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00:01 Stay tuned to meet a man
00:02 who refuses to be politically correct.
00:05 My name is Yvonne Lewis Shelton.
00:07 And I'm Jason Bradley,
00:08 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:33 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:35 Our guest today is no stranger to Dare to Dream.
00:38 In fact, he's the co-founder of Dare to Dream.
00:42 He's also the president
00:43 and founder of Three Angels Broadcasting Network,
00:46 and his name is Danny Shelton, and he's my wonderful husband.
00:50 Yay! All right.
00:52 It's good to be here today with you and Jason.
00:55 Oh, we're so happy to have you.
00:57 This is rare, we don't... I know.
00:58 It's not often that we get to interview you.
01:00 I know. I may be getting nervous.
01:03 I'm usually on the other side, it's easier,
01:06 you know, on the other end.
01:07 Well, we know that God has placed
01:09 a tremendous calling on your life.
01:11 I mean, you do everything from writing music, to books,
01:15 to hosting, to playing guitar, to singing,
01:19 to all these different things.
01:21 None of them very well, but I try everything.
01:23 No, no, no. No.
01:25 The Lord has really blessed you in so many different ways
01:27 and you've written several books.
01:29 And this last book that you've written
01:31 has stirred up quite a bit of controversy.
01:34 It has. It really has.
01:37 Well, first of all, the name of the book
01:38 is Spiritual Vigilantes.
01:39 Yes. And I have it right here.
01:42 And there you can see it.
01:46 What made you go with that title?
01:49 Well, it's actually a pretty long process.
01:53 I was watching, it started around 2015
01:57 when all of a sudden everybody was talking about
01:59 the election coming
02:00 and you had all these people running for offices
02:03 and I began to watch the Democrats,
02:05 watch the Republicans, and the independents
02:07 and watch all of these people
02:09 and things they would say to their audiences to make sure
02:14 they got votes
02:15 was just ridiculous a lot of times.
02:17 And I'm like, you know, these people
02:19 they're so worried about being politically correct,
02:22 it seems like somewhere
02:24 the truth has been lost in this.
02:26 And so, you know, I started having this burden
02:30 because I thought, "Man, there are all of these people,
02:32 there's an audience out there,
02:34 and people also who say they're Christians
02:37 and were deciding 'How am I gonna vote?'
02:39 You know, how does my religion work into politics
02:43 or my politics work into my religion,
02:46 and which way am I gonna go."
02:47 And so I began to hear people make excuses
02:51 for voting in ways that you wonder,
02:54 well, this doesn't line up with the Bible
02:57 or supporting candidates
02:58 that doesn't line up with the Bible.
03:00 And I said, you know, something needs to be...
03:03 I've never been one as, you might know,
03:06 even when I was a kid, to keep my mouth shut too much.
03:09 If I got in trouble, I usually wasn't mean,
03:11 I was talking too much, you know,
03:12 when my folks tell me to be quiet or something.
03:14 But I've always been one that felt like,
03:17 you know, something has to be said
03:19 or something has to be done.
03:21 And so it began to dawn on me, the Spiritual Vigilantes.
03:26 I looked at churches,
03:28 I looked at how churches
03:29 were mixing politics and religion, Jason.
03:32 And I'm like, you know, this is amazing to me.
03:36 Isn't it interesting, in the world
03:38 we have Vigilantes, physical,
03:40 when we talk about a vigilante,
03:42 someone who takes the law of the land
03:46 into their own hands,
03:47 they become judge, jury, and executioner.
03:51 And I said it's amazing that Christians,
03:54 some Christians and even churches,
03:56 have taken God's law into their own hands.
03:59 So based on that, I thought,
04:02 maybe Spiritual Vigilante would be a good title for this
04:05 because I want to write something that says,
04:07 "Let's don't be politically correct.
04:10 Let's put God first and serve Him
04:12 no matter what His law says, do we love Him enough,
04:15 do we trust Him enough to serve Him."
04:17 So let's talk about how they've taken God's law
04:21 into their own hands.
04:22 How did they do that?
04:24 Well, this started, you know, thousands of years ago,
04:26 but hundreds of years ago,
04:28 and we can look back into the first century AD,
04:31 for instance, there were Christians
04:33 who took God's law and tried, I always say tried,
04:37 they didn't change the fourth commandment
04:39 but they tried.
04:40 God gave us Ten Commandments,
04:42 he didn't give us a smorgasbord and say,
04:43 "Jay, pick out, you know,
04:45 which one of these you want to keep?"
04:47 He said, "Here's Ten Commandments
04:48 and he listed them all,
04:50 and these are the ones you keep."
04:51 But people, supposedly,
04:54 theologians got together and said,
04:55 "Well, you really don't have to do that.
04:57 Let's go by tradition.
04:59 We don't want to be associated with Judaism.
05:01 So we're going to start our own day of worship
05:04 and so we're going to do it on the first day of the week."
05:06 That, to me, is a spiritual vigilante
05:09 because you're now fooling around with the laws of God.
05:13 That's the last thing I want to, you know,
05:15 be doing is messing with God, right?
05:18 So we've seen it over and over and over, then in 1970s,
05:23 here in the United States of America,
05:24 '73 or so, you know, we had Roe versus Wade,
05:27 that's way before Jay was born.
05:29 And the abortion... I remember reading about that.
05:31 And so many Christians support abortion.
05:34 Well, if I have it right,
05:36 abortion would be about the sixth commandment,
05:39 "Thou shalt not murder."
05:40 And so we say, well, you know, it's the law of the land,
05:44 and, you know, it's just something,
05:46 maybe people should have a choice.
05:49 But I would say,
05:51 some people think it's okay to abort a child
05:54 literally up to minutes
05:55 before they come out of the womb.
05:58 So I say, "Well, it's okay to kill a child anytime,
06:01 whatever trimester, all the way till the end.
06:03 But as soon as it's born and comes out,
06:06 then it's murder."
06:08 Well, isn't that a child in there,
06:10 you know, beforehand?
06:12 So to me, and people have compromised,
06:14 so not only has the world done it,
06:16 but Christianity,
06:18 you rarely hear people talking about,
06:20 in the Christian church, abortion anymore.
06:23 So that's a Spiritual Vigilante,
06:26 changing God's laws.
06:28 Then in the last few years, it seemed like it just...
06:32 What word would it be?
06:33 Such a word as sneaked up on us.
06:35 It's not my folk say snuck up on us.
06:37 It snuck up on us.
06:39 So I'll go country for a minute here.
06:40 It snuck up on us, the same sex marriage.
06:45 We, as a country, I didn't get to vote on it,
06:47 I don't know about you, I don't think you did either.
06:49 But through the Obama administration...
06:51 Please don't think I'm political and favoring
06:54 because I didn't vote
06:56 and because I didn't feel like
06:57 I could in the last two or three elections.
07:01 And if you want to vote, that's great, you go ahead.
07:04 But I felt like that I had to take a stand.
07:08 And so how do I vote for something
07:12 that I don't believe in.
07:14 And it's really tough, so I said,
07:16 "Who am I going to serve?
07:17 Am I going to serve God or man?
07:18 Why can they pass a law that the Supreme Court passes,
07:22 and it says that a man and a man
07:27 or a woman and a woman can be married
07:30 when Scripture says everything but, it says,
07:32 'God created man, male and female,'
07:35 and He said, 'Be fruitful and multiply.'
07:37 And yet now,
07:39 the United States government has said that same..."
07:43 And not only the United States,
07:44 many governments around the world
07:46 have said that same sex marriage is lawful
07:51 and it's normal and it's okay.
07:54 So these are all attempts of the world
07:58 or the church to change something
08:00 we have no jurisdiction over.
08:02 So what do you say to people who might say to you,
08:06 "Well, I don't agree with same sex marriage,
08:10 but I don't like this about the other party
08:14 or I don't like that about the other party"?
08:17 What do you... How would you answer that?
08:20 Because that's what a lot of people say.
08:22 My father has been dead since 1974.
08:26 But I can hear him saying
08:27 'cause he drilled it into my mind
08:29 when I was a little kid,
08:30 "Two wrongs don't make a right, son."
08:33 And my mom would say that, you say, "'He did this...'
08:36 No, two wrongs don't make...
08:37 He hit you first,
08:39 but you hitting him, that doesn't..."
08:40 Usually, it's between brothers, you know?
08:42 "That doesn't make a right."
08:44 So two wrongs don't make a right.
08:45 So there are people who will vote for one candidate
08:48 'cause they just can't stand the other one.
08:51 And yet maybe this candidate they're voting for,
08:54 I'm amazed that they say, "Oh, well, this candidate..."
08:56 And it's not the individual, I'm not so much...
08:59 I don't care if we're talking Trump or Hillary
09:02 or if it's going to be Oprah here.
09:03 Individually, and nobody's perfect,
09:06 and these people...
09:07 We know when there have been heads of our countries,
09:09 they're not necessarily Christians.
09:11 In the Bible times,
09:12 there were not always people who followed God,
09:14 but were looking at policy
09:16 and the effect of God on a country.
09:19 So it's bigger than Donald Trump or Barack Obama.
09:24 And because we don't like
09:25 how this person acts or what he said,
09:28 we have to look what policy,
09:29 what are they forming for this nation,
09:32 and what we're seeing is it's becoming more anti
09:35 and anti-God here in the United States of America.
09:38 You know, I remember seeing in your book
09:40 where you said something about how a lot of people think
09:45 that America is a Christian nation
09:48 and was a Christian nation.
09:50 What do you have to say about that?
09:52 Well, I did some homework on it.
09:54 When you study back...
09:57 And as you said, people say,
09:58 "Well, we're a Christian nation."
09:59 We never really were a Christian nation.
10:01 But the founding fathers took, especially,
10:04 the moral laws of God,
10:06 which is the last six commandments
10:09 and entered that in
10:10 and based the structure of the Constitution
10:16 and the Bill of Rights,
10:17 all of that is all designed around God's moral law
10:20 because where else are you going to look
10:21 for something that if you want to live
10:23 in peace and tranquility, tranquility and all of these,
10:27 you're gonna have to follow the law of God
10:29 or you're going to have chaos.
10:32 It's interesting how we've gone so far from that.
10:36 You know, nowadays you see a lot of people
10:38 that want to conform religion to their lifestyle
10:41 as opposed to conforming their lifestyle to religion.
10:44 So they're not embracing the principles of God,
10:48 but they're going with their feelings
10:50 and what's popular.
10:52 Yeah.
10:54 What would you say to the Christian
10:57 that's struggling with compromise?
10:59 Well, I think it's a big battle.
11:02 But it's not necessarily over what...
11:05 That's an outward sign.
11:07 I would say that it's a battle inside.
11:09 In other words, am I willing to submit and commit to God
11:12 because maybe I'm somebody who's pro same sex marriage,
11:18 but on the other hand, I may have hate in my life,
11:22 I may have jealousy in my life, I may have pride in my life.
11:26 Those things will play out in different ways.
11:30 So my thing is the only way
11:32 that we can really know is to say,
11:35 "Lord, here I am," you know, "I confess my sins.
11:37 You said You've been faithful
11:39 and just to forgive me for my sins
11:40 and cleanse me from all unrighteousness."
11:43 And so once you do that,
11:45 "Now send me, Lord,
11:47 I'm willing to do what You want me to do."
11:49 When you come to that point,
11:51 then you care less about political correctness,
11:55 you care less about getting so involved in politics,
11:59 which I see this and I see it on Facebook
12:01 and then people from our church
12:03 and other churches arguing and everything.
12:05 And we're like backing these candidates to...
12:09 I don't know how in the world...
12:11 I'm not going to put God,
12:12 and we should not ever put God before politics.
12:16 And so I think... And politics before God.
12:18 I'm sorry, yeah, politics before God.
12:20 And we should never do that.
12:21 But I see it all the time, we get so involved.
12:25 There are people who don't like this book,
12:27 even in the church,
12:29 because when I talk about
12:30 how same sex marriage becoming the law of the land,
12:33 it was under the Obama administration,
12:35 so they wrote to me and said, "You're a racist."
12:37 You know, I said, "I wouldn't care
12:38 if he were blue or if he were, you know, white,
12:41 if he were yellow, whatever color,
12:44 it would make any difference.
12:45 Right is right and wrong is wrong."
12:47 And so to me, it has nothing to do with racism,
12:51 but again, that's because
12:53 we're so involved
12:54 in the political culture right now,
12:56 way things are going,
12:58 that you say anything that's true,
12:59 "Oh, you have offended me.
13:01 Oh, this offends me. Oh, that's a hate speech."
13:04 You'll find there are a lot of people,
13:06 and I always think this is amazing, people say,
13:08 "I should be able to do what I want."
13:10 If I want to be homosexual and talk about it, and live it,
13:14 and act it, I have a right,
13:15 I have the freedom of speech to do it,
13:17 and no one should say anything about it.
13:20 Then I'll say, you're right,
13:21 as long as it doesn't harm anybody,
13:23 you're not breaking any laws, that's fine.
13:25 But as soon as I say, according to the Bible,
13:28 this is not right, this is a sin against God,
13:32 they say, "That's a hate speech."
13:34 He's hate.
13:35 And there are countries already like Canada and some others
13:38 that won't allow you to call sin by its name
13:41 because now it's a hate speech.
13:43 So isn't that interesting that those
13:44 who complain the most,
13:47 you know, the ones
13:48 who are always saying, you know, this is wrong,
13:51 well, turn it around
13:54 and all of a sudden now it's a hate speech.
13:56 So we live in a sinful world.
14:00 And I tell people it's not a skin problem.
14:02 You know, they try to make it,
14:04 you know, the racial divide
14:05 and all kinds of things here in America,
14:07 it's not a skin problem, it's a sin problem.
14:10 What kind of controversies
14:13 has this book stirred up for you?
14:16 Well, I have to...
14:18 If I can say this in the right way,
14:20 I don't mind a lot...
14:22 a little or a lot of controversy.
14:24 Maybe I don't have enough sense,
14:26 you know, when I was little, my dad,
14:29 I'd be over playing and somebody says,
14:30 "He's a happy kid."
14:31 He'd say, "Yeah, he didn't have that much sense."
14:33 And so I'd smile, you know,
14:35 and that would confirm what they thought.
14:37 But I don't mind controversy.
14:40 Now if it's about me, I don't like to...
14:44 "Okay, well, don't say this about me because, you know,
14:47 I think I'm better than that or different."
14:50 I'm not talking about that kind of controversy,
14:52 I'm talking about spiritual controversy.
14:54 The Bible says,
14:56 "All who live godly shall suffer persecution."
14:59 So if you are living your life and you're a Christian,
15:02 and you're not going through some persecution,
15:04 then I would say,
15:06 you maybe want to go back to your knees to the Lord
15:08 and say, "Lord, what am I doing wrong?
15:10 Why aren't I getting the Jesus treatment?"
15:13 Now every time I'm persecuted or people,
15:16 you know, don't like me, that doesn't mean
15:17 'cause I'm such a good individual,
15:20 some of that, you know, I cause myself,
15:22 I make a lot of mistakes in life
15:24 as you do at home.
15:26 And I know you don't. But everyone at home do.
15:31 But, you know, we all make mistakes.
15:35 So a little bit of controversy, it doesn't really bother you.
15:39 Not when it's spiritual.
15:40 In other words, when it's spiritual
15:42 from the beginning of 3ABN,
15:44 we have seen the devil fight us,
15:47 tooth and nail from the beginning.
15:49 Everything in the world, when we started,
15:50 we figured everybody would support it,
15:52 you know Christians and Adventists, everybody,
15:55 but people say, "Oh, they'll never...
15:56 Those boys will never get that."
15:57 We were boys back then, Jay.
15:59 Not much older than you, early 30s.
16:01 "Those boys will never get that
16:03 from that farmland and southern Illinois,
16:04 they'll never get a signal on the satellite."
16:07 Well, two or three years, couple years later,
16:08 we got the signal 'cause they said,
16:10 they'll never get it up, a couple years later,
16:11 we get it up.
16:13 Coming down into about a million,
16:14 at that time, homes, big dishes.
16:16 That said, "Oh, they're never going to get it down."
16:18 Once you get up, you never get...
16:20 "Well, they're never going to reach any people.
16:21 They're only going to reach a million people.
16:23 Well, how are they going to reach the world?"
16:24 Well, they didn't know technology is changing so fast
16:27 that went from the big dish to the smaller dish to cable,
16:30 you know, to computers and radio and television
16:33 and satellites around the world.
16:36 And so I've always had controversy.
16:37 But in this particular book, as you ask me,
16:40 I'm just surprised that so many people
16:42 who claim to be Christians
16:44 and even those of our own church are upset at me
16:46 because they say, you know, you're too much into politics.
16:50 You shouldn't be talking politics,
16:52 and my thing is, no, it's just the opposite,
16:55 the reason I wrote the book
16:56 is 'cause there's so much talk of the politics
16:58 and you're putting politics before God.
17:01 So I felt like I have to say something.
17:04 Again, I'm not perfect, I make mistakes.
17:07 But how can you sit still
17:08 when it's like people don't even realize
17:11 what's going on.
17:12 Sometimes you have to allow
17:14 your haters to be your motivators.
17:15 Okay. Come on, Jay. I like it.
17:18 With 3ABN, and the story behind 3ABN,
17:21 that reminds me of Noah's Ark, you know,
17:23 they didn't think it was going to rain either.
17:25 They didn't think rain was going to come down.
17:27 And Noah's just steady building the Ark
17:29 'cause God called him to do it and he was working on the Ark
17:32 and people were sitting outside scoffing
17:35 and making fun of him
17:36 and disrespecting God and all that stuff.
17:39 And then they felt that drop. Yeah.
17:42 But here's the thing,
17:44 I've had people write me already.
17:47 And you know people that are very well known
17:50 and their lives have been changed by this book,
17:53 "The Ten Commandments Twice Removed" book.
17:55 They're very controversial. But they write us.
17:58 On the other book, we know of over 40...
18:01 More specifically was on the Sabbath,
18:03 we know of over 40 pastors who were Sunday pastors
18:07 who keep the Sabbath just from reading that one.
18:10 Now we know of hundreds and even thousands of people
18:13 who have accepted it and have joined churches,
18:15 but I'm talking about even leadership
18:17 and other denominations
18:19 and yet there is a lot of people saying,
18:21 "Oh, you shouldn't pass this out,
18:22 it's too straightforward, you're gonna offend people."
18:25 But I feel like that's my responsibility,
18:28 it's my job.
18:30 John Lomacang lives not too far from us.
18:33 You know, my brother Kenny's
18:34 just across the road over there.
18:36 If some night, in the middle of the night, we say,
18:40 "Oh, Kenny's house is on fire, you know, I better...
18:43 "Oh, we better call him.
18:45 Oh, wait a minute, it's 2:00 in the morning,
18:46 I don't want to wake him up.
18:48 He goes to bed at 9:00. I might offend him.
18:50 You know, I don't want to offend him,"
18:51 would I say that?
18:53 Absolutely not.
18:54 I'm going to do everything I can.
18:55 Well, why not spiritually do the same thing?
18:58 Why not love people enough
19:00 to take the chance of offending them?
19:02 Because sometimes...
19:03 One lady wrote says,
19:05 "You've knocked my boat right out of the water,
19:07 you know, I was so upset, but now I see."
19:11 And so I think that if we love people enough,
19:14 we'll tell them the truth.
19:16 And I try and I'm too old to be a politician now,
19:19 so it's too old to start.
19:20 I never have been.
19:22 So I just felt like there's an audience
19:25 that would listen over a million of these
19:26 that have been out in the last several months
19:28 and I praise the Lord for that.
19:30 And people are passing them out all over.
19:32 I mean, Trinidad and Tobago just got over 50,000
19:36 that they're passing out the countries over there
19:38 and doing it.
19:40 So people are passing these throughout New York City
19:42 and all over,
19:43 but we're getting some great responses of people
19:47 that never knew truth who said, "Man, I've learned so much."
19:50 but really almost the only people
19:53 who are not happy about it are people within the church
19:57 that aren't happy because I just tell the truth,
20:00 I try to take history and look at it
20:01 and tell the truth.
20:02 And they say, "It's okay."
20:04 Basically, they're saying,
20:05 "It's okay to talk about the Sabbath and all that,
20:07 your Ten Commandments book, we really support that.
20:10 But this one talks about,
20:11 you know, abortion and same sex marriage,
20:13 and that's just too hot a topic,
20:15 we shouldn't touch it."
20:16 But I say, "They're all part of the Ten Commandments,
20:19 not all of the commandments but the Ten Commandments."
20:22 So if one is the Bible says in James, you know,
20:25 "If we break one, we break them all."
20:27 so I feel like if the world is missing out
20:30 on the fourth commandment,
20:32 we want to be there to talk about it.
20:34 If our own people as well as much of the world
20:36 is overlooking, or forgetting, or ignoring,
20:39 or rebelling against the sixth and seventh commandment,
20:44 then we need to bring that up too
20:46 and let the light shine on it.
20:47 And that's what your book does, Spiritual Vigilante,
20:50 it's so interesting because, you know,
20:53 Adventists tend to be very comfortable,
20:55 you know, sharing the Sabbath.
20:58 You know, you've got to keep the Sabbath,
21:00 you've got to keep that fourth commandment.
21:01 Because we're talking about other people.
21:03 Exactly, exactly.
21:04 It's so easy to point to other people and say,
21:07 "You're not keeping the fourth commandment."
21:09 But what about us, are we trying to keep
21:13 all the commandments as Adventist?
21:15 Not just the fourth commandment,
21:17 but, you know, are we supporting candidates
21:19 who support anti-Biblical stances
21:23 like abortion, like same sex marriage?
21:26 You know, are we supporting them?
21:28 So this book actually it gets to everybody.
21:33 One of the things that is so impressive to me is that,
21:37 you know, the other day someone called the house, a friend,
21:42 who is very well known in gospel music industry
21:45 and said, "Your book is really messing with me."
21:48 Yeah, yeah.
21:50 Tell us about that without saying who it was.
21:52 Yeah, this person, most people would know,
21:55 not necessarily even just in gospel music
21:57 but because of association from their family name
22:00 into some big names in music,
22:04 even back to rock 'n' roll and all of that.
22:07 But he's full-time in ministry and traveling, yeah, he called,
22:12 and he said, you know,
22:14 "I read the book
22:15 and I'm actually on my second time
22:17 and you're really messed me up."
22:18 But here's what he said,
22:20 "It's so easy, when you said it..."
22:23 He's 60 plus years old now, and he said,
22:25 "I don't understand it.
22:26 How did I go my whole life and not see it
22:30 because I read the Bible
22:32 but I never saw all these things.
22:34 And so how is it that I missed it?"
22:37 Well, that says to you and me and those of us,
22:40 so many of you
22:41 Seventh-day Adventist Christians...
22:43 That says to us, and to Christians in general,
22:46 we have something that God has given us, light.
22:48 Don't put your light under a bushel,
22:51 you have to share that.
22:52 Raise that up and let that light shine before men
22:56 so that others will see Jesus.
22:58 And so what this said to me is,
23:00 you know, I should have been much more diligent.
23:02 I've known this man many, many years.
23:05 And he knows I'm a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, he's not,
23:08 and he knows some of what I believe.
23:11 But there is that fine line again.
23:12 Well, I don't want to be pushy, you know, whatever,
23:16 but now maybe it's God's timing
23:19 and, you know, started to beat myself up,
23:21 so I should have done it sooner,
23:23 maybe he wouldn't have been ready until now.
23:24 Right. But he's ready.
23:26 Then we had another friend
23:27 who's also an internationally-known
23:29 songwriter, called us and said,
23:32 "I have to tell you that I turned on 3ABN
23:36 and my whole life has changed in 30 minutes.
23:39 I never, really, understood
23:40 what would happen to me when I die..."
23:42 I won't get into the whole story,
23:44 but he said, "I would question pastors..."
23:46 And he goes to large churches, and they'd say,
23:48 "Well, you know, I think when you die,
23:50 you go straight to heaven or hell.
23:52 Why would you ask me a question?"
23:53 So people say, actually, there's a hell, and burning,
23:55 and being tortured all those years,
23:56 and doesn't bother God.
23:58 He's not... You know, his children.
23:59 And there's people in Heaven,
24:01 God took wives and mothers and babies from parents,
24:04 and they're all in heaven, living happily,
24:06 and they don't care that...
24:07 And God doesn't care that this little child
24:09 who's raised without a parent, my daughter Melody for one,
24:12 her mother was killed...
24:13 So he said, "At that point, they'd say,
24:16 'Uh, I don't really know.'"
24:18 I mean, so now he says, "I'm able to go tell them.
24:22 You know what, if you don't know
24:23 the answer to this, I'll tell them, when you die,
24:25 you sleep in the graves till Jesus comes,
24:27 and to last trumpet,
24:28 the dead in Christ shall rise first,
24:30 we which are alive and remain shall be drawn together,
24:33 caught up together in the air with the Lord."
24:36 And so it's really neat to see some of these things.
24:39 But I don't have to have... In other words, it's great...
24:42 And the Lord I think allows that.
24:44 But I know that I know that I know
24:47 that God had put it on my heart to write what I wrote.
24:49 And it's not saying
24:50 I couldn't have done a better job
24:52 or I couldn't have done...
24:53 But the burden that I have in my limited skills
24:55 and who I am...
24:57 See, you don't have to be the best at everything to do
24:59 something for God.
25:00 None of us are good in the sight of God.
25:02 We're all as filthy rags.
25:04 So you just be the best
25:05 you can be and let God do the rest.
25:07 And so in my limited skills, I write what hits me.
25:10 But I found out, you know what,
25:12 there's a lot of other people with limited skills
25:14 and a lot of other, you'd say,
25:16 people maybe that think the same way
25:19 as I do but they're open.
25:20 So you take your talents, your gifts, your abilities,
25:24 but the last thing we want to do is
25:25 keep that light hidden.
25:28 So let's be faithful, be bold enough,
25:31 and take a chance, I would say,
25:33 take the risk of offending people
25:35 to love them enough
25:37 because in the end, when Jesus comes back,
25:39 the last thing you and I want to hear,
25:42 you know, is Him to question us,
25:44 "Why didn't you do...
25:46 Why didn't you tell people about Me and My saving power?
25:49 Why didn't you tell them about
25:51 the deceits satan has
25:53 in the closing moments of Earth's history.
25:55 I let you live in a closing generation
25:58 and you didn't want to stand up.
26:00 You were too busy being politically correct."
26:02 Well, by God's grace.
26:04 Hopefully, you know, I'll answer to everything
26:07 that I've done wrong in my life,
26:09 but by God's grace, and His mercy,
26:12 all of us can have eternal life
26:14 when we submit and commit our lives to Jesus.
26:16 You know, one of the things that I love about your books
26:19 it uses common sense, you know.
26:21 I mean there's a lot of common sense in there.
26:23 And what's happening nowadays is the truth has been polluted
26:27 and it's convoluted
26:28 with a whole bunch of confusion,
26:30 and God is not the author of confusion.
26:32 So I like that.
26:34 And Jesus died for us publicly,
26:36 so I love what you're saying about not covering your light,
26:39 because He died for us publicly.
26:42 So we shouldn't just praise Him privately,
26:44 we should praise Him in public and share him with everybody.
26:46 Absolutely, absolutely. That's good. That's good.
26:48 And I'm thankful for what you two do
26:50 for the cause of God.
26:51 We're really thankful for you, at home and at work.
26:56 How can people get this book and how much is it?
26:59 Well, it's absolutely free.
27:01 All you have to do is write or e-mail us here at 3ABN,
27:05 and we'll send them out by the cases.
27:07 If you'll agree that you'll pass them out,
27:10 your churches, you know, community service,
27:12 however you want to do it, you get together and say,
27:15 send us 100 or even send 1,000,
27:17 all you have to pay is the shipping.
27:18 And we've found out shipping anywhere in America
27:21 is only $18 per 100.
27:23 So that's 18 cents.
27:25 So all you have in the book, 3ABN...
27:27 And we have donors who have given the money to say,
27:29 let's give this book away, let's don't sell it.
27:32 And your only commitment is that
27:33 you just pay the shipping
27:35 and then you share it with those around you.
27:37 Thank you so much. Wow.
27:39 Thank you so much for being with us.
27:40 You're welcome. Thank you.
27:42 It's good to be here, all right.
27:43 Thank you, Jay, co-hosting. Yes, yes.
27:45 And thank you.
27:46 You know, this book is such a blessing, it's free.
27:50 Get one, give it to someone, give it to your neighbor.
27:54 But get some of these
27:55 because these books can really make a difference.
27:58 Thank you for joining us.
27:59 Join us next time 'cause you know what,
28:00 it just wouldn't be the same without you.


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