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00:01 Do you think that miracles are a thing of the past?
00:04 Well, stay tuned to meet a man who will share
00:06 the story of God's miraculous interventions in his life.
00:10 My name is Yvonne Lewis Shelton.
00:12 And I'm Jason Bradley,
00:13 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:40 Hello, and welcome to Urban Report.
00:42 I'm your host Yvonne Lewis Shelton.
00:44 And I'm pleased to have as my co-host, my son,
00:48 the general manager of Dare to Dream network,
00:50 Jason Bradley.
00:52 Yay!
00:53 It's good to be here with you.
00:55 Yes, it's so good to be with you Jay
00:57 and to have our special guest here,
01:00 Larren Cole, he is an author, speaker,
01:03 and director of Desire Media.
01:06 Welcome to Urban Report, Larren.
01:07 Thank you, Yvonne.
01:08 Thank you very much, Jason.
01:10 Good to be here. Good to have you.
01:11 Excited to be on Urban Report.
01:12 Yeah.
01:14 It's my first time on Dare to Dream.
01:16 We run into each other at a lot of events.
01:18 We do.
01:19 ASI, GYC...
01:20 Those are highlights for me, Yvonne and Jason.
01:22 Oh, no.
01:25 Nice, nice.
01:26 And we're really glad to have you
01:27 because we've talked to you over the past few years
01:30 and we haven't had a chance to talk to you
01:33 on Dare to Dream.
01:35 And you have such amazing testimonies.
01:38 I mean you have more than one miracle
01:41 that's happened in your life.
01:43 And so we want to just kind of share
01:45 with our viewers your journey.
01:48 So let's talk about your journey?
01:50 Where were you born?
01:51 I was born in Riverside, California.
01:53 Oh.
01:54 I'm a Californian native.
01:55 Okay.
01:57 Yup.
01:58 I went to Loma Linda University,
02:00 graduated there with a degree in physical therapy,
02:02 where I met my wife, Mickey, we have five children.
02:06 And yeah, I am no longer in ministry, I mean,
02:10 in physical therapy anymore which I graduated from.
02:12 But now I'm full time ministry
02:15 working with Desire Media like you mentioned.
02:17 That's wonderful.
02:18 So were you raised in a Christian home?
02:21 What was your home like as a child?
02:22 Our home was a Christian home and an Adventist home.
02:27 My parents were good Christian family.
02:31 But there was a few things missing in our home, like,
02:37 things like family worship
02:38 and things like guarding our environment, you know.
02:44 They were nominal.
02:46 I wouldn't say they were good people,
02:47 but I would say more nominal Christian.
02:50 You know, we knew we are Adventist actually.
02:53 So the only thing I really knew about our religion
02:57 really was that we went to church on a funny day.
03:00 We didn't eat pork.
03:02 So other than that,
03:04 that was that sort of defined my early childhood.
03:07 I knew that was my religion.
03:10 We have a picture of your family.
03:12 And I think they put it before, but let's take a look at it
03:15 and so you can tell us who is who.
03:16 Okay, there is a big tall guy,
03:17 that's my good looking dad who is now deceased.
03:20 He had Parkinson's, he died in 2012 or '11.
03:25 And right on the one side is my mother
03:28 and the funny looking person in front is myself
03:32 with sunglasses.
03:34 So I was really cool, wasn't I?
03:36 And then in the middle, that's my sister,
03:37 my older sister.
03:39 So that was our family
03:40 and that's a picture of us in Bakersfield,
03:42 California.
03:43 And mom is deceased also.
03:46 She had cancer at age 56.
03:49 And so we're kind of orphaned.
03:52 Yeah, it's a strange feeling not having...
03:55 My parents predeceased me when I'm just four years.
04:00 It's just a weird feeling with your parents gone.
04:03 Yeah, when my mother died,
04:05 it was the first real close person
04:08 I've ever had that ever died on me.
04:10 And it was just devastating, I mean,
04:12 it was really hard to cope with.
04:14 How old were you when she died?
04:16 I was probably 29, 30ish somewhere in there.
04:19 Wow.
04:21 How did that make you feel at that particular time
04:23 being so young, 29 or 30, I can't imagine.
04:27 Yeah, she had cancer.
04:28 So yeah, she battled cancer for a while
04:31 and for two years and so.
04:32 Yeah, that just...
04:34 I have never experienced a close person dying.
04:36 You know, a lot of people died.
04:38 Even when I was in seventh grade,
04:39 one of my best friends died.
04:41 But he wasn't close like my mother.
04:44 But, yeah, it was just, that's hard, I mean,
04:47 it's devastating that she was so young,
04:50 you know, she's beautiful.
04:51 She was a beautiful woman and just a wonderful person.
04:54 What kind of impact
04:56 did that have on your faith at that time?
04:58 Well, at that time I had drifted away
05:01 from my belief in God.
05:03 I don't know if you call me an atheist,
05:05 you know, I meet, I know atheists now.
05:08 And atheists are more people who are,
05:10 I would say they're generally angry at God,
05:11 they believe in God, but they say they're atheists.
05:13 So I think they're most,
05:15 for the most part they're angry with God
05:16 so that wasn't me really.
05:17 But I had drifted away from God,
05:19 spent no time with God, my,
05:20 you know, I kind of drifted away
05:22 from my early childhood upbringing,
05:25 and drifted into the world.
05:27 And because of my lifestyle and things like that,
05:30 I had no time to spend with God and so I drifted away
05:32 from my belief in God.
05:34 And I would call myself more of an agnostic at that point.
05:38 And so when she's...
05:39 Her death and we'll get into this,
05:41 I guess a little bit later,
05:42 but her death is a catalyst
05:44 that sort of God used in a powerful way
05:47 to bring me back to God,
05:49 my belief in God, so.
05:51 Yeah, so, it was a blessing
05:52 other than that was very tragic.
05:54 Yes, oh, yes.
05:56 So when you're growing up you had your family.
06:00 You had your dad, your mom,
06:01 you had an intact family growing up.
06:04 And then, and you grew up
06:07 in kind of a nominal Christian environment.
06:11 So what happened in your life that began to pull you
06:16 even further away from God?
06:19 Well, see my dad,
06:21 he became an Adventist to marry with,
06:24 before he married, when he met my mother,
06:25 she kind of helped convert him.
06:28 And she was already grown up in the church.
06:31 She went to La Sierra University.
06:33 She knew Del Delker. Okay.
06:35 She was a real Adventist, you know.
06:36 Yeah, yeah, yeah.
06:38 But, La Sierra and...
06:41 So I would say what happened, so, you know, we grew up,
06:44 my mom and dad sent me to public school
06:47 that nothing against public school,
06:49 I had a good education.
06:51 But it's not the most conducive for spiritual upbringing
06:56 that keep you close to God,
06:57 it's not the place to be really.
06:59 I'm sorry, many of us have to go to public school
07:01 and we were very poor growing up and so.
07:06 My dad, he started out extremely poor.
07:09 He grew up in the humid Arizona in that area in the deserts.
07:13 And he was very, very poor.
07:16 But when he met my mom, he got into farming,
07:19 and he just worked his way up
07:21 from being poor to being a millionaire.
07:23 He became very wealthy.
07:24 And we were used to hard work, he was a farmer,
07:28 you know, a ranch, not a ranch but a farmer,
07:30 a commercial farming
07:31 in the southern San Joaquin Valley
07:33 near the Bakersfield area, so.
07:35 Yeah, it's interesting.
07:36 Excuse me one second
07:37 but it's like when you think of farmers,
07:39 you don't think of wealth, necessarily.
07:42 And that's my ignorance.
07:43 I mean, I just...
07:45 You know, I don't think of wealth.
07:47 Out here, we're driving around in the cornfields
07:49 of southern Illinois here.
07:51 It looks like the other guy with the suspenders on
07:53 and the overalls with the cone hat
07:55 or the straw hat,
07:57 you think of that
07:58 when you're kind of roaming on these little farms,
07:59 but this is commercial farming,
08:01 high tech equipment,
08:02 you know, airplanes spraying,
08:04 these in the southern California.
08:05 This is the bread basket of the world,
08:07 is San Joaquin Valley.
08:08 But so we had about a 1000 acres and my dad just,
08:12 you know, he built, he worked so hard.
08:15 So he worked his way up
08:16 basically from poverty to wealth.
08:20 And see that's, I mean this is Dare to Dream.
08:22 That is. That is Dare to Dream story.
08:23 So we want to know more about what he did?
08:27 He was so poor.
08:28 I mean he told me of stories
08:29 where he had to go out in the desert
08:31 and shoot a jack rabbit just to find some food.
08:33 So yeah, he was really driven
08:37 and worked really hard.
08:40 How did he get his first...?
08:41 Where did the first opportunity come from?
08:43 Well, his opportunities came with my mother's father,
08:46 he was a farmer,
08:48 and he sort of pioneered this area
08:50 in the southern San Joaquin Valley,
08:52 he partnered with Southern Pacific Railroad
08:54 which was leasing out the sections of land.
08:57 And so my dad since he married into the family,
09:00 he got the opportunity to work for grandpa.
09:02 And he tried to work his way into a partnership.
09:05 My grandpa was really reluctant to that.
09:06 So what happened,
09:08 my dad sort of went off on his own for a while.
09:10 And then he was successful there
09:11 and so my grandpa instantly brought him back in...
09:14 That's partnering, now ready for partnering.
09:15 Right, right, right.
09:17 So, and he was a good partner.
09:19 And if you wanted a good partner,
09:20 my dad was a good partner
09:21 'cause he'll put in long, long hours.
09:23 And yeah, so he worked,
09:25 you know, he partnered with banks.
09:27 The banks were always
09:28 big financing part of the farming,
09:30 commercial farming, it's a bank.
09:32 My dad, I remember going with him
09:33 to meetings in the bank
09:34 where they meet and talk about these big numbers
09:36 where they're going to borrow all the money, it was.
09:39 So they borrowed money,
09:40 and they farm, and it's high risk,
09:41 and high reward.
09:43 But you can have some pretty big losses too though.
09:46 Yeah, yeah.
09:47 So how did your dad's work ethic impact you?
09:50 Well, it was good 'cause we spent...
09:53 I learned how to put in long hours, you know.
09:56 I don't know if that was good,
09:57 I guess I was good but he paid us.
09:59 Yeah.
10:01 It was very minimum kind of wage.
10:03 But it was actually before they had a minimum wage
10:05 as I remember the minimum wage coming in
10:07 and all these labor laws coming in back in those days.
10:10 And he didn't like that very much.
10:12 But yeah, so but the only downside was it instilled
10:16 a love of money I think for me.
10:18 You know, I had this desire to be wealthy.
10:23 And the Bible says,
10:25 the love of money is the root of all evil.
10:28 And I found out that is kind of true
10:30 because it's not really the love,
10:32 desire to be wealthy.
10:33 I think that would be a better translation
10:35 the desire to be wealthy
10:36 can lead you into all kinds of evil.
10:39 Absolutely.
10:40 Yeah, so that was there.
10:41 Where did it lead you?
10:43 Well, my mother on the other hand
10:46 just as godly, was pure, you know, saint of a lady.
10:50 I'm surprised she got hooked up with my father,
10:53 but she did and that was ordained.
10:56 She got a tie on him, and cleaned him up quite a bit.
10:58 And she had good intentions for us.
11:02 But like I said we were in public school
11:04 and we learned all kinds of things there,
11:06 you know, out fighting and,
11:09 like I mentioned one of my best friends
11:10 in the seventh grade,
11:12 he was stabbed and shot in a family feud.
11:14 And I ended up being a pallbearer in his funeral.
11:17 But we learn things like, you know, just stealing,
11:20 just things that Christian should not be doing.
11:24 But one day my mother thinking to do a good thing for us,
11:29 she brought home a Christian record,
11:32 seems harmless enough.
11:33 It was a well known Christian group
11:36 at the time like around the 1970 era.
11:40 And if I mention the name which I won't,
11:42 everybody would recognize the group.
11:45 But they didn't have
11:47 contemporary Christian music back then.
11:49 But this might have qualified for that.
11:51 So she brought this album home
11:53 and we were playing it.
11:54 And nine out of the ten songs were good Christian songs folk,
11:59 you know, the traditional, sacred music songs.
12:02 But there was one song on there
12:04 that had sort of a rock and roll
12:06 kind of rhythm in the back
12:08 which is kind of new for that kind of time,
12:09 Christian rock, that was kind of,
12:12 you know, that was kind of almost unheard of.
12:13 Yes.
12:15 But, so when I heard that one song,
12:17 you know, I had not been exposed to that.
12:19 And it's sort of, you know, rock music is,
12:22 it's kind of charming and it's kind of get,
12:25 it got, it charmed me.
12:26 And I thought, so I listen to that song
12:28 over and over again.
12:29 You know, I thought this is cool.
12:31 You know, it makes you feel kind of,
12:32 makes me want to move a little bit and I thought,
12:35 so I played that song over and over.
12:37 My mom hadn't noticed that
12:38 and so since she sort of felt bad
12:39 just to listen to that record.
12:42 Back in those days parents could tell their children
12:45 that rock and roll is bad,
12:47 but they couldn't tell us why.
12:49 I remember that and being confused
12:50 by that a little bit.
12:52 But so that seed was planted in me and it kind of grew,
12:56 you know.
12:58 I got unwatered every once in a while and so...
13:00 Were you musician or singer?
13:02 No, not at all at the time.
13:03 But I took every opportunity to hear that kind of music,
13:08 you know, in public school.
13:10 I remember one day the public school bus,
13:12 they installed a radio on it.
13:14 I mean radio that probably
13:16 wasn't a good idea for the kids.
13:17 But we all want the bus driver
13:19 to tune into the rock and roll station.
13:21 So here I'm listening to this and I'm really,
13:24 I can feel the rhythms there how they kind of
13:27 influence your thinking, you know.
13:29 And so I really got into this.
13:32 And as the years went by,
13:34 I developed a taste for this and I started to take,
13:36 I took drum lessons two years on percussion drum lessons.
13:40 And I decided one day
13:43 under the prompting of a friend of mine up
13:45 and when I had moved out that I decided,
13:47 I want to be in the rock music business,
13:50 you know, crazy, crazy thing to think of but...
13:53 But, so I found another friend a friend of mine.
13:58 His name was Greg
14:00 and he had a similar aspiration,
14:03 a goal in life.
14:05 He wanted to be in the rock music business.
14:06 Here's a picture of Greg on the right,
14:08 I'm the guy with the hat,
14:10 the funny looking guy with the hat on there.
14:11 Greg was a concert pianist.
14:14 And he was the most talented musician
14:16 I think I've ever...
14:18 I mean he could fight anything.
14:19 So he was a really good asset.
14:21 We got together.
14:22 And for some reason I don't know what was wrong
14:24 with use brain,
14:25 we thought we were the most talented
14:28 with greatest passions.
14:30 Now what you...
14:31 Were you playing drums at the time?
14:32 I was playing.
14:34 Yeah, I was a percussionist and the lead singer
14:35 if you can believe that.
14:38 So we got together, we formed this two person,
14:40 what we would call a band,
14:42 new wave rock music kind of thing.
14:44 And I was the singer,
14:47 and there was a picture of us.
14:50 Well, I'll get to that in a second but...
14:54 Well, we actually managed to get a manager.
14:55 A manager picked us up
14:57 and got us introduced us to people
14:59 and our manager one day managed
15:01 to get us a recording contract
15:03 in North Hollywood with a producer.
15:06 It's actually a production contract
15:08 with a guy named Hank Dunning.
15:10 And I tried to find Hank,
15:11 I can't find this guy for the life of me.
15:14 But he presented us a contract.
15:20 We spent a lot of time, Greg and I,
15:21 we spend a lot of time putting together a demo.
15:24 And, you know, looking back, you know, it's just ridiculous.
15:27 But it was actually pretty decent, it was a decent,
15:30 what you would call a demo for that back in those days.
15:32 It was just two of you?
15:33 Just a two of us, yeah.
15:35 So piano and drums.
15:36 Well, yeah, we had multi tracker equipment
15:38 in there,
15:40 so this is recording.
15:41 We had a recording studio.
15:43 We lived on my father's ranch
15:46 on a pink mobile home with a bit of expanding.
15:50 And we were just sort of holed up in there,
15:51 you know, like some bandits
15:53 and then we got to go out and then we'd only come out
15:54 just enough to work a little bit
15:56 as little as we had to get some money for food
15:58 and music equipment.
16:01 So we did, we spent all we had on this ambition.
16:04 So were you immersing yourself in the culture of rock and roll
16:09 as well?
16:11 A little bit.
16:12 But we were more immersing ourselves in our demo.
16:14 Our whole goal was to get a demo because we knew...
16:17 I knew he had talent and he for some reason
16:19 he had faith in my talent, you know.
16:21 And if you want to call that singing,
16:23 you know, you could say we had faith in each other.
16:27 And we just knew
16:29 we were going to go somewhere, you know.
16:30 And were you spiritually at this point?
16:33 Well, you know, I had forgotten God basically,
16:36 you know, but I wasn't thinking about my spirituality,
16:39 you know, no church, you know, I'm on my own,
16:42 I don't have to go to church, you know.
16:43 How old were you?
16:45 This would be early 20's.
16:46 Okay. Yeah, early 20's.
16:48 My parents did their job and when I was out of the nest
16:51 and it was...
16:52 But here I am living on my father's property and so,
16:55 and here we are building our studio
16:57 and building our demo.
16:59 I remember, when I bought my reel to reel,
17:02 back in those days
17:03 we didn't have digital recording.
17:05 So we got a reel to reel multitrack recorder.
17:06 I bought it from the guy who produced the commercial,
17:10 Milk It Does a Body Good.
17:12 You remember that? Oh, yeah.
17:13 Milk It Does a Body Good which is not true really,
17:15 however another story.
17:17 That's another, yeah, it's another conversation.
17:19 But anyway, bought that reel to reel from him.
17:20 We would go to,
17:22 there was a picture up there of West L.A. music
17:23 which is this music store of the stars
17:26 and we would meet people there.
17:27 I got drums there, I got microphones, we would...
17:31 When we had a little bit of money
17:32 that's where we're going.
17:34 We go there and we build our studio.
17:35 Finally we had the demo done.
17:38 And then we've got a manager, can you believe that.
17:41 You know, people believed in us.
17:43 Satan sends these people along to help us out, you know.
17:46 If we're not on the right track,
17:47 the devil is right there to lead us.
17:49 Yes, he is.
17:50 And so we got this recording contract,
17:53 Hank Dunning produced us, he liked it.
17:55 You know he said, "I'll take it."
17:56 And he had the recording contract...
17:58 My manager had a meeting with us,
18:00 he had the contract out there, "Boys,
18:01 all you got to do is sign on the...
18:03 You know, this is like this typical movie you see,
18:04 sign on the line and you're in business."
18:06 Boy, we're going to Capitol Records
18:07 right over the hill.
18:08 And we got a little skeptical,
18:11 you know, I thought that was too easy.
18:13 I thought that Lord did that. Before you signed, you mean...
18:15 We didn't sign it. Okay.
18:18 Let's think about it.
18:20 And you saw a picture of Studio Boulevard,
18:22 and this is where lot of...
18:23 Yeah, see on the left there, Studio Boulevard.
18:25 We went down from, Hank Dunning was upstairs,
18:27 a little studio there and we went across the street,
18:29 there were studios everywhere out there on Studio Boulevard.
18:32 So we just went over there
18:33 and there we found the studio right across the street,
18:35 we thought we're going to check Hank out a little bit.
18:37 Maybe see, know little bit more about this guy
18:40 as we were thinking about it.
18:42 So the studio right across the street had some security,
18:44 we managed somehow to get into the studio
18:46 and we met the producer there.
18:48 He was a producer for Kim Carnes
18:51 and I think Linda Ronstadt, and Neil Young.
18:55 Jason, you know who Neil Young is?
18:56 I don't.
18:57 Good for you.
18:59 But you do, right?
19:00 I know Linda Ronstadt and Kim Carnes.
19:03 You probably know them personally, right?
19:04 No, no, no, no.
19:06 I had never met them, but I know who they are.
19:08 Yeah. Yeah.
19:09 Well, anyway, so we go, hey, we're probably,
19:11 this is better than Hank Dunning over there.
19:12 He had a few names,
19:14 but he didn't have Linda Ronstadt, you know.
19:16 Right, right.
19:17 And so, we said,
19:19 "Wait, do you know anything about the guy
19:20 across the street, there is Hank Dunning."
19:22 And he goes, "Yeah, I know Hank."
19:24 I said, "Well, we've got a contract with him
19:26 and we were wondering if you...
19:28 We're looking for a recommendation."
19:30 And he said, "Well, he said, I know Hank, I don't think,
19:34 he said, I don't think Hank is the right guy
19:36 for you really, I mean, he's a nice man,"
19:38 but he said we might be able to take a look at your demo
19:41 and take a look at if you have one,
19:44 we'll take a look at it.
19:46 You know, 'cause we kind of looked
19:47 the part at the time,
19:48 you know, we had the look, you know, it might sell,
19:50 those guys could, you know, goofy as they look,
19:52 they can probably sell,
19:53 so I'm supposed you're my partner there.
19:55 I was a goof off.
19:59 So you guys were kind of shopping around little bit?
20:01 But we weren't until then.
20:03 As soon as we have the...
20:04 It was too easy to get that contract,
20:06 we thought, "Well, maybe that was too easy."
20:07 So we came back and told Hank, we'll think about it.
20:12 And so we left my manager there,
20:13 we left Hank there, and we went home.
20:15 And for some reason,
20:16 we started to get into trouble, mischief, and even crime.
20:20 I'm sorry to report.
20:21 But just for the thrill of it,
20:24 we would do things that were wrong
20:26 just to impress each other maybe, I'm not sure why.
20:28 But one thing led to another
20:31 and eventually our group broke up,
20:35 and I was arrested one day for a grand-theft-auto,
20:39 and I found myself in court,
20:42 in court facing some very serious charges.
20:47 One of which was grand-theft-auto,
20:49 the other three charges were.
20:51 Well, lying to a police officer,
20:53 receiving stolen goods, selling stolen goods.
20:55 You know, we had been doing things like that.
20:57 And so here I am, I'm in court one day.
21:03 I had already lied to my attorney
21:05 about what happened, you know.
21:07 And I'm at my arraignment.
21:08 You know what arraignment is in court?
21:10 You stand before a judge, you plead guilty or not guilty.
21:13 Well, that's the first step of a trial.
21:15 I pled not guilty, even though I really was guilty.
21:18 And I remember on court day,
21:23 when it was time to go to court.
21:25 Just before the court session started,
21:26 I showed up, you know,
21:28 I haven't slept the night before at all.
21:29 I'm stressed out
21:30 more than I've ever been stressed out in my life.
21:32 And this is stress 'cause I had a lie prepared.
21:34 You know, the Bible says I think in Isaiah 40,
21:36 "There is no peace for the wicked,
21:39 for the lawless person."
21:40 And that's me, and I didn't know a person could experience
21:44 so much stress, you know.
21:46 And so here it is,
21:47 I didn't sleep at all hardly the night before.
21:48 I get to court nervous as can be.
21:51 They put me in a little waiting room in...
21:55 waiting area before,
21:56 where the defendants go
21:58 before they go into the court scene.
22:00 So I'm all by myself in there and waiting, and waiting,
22:02 stressing, and sweating it out and, you know, and thinking,
22:05 trying to rehearse my lie, you know.
22:08 And that is not a comfortable feeling.
22:10 Well, my attorney came in,
22:12 court appointed attorney came into the room,
22:14 he says, he sat down across the table from me
22:17 with a real serious look on his face
22:18 and he said, "Larren, the court wants to make a deal with you."
22:24 He says, it's a plea bargain. You heard of a plea bargain?
22:29 He says, "If you will change your plea to guilty,
22:34 the court will significantly reduce your sentence
22:37 and instead of spending ten years in jail
22:39 if you're found guilty
22:41 you'll only spend two years in jail.
22:43 And that two years can be spent
22:46 on a work release program in 45 days.
22:50 So they really twisted my arm here.
22:52 I mean, I was ready to go in there
22:54 and, you know, do the thing
22:56 I had planned to do which was not a good thing.
22:59 But he left me, he told me about the plea bargain,
23:02 and then he left me to think it over.
23:04 So I'm there thinking it over, what do I do,
23:07 I'm thinking 10 years, are you serious."
23:09 They're going to put 10 years.
23:11 'Cause it was grand-theft Grand-theft-auto.
23:14 Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's not a good thing.
23:16 It's not grand. Grand, yeah.
23:18 Then if you plead guilty and you accept that charges
23:21 with the rest of your life unless...
23:23 I don't even know if you can get
23:24 that expunged to your record.
23:26 I don't know.
23:27 I hope it's expunged by now because...
23:32 So I what I did, I thought it over
23:35 and when he finally came back and I said,
23:37 you know, I'm broke, I said I'll take it,
23:39 I'll take the deal.
23:40 And when that happens, you know,
23:42 the court doesn't actually have to,
23:43 I guess the court recommends that
23:44 or the prosecution recommends that to the judge.
23:48 And there's no telling what the judge
23:49 is going to do with that.
23:52 I guess tradition says
23:54 that he follows the prosecution's recommendations
23:58 and I'm going to hope and I hope they do.
24:00 And so we change our plea.
24:02 I never got to go into the court room.
24:03 I changed my plea to guilty, and I took the deal,
24:09 the plea bargain and sure enough,
24:11 oh, mercy, mercy,
24:13 the court held up there into the bargain
24:14 and I was sentenced to 45 days on a work release program
24:19 which means I didn't have to go to jail,
24:21 I had to report to jail at first
24:23 and sign up for the work release program,
24:24 and then I was released.
24:26 I spent 45 days working on a city parks program
24:32 where I work with these people for,
24:33 I just check in the morning,
24:35 I'm their prisoner for all day, I'm their slave,
24:38 I worked all day for just 45 days and so...
24:43 You know I call my story pleading guilty,
24:46 and the reason I call it pleading guilty
24:47 is because this is a marquee of my testimony.
24:50 But this whole situation reminds me, it works,
24:56 it fits so perfectly into the Bible,
24:58 the gospel message of 1 John 1:9 where it says,
25:01 "If we confess our sins,
25:04 God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins
25:08 and to cleanse us from unrighteousness."
25:12 That's a plea bargain, isn't it?
25:13 Yes.
25:15 And so I didn't realize that at the time.
25:16 You know, I had been converted yet.
25:18 But I was just so happy to be off, sort of,
25:21 scot free if you will.
25:23 But later on that when I found Jesus
25:25 and I'll tell you about that a little bit.
25:27 But I found Jesus, that hit me really hard.
25:29 1 John, when I read my Bible for the first time and read,
25:32 I got to that point, I realized,
25:34 that's exactly what the Lord
25:36 was teaching me in this plea bargain.
25:37 He says, you plead guilty, confess your sins,
25:41 I got a plea bargain for you, just plead guilty,
25:43 confess and I'll cleanse you from unrighteousness.
25:47 I won't even make you spend 45 days
25:48 on a work release program.
25:51 Yeah, it's...
25:54 I'm listening to you and I'm thinking to myself,
25:57 well, your situation is so different
26:00 from so many others
26:01 who get so much longer convictions
26:06 and longer sentencing terms.
26:08 And, you know, all of this mass incarceration
26:11 that's going on in the black community and stuff.
26:14 It's appalling to me and it's, you know, thank God,
26:19 we serve a God who is fair because life here is not.
26:24 You know, it's a fair in a way,
26:26 but don't you think it's a little unfair
26:27 the way we are actually forgiven
26:30 and cleansed, that's not fair, isn't it?
26:32 Yeah, but you know, well, that's true,
26:33 He doesn't treat us as we deserve.
26:35 Yeah. Yeah.
26:36 When you think of fairness,
26:38 you think of being treated as you deserve to be.
26:39 No, we are not treated as we deserve to be, thank God.
26:43 Praise the Lord. That's right.
26:45 So that we could be treated the way He deserve.
26:48 Absolutely.
26:50 Yes, so I remember sharing the story one time in a church
26:51 and a lawyer was in the audience,
26:53 and he came up to me and he felt bad,
26:56 he says, "You know why
26:57 they offered you that plea bargain."
26:59 You know, he was a prosecuting attorney.
27:00 And he says, Probably
27:01 'cause they don't have enough evidence on you."
27:03 I thought, "Oh, great."
27:05 Maybe you could have been free. You could have beat the case.
27:07 Right. Oh, my.
27:08 Probably could have beat the case and never probably,
27:10 because that sounds pretty cutting from 10 years
27:12 down to 45 days over there
27:14 for two years, I didn't like that.
27:15 I didn't like 10 years of course
27:17 but I didn't like two years either.
27:18 But 45 days, I can do that.
27:19 And that's what they tend to do to
27:22 is come in and offer you these plea bargains,
27:25 and trump up all these charges, and then say,
27:27 "Okay, well this sounds,
27:29 you'll be like well this sounds really horrible.
27:31 I better just take this,"
27:33 you know because really if they were to try every case
27:38 the judicial system would shut down,
27:40 there's no way they can try every single case in court.
27:43 So they offer these plea bargains
27:45 and then people accept them
27:47 and then so that gets them off the docket.
27:50 They would clutter up the court
27:51 and get us out of there, move along.
27:53 So how did you find the Lord,
27:56 if but your life had obviously spiraled.
27:58 Oh, yeah.
27:59 So at this point,
28:01 I have lost my connection with God really,
28:03 you know, I'm like atheist and agnostic.
28:05 I don't believe.
28:06 I doubt the existence of God at this point.
28:08 So the turning point...
28:11 Well, my mom got sick.
28:13 My mom got sick with cancer.
28:15 And before that happened I had just, I decided,
28:19 you know, I went out and I forgot the music,
28:20 I'm not going to do this music stuff anymore.
28:22 We just sort of had bad experiences.
28:24 I said, "Well, I'm gonna do
28:26 is I'm gonna go out and pursue a business."
28:28 And so I started the car business,
28:30 and I got a dealership, I got a dealer's license,
28:33 you know, and I had a partner, and we started doing cars.
28:36 And a guy came into the office
28:38 and bought a Volkswagen convertible from me.
28:40 And he happened to be an intern from Loma Linda University.
28:43 And he invited me to... We became friends,
28:45 he invited me to come down and live with him,
28:47 he had a open room in his apartment
28:49 down in Southern California and near Loma Linda.
28:52 And so I did.
28:54 And one day he invited me to a Bible study.
28:56 It was occurring in the local area,
28:59 it was in Redlands, California near Loma Linda.
29:01 And I thought, "Well, okay, Bible study, well, let's go,
29:03 let's go, maybe there's some people I could meet,
29:05 you know, some girls or whatever."
29:07 And I thought, "Well, I'll go down there
29:08 and do Bible study."
29:10 We got there.
29:11 The Bible study was so full of people,
29:12 was is very popular,
29:14 there must have been 100 people in this guy's home.
29:16 And I never even saw the man presenting the Bible study.
29:19 So we got in there,
29:21 there was people lined up around the edge of the house,
29:22 all lined up to hear,
29:24 to participate in the Bible study.
29:25 The only place I could find is that was in the kitchen
29:28 up against the refrigerator.
29:29 And so I squeezed in between two people
29:31 and I said hello to one on the right
29:33 and I said hello to the one on the left.
29:34 And I look back on my left
29:35 and it was my long lost cousin Steve sitting right there,
29:39 a man who had,
29:40 he had married my cousin years ago,
29:42 and they got divorced,
29:43 and then we lost track of him,
29:44 and I haven't seen him in years.
29:46 And I go, "Steve, what are you doing here?"
29:48 And he said "Oh man,
29:49 I'm in school Loma Linda University,"
29:52 he is a physical therapy student.
29:53 I said "Well, I'm in the car business,"
29:55 and I told him that it's up and down,
29:57 it's like a roller coaster,
29:58 you know, you can make money
30:00 and then also you're losing money.
30:01 And he said, "Oh, you got to do what I'm doing."
30:03 He says, "I'm going to school, I will be a physical therapist,
30:07 the pay is good, the job market is wide open."
30:10 I thought, "Well, if he can do it,"
30:11 you know, he actually talked me
30:13 into going to physical therapy into school.
30:15 And so I went back,
30:17 I started getting my prerequisite,
30:18 I met my wife, Mickey,
30:20 she wasn't my wife when I met her,
30:22 but she was actually over it.
30:25 I went over to Steve's house to visit him.
30:27 He had an apartment and his roommate was there.
30:30 He had a roommate, and she, my wife, Mickey,
30:32 to be was over there visiting the roommate one day,
30:35 and so I came in there
30:36 and I was no longer interested in Steve.
30:38 Visiting Steve always and now I wanted to visit Mickey,
30:40 you know.
30:42 She was beautiful.
30:43 And I found out she was two weeks away
30:45 from graduating from Loma Linda University.
30:48 I thought, well, that could come in handy
30:49 you know got a job coming up.
30:51 She was in dental hygiene in the dental school there.
30:54 And so I found out and I'm in the car business,
30:57 so I asked Mickey,
30:59 I try to think of things to say to
31:00 or to start up a conversation.
31:02 I just wanted to say, "Well, what you're going to do
31:04 when you graduate you've got two weeks to go,
31:05 what you're going to do?"
31:07 She said, "Well, I'm going to get a job,
31:08 and I'm going to finally buy my first car."
31:10 And I told, "What you're going to buy?"
31:11 She said, "Well, I'm going to buy a white BMW,
31:14 a two door, 5 speed with the sunroof, 325i."
31:19 And I thought she was joking
31:21 because right outside of the house of the apartment
31:23 she didn't see me come up
31:24 was a white 325i BMW convertible, 5speed.
31:28 It was like the most uncanny thing.
31:31 It was exactly what she described, the color,
31:33 the model, almost to the mileage.
31:35 And this was your car?
31:37 It was in our dealer inventory.
31:38 Yeah, I was driving, I just drove it to, you know...
31:42 So God used that as the catalyst.
31:44 You know God just set this up.
31:45 He saw Steve here, my cousin, physical therapy, visit him,
31:49 meet Mickey, and Mickey ended, we ended,
31:51 I ended up giving her the car, then we got married.
31:54 And she helped me go through school,
31:57 she put me through school and I got loan,
32:00 my dad wouldn't help me at all,
32:02 because I had already let him down before.
32:04 He sent me to school at an early age
32:05 and I just squandered his hope to wish in and everything,
32:08 I was totally unfocused.
32:11 So I was on my own
32:12 and it was a real hardship to get through school,
32:14 you know, the finances and everything.
32:17 Credit cards, we ended up selling that BMW
32:19 just before I graduated to pay for part of my tuition.
32:21 We sold everything we had and my wife scrimped
32:24 and put us through.
32:26 But about this time my mother got sick,
32:28 you know, while I'm in school
32:30 and she would ask me to come over
32:31 and read to her the Bible of all things, you know.
32:35 I'm not even...
32:36 I mean, I love my mother.
32:38 So just out of love
32:40 she's laying in the living room on her sick bed
32:42 which turned out to be her deathbed eventually.
32:44 For two years she sat in this condition.
32:47 And so she would ask me to come over and sit
32:48 and just read her spiritual books
32:50 and the Bible which I would do
32:52 and I would read the Bible hour after hours,
32:55 just read to her what I could.
32:56 And eventually she passed away.
33:00 And so that devastated me.
33:03 I thought she was going to get well.
33:04 You know, I don't do good with death so well.
33:08 But I thought she was getting well.
33:10 So it was just really a hard thing for me.
33:13 But it was exactly what I needed.
33:15 I needed to realize my life is terminal,
33:18 you know, life is actually temporary.
33:20 You know when you're young
33:21 and you're out there trying to pursue your dreams,
33:23 me, me, me, you know, wealth, and me, and all that stuff.
33:27 You don't really think about your life has an ending.
33:30 You know, there's an ending.
33:32 If you don't have God, that's a big ending.
33:34 Right. Right.
33:35 It's a permanent ending. Permanent ending.
33:37 So the Holy Spirit used all that.
33:40 So one day I'm in anatomy
33:42 and physiology class at a public school,
33:44 I'm getting these prerequisites,
33:46 one of the prerequisites
33:47 for getting into physical therapy school
33:48 was anatomy and physiology.
33:51 This is the turning point.
33:53 So here I am, I'm in a huge lecture hall,
33:54 it's amphitheater, Ron, ex drill sergeant,
33:58 marine drill sergeant is the teacher,
33:59 and he's an ex Seventh-day Adventist too.
34:01 Oh, wow.
34:02 Nothing against the church, he just said,
34:04 he didn't have time for religion, you know...
34:07 That's probably the right,
34:08 really that's the true church he sought.
34:09 But I don't care,
34:11 you know, he didn't really care about religion,
34:12 he was a teacher.
34:14 He was teaching on cellular mitosis
34:16 or cell metabolism was our class
34:18 and how the cell divides.
34:20 And so pencil in hand paper notes,
34:22 all the students are taking notes,
34:25 and I'm listening to the lecture
34:26 on how the cell divides, and how the cell functions.
34:29 And he started explaining all the intricate details
34:32 of how a cell divides
34:34 and how the cell functions, but it's so complex.
34:37 He says the body you've got 10 trillion cells,
34:39 now I think they say it's got 100 trillion cells
34:41 and each one of the cells
34:42 has all these things, there's a membrane,
34:45 there's a cytoplasm inside, there's the lysosomes
34:47 and all these different things, a nucleus in the middle,
34:50 there's a DNA molecule.
34:53 And he was describing it,
34:54 we're studying how the processes work,
34:56 how this stuff works.
34:57 And I'm flabbergasted at this point,
35:00 for a person that doesn't believe in God,
35:02 this is awfully hard to swallow,
35:03 you know, 'cause this is complex.
35:06 They've got more intense when he started to describe
35:08 what happens when they're dividing,
35:10 we started to describe the DNA,
35:11 we started studying the DNA molecule,
35:13 the deoxyribonucleic acid.
35:15 This is what scientists consider
35:18 the most complex structure in the universe,
35:20 the DNA, and you can't even see it.
35:23 You can see on electron microscope.
35:26 So he's describing the function,
35:27 what happens in the DNA, he says,
35:29 "This DNA molecule contains the genetic blueprint
35:32 of how your body is designed, and formed,
35:34 and how it's going to build.
35:36 It's the blueprint like a architect's blueprint.
35:39 And there's 10 trillion of them,
35:40 every cell has one.
35:41 He says when they go to divide
35:44 after all these processes take place,
35:46 there's a nucleus and a blank,
35:48 sort of a blank DNA molecule in the newly formed cell.
35:52 He says now to get that genetic blueprint,
35:55 the code into the new one,
35:56 we have another molecule called the RNA molecule.
35:59 He says, now what that RNA molecule does
36:01 is it sort of transcribe and dictate,
36:04 it takes all the information from the original DNA molecule,
36:09 and then it goes on a journey.
36:10 He says, it transverses through the membrane into the new cell
36:13 and it deposits
36:18 the code into the new DNA molecule.
36:22 And that's about all I could take.
36:23 I put my pen down and I'm like,
36:27 I'm no longer listening to this class
36:29 on how cells divide and mitosis.
36:31 I'm listening to a class on the existence of God.
36:34 There's no doubt in my mind now this is not spontaneous...
36:40 Coincidence. Coincidence. Nothing like that.
36:43 And the Holy Spirit was just whispering,
36:45 He said the Holy Spirit is interesting
36:47 because He knows exactly when to approach you
36:51 with this kind of stuff,
36:52 and he approached me strongly at this point.
36:54 He's saying in my mind, my mind is telling me,
36:56 there's a God out there.
36:58 There's no way what Ron is describing
37:01 is just mechanical and happenstance.
37:04 This is a God with a complex guy
37:06 with a design in mind.
37:08 And so I put my pen down
37:09 and didn't take any more notes the rest of day.
37:12 And I decided right then and there,
37:15 I want to know this God 'cause there's a God.
37:18 I'm absolutely sure of that.
37:20 And he also...
37:21 The Holy Spirit impressed me where to find this God
37:23 because of reading my Bible,
37:24 the Bible to my mother and watching her die.
37:26 She died with peace.
37:28 She was just at peace, never complained.
37:30 I don't think I ever heard my mother complain,
37:32 going to radiation, and chemo, and pain for two years,
37:36 not a plea, not a complaint,
37:38 maybe I'm thirsty or something like that.
37:40 But she died with peace.
37:42 And then I realized the reason she had the peace
37:44 was because she knew her maker, she knew this God.
37:48 And so I wanted to know this God.
37:49 And so, oh,
37:51 you got to and I knew where to find Him,
37:52 it's in the Bible.
37:54 And so I got a Bible, you know, I'm gonna go find God.
37:56 You know, I was thoroughly committed.
37:58 I knew I was probably going to have to give up things.
38:02 I thought my life
38:04 was going to be kind of tough from now on.
38:05 It's going to be kind of unfun.
38:07 I'm going to lose all my privileges.
38:10 Whatever, I'm not going to have fun anymore.
38:12 But I decided even though
38:14 I wasn't going to have fun in life anymore,
38:16 I decided I'm going to do it anyway
38:18 because I don't want to go to that burning place
38:20 or whatever the consequences, I want the eternal life.
38:22 I want to be with my mother.
38:24 And so I decided and I think that every Christian
38:27 that's going to end up in a saving relationship
38:29 with Jesus in heaven
38:31 has to make that commitment, don't you think?
38:33 No matter what make the commitment.
38:35 Yes.
38:37 To know God. To know God.
38:38 And to pursue knowing God.
38:40 Without wavering. And you know what?
38:43 Even that decision comes from God.
38:46 It must have.
38:47 Even that decision...
38:48 'Cause I put my foot down.
38:50 I finally said, I'm going to do it.
38:51 Yeah, even that determination comes from Him.
38:54 So for the viewer who says,
38:57 "Why I don't really feel like that."
38:59 Ask God to help you to feel like that.
39:01 Oh, absolutely.
39:02 And let me tell you along this line.
39:04 Yeah. Okay, so I get the Bible.
39:07 You know, and by the way
39:08 when I did become a Christian became committed,
39:09 I found out I didn't give up anything,
39:11 I just gained everything. That's right.
39:13 That was I was waiting for.
39:15 It's not that bad, it's great. Whatever, it's so much fun.
39:17 Yes. Oh, yeah.
39:18 So here I get the Bible and I try to read it.
39:21 Because of my lifestyle and all things I've been,
39:23 I couldn't understand what I was reading.
39:25 You know, the devil had a little bit of control
39:27 over my thinking.
39:28 Wasn't a devil possessed person or anything.
39:31 But the devil, like the parable Jesus tells about the seeds
39:35 that were planted on the wayside
39:36 and the birds came and snatched away,
39:38 the devil is that snatcher.
39:40 So I'm reading, I'll read a text,
39:41 the devil will just go and laugh and snatch it out,
39:43 so I could not contemplate what I was reading.
39:46 Were you reading King James Version?
39:48 I don't remember I would assume so 'cause that was a prominent.
39:51 And I love the King James. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
39:54 However, you're right,
39:55 the King James can be a little hard to understand...
39:57 Yeah, for those
39:58 who aren't used to it, you know.
39:59 My kids actually, all my kids learn to read
40:01 by reading the King James Bible.
40:03 That's got to be supernatural,
40:05 they know how to read, you know.
40:06 They learn reading itself.
40:07 I would read with them and preach them
40:09 and it's like riding a bicycle pretty soon,
40:10 the training wheels come out and all soon they're going.
40:12 It's just like they learned it from the Bible.
40:15 And so after my second or third child,
40:17 I realize that this is how you teach people to read,
40:19 you know, God is going to help.
40:21 But so here I am struggling
40:23 with my comprehension of what I'm reading.
40:25 And I'm not enjoying this at all.
40:28 And finally I get to a text like in Philippians 2:5.
40:32 You know, I think we have a graphic of Philippians 2:5.
40:35 The Bible says, "Let this mind be in you
40:37 that is also in Christ Jesus."
40:39 So something finally spoke to me.
40:42 I realize I'm struggling with my mind now.
40:45 I can't understand what I'm reading.
40:47 And so I said, "Hey, wait a minute,
40:49 let me ask God, if God really does exist
40:51 which I know He does.
40:53 And if salvation is found in the Bible,
40:55 maybe He could make me like the Bible."
40:58 This text here says,
40:59 we could have the mind of Christ.
41:02 If God wants me to like the Bible
41:04 and wants to be saved, salvation is found there,
41:07 He might be able to do something about this.
41:08 And so I got on my knees.
41:10 And I asked God, I said, "God,
41:12 please help me understand what I'm reading.
41:13 Right now I'm not enjoying it.
41:15 I can't understand it.
41:16 You know I found myself just tasting the Bible.
41:18 I didn't like it, hated it, you know."
41:20 I hated my experience 'cause I need to find God,
41:23 you know, and I'm not finding it.
41:24 And so, said, God if you want me
41:25 to like this book, make me like it.
41:27 Amen.
41:29 And I didn't expect an answer really, you know.
41:31 I never had big answers to prayer.
41:34 But as soon as I got open the book back up
41:35 and I started reading and instantly
41:37 it was like a light switch went on,
41:39 understood everything.
41:40 And I found myself, "Wow!
41:42 Liking when I was reading."
41:44 I read some more and I read some more.
41:45 And I got, thank you God.
41:46 Yes.
41:48 It opened a whole new world for you.
41:49 It sure did.
41:50 Romans 12:2,
41:52 "Be not conformed to this world,
41:53 but be transformed by renewing the mind."
41:56 I read that and I go,
41:58 God is actually able to
41:59 make you like the things you should like.
42:01 And so I'm praying God again.
42:03 Make me like what You want me to like.
42:05 He started changing my life, you know,
42:07 and instead of finding the things
42:09 I thought would be distasteful,
42:11 actually I like Christian music now.
42:13 I like listening to Yvonne Lewis on 3ABN.
42:16 Praise the Lord.
42:17 And I love all this stuff.
42:19 And so I pray.
42:21 I recommend, I would say that would be the highlight
42:23 of my testimony right there, Philippians 2:5.
42:27 Ask God to make you like...
42:28 So if your viewers are having trouble
42:31 with comprehending the Bible or liking things,
42:33 you think, oh, what a burden to like spiritual things.
42:37 Just open your Bibles up to Philippians 2:5,
42:40 get on to your knees, and ask God
42:42 to make you like the things you should like.
42:44 And I guarantee you,
42:46 your money back guarantee if it doesn't do it.
42:49 You can have your money back.
42:50 But God will do a miracle for you and make you like.
42:53 And so now I'm hungry and thirsty,
42:54 the Bible is just everything to me now.
42:56 Oh, that's so great.
42:57 That's so great.
42:59 So you went from studying to now teaching too, correct?
43:03 So you do seminars and all of that?
43:06 Well, we travel around.
43:07 And I do Revelation seminars.
43:09 Our Revelation seminar is called Revelation 101,
43:13 a survival training course.
43:15 And I think we have a graphic of that.
43:17 We have a graphic of that, yeah.
43:19 I like to travel around and there it is,
43:22 a survival training course.
43:23 On the top, it says, life is temporary,
43:25 choose to make it permanent.
43:28 Besides this, these are our one month long crusades.
43:32 I do a lot of, number of weekend seminars now.
43:35 And we do one on a modern day resurrection,
43:37 we do one on surviving the mark of the beast
43:39 when you can't buy or sell.
43:41 And then we have on what it's called animals
43:45 and people that rest on Saturday.
43:48 We do film production and we did a...
43:50 Go ahead, Jay.
43:52 You said a modern day resurrection.
43:54 What is that about?
43:55 That's the story of myself.
43:57 We had, when my family started growing,
44:00 our third child drowned in a pond one day.
44:03 And I rescued him out of there.
44:05 but it was probably about 30 minutes
44:06 after he'd already been dead.
44:08 Pulled him out of the pond.
44:09 And through the series of miracles,
44:13 God brought him back to life.
44:15 Thirty minutes after...
44:16 Probably about 28 to 30 minutes.
44:18 And it could have been longer, he had time to float out
44:21 into the middle of this pond, face down.
44:23 And I had just been,
44:25 it was my day to watch the kids.
44:26 Mom went to work.
44:28 We're already living in the country,
44:29 we moved out of the city.
44:31 But anyway, she was at work and I wasn't watching the kids
44:34 as closely as I should have been.
44:36 I mean, I had rather a real big major fail that day.
44:38 How old was he?
44:40 He was about two and a half.
44:41 Okay. Yeah.
44:42 And my daughter came up to me during the day, my afternoon,
44:46 I was working on my computer,
44:48 went outside just to check on the kids,
44:49 my daughter came up to me
44:50 and very patiently waited her turn
44:52 while I was dressing a wound on the other kids.
44:54 And she told me that when she got her turn she said,
44:57 "Jackson drowned."
44:59 And I said why didn't you interrupt me
45:01 and tell me a little about 10 minutes ago."
45:04 Anyway I went down and looked everywhere from...
45:06 We had a pond on our 37 acres.
45:08 And I found, finally went down there
45:09 and there he was floating face down.
45:12 I drove in.
45:13 My little Kennedy which was just an infant,
45:16 and I had just dropped her, I went in there,
45:18 rescued him out,
45:19 took a long time to get him out of there.
45:21 I rest him out.
45:22 He wasn't breathing.
45:23 No pulse, no breath, you know.
45:25 I had, I was in medical field
45:27 so I assessed his vital signs and nothing.
45:30 And he was cold.
45:33 And so I just screamed out to God,
45:36 you know after sitting there for a longest time, you know.
45:39 Alex came and I'm going, "He's dead.
45:40 What do we do?
45:42 What do we tell mom when she comes home,
45:43 you know, she's at work."
45:45 But we had a pretty bad day today, Mom.
45:48 So I was like, God, do something.
45:50 I just said, do something, not expecting to do anything.
45:53 And when I yelled at God to do something
45:56 which is very irreverent I guess.
45:57 But a little bubble came out
45:59 of his mouth and nose, he bubbled.
46:01 And a little voice spoke to me and said,
46:03 "Now would be a good time to try CPR."
46:06 A voice actually told me just
46:09 now would be a good time to try CPR.
46:11 And I go, well, I wasn't thinking CPR is cold.
46:13 This is way past...
46:16 But I tried and I did very clumsily,
46:20 I tilted his head back,
46:21 pinches nose off, gave him a breath.
46:23 He, you know, chest went up and exhaled, but no inhale.
46:26 Voice said, "Keep trying."
46:28 And I did it again nothing.
46:29 I did it third time.
46:31 And finally he inhaled.
46:33 Automatic, you know, reflex.
46:36 He inhaled and then
46:37 he started moaning and groaning.
46:39 He's moaning, he came back to life, called 911.
46:42 We got him in the ambulance,
46:44 took him to the nearest hospital,
46:46 and he was in way just dead.
46:48 I almost wish I hadn't revived him
46:50 because he was now just
46:52 eyes rolled back in the head, he's moaning,
46:53 every muscle in his body is toned up,
46:55 he's in horrible condition.
46:56 Oh, man.
46:58 So here the miracle in that story is basically that
47:01 he's in the ER room, hospital full of nurses,
47:04 they're not getting anywhere.
47:06 But they do, they pumped
47:08 about two or three gallons of water out of his lungs.
47:11 And they had him on a heater, his core temperature
47:13 was way below at resettable level,
47:16 that ENT had told me and he was,
47:19 looks like he's permanently brain damaged forever,
47:22 badly brain damaged.
47:24 And I've worked in physical therapy work
47:26 with drowning victims
47:28 and they don't for the most part get well,
47:29 they just, we just improve their function level,
47:31 but he was the worst I've ever seen.
47:35 A voice told me again, asked me for another miracle.
47:38 And so I went out, and the nurse invited me
47:40 to go out and change, I changed, I got on my knees,
47:42 and I ask God for another miracle.
47:44 I said, what a beautiful miracle,
47:45 You brought him back to life.
47:47 And here he prompted me to ask for another miracle.
47:49 I said, I don't know what you can do,
47:51 but I'm asking for the miracle, You're asking me
47:54 to ask for a miracle, I want that miracle.
47:55 So I went back in the ER room.
47:57 And here he is laying there.
47:59 He was just like curled up, his eyes are rolled back,
48:01 and he's still moaning, he's groaning.
48:02 Yeah.
48:04 I mean, he's so incoherent.
48:06 I walk back and I'm not sure how God is going to answer
48:08 the prayer, so I just looked at him
48:09 and I said, "Jackson, are you cold?"
48:11 And I reached out, he didn't answered.
48:12 I reached and touched him to see if he was cold.
48:15 And as soon as my hand touched his chest,
48:17 his whole body just relaxed.
48:18 His eyes rolled back, he turned his head,
48:21 looked at me, and said, "Yes."
48:23 And he was just completely restored by a touch...
48:28 I'm telling you that just makes me want to cry.
48:30 I didn't expect that.
48:32 Everybody...
48:33 As soon as you touched him.
48:34 As soon as I touched him.
48:36 It almost scared me.
48:37 I mean, I touched his body,
48:39 you know, not expecting a miracle.
48:40 I'm not sure what God was going to do.
48:42 I thought he'd slowly get well again,
48:44 you know, about a little bit if anything.
48:47 But it was his whole body relaxed.
48:50 His whole consciousness came back to me.
48:52 He looked at me.
48:53 Looking right in my eye and answered my question
48:55 as if he heard me and said yes.
48:57 And all the nurses that were in the,
48:59 you know, every one of the hospital nurses,
49:01 in the small town hospital was there,
49:03 and the doctors were all there, and they start cheering.
49:06 They all just started clapping and saying, "Praise the Lord,"
49:09 you know these who I don't know they're Christian or what.
49:12 But they were praising God.
49:15 And he was restored from that moment on.
49:17 And you have a book about that you've written.
49:19 We sure do.
49:20 We got a book called A Modern Day Resurrection.
49:22 And that's been a really big blessing in our lives.
49:25 Yes. Praise the lord.
49:26 It's up on the screen now.
49:28 Yes. Okay, yeah.
49:29 A Modern Day Resurrection.
49:30 A Modern Day Resurrection.
49:32 And now we have a whole similar series
49:33 on just on the 12 resurrection stories in the Bible.
49:36 You know because they mean so much to me.
49:38 Yes.
49:39 We need your websites so that people can contact you,
49:43 you know, to get these books, and tapes, and all of that.
49:48 Oh, you want that now.
49:49 Yeah. Give it to us.
49:51 Oh, you can have it for free.
49:53 Our website is desiremedia.org.
49:56 www.desiremedia.org.
50:00 You can email me Larren@desiremedia.org.
50:05 We have an 800 number, 800-780-9390.
50:09 And we're on the road almost constantly
50:12 traveling around and doing
50:15 if not revelation seminars, we're doing weekend seminars.
50:18 And on the way back from here we're stopping
50:19 and doing another one in Colorado.
50:21 And you've been having baptisms.
50:24 We've been having baptisms.
50:26 Yeah, that's comes with our revelation.
50:27 And praise God for those.
50:29 Those are the highlights.
50:31 And you've also done a documentary, right?
50:33 Okay, yeah.
50:35 That's what's circulating currently.
50:36 That's what we'll be doing in Colorado this week
50:38 and we'll be talking about the seventh day beavers.
50:40 Tell us about that.
50:41 We have about...
50:43 Now this happened when we moved out
50:44 of the country and to out of the city,
50:46 I mean into the country.
50:48 God worked on our hearts
50:50 to just get out of the city, and let's move to the country,
50:52 and we found miracle after a miracle.
50:54 Someone offers a free home and moved up
50:56 in the Modoc National Forest.
50:57 I mean we really moved to the country.
50:59 I mean it was beaver country.
51:02 And so on a Sabbath afternoon walk one day
51:04 and I come across this big huge beaver dam, you know.
51:07 And that to me for a city guy, it's just, wow, this is nature,
51:11 we have arrived, found nature.
51:14 I saw him come back Sabbath after, Saturday after Saturday,
51:17 take these little walks out there,
51:18 and I'd bring the family, and we'd look at them,
51:20 no beavers, all we would see is the results of their work,
51:24 the dam, the large, huge I mean like a six foot tall,
51:28 giant, large dam there.
51:31 And I thought, "Well, beavers are hard to find, right?"
51:34 But one day I went out there on a non Saturday day and there
51:37 they were just working, just doing things.
51:39 And I couldn't believe it.
51:41 I got my camera out and I started filming,
51:44 and I went back the next Saturday,
51:45 brought the family, you know.
51:46 And no beavers,
51:48 they didn't come out on Saturday.
51:50 And so I remember back before I moved out of the city,
51:54 we had a apartment right next to us
51:56 where a guy named Bill lived.
51:57 Bill told me out of the blue one day
51:59 that he noticed the bees in this orange groves nearby
52:02 would fly in these patterns
52:04 every day of the week except for Saturday.
52:05 On Saturdays they wouldn't fly.
52:07 And he just told me that out of the blue.
52:09 Didn't mean anything to me at the time.
52:11 But I did realize, well, that's must be
52:13 because God's Sabbath is on Saturday, and so,
52:16 but it stuck in my mind and when I came back
52:18 and I would see them on Wednesday,
52:20 I'd see them on Sunday,
52:21 but I wouldn't see them on Saturday.
52:23 I said, I wonder if these bees
52:26 or beavers are doing what Bill's bees are doing.
52:29 So I got the crazy idea to take my camera out there
52:32 and do a observational study.
52:34 You know, I learned a little bit
52:36 about the scientific method, you observe,
52:37 you collect data, and I said I want to do that.
52:39 This is an awesome project the kids going to help.
52:41 And so for like the next three years,
52:43 I'm doing this is before work, after work.
52:46 I'm studying on beavers.
52:48 And we have a trailer.
52:49 Don't we have a little clip from that?
52:52 Let's show it. We do.
52:53 That would explain the whole thing.
52:54 Yeah.
53:09 It all started when we move out of the city.
53:14 We moved way up here.
53:16 Way up to this remote area by the Modoc National Forest.
53:22 Here I discovered this really neat beaver colony.
53:27 I was so excited by this close encounter
53:30 with nature that I started to film
53:32 with the video camera.
53:35 That's when I made a remarkable observation.
53:40 These beavers were out and about every day of the week
53:43 except Saturdays.
53:45 I was never able to get any pictures on Saturdays.
53:51 So I decided to do a little study,
53:54 the incredible results I want to share with you
53:57 in this documentary I call the 7th Day Beavers.
54:12 Isn't it amazing how the Creator God
54:16 created the animals and the insects
54:19 to even observe the Sabbath?
54:21 I mean, that's amazing.
54:23 He left His print, right?
54:24 That's right.
54:26 I mean, His imprint of creation.
54:27 You know, we've lost that, haven't we?
54:29 Mankind generally has lost
54:31 the idea that God created us in six days.
54:33 Oh, yeah.
54:35 So the Sabbath is a memorial of that event.
54:38 That's right.
54:39 And I have only studied this one family beavers.
54:41 So I don't know what other beavers do.
54:43 But I've heard a number of other stories.
54:45 In fact we're hoping to do a follow up documentary
54:48 if we can get the funding
54:49 as called Animals that rest on Saturday.
54:51 Because we've had a numerous stories coming in,
54:54 doctors, neuroscientist gave me a story.
54:57 Things we're studying, Dr Greenway in South America
55:01 just been studying circadian rhythms.
55:03 He wants to know about us.
55:04 We're flying to Australia
55:05 to do a program on evolution and creation
55:07 in March, it's about, it's called Origins.
55:10 Nice.
55:11 And this beaver story has turned out
55:14 to be an amazing witnessing tool.
55:16 It's bringing people into the church.
55:19 I did a seminar in Montana just recently.
55:22 And I met, a little boy came out to me,
55:23 a six year old boy came out to me, he started hugging me.
55:26 And I was like, what's going on here.
55:28 His mom comes up, you know, why he's doing that?
55:29 He says, Little Jonathan, there he shared your beaver DVD
55:35 with this Baptist pastor and now the Baptist pastor
55:38 is now an Adventist.
55:39 He just recently got baptized in our church
55:40 because of that video.
55:42 Because of that video.
55:43 You know speaking of a little boys,
55:45 whatever happened to Jackson?
55:46 Jackson, well he recovered.
55:48 He made a full, full recovery.
55:50 And now he ended up being the producer
55:52 for the 7th Day Beavers.
55:54 Wow! Amen.
55:55 When he was first born, you know,
55:58 actually this is before he drowned.
56:01 I had him in the backpack and I would spend hours
56:03 and hours just observing beavers.
56:05 Now he's grown up. He's 18 years old.
56:07 He is the main producer, the technical producer for...
56:09 He has an amazing talent in our ministry.
56:12 He's an app developer for Apple.
56:15 He's got what is that...
56:17 The techie. Techie.
56:18 He's a super techie.
56:20 Wow.
56:22 Look at God.
56:24 He had a plan for his life.
56:26 Spared his life.
56:27 He has an amazing testimony.
56:30 Praise the Lord. Yes, praise the Lord.
56:31 God is good. Yes, indeed.
56:33 So one more thing back to the beavers
56:36 like some of our viewers might want to support,
56:39 you're doing this next video
56:42 and documentary on animals that observe the Sabbath.
56:45 Animals at rest.
56:47 We call animals that rest on Saturday.
56:48 I love it.
56:49 You know, the story was called the 7th Day Beavers,
56:51 just about a colony of beavers.
56:52 But they told me,
56:54 let's get the word Saturday in there,
56:56 let's get the word rest, animals that rest on Saturday.
56:59 And so we've got stories.
57:00 We've got stories about animals in the jungle.
57:03 Seventh-day Adventist dogs, we've got donkeys,
57:06 we've an elephant
57:08 that was doing a Pepsi commercial.
57:10 They said, "Well, don't come on Saturday."
57:11 This elephant will not work on Saturdays.
57:13 That's strange.
57:15 He's not a Christian.
57:16 He's just...
57:18 I don't know why
57:19 that he doesn't do any Saturdays.
57:20 Well, when you think about Noah's Ark,
57:22 they all need to get in ark.
57:23 That's right. That's right.
57:24 God must have let them in there.
57:26 But I can't tell you exactly
57:27 why the beavers didn't come out of there.
57:30 They never came out their lodge on Saturdays.
57:32 It was like they hibernated for 24 hours.
57:35 I've seen them come up right at sundown.
57:37 Right as soon as the sun goes down, here are they.
57:39 I've seen him come up on queue at sundown,
57:41 you know, just give me a little message there
57:44 with the cameras on and everything.
57:45 We thank you for your work and for being with us.
57:49 Thank you so much.
57:50 Praise God. Well, thank you for having me.
57:51 This was so enlightening.
57:53 What a blessing.
57:54 And you can see that God's still moving.
57:58 God is incredible, incredible creator of the universe.
58:02 Thank you for watching.
58:03 Tune in next time 'cause it wouldn't be
58:05 the same without you.


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