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00:01 Stay tuned to meet a young man whose dad was a drug dealer
00:04 and his mom was a shoplifter,
00:05 his life is changed and yours can as well.
00:09 My name is Yvonne Lewis
00:10 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:35 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:37 My guest today is Evangelist Diamond Garcia
00:41 one of the youngest Evangelists in the Adventist Church.
00:44 Welcome to Urban Report Evangelist Diamond... yeah...
00:48 Hi...
00:49 May I call you Diamond?
00:51 Sure, absolutely.
00:53 Okay, great, great, great great,
00:55 thank you so much for being with us,
00:56 we're really thankful to have you.
00:58 Well, I'm glad to be here.
01:01 So, your testimony is so intriguing
01:06 and I had the opportunity to talk to you at ASI
01:09 not too long ago,
01:10 and you shared a bit of it with us at the table
01:14 and I thought, "We have to have you on Dare to Dream
01:17 and have you tell about your journey"
01:19 so tell is a bit about yourself, where were you born?
01:22 Well, I was born... right here where I am now,
01:25 I'm in the Island of Hawaii,
01:27 specifically on the Island of O'ahu.
01:29 I was born here about two decades ago, roughly...
01:33 and I've been here ever since.
01:36 Wow, so you've been in Hawaii for your 20 years of life,
01:42 almost 20 years of life.
01:43 Almost 20 years... yeah.
01:45 And... you grew up in what kind of home?
01:48 Well, I was not raised in a
01:52 Christian or Seventh-day Adventist home,
01:54 my dad was a drug dealer and my mom was a thief,
01:58 she robbed houses... robbed stores,
02:01 robbed fast-food joints to feed us...
02:03 Yvonne: Oh... wow!
02:05 Diamond: And... yeah.. so... I was not raised in an environment
02:09 where God was uplifted nor was He the center of it,
02:12 it was just... chaos... it was sin basically
02:17 and I just was in an environment of sinful activities so...
02:21 but God is good and God brought me out of it.
02:24 Yes, yes, so, when you were coming up,
02:26 at what point did you realize that your parents were doing
02:29 things that were against the law...
02:31 at what point did you realize that?
02:32 Well, you know, when you're at a young age,
02:36 you see your friends at school and their parents are doctors
02:40 and their parents are... you know... whatever,
02:42 lawyers or... you know, whatever...
02:44 and you hear your parents just say,
02:46 "Hey, don't tell nobody about this... "
02:48 or "Don't tell no one about this or that... "
02:52 and you kind of suspect in your mind
02:54 "Well, something must be going on that's not right"
02:57 and... and then of course,
02:59 you get to an age where you realize
03:01 "something's going on" and of course you realize it's drugs
03:04 and it came to the point where it was just normal for me
03:08 and that I began to actually deal drugs for my dad, so...
03:12 Yvonne: And how did that... how did that start?
03:14 Diamond: Well, it started from when I was a small boy
03:20 just... "Hey Diamond, why don't you just take some of this... "
03:23 it was drugs... it was Marijuana...
03:25 "And why don't you take it to your...
03:27 to my friend down the road... "
03:29 so I would walk down the road by myself
03:31 and meet this friend there and she would give me money
03:35 and I would give her the drugs and I'd walk back home
03:38 and I'd report back.
03:40 And did you have any idea of what you were doing,
03:43 did you know what it was?
03:45 Absolutely... absolutely... yeah.
03:46 Yvonne: Oh so, you knew... Diamond: Yeah...
03:47 Yvonne: And your dad... did you ever get caught?
03:52 Your dad never...
03:53 Diamond: Never did...
03:55 Yvonne: He never seemed like it was...
03:56 he was concerned about you taking the drugs to someone,
04:00 was he concerned about what could happen to you?
04:03 I don't think it crossed his mind at that time,
04:07 I mean... I look back now and I am like,
04:09 "Wow, I would never do that to my kid" if I had a kid...
04:11 and I wouldn't... I would not want someone else's child
04:17 in that position as well because I mean, it's just so dangerous,
04:20 you're holding drugs which is very wanted in the ghettos
04:25 and people could have just jumped you or whatever they did
04:29 and yeah, it was very dangerous
04:32 but I don't think it crossed his mind
04:34 when you are in the bed of sin...
04:36 whenever I preach, I always say this,
04:38 "Sin makes you stupid... " it really does,
04:41 sin makes you stupid and when you're in sin a lot,
04:45 you just don't think... so...
04:47 You know what? That's really true,
04:49 that is... I never thought of it like that
04:52 but that's really true because
04:53 you're really often not reasoning out
04:57 from cause to effect... ,
04:59 you just... and you're in the throes of it
05:02 and if you have anything to do with drugs yourself,
05:06 then your mind is not clear,
05:08 your mind isn't clear as you're doing this stuff,
05:10 so I can see... I can see what you're saying
05:13 but wow... he put you in a really bad position
05:16 did you have other siblings
05:18 and were they doing the same things?
05:21 They did... yes... I have five siblings,
05:23 I have four brothers and one sister
05:25 and we were all raised in that same environment
05:27 and it's sad today because
05:30 all of my siblings are down that same road
05:33 and they have chosen to follow the environment
05:36 that surrounded them
05:38 and they are now into drugs and alcohol
05:40 and I have four brothers and they're all homeless...
05:43 on the streets here in Hawaii...
05:45 and then there's me... I just chose to take a different path
05:49 that God led me to and that's where I am today.
05:52 What do your siblings think about where you are
05:56 as compared to where they are?
05:58 Sometimes, I can sense
06:02 they feel really bad about themselves,
06:05 and sometimes they feel jealous, per se...
06:08 it's... it's not me... it's not...
06:12 it's not what I have chosen to separate myself...
06:16 it's simply... I chose to follow a path
06:18 that was God ordained
06:20 and they chose to follow a path which was towards destruction
06:25 and life is all about choices and sin is a choice
06:29 sin is not something where we're born with,
06:32 its... we... we make that choice
06:34 to choose a path and they chose that path
06:38 and I chose to follow God and that's where I am now.
06:41 And interestingly enough
06:43 and I talk about this all the time... on Urban Report
06:47 that both God and Satan have a plan for your life,
06:52 they both have a plan.
06:53 Yes, absolutely...
06:54 So, God's plan is to prosper you
06:56 and to give you the abundant life
06:59 and Satan's plan is to destroy you...
07:00 to take you from here and take you all the way down
07:04 as far as you can go and further than you ever imagined
07:07 and God's plan is to take you
07:09 further than you've ever imagined and so...
07:11 the path that you chose...
07:13 and we'll take about how you got there,
07:15 but the path that you chose has given you the abundant life
07:18 and unfortunately...
07:19 the path that your siblings have chosen...
07:24 that path... is taking them down
07:27 and until they decide to give their lives to the Lord,
07:30 that's how their lives are going to be... utter chaos.
07:33 Diamond: Yes... utter chaos... Yvonne: Utter chaos...
07:36 utter chaos... Diamond: Exactly...
07:37 Yvonne: So, you grew up in this environment,
07:40 your dad was a drug dealer, your mom was shoplifting,
07:44 unpack that a little bit for us, like, what your dad was like,
07:48 what your mom was like... and living in that environment.
07:51 Diamond: Sure, you know, growing up...
07:53 whenever there's a couple who is unequally yoked
07:57 and whenever you're equally yoked
07:59 it always happens through God in the center
08:02 so whenever God is not there,
08:03 the relationship is always unequally yoked
08:06 and, of course, this was... that instance
08:08 and it was fighting after fighting...
08:11 I mean pretty much every day there was an argument,
08:13 they were throwing things at you and just...
08:15 there were things breaking in the house
08:17 and just fighting... cops were coming all the time
08:19 and I was little... and it was a normal thing to happen
08:22 I'd would come home from school and they were fighting,
08:25 I would wake up in the morning... they're fighting,
08:28 or in the middle of the night... they're fighting...
08:31 so... it was just a normal thing,
08:33 my mom and dad did love each other, I think,
08:36 yeah, they did, because they're still with each other today,
08:40 but... once again... "sin makes you stupid... "
08:43 and they tried to do things... my mom would rob houses
08:48 and she would sell things
08:50 and just to support herself and the family...
08:53 Yvonne: And was your mom on drugs... was she on drugs...
08:55 did she need to support a habit?
08:57 Diamond: Yes... she was, yeah. Yvonne: Okay... hmmm... hmmm...
09:00 Diamond: And so... so was my dad and...
09:03 and my dad was more of the stay-home guy
09:05 and just... deal through the front door
09:07 and then my mom was just...
09:10 she was the one out... just doing things...
09:12 Wow! and so... in the midst of this
09:17 you were caught up in the midst of this
09:22 chaotic kind of environment...
09:25 at any point when you were little, did you say,
09:28 "I do not want to have this kind of life when I grow up. "
09:32 Absolutely, absolutely,
09:34 I saw... I mean, sometimes, we would go hungry,
09:38 I mean, just, I mean... my mom...
09:40 here in Hawaii... I mean... you're there in the Midwest
09:44 but you guys have potatoes, right? That's your staple...
09:47 we don't... we hate potatoes here...
09:49 what we eat is rice... there's rice,
09:52 it's white rice and... and sometimes for dinner
09:56 she would just have to buy a bag of rice for the whole week
09:59 and just put some soya sauce on the rice
10:02 and that was your dinner... and that was your breakfast
10:03 and that was your lunch...
10:05 and that was just the way you grew up and just... cans of Spam
10:08 and other stuff... I mean it was just a normal ghetto life
10:12 and I loved it actually... it was nice and simple
10:15 but, I mean, it was... like you said,
10:17 "utter chaos... " and yeah...
10:20 So, how did you get out?
10:23 Tell us how you went from being in the midst of this whole
10:29 chaotic environment...
10:31 knowing that both of your parents were doing things
10:34 that were wrong but it was...
10:37 it was normal for you... that was normal...
10:39 that was your normal... how did you get out of that?
10:43 Well, before... let me... let me back up one second,
10:46 before I go there, when you went to High School,
10:50 did you... were you caught up in that lifestyle as well
10:54 when you went to High School?
10:55 No... no, I was converted right before I went to High School.
11:00 Okay, tell us about your conversion.
11:03 Sure, so one day... it's a hot Hawaiian day here in Hawaii...
11:06 and I was at my grandmother's house
11:08 and I was in a... mind you, she loves to cook
11:11 so, she has all these cookbooks
11:12 and boxes of just cookbooks and cookbooks and cookbooks
11:16 and so I was bored... it was a boring day in Hawaii
11:19 and I was going through boxes of cookbooks...
11:20 and opening them... looking at them... imagining the food
11:24 and then... on the bottom of a box of cookbooks
11:26 was this book here called "The Great Controversy"
11:29 Yvonne: Ah...
11:31 Diamond: And I found this book and I was like,
11:32 "Wait a minute... hmmm... this is not a cookbook... "
11:35 so, I was like... "Why is this book in the box of cookbooks?"
11:39 So I opened to the first page and the first words
11:42 that Ellen White says, she says, "If THOU hadst known... "
11:46 and she's quoting from Scripture and I was like,
11:48 "You know what? I can't read this...
11:50 this is... I mean... who knows what
11:52 'If THOU hadst known' means?" It makes no sense to me.
11:55 Now, how old were you, how old were you here?
11:57 I was... at this time... I was eleven years old.
12:00 Okay...
12:01 Yeah, and so... yeah...
12:04 and so now I go towards the back of the book
12:06 and I read the last two chapters,
12:08 "God's People Delivered" and "The Controversy Ended"
12:12 those last two chapters and... to make a long story short,
12:17 I became a Seventh-day Adventist.
12:18 Don't make it short... we have some time...
12:20 Diamond: Okay...
12:22 Yvonne: So you read the book, you saw in the book
12:26 that there were things that just kind of resonated with you
12:30 did you talk to your grandmother about that?
12:33 Diamond: Yeah... Yvonne: Like... what...?
12:36 Diamond: I was like, "Hey, where is this book from,
12:38 why do you have this book?"
12:40 And she was like, "Well, years ago,
12:42 I was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. "
12:45 Now, this was when she was when she was in her 20s...
12:47 and she was only in the church for a few months
12:50 and then left... for about 35 years...
12:53 but yet, she still had that book in her house
12:56 from all those years...
12:57 Yvonne: Wow! now, had she raised your mom as an Adventist too?
13:00 Diamond: No... no...
13:02 Yvonne: So, she had been out of the church...
13:04 for a while when she has your mom.
13:06 Diamond: Yeah...
13:08 Yvonne: And so, you just happened...
13:11 and I say, "happened... "
13:12 because we know that God orchestrated all of that...
13:15 to read... to find "The Great Controversy"
13:19 at eleven... and it appealed to you at eleven.
13:23 Yeah, and you know, I look back on it now
13:27 and I'm thinking, "Man! what must have been going on
13:30 in the sphere of this great controversy in the house... "
13:32 I mean, I was imagining angels as having me go towards that box
13:36 and keep digging and keep digging... and there is a book
13:39 called, "The Great Controversy" and I believe that...
13:41 that God has ordained that every person should read this book
13:46 because it contains the past, present and future
13:49 of this world and... it's such an amazing book
13:53 and the history, the prophecy, the future events,
13:57 just inspired me and I was intrigued to read more
14:00 and study more and so I told my grandma, I said,
14:02 "Hey, so, what church is this because this is pretty cool"
14:05 and she said, "Well, I was baptized
14:07 in the Seventh-day Adventist Church"
14:08 and I was like, "Well, I want to go there"
14:10 and she said, "Okay, well, I'll drop you off"
14:12 and so, that next Sabbath, she dropped me off at the church
14:17 and I walked in to a sea of gray hair...
14:20 it was all old people...
14:22 Yvonne: Hey watch it...
14:23 of course "old" to you... "old" to you is probably 30...
14:30 but that's another story, so, you walked in...
14:33 a bunch of old folks... and what did you do?
14:36 Diamond: And I just walked right to the front
14:39 on the right pew... I sat down and next to me was this...
14:42 this tall gentleman... his name was Michael Carter
14:45 and we just kind of hanged out and then after a potluck
14:48 he told me, "Hey, do you want to make some money?"
14:50 I was like, "Yeah, sure, why not?"
14:52 And he's like, "Okay, well,
14:54 have you read the book called 'The Great Controversy?'"
14:58 I was like, "Yeah, yeah, I have,
15:00 well, I mean, I read the last two chapters of it...
15:03 and then eventually, I read the whole book"
15:06 and he was like, "Oh, so how did you rate the book?"
15:08 I was like, "Yeah, yeah... "
15:09 and he was like, "Okay, well, why don't you come with me
15:12 and... I go door to door, knocking on doors
15:14 selling that book, 'The Great Controversy'
15:16 and the money that you make
15:18 can go towards you going to a Seventh-day Adventist School"
15:22 I was like, "Oh, that sounds good... "
15:24 and so, I ended up joining him going door to door
15:27 every night of the week for five days
15:29 for about a whole year straight
15:30 and I saved up money
15:32 and I ended up going to the local academy.
15:35 Wow! now, what were some of the experiences you had
15:38 when you were going from door to door?
15:40 Now, this was the first night,
15:43 my first night ever going door-to-door canvassing,
15:46 it was the first night, I'm in O'ahu here
15:49 and we pull up and it's just pouring
15:51 because we are here in Hawaii and it rains a lot
15:53 that's why it's so green here
15:54 and it was raining and raining and raining,
15:56 it couldn't stop pouring and we were parked there in the stall
15:59 and I'm like, "Man!
16:01 are we going to cancel tonight because it's just raining?"
16:03 And then after Michael Carter prays
16:06 and he says, "Lord, this is Diamond's first night,
16:09 stop the rain in Jesus' name," after he said, "Amen... "
16:13 I opened my eyes and the rain just stopped,
16:15 the rain just stopped... and I was like...
16:18 Yvonne: "Wow!" Diamond: Wow!
16:19 Yvonne: Like, wow! Diamond: Wow! That was...
16:23 that was the first time in my life
16:25 that I experienced a sudden answer to prayer
16:28 and so, I opened the door
16:31 and I did not stop at all to think,
16:34 and I just grabbed the books and I went to the door
16:36 and I knocked on doors and I told them what happened
16:38 and "because of the rain stopping...
16:42 you have to buy my book... " and I mean...
16:45 and they were all kind of thinking I was crazy
16:47 but since I was just this cute little boy,
16:49 I was 12 years old... they're like,
16:51 "Oh, okay, well here is 20 bucks here's 50 bucks... "
16:53 and I ended up paying for my education and yeah...
16:58 You know... look... look at what God did though,
17:02 in that... He answered his prayer immediately
17:05 and it showed you that He is a God who hears
17:09 and who answers and so that... that just bolstered your faith
17:14 and got you going... God is so... He's awesome...
17:17 Right... He is... absolutely amazing God...
17:19 So, that was one... tell us another thing that happened
17:22 when you were selling... selling books.
17:24 Yes, here's another one, so, I was going door to door,
17:27 in the Ewa Beach area here in Hawaii...
17:30 and there was a bunch of Pit Bulls,
17:33 you know, they're big... big thick dogs
17:34 and they were at the door and they were barking, barking,
17:37 barking, barking, in my head, I'm like,
17:39 "I am not going to go in there because I'm going to die"
17:41 and Michael Carter says, "Oh, let's go... "
17:45 I was like, "Are you crazy... what are you doing?"
17:47 He said, "Don't worry, God's with us... "
17:49 I was like, "Okay, well, I'll wait out here
17:51 and you go with God in there... "
17:52 and then after... I realized... the Scripture found in
17:57 Exodus chapter 11 verse 7, let's read it pretty quickly,
18:01 Exodus chapter 11 verse 7, the Bible says,
18:05 let's see, here we go...
18:08 "But against any of my children of Israel
18:11 shall not a dog move his tongue, against man or beast... "
18:14 and he quotes this verse...
18:17 "against my children... not a dog move his tongue... "
18:21 and he walked in and I was so surprised
18:24 and he just walked right past the dogs...
18:26 the dogs just kind of... didn't really see him
18:29 and they kept barking at me
18:31 and yet, they just let him walk right through
18:33 and when the owner came out of the house,
18:35 he's like, "How did you get past my dogs?
18:38 They bite anyone who... who comes in... "
18:41 And he said, "Well, I'm here with the Lord
18:43 and I have a message for you"
18:45 and that night... the guy bought all the books we had...
18:48 all the books we had... he was so surprised.
18:51 Amen... amen... that Brother, Michael Carter,
18:54 had a lot of faith too, didn't he?
18:55 He did... absolutely...
18:57 He was a great partner for you to start your Evangelism with
19:01 because that... really reinforced,
19:04 I would imagine... your faith as well.
19:06 Right, yeah absolutely.
19:08 So you went from doing the Evangelism work...
19:12 the Literature Evangelism, you went to school,
19:16 that paid for you to go to Academy...
19:21 tell us about your Academy time.
19:22 Since I went to Academy, I had a great time,
19:25 I... of course... it was...
19:27 it was the Hawaiian Mission Academy,
19:29 a wonderful school here in Hawaii...
19:31 a great Principal...
19:33 great teachers... it was a good school...
19:34 and I... of course I had some problems there,
19:38 with some people... like,
19:40 wherever you go there are always problems
19:42 but, nonetheless, it was a great school
19:45 and I graduated two years ago
19:47 and since then, I've been preaching...
19:48 oh, mind you... since I began to Colporteur
19:51 or knock on doors since I was 11 years old...
19:53 I began to preach as well
19:55 so... I've been preaching all over the Hawaii Conference,
19:58 the North America Division for the past... oh, I don't know
20:02 ten years... and I've been preaching ever since.
20:06 So you've been... the Lord has been using you
20:09 you're probably the youngest,
20:11 are you the youngest Evangelist in the church?
20:13 Well, I don't know... I don't know if there's a record or...
20:17 Yeah, right... right... that's amazing...
20:20 so, what would you say have been the biggest challenges for you
20:25 in leaving the chaotic life that you had
20:30 and attaching yourself to Christ...
20:34 what have been some of the major challenges
20:37 that you faced in doing that?
20:38 There has always been challenges because, I mean,
20:42 with your family... they think you're crazy
20:44 and one of the biggest challenges was
20:47 how I thought people thought of me...
20:50 if that makes sense...
20:51 Yvonne: Hmmm...
20:53 Diamond: My siblings or my parents... all these guys
20:55 say, "He's a wimp" or whatever, "He's going to follow Jesus... "
20:58 because they think that being a gangster
21:01 and dealing drugs is a cool thing,
21:03 and to me it's stupid because sin makes you stupid,
21:05 you see... sin makes you think that way
21:07 because sin makes you stupid...
21:08 and... anyway... but... once I started to follow Christ
21:13 and I saw all my needs being fulfilled...
21:16 I saw God paying for my school, I mean, feeding me, clothing me,
21:20 surrounding me with people
21:22 who would encourage me and support me,
21:23 I said, "You know what? God promised to take care
21:27 and He has been... ever since I chose to follow Him"
21:30 and so, that... that assurance of having God fill my needs
21:35 just kept me going... it kept me going...
21:38 because I looked back at my family...
21:40 all my siblings, my parents... they were going homeless,
21:43 they were losing their homes, their cars,
21:44 their... whatever it was and that just gave me the assurance,
21:49 "Diamond, just keep looking at Christ
21:51 and keep walking forward" and yeah...
21:53 That's great... that's great, so now your parents...
21:57 are they looking at you differently
21:59 are they perceiving you differently
22:01 because your life is so different or...?
22:04 They are... they are...
22:05 and my mom has a bunch of health issues now,
22:09 because, of course, once again, sin makes you stupid
22:12 and over a life of that... it takes a toll on you...
22:16 and she has some health issues but she loves our church, why?
22:20 Because we have a health message,
22:22 and for the past oh... four months,
22:25 she's actually been on a vegan diet now
22:27 I mean, she's still not totally into Christ but you know...
22:30 she's been on a vegan diet
22:33 and she has been watching all our Programs...
22:35 3ABN, Amazing Facts, all these ministries
22:37 and she's loving it
22:39 and I've been giving her some Bible Studies
22:42 and she's been enjoying it and at first they probably thought
22:46 I was a little crazy... but over time they realized
22:52 the big picture that when God takes care of someone,
22:56 He really does... and if God can do that for me,
23:00 He can do that for them as well
23:02 and so, I think they're realizing it now
23:05 and they're starting to actually come around so...
23:10 Yvonne: Oh, that's wonderful, what an example...
23:14 the Lord has been using you to help them to see
23:17 what the abundant life looks like,
23:19 and that's... it's amazing... God is just...
23:24 He is so faithful and... and... Diamond: Yes, He is...
23:28 Yvonne: If we just realize... if we just hold on to Him...
23:31 He'll get us where we need to go,
23:36 we will have a fulfilling life. Diamond: Yes, absolutely...
23:38 Yvonne: So, what would you say to that young man
23:40 who... or young woman... who, like you,
23:44 like you were... in the middle of a really bad family situation
23:50 a dysfunctional family situation,
23:52 one in which they don't want to participate...
23:55 but they're kind of caught in there...
23:57 what would you tell that young man or young woman to do?
24:01 Keep your eyes on Jesus and He... I mean... He promises
24:05 to take care of His people,
24:08 keep your eyes on Christ... keep walking...
24:10 don't look back... and when your eyes are on Christ,
24:13 you will be healed from your situation...
24:16 you will be restored back into God's image...
24:19 and at first... there'll be lots of challenges,
24:23 lots of challenges
24:24 because Satan does not want you to follow Christ,
24:27 so he'll try everything in his might to stop you
24:30 but once you... just keep on following Christ...
24:32 and just take hold of His hand and don't let go,
24:35 then, over time... all your enemies will look at you
24:39 and say, "You know what, I want that life"
24:40 and you will be a living testimony, a living witness,
24:44 that the grace and power of God can change each individual
24:49 so... yeah...
24:50 That is great... thank you... what are you doing now,
24:53 tell us what you're doing.
24:54 Well, since... right now... I'm just traveling the world
24:58 just preaching God's message, I've been sharing my testimony,
25:01 talking about how God's power can change our lives
25:04 and that we can have victory in our life over our sin
25:08 et cetera, et cetera,
25:09 and God is taking me all over the world
25:13 I've been to Australia, North America, South America,
25:15 I mean, just all over... just sharing God's gospel
25:18 and it's amazing... it's amazing to see what the Lord does
25:22 and how the Lord leads you and I look forward to the future
25:25 how God will lead... so yeah...
25:28 What do you... well... first of all...
25:30 how can people get in touch with you, do you have a website?
25:33 Yeah, sure, and also you could e- mail me...
25:38 or just call me... or just call 3abn
25:42 and then they can get you in touch with me
25:44 and yeah, I mean,
25:46 if you want me to come share my testimony in your church
25:49 or just have questions or e- mail me
25:52 go ahead... and I'll be more than happy to respond
25:57 or even come down to your church.
25:58 What's your e-mail address?
26:00 We'll put it up on the screen.
26:02 Sure, yeah, it's on the screen and also, it's
26:05 diamondean1844@gmail. com so, diamondean1844@gmail. com
26:13 And we will put that up and have...
26:16 people will be able to communicate with you
26:19 and invite you to their church because I know that...
26:21 there are different youth groups and you come and share
26:26 and let people know what God has done in your life
26:28 and what He's doing...
26:30 what is your vision for your ministry?
26:32 Where do you...
26:33 I know you don't know where God is taking you or what
26:36 but what would you like to see happen?
26:39 I would like to see in my ministry
26:42 that people who came from my situation,
26:45 who are living in families and homes just like me...
26:49 who were raised in drugs and just a bad environment,
26:53 just come to Christ... and I hope that my testimony
26:56 will help others to realize that, "You know what?
27:00 I don't have to go down that road just like my family,
27:03 I don't have to be like all my friends in my neighborhood,
27:07 I can choose Christ... " and yes, it is the unpopular choice
27:10 but if you choose Christ, He promises to take care of you
27:14 just... I mean... in my life...
27:17 since I chose Christ...
27:18 Christ has provided my every need...
27:20 I've never gone hungry, I mean, I've never gone in need,
27:24 and Christ has always been there
27:26 and He will always be there for anyone
27:28 who chooses to follow Him, and yeah, praise God.
27:31 Praise God... absolutely... absolutely...
27:34 thank you so much for being with us,
27:37 I think you are such an inspiration
27:39 to young people, you know,
27:41 it's one thing if somebody my age tells a young person
27:44 that Jesus works... that He works...
27:47 but it's another thing if someone your age reaches out
27:51 so thank you so much... come back again...
27:53 Diamond: Praise God...
27:55 Yvonne: And thank you for being with us, join us next time
27:56 because it just wouldn't be the same... without you.


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