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00:01 Is there a hidden agenda
00:02 when it comes to sexuality in our society?
00:04 Stay tuned to find out.
00:06 My name is Jason Bradley.
00:07 And you are watching Urban Report.
00:36 Hello, and welcome to Urban Report.
00:38 Today, my guest is Raymond King,
00:40 CEO of Securing Hope Ministries,
00:43 speaker and author.
00:44 His latest book
00:46 what every Adventist should know about,
00:47 GLBTQ, The Call For Radical Ministry
00:51 is the focus of today's program.
00:53 Welcome to Urban Report, Raymond.
00:54 Thank you for having me. Oh, man.
00:57 We have a lot to cover in a short amount of time.
00:58 Yes, sir.
01:00 Now tell us a little bit about you.
01:04 Were you always Adventist growing up?
01:07 No, I'm first generation know Adventist,
01:11 been Adventist going on 39 plus years.
01:15 And actually married my wife who was born into the church.
01:20 But I have been involved in the church
01:24 and have not looked back.
01:27 Okay, okay.
01:28 And how did you come to the Lord?
01:30 How did you become Adventist?
01:31 Actually, my parents made us go to church
01:36 when we were younger but as I grew older,
01:41 I realized I wasn't getting anything out of it.
01:45 And so when the directions of going to church
01:50 was no longer mandatory, I didn't go
01:52 because the way I feel was,
01:55 I wasn't getting anything out of it.
01:56 And the Lord knew, so who was I going to impress.
02:00 However, I was invited
02:02 to my wife's church in Greensboro.
02:05 And what really impressed me was the fact that
02:10 I saw so many men involved.
02:12 And for whatever reason
02:13 and I can't even to the date tell you
02:16 why that is what got me at least interested
02:20 in the church per se.
02:23 But really what made the difference was
02:26 me been introduced to the Spirit of Prophecy.
02:29 And when I started to read, I guess,
02:34 the scale fell from my eyes and I saw things
02:38 as they really are, and it made a difference.
02:41 And once the Lord convicted me, I yielded to that conviction
02:45 and the rest is history.
02:47 Nice, nice.
02:49 And so tell us a little bit about your ministry?
02:51 How did that come about?
02:53 My wife and I had the privilege of meeting
02:57 with some young people in our home every Friday
02:59 for about two and half years.
03:01 It was teenagers and young adults.
03:03 And we discussed a lot of information
03:05 and it really was the joy
03:08 because we were able to discuss things
03:12 in a manner that generated dialogue.
03:15 Make a long story short,
03:16 because our subject matter was so varied,
03:19 toward the end of that the Holy Spirit impressed me
03:22 to challenge them of getting involved
03:25 with a activity themselves.
03:27 And so we suggested that we do a abstinence program
03:33 or abstinence workshop for the youth underneath them.
03:37 And they embraced it,
03:39 and everybody had the chance of selecting a subject.
03:42 And because of my medical background,
03:44 I chose to do my presentation on STDs.
03:48 And so I did my research and when I found out
03:53 how big a issue that was, it just changed my life.
03:57 And that led me to write in a book entitled
04:02 "Sex, Satan, and the Church: Exposing the Lie",
04:04 and that book essentially is what's my ministry now
04:09 over 17 years ago.
04:11 Wow, wow.
04:13 And now, I mean, when you turn on television,
04:15 well, besides Christian television,
04:18 you see that sex sells, you know,
04:19 you see sex advertised everywhere basically.
04:22 No matter what product it is,
04:24 there's usually some gorgeous woman
04:27 that's scantily clothed or some super muscular guy
04:33 or something like that,
04:35 that would be appealing to the ladies
04:36 selling the products.
04:38 I typically agree was sex did not solely corrupt.
04:42 Sex is a...
04:45 It's feed it to the flesh.
04:48 And if you look at our culture,
04:51 whatever feeds the flesh or please the flesh,
04:54 that's where you see the money, alcohol,
04:57 drugs, all that kind of things that feed the flesh.
05:00 And so what we are actually seeing is corruption
05:04 or a culture that is constantly feeding the flesh,
05:08 and people who have not overcome the flesh
05:10 of course are now being drawn into that.
05:13 And we also see a culture that has strayed so far away
05:17 from biblical truth.
05:18 More than you know.
05:20 More than you know. It's shocking.
05:21 Now, you wrote this book
05:23 and I'm going to hold it up here,
05:25 "What Every Adventist Should Know About GLBTQ:
05:28 The Call for Radical Ministry."
05:30 Tell us about this book?
05:33 It's a book that was very difficult to write
05:37 because it had me focus on how far we have strayed.
05:44 And the sad reality is, the enemy has done a good job
05:49 in introducing what I call the counterfeit sexuality.
05:53 GLBTQ, gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, Q,
06:00 questioning, and they're adding to those letters all the time.
06:06 Now why did you choose the GLBTQ
06:11 as opposed to the LGBTQ?
06:13 Because when this movement started,
06:16 G was always upfront.
06:18 As a matter of fact,
06:20 there's a organization called GLSEN,
06:22 Gay Lesbian Educational Network.
06:26 They are a network that's in most high school
06:30 throughout America and what they are doing,
06:32 they're bringing together what they call straight gay,
06:36 gay now, not lesbian but gay students to embrace
06:41 and to celebrate diversity
06:43 and acceptance of this counterfeit sexuality.
06:47 Another organization called GLAD
06:52 and this organization that is supportive
06:55 of this counterfeit sexuality.
06:57 It's really interesting, those that are supportive
07:02 of this counterfeit are constantly changing.
07:06 What people don't realize, years and years ago
07:09 when the so called HIV was first recognized in America,
07:15 it was called GRID,
07:17 Gay-Related Immunodeficiency Disease
07:22 because it started in the homosexual community.
07:26 But again, to be deceptive and keep the attention off
07:31 of where it should have been, they changed the name
07:33 from GRID to HIV.
07:36 So the reason I have GLBTQ is because that's what
07:40 is originally focused or that was the letter
07:44 that was first used to identify this community.
07:47 And instead of changing like everybody else is changing,
07:50 I want to remain true to what the original acronym was.
07:54 Okay.
07:56 Now you talked about the counterfeit,
07:59 what's the genuine?
08:02 The Bible says, Christ says that in the beginning,
08:05 God made man, and male and female.
08:09 Male and female, two gender, binary gender structure.
08:16 Throughout the Bible, you see it over and over again.
08:20 Man can leave his mother and father, male and female,
08:23 and cleave into his wife, female
08:25 and they two shall become one flesh.
08:27 And then He said, "Be fruitful and multiply,
08:29 bring forth offspring after your kind,
08:31 male and female.
08:33 The counterfeit is introducing a whole different structure.
08:37 As a matter of fact, our students across the country
08:41 in different school systems are told,
08:43 there is no such thing as male and female.
08:47 They are told that there are
08:48 as many as 63 different genders.
08:52 And when I say that, people eyes pop out
08:54 but it's so sad because the enemy is trying to destroy
09:00 the binary structure that God had intended.
09:02 And so I submit that any structure,
09:06 or any combination, any activity
09:09 that is unlike what God has already ordained
09:13 is the counterfeit.
09:14 And we know that Satan is the great counterfeiter.
09:16 Everything that God has created,
09:17 he's created a counterfeit.
09:19 And what's happening in our culture
09:20 is we're not only embracing the counterfeit,
09:24 we are forcing it on our children.
09:26 We are forcing it on people to accept it.
09:29 In some jurisdictions, if you don't accept it,
09:33 you actually would be criminalized.
09:35 And as we get closer to Christ's return,
09:37 I submit to you that it's gonna become more and more
09:41 a issue of following the law of man
09:44 or following the dictates of God.
09:46 As a matter of fact, in Canada,
09:50 you can't preach a sermon regarding,
09:54 what I call biblical sexuality, identifying the right,
09:57 identifying the norm because they call it hate speech.
10:00 And you can actually be convicted of being a criminal
10:04 in Canada and other jurisdiction
10:06 even in United States because of again,
10:08 us embracing what I call the counterfeit.
10:11 Which is a very scary thing.
10:13 And, you know what, I find it interesting
10:14 that if we were to go somewhere and we were called the N word,
10:18 I don't think people would get arrested for that.
10:21 No, especially if...
10:25 It's one of us.
10:27 You know, in the black community,
10:29 they say it's a term of endearment,
10:33 no derogatory term is a term of endearment.
10:37 But in these last days, the Bible says,
10:40 "They will call good evil, and evil good."
10:43 And so the reason that this thing is so serious
10:46 is because as you said, there's certain terms
10:48 we can use that we would not be considered
10:50 to be criminals but...
10:53 Just recently I read article
10:56 where this young child
11:00 identified or addressed this other child
11:03 based upon that child's birth agenda.
11:07 However, that child is not identifying
11:12 as his birth agenda so instead of the child
11:17 who's doing the right thing calling that child a male,
11:22 they wanted him to call child a female.
11:25 Because the child called that child as he should,
11:29 that child was sent to the principal and chastised
11:32 because of speaking the truth.
11:34 And that's the culture that our children
11:36 are being brought up in.
11:38 As a matter of fact,
11:40 I'm from Greensboro, North Carolina.
11:41 And in Charlotte, that's where this transgender situation
11:48 really blew up.
11:50 In the school system, there, the teachers
11:54 and the administrators are told not to call the children
11:58 male or female anymore,
12:00 to call them students or scholars.
12:03 Because they say that they do not want
12:06 to arbitrarily call a male or a female,
12:10 a male or female but call that male or female
12:13 might identify as being the opposite gender.
12:16 And that's becomes very confusing.
12:18 And we know that in the Bible,
12:20 it says that God is not the author of confusion.
12:22 And kids are already confused enough as it is,
12:26 trying to figure out, you know, who they are,
12:29 trying to figure out their feelings,
12:31 et cetera, et cetera.
12:33 And I find it interesting that these public schools
12:35 can push this on our kids
12:38 but they can't teach about Christianity.
12:40 Well, again, I tell people that the Bible says,
12:43 "We wrestle not against flesh and blood,
12:44 this is a demonic agenda again to destroy the family,"
12:47 going back to that agenda.
12:49 The devil knows that if he can create a generation
12:53 that not only does not accept the binary gender structure
12:57 but rebelled against it,
12:59 then he is actually creating a society
13:02 that it's not accepting him.
13:04 It's really interesting, I tell people
13:08 that before sin entered into the world,
13:11 there were three institutions that God really ordained,
13:13 and I call His perfect will.
13:15 It was the family, it was the marriage,
13:17 it was the Sabbath.
13:19 Satan is actually trying to attack all three.
13:24 He knows however in order for him
13:26 to really affect the Sabbath worship,
13:32 he first must affect the family.
13:35 And in order to affect the family,
13:38 he must change marriage.
13:40 So he's already successful
13:43 in the United States of America.
13:46 The Supreme Court actually putting into law,
13:50 it's okay for two men or two women to get married.
13:52 So now marriage has been attacked and conquered.
13:57 Now he's slowly moving into the family
13:59 where you can have two daddies or two mothers.
14:03 And what is so scary is
14:06 we're living in the culture right now
14:09 where they're teaching our children,
14:11 those who may come from a traditional family
14:14 that their family is not the only kind of family.
14:18 And they're doing it so artfully
14:21 that our kids are confused because again
14:25 when you hear something over and over again
14:28 frequently enough, you embrace it.
14:31 And when it comes to the church now,
14:34 providing a counter balance or the information
14:36 that will help them not to embrace this law,
14:39 you hear a very little about it.
14:41 And so Satan is really successful in doing
14:43 what he's trying to do
14:44 and that's to destroy the family.
14:46 That whole thing in and of itself is scary because,
14:50 you know, the Bible is what we're supposed to go by,
14:52 that's supposed to be our moral compass,
14:54 that's supposed to be our guide.
14:55 The Lord gave us those instructions
14:58 and principles for our benefit.
15:01 And, you know, if we just go with what society does.
15:06 Society's ideas of right and wrong
15:08 is constantly changing.
15:10 You know, what's wrong today might be right tomorrow,
15:14 what's right today might be wrong tomorrow.
15:17 And so that's a very slippery slope.
15:19 It's interesting, you expected in society
15:23 but you don't expect in the church.
15:25 Yes.
15:26 What's happening, the church, there're churches,
15:28 there're denominations who are embracing,
15:32 I'll give you example.
15:35 Many people know that President Barrack Obama
15:38 was one that championed the acceptance of era
15:43 when it comes to the family in sexuality.
15:46 And they made the statement that,
15:48 "Well, he did it
15:49 because he is the president of everybody,
15:52 he's supposed to represent everybody."
15:54 You know, I tell people to dig a little deeper
15:56 because the church he came from is UCC,
15:59 United Church of Christ.
16:02 And if you do your research, you will find out that,
16:05 that entire denomination, not just a church,
16:08 not just his congregation
16:09 but entire denomination embraces the law
16:12 about God being the author
16:15 and the creator of homosexuality.
16:18 And so the reason President Obama did what he did
16:23 for that agenda and for that movement
16:24 was because that's all he's ever heard in 20 years.
16:28 Twenty years, he has been in the church,
16:30 that's what he's been taught.
16:31 And many people's religious ideology
16:37 is unfortunately based upon what they hear
16:39 the pastor preaching as opposed to what they've read.
16:42 And so my whole point is we have a whole denomination
16:45 and there are other denominations
16:47 that have embraced this lie.
16:49 You now have people in darkness,
16:51 they see where this Christian says okay,
16:54 and this Christian says it's not,
16:56 who are you going to believe?
16:58 And so even the Bible has lost its legitimacy,
17:03 and lot of people are in darkness
17:05 because there are people who profess Christianity
17:07 that they've embraced again this demonic agenda.
17:10 Yeah, and you see people taking bits and pieces
17:14 and trying to use the Bible to fit their lifestyle
17:18 as opposed to patterning or shaping their lifestyle
17:22 after the Bible.
17:23 Exactly, exactly.
17:25 How can parents and church leaders
17:27 prevent the realization of the goals of those
17:30 behind this agenda when it comes to their child
17:32 and children in any given congregation?
17:34 Well, first of all, we must understand
17:37 that we're living in a day again
17:38 where they're calling good evil, and evil good,
17:41 I tell people that I believe sexuality
17:43 is the most successful weapon against the body of Christ
17:49 which means that we can no longer remain ignorant
17:52 about sexuality.
17:55 I call it biblical sexuality. God created sexuality.
17:59 He said it's good, it's a blessing for mankind
18:04 but because we don't talk about it,
18:06 because we don't know about it,
18:08 and because we've embraced the counterfeit,
18:10 we are ashamed to talk about it.
18:12 We put it in a closet.
18:14 And therefore, our children are being growing up,
18:19 being educated by the world.
18:21 I know when I came up, my parents didn't say
18:23 anything to me about sexuality.
18:25 I learned it from the boys in the hood.
18:27 The Bible says that blind were leading the blind.
18:30 We all fell in the ditch.
18:31 But what if the churches started
18:34 to bring sexuality to the forefront,
18:36 I tell people, "Sexuality,
18:38 it is much a spiritual awareness
18:42 as tithe and offering, as the Sabbath itself
18:46 because the first commandment God gave to humanity
18:49 was sexual, be fruitful, and multiply."
18:53 And so, it's tied into a lot of knowing God,
18:58 it's tied into a lot of what God's intent for humanity is.
19:02 And what we've done, the biggest mistake we've done
19:05 is we remain silent about it, but yet we send our kids
19:09 to the public school to be educated about it.
19:11 And I ask parents, "Would you send your child
19:13 to be educated about baptism to the public school?
19:16 Would you send your child to the public school
19:18 to be educated about salvation?"
19:20 They said, "No, I wouldn't do that."
19:22 I said, "Why are you sending your child to the school
19:24 to be educated about sexuality?"
19:25 It's a spiritual education.
19:27 And so we as Christian parents and we as Christian leaders
19:32 should not allow our kids to be taught anything
19:36 about sexuality in the public schools
19:39 because the public schools have been hijacked
19:41 and it's a demonic agenda
19:44 to change the morality in America
19:47 by changing the moral compass on our kids
19:49 through the sexual education process.
19:51 There's a lot that I don't have time
19:53 to talk about right now but the bottom line is,
19:57 there are organization who are funded
19:59 by United States' government to introduce error
20:03 to the sexual education curriculums
20:07 that will change their attitude about virginity,
20:11 change their attitude about gender,
20:13 change their attitude about sexuality altogether.
20:16 And they know that if they can get
20:19 our younger generation to embrace error,
20:22 that then when they become parents,
20:24 they're now creating a demonic generational curse
20:29 of people that are going to be in darkness.
20:30 For example, most millennials when asked the question
20:34 about homosexuality and same gender relationship,
20:38 they said nothing wrong with it.
20:39 The reason being, because the indoctrination
20:43 that is in the public school has been successful.
20:46 People have no idea...
20:48 I have one video where it's shown,
20:52 the school system invited this organization to come in
20:55 and teach to their children, these are elementary kids,
20:58 and a man tells them, you know, a gender is not about
21:01 how you look, gender is about what's up here.
21:04 He says, "Sometimes, you may feel like being a boy,
21:08 sometimes you may feel like being a girl,
21:10 sometimes you may feel like being both,
21:11 or sometimes you may feel like being neither.
21:13 He's teaching those kids there.
21:15 And so my point is, you say, what can be done,
21:18 or what might be done?
21:20 We must bring the sexuality back to the forefront.
21:22 We must preach and teach it as if our life depended on it,
21:26 and we must eliminate our kids being taught
21:29 by those that are in error
21:31 because if we don't stop doing what we're doing,
21:34 our kids are going to be lost.
21:36 And some of them will never turn their way back
21:37 to what it's all supposed to be.
21:38 Man, man.
21:40 And I think it's important to point out too
21:43 that God loves us,
21:48 He loves the sinner but He hates the sin.
21:51 So, you know, a lot of times people think
21:53 that when the church speaks out against homosexuality
21:57 or the practice of homosexuality,
21:59 not the homosexual
22:01 but the practice of homosexuality.
22:04 Same with heterosexuality, you know, promiscuity,
22:07 we're not supposed to have sex before marriage, you know.
22:10 Everything, it is supposed to be
22:11 within the confines of what's outlined in the Bible.
22:16 So there's heterosexual sin as well.
22:19 So you know, I just like to put that out there like,
22:22 God loves each and everyone of us
22:25 and that He doesn't like...
22:28 It's like if your child was a thief,
22:31 you would still love your child but you would hate the fact
22:34 that your child was a thief.
22:36 You'd hate the act of stealing.
22:39 You know, we love the people, it's just the act,
22:43 we can't condone sin. We don't embrace sin.
22:46 Let's go little further.
22:48 I tell people of the causing effect.
22:51 Most people with same gender attraction,
22:53 that's not the problem.
22:55 It's a symptom of the problem.
22:57 According to the statistics, most people
23:00 who have same gender attraction,
23:02 or individuals who are broken,
23:04 individual who molested as a child,
23:07 and that molestation had never been resolved.
23:09 I tell people, "When someone had the same gender attraction,
23:12 don't even worry about that.
23:14 Try to figure out what caused it,
23:16 because if you deal with the cause,
23:18 you eliminate the symptom.
23:21 Yes, the activity...
23:23 That's like medicine too.
23:24 Exactly, the activity or the activity of sodomy
23:28 or what have you, yes, that is a sin
23:31 but what we really need to focus on,
23:34 why did the person think like that?
23:35 What caused them to be like that?
23:37 You know, the tender lie that people are born like that.
23:40 If people were born like that, not one person
23:43 who ever profess to have same gender attraction
23:47 could ever come out of that.
23:48 I've talked to too many people
23:50 who have said that,
23:51 "I once was blind but now I see.
23:54 I was once bound but now I'm free."
23:56 I've talked to too many people
23:57 who spent years in that lifestyle,
24:01 but they said, once I realize what the cause was,
24:04 and God helped me to eliminate that root,
24:07 the whole activities and the whole desire
24:10 started to melt away.
24:12 And so I submit that, one of the things
24:14 I'm putting the book is, "A Call for Radical Ministry",
24:17 we must be the point of reference for deliverance,
24:22 the point of reference for freedom for people.
24:25 And the problem with the church is because we are so deficit
24:29 in our understanding,
24:31 not only do we at times enable that activity,
24:36 but in other areas we actually drive people
24:39 away unnecessarily because instead of being
24:42 in the healing balm that God has made us to be,
24:44 we actually become a deterrent.
24:46 And that's all because of ignorance.
24:47 So, yes, God does hate the sin, but more importantly, God said,
24:53 "I not only forgive your sin but more importantly
24:55 I'm going to cleanse you from all unrighteousness."
24:58 And so God wants us to dig deep to find out
25:01 what the cause is
25:02 and once we start dealing with the cause,
25:04 we eliminate again the problem.
25:06 Amen.
25:07 So would you say
25:09 that this issue is not being taken seriously?
25:14 It's not because people don't understand
25:16 what the real agenda is.
25:18 The real agenda is not really whether not someone
25:20 had the same gender attraction or whether someone feel like
25:23 they are male and they're really a female,
25:25 that's not the real agenda.
25:26 Real agenda is the demonic movement
25:28 to destroy the family.
25:30 Satan again knows if he can disrupt God's plan in anyway,
25:35 and see, people don't understand
25:37 God is so wise, He's so perfect
25:40 that there is no lean to the left or to the right
25:43 if we want to expect the optimum result.
25:45 God said, "My plan, it cannot be improved on,
25:48 it don't need any adjustment, any modification."
25:50 Satan knows if he modify just a little bit,
25:53 the whole plan starts to go around.
25:56 What's interesting, the Bible said,
25:59 there's nothing new under the sun.
26:01 And so we've not seen anything that have not been
26:05 but we're now being privy to see
26:09 what generation upon generation of iniquity
26:13 that's embraced will start to wind up being.
26:16 And so my whole point of reference is this.
26:19 The real agenda is how can we as the body of Christ
26:25 profess the truth enough that will keep families
26:29 from being victim of this agenda.
26:32 I'm giving one of really scary thing.
26:34 Every same gender relationship
26:39 will end that family tree.
26:42 When you look at chronicle, you see God was
26:43 so specific about he begot he, he begot.
26:46 God is a God that values the family tree,
26:50 defend the family lineage.
26:52 Every same gender relationship ends that family lineage.
26:58 And as he's destroying generational,
27:02 he's destroying that family lineage,
27:03 he's destroying that family tree,
27:05 that's destruction.
27:06 And not only that, when you start thinking
27:09 about the actual non-fruitfulness
27:14 of same gender relationships.
27:16 In the book, I talk about how the elite who believe
27:22 they are in charge of making sure
27:25 the population of earth stays within a reasonable number,
27:28 there's point of a homosexuality,
27:30 they call and said, homosexuality is actually
27:32 a blessing to humanity.
27:34 They said that homosexuality is the lifestyle
27:39 that actually keeps
27:40 the human population from increasing.
27:43 Wow. So population control. Yes, sir.
27:47 I can't believe we've run out of time.
27:48 We're definitely going to have to do a part two.
27:50 Thank you so much for joining us.
27:51 Thanks for having me. All right.
27:53 Well, we've reached the end of another program.
27:56 Join us next time.
27:57 And remember, it just wouldn't be the same
27:59 without you.


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