it before
17:53 but I never really got deep into it
17:56 because I got discouraged because I'm reading
18:00 these horns and beasts and this and that...
18:03 and I'm like... what... what is this?
18:05 So it was discouraging,
18:08 so I never really got to dive deep into it
18:12 because it was just too much at the time.
18:15 We're changing that right now.
18:16 Yvonne: Yeah, oh yeah.
18:18 And what this program offers too is practical illustrations
18:21 and a good breakdown for each class...
18:25 for someone who has read it before
18:30 and then someone who hasn't really... got into it.
18:33 And that's also evident in the fact that we have
18:37 just finished chapter 5 and it has taken us 18 meetings
18:40 to get through chapter 5, we're not rushing through this,
18:44 we're not rushing through this.
18:45 We need to point out that when we talked
18:47 we said, "Okay, when we get to 3ABN,
18:49 by the 13th program,
18:51 we should be around Revelation chapter 11."
18:54 James: Yeah, half way through, we just tossed that
18:57 we said, "Man! let's not... no pressure... let's...
19:01 Yvonne: Right, we don't have an agenda
19:02 it just flows under the power of the Holy Spirit.
19:06 And we love the fact that you guys are on the Set with us
19:09 you are the people that help moderate this program
19:13 you pause us, you say, "Say that again,"
19:15 you ask the questions... the right questions,
19:17 we get to pop quiz you... you know and...
19:20 "How much did they get out of that?"
19:21 "Do we need to go back and rehash that or recap that?"
19:23 Or... "Let's go back and recap that
19:25 because that was really significant"
19:26 and as we recap things...
19:28 we say it, again maybe in a different way
19:30 and then we pick up a whole tenor
19:32 of the way that God is communicating to us
19:34 in Revelation... and the way He's communicating is
19:36 He's repeating it and He's enlarging it
19:38 and repeating it and He's enlarging it...
19:40 He's laying layer after layer after layer after layer
19:43 of the same, beautiful story of Redemption.
19:45 I have a question for both of you.
19:47 When or what ignited the passion for you all
19:51 with prophecy and Revelation?
19:54 Well, for me... I can say that I had an interest
19:57 in prophecy before I ever took up a Bible
20:01 and gave my heart to Jesus personally and individually
20:04 I just had this curiosity, The Mark of the Beast, 666,
20:07 I think, I watched the same movies that Ivor watched
20:09 and when he mentioned it, I was like, "Yeah... "
20:11 and they were spooky scary... spooky scary
20:14 and what happened was
20:16 when I became a Christian first,
20:19 I was going to the Pentecostal Church,
20:20 Church of Calvary and then
20:22 my sister was involved with Adventism
20:23 she started telling me about stuff concerning the Sabbath,
20:27 for example, and different things,
20:28 diet things and I was just like,
20:29 "Whooo, my sister's going in the wrong direction,
20:32 I need to snatch her out of that"
20:33 so I started studying with these Adventists to get her out
20:36 and they were all into prophecy, I got into a Daniel Seminar
20:39 and I was like, I mean, I was totally like...
20:42 "Wow! Daniel 2... the history...
20:45 just lines up perfectly, I've got to understand prophecy"
20:49 and that's how I first got a hunger for it.
20:51 Yes, so, it's kind of the same story,
20:55 being intrigued as a child
20:57 because of watching certain movies
21:00 about a little boy who was the Antichrist and
21:04 discovered they're 13-years-old
21:06 and anyone who found out his identity,
21:08 died a crazy, painful death and so, I vowed I'd never
21:13 want to know what the Mark of the Beast is
21:15 and just... kind of that first peaked my interest
21:21 and I was like, "What in the world is that?"
21:22 And then, just different experiences
21:26 that I was introduced to... I had grown up in New York
21:33 hearing about a whole lot,
21:34 people preaching on the street corners saying...
21:37 "Oh, you know... do this... do that... "
21:39 and I was like, "That's crazy, that's crazy...
21:41 that's... that doesn't make sense"
21:42 so I was skeptical of all religions
21:46 and when I was introduced through a...
21:48 sounds like a random conversation
21:50 with a guy that I didn't know was an Adventist...
21:52 he began talking about the book of Daniel...
21:56 and as he was breaking down... this was one night...
22:00 you know, one night...
22:02 breaks down the book of Daniel chapter 7
22:05 and in that one night, it just...
22:09 everything flipped for me, everything...
22:12 because I liked history
22:14 and when he was giving me the history of Daniel 7
22:17 I was like... "I've heard this before...
22:19 this is in our school books in history"
22:22 and when I heard it... it was just like...
22:24 and from that night... everything changed,
22:28 I was... I would... like... give Bible studies
22:31 by the month after I learned this,
22:34 I would give Bible Studies, every Bible Study was Daniel 7,
22:37 because that's all I knew.
22:39 So the person would be like,
22:42 "All right, what are we going to study next?"
22:44 And I'd be like... "Um... well next week,
22:46 we'll look at Daniel 7 from a different perspective
22:49 because there is so much there... "
22:51 I didn't anything... anything else...
22:53 Daniel 7, so my first like... I don't know...
22:56 50 studies must have been on Daniel 7
22:58 and it just... once that grew
23:02 and I would gain... a little bit more insight...
23:04 "Well, I can add this to my Daniel 7 study... "
23:07 so today... I'm actually still adding stuff
23:09 to my Daniel 7 study.
23:11 It has just totally expanded now to include so much more.
23:14 And tell us what you're doing today.
23:15 So, I am... I have a couple of ministries,
23:19 number one is: Power of the Lamb Ministry
23:22 which was actually... I started because of 3ABN
23:28 you guys actually called me probably... 16 years ago
23:36 and... to give my testimony...
23:38 and it was that that basically
23:42 kick-started Power of the Lamb Ministries
23:44 so that's been our longest ministry
23:45 we now also have ARME Ministries
23:47 which is a ministry that teaches people how to study the Bible.
23:50 The "why" of Bible Study and I'm also pastoring
23:54 in Campbell, California,
23:56 at the Campbell Seventh-day Adventist Church
23:58 I've been there for about a year now
24:00 and the Lord is doing some really powerful things there
24:04 so, yeah, that's... my wife is not here with me
24:07 but she's usually with me on all my 3ABN adventures,
24:11 she's Atonte... she's at home... my kids are... 4 children...
24:14 and yeah... so the Lord has blessed me
24:18 in many different ways.
24:19 Amen, amen, what about you Pastor James?
24:21 Well, I'm pastoring also now part-time...
24:24 I've been doing it for about a year in the Oregon Conference
24:27 I'm part time because I work full time
24:29 for Light Bearers Ministries
24:30 and Light Bearers Ministries had a lot of interaction
24:33 with 3ABN over the years,
24:34 we have a full-time publishing ministry,
24:37 and we also do a lot of programs on 3ABN,
24:39 we've done: Closer Look, Christian Concern,
24:41 Books of the Book, Lift Him Up
24:43 and then we do our own program called: Table Talk
24:45 which is something we produce at Light Bearers
24:48 and then it comes here
24:49 and then recently I was dared to be on: Dare to Dream.
24:54 I have some connection there in my roots,
24:59 my father was African American
25:00 and a lot of people don't know that
25:03 because I don't look like Obama...
25:06 I didn't take that... but it's there
25:09 I can take you out on the basketball court
25:13 but... so... that challenge, I mean...
25:17 Danny talked about it and then we talked about it
25:18 and I said, "Yeah, I'd love to do that. "
25:22 My burden, of course, is for prophecy
25:24 but in the context of that, I recognize
25:28 that we are a family... the human family...
25:31 and God is calling us to reach out
25:35 and to reconnect the entire human family together
25:38 and so I really appreciate the opportunity to be
25:40 on this part of the 3ABN program
25:44 and to recognize that God has called us...
25:47 to just... to just... open up the Word of God
25:50 and just share the Word of God,
25:51 it's just such a privilege I've been so blessed.
25:54 Yes, we are so blessed to have both of you, really,
25:57 I mean... this is... this to me is just...
26:00 getting into the Word and in this way...
26:03 in the way that we've been getting into it,
26:05 to me... it's just...
26:06 it's so superior to anything else that I've seen
26:10 because we don't have an agenda, it's not intimidating...
26:15 for so many people, Revelation is intimidating
26:18 because you don't understand it,
26:20 you just read a whole bunch of things
26:21 and it's just like... whatever...
26:22 I'm just not getting it
26:24 but with this program, you help us to connect the dots
26:28 in a way that is not threatening
26:32 so we are really, really grateful to you for that.
26:36 Ivor: Praise God.
26:37 We are grateful to be able to be a part of the program, yeah.
26:40 It's a different approach. James: It is.
26:43 Yvonne: Are you happy with it Jay?
26:44 Very, very, I feel like I'm going to learn Revelation
26:49 and by the time you guys come back,
26:50 I will be a scholar.
26:52 James: Exactly, that's right,
26:54 and you got to help us to go further too.
26:56 Jason: Don't hold me to that.
26:59 So, we're going to continue to
27:01 let people know about this program.
27:05 Viewer, if you're watching this program, right now,
27:09 which obviously you are...
27:11 or you wouldn't be hearing me
27:12 you need to tune in to: Salvation in Symbols and Signs
27:17 you will be so blessed because
27:19 it's a whole new way to approach Revelation.
27:22 Give it a try, thank you, God bless.
27:28 Those brothers really know
27:31 how to break down the Book of Revelation.
27:34 It's so much clearer to me now.
27:36 For a long time, I had trouble grasping it
27:40 but the more we talked about it and as you watch these programs,
27:44 you'll see, the more God will reveal to you
27:47 so make sure that you check the schedule
27:50 for: Salvation in Symbols and Signs.
27:53 Make sure that you watch it because if you've had trouble
27:56 like I had trouble,
27:57 you're going to want to know just how to do it.
28:00 Well, our time is up, we thank you for joining us
28:03 and tune in next time
28:04 because it just wouldn't be the same without you.


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