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00:01 Now don't hate
00:02 just because I'm on the cooking set with the Eakins.
00:04 Stay tuned to see what they're cooking up now.
00:07 My name is Yvonne Lewis-Shelton,
00:09 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:35 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:37 My guests today are Curtis and Paula Eakins.
00:40 They are co-directors of Health Seminars, Inc,
00:43 lifestyle counselors, authors, chefs, and health evangelists.
00:48 Welcome to Urban Report.
00:50 Yay! You put it all in there.
00:51 You got it all in there. I had to get it all in.
00:53 I had to get it all in. You make me clap myself.
00:55 I want to hear more about these people.
00:58 You guys, I have to tell you,
01:00 I know you know this,
01:01 but you are two of my favorite people
01:03 because not only are you so committed to ministry
01:09 but you're also so committed to each other,
01:13 you are so committed to getting great food,
01:16 I mean, and you are super committed to evangelism.
01:20 And I'm so excited about what you guys are doing.
01:23 You know, so we have a lot to cover.
01:26 So I want to first talk about,
01:28 you know, you host, you co-host Abundant Living,
01:31 which is a program on Dare to Dream
01:34 and on the parent network.
01:36 And it is a great combination of food,
01:41 you know, recipes and cooking and also health tips
01:45 because you are an ND, a naturopathic doctor,
01:48 and you are a nutritionist.
01:50 And it's like
01:51 this is a marriage made in heaven, right?
01:54 Literally, right? We really believe that, Yvonne.
01:56 We really do. Yes, yes, and it shows.
01:59 It really shows.
02:00 So how long have you guys been...
02:02 For those who don't know you,
02:03 who have never seen Abundant Living
02:06 or never seen you on
02:07 you know the parent network or Dare to Dream,
02:09 how long have you been doing this,
02:11 this health evangelism?
02:13 Well, on Abundant Living,
02:15 this is our 21st year, 21 years ago,
02:17 we started taping Abundant Living.
02:19 Wow!
02:20 And so we ran out of how many times we've done it,
02:23 over 300 plus shows, I guess, over the years.
02:27 The Life, and that kind of thing,
02:28 so we're glad to be on Dare to Dream.
02:32 Yes, indeed. Yes, indeed.
02:33 There was a spark in her eyes when I said that.
02:35 Absolutely. Absolutely.
02:36 So we get a lot of calls from Dare to Dream audience as well,
02:39 and so we're happy about that as well.
02:41 That's great because there's so...
02:43 You give so many tips on, you know, hypertension,
02:46 what to do about diabetes, hypertension, cancer.
02:50 So your program, and what I love about it,
02:53 is it's not just cooking,
02:56 it's cooking and health information.
02:59 So, you know, when people watch Abundant Living,
03:01 they should have a little notebook
03:02 to take some notes
03:04 because there's some real interesting
03:08 and informative and necessary information
03:11 that you guys give.
03:13 One of the things
03:14 that I'm so thrilled about
03:16 is the health evangelism that you've been doing.
03:19 Tell us about what you're doing in the communities
03:22 and how it all came about.
03:24 Well,
03:26 about a year and a half ago,
03:28 I've been doing my reading in my room, my study,
03:31 and we've been going to churches
03:33 throughout our district, in the south mainly.
03:36 And going to the church talking about health,
03:39 healthful living, etcetera, then we come back home,
03:43 and it just wasn't as fulfilling.
03:46 Why?
03:47 Because we're not reaching the community,
03:50 just reaching the people in the church.
03:52 Okay.
03:53 So when we come back home,
03:54 people in the community is probably about 1%
03:56 if they happened to be at that church,
03:58 for that, we can.
04:00 So we really need to go more into the community.
04:03 When you go more into the community,
04:05 you draw more to community there, up to 30%, passed 70%
04:11 when it's in the community, away from the church.
04:14 So what you're saying is you're going into churches...
04:17 Right.
04:18 And you're preaching to the choir basically.
04:20 Yes, that's right. Absolutely.
04:21 Because it's just like people,
04:22 "Oh, we're having a health weekend
04:24 with the Eakins.
04:25 We're going to have a cooking class.
04:27 We come in."
04:28 It's just like, you know,
04:30 the regular people from the church,
04:31 but nobody maybe 30%, from the community.
04:35 And that's it.
04:36 Well, in the church, yeah,
04:38 really nobody from the community
04:40 unless there's a visitor on that day.
04:42 Okay.
04:44 Otherwise it's all the church members.
04:45 Got you.
04:46 Which is fine, but it's not as fulfilling
04:48 because Jesus' ministry was to the community.
04:51 Right.
04:52 Not just to the Jews but also to the gentiles
04:54 and everybody else as well.
04:55 So we were impressed by the Holy Spirit
04:59 to take it to the community.
05:01 And it just opened up the floodgates,
05:03 I mean, it really did. And we're just so excited.
05:06 It's much more for fulfilling
05:08 when you see people of all classes come in,
05:11 from all ethnicities, all denominations,
05:15 all church affiliations coming to learn about health
05:18 because even agnostics,
05:21 infidels also have high blood pressure.
05:24 That's right.
05:25 And you know what, it's interesting
05:27 because Jason was just telling me the other day
05:30 that he was looking for a vegan restaurant
05:35 to go to while traveling,
05:37 and there was a sign of Baphomet on a website,
05:41 the satanic symbol, at a vegan restaurant.
05:44 So even, you know...
05:48 This crosses all lines,
05:49 all kinds of people want to know
05:52 about healthy eating, you know, even if they're Satanists
05:56 or whatever, but they...
05:58 That's true though. That is the point though.
05:59 They're crossing all lines. That's true. Yes.
06:01 What you have to offer
06:04 is the gift of all gifts.
06:06 Jesus Christ,
06:07 He's at the center of what you're teaching.
06:10 So let's go back for a minute
06:12 because I want our folks to hear
06:16 and know how you came to desire to do more within the churches
06:22 because to reach outside of the churches,
06:26 to do more evangelism
06:29 because what's happening is you're going to these churches
06:33 and only the church members were showing up.
06:36 That's right.
06:37 When you went back home, what were you thinking?
06:40 It's just not enough.
06:42 It's not as fulfilling.
06:45 It's just not enough. It's just not as fulfilling.
06:47 That's all I can say.
06:49 And more I read about...
06:51 One Christian author in particular,
06:53 in the life of Jesus Christ and His ministry,
06:55 I realized we need to really move out from the church
06:58 into the community.
07:00 So reading, playing,
07:01 and we just took it to the community.
07:05 So it was just simply unfulfilling.
07:08 That's all I can say.
07:09 Was it the same for you, Paula? It was exactly.
07:11 I told Curtis, "It's almost like we're just playing tag
07:13 with the church."
07:15 And we know that there are pastors
07:16 that really are into evangelism,
07:19 but it just seemed like they're just some...
07:21 We'll be coming that weekend,
07:22 there would just be the members.
07:23 And we would... After a long trip,
07:25 and then just come and doing same thing
07:27 over and over and over again.
07:28 We just kept saying, "Enough of this."
07:30 Right.
07:31 And once Curtis said to me about,
07:32 "You know, let's move it
07:34 outside the church into the community."
07:35 Honestly and truly, it just really made a big difference.
07:37 Yeah, so how did you do it?
07:39 What did you do?
07:40 Well, number one,
07:42 we got some funds from
07:44 the North American Division Ministerial Department, Head,
07:47 we knew him personally.
07:49 From the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist,
07:52 for those of you who don't know.
07:53 And let me back up, the churches we're talking about
07:55 are Seventh-day Adventist churches too,
07:57 those churches in particular.
07:58 Right.
07:59 All right, so I'm glad you made that statement.
08:01 So of course,
08:02 we just more or less contacted the Marriott Hotels...
08:07 Okay.
08:08 In these cities that we're going to.
08:10 Now it's been about a year now since we've been doing this.
08:13 The health message is such a high quality message.
08:18 Let me just say this
08:20 because some people may think that in a wrong way,
08:22 it's such a high quality message.
08:24 We couldn't just take it to a community center.
08:30 It had to be of a quality facility
08:34 because of the quality of the message.
08:36 Come on. It has to match that.
08:38 Right. And tailor a bit more.
08:39 I think they got that.
08:40 So therefore,
08:42 we're talking about the Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn,
08:45 the Marriott Hotel, conference room,
08:48 and there for a city, a small city
08:49 because the small cities too
08:51 that do not have those
08:52 that may have a convention center.
08:54 We go there, and it's 2 days,
08:58 Saturday afternoon, 3 to 6, Sunday afternoon, 3 to 6.
09:04 Okay, now why those times?
09:05 Okay, Saturday afternoon
09:06 for Seventh-day Adventist Christians,
09:08 they still go to church, come home and eat,
09:10 they have enough time to come
09:11 to the workshop starting at 3 o'clock.
09:14 For those who go to church on Sunday, the same scenario
09:17 so that 3 to 6 window is perfect.
09:20 You don't have to get off of work.
09:21 You don't have to worry about traffic,
09:23 evening rush hour,
09:25 it's perfect for those two days.
09:27 And it's just matched.
09:28 So that six hours that information we can put in,
09:32 be it any particular main topic,
09:34 we can cover any topic in six hours.
09:37 Wow!
09:38 So that's why those two days and those two time slots
09:40 we mentioned for that health conference.
09:43 And what kind of response have you gotten?
09:45 Okay, honey, would you...
09:47 We have a sign-up
09:49 where you actually register for the program,
09:51 that way, we kind of get an idea...
09:52 Not only that registration here,
09:53 actually, it has a registration for it,
09:55 a certain deadline for it,
09:57 and then we already know we're going to town
09:58 with how many people already signing up,
10:00 like right now,
10:01 we have a project coming up next month.
10:03 And we already know
10:05 how many people are already showing up.
10:06 And it's just getting started.
10:07 So the thing that is so good about it
10:09 is we get a chance to know who's coming,
10:11 we get a chance to know
10:12 also even their spiritual backgrounds.
10:15 The churches they attend
10:16 'cause that's on there also as well, you know?
10:18 And so it is... We're just like...
10:21 We get so excited when it starts getting...
10:22 Line up comes up,
10:24 and then we're like, "Okay, okay, okay.
10:25 It's a go. It's a go. It's a go."
10:26 And then when we actually have the day,
10:28 people even who have not signed up
10:30 but heard about it either on TV or radio
10:33 'cause when we go to those towns,
10:35 they know ahead of time we've already advertised.
10:37 It's in the newspaper or the public,
10:39 you know, it's also on the TV, it's also on the radio.
10:42 So some people show up, just say, "Ah, I saw it."
10:45 See, this is...
10:47 This is so good because this is evangelism.
10:50 Yes. Yes!
10:52 We have a clip that we want to show
10:53 that kind of shows what...
10:55 Not kind of, it shows what you guys have been doing.
10:57 And we want to show that, but before we do,
10:59 I just want to ask you one thing.
11:02 Have you felt the difference after when...
11:07 Now that you've been going into the community,
11:10 what difference has it made in your walk with the Lord?
11:15 Oh, man.
11:16 It's made a tremendous difference
11:17 because when I see
11:19 and read in the Word of God and one other Christian author,
11:22 when I see it on the pages, Yvonne,
11:23 I've been reading this for so long,
11:25 I told my pastor, I said,
11:27 "I'm sick and tired of reading.
11:29 I just want to go ahead and do it."
11:30 Come on.
11:32 I read it, reread it, underline it, underscore it,
11:33 okay, I know what to do, just go ahead and do it.
11:36 So when it's done, see the people there,
11:38 the doors open up.
11:40 There they're like 30 minutes before we open up the doors.
11:43 Wow.
11:44 Several come hour,
11:46 two hours away just to come there.
11:49 An hour away.
11:50 We've had come as far as an hour,
11:51 hour and a half away from the conference coming in.
11:53 Yeah, a hour and a half away, but we do radio, TV, PSAs,
11:55 newspapers, and all of that.
11:57 So it's just so rewarding,
11:59 we just look forward to the next venture,
12:00 which is next month in...
12:02 Well, I don't know if I can say this
12:04 'cause maybe dated, but it'd be coming up,
12:06 so we just look forward to the next event.
12:08 Right now, we're booking
12:10 more than 12 months ahead of time.
12:12 Well, that's wonderful.
12:14 I was going to say the thing for me is that
12:17 we both hate to see people hurting.
12:19 Yes.
12:20 Now remember now they are coming to this conference,
12:22 heart disease, diabetes, cancer,
12:23 so they're coming with specific things
12:25 going on with them.
12:26 Right.
12:27 And when they come in that room,
12:29 like you can just feel the hurt,
12:30 the things they're on and what they're doing.
12:32 And they're like... They're almost like...
12:34 I told Curtis one time before,
12:35 it's like they're clawing at you.
12:37 I just need your help, and you can feel
12:40 that they're going through something which once...
12:42 You're just like, "Okay, God, whatever You want to do here,
12:45 whatever we can do with them."
12:47 And they follow us after the programs are over.
12:49 They call us up and email us.
12:51 So we make friends with people.
12:52 Yes. Yes.
12:54 You develop relationships with them, right?
12:55 Yes, and the thing about it, let me just say this.
12:57 The Seventh-day Adventist church
12:59 understands the importance of health messages.
13:01 So it backs this adventure,
13:03 therefore, these two-day conferences
13:06 are free and open to the public.
13:11 Praise God to the Seventh-Day Adventist church
13:13 in general, the sponsors,
13:15 these free wellness conferences throughout the south
13:19 which is mainly where we have our conferences
13:21 in the United States.
13:23 Right. That's wonderful.
13:24 Well, let's take a look at this clip and find out
13:26 what people think about it.
13:27 All right.
13:30 I really enjoyed the Healthy Heart conference.
13:32 I come to any and everything
13:34 that Paula and her husband Curtis
13:38 put on with about health
13:39 because I learned something new every single time.
13:42 My biggest takeaway this time was about red grapes,
13:46 about how they help to heal the heart and everything.
13:50 I just was amazed by that.
13:52 Learning about strokes, hearts, how to prevent them,
13:55 eating more healthy food, eating non-processed food.
13:58 If it has a label, don't eat it.
14:01 Eat the stuff that's healthy.
14:03 That's the stuff you go for.
14:04 And I love their conferences.
14:06 You can come more than one time,
14:07 more than two times,
14:09 and you're still going to leave with information
14:10 you never even knew you knew.
14:12 They tell you nothing is free,
14:13 what you've missed that
14:15 if you did not come to this conference.
14:16 It was awesome.
14:18 So much good and free information.
14:20 To God be the glory.
14:21 We need more of this,
14:23 but it should not always be free.
14:25 So I heard things that I know
14:26 that I'm going to use immediately,
14:29 the ginger, the hawthorn.
14:31 I never had heard of that,
14:33 just natural ways to get your blood pressure down,
14:36 eating the right things.
14:38 I probably knew that part.
14:39 I just keep ignoring it,
14:41 but I feel like it kind of shook me up enough
14:43 to where I'm like,
14:44 "I got to do something different."
14:46 So I just encourage you, everybody,
14:48 it was so well-attended.
14:50 So, everybody, certainly,
14:52 make sure you get this information.
14:53 It is literally life changing.
15:00 "Literally, life change." Yeah.
15:01 Yes. What a blessing.
15:03 And what a privilege
15:05 it is that God is using you
15:07 to get this information out to people.
15:10 Give us a few of the pointers that you...
15:13 For example, heart disease.
15:14 Okay.
15:16 What are some of the things that people can do
15:19 to improve their cardiovascular health?
15:21 Oh, boy.
15:22 Well, that conference was entitled
15:24 the Healthy Heart Conference.
15:26 Okay.
15:27 So that's six hours
15:29 condescend down in 30 seconds or a minute.
15:32 Yeah, so there's... Let me say, there's...
15:33 Okay, we're kind of stuck.
15:35 Let me just say this,
15:37 that was in Huntsville, Alabama,
15:38 by the way, over hundred people.
15:39 I mean, they came from like two hours away,
15:41 from Chattanooga, all over the place.
15:43 Wow! Yes.
15:45 The main thing is that, one of the eye-openers
15:48 that we talk about in Healthy Heart Conference
15:49 is that heart disease can
15:52 and has been reversed by lifestyle.
15:56 And we put a particular interest
15:58 on one particular food group,
16:01 the fruit kingdom in particular, all right?
16:04 That's what she talk about, "Oh, the red grape."
16:07 That's one of the things that we mentioned.
16:08 That's what she's talking about the red grape
16:11 and other things too.
16:12 So it can be reversed, plant-based diet,
16:15 in particular, the fruit kingdom.
16:18 So that's one of the things that we really emphasize.
16:20 And, honey, about the woman's heart...
16:23 Yeah, okay, one of the things
16:24 that really draws them the second day
16:26 is that we do all this talk about cholesterol and AFib
16:29 and everything having to deal with the heart,
16:31 and then we say, "But on tomorrow,
16:34 we're actually going to do the heart of a woman
16:36 because we experience heart attacks
16:39 totally different from a man,
16:40 heart attacks and strokes."
16:41 So they're coming because they want to know,
16:43 "Okay, wait a minute,
16:44 she's saying something different.
16:46 It's not that big elephant in my chest.
16:47 No, it's not. Not for us. Okay."
16:49 What is it for us?
16:50 It is shoulder pain.
16:52 You can actually be having regurgitating continuously
16:55 several months before that, nausea, before that.
16:58 This is coming on way before you have
17:00 that first heart attack, all right?
17:02 And the breathing problems
17:04 where you're having a hard time breathing.
17:07 And people... Women are like, you know,
17:08 "I never even have thought of those things."
17:09 But we say the minute,
17:11 between the vomiting and the nausea,
17:13 shoulder pain, having problems breathing,
17:15 you need to get to a doctor.
17:17 And when you go, we have to...
17:19 As females, we have to say,
17:20 "I think I'm having a heart attack.
17:22 I really do," because only when you say that,
17:24 they will not send you home.
17:26 Normally, they just send you home.
17:27 And you know that you've got the signs already.
17:29 I need to... "Can I do a EKG,"
17:32 'cause the EKG will show that there's something going on.
17:36 That's good.
17:37 That is great information because a lot of times,
17:39 as women, we can misdiagnose ourselves.
17:43 Yes.
17:44 And, you know, we'll just say, "I have a little indigestion.
17:46 I just feel a little bit under the weather,
17:48 but I can keep going."
17:50 No, if you have these signs, you know, even jaw pain...
17:54 Yes, that's another one.
17:56 They will send you to the dentist.
17:58 Right.
17:59 But it's a symptom of a heart attack.
18:01 Yes, absolutely, yes.
18:02 Really, really important.
18:04 And I think a lot of times as minority woman
18:08 will tend to put things on the back-burner
18:10 and think, "It's not that deep, it's not that important.
18:13 I'll be okay. Let me just keep on going."
18:15 Well, we need to keep up with these things
18:18 and make sure that, you know, we're doing well with them.
18:21 So go ahead.
18:22 One other thing too, we have a lot of visual aids.
18:26 Yes, we do.
18:27 And also the audience come up...
18:29 We have a icebreaker,
18:31 just talk briefly about the icebreaker.
18:33 You know, they don't know who we are.
18:35 They've heard about us,
18:36 and here we come to this conference,
18:38 we're over hundred-strong
18:39 when we come into the meetings, okay?
18:40 And so when they first meet us,
18:42 they're like, "Well, who is this?
18:43 Who are they?" Okay?
18:44 They heard a little bit.
18:46 The bottom line is that we have this thing,
18:47 the first one is called five things
18:49 that you should know
18:50 but you really don't want to know.
18:52 I need five volunteers.
18:54 And some of them are not quite sure,
18:56 but if you don't come, I'm going to pick you up.
18:58 They raise a hand, they come up,
18:59 you know, and then they get vials of fat.
19:02 We're talking about the heart now.
19:03 They get vials of fat.
19:05 And it shows how much fat
19:06 is actually in a burger and French fries.
19:09 And they're supposed to just look at the vial
19:11 and then tell what's going on,
19:13 and behind them comes the sodium
19:15 and the cholesterol and unsaturated fat.
19:17 On the screen, so everybody sees it.
19:18 Everybody is seeing it, but they're in back of them.
19:21 Right, back of them, on the screen.
19:22 And they turn around... And like one lady,
19:23 we gave these chicken nuggets,
19:25 like six chicken nuggets,
19:27 she couldn't believe it.
19:29 What?
19:30 She said, "That's the end of that.
19:31 I'm not going to feed my children all that anymore."
19:33 You know what?
19:35 I think when people see for themselves,
19:36 and you show them what they are eating...
19:40 It was eye-opener for her. It's eye-opening.
19:42 "I'm not feeding my children anymore of chicken nuggets."
19:44 That was the start.
19:45 We just started...
19:47 That was just the start...
19:48 We haven't even got started yet.
19:49 But you know this whole idea,
19:51 this whole cardiovascular issue is so important as,
19:54 you know, most of our viewers know,
19:56 my husband had quadruple bypass,
19:58 and thankfully, his is not from diet.
20:03 His is genetics.
20:04 And that's another thing.
20:05 So can genetically-induced heart disease also be reversed?
20:10 Yeah, let me say, as the saying goes,
20:11 I have rephrased the same,
20:14 "Bad genes loads a gun,
20:17 a healthy lifestyle keeps the finger off the trigger."
20:21 So I think Danny mentioned in one of the programs,
20:25 or some of his siblings or whatever,
20:27 had heart disease, whatever...
20:29 And his dad.
20:30 At a younger age than him
20:32 because of his lifestyle of later on in the years,
20:35 and then, so, I mean,
20:37 we can also reversed, my grandmother,
20:39 I may have bad genes as well, very bad genes,
20:42 but because of her lifestyle, she lived to be one 110.
20:45 Wow!
20:46 She was such a cutie too, remember?
20:49 Yes, yes. Yeah, that's right.
20:50 Well, that's great information.
20:51 I want to switch gears for a minute
20:53 because I want to talk about
20:55 what's happening on Abundant Living this season.
20:57 Okay. All right.
20:59 What are guys doing on Abundant Living?
21:00 Okay, we're doing a series,
21:02 and we did this at our church at Huntsville,
21:05 it's called HEALERS.
21:06 It's an acronym, HEALERS, HEALERS.
21:10 H, herbal medicine, E, eating,
21:14 A, adoration, prayer, praise, music,
21:18 L, liquids, water and juicing, E, exercise,
21:21 R, rest, S, sunlight and the Son of God, HEALERS.
21:25 You go through that acronym,
21:27 you can start cutting back on drugs, medication,
21:30 and the Belsar 4 side effects safely and effectively
21:33 with a nurse or your primary care physician.
21:36 So you go through that. I'm glad you said that
21:37 because sometimes people will just stop their medication...
21:41 Yes, and don't say anything to nobody else.
21:42 Right.
21:44 And they'll switch over,
21:45 and then they can get into big trouble,
21:46 we're not telling you that,
21:48 know that we're not saying that.
21:50 But we are saying
21:51 that God has given us various things in the earth
21:55 that we can use to get well,
21:57 but always discuss it with your primary care practitioner.
22:00 Absolutely.
22:02 And then with that, we have also
22:03 the cooking portion as well.
22:04 Right. And this is on the program?
22:06 On the program. Oh.
22:07 And one addition,
22:09 I think it's right in front of us
22:10 or I don't know...
22:11 Oh, that's a great segue.
22:13 You wanna go in there now or we're just, you know...
22:14 Let's go. Let's do this segue right now.
22:15 Honey, why don't you just break it down for her?
22:17 Oh, I feel like we've been having all with the shows,
22:19 a lot of brand new recipes.
22:20 What is this? Well, that looks good.
22:22 That is, you ready for this, jackfruit.
22:25 That's one of the new things out right now.
22:26 Jackfruit...
22:28 Get that face, baby, you got the face, honey.
22:29 Barbeque jackfruit with a coleslaw.
22:33 Okay.
22:34 And then we actually have our spicy potatoes,
22:37 so in a different way, you could do potatoes up
22:38 in just frying them up,
22:40 we're baking them with garlic and paprika
22:43 and cumin and coriander.
22:45 Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah. Work it, baby, work it.
22:47 Oh, we're working.
22:48 Now tell a little bit about the jackfruit.
22:49 Just a little bit of history.
22:51 Okay, well, you know,
22:52 I've been hearing a lot of stuff,
22:53 so I thought I'd go and do some history on jackfruit.
22:55 And jackfruit is actually a fruit that can be converted.
22:58 It's actually grown from a tree, a huge tree,
23:01 thick big, and the fruit on it grows up to 125 pounds,
23:07 the jackfruit itself.
23:08 A hundred and twenty-five pounds?
23:10 It is the biggest tree fruit in the world.
23:13 So how does it... It must just sit on the ground.
23:17 No, it comes from the tree. It has to...
23:21 From the vine,
23:22 from one of the branches of the tree.
23:23 You do not want to get hit with the jackfruit.
23:25 No, no, no, no, no.
23:26 And there are several... in a cluster.
23:28 Yes, they grow in a cluster. Oh, they grow in a cluster.
23:29 They're huge like watermelons, bigger than watermelons.
23:32 So do you peel them...
23:33 Cut it with the machete.
23:35 You cut the skin and open up, then take the...
23:37 Well, you know...
23:39 The pods are all inside of it.
23:40 And then inside the pod, there's a seed,
23:42 that's why it's a fruit.
23:43 Okay, the fruit and the seed in the middle.
23:45 Right. Right.
23:46 And so it's a lot of work, but especially in your counties
23:49 like, you know, Jamaica... India...
23:51 India. Like Asia.
23:53 Asia, yes.
23:54 The tropical places,
23:56 but they're bringing to United States,
23:57 you know, everything comes back to US eventually.
23:58 Of course, of course.
24:00 But when we get it here,
24:01 we're actually getting it at Asian market,
24:02 and we're getting it in a can already ready to go
24:04 'cause this thing is gigantic.
24:05 We actually showed it on our program
24:07 what it looked like in the inside of it.
24:08 Okay. Yes.
24:10 So you hook it up with...
24:12 'Cause that is looking mighty, mighty good I got to tell you.
24:16 Well, you know, people are looking for things like,
24:17 you know, pulled pork,
24:19 for those who are still eating the pork thing,
24:20 we're trying to get them converted over
24:22 and the pulled chicken,
24:23 in the south, this is what they eat.
24:25 So how about when you take this fruit,
24:27 and you shred it up inside of a food processor,
24:30 it looks just like pulled chicken and pulled pork.
24:33 Comes from a fruit.
24:34 From a fruit. From a fruit.
24:36 That has the taste between...
24:37 Apples.
24:39 Banana...
24:40 Mango.
24:41 Pineapple and all those flavors together.
24:45 It's kind of a sweet...
24:46 Does it have a sweet taste? Yes.
24:48 Yes. What's the texture like?
24:50 Is it chewy?
24:51 Is it...
24:53 It's chewy. It's soft.
24:54 It's not chewy like regular meat.
24:56 Not that chewy. Yeah.
24:58 It's a little bit more... It's easier more to digest it.
24:59 You don't have to do a lot of chewing of it,
25:01 okay, because it is a fruit.
25:02 But when you shred it up, it looks like meat.
25:04 Right. Right. Okay?
25:05 So vegetarians and vegans can eat it,
25:07 they can all eat it.
25:08 You know, and the barbecue, that's what does it.
25:10 The barbeque, all out, yeah, the onions on it...
25:13 Okay, yes...
25:16 You probably does things that it's not just education
25:20 but it's also the cooking portion as well
25:22 and God has blessed her to look at a recipe
25:26 and figure things out.
25:27 So that's what really makes this ministry
25:29 really come alive,
25:31 application of the cooking
25:32 and information and instruction.
25:34 That's so important because you have the information,
25:37 and then you have the application.
25:38 There you go. Yes, yes.
25:40 And that makes it so unique
25:42 because you're not only telling people,
25:45 you know, "This is why this is good for you.
25:48 Now this is how you can do this for yourself."
25:50 Yes.
25:52 And it's got to be foods that people are used to.
25:53 We try to make sure...
25:54 That's one of the things we like about Abundant Living
25:56 and Dare to Dream is that we want to have the foods
25:59 that people are used to eating in a healthier format.
26:02 So that's the most important thing.
26:04 And introduce them to new stuff.
26:06 That's what I'm saying.
26:07 Which is what that is right there.
26:09 I mean, you know, I got to tell you,
26:10 I would take a potato anyway you give it,
26:12 baked, roasted, not fried unfortunately.
26:16 I mean, that potato right there, oh.
26:19 I'm a potato head as well.
26:21 Are you, really? Hell yes.
26:23 Sweet potato... Yes.
26:25 I'm just like...
26:26 But I'm trying to, you know, not do all that right now.
26:29 What is that?
26:30 That's the coleslaw.
26:31 And that's a different coleslaw,
26:33 instead of just doing regular cabbage, red cabbage,
26:35 green cabbage, and carrots,
26:37 that's got broccoli and kale in it.
26:40 So it's a different blend of a coleslaw.
26:43 It's called super blend.
26:44 Super blend is the name.
26:45 It always comes in a packet, super blend, what it's called.
26:49 This is fabulous.
26:50 You're going to have to watch Abundant Living
26:53 just to get the recipe and the information.
26:56 This information is so incredible.
26:58 What do you...
27:00 Thirty seconds, what do you want to leave with the viewers?
27:03 What do you want them to know?
27:04 Any disease that they have,
27:07 it can be to a certain degree be improved upon
27:11 by just making some adjustments to their lifestyle, right?
27:15 They don't necessarily have to rely on medication
27:18 all their life
27:20 with a nurse or their healthcare professional
27:22 but just make some minor adjustments
27:24 to their lifestyle
27:25 can lessen those dependence on drugs
27:26 because of the Belsar 4 side effects.
27:29 Diseases from drugs are the most incurable,
27:32 most stubborn diseases.
27:35 So we mention that as well. That's deep, right there.
27:38 And we've got five seconds. My main thing is God.
27:40 Yes.
27:42 Lord needs to help,
27:43 call Him, ask Him, He'll help you.
27:44 Bring Him into the midst.
27:46 Listen, He's got to be in there.
27:47 There you go, that's it. Bring Him into the midst.
27:49 Thank you so much, you know I love you guys.
27:50 Well, thank you for helping us. You're so wonderful.
27:51 And I love you too.
27:53 I can't believe we've reached the end of another program.
27:56 Thank you so much for tuning in.
27:58 Make some of these changes, tweak it for yourself,
28:01 and bring God into the mix.
28:03 God bless.
28:04 Join us next time 'cause it wouldn't be the same
28:05 without you.


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