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00:01 Wanna hear about some yummy recipes
00:03 and some good music.
00:04 Well, stay tuned to meet some sisters
00:06 whose journey will inspire you.
00:08 My name is Yvonne Lewis
00:10 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:36 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:38 My guests today are the Holmes Sisters,
00:40 Kimberly, Taisha, and Genneath.
00:42 They sing and they cook.
00:44 We had some super yummy meals while they were here.
00:47 I had the opportunity to talk to them
00:49 on the set of the new D2D program,
00:52 Creative Cooking,
00:53 for which they were the season's hosts.
00:55 Take a look.
00:59 I have the privilege of being
01:01 on the set of Dare to Dream's newest cooking program,
01:05 Creative Cooking,
01:06 and I'm so excited
01:08 because our hosts for this season
01:11 are the Holmes Sisters.
01:16 Okay, so tell us your names.
01:18 Let's start with sister number one.
01:20 I'm Kimberly.
01:22 I'm Taisha.
01:23 And I am Genneath.
01:25 Oh, and how long have I known you?
01:28 Oh, my goodness.
01:29 All our lives.
01:32 I think Mark was probably...
01:34 He was about four or five. About four or five.
01:36 Yes, many, many years ago.
01:38 So we're about maybe four years older to him, maybe six...
01:40 Eight. Oh, yeah.
01:42 All our lives.
01:44 And I've watched you grow into wonderful women of God
01:47 and I know that your mom and your dad would be and was,
01:53 so proud of you.
01:55 So we're just, I'm so excited that you're here.
01:58 We're excited to be here.
01:59 I'm so excited about Creative Cooking.
02:01 Okay, so tell our Dare to Dream viewers
02:04 what they can look for with Creative Cooking
02:06 and then we're gonna get into your background.
02:08 But let's talk a bit about the program.
02:10 Tell us about Creative Cooking.
02:11 What...
02:13 How is it structured, like what is it?
02:16 Okay, well, Creative Cooking, we just love the name
02:19 because we have so, I mean, the world of food is so vast
02:23 and diverse that we can be so creative.
02:25 So what...
02:27 What God has given us is the idea to present
02:30 to the world creative cooking of eating the foods,
02:34 how to be creative to...
02:35 Juice the foods.
02:37 And wear the foods.
02:38 And what does that mean?
02:39 What are we gonna do,
02:41 in every segment, just a little...
02:42 Well, in every segment, we've just shown you
02:44 how you can take the foods and creatively cook them.
02:46 In simple practical ways. Right.
02:48 And then creatively make different types of juices
02:50 from detox to zinger, smoothies...
02:52 A lot of smoothies. Yeah.
02:54 That's juicing it.
02:55 And then, wearing it is the mask.
02:58 That's the fun part.
02:59 All of you have gorgeous skin.
03:03 Do you use these masks yourselves?
03:05 Yes, we do.
03:06 Kim actually uses more. Not as much as Kim.
03:07 But not as much as Kim.
03:09 Tell us about Kim, with the mask.
03:12 Oh, Kim comes up with everything.
03:15 You name it and this is how this whole thought came about
03:18 because she will walk into the kitchen...
03:20 While you're cooking.
03:22 And if she sees it, she'll grab it
03:24 and she's gonna make some kind of mixture.
03:26 She comes up with a mixture to put on her face.
03:29 Not just her face, sometimes her hands, her arms,
03:32 and the funniest thing,
03:33 she has two boys and they wear it also.
03:35 They wear it.
03:36 Oh. This is real.
03:39 Kimberly, I'm sorry, but we're letting it all out.
03:42 Then try it, let it out.
03:43 John, John will have his oatmeal mask.
03:46 Yes.
03:47 Only because I grew up watching my dad do that.
03:50 My dad was a handsome, very striking man
03:53 and he took very good care of his skin.
03:55 Yeah, he did with natural foods.
03:58 That's what, with natural foods.
03:59 And we're living in a world
04:01 that's emphasizing skin care not just for the women
04:03 but for the men as well.
04:04 Yes. Absolutely.
04:06 There's nothing wrong with that.
04:08 Tightening up those pores. Right.
04:11 So like Gen says, when you're going to visit Kim,
04:13 she's got a cough,
04:15 she don't know how she'll show up at the door.
04:18 I'm beet today. I'm carrot today.
04:20 Or molasses.
04:21 But you can also wear it in your hair.
04:23 Yeah.
04:24 Right, but it's not practical to do it on the set.
04:26 Right. With your hair.
04:28 So we're just keeping it to the skin.
04:29 Focus on the skin, right.
04:30 And the smoothies as well.
04:32 We juice a lot and we make a lot of the smoothies,
04:34 so we thought it would be great
04:36 to just share the different ways
04:37 that we can juice and make food.
04:38 Yeah.
04:40 And I think that the viewers are gonna love that
04:41 because this is a whole different
04:44 kind of cooking program.
04:46 One of the things I love about it
04:47 is it's so authentic,
04:49 it's so real, you know,
04:50 like it might spill a little something in the kitchen.
04:54 But that's what we do. That's what we do.
04:56 Cooking, right? That's what you do.
04:57 So we didn't take that out.
04:59 We left it in, so we have fun moments, you know,
05:03 in the kitchen, and then Jason joins you.
05:05 Yeah. And that's fun.
05:07 So I just think it's gonna be such a great program.
05:10 When you did the Eat it Segments, you know,
05:12 you grew up knowing how to eat
05:16 'cause your mom and dad were big
05:19 or really proponents of eating healthily and all that.
05:23 Tell us a bit about how you grew up
05:25 with healthy food?
05:27 Wow!
05:29 Oatmeal burgers, eggplant sandwiches,
05:31 the things that are considered gourmet meals today.
05:35 Well, that was our school lunch.
05:36 And we were actually the only ones.
05:39 So we would peep into our sandwich
05:40 and, mind you, our bread was homemade,
05:43 so we'd have thick slices of homemade delicious bread.
05:46 With almond butter.
05:48 We appreciate it now, but then it's like,
05:49 "Okay, what, oh, what's inside that?"
05:50 We know it was delicious.
05:52 Almond butter was a...
05:53 Delicious with almond butter, we taste.
05:54 Cucumber sandwich and mayonnaise with tomatoes.
05:56 Cucumber sandwiches, eggplant sandwiches,
05:58 and oatmeal burgers.
05:59 And everyone would tease us in school
06:00 because they were like, "Ew!
06:02 You have roach sandwich."
06:03 'Cause, you know, dates, they have that, you know,
06:05 long, you know, cockroaches.
06:08 But it was so good, but I was like,
06:09 "Mom, why are they teasing me about this sandwich?
06:12 Can we like, maybe..."
06:13 So she would make us date spreads, you know.
06:15 And she was so creative and the food was so appealing.
06:17 She would take...
06:18 We would have potato salad.
06:21 She would make vegetarian chicken out of glue
06:25 but then we couldn't buy the gluten flour,
06:26 so you had to wash.
06:28 You need to wash it...
06:29 With the flour...
06:30 And make a tofu...
06:32 And strain it, boil the, roast the seed to make the...
06:35 The Soy bean. The soy bean.
06:37 No, that was to make the soy coffee.
06:38 Oh, right.
06:40 Roast the beans 'cause sometimes, sometimes,
06:41 she was always at work and sometimes,
06:42 she would fall asleep and the beans would burn.
06:44 But, you know, so you just know that.
06:46 Because everything was from scratch,
06:48 you know and that was like cooking.
06:51 Everything from scratch.
06:52 And we grew up, you know.
06:54 She put us in the kitchen from young.
06:56 I'll never, I'll always remember
06:58 our first thanksgiving and we were so proud
07:00 and that's the only picture we have of our first time,
07:02 but we were cooking from before.
07:03 But mother allowed us to go in the kitchen...
07:06 When we cooked.
07:08 Wait, wait, wait now.
07:09 There's a little joke about...
07:11 There's a family dynamic here,
07:12 there's a little family dynamic here.
07:14 Okay, so you all have to let us in.
07:16 Had the skill and then and there
07:17 she's bragging about that we cooked.
07:19 But we all cooked.
07:22 I get the feeling there was a little twist for fortunate...
07:25 You all did a little bit more than she did.
07:26 I'll taste, put a little more onion probably in that.
07:28 What we would do is,
07:29 we would throw parties before we moved away,
07:32 you know, got married,
07:33 and I would organize everything,
07:35 so I organized a thanksgiving dinner
07:36 and I had to cook and do my thing in there,
07:38 then, you know, they just love cooking together,
07:40 we would all do...
07:41 I got you.
07:43 And I would put my diet and say, yes, we all cooked.
07:44 We let her along in the kitchen.
07:46 No, we all started out in the kitchen as a joke but...
07:50 We ended up. We were the last man standing.
07:53 And then I could come back
07:54 and make sure and overview, taste,
07:56 and make sure everything was good.
07:57 She's like, "How is everything going?"
07:59 Beauty nap. But it was very really good.
08:01 That was our first thanksgiving meal
08:03 that we cooked a complete meal up.
08:04 Our parents were sleeping, we stayed up...
08:06 And they woke up and, voila. Then you surprised them.
08:08 And they woke up to, yeah, they woke up and had a spread.
08:11 Yes. So it was really great.
08:12 How sweet is that? It was a great surprise, yes.
08:14 We learnt this all from my mom. Yeah.
08:15 She just, she thought us a lot
08:17 of just techniques in the kitchen
08:19 and how to make everything from scratch.
08:21 So today, now you can buy,
08:23 you know, your soy milks and your...
08:25 Your gluten flour. Tofu.
08:26 Right.
08:28 So you don't have to, you know, it doesn't take that long,
08:31 but we still have it, you know, it's in us forever.
08:33 And now we teach our children. Yeah.
08:35 You know, we teach our children.
08:37 And, you know, that's such an important point
08:39 because there was a movie called, Soul Food,
08:43 and that movie showed how a legacy is made.
08:49 So every Sunday, the family would come over
08:52 and they would have all this unhealthy food
08:56 and what happened, you know,
08:57 the big mom had hypertension,
09:00 diabetes, cancer, all kinds of diseases, right?
09:03 Right.
09:04 So there's another legacy that's been created here.
09:06 Yes.
09:08 And that legacy is with healthy food.
09:09 Healthy foods. Yeah.
09:11 And you're teaching your children...
09:12 That's right.
09:13 And that's what we want for you, viewer,
09:16 we want you to learn how to create this legacy
09:20 of healthy eating for your kids.
09:23 Yes. 'Cause it's so important.
09:25 It's so important.
09:26 So do your children embrace it or do they go like, "Ew!
09:29 I don't like it?"
09:31 How do they deal with it? They eat it.
09:32 They embrace it.
09:34 Especially Gen's children...
09:35 My daughter is in the kitchen, my son, both of them,
09:38 they both love to cook.
09:39 And John loves to cook as well. Yeah.
09:41 John is seven years old.
09:42 Now we started cooking
09:43 from the ages of five, six, seven,
09:45 that's when we were put in the kitchen
09:46 and we're doing the same thing.
09:47 With our children.
09:49 Repeating that like the same...
09:50 My daughter Sarah will make waffles, wonderful waffles.
09:52 You know, they'll make smoothies.
09:53 And ask you for it, for the smoothies,
09:55 that with the garlic.
09:57 Yeah.
09:59 With the... If it's not green.
10:00 That's right. That's right. What's wrong with my smoothie.
10:01 I need some kind of spin it to a...
10:03 So they've definitely embraced
10:05 the lifestyle of the cooking and everything.
10:06 My daughter will make a full meal,
10:09 she can make macaroni and cheese, corn bread...
10:11 How old is she?
10:12 She's 12 now, she's 12. Wow!
10:14 But she's been cooking for a long time.
10:16 So we always tease her that she is like her aunt TT
10:18 because Tai is the,
10:19 she's the one out of all of us, she is the cook.
10:22 She's gourmet, she's everything.
10:23 She'll lay a spread.
10:25 Tai, she's always loved to cook from day one.
10:26 And my daughter just, she's been really,
10:28 she's been attracted to cooking for so long.
10:30 As so they cook together.
10:32 My son loves to bake
10:33 and she loves to just really cook
10:35 and play around in the kitchen.
10:36 So they, yeah. So all this is vegan cooking?
10:38 This is all vegan cooking. That's right.
10:40 And so your children know
10:42 how to make vegan meals and this is...
10:44 They know to use
10:46 all the different derivates of milk or butters.
10:50 Just different things and nobody even asks,
10:52 like when we go out, take them out to eat, my son,
10:55 he's, Samuel, he's 7 years old now
10:57 and he'll be like, "Is this vegan?"
11:00 Is that what? I'm like, "Samy, shh..."
11:02 Is that what? "Is this vegan?"
11:03 Oh, vegan.
11:06 "Mommy, is there milk in there?"
11:07 He will ask such questions.
11:09 He'll ask questions like, I mean,
11:11 I became an advent label reader after I met my husband
11:16 'cause he used to just juice everything.
11:20 When I met him, his skin was just, I mean, juice it.
11:23 His cart was full with just vegetables and juice
11:26 and, you know, my son, we just,
11:29 you know, "Mommy, you know, just juice,"
11:31 you know, juices every morning
11:33 and shakes and all kind of things.
11:35 Wheatgrass smoothies with bananas and milk.
11:38 The kids like wheatgrass? Yeah, but we hide it.
11:43 So when you put a sweet banana
11:45 in with the wheatgrass, it's delicious.
11:47 You know, the palate,
11:49 you know, we want it to not only,
11:50 we want it to taste good, okay?
11:52 So we have to know how to mask it.
11:55 So we put it in smoothies.
11:57 We have wheatgrass every morning
11:58 and it goes into the smoothie.
12:00 My children will be looking at me
12:02 and they would drink it because I tell them
12:03 but it would take us 30 minutes,
12:05 we'll be late for school every morning,
12:06 'cause they drink it slow
12:07 and, "Mommy, my stomach is hurting."
12:09 So they drink it every morning, no problem,
12:11 'cause it's in the smoothie and they get their nutrients.
12:13 And see, I think that's another important point for the viewers
12:17 to know is that,
12:19 you're showing them
12:21 how to take these
12:23 different vegetables and fruits and things,
12:25 put them in smoothies
12:27 so that they get the nutrients that they need.
12:28 Right.
12:29 So children who are, like, in the morning,
12:32 you might be rushing,
12:33 you don't really have time to do like a big, big spread.
12:36 Sometimes, there's just time for a smoothie.
12:38 And it's all in the smoothie. And it's all in the smoothie.
12:40 And, you know, you get all of your,
12:42 you know, they say your fruits and veggies,
12:43 you have your recommended five to seven servings a day,
12:46 so it's all in a jar.
12:47 And we put it in the mason jar.
12:49 So we'll say, "What's in your MJ?"
12:51 'Cause every morning, in my MJ, my mason jar,
12:54 there's some type of smoothie whether it's green, orange,
12:57 purple, yellow...
12:58 We're the groupie.
13:00 So every morning when they'll go,
13:01 they'll have their mason jars while they're going to school.
13:03 Baby jams, that's what we call it.
13:05 The vegetables, the color of the vegetables.
13:07 Yeah, oh, that's so neat. That's so neat.
13:09 I love the way the program is structured.
13:12 Eat it, juice it, wear it,
13:15 because that's also creative,
13:17 you know, and everybody can get something from that.
13:19 Yeah, right.
13:21 I happen to have the recipes
13:22 and the recipes are gonna be up on the website.
13:24 But I have the recipes and I'm just, I'm so excited.
13:28 I had the wrap. The tuna wrap.
13:32 The tuna wrap, oh,
13:34 you all have to make that for my family.
13:36 I'm excited.
13:38 And it's diverse, you can use it as a dip.
13:40 Yeah.
13:42 You can spread in your sandwich.
13:43 It's simple.
13:45 You know, a side dish. Right, side dish.
13:47 No fuss in the kitchen.
13:49 Yeah, and see that's the other thing.
13:51 We're a microwave society. Right.
13:53 You know, we want it now, we don't want to,
13:55 you know, put too much time in.
13:57 It's understandable because everybody's busy
13:59 but there are certain things you just have to do.
14:03 So one of the things
14:04 that you guys are showing is that,
14:05 you know, you can pre-do things,
14:07 like the waffles that you make, you can freeze them.
14:09 Freeze them.
14:10 You can, you know, juice it home,
14:13 you know, all of the stuff and it's good,
14:15 so it kind of, yes,
14:16 because we have to have,
14:18 we can't be in the kitchen for hours, right?
14:20 Right. It's just impractical.
14:21 Right. So it really works.
14:24 Yeah, a lot of people think
14:25 that it takes a lot longer to do what we're doing
14:28 but as you can see,
14:30 as the viewers will see as we share with them,
14:31 it takes two minutes to make a smoothie.
14:33 That's right. Not even seconds.
14:35 Then you can pre-bag. That's right.
14:36 Before you froze them, you just...
14:39 Put it all in the bag, one serving.
14:40 There you go.
14:42 You buy it in the Walmart like that.
14:43 Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly.
14:45 In the can or in the freezer. Right.
14:47 No, this is really, really good.
14:50 It's such a blessing.
14:51 Let's talk a bit about your background
14:54 because I think the viewers need to know
14:56 where you were, where you grew up,
14:58 how your parents were,
15:00 and talk about your childhood?
15:02 Well... Okay.
15:04 Like Tai, she likes to say, "From the hood to the woods."
15:07 We grew up in Bronx, New York.
15:09 Oh, in the Bronx. Wow!
15:11 Not in the upper Bronx Or Riverdale section,
15:13 but, you know, right in the hood.
15:16 Webster Avenue.
15:17 How did that impact you growing up?
15:20 I mean, what did you see around you?
15:22 Well, because of the way our mom was so creative
15:25 with how she raised us, we thought that we were,
15:29 well, she raised us to be princesses.
15:31 Okay.
15:33 But we didn't realize that we were in the hood.
15:35 We didn't realize because,
15:37 you know, we woke up every morning,
15:38 we had brush up and we had our,
15:40 you know, wonderful food, we had dinner in the morning.
15:42 Very ideal lifestyle.
15:43 She has really tried to raise us according to,
15:45 you know, the councils.
15:47 And they really tried to protect us
15:48 from what's outside,
15:50 our dad didn't let us go outside by ourselves.
15:51 Right. I mean, we couldn't.
15:53 In fact, we were known as the girls,
15:55 the Christian girls, the Bible girls,
15:57 and when they saw my dad, they nodded.
16:00 They would nod and put their hand behind their back.
16:02 And they would nod
16:03 with the sign of respect to my dad.
16:05 Hi, they called him a Reverend.
16:06 They called Papa, the Reverend.
16:08 They would see us with our Bibles,
16:09 going to the church.
16:10 He was such a wonderful man.
16:12 I mean, everybody that knew him,
16:14 I never heard anything bad said about him,
16:17 he was just a wonderful man.
16:20 Tell us a bit about him, about your dad and what happened?
16:24 Wow, well.
16:26 Our dad, you know, like as you said,
16:28 he is a wonderful man of God.
16:31 Just treated us like princesses and our mom as a queen.
16:36 And you don't have any brothers, right?
16:38 We have no brothers. So it's just the girls and dad
16:41 We adored our dad could do no wrong.
16:44 We love our mother to death
16:46 but it was like, you know, every, they say,
16:48 every woman needs a son
16:49 and every father needs a daughter.
16:51 So he had daddy's girls.
16:52 Daddy's girls. Yeah.
16:53 And, you know, if it was, you know, disciplined,
16:57 he didn't even have to tell,
16:59 he was just gentle and it was like,
17:01 "Okay, Poppy, we're sorry," you know,
17:03 but we called our dad, Poppy.
17:06 He was just a wonderful man, he was a respiratory therapist.
17:10 A respiratory therapist practitioner
17:12 and he worked at New York University
17:15 for many years, excuse me, NYU, for many years.
17:17 New York University is affiliated with NYU.
17:20 He worked there for many years and then when he retired,
17:25 NYU hospital in the city,
17:26 and he transitioned from there and he came...
17:29 Closer to retirement age.
17:30 Closer to retirement age,
17:32 and he started working at Orange Regional Medical Center
17:35 which is in upstate New York, where my, where we live now...
17:38 "Because like we said... To the woods from the hoods."
17:43 So he went back to school,
17:45 did he go back to school
17:46 to learn respiratory therapy to get you out of the hood?
17:50 Yeah. Well, all of that.
17:51 While we were there, yes.
17:53 While we were there, he went to school
17:54 because they got married very young,
17:55 my mother's from Guatemala, Central America
17:58 and when they met at church,
17:59 my mom came to this country when she was 18 years old.
18:02 She spoke no English, my dad was a handsome dapper,
18:06 just from the army, wearing his bowtie,
18:08 always just impeccably, okay.
18:10 He's a man of Georgia
18:12 and he saw her and he said wow!.
18:16 That was it.
18:18 He said, "My name is Jong Lee 'cause he's from the south."
18:21 He said, "And if you teach me Spanish,
18:22 I'll teach you English."
18:25 And the rest is history.
18:27 But, I mean, basically, you know, they were young
18:29 when they got married and they had...
18:30 And they made a decision
18:32 which is very critical for people to now,
18:34 to have a home that is ordained
18:38 and structured by the way of God.
18:40 So they read the Bible together,
18:42 they read counsels together,
18:43 and whatever is said to do, they did.
18:45 Adventist home, councils on diet, in fact,
18:48 and this is another point
18:49 that is very important to mention,
18:52 they educated us.
18:54 It wasn't just living.
18:55 They set us down
18:56 and we had to read those councils.
18:58 We read councils on diet,
19:00 so we were able to understand
19:02 why we were eating the way,
19:04 you know, our lifestyle, this healthy lifestyle.
19:06 They didn't live,
19:07 "You do as I say than read, this is why..."
19:08 And their passion
19:10 was to leave the city, the projects,
19:12 and get the girls for the country.
19:14 Right, because that was part of the council,
19:15 because that's a better lifestyle
19:16 to raise a family.
19:18 Our mom sent us like in the summers to Guatemala,
19:20 like especially, my dad, he did a very intense program,
19:23 so we could be out of the way,
19:24 so we got to know that culture and with our grandmother,
19:29 our heartiest tears and tears
19:30 and my dad would be studying very hard
19:32 and I remember, he graduated and we were so proud of him.
19:37 He went to NYU.
19:39 And he began to... He became the supervisor,
19:41 and finally, we moved upstate.
19:45 Right. We were much older, finally.
19:47 You were teens?
19:48 Yeah, and then we were in high school, then college,
19:52 and he worked up there until he retired.
19:56 And then, you know, he just, he became ill,
20:00 suddenly ill two years ago.
20:03 He was in the army in Vietnam.
20:06 He was a soldier,
20:07 and like years back, maybe 15 years ago,
20:10 they realized that there were,
20:12 we have beta cells in our pancreas,
20:13 that helps for this insulin
20:15 and he only had two
20:17 and they would always joke with me
20:18 and my sisters and my mom and say,
20:20 "Well, you had your dad's genes,"
20:21 so you would like,
20:23 we can live with two but if we get to one,
20:26 like we start having issues
20:27 but if they can be donated or there can be a donor.
20:30 They would say, "You can donate,
20:31 you know, to your dad"
20:33 but, you know, I don't know but anyhow,
20:35 suddenly two years ago, you know, he was,
20:38 we realized he was ill.
20:40 He was losing weight
20:41 and just couldn't understand what was happening,
20:43 became weak and they found out that he had,
20:46 we found out he had cancer and six weeks later...
20:51 Pancreatic cancer.
20:53 Six months later? Six weeks.
20:55 After the diagnosis,
20:57 they gave him three to six months
20:59 and he was gone within six weeks,
21:01 but our dad had,
21:03 he's always had a quiet and gentle spirit,
21:06 that he was like,
21:07 whatever my life in this world, you know.
21:09 Yes.
21:13 So Poppy, so people would say, Hezekiah, they served Hezekiah,
21:19 King Hezekiah.
21:20 Why don't you ask God to extend your life?
21:22 And Poppy said, no.
21:23 Whatever is my lot, if this is my time,
21:25 the patriarchs of old, they did not live forever.
21:27 He told Moses,
21:29 "This is your time, go to the mountain."
21:30 He told Abraham, "This is..."
21:32 Everybody had their time
21:33 and Poppy knew that and Poppy said,
21:35 "This is my time, I will not extend it."
21:37 In fact, this was the time when we were...
21:40 We were coming out here.
21:42 But also right before we want to see as well,
21:45 join the conference.
21:47 At that time, we didn't realize
21:48 how serious things were in terms of his time,
21:52 but Poppy did and we had, I remember, literally,
21:55 we had our clothes out on the bed
21:56 and we were debating, "Should we go, should we not?"
21:59 We had to sing for the general conference.
22:01 Right.
22:02 And we told Poppy, we will not go.
22:04 And Poppy said,
22:05 "You were called and anointed for this time, you're going."
22:06 Yeah.
22:08 I will be here when you get back.
22:09 Literally, Poppy said that.
22:11 Yes, he did.
22:12 And we went, we sang,
22:16 and we came back
22:17 and which is very interesting though.
22:19 And he died on Tuesday.
22:20 Yes, now you have to give the facts of that
22:21 what led up to that
22:23 because we didn't stay for the whole time.
22:24 We were scheduled to sing twice,
22:26 something impressed us to come home early,
22:30 so we left that Friday,
22:31 changed our flight and came back,
22:32 and thank God that we did.
22:34 That was the Holy Spirit. It was the Holy Spirit.
22:35 He had a Sabbath,
22:37 we had a full Sabbath with Poppy.
22:38 Yes, our last full Sabbath with Poppy.
22:40 It's so important to listen to that
22:42 still small voice of the Holy Spirit
22:44 because if we didn't,
22:46 if we would have delayed one day,
22:48 that would have been?
22:49 So we spent Sabbath with Poppy, and sang, had worship...
22:52 We sang to him,
22:53 we laid in the bed with him, just fellowship.
22:55 And just, you know,
22:57 and when he realized that it was going,
23:00 he commissioned us to get the phone
23:02 and he called all of his family,
23:03 his close friends, he said, goodbye,
23:05 he gave his last words.
23:06 I remember, one particular niece,
23:09 I won't say her name, but one particular niece,
23:11 he said, "Please come."
23:12 And I mean, "Okay, so, and Poppy's dying,"
23:16 When you're dying, I mean, Taisha, you're a nurse,
23:19 you don't have strength, you're dying...
23:20 And you're not thinking about, you know.
23:22 And you're not thinking about people
23:23 and Poppy rose up in his bed...
23:27 And he called her name out with so much strength.
23:29 And called her name with strength and said,
23:31 "Come here."
23:34 And he spoke whatever words, were his last words to her.
23:37 He asks everyone to clear the room.
23:41 So he always had a burden for his family,
23:43 you know, and for God, and Christian...
23:45 Just for people,
23:46 and just to win souls was his slogan.
23:47 And we have those great memories.
23:49 Everybody that knew him knew
23:52 what a lovely godly man he was,
23:56 you know, and what a team your mom and dad were.
23:58 I mean, just a powerful team for God
24:02 and we praise God for the resurrection.
24:05 Yes.
24:06 Because it won't be long, you know, we can see,
24:09 it won't be long.
24:10 So we could praise him.
24:14 And that's the other thing. You girls sing.
24:18 So on each program,
24:20 you start the program with a little ditty.
24:22 Would you do it for us real quick?
24:24 Okay.
24:27 I like healthy food
24:29 That tastes so good
24:31 I like to eat good food
24:34 What do you say now?
24:35 I like to eat good food
24:39 I like to eat good food
24:46 I love it, I love it.
24:48 And that's what we're gonna get on Creative Cooking
24:53 and I'm just so thankful for you.
24:55 We're so excited. Yeah, God has blessed you.
24:59 God is so good.
25:00 We're just thankful to our parents
25:02 and to our husbands
25:03 who, you know, allow us to come out
25:05 because they're home with the kids.
25:07 Yeah. They are really holding down.
25:09 They would cry and say, "Mommy, can we come?
25:11 Can we come?"
25:12 We'll say, "Next time, next time."
25:14 We might have to have them in there helping you.
25:16 Yeah, yeah.
25:18 Well, they've come before
25:19 and they helped them before when we came.
25:22 I support 3ABN Today when we're in the kitchen.
25:24 One of the last ones...
25:25 Washing, and cutting up, and cooking.
25:28 So they're really grateful to support our husbands,
25:30 our children so.
25:32 You know, it takes the whole family.
25:33 It does.
25:34 To, because they have to share you.
25:36 Yes.
25:37 You know, and they have to be willing to share you
25:40 because this is a calling.
25:42 This is the calling, it truly is.
25:43 It's a ministry.
25:44 And it takes the understanding family too.
25:48 I guess, embrace that.
25:49 And one thing that Poppy always said, he said,
25:52 "United we stand, divided we fall,
25:55 but standing together with Jesus in front,
25:59 we can conquer it all."
26:00 And so that's the principle that we stand on,
26:02 that's our foundation.
26:04 Prayer is our motto and, you know,
26:06 we just move forward in that.
26:08 Well, it's obvious in what you do
26:11 and the way you present yourselves
26:13 and your dad would be so proud.
26:18 He would be so proud and I'm proud of you.
26:21 I know your mom is too. Thank you. Thank you.
26:23 Well, thank you so much for what you do
26:24 and I can't wait for you to see this program,
26:30 you're gonna love it.
26:31 Eat it, juice it, and wear it.
26:35 And they're, they're just gonna love it.
26:37 'Cause the time is coming.
26:41 So, yeah, so keep focused on the schedule,
26:47 take a look at the schedule
26:48 so that you'll see when it's airing,
26:51 and then watch it, and make sure you,
26:54 you know, do these recipes.
26:57 Thank you. Thank you.
27:02 Weren't they inspiring?
27:04 I was so blessed by that interview
27:07 and just their testimonies, their spirit,
27:11 and their food is scrumptious.
27:14 Make sure to check our Dare to Dream schedule
27:16 for the airing dates and times for Creative Cooking.
27:20 You'll love it, you'll be able to do these recipes,
27:23 make them at home, share them with others,
27:25 and share the healthy principles
27:27 that they teach, it's wonderful.
27:30 I felt so inspired.
27:31 I've been trying to cook those recipes myself
27:34 and they are coming out great, I have to say.
27:37 So make sure that you try it too
27:39 and make sure that you tell others
27:40 to tune into Creative Cooking.
27:42 It's a new cooking program with a different feel to it.
27:47 It's got a different flavor, so to speak.
27:49 I know that's a pun.
27:51 Anyway, I hope
27:52 that you'll be blessed by the program.
27:55 Well, we've reached the end of another program.
27:57 Join us next time
27:58 'cause it wouldn't be the same without you.


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