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00:01 How does one take Jesus into the workplace?
00:04 Where can a Christian find the tools
00:06 to know how to win at work?
00:08 Well, stay tuned to meet a man
00:10 who can teach you all this and more.
00:13 My name is Yvonne Lewis
00:14 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:41 Hello, and welcome to Urban Report.
00:43 My guest today is Eric Kelly
00:46 and I had the privilege of sitting on the set
00:49 with Eric on the Working the Dream set,
00:51 which is one of the Dare to Dream's
00:53 newest programs.
00:55 You are gonna love it.
00:56 Take a look at this little interview.
01:02 I am so excited
01:04 because I'm sitting on the set of Dare to Dream's
01:08 new God in the Workplace program,
01:11 it's called "Working the Dream,"
01:13 and the host of that program is Eric Kelly
01:15 and he is with me right now.
01:17 Thank you, glad to be here.
01:19 Eric, Working the Dream is...
01:23 to me it is one of the best programs
01:26 that we have on Dare to Dream,
01:27 I can't wait for our viewers to see it.
01:29 Awesome.
01:30 Because it's got all of these different elements in it
01:34 and it's got comedy, it's got reality, you know,
01:40 we look at different things and we'll talk about
01:42 what we're looking at on the program.
01:43 But it's got all these different elements in it.
01:46 Letting our viewers know that
01:48 we are not to compartmentalize God.
01:51 That God is to go with us into the workplace.
01:54 Absolutely.
01:56 'Cause He is with us at church, right? And school.
01:57 But not in the work place.
01:59 How did this program come to be?
02:03 I know that I brought you an idea about us
02:06 doing a program,
02:07 but how did this program with the scripts and all that.
02:11 How did it come to be?
02:12 A couple of things happened.
02:14 I have a personal passion
02:15 and most of this is out of my pain.
02:16 I've a personal passion for sharing with people,
02:19 "How do you survive at work?"
02:21 And having figured it out, you can't do without God.
02:24 True.
02:25 Later on after you get beat up you say, "Okay, and I'm ready."
02:27 That's right.
02:29 Started to kind of put some ideas together.
02:33 There's a young gentleman in our church
02:36 named Brian Montgomery, he's a playwright.
02:38 We bounce ideas off of each other.
02:40 In fact, I like hanging with the younger people.
02:43 Okay.
02:44 No offence to those of us that have been around since
02:45 Eisenhower.
02:47 Hey, watch it.
02:48 But I love the energy and creativity.
02:51 In fact, if you ever want to see a team work,
02:53 get the experience of the folks who had been here
02:56 with some of the creative know-how technology
02:58 of the younger folks.
03:00 Man, if we really put that together,
03:01 do you know what kind of ministries that we can have,
03:03 and the people that we can actually touch.
03:06 So we begin to work on something's
03:08 and most of the stories
03:10 come out of a kind of a personal pain.
03:13 I'm the son of a pastor. I was raised very, very well.
03:17 Went to a good Christian college,
03:20 I was taught all the right things.
03:22 But I didn't have the spiritual connection here,
03:26 but I went to church.
03:27 Hmm.
03:29 I was a good kid so I go to church.
03:30 That's a good contrast, you know...
03:32 Yes.
03:33 Because you can go to church and you could just, you know,
03:36 you go in devil and you come out a devil, right?
03:38 Absolutely.
03:39 Oh, in fact, you know, people give going to church
03:43 a bit more credit than it should
03:45 and as well kind of a corny saying
03:47 I used sometimes that,
03:48 "Sitting in a church doesn't make you
03:50 any more of a Christian
03:51 than sitting in the garage
03:52 makes you a Lamborghini."
03:54 Hmm.
03:55 Because this is not the place,
03:56 it's what you doing in the place.
03:58 Now I still go to the church.
04:00 There's nothing's wrong with that.
04:01 Why? Nobody is saying don't go to church.
04:03 No, no, I still go to church, but there's a realness there.
04:05 Now when I go, I hang out with other people
04:07 who are kind of real about the spirituality.
04:09 We don't always agree on everything.
04:11 But we do believe in Jesus Christ.
04:13 Believe in God almighty.
04:15 And that brings us together
04:16 and from now on we're brothers and sisters
04:18 and it is great.
04:20 But prior to that happening,
04:23 I'm just kind of out here on my own.
04:24 How did you go from being a PK
04:27 and PKs are in church every Sabbath?
04:30 You know, you went from being a PK
04:33 to going out to coming back
04:36 and saying, you know, now it's a different...
04:38 Now it's God. Yeah.
04:39 I think what happens often when you're in church so much,
04:43 you get desensitized to what's really going on there.
04:47 You learn some of the organizational woes.
04:50 And trust me, whether you're at church or at business,
04:52 any operation that has more than two people
04:55 is a hopeless bureaucracy,
04:56 so if you hang out wherever you gonna get,
04:59 you know, some of the negatives.
05:01 Actually, I went to work
05:03 and I was blessed to have educated parents
05:05 and so I figured
05:07 I could pretty much figure out anything.
05:09 And I went to work
05:10 and all these people were there and I said,
05:12 "I'm smarter than this one, that one.
05:13 Oh, I'm gonna be the president of this thing in a week.
05:16 I don't know, they need to get my office ready."
05:18 I'm just hired in now.
05:19 Right, right.
05:21 Kid is 20, he's trying to figure things out.
05:22 And there's a set of unwritten rules
05:26 that they don't train you about.
05:28 Nobody tells you about these things in school.
05:30 Such as?
05:32 Don't drive the car better than your bosses,
05:36 if your boss has any ego issues.
05:38 Now let me draw the scenario.
05:39 You are young kid, you're coming in,
05:42 you got extra cash, first of all,
05:43 you don't have any kids, you're not married,
05:45 you just, it's just you, your apartment,
05:47 you have extra spendable cash to blow.
05:51 So you get this sports car, boss comes in,
05:54 he's wearing his twisted serious looker suit.
05:56 He's already got five kids,
05:58 his check is stretched to the max,
05:59 he got his Station Amager with rust rolling on it.
06:02 And you pull up in your sports car.
06:04 Oh, that's not gonna work.
06:06 That day I had a bad day.
06:07 Now nobody writes that down. Right.
06:10 But there are smart people watching this.
06:11 They go, "Well, we know that." Right.
06:13 So there are subtle things there
06:15 than I do executive coaching now, I'm mentoring.
06:18 There are subtle things there that you don't know going in.
06:21 And you think because you're smart
06:23 and you went to school, that you have a...
06:24 you have no clue what's about to happen.
06:29 So when you got to your first job,
06:34 what was your spiritual condition then?
06:36 Oh, I was so sad.
06:38 I went and got a cute little sports car, I'm single,
06:41 they're gorgeous women everywhere
06:43 I said, "God has been good."
06:44 I knew I was blessed, I had a job, a car
06:47 and oh, we're about to have a good time
06:49 and what happens is my belief is that
06:51 Satan lets you be okay for a little bit,
06:56 where you think this is how life is going to be.
07:00 This is great. Yeah.
07:02 I had no spiritual connection.
07:03 I did not wake up in the morning
07:05 being connected,
07:06 but I could still go to church and play the part.
07:09 Oh, so you were still going to church?
07:11 I was still going to church.
07:13 But you kind of lost your connection.
07:15 Oh, absolutely.
07:16 There's a couple of pieces that I've seen
07:19 people talk about being lost in the church.
07:22 Oh, yes.
07:23 Going to church, it's not the building,
07:26 it's what's my condition
07:27 when I'm coming into the building,
07:28 so I went to church and I can do the church talk,
07:30 how are you, my sister?
07:31 Isn't God good?
07:33 Happy Sabbath.
07:34 I'm thinking about the next party I'm going to go...
07:36 In fact, as soon as I leave here,
07:37 I'm about to go get in some foolishness,
07:38 so I wasn't really...
07:40 no, I wasn't convicted at all to get closer to God,
07:44 I just played the game.
07:45 What happened?
07:47 I went to work and one of the first things
07:50 that I ran into was a sense of things aren't going to be fair.
07:56 So I walked in now trust me, I did some dumb things,
08:00 believe it or not, I had an afro,
08:03 I had an afro the size of this room.
08:06 And I've never been a tiny, tiny person,
08:09 so the biggest afro, big guy coming in football.
08:15 I went into a very conservative room,
08:18 very conservative company, had a jumpsuit
08:21 and I had my little medallion
08:23 with the little black fist right there,
08:25 and I'm pretty sure
08:26 I scared the mess out of everybody in that room.
08:30 And if they had known me they would say,
08:32 oh, this guy is the cream puff.
08:33 But I mean what they saw
08:35 was a six foot plus big guy with a giant afro.
08:40 What do you do?
08:41 And when people respond out of fear,
08:44 they do some pretty, pretty wild things.
08:46 I wasn't mean, I was always looking for fun and the party,
08:49 but I got lost and as I decided I am going to move up,
08:53 and I saw what it took to move up,
08:56 I started imitating those people and I said,
08:58 "I'm better than this one, I'm smarter."
09:00 And what I didn't but I wasn't ready for
09:03 is there is an invisible pecking order
09:05 in most organizations.
09:07 Okay, unpack that a little bit? Okay.
09:09 There are seven people in this room you walk in,
09:12 if we're competing for something
09:14 regardless as to your skill and ability,
09:17 these people have time in line ahead of you.
09:21 So you may look at them and say,
09:24 "I'm better than them."
09:26 And you may be, but that's irrelevant
09:28 because they're going to be rewarded
09:30 based on that pecking order,
09:31 and that's not just pure ability,
09:33 it's also their time in the relationship
09:35 with the people that are making the decisions.
09:37 And none of that's in school, nobody ever tells you that.
09:40 You see this is another one of those unwritten rules.
09:43 Absolutely. Absolutely.
09:45 And I was I was pretty much done.
09:47 Then I ran into some just basic blatant unfair things
09:52 that were said and done to me based on how I looked.
09:55 Well, I'm not going to be able to change the color of my skin,
09:57 I can cut my afro down and scare you a little less,
10:00 but I am who I am.
10:02 And instead of responding by going to the father,
10:06 I went sideways, I said,
10:07 "Man, I gotta find some relief out of this thing."
10:10 So I got into a little substances
10:12 that made you feel better on your way home.
10:13 Okay.
10:14 And I said, "Oh, heck with those people."
10:16 And that's a slow gradual slide
10:21 toward away from anything
10:24 that is closely resembling going to God.
10:27 I went to my stash to feel better
10:31 rather than, "God, please make my heart feel better.
10:33 Please give me peace while I'm being persecuted, please..."
10:36 I didn't do any of that, I went my own way.
10:38 And that's why I went down for a while.
10:40 Satan doesn't destroy you instantly.
10:43 He takes his time.
10:45 That's so true, he's a torturer, you know,
10:48 he wants to do it overtime and it's kind of like
10:51 the frog this in the boiling water, right?
10:53 That frog story, you know,
10:55 he just turn this ire gradually,
10:58 the fire up gradually,
11:00 and the frog don't even realize it
11:03 before you know he's boiled and that's what Satan does.
11:05 Satan does.
11:06 He takes his time and destroys, that's his job,
11:10 his job is to destroy.
11:12 Absolutely, but he can only get you
11:14 if you've let go of God's hand.
11:15 That's right. He cannot take you out.
11:17 That's right. So I hit rock bottom and...
11:21 Did the substances take hold of you?
11:24 Oh, I was absolutely, absolutely,
11:25 it's demonic and with them there's you lose hope,
11:30 you lose any belief that it can get better
11:33 and you also lose your belief
11:35 in the fact that God can help you.
11:39 And that's all Satan wants is your faith...
11:40 That's right. That God can actually help you.
11:43 So a turning point was, I remember I was in a situation
11:47 where I was getting help
11:48 and I was at the bottom of life.
11:49 I have so destroyed my life and I called my pop,
11:52 who I loved dearly.
11:54 I said, Dad, I told him exactly where I was
11:57 and it's interesting, I didn't understand
11:59 what condemnation meant
12:00 and there is no condemnation in those
12:02 that are trusting in God to save,
12:04 and I didn't know what that meant,
12:05 then I was out there.
12:07 So I called Pop, I said, "Dad, here's where I'm at."
12:09 I told him the absolute everything that was going on.
12:12 You know, the first thing he said back to me
12:14 blew me away he said, "I love you."
12:18 Here's the pastor he could've said,
12:20 "We trained you better than that, young man."
12:22 He said, "I love you," and he said, "God loves you."
12:27 And the third thing I didn't get two years later
12:29 he said, "Oh, you're no worse than anybody else."
12:33 I said, "I'm striving out, I'm no worse than anybody else
12:35 based on what I'm looking at."
12:37 But I didn't understand that
12:38 everybody is faced with the condition of sin.
12:40 That's right.
12:42 And some of our addictions are out front.
12:43 That's right.
12:45 You know, lot of my good holy people
12:47 their addictions are...
12:49 they've hidden it a little bit better than my perhaps.
12:50 Little covet.
12:53 Absolutely.
12:54 And it was after that I wanted to come back, I said,
12:56 "I don't know who God is yet really,
12:58 but I want to know who his God is."
13:01 And that was the beginning of the comeback.
13:03 Wow! So your dad just loved you, he just loved you back.
13:07 Through everything. Yes, yes.
13:09 No condemnation ever, in fact, if you ever talked to him.
13:12 I love your dad. No matter what.
13:13 We need to let you know who his dad is,
13:16 it's T. Marshall Kelly, the amazing singer,
13:19 speaker and the amazing man of God.
13:22 I mean, you can just sense
13:24 that he has such a relationship.
13:27 Real, it's not fake, it's not...
13:29 he just seems so I love your dad.
13:32 So authentic.
13:33 I'm his kid, I've been with him for all those years,
13:36 never once yelled,
13:38 never once said a bad word, never ever.
13:40 A couple times I was glad he left the room
13:42 where he didn't kill me,
13:44 but I'm still here, thank you Jesus, thanks dad.
13:47 Yes, yes, amen.
13:48 But it's so interesting that you went from spiraling down
13:53 to coming to your senses
13:56 and then look where God has brought you today.
14:00 I will tell you.
14:01 My career came up, it came up after that and it would plateau
14:05 and then jump up and plateau and then jump up.
14:09 Eventually, I became vice president
14:11 of a multimillion dollar corporation.
14:15 Most of the time I'm director, senior director, you know,
14:19 junior vice president and God has just blessed.
14:21 I mean there are times I would sit in an office and wonder,
14:24 how did I get here?
14:27 But since I know how I got there, it wasn't me.
14:31 So I can't use the word I,
14:33 I would say He put me in this room.
14:34 Yes.
14:36 So that I can bless somebody else.
14:37 Yes.
14:38 And there had been so many lessons
14:40 that have happened even since then,
14:42 that I realize everyday it's gonna be a new adventure,
14:45 I don't know what's going to happen,
14:46 but at the end of it I absolutely know
14:48 God is going to take care of me.
14:50 That's tremendous, that's tremendous.
14:52 Why do you think we need a program
14:54 like Working the Dream?
14:56 People go to work and if there's ever a time
15:00 or a point where sometimes I think we're increasingly,
15:04 becoming increasingly vulnerable, it's at work.
15:07 Right now in our society, work is everything.
15:12 People give up family duties to take care of their work.
15:16 They find a way to rationalize not having relationships
15:20 with their loved ones in their life due to work.
15:22 But I've got to go to work, I've got to make money.
15:24 We're all out there spending more, buying more,
15:28 we're so driven by consumerism and materialism
15:31 that work seems to be the only place
15:34 that we can justify our existence,
15:37 why we do what we do,
15:39 and I think Satan just capitalized on that.
15:41 So if you're coming to work,
15:43 he knows all the problems you have,
15:44 he sends me who is full of dark side to wait on you,
15:48 and you come in and say, "Good morning."
15:50 And he goes, "Boy, I think
15:51 I can get here through this guy today."
15:54 And I work your last nerve and then you lose faith.
15:59 And that's all he wanted in the first place
16:00 was your faith.
16:01 Mission accomplished. Absolutely.
16:03 Wow. So co-workers they design...
16:04 the ones that are under his power,
16:06 they're designed to take your faith.
16:09 That's really deep.
16:11 Now that is really deep,
16:12 just like there are people in every congregation
16:15 that can work you nerves.
16:16 Yes.
16:18 There are people at the workplace
16:20 that can work in us.
16:21 Satan's got his people everywhere,
16:23 but God's got people too.
16:24 That's right.
16:25 I've been blessed to work under some tremendous
16:27 Christian executives.
16:28 So somebody wants to paint all the excerpts with a brush,
16:31 not even.
16:32 I worked for CEO's, they were so Christian.
16:34 I'm not saying just, you know,
16:36 we go to church the only thing wrong,
16:37 I mean Christian men, men of compassion,
16:39 men that lead,
16:41 men that if there's a layoff they feel it in their spirit,
16:44 in other words they don't...
16:46 they're not callous about it
16:47 and I've been very blessed to work with some of those
16:49 and I've had a couple of the other side too.
16:51 I know...
16:53 and you reflect that in the program, you know,
16:57 we have a little clip from the program
17:00 that we want to show.
17:04 On Working the Dream, it's...
17:05 we want to give you some funny, some funny experiences
17:10 but yet we want to give you information,
17:13 and that's what you're gonna get,
17:15 take a look at this clip.
17:20 Has my 4 o'clock arrived yet?
17:25 All ready.
17:26 Oh, they told me to come in here,
17:27 you must be the Mr. Martin, they've been telling me about,
17:29 man, oh man, this looks like a good day for me.
17:33 Jonas, Jonas Martin and you are...?
17:36 Grant, but everybody call me G stacks,
17:38 you can call me whatever you want, man,
17:40 'cause you're the man with the job
17:41 that's gonna make me happy, I feel good today.
17:44 Yeah, my brother.
17:46 Tell me a little about yourself?
17:47 Man, okay, I tell you what, I'm the slam dunk champion,
17:49 the chess champion, the checker champion,
17:51 I moved to protestant neighborhood,
17:52 I got the highest score on Call of Duty,
17:54 what else you want to know, my brother?
17:55 All right, let's get that.
17:58 Why did you apply for the position
18:00 that we have here today?
18:01 Why? Why?
18:02 Look I need some money, the G notes, the C notes,
18:06 I need the paycheck that's why I'm here, brother.
18:08 I've got pockets but ain't nothing in it.
18:11 Couple of things, I'm looking at your resume and by the way,
18:16 could you remove those sunglasses, please?
18:18 Oh, man my bad, my bad.
18:20 Man, it was sunny outside today.
18:22 Man, the doctor told me I got to protect these eyes
18:25 is what I'm saying, so I had to wear these things,
18:28 but I think they'll stay on my head, don't worry about it,
18:29 I got it together.
18:31 By the way, on your way over to the interview,
18:32 you didn't run into any traffic jams or anything, did you?
18:35 I got to apologize, but you see,
18:36 I set my clock for 3.
18:38 Well, what happened when I woke up,
18:40 I found out the battery,
18:42 the batteries are dumped in and the dog,
18:44 where the cat chased the dog, took down a long,
18:46 plug down the hall that was tied to his collar, collar,
18:49 you know, and the neighbor was supposed to be my backup alarm,
18:51 but they fell asleep too.
18:53 All right, all right.
18:54 We just had to get through this interview.
18:57 Now the position that we were talking about
19:01 is that of a junior analyst.
19:04 And actually your work experience is not too bad,
19:09 it's pretty good.
19:11 You got four colleges, six different majors.
19:15 Just a hint, Mr. Grant, when you're applying for a job,
19:19 you don't need to list every college you went to
19:21 and everything you studied,
19:22 just the last college you attended
19:24 and the last course of study that you graduated from.
19:28 See the bottom line was, see, I didn't know which position
19:31 was gonna give me the most money, no, you know,
19:33 bang for the buck,
19:34 so I just had studied the whole thing,
19:36 be well rounded, that's why I came,
19:37 I got it all the degrees.
19:40 Now I see also that you, you studied theology.
19:45 Now pastors as a rule don't make a lot of money
19:48 what was your, what was your thinking?
19:50 First of all, I don't live like a pastor do,
19:52 but man, you watch TV, man?
19:54 Them pastors be making some big dollar bills, yo.
19:57 Selling snake oil, prayer cloths,
20:01 splinters from the tree of life and all that stuff.
20:03 So if I can't make it in the real world,
20:05 I'm gonna make some money as the pastor,
20:06 that's what I'm trying to say.
20:07 I understand, I understand. Don't you worry about it.
20:10 What makes you think you're a good fit
20:12 for this particular position?
20:13 Man, I got the experience, I've got the education,
20:16 plus I bring some swagger, you know,
20:18 nobody in this company so far that I've seen got swagger
20:21 and this company need some swagger,
20:23 that's what G stack bring to the table.
20:26 Sadly, there's no particular position
20:28 that requires swagger.
20:32 So it's going to be a little tough for us
20:34 to kind of place you,
20:36 because your skill set is a little, a little different.
20:39 Yo, man, how long it's going take, man.
20:41 I got seven, eight and a half minutes you've been talking,
20:45 trying to fit me in,
20:46 but I parked in a ten-minute parking slot, man,
20:49 and in a minute and a half, I'm gonna tell her.
20:50 How's it going to take, man?
20:52 Well, actually our interview is really quite finished,
20:54 we're pretty much done here
20:56 and I want to thank you for coming in.
20:58 Okay, now why don't we...
21:00 I got 30 seconds more, while I'm leaving though
21:01 don't forget this man,
21:03 I got a G stack got what you need,
21:05 what this company need
21:07 and the best decision you can make,
21:08 sorry about the glasses, is to fit me into this office,
21:11 you know what I'm saying, you gonna need what I got
21:13 and you got what I need.
21:14 I'm out, my brother,
21:15 don't forget me, don't forget me, call me.
21:22 You know, those scenes are really,
21:25 I mean to me they are so funny, Pastor John Lomacang,
21:30 Pastor CA Murray, they opted to be in the program
21:33 and they were just and John Ramirez,
21:36 they were just really good,
21:38 but what we show you is how not to do certain things,
21:41 how not to interview
21:43 and also the correct way to interview,
21:44 so while it's entertaining, it's also informative.
21:48 Absolutely.
21:49 And that's what you wanted to accomplish, is it not?
21:51 I wanted people to enjoy it,
21:53 but I wanted them to have information
21:54 because of having worked with HR departments
21:58 and people that are making the decisions on jobs.
22:01 I have seen so many things,
22:03 I've seen why resumes get rejected.
22:07 I've seen why people lose it in their interviews.
22:10 For instance, people that send a three or four page resume,
22:14 you might as well put it in the trash.
22:16 Really?
22:17 They're never gonna read it.
22:19 It's just too much. Too long.
22:20 How long should it be?
22:22 A page.
22:23 Page and a half at best, so if...
22:27 let's say you do walk on water
22:28 and let's say you can fly without your cape,
22:31 just put down the highlights and keep it short,
22:35 because it's too long and the people in HR
22:38 that are going through hundreds of resumes,
22:40 a five pager is just,
22:41 ah, it's too much, they throw it in the trash.
22:43 Right.
22:44 It's overwhelming, if you have a stack of papers
22:46 the last thing you want to do is just sit there and read.
22:48 Absolutely.
22:50 So you want to just kind of go through it.
22:52 That's exactly I want to come through it.
22:53 You had an interesting experience in your life
22:56 that really kind of brought you to your senses, what happened?
23:01 A couple of things happened and I've shared with you that
23:03 the career would go up and then plateau, go up and plateau,
23:07 so I am very comfortable
23:09 that God is growing me and developing me.
23:12 And I don't know the answer yet and I don't care.
23:14 You know, one day I get to heaven as tree of life,
23:16 I'm good with that. Yes.
23:18 I'm good, but a couple of things happened
23:20 and I think I shared with you.
23:22 Our companies merged
23:24 and when you're on a merger situation,
23:26 you only need half the people there.
23:28 So I was without, so there I was without a job
23:32 and I put some money away, so I wasn't terribly upset
23:34 and I said, "Okay, God is always taking care of me,
23:37 my entire life and I'm good."
23:39 And a couple of months went by, I said, "Okay, God, you know,
23:43 we need some going."
23:45 Couple of more months went by.
23:47 So after about six or eight months,
23:49 God and I started have some big conversations,
23:52 I said, "God, I need you to come through for me."
23:54 Now let me give you my personality a little bit.
23:58 Where I grew up in the city,
24:01 one of the favorite phrases I had was,
24:03 I don't care what you did to me,
24:04 I ain't no punk,
24:06 you can beat me down, if you beat me up,
24:08 I want to try to get off the ground
24:10 to find a brick or something,
24:11 if you're bigger than me, you're stronger.
24:12 So I would always say, you know, I ain't no punk,
24:14 whenever I can take it, I can do anything.
24:15 So fear is not a motivator for me,
24:18 it doesn't really
24:19 and I remember kind of saying that
24:21 over and over again and then one day,
24:24 I was totally broken down,
24:26 it was about nine to ten months without a job.
24:29 And I don't care how much of money you've saved up,
24:31 it gets a little scary right about then.
24:34 So I remember I curled up on my family room rug.
24:37 And somewhere this God impressed told my spirit,
24:41 I can almost hear God say, "So are you a punk?"
24:45 And I heard myself say, "Yes".
24:50 And I think what he was doing was look,
24:53 you've been running around thinking that you're strong.
24:57 There's nothing has happened to you in your life
24:59 because of your strength.
25:02 Now here's the kicker on that one.
25:04 Within two weeks of that happening
25:08 I was consulting on a big project
25:11 in Stavanger, Norway.
25:14 God went from here to here in seconds.
25:19 You just needed to be broken first
25:21 and to understand your source.
25:25 People don't like this
25:26 and this might make this segment a little bit unpopular.
25:29 God can only help broken people.
25:34 He said that, "Blessed are..."
25:37 Because when you have any sense of self,
25:41 any sense of I,
25:43 He can't, He can't work through you.
25:46 That's right.
25:47 And that's dangerous for us at work.
25:49 Yes, it's dangerous everywhere.
25:52 I mean really, when it becomes about us...
25:56 Absolutely
25:57 Then I think the Lord just
25:58 kind of steps back and says, "Okay..."
26:00 "Let me see what happened." "Let me see what you got?"
26:04 And we always come back to...
26:06 yeah, because Satan is trying to destroy us
26:09 and without God we're unprotected.
26:11 That's right.
26:12 So in one minute, what do you expect
26:16 to achieve with Working the Dream?
26:18 I believe God's going to use
26:20 what we share in many different ways,
26:22 I believe there are people out there
26:23 that are looking for a job, they're going to hear things,
26:26 they're going to help them get that job.
26:28 I believe that there are people out there
26:30 attempting to keep a job
26:31 that are going to hear things that say,
26:33 "Ah, I need to function this way."
26:35 And we're going to tell it like it is,
26:36 we're kind of straight with this thing,
26:38 and I believe that people out there
26:39 that God wants to promote,
26:41 He wants to grow them in their positions,
26:43 but they need to be His hands, and His arms, and His eyes,
26:48 not just I need to achieve
26:49 so that I could be better than you.
26:51 Right.
26:52 I believe they're going to get all of that
26:54 and they're going to be blessed and encouraged.
26:55 Well, you know what, from watching that program,
26:57 I know they are.
26:59 This program is, it's rich and I just thank you and Brian
27:04 for getting involved in immersing yourselves
27:07 into this whole process,
27:09 we really appreciate what you've done.
27:11 You have to make sure that you watch Working the Dream.
27:15 I'm just, I'm so excited about it
27:18 and just check with the schedule,
27:20 you'll be able to see when it's on.
27:21 Thank you so much, brother. Thank you.
27:23 Thank you for having us. You're a dear.
27:24 Thank you.
27:29 What a blessing Eric is.
27:32 Working the Dream is gonna teach you the unwritten rules
27:35 that executive mentor share with
27:37 only a few of their favorites.
27:39 Make sure to check the D2D schedule
27:41 to confirm airing, dates and times.
27:44 Wow, I can't believe that we've reached
27:46 the end of another program.
27:48 We are so blessed by these programs
27:50 and we hope and pray that you are too.
27:53 So make sure that you join us next time
27:56 because you know what,
27:57 it's just wouldn't be the same without you.


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