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00:01 Wait till you see what our guest has been up to,
00:04 stay tuned... you won't want to miss this.
00:06 My name is Yvonne Lewis
00:08 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:34 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:36 My guest today is Chris Lang, Founder, Producer,
00:39 Director at Lifestreams Media Film Production Company,
00:44 welcome to Urban Report Chris.
00:46 Thank you Yvonne, it's great to be here today.
00:48 Yeah, I'm so glad you're here,
00:52 oh! you have been in the trenches
00:55 and I know you have, I know you've been so busy,
00:58 you were on... oh! it's been a while since you were here
01:02 and we've aired some of your other films which we love...
01:05 "Single Creek" I mean...
01:06 we just love what God has used you to do
01:10 and now you have some new projects coming
01:13 and we just need to explore those
01:15 introduce those to our Viewers
01:17 because they are powerful... powerful,
01:21 so tell us what you've been doing since you were here last.
01:23 Well, Yvonne, thank you so much, first of all,
01:27 for the opportunity to reconnect with you on Urban Report.
01:31 Last time we met, I was just getting started
01:34 on this journey with the film project called
01:37 "Charmed by Darkness"
01:39 we had started working with the Roger Morneau Estate,
01:42 many of the Viewers will remember this man of God
01:46 who had been a demon worshipper back in the 1940s
01:49 and amazingly, miraculously God used a precious couple
01:56 Cyril and Cynthia Grossé to study the Bible with Roger
02:00 to deliver him from demon worship in 1946.
02:04 Wow! demon worship... I mean, really...
02:09 that is... it is so incredible to me
02:13 that God reaches everywhere for us...
02:17 there's nowhere that God won't go to reach us
02:20 tell us a little bit about him, if you would,
02:24 a bit more about Roger Morneau and who he was.
02:28 Yeah, so, Roger grew up in a Catholic family
02:33 in 1920s and 30s... and he... he...
02:38 he basically couldn't reconcile the teachings of the Bible
02:42 with those teachings of his church
02:44 and at the ripe old age of 12,
02:47 Roger decided that God was a tyrant
02:50 and sort of the straw that broke the camel's back... as they say,
02:56 was the teaching on eternally burning hellfire
02:59 and also purgatory which Catholics...
03:04 many Catholics still believe in this sort of... holding area,
03:08 between hell and heaven
03:10 or between life and death and heaven
03:12 well, Roger's mother died when he was at the age of 12
03:17 and that just... that just
03:19 completely solidified his hatred of God,
03:21 and he turned his back on religion completely
03:25 and so Roger... as the World War 2 broke out,
03:28 he was a late teenager,
03:30 he was working on the Merchant Navy Ships during the war
03:34 and also, he was in the Canadian Army as well,
03:38 and he was French Canadian and after the war,
03:41 God saved... by-the-way...
03:43 God saved his life miraculously during the war,
03:45 and afterwards, he was invited into a Secret Society
03:49 of demon worshippers where he saw...
03:52 what he thought was the spirit of his dead mother
03:54 and communicated with her and before long
03:58 he was being given gifts where he could win
04:00 at the horse track, he was...
04:03 he was being shown in his dreams at night
04:05 the winning horses and he started winning a lot of money
04:09 in the 1940s... after the war... I mean 400 dollars in one day
04:13 was a lot of money, Yvonne, back then.
04:15 Yeah, yeah...
04:17 So... but Roger wasn't happy,
04:18 Roger didn't have peace in his life
04:20 and his parents had warned him that if he ever played with evil
04:24 someday he would have to pay the price
04:27 and one night he was really frustrated,
04:30 he couldn't sleep because the Secret Society's High Priest,
04:33 they called him a Priest in this Satanic Society
04:36 that he was a part of... during this period,
04:38 was pressuring him to become initiated on Halloween weekend
04:42 in 1946... and he... he sensed this danger
04:48 and so, one night he couldn't sleep
04:50 and he calls out on his back... looking up at the ceiling
04:53 he was not evening praying, he was just desperate,
04:55 "If there is a God in heaven that cares for me help me... "
04:59 within a couple of days he met a man named Cyril Grossé
05:02 at his embroidery factory where he worked
05:05 and he found out that Cyril was a Christian
05:08 that kept the Bible Sabbath
05:09 and one day Roger had this... this conviction
05:14 that Cyril might have some answers
05:16 that he had been seeking his whole life
05:18 and what Cyril didn't know was that
05:21 Roger had been worshipping demons
05:23 and within three days Roger was supposed to sign up
05:27 and get initiated on the other side
05:29 but during those three days, right before his initiation,
05:33 God was saving Roger's life through the ministry
05:36 of Cyril and Cynthia Grossé who were newlyweds
05:39 and guess what, Yvonne?
05:40 They were the ripe old age of 19
05:42 and Roger was only 20 years old at this time...
05:46 these are not old people,
05:48 these are coming-of-age young adults...
05:51 Yvonne: Wow!
05:52 Chris: And that's why when I heard this story
05:54 and I saw the original book,
05:57 Roger wrote his conversion story in 1982
06:01 and it was originally published by Review and Herald
06:04 and the title was, "A Trip into the Supernatural"
06:07 what most people don't know, Yvonne,
06:10 is only half of that...
06:12 only half of Roger's original manuscript was published...
06:16 this is the cover of that book, "A Trip into the Supernatural"
06:20 and only half of that manuscript
06:23 that Roger had written was published
06:25 and so, when I saw the total manuscript
06:28 that Cyril mailed to me a couple of years ago,
06:30 when I started looking at this with Roger's Estate,
06:33 partnered with Lifestreams Media
06:35 and we started working together to do a feature film
06:38 about this amazing conversion story,
06:40 but it was while I was reading this... this manuscript...
06:43 this original manuscript that Roger wrote by hand, Yvonne,
06:47 and Cyril and Cynthia had it typed
06:50 in the 1970s or early '80s...
06:52 when I read this manuscript, Yvonne,
06:55 I felt this conviction that the whole world needed to see this
06:58 and by God's grace I... I just prayed...
07:00 I said, "Lord, this is part of the journey... "
07:03 and so I called our friends at Pacific Press
07:05 and when they heard it... when they heard what happened,
07:08 they agreed whole-heartedly to publish the full manuscript
07:12 and so, last year, the Pacific Press put out this book
07:16 which is the first time the world has ever seen
07:19 Roger's complete conversion story,
07:21 from demon worship and we are so excited
07:25 to be able to be working now on the feature film,
07:28 that... that is based on this book
07:31 and we actually... since you and I met last year,
07:34 we've actually been working with scriptwriters in Hollywood,
07:38 we didn't have a lot of money
07:39 because we were poor and... but we had a lot of big dreams
07:47 because God put this burden on my heart
07:49 and so, we finally hired a non-Union Scriptwriter
07:54 who has a heart for the Lord,
07:56 I felt a conviction that he was a man of integrity,
07:58 he and his wife were God followers
08:00 they happened to be Sunday Protestants
08:02 and after the first draft of
08:06 the screenplay was finished, Yvonne,
08:08 do you know that the Scriptwriter's wife
08:10 was so convicted that
08:12 she should start keeping the Bible Sabbath
08:14 after she read just the first draft.
08:16 Yvonne: Wow, praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
08:20 you know, you gave me a lot of chew on
08:23 just in... in what you've just said,
08:25 I want to go back a little bit and talk a little bit about
08:29 Roger's life and then into the project...
08:32 you know, one of the things that
08:34 is so interesting to me and I've told you this before
08:39 I think, is that... mysticism is one of the things,
08:43 spiritism, spiritualism,
08:45 these are things that are creeping into the church,
08:49 these are things that Christians unawares... many times...
08:53 are participating in... not the overt Satan worship
08:57 but just very subtle things and what you're doing
09:00 and I'm so thankful that you're doing this...
09:03 you're exposing a lot of the dark...
09:06 the elements of darkness to people
09:09 through Roger Morneau's life and he was at the...
09:13 he was at the end... that other end of demon worship
09:17 which is just... that's the overt kind of
09:20 end-of-the-line thing...
09:21 and I'm so thankful that you and your team
09:25 are bringing this to light because his whole life...
09:29 after he gave his life to the Lord,
09:32 his whole life was one of ministry, one of faith walk,
09:35 I've read his books and I'm... he's just...
09:39 I'm so glad you did this... this... these films
09:42 on his life and this tribute too...
09:44 that we're going to talk about in a bit,
09:46 so he went through this and then...
09:49 you were introduced to the book and to the whole...
09:56 the whole journey that he was on,
10:00 and you felt convicted that God would have you
10:03 use your gifts to do films about this.
10:06 Yeah, actually, I tried to reach out to Roger's family
10:10 for several years, Yvonne,
10:12 and I was in the middle of producing about miracles
10:14 several years ago and I was so convicted
10:17 that when I read his books like you,
10:20 that these were stories... and I wondered...
10:23 I just wondered if anyone had asked permission
10:26 from the family...
10:29 if they could have permission to do a feature film
10:32 about his life story...
10:34 his amazing conversion story...
10:36 and it took me three years to get a hold of them
10:39 and finally God opened the door and God's timing is...
10:43 as you know... He's usually not early but He's never late.
10:46 That's right... He's right on time...
10:49 and He's right on time...
10:50 what would you say was the most poignant story
10:57 in his journey that really grabbed you,
11:01 what really, really grabbed you in his journey?
11:04 Well, like you, I think that the...
11:07 I think that the generation we're living in
11:11 that is so... where the occult is the new normal,
11:15 where honestly, Yvonne, the word "occult" is old-school.
11:19 That's right.
11:21 Just to say somebody is in the occult...
11:22 that is so old-school now.
11:24 That's right.
11:25 Mysticism... very much so... as you said,
11:28 meditation... spiritual formation...
11:31 contemplative prayer,
11:33 "Christian Meditation" as they're calling it now,
11:37 these are Christianized versions of Eastern Mysticism
11:41 to contact what someone might think is God
11:46 when they're in an altered state of consciousness,
11:48 and so this has been an amazing journey
11:51 as I had this conviction that... that Roger's story, as you said,
11:56 he was on the far other side of the spectrum...
11:59 as it relates to spiritualism
12:02 but I felt that because he was interacting with spirits
12:05 that he thought were his... the spirit of his dead mother
12:08 who had passed on, that we could, by God's grace,
12:12 in this generation that is so saturated with,
12:15 "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" and the Fox TV Series, "Lucifer"
12:21 and making fun... making a mockery
12:24 of the Biblical concept of the great controversy
12:27 and that through Roger's story
12:30 and through the witnesses that knew him,
12:32 both before and after his conversion,
12:35 that the world will be confronted
12:37 with the Biblical truth through a story
12:40 so that... we Adventists... we're so good at preaching,
12:43 Yvonne, we have the best preachers in the world.
12:45 Hmmm...
12:46 And... and... and... and... and but...
12:49 but we are living in an ADD culture
12:52 where people might give you 5 seconds
12:54 before they change the channel. Yvonne: That's right...
12:58 Chris: And storytelling is what God has put on my heart,
13:01 He has given me this calling to tell stories
13:04 that are not only inspiring
13:06 but Biblically sound and life-changing testimonies
13:10 through re-enactments and now this is our first feature film,
13:14 "Charmed by Darkness" based on the book
13:16 that we hope, with God's blessing,
13:18 will actually challenge the world to think very deeply
13:23 about what these spirits are saying, Yvonne,
13:25 because the devil doesn't care what your worldview is,
13:28 he will come as an alien,
13:30 he will come as a spirit of your dead ancestors,
13:34 called "Ascended Masters" which the New-Age Movement
13:37 and the Freemasons all are taught to believe,
13:40 the witches who go into Summerland
13:44 and some sort of purgatory, neo-paganism, Yvonne,
13:48 is the fastest-growing world religion now.
13:51 Is it really? Neo-paganism...
13:53 It is the fastest worldview in the world because
13:58 people are tired of the old-time religion,
14:00 people are bored because there are no magic tricks, Yvonne,
14:03 and you know what?
14:05 The Bible tells us that we shouldn't seek something new,
14:09 that we should seek the old path...
14:11 that's what Isaiah told us to do.
14:13 Yvonne: That's right... that's right...
14:14 Chris: And there is where we will find rest
14:16 for our restless hearts.
14:17 Yvonne: Yes, yes, see... and the... and the thing is
14:20 these... these things are really... they're not new
14:25 they're just a twist on the old paganism...
14:30 I mean, this is paganism... neo-paganism... new paganism...
14:34 that's really what it is, it's like another form of it
14:37 but this is... Satan is up to his old tricks,
14:42 he has just re-packaged it, we have a clip of your...
14:45 the video... the Trailer... for "Charmed by Darkness"
14:49 I want to take a look at it.
14:51 Yeah, could I set it up for the audience?
14:55 Please...
14:57 This is actually exciting
14:58 to be able to share with your audience, Yvonne,
15:00 and the reason is because... God...
15:03 I am so thankful to God, Yvonne,
15:05 I can't tell you, this is emotional for me,
15:07 because... because... Cyril and Cynthia Grossé
15:12 became like my grandparents,
15:14 they... God kept them alive long enough
15:18 when I started working with
15:20 Linda Morneau Hatley... Roger's daughter,
15:23 she's the Executrix of Roger's Estate...
15:25 it was... it was less than a year till Cynthia passed away
15:30 from the time we started working together
15:32 and, do you know, God was the only one who knew...
15:36 He foreknew that she was about to die
15:39 and coordinated an interview with Cynthia and Cyril
15:45 when they were still healthy
15:47 and they were able to go out for a walk...
15:50 we were able to shoot B-roll with them
15:52 and what an inspiration they were
15:55 but here's the amazing thing,
15:56 when our Viewers watched this video,
15:58 they should keep in mind that Cynthia was the only one
16:01 who remembered where their actual apartment address was
16:05 in Montreal where they studied the Bible with Roger
16:09 and she died... three months after I interviewed them,
16:13 Cyril was the only one who had video
16:16 of him and Roger sitting together as friends,
16:19 you're going to see that in the video,
16:21 he filmed that with a consumer camera
16:23 in his living room in 1984,
16:25 they were just hanging out talking...
16:26 it's a casual video and that's why it's precious...
16:29 absolutely precious because it shows the proof
16:32 that these men were life-long friends
16:34 and God was just starting to write their story
16:37 when... when you hear the conversion story from 1946...
16:41 that was just the beginning for Cyril and Roger's friendship
16:44 so let's take a look.
16:45 Great...
16:49 Music...
16:59 He was a man of a singular focus
17:02 always ready to tell the story of his best friend Cynthia...
17:06 the unlikely friendship with Roger Morneau
17:09 and of a God who saved them all.
17:12 The other boys and girls were loud and... and, you know,
17:19 made mean remarks and so on,
17:20 but he would sit down and he'd just watch
17:23 and sometimes he'd say something
17:25 and when he said something, you thought about it
17:28 and that was interesting
17:30 and, of course, I compared him with the others
17:33 he was far better in every way.
17:38 I'm driving my Raleigh across the tracks,
17:41 and, of course, not being an expert on the bicycle,
17:45 a wheel got caught in the track...
17:47 threw me over... I fell flat on my stomach
17:51 and I was winded and couldn't get up
17:53 and she ran over...
17:55 grabbed me by the hand and pulled me out the track,
17:58 and then she went back and pulled my bike off the track
18:01 before the train got there and saved me.
18:04 Another time, I almost drowned in a lake
18:08 and again... she saved me again.
18:10 Chris: What happened?
18:12 Cynthia: I married him...
18:14 yeah, the things that he was doing were ridiculous...
18:19 really ridiculous... yeah...
18:22 Cyril: I was not an Adventist but she was...
18:25 whenever I go to work... without knowing what to eat,
18:28 what to drink... or going to church on Sabbath,
18:31 I decided... I'm going to church with her
18:33 because if I didn't go to church with her,
18:36 somebody else would steal her.
18:37 Narrator: They married in 1944, both just 18 years old
18:41 and began attending church together in this building,
18:45 the previous home of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
18:49 in the Westmount District of Montreal.
18:52 Cyril: When the Minister said,
18:54 "Anybody here like to have Bible Studies?"
18:57 And before I could say, "Not me... "
18:59 she said, "We would... "
19:01 After I had taken the Bible Studies from Elder Taylor,
19:05 I was coming to an area of not believing in the Sabbath,
19:10 and I said a silent prayer,
19:12 didn't tell my wife, didn't tell Elder Taylor,
19:14 and I said, "Lord, if you want me to keep
19:17 Saturday for my Sabbath, let me convince one person
19:20 and I'll... I'll believe... "
19:21 Racetrack announcer: The race is about to begin,
19:24 the horses are settling in now,
19:26 and they're off... it's a quick release flight...
19:29 Narrator: Meanwhile, a French- Canadian named Roger Morneau
19:33 was winning here...
19:34 at the Blue Bonnets Race Track in Montreal
19:37 his time with the Secret Society of demon worshippers
19:40 was paying off but he had no peace or joy,
19:44 his parents had warned him about playing with evil,
19:47 and he knew that no one had ever
19:49 gotten out of that Secret Society alive.
20:24 Music...
20:26 I was working as a... working in the Embroidery Factory
20:31 I was the Foreman... anyway I went to this new place
20:35 and did an interview to see if they would pay me more money
20:38 and give me less work to do, and he said,
20:41 "And if you want to make more money too,
20:43 you can work Saturday and Sunday"
20:44 In the meantime he had a fellow working for him
20:47 and I didn't know who that fellow was
20:50 but it was Roger Morneau and he told Roger,
20:52 "Monday, we have a new worker coming in
20:55 and I want you to sit next to him
20:58 and find out why he is a Christian
21:01 and to keep my Jewish Sabbath. "
21:03 And later on he said to me, "Cyril, I want you to invite me
21:09 to come to your house and you can tell me what you know. "
21:14 So, I said, "Okay, come this weekend"
21:17 he said, "No this week I will be too late... "
21:21 I didn't know at that time that he was a Devil Worshipper
21:25 and he had only three days left before he would sell his soul...
21:29 I remembered that I had just bought 28 Bible Studies
21:34 for busy people, I hadn't opened it yet
21:36 and I got home as fast as I could and told my wife, I said,
21:40 "Cynthia, we have a fellow that wants Bible Studies
21:44 and you can turn the pages of the Bible
21:47 while I read the notes,"
21:48 I said, "Now, this fellow wants to come... "
21:50 I said, "He cusses like a sailor and he smokes like a chimney"
21:54 I said, "What do you want to do?"
21:57 She said, "Let him cuss and let him smoke... "
22:00 Narrator: Cynthia and Cyril lived here on Coursol Street
22:05 about a ten-minute walk from the church
22:07 on the third floor of this building
22:10 they studied the Bible with Roger and later a fire broke out
22:14 that nearly killed Cynthia.
22:34 Cynthia: It was fascinating that he was
22:36 actually sponging the information that we were giving
22:41 and he would repeat the paragraph or the sentence
22:46 or the Scripture...
22:49 and it's been long gone out of my mind after I read it
22:52 and he could pick up things like that
22:54 and I think that's what he was...
22:57 he was searching and he found what he was looking for.
23:02 Roger's Grandson: Without Cynthia and Cyril...
23:04 and I love you Cynthia and Cyril...
23:07 my grandparents wouldn't be married...
23:10 my mom wouldn't be... I wouldn't be...
23:14 and my daughter wouldn't be... my precious daughter...
23:18 and who knows... it's... all eternity would be changed...
23:21 who knows... they could have said, "No...
23:23 I'm selling my jazz records"
23:25 if Cynthia said,
23:27 "No way, I wanted to have a cigarette smoking...
23:30 cigar smoking, cussing man in my house... "
23:32 it would have been finale... you know
23:36 and then who knows what lives my grandfather
23:40 would have destroyed...
23:41 the "Great Master" wasn't going to initiate my grandfather
23:45 into that Society to be a good man for this planet...
23:47 he wants to destroy people.
24:13 Cyril: We have a lot of memories that's half of them...
24:20 Trailer ending...
24:39 Yvonne: Wow! you know what impresses me about that, Chris,
24:44 is... there are several things
24:46 but one of them is... just this sweetness in their faces,
24:49 their countenances...
24:51 the Grossés looked so kind and loving
24:55 I can see why... I can see why they became your grandparents.
24:58 Well, Cyril... Cyril looks like the grandfather I never had,
25:02 my mother's father died when she was a teenager
25:06 and my father's dad died when I was three-years old
25:09 so, it's like God gave me a grandfather figure
25:13 who was such a warrior for God
25:14 and this is emotional for me, Yvonne,
25:16 because... some of this...
25:18 this footage that the Viewers are seeing,
25:20 will be included on a documentary
25:21 which will be a companion program
25:23 to this feature film we're talking about,
25:26 "Charmed by Darkness" because, we're living in a
25:29 "prove-it-to-me-age" right, Yvonne?
25:31 Yvonne: Yes.
25:32 Chris: People can Google stuff and they can find their "proof"
25:34 and since we are in such a cynical society these days,
25:39 I've been praying that God would
25:41 open the doors and help us prove things
25:43 that would help to provide credibility,
25:46 for the things we can't prove,
25:48 we can't prove that Roger was in any particular Secret Society
25:52 but we interviewed people that knew Roger intimately well
25:55 including his family members,
25:57 including people like Doug Batchelor
25:59 who was close friends with the family,
26:00 also, Cyril and Cynthia who were the best witnesses of all
26:05 who were there in the 1940s
26:08 and they confronted demonic spirits themselves
26:11 and the devil tried to take them out,
26:14 in fact, Yvonne, this story is so true,
26:17 God actually revealed in an experience to me
26:21 that there are forces
26:23 that are very, very nervous about this.
26:25 Yvonne: Tell us what happened.
26:26 Chris: You know, I asked Cyril a couple of years ago
26:29 if he would be willing to send me
26:32 the original Bible Study pages that you saw in that video,
26:35 I was convicted, Yvonne,
26:38 that the world would be convicted by the Holy Spirit,
26:41 to want to study the... the actual study that Roger...
26:44 that saved Roger's life, and so, I asked Cyril one day,
26:48 I said, "Cyril... "
26:49 I told him what I was convicted about and I asked him,
26:51 "Would you trust me to mail me these original Bible Study pages
26:56 that you've saved for 70 years, almost 70 years?"
26:59 And he said, "Yes... "
27:01 and so, sure enough a few days later
27:03 I got these precious pages in the mail
27:07 and yes, those are the pages, I started...
27:10 the night I started scanning those pages, Yvonne,
27:13 I've lived in this house 20 years
27:15 and I've never seen this,
27:16 and none of my neighbors ever have either,
27:18 and they were witnesses to this,
27:20 I'm in my house after dark
27:22 and I'm starting to scan these original pages
27:26 and a huge black bear walked into my neighborhood
27:29 down the street,
27:30 at least five of my neighbors were outside talking
27:33 when this bear showed up, sat down in the neighbor's yard
27:37 across the street from my house, and then got spooked
27:41 and he ran full blast about 20 feet from my front door,
27:45 through my front yard
27:47 and crashed through my double-sided privacy fence,
27:49 as if it was toothpicks...
27:51 Yvonne: Wow! Look at that! And that's your door...
27:56 that's your fence right there?
27:58 Chris: Double-sided privacy fence...
28:00 and that 400-pound black bear leaned on that fence
28:05 and broke the four-by-four posts
28:06 and then he just going through the holding gate so...
28:11 and kept on going and I was so impressed that night, Yvonne,
28:14 my neighbors... five of them had flashlights in hand
28:18 and they were knocking on my door,
28:20 they didn't know if I was home,
28:21 they didn't know what I was doing,
28:23 I was scanning these Bible Study Pages
28:25 and they said, "You won't... "
28:28 they're eyes were as big as saucers,
28:29 they said, "You won't believe what just happened!"
28:32 and so they took me outside with their flashlights
28:34 shining in the dark and there was the hole
28:37 and that picture you just saw... I took the next morning
28:40 but I shook my head, Yvonne,
28:42 because, I think the Lord wanted to give me a personal experience
28:47 to let me know... again... I've lived there...
28:49 I've lived in this house 20 years
28:51 and we've never seen a bear on this street before.
28:55 Right... I mean, imagine... it's so ludicrous, you know,
28:58 you're just doing something in the house
29:01 and there's a bear in your front yard,
29:03 I mean, that's just so... you just can't...
29:06 it's unfathomable... you just can't imagine
29:09 a bear... where did he come from?
29:10 Chris: Exactly...
29:12 Yvonne: Where did he come from and it's so interesting
29:14 that he was... he got
29:16 angry or whatever and came at you
29:19 while you were looking at those Bible Studies.
29:22 Chris: I was scanning them for the world, Yvonne,
29:25 and someone didn't want it...
29:27 someone was very unhappy about that.
29:29 Yvonne: Yes... yes...
29:30 Chris: God wanted the world to know
29:31 through my personal experience
29:34 that this story is absolutely true,
29:36 I have no doubt in my mind and, of course, we...
29:39 we have witnesses like I mentioned just now
29:42 but that's not the only thing that happened,
29:44 when this book was being typed for Pacific Press,
29:47 the woman who...
29:48 the woman who typed the pages of this book...
29:51 Yvonne: "Charmed by Darkness"
29:52 Chris: "Charmed by Darkness" this book...
29:55 that the screenplay is based on...
29:56 while she was typing it, Yvonne,
30:00 she was convicted to start keeping the Sabbath,
30:02 she was not a Seventh-day Adventist
30:05 and the first Sabbath that she kept,
30:08 intentionally before the Lord,
30:10 she and her husband were driving to see a friend in their van
30:13 and they saw a... this is a new term...
30:17 you can Google it... I didn't know it until I heard it,
30:20 "Shadow people" following them
30:22 while they were driving to see their friends.
30:24 If you Google it, you'll see that the definition is,
30:27 "Dark apparitions with red eyes"
30:29 ghosts were following her and her husband that day
30:33 on Sabbath... while she was going to see her friends.
30:37 Yvonne: And, of course, we know with "ghosts"
30:39 are "demonic spirits... "
30:41 Chris: And she knew that too,
30:43 she knew that the demons were trying to
30:45 distract and discourage and intimidate
30:48 and she sent me an e-mail the next day
30:51 and told me about this and she said,
30:53 "You know what, Chris... " she said, "I'm not afraid"
30:55 and the last sentence, I'll never forget,
30:58 she said, "I'm... it's so amazing how quickly God works
31:03 when the ignorance is lifted. "
31:07 Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm... hmmm...
31:10 and that's what these films... these projects of yours
31:14 are meant to do, to educate... to inform
31:18 and to let people know that these things are real
31:21 you know, a lot of people, Chris... think
31:23 that... that evil spirits aren't real
31:25 that there's no such thing as Satan,
31:27 that there's... you know...
31:29 that there's just ignorance but not...
31:33 not evil... and in fact some of the Eastern religions...
31:38 one of their tenets is to blend or balance good with evil
31:42 and so, you know, one of the things that you're doing
31:47 with your film is... you are unmasking evil
31:51 and you are also unmasking the good...
31:55 you're showing the contrast
31:57 between God's way and Satan's way
32:00 and of course, he doesn't want people to know it
32:02 because one of his tricks is denial,
32:04 you know, "He doesn't exist... "
32:06 so we're so happy that you're doing that,
32:08 what are some of the other things that have happened
32:11 since you started making this film?
32:13 Well, you know, one of the things that came out, Yvonne,
32:17 was that... a lot of people were a little bit confused,
32:20 they were trying to figure out,
32:21 "Is 'Charmed by Darkness' a feature film
32:23 or is it a documentary?"
32:25 Yvonne: Hmmm...
32:26 Chris: And I said, "Yes... it's both. "
32:28 Yvonne: You said, "Yes... "
32:31 Chris: And it was during that time,
32:34 right after I saw you last year
32:35 for our last Program together,
32:37 actually, a friend of mine who has interviewed...
32:41 one of Roger's very close friends,
32:42 she was diagnosed with end-stage cancer
32:46 her name is Carol Squier and she passed away this year
32:50 and she's resting in Jesus...
32:51 and Cyril, of course, just died about...
32:53 a few weeks ago as well and he's resting now from his battle
32:58 but he loved God a lot and I can't wait to see him again,
33:01 Carol sent me all of the personally signed
33:04 autographed books that Roger gave her
33:06 twenty years ago, or so, these are very well-known books
33:10 among Seventh-day Adventists,
33:11 Roger was well-known with his Prayer Ministry,
33:15 he had thousands of people
33:17 who would call him and ask for intercessory prayer
33:20 so many of these books that he wrote
33:21 were about the miracles that God worked when he prayed for people
33:26 well, well, one of the books that she sent, Yvonne,
33:30 that I was aware of but I had never read... was this book,
33:34 this book titled, "Beware of Angels"
33:37 and I knew the basic story about it
33:41 and quite frankly, Yvonne,
33:42 I wasn't going to touch it with a ten-foot pole,
33:46 and because you know the story, you know why...
33:49 Yes, share... share some of the story with us if you would.
33:53 This... this was Roger's last book that he wrote, Yvonne,
33:56 before he passed away in 1998 and this book...
33:59 is a sobering account...
34:01 true story of a Bible Study Group
34:04 in Grants Pass, Oregon,
34:06 that happened to be Seventh-day Adventist Christians
34:09 that were seeking a closer walk with the Lord
34:11 where they began to "fall of the wagon," as it were,
34:16 is... they started asking God
34:18 to let them talk to their Guardian Angels
34:20 and this story, "Beware of Angels"
34:23 Roger actually interviewed the people
34:26 who were involved in this murder case...
34:29 what happened to this group, Yvonne,
34:31 essentially is... they fell into Spiritualism
34:34 and a couple of people in their group ultimately murdered
34:37 somebody else who was a member in the group
34:40 and it was all because they heard voices
34:42 and these spirits were telling them that they were from God...
34:46 and that certain people needed to be destroyed...
34:49 it's a long story, but by God's grace
34:52 we have decided to do a documentary
34:55 to use it as a... as a...
34:57 as a core companion program to "Charmed by Darkness"
35:00 for the very reasons you were just talking about,
35:02 we're living in a world that believes
35:04 that the immortality of the soul...
35:06 is... is as normal as us breathing and talking here
35:10 right now... Yvonne: That's right...
35:11 Chris: There are channelers and mediums
35:13 that have daily shows on YouTube
35:16 that are being watched by curious people,
35:19 "Curiosity" as they say, "kills the cat," right?
35:21 Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm... hmmm... hmmm.
35:23 Chris: And here's the thing, Yvonne,
35:24 there's real power there but it's not from God.
35:27 Yvonne: That's right... and that's something, Chris,
35:30 that we really don't need to underestimate
35:35 because there is power there,
35:37 there's no doubt that there's power there
35:39 but what is the source of that power?
35:42 And once you start tangling with that,
35:45 it is a downward, downward spiral...
35:47 you know, the Bible forbids "familiar spirits... "
35:51 it forbids communication with "familiar spirits"
35:55 so, many times, I think,
35:57 Christians want a deeper spiritual experience
36:02 and they're seeking a deeper spiritual experience
36:07 and so they will begin to seek out these things
36:11 like, trying to talk to angels
36:13 and having your angel talk to you and all that kind of thing
36:16 and before you know it...
36:17 Satan, who masquerades as an angel of light
36:21 can deceive you, that's why Jesus said,
36:25 "Be not deceived... "
36:27 because He knew that at the end of time
36:29 Matthew 24... at the end of time people would be deceived.
36:33 And the reason that they're deceived at the end, Yvonne,
36:37 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 tells us
36:40 that the reason people will be deceived
36:42 is because they did not receive...
36:44 they did not have a love of the truth.
36:45 Yvonne: Yes...
36:46 Chris: So that they could be saved
36:48 and so, we want to share the truth with love
36:50 but we want to be... we want to be careful
36:53 to tell what God tells us to tell...
36:55 I feel like John the Baptist... because
36:58 I just had a call from a scriptwriter from Hollywood,
37:02 two days ago... and do you know what?
37:04 This movie is being made for her
37:07 and I realize... God was affirming it,
37:09 while I was on the phone with her, Yvonne,
37:11 and this is just one of many people out there,
37:13 who believe they're Christians essentially...
37:15 but they have a New Age World View
37:18 about the Cosmos and about God
37:19 and about how everything is interconnected
37:21 and how, we're all immortal beings...
37:23 that we were... always were... and always will be
37:26 and ultimately what happened to her...
37:29 and this is how deceptive the devil is these days
37:32 is even for Christians...
37:34 they're starting to see these manifestations,
37:36 her son passed away years ago
37:38 and she actually started writing books about the message...
37:41 messages she was getting from her son
37:44 who started appearing to her,
37:45 but here is what's interesting, she said,
37:48 "People ask me if I'm a Medium... a Channeler"
37:50 she said, "No, that would be evil
37:52 I didn't conjure this... I didn't conjure my son...
37:55 he just appeared... " and by-the-way Yvonne,
37:58 he appeared in a materialized human form...
38:01 he wasn't just a spirit, he was actually a physical being
38:05 that walked into her room.
38:07 I have a chill, right now, she was in a room
38:11 and that demon actually manifested in flesh as her son.
38:17 That's right.
38:19 And she was meeting with him.
38:21 That's right... and he was thanking her
38:23 for sending out the message
38:25 that everything is light and love
38:28 and it's eternal and it's all of these ethereal messages,
38:31 that are supposedly light and truth from heaven
38:33 but this is what you just quoted...
38:36 the Scripture that Satan transforms himself
38:38 into an angel of light
38:40 and it is so deceptive now Yvonne, because...
38:42 that's what I feel God's put on my heart for "Beware of Angels"
38:46 to use this Bible Study Group of Bible believers
38:50 who thought they couldn't be deceived
38:54 ultimately the lie was so beautiful,
38:57 that they had to disengage their intelligent faith...
39:00 the things that they knew the Bible taught
39:03 to the point where they were asking questions of these beings
39:06 who claimed to be from heaven and literally...
39:08 they came to this... they would come
39:10 and they would ask these angels to come,
39:12 and the angels... sure enough... eventually started showing up
39:15 and they would...
39:16 and I actually went to the Police Department
39:18 in Grants Pass, Yvonne, and they actually allowed me
39:22 to go through ten boxes of Police evidence,
39:24 from... this murder happened, by-the-way, in the late 1980s...
39:28 so they kept all the murder... since it was a murder...
39:31 they kept all the evidence
39:32 and do you know... I spent four hours
39:34 in the Police Department, Yvonne,
39:36 and I saw page after page after page
39:39 and I took more than 500 pictures
39:41 in the Police Department
39:43 and one of those pages includes a mini
39:45 "Questions and Answers to these Angels"
39:47 and do you know these Seventh-day Adventists
39:50 who know the truth about death
39:52 asked the angels, "What happens when we die?"
39:55 And would you be surprised at all
39:58 that these... these beings said,
40:01 "The spirit returns to God who gave it"
40:02 pretending that they're quoting Scripture
40:04 and, of course, that is Scripture
40:07 but we understand what the Hebrew word
40:09 about "spirit" means in the Hebrew.
40:12 Yvonne: Right... right... Chris: It means breath...
40:14 it doesn't mean an intelligent, conscious entity
40:17 that somehow separates from our body,
40:19 in fact, the Viewers may not know this,
40:20 that the belief in the immortality of the soul
40:23 actually entered... infiltrated the Christian Church
40:26 around 200 A.D. with this Gnosticism that came from
40:29 Greek Philosophy, from Plato...
40:31 it was a pagan belief that began to be promoted
40:36 in the Christian churches, it was not from Christians
40:39 that this came about and it slowly made its way
40:42 until it became tradition
40:44 to where Marion apparitions are all over the place
40:47 and Paganism is truly now...
40:50 and Protestants don't even realize
40:53 that it's a form of idolatry
40:55 to actually believe that their loved ones are alive.
40:58 Absolutely, absolutely, you know...
41:00 you said something, Chris, that really resonates with me
41:06 and that is that when you disassociate what Scripture says
41:12 from your experience you can have a problem
41:16 because the experience can be deceptive.
41:20 That whole experience with the angels
41:24 and them beginning to trust more what they said
41:27 than what the Bible said,
41:29 that's where the dissonance came in
41:32 and that's... that's something
41:34 that we have to truly guard against in these last days...
41:38 we have to truly guard against taking our experience...
41:42 putting our experience above the Bible...
41:45 Chris: That's right...
41:46 Yvonne: Because the experience can be a deception
41:49 and if you cannot... if you don't know the Word well enough
41:52 to test your experience against the Word...
41:55 you are in trouble, that's why we're to study
41:58 because otherwise Satan will... he will deceive us...
42:01 if we're not... if we're not grounded in that Word
42:05 so what you're doing is phenomenal.
42:08 Well, I praise God and we have a movie trailer to show
42:12 for "Beware of Angels... do you know,
42:14 Adventist Review is teaming up with us
42:16 to do a pre-release worldwide screening
42:19 on Halloween Weekend this year
42:21 and so, we're excited to be able to share this film
42:24 with the world in its pre-released form
42:27 and hopefully get the final cut released
42:30 before Christmas this year, God willing.
42:32 That's tremendous, so let's take a look at that Trailer.
42:35 Trailer...
42:46 They had prayed to see angels...
42:47 background music...
42:50 more background music...
43:00 God has got a special job for you...
43:01 beautiful glorious angels...
43:05 Roger Morneau's Grandson: They will appear to people
43:09 to whatever people want them to appear as...
43:12 Mr. Charles Disney: I saw this large saucer-shaped object...
43:16 hovering... I looked again and sure enough there it was...
43:19 Mr. Will Baron: Eventually, I had a personal spirit guide
43:22 that appeared to me in an incredible visionary experience.
43:25 Carol Squier: He now is presenting himself
43:28 as an angel of light.
43:29 Roger's Grandson: For all the people I want to talk to...
43:32 dead father or a dead sister or a dead best friend...
43:35 Mark Cleminson: I could pierce that veil
43:37 and see these spiritual beings
43:39 that I thought were dead ancestors who've passed on
43:42 and now have received these bodies...
43:45 Holly McCutcheon: You didn't know that you had this power
43:46 to create things and you didn't know that,
43:49 "Yeah, you're God too... "
43:51 Adam Hendron: "Who do you serve?"
43:53 I said, "No one... "
43:54 he said, "No... no... everybody serves somebody
43:56 and who is it going to be?"
43:58 I said, "Well, myself, I guess... "
44:00 he said, "So be it... "
44:01 I reached out to Roger Morneau...
44:09 End of Trailer...
44:19 Wow! Tell us about the people that were on there...
44:23 some of their experiences.
44:25 Yeah... it's... it was very exciting to finally see
44:30 God show me... how all of these stories would fit together,
44:34 Yvonne, because you can see how varied they are,
44:37 Yvonne: Yes.
44:39 Chris: One of them... the first one that you saw...
44:40 of course, is Roger's grandson, Michael,
44:43 who gives an incredible... sort of back-story
44:46 for all the things he learned from his grandfather
44:48 about last-day deceptions and then you have these people
44:53 who were delivered from the occult...
44:55 people like Mark Cleminson who was a...
44:58 actually he's been interviewed on 3abn in the past,
45:01 it's a very popular interview on YouTube,
45:03 he has a dramatic story of how he learned about the truth
45:08 as it is in Jesus and about death
45:10 and he became a Seventh-day Adventist Christian
45:13 and he left that life and actually...
45:15 the devil tried to kill him,
45:17 he has a very dramatic deliverance story
45:19 and we re-enacted that in his backyard
45:21 up in Vermont recently so that was a real blessing.
45:25 Will Baron is a... was a former New Age Priest,
45:30 and God delivered him from a very abusive situation
45:34 where a spirit guide... and you know,
45:36 you were talking about mysticism coming into Christian churches,
45:39 that was really coming into full swing in the 19...
45:42 late '80s... early '90s... and actually spirit guides were
45:48 actually... impressing Will to infiltrate Christian churches
45:54 to start teaching Christian Meditation
45:57 and so he was calling himself a New Age Christian
46:00 before he even became a Christian... a real Christian.
46:04 You know, Chris,
46:05 the whole idea of "Christian Meditation"
46:09 the Bible teaches, of course, that we are to meditate...
46:12 but it's to meditate on the Word...
46:16 not empty your mind and meditate,
46:19 that... you know... it's so interesting to me that
46:22 there's the true and the counterfeit.
46:24 God has the truth... Satan has the counterfeit...
46:27 Satan wants you to empty your mind
46:29 so that he can fill it...
46:31 the Word... the Bible says that we are to meditate on the Law
46:36 day and night, those kinds of things...
46:39 but Satan wants us to empty the mind
46:42 so, that whole idea of Christian Meditation,
46:45 it's... it's... it's... it's an oxymoron because it's not...
46:50 it's like Christian Transcendental Meditation.
46:54 Yeah, what people don't realize, that's right, Yvonne,
46:57 what people don't realize is that they're being sold...
46:59 they're being sold a bunch of goods
47:02 that ultimately compromises their... the will...
47:06 the will is what controls all the decisions and choices
47:09 we make and when you silence your mind
47:12 and "center down... " as they like to call it...
47:15 you're actually altering your conscious state
47:18 to a point where suggestive thoughts can be inserted
47:21 against your will...
47:22 and you really are in a vulnerable state mentally...
47:25 because your subconscious now can be capped
47:28 by other spirits or other voices and it's in that place
47:32 where they think they can find and hear God speak to them,
47:36 but, you know, ultimately, that's...
47:40 that's the truth that we're trying to get out
47:41 and I'm not sure yet how much of that we'll be able to cover
47:44 in "Beware of Angels" but... but it's very exciting
47:47 because I didn't know a lot about Christian Meditation
47:50 before I started on this journey, Yvonne,
47:51 and it is... it is shocking
47:53 how "normalized" it's become in Christianity.
47:56 Absolutely, absolutely, I'm working on this booklet
48:01 on "What's wrong with Yoga" I did one on Acupuncture
48:05 and now I'm doing one on Yoga
48:07 and one of the things that many Christians
48:10 who are practicing yoga don't know
48:13 are that the stretches... the poses...
48:15 are actually worship poses to Hindu gods...
48:18 Right...
48:20 And so, some people will say, "Oh... it's just stretching...
48:23 but the sequence of those stretches... the deep breathing,
48:26 they are preparing you for a spiritual experience
48:30 and that's the release of the "Kundalini" which is that energy
48:34 so... my...
48:36 Chris: Serpent power... Yvonne: Serpent, serpent power!
48:39 Chris: That's what Kundalini means.
48:41 Yvonne: That's right... that's right...
48:42 and so, when you look at how there's this... this meshing of
48:49 Eastern Mysticism and Christianity...
48:52 you know... these are the frogs
48:54 that are talked about in Revelation...
48:57 the frogs... the evil spirits... and stuff like that...
49:00 it is to me... we are living
49:03 in such an amazing time in earth's history
49:06 where Spiritism is at a peak and Ellen White says...
49:11 it's going to be in an all-time high...
49:13 and we are experiencing that right now,
49:16 so this film that you're doing, this documentary/film
49:20 is just... it's amazing...
49:23 how are people going to be able to see it,
49:26 how can they access it?
49:27 Well, as I mentioned a little bit earlier,
49:30 we're planning on doing a pre-release screening worldwide
49:33 in partnership with Adventist Review
49:35 on Halloween weekend
49:36 so, if people want to sign up for our newsletter
49:39 at Lifestreams. org
49:40 they can find out more about specifics
49:44 in terms of... of that screening that's coming up
49:47 because it's being formalized right now
49:48 but also the release dates...
49:51 we are still making plans on the distribution for this, Yvonne,
49:54 in terms of whether or not we'll wait
49:57 for a digital platform release and DVD release
49:59 and first do a road show where we actually go and meet
50:03 in some of these cities and towns
50:05 and actually bring this as a tool
50:07 to help to forge conversation about Bible truth,
50:11 for these very reasons... why you're talking about it,
50:15 we're living in the last times of earth's history
50:17 and people are asleep... Christians are sleeping
50:20 and Jesus gave us the parable of the ten virgins
50:23 right after Matthew 24...
50:25 the very next portion of Jesus speaking is the ten virgins...
50:30 after He gives us the signs
50:31 of the end of the world, right, Yvonne?
50:33 Yvonne: Yes...
50:34 Chris: So it can't be a... it can't be a coincidence that
50:36 that it's time for God's people to wake up
50:38 and pursue a walk with Christ that they never, ever hungered
50:44 as much as they need to hunger today for it, Yvonne,
50:46 because you know what?
50:47 Jesus warned us, "Don't be deceived...
50:49 don't be deceived, don't be deceived... "
50:52 He kept saying it over and over and over
50:54 and He said, "By the way, if it were possible,
50:57 even the very elect will be deceived... "
51:00 That's right, absolutely, and that's the thing,
51:02 you know, we... we just have to keep...
51:04 we have to be sober and be vigilant,
51:07 as it says in Peter, "Be sober, and be vigilant;
51:10 because our adversary the devil, is like a roaring lion,
51:13 seeking who he may devour"
51:15 so... he... we cannot just put our heads in the sand
51:19 and we also can't practice syncretism... you know...
51:22 "I'll take a little bit of this, a little bit of that...
51:25 a little bit of this... and a little bit of that...
51:27 and make my own thing... "
51:28 no, that's what New Age does...
51:30 "I'll take a little bit of Buddhism...
51:32 a little bit of Hinduism... a little bit of Christianity...
51:35 and just kind of mix it all together and it's my truth. "
51:37 Well, I'm glad that you mentioned that, Yvonne,
51:39 how much time do we have left, like...
51:41 Yvonne: We have six... we have six minutes, yeah.
51:44 Chris: One of the interviews
51:45 is this girl, Holly that you see in the Trailer...
51:48 she was very much into the secret
51:50 and New Ageism in the '90s...
51:52 and she had grown up in a Christian home,
51:54 but that's exactly what happened to her, Yvonne,
51:57 she started taking pieces and parts
51:59 of different world views and putting them together...
52:01 the problem with all of this is that
52:03 it marginalizes Jesus
52:05 and because the devil can't get rid of Jesus,
52:07 he has to make Him one of teachers... like...
52:11 like Buddha, like Gandhi and Muhammad... right?
52:15 So, they try to make Him one of the Ascended Masters,
52:19 in their worldview... but the thing about Christianity
52:23 that's so exciting, Yvonne,
52:24 that they're starting to call us "Fundamentalists"
52:27 is that... is that we actually believe that the Bible is true
52:30 and that Jesus really is God because that's what He claims...
52:34 and so... He can't be...
52:36 He either has to be who He said He was...
52:39 or He was the greatest liar
52:41 that ever walked the face of the earth
52:43 and so, the devil can't have it both ways
52:46 and yet people have been bamboozled by this "light"
52:48 by this beautiful package and as I say,
52:51 sometimes the lies are too "beautiful"
52:53 and as we saw in "Beware of Angels"
52:55 which this movie will show the truth,
52:58 behind this Bible Study Group that fell into Spiritualism,
53:01 they knew the truth
53:03 and yet... the lie was so beautiful, Yvonne,
53:05 so, we... we're living in an age
53:09 as you said of syncretism where everything...
53:12 where your truth is your truth, you choose your own path
53:14 and you create your path...
53:16 and this is the last thing I would share with Viewers today,
53:22 that makes me so excited about this...
53:24 this walk we had as Christians,
53:26 what makes Christianity exclusive
53:29 and completely different,
53:31 it's the only worldview that
53:32 actually can bring rest to a restless heart
53:35 because this is the religion, Yvonne,
53:38 that teaches us that we have a Creator
53:40 that actually planned your days,
53:42 Psalm 139... before there was one of them,
53:45 He already planned all the days of your life
53:48 and you're the only one like you Yvonne, in the whole universe
53:52 is God... is a personal God...
53:55 and that's what Christianity brings,
53:56 the rest of the syncretism that we're seeing in the world
53:59 with New Ageism and this relevant Christianity...
54:02 the Mysticism... it really does away with the deity of Christ
54:07 and it takes the personal relationship...
54:10 the intimacy that we have with our Creator
54:12 completely out of the equation because Jesus said in John 14,
54:16 "No one comes to the Father, except through me"
54:19 and what happens with Christian Meditation
54:21 and all this Mysticism that's come in,
54:23 is... you don't need Jesus to talk to God...
54:26 if you "center down" and go into that altered state,
54:28 you can talk to someone that you think is God...
54:31 but it's not the Biblical God, Yvonne.
54:33 Hmmm... you know Chris...
54:35 wow! that is... that is so deep...
54:37 because when you think about it,
54:39 the other religions don't encourage that intimacy,
54:45 like you mentioned... with God, the fact that
54:47 we can have intimacy with God through Jesus Christ, is...
54:52 that is unique to Christianity.
54:55 What they have essentially
54:56 is a coldness that they claim is warmth and peace
55:00 but it's a cold peace, Yvonne, because for them, God is a force
55:05 that's what witches actually say to each other,
55:08 "May the force be with you"
55:09 and God is an impersonal force
55:12 of which you and I... and the whole...
55:14 every animal... it's Pantheism. Yvonne: Right.
55:16 Chris: It's Paganism... Pantheism...
55:18 Yvonne: Absolutely...
55:19 Chris: And so, for them, God has no person...
55:21 He's not a person... He's a "force. "
55:23 Yvonne: Right...
55:25 Chris: And that's a cold way to live, Yvonne.
55:26 Yvonne: Yes, well, you know, again...
55:28 if you're asked to search within
55:31 you know, "Go deep inside yourself... "
55:34 well, I can't do anything for myself,
55:36 you know what I'm saying, like,
55:38 if my God is me... I'm in deep trouble
55:42 because what can I do, you know what I'm saying?
55:47 Chris: Preach on Sister, that's so true.
55:49 Yvonne: Our God is great... He lives within us
55:51 but He is... He's separate from us...
55:54 He is God... He is the Creator, we're the creatures...
55:58 and the moment we get that twisted... we are in trouble.
56:01 Tell us what you need,
56:03 what do you need to complete... you have about a minute...
56:06 to complete this project, what do you need?
56:09 Well, we're in the middle of
56:12 still paying off our Scriptwriter...
56:14 our Hollywood Scriptwriter...
56:16 we need $10,000 right now, Yvonne, to be honest,
56:19 and our script is completed
56:22 and we're in the process of fundraising,
56:24 if people want to give us a call,
56:26 can go to our website... Lifestreams. org
56:28 if God puts it on your heart, if you're watching, Viewer,
56:32 and you have resources and you know Jesus is coming soon,
56:35 this is a journey of films that rips the mask off
56:39 of the deceiver and so thank you for your prayers,
56:43 thank you for your support,
56:45 it's going to be a multi-million dollar project,
56:47 this "Charmed by Darkness" feature film,
56:49 and, of course, we also have the documentary
56:52 coming out later this year, "Beware of Angels"
56:54 so, it's been a long journey, Yvonne,
56:58 and I'm looking forward to the next projects... God has for me,
57:01 this is very heavy material but we serve a great God
57:04 and so, I'm very honored to be able to share with you today.
57:07 Well, we so appreciate all that you're doing
57:10 and we know that it is a... it is not an easy journey
57:15 but we also know that... as you said before,
57:18 we serve a great God who will protect you during this time
57:22 because you are going...
57:23 you are on the frontlines, Brother,
57:26 with this... you know... it's a dark...
57:28 it's a dark place but because of the light of Jesus Christ,
57:32 you are safe and protected because the angels of the Lord
57:35 encamp round about them that fear Him and delivereth them.
57:38 There are people of integrity that Jesus wants to save
57:41 and they're deceived right now.
57:43 Yes, that's right... and so this will help to bring them out,
57:47 thank you so much and may God continue to bless you
57:49 in all that you do.
57:51 Chris: Thank you.
57:52 Yvonne: Pray for Chris... pray for his projects...
57:55 pray for him please.
57:56 Thank you for joining us, join us next time
57:59 you know why?
58:00 It wouldn't be the same without you.


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