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A. S. I. 2016

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Participants: Jason Bradley (Host), Renoir St Juste, Kalina St Juste, Jim Rennie, Helen Eager


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00:01 Stay tuned to meet some people
00:02 who are doing great things for God.
00:04 My name is Jason Bradley
00:05 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:31 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:33 Recently, I was at ASI
00:35 and connected with some people that you need to know about.
00:38 My guests today are Renoir and Kalina in the first segment.
00:41 Let's take a look.
00:44 I'm here in Phoenix, Arizona,
00:47 with two young people that are on fire for the Lord
00:49 and a part of the Medical Missionary work.
00:51 We have Renoir... welcome
00:54 and Kalina... welcome.
00:56 So, tell us a little bit about your background,
00:59 where are you from, Renoir?
01:01 Yes, well, actually, I'm coming from the island of Saint Lucia.
01:04 I was born and raised there for about 17 years of my life
01:08 and I first moved to Florida about seven years ago,
01:13 started... well to pursue an education
01:15 in Miami, Florida out there and I've been here ever since,
01:21 about seven years now in the U.S.
01:23 Wow, wow, seven years... now, what about you, Kalina?
01:27 I was born and raised in Florida
01:28 and I was also attending the same University...
01:31 a private, very expensive university in South Florida,
01:34 but that's where the Lord called me out, yes.
01:38 Now, were you guys raised as Adventists?
01:41 Well, actually we were...
01:42 I would say, we were introduced to Adventism
01:46 because my dad was raised as an Adventist
01:49 but my dad was a backslidden Adventist so...
01:52 he would... more like... drop us to church
01:55 but he wouldn't attend church
01:56 because he knew he'd been raised as a child
01:58 in the way that he should grow and he will never depart from it
02:00 so, he dropped us to church even though he didn't go to church.
02:03 Jason: Okay.
02:04 So we were raised... going to church on Sabbath
02:06 but then when we got home it was a totally different story.
02:10 It was a different life.
02:12 So, go to church and then come home
02:13 and then it was a different life.
02:15 Yeah, watching TV... you know, yeah, so...
02:17 Hmmm... hmmm... hmmm... hmmm... Now, what about you?
02:20 Oh well, Jason, I was born and raised Pentecostal
02:22 up until four-and-half-years ago or so
02:25 when I accepted the Adventist Faith, yeah.
02:27 Oh, and how did you come to accept the Adventist faith?
02:31 Well, it is a very interesting story,
02:32 I was at the University where we attended together
02:34 and I met his brother which I'm married to,
02:37 his older brother, René.
02:39 Jason: So, this is your sister-in-law.
02:40 Kalina: That's my brother-in-law.
02:42 Renoir: So I've know her as long as my brother has known her yeah
02:46 And so, I was the RA of the dorms
02:48 and I had to meet all the students,
02:51 and he was one of the students and I met him
02:53 and I find him interesting, leaving every day Saturday...
02:56 and I said, "Where do you go every day Saturday?"
02:59 And he said to me, "Well, I go to church... "
03:01 and he blew me off... just like that...
03:02 later on in our friendship,
03:04 he got more open with his Christianity
03:07 and I was wondering why he's so ashamed of his Christianity,
03:10 he was an Adventist and I started digging in his faith
03:14 and I was like, "Where... where do you go?"
03:16 He said, "I'm an Adventist and study the Sabbath day
03:19 but, you have the Mark of the Beast. "
03:21 And I said... Jason: That's crazy...
03:23 Kalina: Yeah... so... that began a whole adventure.
03:26 Jason: How did that conversation well... you got married now...
03:28 but I mean... how did that conversation go?
03:30 Well, that started a big strike in my heart
03:32 and fast forward a little... fast forward a lot...
03:36 we started going at it with the Bible...
03:39 basically was challenging my faith and he would ask me,
03:42 "Well, show me what you believe in the Bible... "
03:44 I said, "I'm not going to show you
03:45 because I don't have to prove anything to you,"
03:46 really, I didn't know...
03:48 but I told him, "It's my faith and you can't question my faith
03:51 I have 100 percent faith and you can't question it... "
03:53 and I would ask him, "Well, let me... you show me"
03:56 and he said, "Okay, give me two days and I'll show you"
03:58 and he didn't know where to find anything
04:00 so he went back to do his study
04:02 and in him studying... he got... he drew closer to the Lord,
04:05 and I grew closer to the Lord in studying together with him.
04:08 What a blessing, now let's talk about health, right?
04:12 Because you guys are deeply involved
04:15 in the Medical Missionary work,
04:17 we've had you two... you came to the Studio before
04:22 but let's talk about how you got involved
04:25 in Medical Missionary work.
04:27 Well, actually it's a long story but I'll keep it short,
04:30 we... actually the first thing that we got interested in
04:34 was the gospel, I mean,
04:36 even while my brother met her just challenging us...
04:40 we had to go home and study, I remember going online
04:43 and looked at Amazing Facts Bible Study,
04:45 she'll be like, "Oh, what about Hell
04:46 and what about burning forever?" and we'd be like...
04:50 "You know what... Hell is something that is not real... "
04:53 and we would go back and study at home,
04:55 we'd put together a study,
04:56 we'd come back the next day and give a study on Hellfire
04:58 and different things like that and that drew us closer
05:01 and getting closer to God and the gospel...
05:04 studies in the Bible for ourselves,
05:07 a passion just grew out for sharing Bible Studies
05:12 with young people, going... our AY Programs,
05:15 leading out in AY Programs...
05:17 and when we saw a soul being drawn to Christ
05:19 and young people giving their lives to Christ
05:22 through the ministry that we were doing,
05:24 I remember one time we just like an... epiphany...
05:28 I was like, "Man! this is something
05:29 that I would love to do for the rest of my life. "
05:31 Jason: Wow!
05:32 And by that, learning about our bodies being the temple of God
05:36 bringing us closer to God, I'm like,
05:38 "I really have to watch what I put into my body"
05:40 so then, I started to learn from Inspiration
05:42 and also the Bible... reading...
05:44 how God wanted us to treat our bodies,
05:47 and I remember one time a family they were all into health,
05:49 and they were talking about a cleanser they were on...
05:52 they were doing... and she said,
05:53 "Oh, I think this cleansed my... all my illnesses went away"
05:56 and different things like that
05:57 I'm like, "Wow, you know we're interested,
05:59 we want to do this cleanse... "
06:01 Jason: What kind of cleanse was that?
06:02 It was called, "The Master Cleanse"
06:03 it was just some lemon and some cayenne pepper
06:07 and maple syrup and just... with no food... for ten days...
06:10 and we went through this cleanse...
06:12 and I'm telling you... from that time...
06:15 I've never touched meats or anything like that
06:18 after that cleanse, so we just went like...
06:21 kind of... cold turkey... just changed our whole lifestyle
06:24 and it was... it's been about five...
06:28 going on to six years now since we've been fully plant-based
06:32 and it's tremendous... the Lord just...
06:34 Now, what kind of difference do you notice
06:36 being fully plant-based,
06:38 do you have more energy or what... what's the difference?
06:41 Well, actually I have a... the time when I made the change,
06:44 it was during my middle terms or finals...
06:48 I can't remember which one it was
06:49 but I remember I had to study for exams
06:51 and when I was on the cleanse,
06:55 I recognized that when I was memorizing
06:57 for my different tests... my final exam,
07:00 my brain was just so much sharper...
07:02 Jason: Really?
07:03 Renoir: I could remember... I would read something...
07:05 I would just remember it off the bat like that
07:08 and also I would... like my exams...
07:11 like... my scores in my tests, I always aimed for...
07:14 tried to aim for... like an A student
07:16 but I'm telling you... my grades increased tremendously
07:20 I had four-hour classes,
07:22 I would pay attention for the whole class,
07:25 you know, just paying attention... four-hour lectures
07:27 and I was like... "Wow! I can actually see the difference"
07:29 energy... my memorization...
07:30 my cognitive powers...
07:32 they just increased just being... on this diet.
07:34 Wow, wow... wow... now, so what about you...
07:37 what brought you into Medical Missionary work?
07:39 I remember attending the church before I got baptized
07:42 and there was an Evangelist who
07:43 presented everything to his crusade
07:46 and he talked on one of the subjects of health reform
07:49 and health message and growing up in a Spanish home,
07:52 we'd had no idea of what health means,
07:55 what... how to shop... how to read labels...
07:57 what's good for your body... none of that...
07:59 we had no education on that at all...
08:01 you know, generations and generations teach one another
08:03 but we had nothing like that and so...
08:06 and so... going to that Evangelist
08:08 the meetings by that Evangelist...
08:11 is when I first heard it and I got so intrigued
08:13 and I just wanted to learn more and learn more
08:15 and right from the... right off the bat...
08:17 one thing I know about young people and especially...
08:19 because we're young... is that...
08:21 when you read something... we run with it...
08:22 and just to experience that experience... it's amazing
08:25 and so when I started applying it in my life,
08:27 I said, "This is it, Lord,
08:28 Your Word, Your Inspiration testifies of it,
08:30 Science declares it, I'm on it... nothing else"
08:33 and I was the first one, basically, in my entire family
08:36 for generations who went plant-based 100 percent
08:39 and by my stance...
08:40 we were able to help more young people in the church
08:43 and in the Community and in my family also, yeah.
08:45 Wow! so let's about some of the products that you have available
08:49 well, I'm going to let you talk about it,
08:53 tell me about your products.
08:54 Well, actually, I will tell you why we started doing...
08:57 developing different products,
08:59 we actually have a ministry called, Eden Lifestyle...
09:02 and we do seminars... we do trainings...
09:06 and we have a special emphasis on the young people as well
09:09 in urban areas... and we wanted to start a Lifestyle Center
09:13 where we can... people can come in
09:14 and be helped with different illnesses
09:16 and because we're young, one of the downfalls of young people,
09:20 we don't have money in the pockets...
09:22 Jason: Yes, yes... yes...
09:24 And you're a young ministry so it's...
09:25 even harder for people to support you or donate to you
09:28 because you may go out and buy some Jordan's
09:30 or something like that... but... so we were just thinking,
09:34 like, "Lord, how can we support ourselves as being missionaries"
09:37 and the Lord just impressed in our hearts so strongly
09:40 and we started looking the lines of
09:43 manufacturing different herbal products
09:46 and... because we had some different ingredients already
09:49 for the products and we were helping people
09:51 with different illnesses with those types of products already,
09:53 but we never... it was never put out in the market
09:55 so, we're like...
09:56 "Let's just package this and put this on the market"
09:58 we do it... we have a colon cleanse,
10:00 and right now we just started doing some activated charcoal,
10:03 we plan to do a whole cleanse series...
10:05 liver cleanse, kidneys and...
10:06 Now this is a non-invasive colon cleanse, right?
10:10 One of the great things about your products
10:12 is that it's non-invasive,
10:13 it's not in enema form or anything like that,
10:16 it's actually... like a powder...
10:18 Yes, and this is now... for men,
10:20 men don't like things going up the... the other end... so...
10:22 Jason: Yeah, yeah... absolutely.
10:24 We only sell in US... with no-enema-colon cleanse
10:26 so you can take it internally and it...
10:29 many testimonies...
10:30 people have lost ten pounds while on this colon cleanse
10:33 and really... the main focus...
10:35 all the funds that we got from this product is
10:38 to put back into the work,
10:39 actually the last time we did the interview with you guys,
10:43 we didn't have a Lifestyle Center as yet,
10:46 we were looking to set up one.
10:47 We were staying in our vehicle for the whole year... one year.
10:50 Yeah, back and forth... going from place to place.
10:52 Jason: That's dedication.
10:53 Renoir: Oh yeah and from Florida we were looking at Florida
10:56 to start up a Lifestyle Center there...
10:57 but actually this year... we actually got a place
11:00 in Upstate New York... yes.
11:01 Jason: Wow! I know all about Upstate New York...
11:04 Renoir: Yes, yes, it's beautiful we got a place and
11:07 we have been doing some renovations on the place
11:09 right now... and all the funds that we've been getting
11:11 from these products... we have been using it
11:13 to renovate the place,
11:15 painting and putting down the floors
11:16 and different things like that, so...
11:18 the Lord has been blessing tremendously.
11:20 We're really excited because we get to teach young people
11:22 or anyone... but mostly young people that...
11:24 you can start off with nothing,
11:25 you can start off nothing but a willing heart and dedication
11:28 and the Lord will bless... and many missionaries think that
11:32 "It's hard, you have to ask for this,
11:34 you have to ask for that... you have to... "
11:36 no, it's what you have in your hands and the Lord will bless
11:38 and He surely did... like Joshua... Team Joshua.
11:41 Absolutely, and you know...
11:43 one of the things that I love about you guys is that,
11:46 you're a family and missionary work begins in the home
11:50 and so you had... there are nine people involved, correct?
11:53 Oh yes, we started off with nine people in the family,
11:56 we're right now, currently... who does the ministry,
12:00 there are five of us currently at the... Upstate New York
12:03 and my parents are back home right now
12:05 and, I mean, it's just tremendous seeing...
12:10 a family coming together and doing ministry together
12:12 and, you know, specially being young
12:15 and starting off with nothing at all
12:17 and just seeing how the Lord blessed
12:19 and I remember one day when we were getting into
12:22 the Medical Missionary and changing all our lifestyles
12:25 and just being so much for mission work,
12:27 I remember praying for my family,
12:28 because, not all of us started off in the ministry,
12:31 my younger brother and my younger sister
12:33 weren't in ministry with us
12:36 but I remember just praying for them and saying,
12:38 "Lord, please help them to see
12:40 that we have to dedicate our lives for missionary service
12:44 and to give our youth... give all the energy that we have,
12:48 give everything to God,"
12:49 I remember just praying for my
12:51 younger siblings and my parents as well
12:53 and if you had told me about five years ago
12:55 that we would all be in ministry together today,
12:58 I'd be like, "No, you're not speaking the truth... "
13:00 It's amazing... I can't believe that our time is almost up,
13:05 it's almost up... in the short maybe 15 seconds,
13:09 what advice would you have, Kalina,
13:11 for the young person at home that wants to join
13:15 Medical Missionary work? 15 seconds...
13:17 Well, okay... one thing is to start where you are...
13:20 start where you are... prayer... and the Lord will see
13:23 the seed that's inside of you and it will grow...
13:25 and the downfall of young people is:
13:28 continuation, dedication, persistence,
13:30 no matter what is in the way, continue...
13:33 and that's the hardest thing to do,
13:34 doing the same thing over and over until you see results.
13:37 Excellent advice... and what's the website
13:39 where people can check your products out?
13:42 You can check it out on: www. edenlifestyle. org
13:45 also, www. easeyseries. com
13:50 Okay so www. edenlifestyle. org
13:55 and www. easeyseries. com Kalina: Yes.
14:02 Well, thank you guys so much for joining us...
14:05 Both: Thank you for having us.
14:07 For coming on and continue... continue the great work...
14:10 I'm so proud of what God is doing...
14:13 working on you, in you, and through you.
14:16 Kalina: Amen... amen... thank you.
14:17 Jason: Thank you.
14:18 Our next interview is going to be with
14:22 Helen Eager and Jim Rennie, check it out.
14:26 I'm here in Phoenix, Arizona, with another great ministry
14:32 at ASI Asian Aid, I'd like to welcome
14:35 Jim and Helen, how are you guys doing today?
14:40 Doing good thanks.
14:41 Good, good, tell us about Asian Aid...
14:43 I walked by the booth and I wanted to know more
14:46 and I definitely wanted to have you on this program.
14:50 Okay, well, the key activity that Asian Aid does is
14:54 child sponsorship, we take children based on need
14:57 and we put them in Adventist Schools,
15:00 we give them a full education,
15:02 we have about three and half thousand children in India,
15:07 Nepal, Bangladesh and recently we've even entered Myanmar
15:12 which is the old Burma and also with the church
15:16 we fully fund four orphanages,
15:18 a blind school and a deaf school in India,
15:22 and in recent times, as we'll talk about shortly,
15:25 we've become involved in Operation Child Rescue
15:29 which is obviously rescuing children
15:32 from trafficking and slave labor,
15:35 so, that's Asian Aid in a... in a capsule...
15:39 Wow! wow! and Helen, tell us about you...
15:42 Oh well, I ran Asian Aid for quite a few years
15:45 so, I'm very familiar with India, Nepal and Bangladesh,
15:49 I haven't been to Myanmar
15:51 but we have sponsored many thousands of children
15:55 and for me the best thing is to see... those young people now
16:00 really doing something special for their lives
16:02 and actually helping to run churches
16:05 and some of them, of course, have gone abroad...
16:08 but there are many of them
16:10 that are really doing a special work for God
16:12 and for me, that's the most important thing
16:15 and with the trafficking...
16:16 I've been involved with that... a lot
16:18 and in India and Nepal it's a huge problem.
16:20 I know it is worldwide but, I think India and maybe Nepal...
16:24 maybe two of the worst places
16:26 because of the open border between India and Nepal.
16:30 Wow! and what is Asian Aid doing about this...
16:34 this human trafficking and child trafficking problem?
16:37 Well, if I may just first...
16:39 Helen is selling herself very short...
16:42 Helen was the Co-founder of Asian Aid...
16:46 so about 30 or 40 years ago, in Australia where it started...
16:50 Helen started it and since then, over 50,000 children
16:55 have been given an Adventist Education.
16:58 Jason: 50,000 children... Jim: 50,000 children
17:01 in Nepal, we've done a lot of women's health
17:04 and prolapse operations and that issue in itself...
17:08 when they have the operation changes the woman's real life
17:12 over 11,000 prolapse operations have been done
17:18 and I estimate... in that period
17:20 $60 to $80 million have gone into schools and orphanages.
17:24 Jason: Wow!
17:26 Jim: And all from the momentum that this lady gave Asian Aid
17:29 and that was 50 years ago... it started in Australia
17:33 and here in America we've been going about 12 years.
17:37 Jason: Wow!
17:38 Jim: So, I just... sorry to interrupt but I had to tell you
17:41 about the momentum that this lady has given Asian Aid.
17:44 Yes, yes, she wasn't going to tell us that, see...
17:47 she was holding on to that,
17:49 we're so happy that you've allowed God to use you
17:52 to be able to do all those things
17:54 and so, getting back to the human trafficking...
17:58 and child trafficking issue...
17:59 what is Asian Aid doing to help in that area?
18:04 Well, we're very excited that we're just launching
18:06 a brand called: Operation Child Rescue
18:09 and Operation Child Rescue is targeting the issues with
18:15 boys and girls in the trafficking area,
18:18 so we're covering four areas,
18:21 first of all trafficking in the sex industry
18:24 in Bangalore... we've partnered with a lady,
18:28 we've just committed to three years' support of a rescue home
18:32 and they go in and raid brothels from the sex industry,
18:37 we're involved in the rescue of babies in Bangalore
18:41 and also orphans and slum children
18:44 so Operation Child Rescue
18:46 which you'll be able to see on our website
18:49 is a very exciting project that we've become involved in.
18:53 Wow! now how did you get involved with Asian Aid?
18:57 Jim: You're asking me? Jason: Yes Sir.
18:59 Well, I... as you can tell, I'm not from America,
19:03 I am a New Zealander
19:05 and I came to America because I married an American lady
19:10 and they asked me to go on the Board
19:13 and then I took a six-month contract
19:16 to restructure Asian Aid
19:18 so I'm now seven years into my six-month contract.
19:22 Jason: Okay... okay... wonderful
19:24 and where did this... where did this vision start?
19:27 How did this Organization even come about,
19:31 like where did the vision come from?
19:32 Well, actually, Asian Aid was started in the beginning
19:36 just to get cheap freight for warm clothing and blankets
19:39 to go to South Korea after the war
19:41 but the Adventist Church was running a small orphanage
19:45 in Seoul... and that's where
19:47 the child sponsorship program started
19:49 and then it went to Vietnam
19:51 and then we went into India and Bangladesh
19:54 and then... in the beginning... all the Nepali children
19:57 were actually just coming into India to study
20:00 so, those were the three countries
20:02 where it started fairly early in the piece,
20:05 because Vietnam fell... long time ago now... yeah, so...
20:09 Okay, now what stories do you have because I know...
20:13 in doing this great work,
20:15 there are so many stories that you probably have,
20:18 we'd love to hear a couple of them.
20:21 Well, Helen, you try and tell one story
20:24 because it's hard to hold her at one... tell one story...
20:28 Jason: We've got some time,
20:30 we've got a little bit of time left
20:32 so you got some time to tell us.
20:33 Well, I guess the stories about children that are growing up
20:36 in our orphanages are... sort of a bit special,
20:40 like, there was one young man where he and his sister...
20:44 the mother had died... and the father had decided...
20:47 he had already bought poison to kill the children
20:51 because he didn't know what to do
20:52 but an Adventist man knew about our Sunshine Home
20:55 and so those three children were brought to Sunshine...
20:58 one of the little girls that was only around 2 or 3...
21:01 she had been trodden on the leg with a cow
21:03 and that had gotten infected
21:05 and so they had treated it with cow dung,
21:07 so she had cow dung plastered all over her... with cow dung...
21:12 see cows are the gods of the Hindus, you see
21:15 and so, her leg was badly infected
21:18 and so... they were actually the first bigger children
21:22 that came to Sunshine Home,
21:23 before that, Dorothy Watts just had some babies,
21:26 and it's interesting how she got those babies too,
21:28 she would go into a hospital,
21:30 well, one child, she told me about...
21:32 she went into the hospital expecting this baby... sick baby
21:37 to be able to be given to her
21:38 and they tried to tell her the baby wasn't there
21:40 but she knew that the baby was...
21:43 and Dorothy Watts doesn't give up easy,
21:46 so eventually, she just went upstairs
21:48 and she demanded to see this baby
21:51 and then she took it and she took it home...
21:53 no... she only had the scooter, so she's like,
21:56 "How can I carry the baby and ride the scooter?"
21:59 So she had to take a taxi home with the baby
22:02 and then come back and get the scooter.
22:03 Jason: Wow!
22:05 So, that was sort of how Sunshine Home
22:07 began in Bangalore.
22:08 We've got a young man here today
22:11 who lives in New York and he's a Physiotherapist,
22:17 he's married with a young baby,
22:19 maybe Helen... tell their story.
22:22 Okay, well, he also came from Sunshine Home,
22:25 there were four children in that family
22:26 and the father had threatened to kill their mother
22:29 and so the mother kept coming to Sunshine...
22:32 and she said, "I'm going to die,
22:33 I know my husband's going to kill me,
22:35 I can't do anything about it
22:36 but I want you to please save my children... "
22:39 but the lady in charge... she sort of thought,
22:41 "Well, both parents are there,
22:42 they're both alive... this is an orphanage... "
22:45 and so, the poor mother...
22:47 she kept coming back and coming back...
22:48 I'm sure it was at least four times,
22:50 I just forget... but... eventually Rosette said,
22:53 "Okay, we'll take the four children"
22:55 and so the four children came to Sunshine
22:58 and just a few days later,
23:01 the father poured fuel on the mother
23:03 and then as she was burning... she grabbed him,
23:07 and so they both died. Jason: Wow!
23:09 So, those children have really grown up,
23:11 you know... really... especially...
23:13 actually two of them are in the UK
23:15 and two of them are in the US...
23:16 and Bobby John is actually here with us at ASI at the moment
23:20 and he's the third in the family
23:23 the two girls are both nurses, they both studied nursing
23:26 and Bobby John is as he said a Physiotherapist
23:30 and they've done really well in their lives so...
23:35 those stories are really special to me.
23:37 Jason: Yes, yes... now what advice would you have
23:41 to... and this question is going to go to both of you,
23:43 what advice would you have for someone at home
23:46 that's watching this program
23:48 that really wants to get involved
23:49 and really wants to make a difference
23:50 what advice would you have for that young person?
23:52 Well, I'll just say that if they sponsor a child,
23:54 it kind of gives them someone in their lives
23:58 that can be a bit special,
23:59 some of the children have really grown up
24:03 and have really... eventually
24:05 some of them have even met their sponsors
24:07 of course, that doesn't always happen
24:08 but even just... even if you can only give a child
24:11 two or three years of education
24:13 it's better than nothing, isn't it?
24:14 Jason: Yes, absolutely.
24:15 And I just feel that sponsorship
24:17 has just transformed the lives of so many children
24:20 that you couldn't count.
24:21 Oh, praise the Lord, what about you Jim?
24:23 Well, Helen and I see sponsorship as...
24:26 that we all want to be involved in mission field
24:29 and not everybody can travel
24:31 but with sponsorship, every morning,
24:33 someone in another country is waking up depending on you
24:38 and depending on you for school, depending on you for food
24:43 and if they're an orphan...
24:45 they're depending on you for everything,
24:47 so you get letters from them, you get reports from them,
24:50 so you know that you are doing something in the mission field,
24:55 now, the children should write to you,
24:57 you should write to them and you get their school report
25:02 and so, we're very personal about sponsorship,
25:05 it's got flow and a face... the parents' esteem is built up
25:10 because their child is having an education
25:12 so, it has an impact on the family and the community
25:16 but the other thing is too...
25:17 your money is going directly to a mission school
25:22 for the children so we only realized recently
25:26 the impact we're having because we pay the mission school
25:30 every month... so my tip...
25:33 I think it's important in life that you find
25:35 where you want to serve and where you want to help,
25:38 you shouldn't do something you're not comfortable with
25:41 but Outpatient Sponsorship,
25:44 you can sponsor an orphan, a blind school,
25:46 just a normal child that walks to school each day.
25:50 Helen: But I mean donations are good here and there as well,
25:52 you know... donations...
25:54 If you can't afford the monthly commitment,
25:56 we have an Unsponsored-Child Fund,
25:58 because whether a child's got a sponsor or not,
26:02 we cover them, and so,
26:05 if you can't afford that monthly commitment
26:07 and you just want to send a few dollars,
26:10 then the Unsponsored-Child Fund makes a huge difference.
26:14 So, that's really nice, what's your website,
26:16 do you have a website?
26:17 Yeah, yes, definitely.
26:19 So tell us your website.
26:20 Okay, so it's www. asianaid. org one word... asianaid...
26:27 asianaid. org and you can get all the information,
26:32 you can see our TV Programs, you can sponsor a child online
26:36 or if you can... take our phone number and give us a call,
26:41 our ladies would love to talk to you,
26:43 we're based in Collegedale, Tennessee
26:46 so we're on eastern time.
26:48 Okay, wonderful, www. asianaid. org
26:52 that's wonderful...
26:54 I can't believe our time is just about up,
26:57 this has gone by so fast, give us that phone number
27:01 in the quick 30 seconds that we have left,
27:03 give us that phone number.
27:04 Well, we would just prefer you go to the website,
27:07 go to the website and get the information.
27:09 Helen: The phone number will be on the website.
27:11 Well, go to the website... get the number...
27:14 and give them a call and support these children,
27:17 thank you so much for allowing God to use you
27:19 and for allowing God to use you
27:22 and thank you for joining us on our program
27:24 and we hope that our Viewers
27:25 would get out and do something.
27:29 You know, I really appreciate these two ministries,
27:33 Eden Lifestyle with its emphasis on healthy living
27:36 and Asian Aid... rescuing people enslaved by human trafficking,
27:41 they're making a difference for Christ
27:43 and having a huge impact on the lives that need it most.
27:46 What difference are you making in your community?
27:50 What are you doing for Christ?
27:52 Ask God's guidance and then get to work.
27:55 Well, we've reached the end of another program,
27:58 join us next time and remember,
28:00 it just wouldn't be the same without you.


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