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Participants: Jason Bradley (Host), Yvonne Lewis (Host), Ryan Johnson


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00:05 Do you want another key to unlock
00:07 the secrets in the books of Daniel and Revelation?
00:10 Well, stay tuned to meet a young man
00:12 who has made a compelling documentary
00:14 about these prophetic books.
00:16 My name is Yvonne Lewis.
00:17 And I'm Jason Bradley
00:19 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:44 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:47 I have my Dare to Dream co-host,
00:49 my Urban Report co-host...
00:51 Right. Jason Bradley.
00:52 Good to be here. And good to have you Jay.
00:55 And our guest today
00:56 is no stranger to Dare to Dream or Urban Report,
00:59 he's none other than Ryan Johnson,
01:01 producer and director
01:03 of the popular Dare to Dream film...
01:05 We took it over, redemption.
01:08 And producer of the Mindful Minute fillers
01:11 that we show.
01:12 Thank you so much, Ryan, for being with us.
01:16 Oh, I'm honored to be here.
01:18 Jason, so good to see you, man.
01:19 Good to see you.
01:20 You...
01:22 When you're here last time. Yes.
01:23 We talked about a project that you were gonna work on.
01:27 We talked about it on Dare to Dream
01:30 and we talked about it on the parent network as well.
01:32 Yes.
01:33 This was gonna be the Daniel and Revelation series.
01:36 Yes.
01:37 Tell us, have you gotten it done?
01:40 And what's happened with that?
01:41 From the time you were here to now.
01:44 So, yes, we are in postproduction on all of it.
01:49 And as you recall it is in three sections,
01:53 we have the signs of Jesus return,
01:56 and then we have Daniel, the Book of Daniel.
01:58 That's four sections, excuse me.
01:59 And then we have Revelation
02:01 and the fourth section is discussing
02:03 the second coming of Jesus Christ,
02:06 nothing but the second coming of Jesus Christ.
02:08 A lot has happened since I was last here
02:11 and I can't wait to tell the story.
02:12 Oh, I know, I know, I can't wait to hear it.
02:14 But before you start,
02:16 what's different about your series
02:17 from any of the other Daniel and Revelation series
02:20 that are out there?
02:22 What's different?
02:23 Well, first I have to acknowledge
02:24 the God filled men and women,
02:27 who are out there, they are in the field,
02:29 they have a passion for making sure
02:32 that we humanity are as ready as we can be,
02:35 as filled with Biblical knowledge as we can be
02:38 for the second coming of Jesus the Christ.
02:41 And I have had the privilege
02:43 to work with many of these people
02:45 and they've been doing series and doing seminars.
02:48 But I grew up in the age of Project Sunlight.
02:52 Now we're talking earlier, I know you've read that.
02:55 Unleashed and then there was
02:57 this audio production called "Now".
02:59 And these are people who would get on
03:02 and they would dramatize biblically
03:04 the things that we are told about
03:07 in the Word of God.
03:09 And they would take it all the way through to
03:11 when the clouds roll back
03:13 and Jesus comes in the clouds of glory.
03:15 So as we were putting this together,
03:18 we realize that John,
03:21 there alone on the Isle of Patmos
03:23 and Daniel, of course,
03:26 the Titan there
03:28 at the different stages of the Babylonian Empire
03:30 and the Medo-Persian Empire.
03:32 When the Spirit of God came to them
03:34 and showed them these things,
03:35 they were given this massive meal of visual input.
03:40 In fact, one of the prophets has told,
03:42 what you see right and that is what they did
03:46 and the Word of God is effective.
03:47 Yes, we read what it is that they saw,
03:50 and we read what it is
03:52 that they were impressed to write,
03:53 but we are reading an account from men
03:57 who are doing their best
03:59 to describe the powerful things that they saw.
04:02 And that motivated us.
04:03 Of course, we could never equate
04:05 to what it is that they saw,
04:07 but what if we could use our skills
04:10 and our talents prayerfully
04:12 to create an extremely visually stimulating series
04:16 that bounced back and forth between the instruction
04:20 and the visual all of it, of course,
04:24 on the backbone of the Word of God.
04:26 And that is what we believe
04:28 it makes this a bit different
04:29 than the other prophecies, series that are out there.
04:32 The focus on the dramatizing and bringing to life
04:36 the things that are discussed in the Word of God.
04:38 I'll tell you what.
04:39 You've got me on the edge of my seat.
04:41 You know, I think you should do like an audio book.
04:45 With that voice, right? Exactly.
04:47 I'm just listening like I'm just stuck.
04:50 You, guys, are too kind.
04:52 The graphics are so powerful... Oh, praise the Lord.
04:55 In fact we have a clip that we're gonna show
04:56 in just a minute.
04:58 That will kind of illustrate to our viewers,
05:01 just how intense some of these graphics are.
05:04 Because I think we need visual aids,
05:07 when we're working with books like Daniel and Revelation,
05:11 we need to have something that really that we can see.
05:15 Yes, ma'am.
05:17 Not just that we read but that we can see
05:19 so it really impacts us.
05:22 Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.
05:23 Mentally and spiritually.
05:24 And there's so much symbolism.
05:27 Yes.
05:28 So it helps to be able to visualize that.
05:32 Now how did you get started in all this,
05:34 like where did you start?
05:37 That's a great question, Jason, without queuing the violins
05:40 and going on and on for ever.
05:43 I am a classic example of a man
05:46 who had his direction...
05:49 Serving a God who had his direction
05:51 and then being taught to follow the God, not the man.
05:56 You may know that
05:57 I have a background in medicine,
05:59 I've a medical degree,
06:00 and while I was in medical school,
06:03 we developed a software, an educational software
06:07 using the skills that we have and it was very visual.
06:10 Anatomy is, of course,
06:12 something that one must experience
06:14 tactile and visually in order to orient him or herself
06:17 to the human body.
06:18 And our software began with that
06:21 and we just perfected
06:23 and, of course, we're still in the process
06:24 of getting better and better.
06:27 We perfected ways
06:28 to economically represent the human body visually
06:33 and found ourselves standing in the middle of a field,
06:36 that we call visual effects.
06:38 Now right about that time, my home church
06:42 which is the Northeast Seventh-day Adventist Church
06:45 in Charlotte, North Carolina,
06:46 they do this Easter program every single year.
06:51 And they had done this program, my dad and my mother
06:54 very instrumental in that and I called my mom and said,
06:59 "You know, I've got a crazy idea,
07:01 what if we take some of these visual effects
07:03 and just see what we can do with it?"
07:06 And it is out of that, that redemption was born.
07:11 And we're standing there on the precipice of opportunity
07:16 and realizing that there's an entire ministry
07:19 here in this direction.
07:21 And then the infamous Lord, what would you have me do?
07:24 And through a lot of things, you know,
07:26 we have found ourselves here.
07:28 How does the medical degree tie in?
07:29 Well, I do get many opportunities
07:33 to preach and talk on health.
07:35 We do believe that the health message
07:37 is an integral part of the three angels' message
07:41 and give glory to Him
07:42 and that includes our bodies, minds, and bodies.
07:44 And Daniel talks about that in Daniel 1 I believe.
07:48 And that's kind of how all of that ties in
07:50 but anyway I hear the violins, so let me back off.
07:53 No, no, no. You're good. You're good. You're good.
07:56 But that's how I get into this. Yes.
07:57 So you used your...
07:59 You kind of started out in your medical place...
08:01 Yes.
08:03 But then you saw the spiritual application of...
08:04 Yes, ma'am.
08:06 Of what you had learned with the software.
08:07 Yes, ma'am. Look at God.
08:09 Look at how God. Look at God.
08:10 It's amazing to me,
08:11 how he just leads and guides and orchestrates things
08:16 and gets us where He wants us to be
08:18 with His different projects.
08:19 Yes, He does. I love it. I love it.
08:21 If we were just listened have mercy.
08:23 And so as I had said before these graphics are amazing.
08:27 Let's take a look at that clip, right now.
11:01 Wow.
11:03 Is that powerful or what?
11:04 Praise the Lord, praise the Lord.
11:06 Oh, this is a series
11:11 that everybody's gonna wanna see.
11:13 Oh, we hope so. We hope so.
11:15 Really, because it's got
11:17 all these different elements in it.
11:19 Who are some of the speakers that we saw in it?
11:22 Oh, yes.
11:23 And you remember over the years you and I would discuss
11:26 who shall we use.
11:28 Well, the first speaker...
11:29 The entire project
11:32 is divided up into four main sections.
11:35 I mean, we're gonna be playing with your permission
11:37 a lot of stuff on the air here, over the next year or so.
11:41 Oh, wait, wait. Yes, ma'am?
11:43 You heard that right, viewers?
11:44 You've heard that?
11:46 Dare to Dream gets to play a lot of this on the air.
11:50 I'm just saying.
11:52 You can't get out of it now.
11:54 Oh, I'm on it.
11:55 Our first section is signs.
11:58 And the Pastor Taj Pacleb, wonderful young man,
12:01 I know you know him.
12:03 Yes.
12:04 And I've had a great opportunity
12:05 to work with him.
12:07 I just have to say, when he's shooting his part,
12:09 he's impeccably dressed.
12:11 You know his tie, his shirt is stark's and everything.
12:14 But he's a Hawaiian.
12:16 So when you get down and he's there on camera
12:18 and he's preaching with such passion, such conviction,
12:21 and then you get to his feet and he's barefoot.
12:23 Oh, you're kidding.
12:24 Oh, I love this, little behind the scene stuff.
12:27 But anyway Pastor Pacleb
12:30 he has the first section it is signs
12:32 and he talks about the signs of Christ return.
12:35 But tries to tie
12:37 in some of the current events, you know,
12:40 and just remind us that God is in control
12:43 and truly He's coming.
12:44 Our second section is a big section
12:47 and it is Daniel, the entire book of Daniel.
12:50 Pastor Peter Neri, who is the pastor
12:52 of the Paradise Seventh-day Adventist Church
12:54 in Las Vegas
12:55 and we were talking about him earlier.
12:57 He takes on the entire Book of Daniel,
12:59 beginning with chapter 1
13:01 and going all the way through chapter 12.
13:03 And that is...
13:05 Well, that was something we'll talk about
13:07 some of the challenges that he was having
13:08 during that time.
13:10 The third section of Daniel that is Pastor Henry Wright
13:14 the infamous.
13:16 I know. A wonderful man...
13:17 He is incredible. A frighteningly prepared man.
13:23 A brilliant man.
13:24 Brilliant, I'd tell you, you know,
13:26 you're standing there and you're just like,
13:28 "Ryan, this guy is awesome."
13:29 And he...
13:31 In fact, he told us, he said,
13:33 "I will be doing the book of Revelation."
13:36 And Pastor Wright has spoken, he is...
13:39 Yes, he is.
13:41 And he has the book of Revelation
13:42 and he discusses it
13:44 from the standpoint of redemption,
13:46 a wonderful standpoint.
13:48 In a way that I have never heard it,
13:50 presented before.
13:51 And then of course my mentor, Pastor Ezra Mendinghall
13:55 from Charlotte, North Carolina.
13:57 He does a fireside chat,
14:00 sort of account
14:01 of the second coming of Jesus Christ.
14:04 Just sits down
14:06 and then begins to talk narratively.
14:09 Now the first section that is released that,
14:11 which you have seen we actually began with that.
14:14 And we introduced, you know, the other speakers
14:17 but the primary course in that meal
14:21 is the second coming of Jesus.
14:23 "Why?" One would ask, "Why would you begin there?"
14:26 Because the entire Bible all of it,
14:29 all of the prophecies when you put together
14:31 and looked at as a sum it's about the coming of Jesus,
14:34 the coming of Jesus in his first advent,
14:37 the coming of Jesus again to take his children home.
14:39 And I believe particularly now in our tumultuous society
14:44 we need to be encouraged so we released that first.
14:47 "Hey, Jesus coming."
14:49 Yes, yes. You know.
14:51 But these are the preachers, outstanding people
14:54 with whom I have been very honored to work with.
14:57 Yes, ma'am.
14:58 This project has not been without challenges,
15:02 tell us some of the things that you...?
15:04 Well, first of all, how long has it been
15:06 that you've been working on this?
15:09 And then what's happened as you've been working on it?
15:12 Because we know that the enemy does not want this out
15:15 so tell us what some of the challenges
15:17 that you've been faced with.
15:20 I think it's been about four years
15:22 from conception to where we are right now.
15:28 It's been a number of years
15:29 since I was blessed to be on the air with you.
15:34 You know, 1 Peter says,
15:38 "I think it not strange."
15:41 The fiery trials.
15:44 And we read a text like that
15:48 over and over and over.
15:51 And just the way the human mind is,
15:54 we allow it to lose its meaning and pertinence.
15:59 And then every now and then
16:01 I will say I will call it a blessing, we are blessed.
16:04 To be reminded that this thing is serious.
16:10 The devil is not playing and our God is all powerful.
16:13 That it is spiritual warfare.
16:16 Oh, so well put, Dr. Lewis.
16:18 Yes, ma'am.
16:20 You will remember...
16:23 When you came out and thank you so much
16:24 for coming out to Las Vegas
16:27 for the premier of Silent Witness
16:30 and I'll tell our viewers' a Silent Witness
16:32 is a production that we put on
16:35 that discusses personal evangelism.
16:39 And if you're interested, you're welcome
16:40 to play that as well.
16:42 Thank you.
16:43 You will remember that when you came
16:44 to the premier of Silent Witness
16:47 my left arm was not working.
16:50 And you said to me,
16:53 "Ryan, you know, what's going on?"
16:55 I said, well I've got this problem with my with my arm."
16:57 And I had a kind of tucked like an injured wing
17:00 next to my body.
17:01 And you gathered
17:03 my little brother Rodney and myself
17:07 and right there in the arena you prayed, you remember that?
17:10 No.
17:12 You don't remember that? No, I don't remember.
17:13 You prayed a special prayer. She did.
17:16 She said, "Lord, there are challenges,
17:21 the enemy wants to stop this project,
17:23 and I pray a special blessing on this team."
17:28 And we did not know that we were standing at that point
17:33 just in the gateway.
17:36 And through the gateway there was an obstacle course,
17:41 and we did not know.
17:43 Now jokingly Pastor Ezra Mendinghall and I
17:47 had made a pact
17:49 when we embarked on this and this is before that.
17:52 We joked on the phone that we were not afraid
17:55 of what the enemy would do,
17:57 we would go forth, we are soldiers,
18:00 you know, "You're not afraid?"
18:01 "I'm not afraid." "You're afraid?"
18:02 "I'm not afraid."
18:05 And if only we had known what stood before us,
18:08 I would like to thank that
18:09 we would still have made such a pact.
18:11 You probably would not have been laughing.
18:13 Right, right, right.
18:15 You know, I'm not afraid.
18:16 It would have been more, you know, in that vain.
18:19 And immediately following that we went on vacation
18:25 after you went back.
18:28 Oh, you're all over the world.
18:29 I assume you went to Illinois, you could have gone to Russia.
18:32 I don't know.
18:34 And then began the reign of terror for me.
18:38 I was diagnosed with
18:40 an extremely severe aggressive form of rheumatoid arthritis
18:45 and what happened in my left hand
18:47 soon spread all over my body.
18:50 I was preaching sermons, you know, with the cane,
18:53 just leaning, I had the gloves, you know,
18:56 the braces just leaning on the pulpit.
18:59 One time I was I was preaching in a church
19:01 and the cane fell off of the pulpit
19:04 onto the ground and I thought
19:05 I'm going to be standing here forever.
19:08 I'll be here next Sabbath, guys.
19:09 Oh, wow.
19:11 And this gentleman, this elderly gentleman,
19:12 you know, far more ambulatory than I,
19:14 gets up, he grabs the cane, and he hands it to me
19:17 and he says, "You know, here you're doctor."
19:18 I said "Thank you."
19:20 It was during that period
19:23 and I have to try to illustrate the overlap.
19:26 It was during that period, while I was on a severe decline
19:30 that we were scheduled to shoot Pastor Henry Wright.
19:34 And it was November by the time we got to Takoma Park
19:40 and I was very, very bad off.
19:42 I couldn't do the camera equipment,
19:45 Jason, so I had to have help putting it together,
19:47 my father was there with me,
19:49 and he had actually just had surgery on his foot.
19:51 So we were two crippled Johnsons
19:54 showing up in the Takoma Park, Maryland
19:57 and we're there.
19:58 And, you know, Pastor Wright is so full of energy and life,
20:01 you know, and he's like, "Do you need any help?"
20:03 I was like, "Oh, yes, sir."
20:05 So I go creeping out on the cane over to the car
20:09 and he's standing there and I look down the road
20:11 and these young people's good looking men and women,
20:14 they're coming from the university,
20:16 and I didn't wanna be standing there with a cane.
20:18 You know, when the young people went by.
20:19 So I said, "You know, hey, Pastor Wright
20:21 would you hold my cane for a second?"
20:25 Set him up.
20:27 He takes the cane
20:28 and then he sees this people, young people,
20:30 he just gives me this look, you know.
20:33 "So I have to keep this thing?"
20:35 You know, "Please don't, sir."
20:37 But it got very bad, very quickly,
20:40 we did that taping that filming
20:42 and that was November by December
20:45 I was unable to get out of bed,
20:47 unable to feed myself, unable to go to the bathroom.
20:50 The arthritis had settled in my lungs,
20:52 I had an effusion, I've...
20:55 Breathe like that.
20:57 It had gotten into my heart and...
21:01 Wow.
21:02 There came a day,
21:04 when I knew that I was gonna die.
21:08 You know, in my medical experience
21:13 we're always on the front side of the desk.
21:18 When you look a person in their face and you say,
21:20 "There's nothing we can do."
21:23 But I got to be on the other side.
21:27 And they said, "There's nothing we can do.
21:31 We've never seen a case like this."
21:35 While this is going on
21:37 Pastor Mendinghall calls me as he would do encourage me.
21:42 And in passing he says, "You know..."
21:44 Now Pastor Mendinghall is
21:48 he would be just be so glad to know that
21:50 I'm going to say something
21:52 that could be even construed his praise
21:54 but he's a fine example of a man,
21:56 in my opinion, and in the opinion of many others.
21:58 He really is, he walks the walk.
22:01 And the health message is something that he,
22:04 at hears to he hold it close to his heart
22:08 and lives by example.
22:10 So when he said, "You know,
22:12 I went and had a physical and my levels are a little high
22:14 and I'm thinking about having a prostate biopsy."
22:19 Now I have permission for him to tell the story.
22:22 And I was there and I was, you know,
22:24 all balled up and everything and I said,
22:28 "Well, you're gonna do it?"
22:29 He says, "Well, I've lived right,
22:31 I've done everything, I don't really know."
22:33 And I said, "Well, sir,
22:34 I think you have it in your family,
22:35 you think you should go and have that biopsy."
22:37 And I would call him
22:38 and I would stress him out have the biopsy, have the...
22:40 I got to do a funeral, here I have go to Fresno.
22:43 "Get the biopsy, sir. Get the biopsy, sir."
22:45 And he did.
22:48 Now when you see Pastor Mendinghall
22:51 on the Daniel project
22:53 know that he is just a few days from that biopsy,
22:58 which is an invasive process.
23:00 And I was concerned about whether or not
23:02 he could even sit there and do this
23:04 but he said, "We have work to do."
23:06 This was after the biopsy.
23:09 This wasn't days before, right?
23:12 Say again please.
23:13 Was this before the biopsy that he did...?
23:15 No, he did it... It's right after...
23:17 His taping following the biopsy.
23:19 Okay. Wow.
23:20 So the overlap is while I was on this severe physical decline
23:24 then his trials began, right about there.
23:28 So we leave his story for a second if I may,
23:31 and then I just plummeted, plummeted
23:34 it was absolute awfulness.
23:37 I must admit, I'll admit on the air.
23:40 I turned to my wife one day and I said,
23:42 "I cannot do this any more.
23:44 I can't live in this kind of pain anymore."
23:50 And all production on Daniel had come to a complete stop.
23:56 And it's often then
23:58 when we are at the very end of our understanding
24:00 that we remember the great physician, "Oh, yes."
24:05 There is one greater than I, is there not.
24:07 And he has outlined so clearly in the Bible how we should live
24:12 so there's a little place called Wiemar
24:14 many of you heard of it, out there by Sacramento.
24:17 After the doctors had nothing else,
24:19 I had nothing else.
24:20 No one knew what to do.
24:22 It wasn't even me, I was like, you know,
24:24 I'll go cart me around, you know, just do whatever.
24:29 My wife and my mother got together
24:30 and they began a GoFundMe,
24:32 one of these crowd funding things
24:34 and churches from around the country
24:36 put in money to get me to Wiemar,
24:37 they laid me out in the back of this SUV
24:40 they rented and they drove me up to Wiemar.
24:42 And I wish you could have seen their faces,
24:44 that there are people there with cancer,
24:45 with congestive heart failure, and various issues.
24:48 And I like the youngest one there,
24:51 they just pulled me out
24:53 and they looked at me
24:55 and the Wiemar physicians admitted to me later.
24:58 They said, "When we first saw you,
25:00 we thought what are we supposed to do with this."
25:05 They did what they always do.
25:06 They applied those principles of health.
25:09 And I began to just...
25:11 I had not been doing
25:13 what I would consider poorly
25:15 but I ate dairy, I daily ate cheese
25:17 they took all of that away
25:18 and after severe decline in about five days
25:22 I was able to walk kind of like a duck.
25:24 And I got on the phone it was a Sabbath afternoon
25:27 I called my wife I said, "Baby..."
25:28 Can I say baby? Yes. You are.
25:31 I said, "Baby..." I said, "I can walk like a duck."
25:34 She said, "You go my duck."
25:36 And we were praising God and rejoicing.
25:39 My good friend Jackie Esposito Cunningham,
25:42 you know her as well.
25:44 She's been here on the air,
25:45 she's working as a nurse there at Wiemar
25:48 and she would help me,
25:49 because I really needed help, I couldn't feed myself
25:51 and then when I got there.
25:52 And when we were rejoicing and praising God.
25:55 It was Sabbath afternoon
25:58 my very first week there at Wiemar
26:01 that things began to get bad again
26:04 progressively worse and worse
26:07 and then by Sabbath afternoon I gonna say
26:10 maybe four or five
26:12 I was completely paralyzed on my left side.
26:14 Wow.
26:16 And I lay there in pain
26:19 is beyond my ability to describe.
26:24 And the phone rang
26:25 I had the cell phone on my chest,
26:26 and my wife was there,
26:28 and I reached with my right hand
26:29 and I answered the phone, you know,
26:31 and she goes, "How's my duck?"
26:32 And I tried to be dishonest with my wife.
26:36 But she heard it in my voice.
26:39 I later heard the account of what happened
26:41 she was still at church for the afternoon program
26:43 the kids there,
26:45 when she heard the disease having returned in my voice.
26:52 There was just crying, "Lord, why?
26:56 Why we come so far?
26:59 But I had hung up the phone
27:00 because to hear my wife in that state
27:02 was far harder than what I was going through
27:05 and I lay there.
27:07 And there was a knock on the door
27:10 and I couldn't get to the door.
27:12 I guess they had missed me
27:14 and one of the attendants there at Wiemar.
27:17 I don't have the permission to talk about her
27:18 so I'll keep her name she says, "Johnson, are you all right?"
27:21 And I said from my bed "I'm a mess."
27:25 She opens the door, she comes in,
27:26 they came and they scrape me up,
27:28 they took me to those infamous showers,
27:30 they did their thing, rub me down,
27:31 they did whatever they could do.
27:33 They brought me back into the bed
27:34 and they lay me there.
27:36 Every Bible story about paralytics
27:38 is running through my mind
27:40 but now not from the perspective
27:41 of one who was reading a scripture about a paralytic
27:44 but now I understand,
27:47 the sinner,
27:49 helpless before the power of God
27:52 and they prayed over me.
27:54 Lord, we need a miracle.
27:57 Don't bother asking me
27:59 if the things I'm telling you today are true,
28:01 for they are, and there are witnesses.
28:04 And as they were leaving this attended, this woman says,
28:09 "You know, let me give you something,"
28:11 and she gave me a benadryl, one pink pill
28:15 7:39 at Walgreens.
28:20 And then they put down the newspapers
28:22 and everything that I couldn't get to the restroom.
28:24 They said, "We'll check on you later."
28:26 Benadryl is an antihistamine put you to sleep
28:29 and I went to sleep.
28:30 For a while my friend Jackie had come in
28:33 and sat on the corner of the bed and watched me.
28:36 4:30 in the morning Dr. Jesus showed up.
28:41 Come on. Come on now.
28:45 I had to use the restroom, excuse me.
28:48 Emotional here and I got to through that,
28:50 I got more to tell.
28:52 I had to use the restroom and I just jumped out of bed.
28:57 Standing on my feet for the first time
29:00 and it scared me.
29:03 I wish I had a video camera
29:07 that you all could see the looks on their faces
29:10 the next day when they had breakfast
29:12 and I walked in that place.
29:15 Walked in.
29:16 So much so that the physicians had pull me aside
29:22 and they pulled my wife aside.
29:24 When she heard, she got in the car,
29:25 and drove all the way to say, "I got to see this for myself."
29:28 And they said, you know, we need to talk about,
29:30 how you're gonna talk about this.
29:32 We had people here, who need to,
29:33 and hear to the health program.
29:36 And here over night something has happened
29:38 we don't want them to think that
29:40 they can just drop how shall we...
29:42 Oh, my goodness a miracle had taken place.
29:45 People are crying
29:47 and then that began this phase in my life
29:50 when I'm going all over the country
29:52 talking about what God can do.
29:54 Now I get in the car when the time is up
29:58 and the doctors are there at Weimar
30:00 and they're waving at me.
30:01 Almost like a prodigal son that has come home
30:04 and I drive all the way home.
30:06 And my muscles have atrophied,
30:08 I'm in bad condition but I can walk.
30:11 And I get back to Las Vegas.
30:15 And I'm having to go and get iron infusions
30:19 because my body is been just that,
30:22 it deteriorated that much.
30:24 And one day I'm driving home
30:26 and I decide to call Pastor Mendinghall.
30:28 And I said, "Pastor, how are you doing?"
30:30 And he had just finished listening to the message
30:35 and I was the first to here.
30:38 He said, "Boy, you know, this thing is cancer."
30:44 Hard day.
30:46 Hard day.
30:49 And he said, "Don't tell anyone,
30:54 because I got to tell Sister Mendinghall."
31:00 I go to church that Sabbath and I'm bearing this burden
31:03 because I love Ezra Mendinghall,
31:07 I dressed like Ezra Mendinghall
31:09 I preach like Ezra Mendinghall.
31:12 I try.
31:16 Somewhere, someone is like, "No, you don't."
31:20 You wish.
31:22 And so Pastor Neri...
31:25 I go to the Paradise Church, which is there in Las Vegas.
31:28 He is out of town,
31:30 he has gone to Arkansas to preach a series
31:34 that he calls "The Shaking."
31:38 He wants to talk about
31:39 how we need to get back to the Word of God
31:41 because a little lady by the name of Ellen White
31:44 predicts that a shaking is coming
31:46 and while he is down there
31:48 his heart rate goes to about three hundred,
31:51 we're talking about cardiac arrest.
31:53 What do you mean 100?
31:56 They set him down they send him to the hospital.
32:01 And through many, many diagnostic process
32:04 because this came and it went, and it came and it went.
32:07 They find out that he had AFib.
32:10 And this is not uncommon
32:11 but, of course, it was a severe case.
32:16 He is the first to say,
32:21 we got on the phone and he said,
32:22 "It seems to me, Ryan.
32:25 That since we have all agreed to do this Daniel thing,
32:31 all of these things are happening to us."
32:34 And that is when we coined the term the Daniel effect.
32:41 It got to the point that when people volunteered
32:43 we let them know the devil is busy.
32:46 Everyone on the team
32:47 the gentleman who plays Jesus leukemia,
32:50 I could just go on and on and on
32:52 the devil got very, very busy.
32:56 Pastor Neri's case just horrible,
33:00 horrible things that he went through
33:03 before he was finally able to get the medical treatment
33:06 needed to mitigate
33:07 the symptoms that he was having.
33:09 Pastor Ezra Mendinghall
33:11 brought all the way down
33:12 into the valley of the shadow of death.
33:16 And then Jesus...
33:17 And brought all the way back out everyone with a testimony
33:20 me with a testimony, Taj with a testimony,
33:24 and Pastor Wright with a testimony,
33:25 Pastor Mendinghall with a testimony,
33:28 Pastor Neri with a testimony.
33:29 Now when you look at these people
33:32 looking at the camera and talking
33:33 they are talking from a depth.
33:36 They're talking from a level that they were not at before.
33:44 And when we do the Daniel section,
33:46 you will see that Pastor Wayne O'Bannon
33:49 is playing King Darius, King Darius.
33:53 I was filming him on this day.
33:58 We were over at
33:59 the Abundant Life Seventh-day Adventist Church,
34:01 which is also the school,
34:03 where my wife was a teacher, and she came in and she said,
34:05 "Ryan, when you finished,
34:07 I need you to take a look at Jaylen."
34:08 Jaylen was my...
34:10 She just turned eight year old daughter, my oldest.
34:12 I said, "Okay, I'll take a look."
34:14 We're laughing, we're talking, you know, what I'm walking,
34:17 we're having a great time because the first thing I said
34:22 when I got on the phone
34:23 after the Wiemar experience was,
34:26 "Now let's get back to Daniel."
34:28 Pastor Mendinghall said from the bed in the hospital,
34:32 "We must complete Daniel, we have work to do."
34:35 Pastor Neri calling me from the hospital,
34:38 "When I am done with this,
34:39 make sure that I'm able to do mine."
34:44 We were just in this very, very high state
34:47 when my wife said,
34:49 "I want you to have a look at Jaylen."
34:52 And I didn't think anything about it
34:55 I went on and we filmed Pastor O'Bannon.
34:58 I'm just gonna just embarrass him.
35:00 He is a wonderful man but, you know,
35:02 he had to dress up as a meed and so, you know,
35:07 he is there and he is in the process.
35:08 He is kind of a diesel I didn't know and...
35:12 Hair on his chest and everything, you know,
35:13 he is walking around.
35:16 I was like, I didn't know Pastor O'Bannon
35:17 had it like that, you know...
35:19 We're laughing and having a great time.
35:21 And six hours later I finished this
35:23 and my wife is still waiting on me,
35:25 "Will you look at Jaylen?"
35:26 Jaylen is there in the little kid's infirmary
35:29 and I went in there.
35:30 And she said, "Hey, daddy."
35:32 She jumped on me down, I shut the door.
35:34 "Hey, sweetheart, how you're doing?"
35:36 So I went on, and I had a look,
35:38 my wife is showing me when I saw it.
35:43 I thought
35:48 rhabdomyosarcoma.
35:55 You're here and then you're here.
36:00 No ladder, no steps, no pole, just...
36:06 For our viewers who don't know
36:08 what the symptoms are with that?
36:09 And what that is, it's a form of cancer?
36:11 What is that? It is a form of cancer.
36:13 And because of it the nature
36:19 I will use judgment as I describe this.
36:24 It usually shows up in children,
36:30 female children.
36:33 There is a higher prevalence
36:34 in the African-American demographic.
36:39 It is a highly malignant form of cancer,
36:44 usually when children get cancer
36:46 it is not the result,
36:48 it's not so much exogenous that cigarettes
36:51 but we're talking about.
36:53 It's not so much of a genetical nature
36:55 such as a mutation,
36:57 something that one is born with like breast cancer
37:00 the BRCA gene and that kind of thing.
37:02 But it is often left over's from the embryonic experience.
37:07 You get these embryonic cells
37:09 and they're very nondescript stem cells
37:14 and they can kind of go either way
37:16 and there are forms of cancers that show up in children.
37:20 That kind of in this classification and this is one.
37:26 I immediately said, you know, we need to call
37:29 her primary care physician and we did.
37:32 And then we go rushing over there and Dr. Darcy,
37:35 she says all other things, all the platitudes,
37:38 all the things that are necessary to say,
37:39 and then she gives me this look.
37:42 We go from there to the pediatric surgeon,
37:44 this is in like a matter of days.
37:47 And now this is an emergency
37:49 and now Jaylen whom we have tried to shield
37:52 from the reality
37:55 is beginning to pick up on what is going on.
37:58 There was this...
38:00 This scene they were...
38:02 That plays in my mind over and over they were,
38:04 they were learning a song at the academy
38:05 and Jaylen is sitting there on the doctor's table
38:08 and she's singing this song,
38:09 tears are just coming out of her face...
38:14 I called Mendinghall during one of these visits,
38:17 "Sir, we must pray, we have to pray."
38:20 And then I pulled the Mendinghall,
38:21 I didn't tell anyone and I asked my wife,
38:24 "No, let's not even speak it into existence."
38:26 The weekend went by
38:28 and I had to speak at a special thing
38:31 they were having on a Sunday believe it or not.
38:33 And I'm standing up
38:35 and I had to say to the congregation
38:36 my little girl is sick.
38:39 I can't even think straight yet
38:42 here's the sermon Lord be with me.
38:45 And then we went through this.
38:47 Pastor Neri was in the audience that day and he came up to me
38:49 and he said, "Ryan, what is going on?
38:51 Don't bear, whatever you are bearing alone."
38:54 And I told him.
38:56 And by this point we had scheduled a surgery,
38:59 a biopsy for my little girl.
39:03 Pastor Neri prayed with me.
39:07 And on a bright fine Monday
39:14 I think we get up and we dress
39:17 like we're going to church, you know,
39:19 with my little girl and her stuff
39:21 and we go down to Sunrise Medical Center,
39:25 the pediatric surgical wing.
39:29 We entered the hospital
39:31 and there are parents all of whom
39:32 are going through their own private terror.
39:35 And there is Pastor Neri,
39:37 he is there before we are there
39:38 and he stands up and he walks over
39:40 and I like to say that at this point
39:42 God was put on trial.
39:44 Because now these people see the preacher
39:47 and the family come in
39:48 and we pray right there in front of everybody.
39:51 And now everybody wants to see what God is gonna do.
39:57 After the prayer
39:58 I go back into the preparation room
40:00 with my wife and my little girl
40:02 and we're there and we're talking
40:04 and I'm the man of the house who supposed to be,
40:06 the strong one.
40:07 I had to step out.
40:10 I stepped out and Pastor Neri is there in the hall
40:12 waiting on me.
40:14 And then I go Pastor Neri
40:16 and I said, "Pastor, I know why this is happening.
40:21 In fact, we made a deal, we made a pact,
40:24 we would be afraid, we would go forth,
40:27 we would do this thing,
40:28 but this is a price I cannot pay."
40:32 I said this is too high or cost, not my little girl.
40:39 Pastor Neri put his hand on my shoulder
40:42 and he said, "Ryan,
40:45 I can only imagine what you're going through right now."
40:49 He says, "I know God gave His son,
40:53 He knows."
40:56 And then he looked me in my eye and he said,
40:59 "But I got to tell you,
41:02 when it comes to the gospel
41:05 no price is too high."
41:10 He said, "We agreed to fight are you a solider?"
41:18 And then he said, "We need to pray."
41:19 And he said, "Ryan, you pray first and I pray Lord,
41:22 mitigate it, Lord, make it better,
41:25 Lord, don't let it be so bad, let us have this far."
41:28 Jaylen was in classes to be baptized
41:31 and my wife had accompanied me,
41:33 maybe we should baptize her now.
41:34 You know, this is the kind of conversation,
41:37 Lord, just smooth it over.
41:39 And Neri was like, "Okay, okay, my turn to pray.
41:43 Jesus take it."
41:49 And then he left
41:51 and I went back into the room
41:53 and now they're prepping my little girl
41:54 and all the tubes and things
41:55 that one should never see in a child
41:57 are being attached to this little girl.
41:59 And my wife and I are standing
42:01 and then they go off in those double doors
42:03 that you can't go through
42:05 and they direct us to the waiting room.
42:06 You know, whenever I tell this story up front
42:09 this is where I focus the waiting room,
42:12 when you are there,
42:15 and you realize your absolute helplessness.
42:18 But you called on Jesus and you're waiting.
42:23 And what I tell you is true 10 minutes,
42:26 we had been sitting there
42:28 I was staring pretending to read a USA Today
42:32 and the surgeon himself came into the waiting room.
42:37 And said, "Johnson's..."
42:41 Now I'm 6'4" and my wife 5'9" we're hard to miss
42:47 and when we stand up and everyone is looking,
42:51 everyone that had seen us pray,
42:54 he meets us in the center of the waiting room
42:58 and he said, "Go home."
43:03 He said.
43:05 We went in there
43:10 to biopsy
43:13 and there is nothing there.
43:18 Wow. Yes.
43:19 Look at God.
43:21 It's what he said.
43:22 Nothing there? That's what he said.
43:24 I'll have you know I've been asked to lunch,
43:27 I've been asked to dinner by people
43:29 who've heard me tell the story.
43:30 And they said,
43:31 "Now that I have you face to face doctor.
43:33 Look me in my eye
43:35 and you tell me that story is true."
43:37 I said nothing makes me happier,
43:41 than I tell you that story is true.
43:43 And that evening as we are there rejoicing
43:46 and I'm just gonna let you know
43:47 that right there in the waiting room
43:48 church broke out.
43:50 Wow. People are rejoicing for you.
43:52 Unplanned church, yes,
43:55 and I learned the power a testimony
43:58 you can talk about it, preach about it,
44:00 philosophize about it, read about it,
44:02 all these things
44:04 but nothing is as powerful as saying
44:06 and this is what God did for me.
44:08 Amen.
44:10 I know that everybody's story won't end like that.
44:13 I know that not until we get to glory
44:16 will sickness and death be a thing in the past.
44:18 But I also know that regardless of the world in which we live
44:24 there was a God who is greater and we serve Him.
44:28 And look at how God, you know...
44:31 Satan he couldn't get...
44:33 He tried to work you.
44:36 Yes, ma'am.
44:37 And God delivered you.
44:40 So then he does it in even more cowardly thing
44:43 he goes for your children, for your child.
44:46 Yes, ma'am.
44:47 And God stepped in and said, "Get away from her."
44:50 Yes, ma'am. And she...
44:51 I cannot, I had no idea that all this is happening.
44:55 I'm trying to hold it together while you tell the story
44:59 because I'm just, yes,
45:01 it's just I cannot imagine going through all of this
45:05 and yet look at what God has brought you.
45:08 Yes, ma'am.
45:10 When you walked in here,
45:11 we had no idea that you had been knurled
45:14 and that you had been on a cane.
45:17 We had no idea because God has restored.
45:20 Yes, ma'am.
45:22 And He's done that with Jaylen too.
45:24 Yes, ma'am. Praise God.
45:25 And so there's nothing left now?
45:27 She has no... Nothing.
45:29 Oh my...
45:31 Praise the Lord.
45:32 The thing that my wife had brought me into see.
45:35 Gone. Wow.
45:37 And that night as my wife and I lay,
45:43 side by side, starring at the ceiling.
45:48 And we're talking about the things of the day,
45:50 as how do you even digest that?
45:52 The doctors themselves, the word they used is miracle.
45:57 The doctors, they don't like to use that word.
45:59 That's... It's not scientific.
46:01 The word. It is not.
46:03 That is not in the annals of allopathy,
46:06 that's not in there. Not in there.
46:07 That's right, not there, let's look on.
46:09 But we're lying in bed
46:10 and then my wife turns to me and says,
46:13 "Now finish Daniel."
46:19 We have known for a while
46:24 now that the devil doesn't want his people
46:28 telling the truth,
46:30 particularly in this age, he didn't want it.
46:35 And we have known now for a while
46:39 that he is willing to do anything to stop us.
46:43 We also know that God is greater.
46:47 That's right.
46:48 And that he cannot stop you, the devil can't stop you.
46:51 You know, when I'm sitting here and thinking about
46:55 what you're telling us right now,
46:57 I envision Satan trying to put an end to it,
47:02 trying to hurt you,
47:04 and in his attempt to do so
47:07 how many souls were won, that are waiting for him.
47:09 An excellent point Jason.
47:10 I cannot wait to get to heaven
47:13 and find out, find you,
47:19 and see how many people were won
47:24 as a result of God showing up
47:27 and showing out in that waiting room in that hospital.
47:30 He did make a wonderful point.
47:31 Your point is well made and well stated
47:34 that the thing that Satan intended for evil.
47:37 How is it wind up being...
47:39 Even more powerful tool for good.
47:41 Because can you imagine even this interview
47:45 without my being able to say everything I just said
47:48 at over last half hour.
47:50 And I can appreciate as well
47:54 a God who knows what He's doing
47:57 in the times when we say, "I don't get this,
48:01 I can appreciate a God who does."
48:04 I've done a lot of talking...
48:06 No, no. This is powerful.
48:09 Yes, yes.
48:10 This is exactly what we want...
48:12 When I asked you what had been happening.
48:14 Yes, ma'am.
48:15 I had no idea
48:17 of all the behind the scenes, things,
48:21 the tragedies that you've been enduring
48:25 and yet the triumphs.
48:27 Yes, ma'am. In Christ.
48:28 Yes, ma'am.
48:30 I and all the members of our team,
48:34 that we talked about how we can't go into details
48:37 because we don't have that permission.
48:38 But even you and I,
48:40 in some of the discussions we've had
48:42 and some of the people that we were wanting to work with.
48:46 You know, the enemy very angry.
48:50 Very.
48:52 I know we have another clip to play
48:54 and I've taken up a lot of time but...
48:56 Oh, we wanted you to...
48:58 I have really wanted to tell this story.
49:01 And our viewers will really be blessed by it.
49:04 Oh, praise the Lord. Really be blessed by it.
49:06 Setup the second clip for us.
49:08 Certainly. Let see what we have here.
49:10 John. John.
49:11 So we discussed earlier...
49:15 As I get old and crusty I really...
49:22 Hey, watch it not everybody old is crusty.
49:25 You're immune to the crust.
49:29 But, you know, I look at these stories in the Bible
49:32 and I begin to be introspective.
49:36 You know, you imagine as a person.
49:40 These pillars of the Bible,
49:42 these men and women in the Bible
49:44 what it must have been?
49:45 I try to put myself, you know,
49:47 if I may in their place and there's John.
49:50 You know, Pastor Wright talks about this so eloquently
49:53 John on the Isle of Patmos, John the last,
49:57 John his brother is dead, Peter is gone.
50:02 That crazy guy Paul came out of no where he is gone
50:05 and there he is the last and old man
50:08 Jesus called him, loved,
50:13 beloved he was there at the foot of the cross.
50:15 And I imagined that at this point
50:18 John doesn't think that he will see Jesus again.
50:23 Until the return
50:25 and then there on the Lord's Day
50:26 on the Isle of Patmos,
50:28 he turns around and there He is.
50:32 I am the alpha, the omega.
50:37 And what that meant to him personally
50:40 this last clip just kind of sets that up,
50:44 we began with some things,
50:45 show the other preachers
50:47 but then the backend sets up this moment
50:51 in John's experience on the Isle of Patmos.
50:53 Let's take a look.
51:00 Praise God in His Holy Word, has given us some alarms.
51:04 Alarms to help us wake up from spiritual slumber
51:07 because friends we have a celestial flight to catch,
51:11 a flight from earth to heaven.
51:14 Imagine that it tells here that Michael stands up
51:18 when the death who creates pass he says, "That's it."
51:21 And after he stands up to what happens,
51:24 to time of trouble such as never was.
51:27 And I can imagine approaching the pearly gates with Jesus
51:30 and all this numberless hosts behind Him.
51:33 And over got the 144,000
51:35 but then there's the number that no man number
51:38 and they're coming toward the gates.
51:43 This is the John,
51:46 the last living apostle
51:50 was given the Revelation of Jesus Christ.
51:56 He's old,
51:58 he's tired,
52:02 he's alone.
53:39 So powerful.
53:40 You know, I just know that
53:43 you're going to love this documentary.
53:46 I don't know, can we call a documentary?
53:48 What do we call it?
53:50 Docudrama you invented that term for us sometime ago.
53:52 It's a kind of a docudrama. Yes, ma'am.
53:55 Yeah. It's so powerful. Praise the Lord.
53:58 And now you know the story behind all of this and, I mean,
54:04 you know that it's got to be
54:06 something really, really special
54:08 because the enemy was trying to stop it
54:10 and he can't stop it.
54:12 He can't, it's unstoppable.
54:14 What do you want the viewers to take away
54:17 from Daniel and the Revelation?
54:20 What do you want them to know in about a minute?
54:22 We have this very interesting these two sides of the coin,
54:27 on one side people are searching,
54:31 people are looking for truth.
54:33 It's not just church folk going to see what's going on.
54:35 On the other side as you're discussing earlier
54:37 it seems to have fallen out of fashion,
54:40 the doctrine, the prophecy,
54:42 and as one person said
54:43 we only like to discuss social injustice.
54:46 And I, you know, as an African-American
54:48 can appreciate social injustice
54:50 but we can never say that prophecy
54:53 is going out of style.
54:54 Absolutely.
54:55 We must particularly now return to the word.
54:58 I'm hoping that what this does it spurs,
55:01 it sparks an interest in the word
55:05 and that people will return.
55:06 Yes, ma'am.
55:07 And so we get it on Dare to Dream.
55:09 Of course. Oh, I can't wait.
55:12 So what we'll do is we'll let you know
55:14 when it's going to air
55:15 because we just have to do some tweaks on it.
55:19 And you're in postproduction right now.
55:21 Yes.
55:22 What stage are you in right now?
55:23 Yes, so with the segment
55:25 that you're going to be showing first
55:26 was cleaning up some audio,
55:28 audio was our Achilles heel, you know.
55:30 So we don't have the same wonderful equipment
55:32 that I'm seeing here
55:34 so it takes us a little longer to do that
55:36 and get some releases taken care of
55:38 and then we can do the thing.
55:41 Oh, that's gonna be incredible.
55:43 We're gonna air it multiple times.
55:45 Oh, praise the Lord.
55:46 Lord willing on the Dare to Dream
55:48 because we want people to know
55:50 about the end of time as Danny always say
55:53 we read the back of the book,
55:54 we know that we're victorious through Jesus Christ.
55:57 So that's really important
55:59 but it's so good to see
56:01 what happens up to that point we know that.
56:04 If we have the visual aids, we have the word first,
56:08 we have visual aids,
56:09 it can really help people to understand
56:12 what's in Daniel and Revelation.
56:14 So I'm excited.
56:16 Oh, I am too and honored
56:18 that you all would let me go on and tell my story.
56:21 Thank you so much.
56:23 I could not believe the story,
56:26 I mean, all of the things that, the Daniel effect.
56:29 I mean, that is really a good term for it.
56:31 Yes, ma'am.
56:33 Because everyone met with opposition.
56:35 Yes, ma'am.
56:36 And we're not just talking about little minor things,
56:38 we're talking about life threatening,
56:41 life altering situations.
56:44 You and your child too. Yes, ma'am
56:47 And then Pastor Mendinghall, Pastor Neri,
56:49 everybody that was involved.
56:51 All of them. Yes, ma'am.
56:53 That's incredible.
56:54 It's an all in just that little time
56:56 since I was here last year.
56:58 Yes, yes. Indeed.
57:01 But now tell us in like 30 seconds or so
57:03 how you're doing now?
57:06 Physically.
57:07 So I had lost like 60, 70 pounds or just all.
57:11 I began lifting weights again about a year ago.
57:14 I put on 40 pounds muscle,
57:17 I'm bench pressing like 300 pounds,
57:19 and this is usually a locker room talk.
57:20 But I'm just talking about what God can do.
57:22 Yes.
57:23 Before I couldn't open a jar and I walk into a room
57:26 and people who knew how far down I had been
57:29 they see how God can restore.
57:32 So I'm doing well, I still have arthritis
57:35 but, God is in control.
57:37 God is so good.
57:38 Thank you so much for being with us.
57:40 It's been a blessing.
57:42 Thank you, Jay... Gracious.
57:44 For being my co-host, some wonderful co-host.
57:48 Don't forget that the Lord's got you
57:51 and he's got a plan for you and he can change everything.
57:56 Well, we've reached the end of another program
57:58 thank you for joining us.
58:00 Join us next time because, you know, what?
58:02 It just wouldn't be the same without you.


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