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00:01 Stay tuned to meet a man
00:03 who was staring down the barrel of a gun
00:05 in his very own home and lived to talk about it.
00:08 My name is Jason Bradley.
00:09 And you're watching Urban Report.
00:36 Hello, and welcome to Urban Report.
00:38 Today my guest is Jyremy Reid.
00:40 And he is the marketing and communications coordinator
00:43 for the office of Spiritual Life and Missions
00:46 at Oakwood University.
00:47 Welcome to Urban Report, Jyremy.
00:49 Thank you, Jason.
00:50 It's good to have you.
00:51 And in all fairness we have to tell the viewers
00:54 that you are indeed my cousin.
00:55 Yup. I am his cousin.
00:57 That's right. Yeah.
00:58 So tell us a little bit about how you were raised?
01:02 Okay, so I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.
01:06 My mom has been the Bible teacher
01:09 for my high school Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy
01:12 for about 26 years now.
01:14 My dad is also the National Service Organization leader
01:19 for the South Atlantic Conference.
01:21 So needless to say I've had
01:22 a strong Adventist background growing up.
01:25 I've been in an Adventist school my entire life
01:27 went to GAAA.
01:30 My mom was my homeroom teacher and Bible teacher.
01:34 So that was pretty interesting.
01:36 And I went to Oakwood for...
01:41 I graduated from GAAA 2011, went to Oakwood graduated 2015,
01:47 majored in journalism and commercial arts.
01:50 And then went on to La Sierra to get my Masters
01:54 in Business Administration in marketing and management.
01:58 So wow.
01:59 So how many degrees do you have?
02:01 Three. Three degrees.
02:03 Wow. Wow.
02:04 Now how do you feel that being raised in the church
02:08 has impacted your life?
02:11 It's been a strong impact.
02:14 Most people growing up would probably,
02:17 you know, with a strong family
02:21 who is strong on these things
02:22 will probably grow to you be feel a certain way about it.
02:28 But I've grown to actually want to learn God for myself
02:31 and not to just say my parents do this,
02:34 or my family does that.
02:35 I want to learn God for myself and know Him for myself.
02:38 And so working for the church and things like that,
02:42 that's been a strong desire of me for a long time.
02:45 And so I have to credit my grandfather too
02:49 because he was a really spiritual guy
02:52 and he passed back in 2016.
02:55 But I pray that, you know,
02:57 I can live his legacy and keep it going
03:01 because of all the things he taught me
03:03 because he was very influential in my life.
03:05 So in other words,
03:06 you wanted to study the Word of God for yourself,
03:09 you didn't want to follow tradition
03:10 just because your family,
03:12 our family were Adventist.
03:17 But you wanted to discover
03:20 whether or not you wanted to follow along with that.
03:22 Yeah. Yeah. Definitely.
03:25 And it didn't just come overnight
03:27 because there are those moments
03:29 where you think you've got it all together
03:31 and then God does something in your life
03:34 that makes you cling to Him even more
03:36 and let you know that it's not all you,
03:39 it's all Him.
03:40 And that is definitely what I experienced
03:43 during my time at La Sierra of my two years there, definitely.
03:47 Before we jump into that particular time,
03:50 what hardships did you face growing up?
03:54 I say the main hardship was back in 2007,
03:57 when my grandfather was struck with stage four aneurysm.
04:02 This was back on October 4, 2007, I was in 9th grade.
04:06 And, you know, that was during a time
04:09 that was really trying for my family
04:13 because two years before there my grandparents'
04:15 house burned down.
04:17 And they've lived in that house since the late 60s.
04:22 And so to see it burned down
04:25 but thankfully they were able to walk out,
04:27 nothing since, you know, they had their lives
04:31 and two years later the house was rebuilt better than ever.
04:34 My uncle built his house next door.
04:37 And it's crazy how things work out
04:39 even though he was struck with the aneurism,
04:42 the house was done so.
04:43 And it was better than the previous house
04:45 so we could actually do the medical things
04:46 within there.
04:48 So my aunt, you know,
04:49 she's the medical guru in the family.
04:51 And so it's crazy how she, the night before he got struck,
04:57 she saw a special on TV about performing CPR.
05:02 And so she was able to perform that and bring him back.
05:05 But unfortunately he was bedridden
05:09 for almost nine years and passed.
05:10 But during that time we as a family grew closer.
05:14 And even though he passed, we still closer than ever.
05:19 And I'm regardless something for the experience
05:23 and that hope that I'll be able to see him again in heaven.
05:27 When, at the resurrection. Yeah.
05:29 Yes, when Christ returns.
05:32 So it was it was, Jaida, right?
05:34 Your aunt Jaida, that was nurse
05:37 and Uncle Redder was by his side.
05:40 They were married for 64 years.
05:43 Now that is a strong love and that's a great example
05:47 of how marriage and love
05:49 and how that all conquers everything
05:52 because she didn't have to stay by him
05:54 all those years but she did.
05:56 And I'm thankful for that example
05:59 and it's really has impacted my life.
06:01 And it's by no coincidence
06:03 that Jaida learned CPR right before she needed.
06:07 I mean God had His hand, He was still protecting...
06:10 Yeah, He was. During that time.
06:12 He was.
06:13 So what were some of your feelings
06:18 during that time like
06:20 how did your faith play a part
06:23 in going through that trial?
06:28 I will say that there were moments
06:30 where I was angry with God
06:32 because I was thinking, you know, he's a great guy,
06:34 why would he get this illness, what would he do?
06:38 And I would also think things like,
06:40 if only I had the gift of prophecy or something
06:43 and I wish I could have known this to help prevent it.
06:47 I wish, you know, he had told us his head
06:49 was hurting or something,
06:51 we could have got him to the hospital,
06:52 and got it fixed it right away.
06:54 And we're still searching for answers
06:57 to this day from that situation,
06:58 we haven't gotten everything figured out.
07:01 And I'm sure there are things we won't ever know
07:04 until we get to talk to Jesus Himself in heaven,
07:07 and ask Him all these questions.
07:09 But those are my feelings,
07:11 you know, I try not to make a scene
07:15 or I stay really cool and calm under pressure and things.
07:19 And so it's just that situation in itself had, you know,
07:24 it taught me to trust in God more even though things
07:28 were not going the way it's planned then.
07:30 Even with my mom, she is a cancer survivor,
07:33 and that in itself,
07:35 that happened my senior year at Oakwood.
07:39 And that was tough in itself,
07:40 but I'm thankful to God that it was stage one,
07:42 we could get it out in time.
07:44 And she is cancer free to this day,
07:47 seems to clear last year so.
07:48 Praise the Lord.
07:49 And that's one thing is
07:51 there's a strong family support system there,
07:54 you know, when Uncle Sam, your grandpa was sick,
08:00 everybody rallied around, and was right there.
08:02 Jaida was by his side, Uncle Redder was by his side,
08:05 your mom was by his side.
08:08 I mean and then when your mom got cancer
08:11 and the family was right there.
08:13 So there was that close knit support group.
08:16 And, you know, that comes from serving the Lord,
08:20 that love that the Lord imparts upon us
08:23 to share with others in the family
08:26 and everybody else.
08:27 Now you encountered a hardship at...
08:32 Was it last year? Yeah.
08:34 Walk us through that day?
08:37 So it was Wednesday
08:42 and I have class that night on Wednesdays
08:45 during that time 6 pm to 10 pm,
08:49 so rough struggle but you have to do it.
08:51 And so that night my professor decided to let class out early
08:56 which we were really thankful for
08:58 because it was near the end of the school year,
09:01 so everybody's kind of, you know,
09:02 trying to figure out things
09:05 to keep mentally calm and things like that,
09:08 prepare for finals.
09:09 And so we got out, and so my friend Jonathan and I...
09:13 Jonathan is one of my closest friends at La Sierra.
09:17 And we went to his place, his apartment,
09:20 he's two doors down from me.
09:21 And so we were sitting in his living room,
09:23 and he decided to let the door open to air out
09:26 because he didn't want to turn on the air conditioning,
09:28 he's really a nature type guys
09:31 so he likes to deal with the natural stuff...
09:35 Fresh air and all that stuff. Yeah.
09:37 I mean I don't blame you. California has good air so.
09:41 Unless you're in L.A. True.
09:43 But that's a different story.
09:47 So we're talking about life and, you know,
09:49 our goals for this MBA program and such.
09:52 And this man walks in.
09:54 And he's out of breath,
09:57 I thought this was Jonathan's roommate
09:59 'cause I'd never seen his roommate before.
10:01 So this guy walks in out of breath and things
10:04 and he said he just got back from Syria
10:06 and we're thinking, "Okay, that's cool."
10:10 That's when I know that Jonathan's didn't know him.
10:11 I was like all right.
10:12 So he asked us if we were Muslim
10:15 and we were like "No,"
10:17 we are Adventists, Seventh-day Adventist.
10:19 And so he said, "Oh well,
10:22 you Christians are always persecuting people
10:25 in God's name and in the east and everything."
10:28 And he said it's just bashing Christians
10:31 and things like that.
10:32 And so while he's talking I see his hands in his pocket,
10:36 and he pulls out something shiny.
10:38 Now in my mind I'm thinking it's a iPhone,
10:41 or something, or a Samsung it's just a phone.
10:44 But when my eyes really focused on it
10:45 I saw that it was actually a gun,
10:49 small gun like 45 or something.
10:51 And so he pulls it out and is waving it around,
10:54 he's drunk so he really has no focus on
10:56 who he was trying to point it at.
10:58 And so he said...
11:00 So he was under the influence,
11:03 it's a stranger that's in the apartment.
11:05 And now he pulled a gun out. Yeah, definitely.
11:09 So he pulled it out,
11:11 and basically it was open threat to us.
11:15 It's nothing really point towards either individual
11:18 but at that point time slowed down for me.
11:21 And as it would anyone
11:23 because I'd never had a gun pointed at me before.
11:26 But seeing this thing in the room
11:29 and the situation at hand,
11:30 you know, he's drunk, he's not thinking straight.
11:32 And so many things are going through my mind immediately
11:35 and I'm talking to God.
11:38 And so I'm like "Lord, what we're going to do here,
11:40 you know, I'm just you know..."
11:42 I was 23 at the time.
11:45 Just trying to finish school things like that.
11:48 Jonathan he's looking tense, we're both, you know, quietly
11:51 and without any sudden movements,
11:54 slowly inching to the edge of the couch in the event
11:57 that he does pull the trigger or attacks so.
12:01 And I think we were both thinking the same thing.
12:04 So at that time was his eyes,
12:06 was he staring directly at you guys?
12:08 Did he see you inching?
12:09 What I mean...
12:11 He didn't really see it 'cause he, you know,
12:12 he's discombobulated.
12:14 So he's looking around the room I guess it was spinning
12:18 and things like that.
12:20 And so he's just trying to get his stance going on.
12:23 He's a kind of a big guy.
12:25 And so I'm thinking, I'm pretty sure Jonathan
12:30 and I we had to leper thee that day
12:32 because we were both looking at each other
12:34 but I knew we were thinking the same thing,
12:36 you know, strategy what can we do?
12:39 And I've seen, you know, what to do
12:41 when a guy with a gun is in a close vicinity with you.
12:44 So if you have to have a distraction.
12:46 And then you have to have a guy to try to get
12:48 the gun out of his hand, anything.
12:50 I was also thinking of routes to run
12:53 if that doesn't work out, you know, if anything,
12:57 it's better to run and have your life
12:59 than try to be the hero.
13:00 And so with that thought in mind, I'm thinking
13:04 "Hey, I might have to jump out of this window,
13:05 it's the second story
13:07 but I can, I'm pretty athletic guy.
13:08 So I think I could make it in the case
13:11 that I do have to escape.
13:13 Man, that's a lot to think about in that moment,
13:15 you know, during that fight or flight.
13:18 I think the great thing that you did think about
13:21 was to call upon Jesus and to reach out
13:25 and ask for God's help during that situation.
13:28 And so he pulled it out a couple times,
13:30 he put it back in inside, he pull it out again.
13:33 And I feel like my heart rate went down
13:36 every time he put it back in his pocket,
13:39 and then he pulled it out, my heart rate would go back up.
13:41 So I'm thinking "Lord, just please make him leave,"
13:43 you know, I really I don't want to deal with this right now.
13:46 Who would?
13:49 And so, after his rants he finally said,
13:55 "You know, but since I see Jesus in you guys
13:59 and I'm not going to kill anybody tonight.
14:02 I'm not going to kill you guys."
14:03 And so after that he said something in Arabic
14:07 and I don't know what he said but I was just glad he left.
14:11 And so as soon as he left, tiptoed right up to that door,
14:15 waited till he got to the farthest step,
14:18 closed it, locked it.
14:19 We called the cops,
14:20 they came really quickly within about five minutes,
14:25 really fast I was thankful for that.
14:26 So they came to the door, we're talking to them,
14:29 given the description.
14:30 And while we're talking to them
14:32 the craziest thing he's still around,
14:33 we saw that he's still down in the court yard area.
14:36 And so we tell them...
14:38 What was he doing in the courtyard area?
14:40 Was he pacing back and forth? Was he?
14:42 We saw him pacing, I don't,
14:46 I feel like he was trying to figure things out
14:49 or maybe he knew someone in the area.
14:52 And so we told them, we whispered, "That's him.
14:55 That's him" And so they quickly went down there,
14:59 they ambushed him, got him handcuffed him.
15:02 We again lock the door 'cause you don't know
15:04 what's going to go down.
15:06 I don't know if he has any other friends around
15:07 trying to create a distraction.
15:09 And so but we were thankful to God
15:11 that the ordeal had gone over.
15:14 And the crazy thing is the cops never found the gun,
15:18 that's the other mystery so.
15:20 Wow. They said they didn't see it.
15:23 So I don't know where he placed it or hid it.
15:26 But that is the story I'm glad it began
15:30 and ended that night with no one in harm.
15:33 Yeah, well, I'm glad you're able to sit here
15:35 and have this conversation.
15:37 Yeah. Yeah.
15:38 So at what point did you inform your mom about this
15:43 'cause I had to find out through your mom,
15:45 I didn't even find out from you.
15:47 Yeah, I informed her around that night,
15:51 told everybody that was close to me
15:54 'cause my roommate was in our apartment.
15:57 And I had to call him, tell him, you know,
15:59 "Scott, stay in your room
16:00 because there's this crazy guy out here with a gun."
16:03 And so I called everyone
16:05 who I knew in the apartment area
16:08 to just stay in their places because there's this guy
16:11 who is running around here with a gun,
16:13 I don't want any of my friends getting hurt so.
16:15 So what did your mom say when you did call her?
16:19 She was a little frazzled you know,
16:23 'cause anyone would be
16:25 if their child was in danger like that.
16:28 And so we were praising God though
16:32 that nothing happened.
16:35 I went to, you know, the school made me go to some therapy
16:39 because, you know, that was a traumatic experience.
16:42 In fact after is over Jonathan stayed at my place that night
16:46 because he didn't want to stay back at his
16:48 'cause of that situation so.
16:51 The scripture that was so helpful to me
16:53 was in Psalm 91.
16:55 Let me read it to you.
16:56 It's Psalm 91:1-5.
17:01 And it says, "He who dwells in the secret place
17:04 of the Most High still abide
17:05 under the shadow of the Almighty.
17:08 I will say of the Lord,
17:09 He is my refuge and my fortress:
17:11 my God, in Him I will trust.
17:13 Surely he shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler,
17:17 and from the perilous pestilence.
17:19 He shall cover you with his wings,
17:21 and under his wings you still take refuge.
17:24 His truth shall be your shield and buckler.
17:27 You shall not be afraid of the terror by night,
17:29 nor of the arrow that flies by day."
17:33 So what about that verse specifically stands out to you,
17:38 those verses rather stands out to you
17:40 that brings you so much comfort?
17:43 The fact that God is so great
17:46 that everyone can fit under His shadow of protection.
17:50 That is the first verse, you know,
17:53 He's always there for you when you need Him
17:56 and even if you feel alone He's still there.
18:00 Sometimes it may seem bleak but in times of darkness
18:05 and like this is best to cling to that,
18:07 to cling to Him and to...
18:09 Which for me like when I'm looking at you
18:12 and I'm listening to your testimony
18:15 as we were discussing this.
18:17 I think about your upbringing, you know, Proverbs 22:6 says,
18:22 "Train up a child the way he should go:
18:24 and when he grows old, he won't depart from it."
18:27 You know you were brought up in the church and in Adventism,
18:32 but not only were you brought up in Adventism,
18:35 but you studied for yourself,
18:37 and you developed a relationship
18:39 with God yourself.
18:42 You know the Bible also says,
18:44 "Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good."
18:46 Well, the only way to do that is to develop
18:48 that relationship with Him for yourself.
18:52 And you've done that. Praise the Lord.
18:55 And so I see how that has had a tremendous impact
19:02 on your life from the outside looking in,
19:06 even in the midst of trials.
19:07 And one of the things that's important
19:10 for people to realize too is the fact
19:12 that being a Christian doesn't mean
19:15 that you're not going to face trials.
19:17 You know, you're still going to go through things.
19:20 The difference is who you rely on
19:23 in the midst of those trials.
19:25 You see non Christians,
19:26 people that don't believe in God or anything,
19:29 they're relying on themselves
19:31 to get themselves through something
19:32 that they can't necessarily control.
19:35 But thank God that we serve a God
19:40 that knows the beginning from the end.
19:42 Definitely.
19:44 It's good to never forget that
19:47 and like I said earlier sometimes when you do stray,
19:53 God will do things to get your attention, you know.
19:56 I'm not going to say I was one of those people in school
19:59 had it easy and things like that.
20:01 I feel like God gave me challenges
20:04 because when I did get my master's,
20:06 He reminded me that it was all Him.
20:09 He did that from the very beginning.
20:11 And how did that take place?
20:13 What was that humbling experience for you
20:15 that brought you to that reality?
20:16 And so my first quarter I failed a class.
20:20 And it was really a humbling experience,
20:26 a detrimental one
20:27 because I had never failed a class before.
20:30 So to come straight out of undergrad,
20:33 starting this, you know, I really studied for this,
20:36 and I thought I was trying to,
20:37 you know, I was working to get it,
20:39 I was in tutoring every week.
20:40 And to see the final grade
20:42 it was definitely a disheartening experience.
20:47 But at the end of day I am thankful for,
20:49 you know, it was enough.
20:51 And I'm thankful for that "F".
20:52 Because "F" is for finish.
20:53 And so even though I didn't get the grade I wanted,
20:57 it was God telling me that when you do get this degree
21:01 remember that it was Me who gave it to you.
21:04 And it kept me humble the entire time
21:05 because there's nothing to brag about there, you know.
21:08 Who is going to brag about that?
21:10 I'd like to see that conversation
21:12 you had your momma...
21:14 She was just as shocked as me but I mean, I retook the class,
21:19 I got "A".
21:21 And it was and that time around,
21:24 you know, I stayed humble.
21:25 What did you do differently to get that "A"?
21:28 Well, I definitely clung to the Lord
21:30 a lot more after that.
21:33 And the thought of, you know, failing again
21:36 but it really wasn't a failure, it was a learning lesson.
21:40 I don't like to think of all, you know, failures as failure,
21:44 it's a lesson.
21:45 And so when you make a mistake or fail,
21:48 it's a lesson that you can apply to yourself
21:51 to do better later.
21:52 And so I saw the next time around
21:55 as an opportunity to fix my weaknesses,
21:58 and think on my strengths,
21:59 and then apply them to the class.
22:01 And so I put in that hard work,
22:03 and I was able to get the grade I most definitely desired.
22:07 And that's just one ordeal that
22:12 where God was speaking to me and made His presence known.
22:17 Now I want to rewind a little bit
22:20 back to the trial that you face
22:23 where that guy came into the apartment with the gun.
22:29 What effect did that have on your faith after that?
22:36 It definitely had its impact.
22:37 I think about it every day.
22:40 Literally, when I wake up or throughout the day
22:43 when I'm just randomly in deep thought.
22:46 I think of how, you know,
22:48 my perspective of seeing a gun pointed at me.
22:51 And how God was there even though He wasn't,
22:56 you know, visible but apparently He was.
22:59 If the guy said that He saw Jesus in us.
23:02 And that was a really profound statement
23:07 from that experience.
23:08 As he saw Jesus in us
23:09 so that is why he wasn't going to take our lives
23:12 or anybody else's lives within the apartment complex.
23:16 And I always think
23:18 of how it could have been different,
23:21 you know, I probably wouldn't have died if he did shoot.
23:25 But I could have been injured, but nothing, nothing, no.
23:30 I mean, that's a tough one 'cause if he had shot you,
23:33 there's the strong possibility that...
23:36 Yeah.
23:37 Or even paralyzed or something, you know.
23:40 I could have been running,
23:41 he could have accidentally shot,
23:43 who knows what could have gone down.
23:44 I'm thankful that we were both smart
23:47 in this situation enough to stay calm and collected.
23:52 And that's usually how Jonathan and I are.
23:54 We in situations that are high pressure,
23:57 we like to remain, you know, cool and control
24:01 because that's the best way to think.
24:04 And because we stay like that
24:06 we were able to strategize within our minds
24:08 of what we could have done,
24:09 but also to call upon God in the process as well.
24:13 That to me that is the biggest, biggest thing right there.
24:17 The fact that in the midst of something as scary as that,
24:21 you know, somebody having a gun,
24:23 and they came in there with intent to kill you.
24:28 But in the midst of all that,
24:31 the first thing you call on God.
24:34 You know, and that is so important
24:37 because He's the one who can fix things.
24:40 It's really good to learn to focus on Jesus
24:44 when you're in danger whether you're on the road,
24:47 or while you're walking in through your neighborhood,
24:50 any time danger can strike at any time.
24:53 But it's also...
24:54 Yeah, he also promised. Exactly.
24:55 So it's really good to keep your mind on Him.
25:00 That's what it says.
25:02 You have to stay on good things and He's good.
25:05 Now we have a short amount of time left.
25:09 Roughly two minutes and some change.
25:14 What happened? You lost a close friend?
25:18 Right, so it was April of this year,
25:22 one of my roommates Christian,
25:24 he was born with a heart condition.
25:26 And so this was near the end of my MBA program.
25:30 And I feel as though it was another way
25:34 for another distraction try to get me off the mark
25:38 because he was such a great guy.
25:39 And he passed away from cardiac arrest
25:42 and a seizure.
25:44 And the thing that I was angry during that time of course
25:48 because he was so young, he was 22, and he was a senior.
25:54 And so I was thinking of
25:57 how I was going to try to get him back on,
26:00 you know, track we know if he got out the hospital
26:02 I was praying for that.
26:04 But they had to pull the cord because he was failing.
26:07 And even though that was rough in itself,
26:10 I still, I was mad at God, I'm not going to lie.
26:13 But I still because that's an emotion.
26:15 You're angry, you're upset, you're confused.
26:17 But I still decided to remain trusting in Him
26:21 and to focus on just finishing the course,
26:27 keeping a mental toughness.
26:28 And I wish he were still alive.
26:31 But, you know, he had lived his life though,
26:35 he made a impact on mine.
26:37 He was one of the first people I've met at La Sierra.
26:39 And he will always keep an impact on my life
26:44 just because of the person he was.
26:46 That's tough.
26:49 What are you doing now?
26:51 Currently I am the marketing communications coordinator
26:54 at Oakwood University for the Office Spiritual Life.
26:58 And I handle the business in the office basically
27:03 in the communications the spiritual life plan,
27:07 and the newsletter that we have and things like that.
27:12 And so it's a great opportunity
27:14 to be at my alma mater working as a...
27:17 Yes.
27:18 And working for the Lord, that's always a blessing,
27:21 it's a purpose filled position.
27:24 It's been my desire to do that for a long time
27:26 to just serve God, you know.
27:28 Amen. Amen.
27:31 One of the things I love is that you brought up Psalm 91
27:34 because we can often rely on scripture
27:38 when we're going through trials.
27:39 That's where we should rely on the Word of God.
27:42 And these trials should bring us closer to God
27:45 and refine our character.
27:47 Thank you so much for being with us
27:49 and sharing your testimony with us.
27:51 And thank you for being with us.
27:53 Make sure that you study the Word of God for yourself.
27:57 You can call on the Lord in your time of need.
28:00 Well, we've reached the end of another program.
28:02 Join us next time.
28:03 And remember it just wouldn't be the same
28:05 without you.


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