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Participants: Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jason Bradley (Host), Pablo Rios, Didi Gonzales, Iziar Ríos, Kenia Rios


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00:01 Stay tuned to meet the family
00:02 that brings new meaning to the adage of the family
00:06 that plays together, stays together.
00:08 My name is Yvonne Lewis...
00:10 And I'm Jason Bradley,
00:11 and you are watching Urban Report.
00:37 Hello, and welcome to Urban Report.
00:40 I've got my son Jason Bradley here with me.
00:44 And we are in the studio that produces the Today program
00:50 because the Urban Report set
00:52 is too small for all of our guests.
00:55 We have a wonderful family with us,
00:57 we have the Rios family.
00:59 We have the dad, Pablo Rios,
01:03 we have Itziar and Kenai Rios,
01:07 and Didi, the mom.
01:09 And we are just so thankful to have you.
01:12 Welcome to Urban Report.
01:14 Thank you. Thank you.
01:15 Nice to be here.
01:17 You are the epitome
01:20 of what we...
01:24 We aim for with Dare to Dream,
01:27 and that is a family that has God at the center,
01:31 a family that's doing things for God,
01:34 and a family that reflects spirituality,
01:39 and actually showing people
01:41 how to live out the Christian life.
01:44 So I wanna find out more about you as a family
01:50 before we even get into what your ministry is.
01:53 So let's start with the dad, Pablo.
01:57 Pablo, what is your, as a father,
02:02 as a godly father,
02:04 what do you feel your job is as far as helping your boys
02:09 and your wife with your ministry?
02:15 I would say,
02:18 guide them towards the hands of Christ,
02:24 make sure they have their spiritual values very strong,
02:28 their dedication on what they do, and since...
02:33 Our ministry, it's towards helping others,
02:36 we have to be strong ourselves,
02:39 so we can give others part of our strength.
02:43 See, that's beautiful,
02:44 because your ministry is Limitless Sports Ministry.
02:50 And you've taken sports into ministry,
02:56 and you're using it
02:57 to help others to know about Jesus.
03:01 And the boys are the ones who are doing it.
03:05 Let's start with Kenai.
03:07 Kenai, how old are you?
03:08 Nine.
03:09 You're nine, and how long have you been playing table tennis?
03:12 Four and a half years.
03:14 Four and a half years.
03:16 Four and a half of your nine long years,
03:21 you've been playing...
03:22 And you play so well.
03:24 Thank you.
03:25 You and your brother are, I mean, I was just amazed.
03:30 In fact, I think we have a clip,
03:32 we're gonna to put up a clip in a minute
03:34 that shows just how both of you play.
03:37 Itziar, how old are you?
03:39 I'm 12.
03:40 You're 12.
03:42 And how long have you been playing?
03:43 Like the same, four and a half years.
03:45 So both of you started at the same time?
03:47 Yeah.
03:49 Well, now, Dad, what made you to decide,
03:52 because you're their coach, right, what made you...
03:55 How did you know to get them started in table tennis?
03:58 Well, I actually didn't know.
04:00 I played volleyball for the army for four years.
04:05 So volleyball was my main sport,
04:07 so I do know something about discipline,
04:09 and, you know, hard training,
04:11 but back then, I was just dedicated to sports,
04:14 just for me, for me to be good, for me to do it all.
04:17 But now that I'm much more mature
04:20 than what I was many years ago,
04:22 and my wife helped me very much in this part,
04:24 in growing spiritually.
04:26 And when I met Jesus, I know you can be good,
04:30 but when you have God in your life,
04:32 you'll be great.
04:33 So I brought a table that a friend of mine gave me
04:38 and we just started playing for a while.
04:40 And my kids caught up to it very, very quickly,
04:44 I was amazed 'cause table tennis is not,
04:47 it's not an easy sport to learn,
04:49 especially,
04:50 when you got to have eye, hand and eye coordination.
04:53 And next thing, you know, one thing led to another
04:56 and in three months,
04:58 Itziar came in second competing against,
05:02 or participating what I would say,
05:04 against great players that have been doing this for years,
05:07 so I realized that God had a purpose
05:12 in what we were doing.
05:15 Well, I'll tell you what,
05:17 they definitely took it to me on the table.
05:21 They beat me bad.
05:23 We have a clip of that actually,
05:25 we need to, we need to show a little bit,
05:28 just a little taste of it.
05:29 All right, just a hint.
05:30 Just a taste.
06:04 We just had to get that on tape,
06:06 you only had to record that.
06:09 Were you challenged?
06:11 I was definitely challenged.
06:13 Definitely challenged.
06:14 I don't think they were, but I was.
06:19 Didi, you have had some real interesting experiences
06:23 as the mom
06:25 and with the boys going into this whole arena.
06:29 Tell us a little bit about how they've been able to witness
06:34 to atheists and people who don't know God.
06:37 How has that been for them and for you?
06:41 They started when they were very little,
06:46 and it's like I think that God put that in their hearts,
06:51 even their hearts are so young, maybe two years, three years,
06:55 they start looking at people and son is saying,
06:58 "Mom, I'm gonna pray for them."
07:00 I said, "Are you sure?" "Yes."
07:02 And in that moment, they are so little,
07:04 you know, they started doing some words,
07:07 a little bit short and everything,
07:09 but everybody was so thankful
07:11 and people started crying and everything.
07:13 And then they were growing up
07:15 and they have that interest to help people
07:18 and talk about Jesus.
07:20 And everywhere, every part, at the store,
07:23 on the mall, wherever we go,
07:27 they, all the time are looking for people
07:31 to have that opportunity to talk about God.
07:34 And they used the ping-pong ball,
07:36 they used their uniforms,
07:37 no matter what's in the tournament,
07:40 or you go in the car,
07:42 they can put his window down and say, "God bless you."
07:46 You know, it's like...
07:47 They have that, it's like, God gave them a special purpose
07:53 and they're enjoying that and they recognize that,
07:57 so they are putting in God's hands and they said,
08:01 "Mom and Dad, all what we do, and all what we got,
08:06 and all our talents belong from God,
08:09 and everything is about Jesus."
08:12 Wow!
08:13 Look at that, they already know
08:16 where their gifts have come from.
08:18 You know where your gifts have come from, right?
08:21 So when you're playing,
08:23 do you feel like God has given you this special gift, Itziar?
08:27 Yeah.
08:28 Tell us about it.
08:29 Well, it's very important to us
08:31 because God has given us this talent
08:33 to show the word of God.
08:36 So you don't just have the talent
08:39 to show yourself off?
08:40 No.
08:42 You have the talent...
08:43 To show all of the word.
08:45 Oh, nice.
08:46 That's great that you know that at your age,
08:50 you know, you're ahead of your years.
08:53 So we have these ping-pong balls here,
08:56 tell us about these
08:57 'cause they all have writing on them,
09:00 what's the signifi...
09:01 I'm sorry, we have the table tennis balls.
09:05 I have corrected. Yeah.
09:08 They have instructed us well here.
09:11 Earlier, Danny and I did
09:13 the interview for the Today program,
09:15 he had to correct himself, he was saying,
09:17 "Ping-pong," and then he said, "No, table tennis."
09:19 So it's table tennis, right?
09:22 It's right.
09:24 Tell us about these balls,
09:25 every one of them has special writing on it,
09:28 what does that mean?
09:29 Well, it's important because we give them
09:32 to a family, person, a friend,
09:35 and that person can inspire other people,
09:38 like family or friends.
09:40 Oh, so you use these to witness as well.
09:45 Like what this one says, "When life gets hard, kneel."
09:50 That's nice. Right.
09:52 And so when you play, and you leave them with these,
09:55 with the table tennis balls, right?
09:57 They will know that day, they will remember that day.
10:00 Nice, nice.
10:01 Tell us about how you've been able to impact atheists
10:05 and people who don't know about God?
10:09 It's incredible how they do it.
10:11 Just I can tell you
10:13 that the Holy Spirit is our guide here.
10:17 They use their talents in a special way,
10:22 they have a mission.
10:25 They know they have a mission, they want to inspire the world,
10:29 and talk about Jesus,
10:31 about that everybody, every person in this world
10:35 have to recognize that there is a God.
10:37 This amazing God,
10:39 He's the God of the impossible things.
10:41 Look at our testimony, we are here today,
10:44 we don't have the resources to be here today,
10:48 this is how God works.
10:50 How did God bring you here today?
10:51 Tell us.
10:52 It's incredible, because Idalia gave me a call
10:58 and she said, "Well, I...
11:00 Somebody told me
11:02 about your sports ministry of your sons.
11:03 So I want to know
11:05 if you agree to come to 3ABN for an interview."
11:09 And for me, that was a big open door,
11:12 and I said, "Yes." It was an honor, like an honor.
11:13 It was like an honor, you're right, son.
11:16 And we said, "Oh, this is amazing.
11:18 Of course, yes."
11:19 But then, a couple of days later...
11:23 Excuse me, my English is not so well.
11:25 Oh, no, it's fine.
11:26 So I received another call from Idalia and she said,
11:29 "We was thinking that you can take one week off
11:34 to be here in 3ABN."
11:35 And I said, "So long to take an interview?"
11:38 And she said, "No, no, no, it's not about that.
11:41 Your sons do a lot of things in the sports ministry,
11:45 and this ministry that we want,
11:47 you can go to churches, to our schools..."
11:49 I said, "Oh, that's gonna be great, amazing,
11:51 of course, yes."
11:53 But two hours later, I was in the kitchen
11:57 and I like, "Oh, how are we gonna make it?
12:00 We have an old car."
12:02 We have only one car in our house
12:04 and it's, we can take the car only local not faraway.
12:09 "Oh, we have to rent a car,
12:11 we don't have the money to rent a car.
12:13 How are we gonna do this?"
12:14 So I tell my husband
12:16 and my husband was very emotional
12:18 but at the same time worried.
12:19 "We cannot make it. Did you say, yes?"
12:20 "Yes, I said, yes."
12:22 I was waiting to a miracle.
12:26 You know, and I wait like five or six days
12:29 but nothing happens
12:30 and people here, from the channel's like,
12:32 "Hey, is everything okay or it is..."
12:34 "Oh, yeah, everything is okay."
12:35 I'm like, "No, they're running, okay,
12:38 are we gonna make this?"
12:39 But then, I take the phone,
12:41 I say, "We have to call Idalia
12:44 and tell her it is okay
12:47 that we can postpone a little bit the interview,
12:50 maybe for September and October,
12:51 giving us a little bit opportunity to get the money."
12:55 But in that moment
12:56 when I take the phone to make the call,
12:58 I saw an email and when I opened the email,
13:00 was the promotion
13:02 that, I'm using to promote the event on Saturday,
13:07 that they're gonna give here,
13:09 so I'm saying, "It's too late, we cannot say, no,
13:12 how are we gonna make this?"
13:13 I'm very, very scared.
13:16 I said to my husband, "You know what?
13:20 God is gonna supply because if He open the store,
13:23 He gonna supply."
13:25 But I was terrified because that was Thursday
13:28 and we have to be here Sunday.
13:32 So we received a call from Dr. Paul Corner.
13:36 So wait, it was Thursday,
13:37 the Thursday before the Sunday,
13:40 you were supposed to come here?
13:41 Yes. Wow!
13:42 We was preparing everything
13:45 with the faith that that's gonna happen,
13:48 but terrified.
13:51 I mean, we received a phone call
13:53 from Dr. Paul Corner,
13:56 he's a member of our church, Fox Valley Church in Neenah,
14:00 and he say, "Hey, Pablo, did you rent already the car?"
14:03 And Pablo, "No, we're not renting the car yet,
14:07 but I'm on that."
14:08 "So you know what?
14:10 I got the car, I'm gonna pay for the car,
14:12 you're gonna have a car to travel to 3ABN interview."
14:17 So actually, he is one of our sponsors,
14:19 so I cannot believe that, in that moment,
14:23 we started screaming, jumping in the house,
14:25 "Yeah, we got the car, we're going to 3ABN interview."
14:28 But then we say,
14:30 "Now we don't have the money for the gas."
14:32 And we say "Well, our God is very smart,
14:38 if He gave us the car, so He's gonna give us the gas."
14:41 That's right.
14:42 But it's Saturday and nothing happens,
14:44 then we went to Saturday, in the morning,
14:46 in the church,
14:48 Dr. Paul Corner gave us a white envelope.
14:52 And it's incredible,
14:53 because nobody know about our situation, nobody.
14:58 Even my mom, my sister,
15:00 nobody, only us and God and that's enough.
15:03 That's right.
15:04 I understand that that is enough.
15:05 That's right.
15:07 And Paul Corner gave us this envelope,
15:09 some family in our church gave this,
15:12 but we don't know who it is, what family it is.
15:16 And that family was a specific and they said,
15:20 "Give this to Rios family to help them for the gas."
15:25 Wow! Is not that amazing?
15:27 You know, God is a God of details,
15:29 amazing and beautiful details.
15:31 That's right.
15:32 And there's a lot of person that come to our house
15:35 with little snacks,
15:36 travel bags for the kids with snacks
15:39 and everything.
15:40 The family that help us to write the ping-pong balls,
15:44 table tennis ball.
15:46 I had to correct.
15:49 Mom.
15:50 And it is incredible how God put everything what we need.
15:55 Yes. And that's why we are here.
15:57 Yes.
15:58 And at the same...
16:01 Everything in their sport,
16:04 you getting supplied everything,
16:07 everything.
16:08 God is a God of details and He takes care of us.
16:13 You know, when we step out in faith,
16:16 you know, you did everything you needed to do,
16:19 you didn't have a car,
16:21 but you did everything you needed to do to prepare,
16:25 and God honored your faith, and opened the door,
16:28 and sent you just what you needed.
16:30 Yes. God is incredible.
16:32 Not only is He the creator, but He's the sustainer.
16:34 Yes, yes. How often do you guys practice?
16:37 How many hours a day do you guys practice?
16:40 We practice three to four and five hours.
16:45 Wow! Three to five hours? Everyday, except Sabbath.
16:49 Well, we do it to Monday, sometimes to,
16:54 Monday to Thursday,
16:58 and maybe Monday to Wednesday.
17:05 Yeah.
17:06 So all through the week
17:08 and you homeschool them, correct?
17:10 Yeah.
17:11 So all through the week, you guys are playing.
17:13 We do class first and then we play.
17:16 Now, how do you witness to people about God?
17:21 How do you use your gifts and your talents,
17:25 how are you using that as a ministry?
17:28 What are you doing?
17:29 Well, we give our messages in the back
17:33 to show the athletes the word of God.
17:35 In the back of...
17:36 In our jackets, right here.
17:38 Oh, turn around.
17:39 Oh! Wow!
17:41 Turn all the way around.
17:42 Can you turn around toward the back?
17:43 Yeah, there you go. Walk by faith, not by sight.
17:47 The Lord is greater than the giants you face.
17:49 Love by faith not by sight.
17:50 The Lord is greater than the giants you face.
17:52 Yeah, nice.
17:54 So you have that on your jackets, so...
17:57 Every tournament, everything.
17:59 So when you're playing, you have your jackets on?
18:02 The shirts.
18:03 Your shirts, so people can see them?
18:05 Because the uniform have the message too.
18:09 Actually, they were telling me the last time
18:11 that they are thinking to put message in the shoes.
18:17 Yeah, because we know there's gonna come a day
18:20 that they want to stop us in the tournament,
18:23 because they're gonna say,
18:25 there are some players that feel uncomfortable
18:28 because you are talking about God, you know.
18:30 There are some people that don't believe in God.
18:33 We already have our answer.
18:36 Well, if they don't let us in shirts,
18:38 we do in our shoes then.
18:42 If they say, you cannot,
18:44 they cannot play with that message
18:46 on the back of the uniform, they say, "Why?
18:49 God is their sponsor, why not?"
18:52 You know, that player have this people,
18:55 they're like a sponsor.
18:56 Well, God is our sponsor, so they can have.
18:58 Nice.
18:59 And they have those messages, yeah.
19:01 Nice answer. That's a great answer.
19:03 Yeah. Yeah.
19:05 So what is it, when you guys go somewhere,
19:09 what kinds of challenges have you faced
19:12 because you are Seventh-day Adventists?
19:15 What has happened to you
19:16 because you're a Seventh-day Adventist?
19:19 We've been placed by the and...
19:23 On the...
19:27 Forgot.
19:28 That's okay. That's okay.
19:30 Has anybody said something to you like,
19:32 you can't play?
19:33 Yeah.
19:36 The federation The federation of table tennis.
19:39 What did they do? In Wisconsin.
19:42 What did they do?
19:44 She said, if they play on Sabbath,
19:46 they're not gonna do nothing in this sport.
19:49 And she said...
19:50 If you don't play on Sabbath day.
19:51 Yeah.
19:53 And she said, if I'm a lawyer
19:56 and I can convince them to play Saturday...
20:01 I didn't know nothing at this at first,
20:03 she come and when we were practicing,
20:07 she, like she's gonna talk, speechless.
20:11 Well, she was speechless.
20:14 Okay, so tell, Mom, finish telling us the story,
20:16 like what happened.
20:17 Yeah.
20:18 The thing is that they got a letter
20:20 in recent, then we were in Puerto Rico.
20:23 Who is they?
20:24 There are some people that have a good
20:26 and very big influence in table tennis sport.
20:30 Okay.
20:32 And we sent the video and they was very excited,
20:36 but the videos talk about they don't play Saturday,
20:39 the week, they keep holy the commandments.
20:41 But I thought she don't see that part
20:45 and when we get here,
20:47 she said,
20:48 they're gonna help them in everything,
20:51 but there is gonna come the state championships,
20:54 so I think that they was waiting for them
20:58 to represent their club.
21:00 But the state championship was on Saturday,
21:03 so when she come to us and she started talking,
21:06 we say, "Remember that they don't play Saturday."
21:09 She was very angry and she said that we are cruel like parents,
21:13 that how we can do something like that to our sons,
21:16 they are praying so hard, they are praying...
21:19 Even they don't have a tournament in a whole year.
21:22 And we said, "We give the freedom to them
21:25 four years and a half ago,
21:27 that they decided what they want to do.
21:32 And they take their rackets and they say,
21:33 'It is Saturday, we're not gonna play,
21:35 God is first.'
21:37 "And I said, "I don't know why you're so angry,
21:40 my son recognizes that this talent belong from God
21:44 and they want to use it to give the glory to Him.
21:47 What is the bad part of this?"
21:50 And she said, "I'm so sorry, I cannot help.
21:54 If they don't play Saturday,
21:55 they're never gonna made it
21:57 and never gonna be no one in this sport."
22:01 So, and then we started trying to,
22:04 you know, she can understand our point
22:07 and she said...
22:09 She was very angry and in a moment,
22:11 she gets to zero and she say, "Oh, no."
22:13 And say,
22:15 "That talent that you think that they have,
22:17 who you think gave it to them?
22:19 Was it the president of federation?
22:21 Was it the coach? No, it was God."
22:24 And she said...
22:25 I was like, a little bit nervous.
22:26 She is like, "No, of course,
22:29 I know that was God,
22:32 and that's why because they use
22:35 the sport to spread God's word,
22:37 that's why they have to play Saturday."
22:40 She is trying to get in there. Yeah.
22:42 She is like the serpent. Yeah.
22:44 That's what I feel at that moment.
22:46 I remembered Eve's moment and I said, "Jesus says,
22:51 'If you love Me, keep holy my commandments.'
22:54 " And she said, "I'm gonna ask for a special permission."
22:58 My husband said, "What is it about?"
23:00 And said, "I want you to let me to talk alone
23:03 with Itziar and Kenai.
23:05 Because like a lawyer,
23:06 I'm gonna convince them to play Saturday."
23:10 And my husband Pablo said,
23:11 "Well, why are you losing your time with us?
23:14 Go, run, run and talk to them,
23:17 whatever they decide, it's okay with us.
23:19 But let me tell you something,
23:21 maybe you're gonna be the number eight coach,
23:23 that later, you talk to them,
23:25 you're gonna come to us, you're gonna say,
23:27 the faith and the loyalty of your son
23:30 to God is not negotiable."
23:33 So we are waiting,
23:35 the Holy Spirit doesn't let her talk to them.
23:38 Actually, my son have the sub-champion
23:44 and she have to bring the trophy to them.
23:48 And I remember her words and I said,
23:50 "That's the Lord who we serve."
23:53 Very nice. That's right. That's right.
23:55 Speaking of championships, what do we have here?
23:59 What do we have?
24:00 Pablo, tell us about these medals.
24:04 They are, you know, thanks to God.
24:06 You know, I mean,
24:08 He gives us the wisdom, the energy,
24:10 everything, the patience.
24:12 Yes.
24:13 There's so many things involved.
24:15 The square medal we have there,
24:17 it's the first games of Puerto Rico.
24:19 They were held on a Friday morning.
24:24 We practiced the whole year
24:27 without seeing our participation
24:28 in the tournament.
24:30 And that day,
24:31 they decided to do it on a Friday,
24:34 and God said, "It's your time,
24:36 you know, to go and spread the gospel."
24:40 I was scared because
24:41 there was only one more day left.
24:44 And thanks to God,
24:46 we gave it the best we got and we hope,
24:50 when we put the Lord's name as high as we can,
24:53 and Kenai came in first place,
24:55 seven years and under, out of all Puerto Rico.
24:57 Yeah.
24:58 He was actually the smallest one.
25:00 And he was the smallest player.
25:01 And Itziar came in the top five in all Puerto Rico.
25:04 Wow!
25:05 Without competing the whole year.
25:08 Basically, competing the whole year.
25:09 Congratulations. What a blessing!
25:12 And what a testimony, what a testimony!
25:15 Actually,
25:17 we want to say thank you to our friend Jim,
25:21 because he gonna start to make
25:23 the first table tennis tournament
25:25 and the winter games,
25:27 and the category of that was Saturday
25:31 but they...
25:32 He moved the category of, "14 under" to Sunday,
25:37 because he want to give the opportunity to them.
25:40 So at the same time,
25:42 God put people, very, very special on the way.
25:45 And in that tournament, it was two months ago I think,
25:49 in the Winter Badger State Open.
25:53 Itziar get gold medal and Kenai got bronze.
25:58 The glory is to God. We need a couple tonight.
25:59 Look at that, gold and bronze.
26:02 Yeah.
26:04 We have some award winners sitting here.
26:05 That's it. That's it. You know what?
26:07 Their testimony reminds me of the story of Daniel.
26:10 Oh.
26:11 And how they stood for the Lord
26:14 and they refused to take on the diet
26:18 that they wanted to push on them.
26:19 Yes
26:20 And they ended up healthier and better looking
26:22 and everything than everybody else.
26:24 Oh, yes, Richard.
26:26 So how can people get in touch with you?
26:28 We're gonna put an address rolled up
26:30 in just a moment
26:31 so that people can get in touch with you here,
26:34 it is right here.
26:35 If you want the Ríos family to come
26:38 and do some exhibitions and bring the community out,
26:42 this is a great way to get the community
26:45 to come to your church,
26:47 you know, and have an exhibition,
26:49 the boys will do their thing,
26:52 and people can come from around and play,
26:56 and it's such a wonderful way to reach the community.
27:02 So do you have any, like, 30-second closing thought
27:07 that you want to share with our viewers?
27:09 Yes, we have a special gift,
27:14 doesn't matter what gift you got,
27:15 and it honors and it glorifies the Lord,
27:18 have any creative way to spread the gospel,
27:23 and you see how the Lord will open
27:25 so many doors as He wants to open for us.
27:27 Yes.
27:28 Thank you so much, thank you for being with us,
27:30 and thank you for your ministry,
27:32 and there's so much more we could say,
27:34 but our time is up.
27:35 Yes.
27:37 You know, the Bible says,
27:38 "To train up a child in the way
27:39 he should go and when he is old,
27:41 he will not depart from it."
27:43 This family is praying together and sharing the gospel
27:48 in a creative way.
27:49 Find something that you can do
27:51 with your family that's creative,
27:53 take the gifts that God has given you,
27:55 and use them to glorify Him.
27:57 Well, thank you so much for joining us.
28:00 Join us next time
28:01 'cause it just wouldn't be the same without you.


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