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00:01 Do you dread getting up and going to work?
00:02 Do you ever feel like you're not satisfied
00:04 with where you are in life?
00:05 Well, stay tuned to meet a man who shares his journey
00:08 as it pertains to his restless pursuit of purpose.
00:11 My name is Jason Bradley,
00:12 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:37 Hello, and welcome to Urban Report.
00:39 My guest today is Pastor Marlin Perkins, Sr.,
00:42 pastor of the Living Waters Worship Center
00:44 of Seventh-Day Adventist in Dallas, Texas.
00:47 He is also the founder of Purposeful Pursuits, LLC.
00:51 Welcome to Urban Report, Pastor Perkins.
00:53 Thank you, Jason. Good to see you.
00:55 It's great to have you here.
00:56 You know, so many people
00:57 are searching for their purpose.
00:59 And you see that a lot of people
01:02 are leading empty lives because they haven't found it.
01:05 Have you always been walking in your purpose?
01:08 No, that's a great question. It's a great lead.
01:10 And you're absolutely right.
01:12 For me, it started probably about at age 13.
01:15 I was just beginning middle school.
01:17 And I had a lot of academic success early in life.
01:20 And I had struggled a little in middle school,
01:23 or I should say, from fifth or sixth grade.
01:26 But about age 13, I had a conviction...
01:28 Okay.
01:29 That I look back on,
01:31 I know it was God given that my life was going somewhere.
01:33 And I didn't know where.
01:35 You know, I fancied myself sometimes
01:37 being a successful businessman, flying all over the world.
01:41 I knew I wanted to one day have a family.
01:43 But I saw myself as, you know, a huge materialistic success.
01:48 Got you.
01:49 But about age 13, I had a conviction,
01:51 my life was going somewhere.
01:52 And it really became a compass for me.
01:55 Let me ask you this question
01:56 because success is something that is subjective.
01:58 Yes.
01:59 And oftentimes, like you just mentioned,
02:01 a lot of people think of success
02:04 in a materialistic way.
02:06 So what is success?
02:08 What does success look like to you?
02:10 For me, it's very simple.
02:12 Knowing God's will and living God's will for your life
02:15 as faithful as you can.
02:17 I know it's very simple.
02:18 But trust, knowing God's will for your life.
02:21 And that's important to know God's will for our lives.
02:25 The Bible says, "Cause me to know your way."
02:28 It says in the Book of Psalms.
02:29 So knowing God's will for your life,
02:31 not somebody else's, for your life.
02:32 Yeah.
02:34 Resting at peace with that,
02:35 and then faithfully allowing
02:37 God's will to be worked out in your life.
02:39 I think if you do that, heaven will deem you a success.
02:43 Amen. Amen.
02:44 Well, so tell me a little bit about your upbringing.
02:47 What type of values
02:49 did your parents instill in you?
02:51 Well, I was raised in a big family.
02:53 There were eight of us, five boys and three girls.
02:55 I'm from Memphis, Tennessee. Okay.
02:58 My father, my mother, my father worked for as postal worker,
03:01 my mother was a stay-at-home mother.
03:03 We were raised in Seventh-day Adventist Christian home.
03:06 Okay. Went to church weekly.
03:09 And then about when I was about seven years old,
03:11 my parents separated
03:12 and then they eventually divorced.
03:14 And my sister Madeline,
03:17 who was the third daughter in our family,
03:19 she's about seven years older than me.
03:21 I'm actually the seventh child in our family.
03:22 Wow.
03:24 And I talk about that in the book.
03:25 So Madeline is seven. There's a seven-year gap.
03:28 Interestingly enough, all the sevens,
03:29 and the seventh child has a seven year gap
03:31 between she and me.
03:33 So her, myself, and my younger brother, Chris,
03:36 my mother took us, we were her last three,
03:38 to go live with my oldest sister near Fort Knox.
03:41 I had a sister Marcia,
03:42 was stationed near Fort Knox, Kentucky.
03:45 And we stayed there about a year,
03:46 and then we moved back to Memphis,
03:48 and we moved on to northern part of town.
03:50 And my mother was a very God fearing woman.
03:53 So we were raised in a Christian home.
03:55 You know, my father,
03:56 who we'll talk about a little later
03:58 who became one of my best friends.
03:59 You know, I was able to put to peace,
04:01 a lot of the differences that led to their divorce.
04:04 And I credit a lot of that to my mother.
04:07 But later in life, even my father
04:09 and his acceptance of some of the ways
04:10 that led to their divorce.
04:12 But yes, I was clearly raised in a Christian home,
04:14 even I didn't appreciate it.
04:16 You know, and I haven't always appreciated it, to be honest.
04:18 But I thank God that I did come to appreciate it.
04:21 Did you ever stray away?
04:23 I didn't stray away drugs
04:25 and a lot of at-risk behavior.
04:29 But I wasn't a born again believer.
04:30 I mean, I went to church, my friends were there.
04:33 My younger brother, Chris, and I,
04:34 and my mother didn't have to force us to go to church.
04:37 But I wasn't a born again believer.
04:38 Yes.
04:40 You know, I went to church, it was a thing to do,
04:41 my friends were there.
04:42 That wouldn't happen until my college years
04:45 between my junior and senior in college.
04:47 Okay. Okay.
04:49 And so you said earlier when you were 13,
04:52 that's when things began to click for you
04:54 in terms of finding purpose,
04:57 and what direction you wanted to go in.
04:59 When I was 13,
05:01 God really instilled a conviction in my life
05:03 that I was going somewhere.
05:05 And to give you a clue
05:06 to how strong that conviction was,
05:08 it produced such powerfully positive feelings.
05:12 I had a picture in my mind that ultimately my life
05:14 was going to take me someplace.
05:16 It was very beautiful.
05:17 And I was definitely afraid of doing anything
05:19 I thought would derail me.
05:21 I was definitely afraid of getting a girl pregnant
05:23 and having a child.
05:24 Not that I didn't want to be with girls.
05:26 I certainly wanted to be with them.
05:27 But I was definitely afraid of doing anything
05:29 I felt would derail me.
05:31 And the frustration at times
05:33 was throughout my middle school,
05:34 even high school years,
05:36 was that I didn't know where it was going to be.
05:38 But that conviction propelled me
05:40 to do well academically,
05:41 it propelled me to become a leader
05:43 as early as my high school years,
05:45 just this focus that you're going somewhere.
05:47 And it made me realize,
05:50 again, that if I made certain decisions,
05:52 it could derail me from that course.
05:54 And I was definitely afraid of doing anything
05:57 I thought would take me off of their course.
05:59 And it was until I went on to college
06:01 between my junior year and senior in college
06:03 that I will come face to face of what that purpose was.
06:06 Really? Yes.
06:07 Why don't you talk a little bit about that?
06:09 Well, I will.
06:10 Again, as I told you, I had a lot of fanciful ideas
06:13 that I'd be a big well-known businessman
06:16 flying all over the world and having a lot of success.
06:19 I knew that I wanted to have a family.
06:21 Now that was important to me,
06:22 despite the fact that my parents had divorced,
06:25 it was important to me to have a family of my own.
06:27 Yes.
06:29 When I went to college,
06:30 I initially chose business as a major.
06:32 Didn't, that wasn't my cup of tea, so to speak.
06:35 So I went on to choose political science
06:38 with a prelaw emphasis.
06:39 I end up getting an internship from my congressman
06:42 between my sophomore and junior year in college.
06:44 So I worked in Washington DC.
06:46 But between my junior and senior year in college,
06:48 I was good at my studies in prelaw.
06:51 But I knew that being an attorney
06:53 deep down inside really wasn't what I wanted to be.
06:56 Yes.
06:57 I just didn't know what it was going to be.
06:59 It wasn't until God started moving on my heart
07:01 between my junior and senior year in college,
07:04 that I became a Christian.
07:05 And interestingly enough,
07:07 He also called me into ministry about that same time.
07:10 And it was that understanding
07:12 that God was calling me into ministry
07:14 that I finally had that aha-aha moment.
07:16 And that's something that I think everybody
07:18 should reach at some point in your life
07:20 is that great aha-aha moment that says,
07:22 "This is what I'm here on this earth to do."
07:23 Yes.
07:25 And it happened to me between my junior
07:26 and senior year in college.
07:28 Wow.
07:29 Now I know the Bible speaks about purpose, right?
07:30 Do you have any verses that you want to share?
07:33 Well, it's interesting, you should ask that
07:34 because it seems like perhaps
07:36 the most well-known is Jeremiah 29:11.
07:38 Yes.
07:39 You know, "For I know the thoughts
07:41 that I think towards you."
07:42 But I like to reference Luke 19:13.
07:44 And I actually have my Bible open because I thought,
07:47 you know, we might be able to talk about it.
07:48 But Jesus says in Luke 19:13, it says,
07:51 "And He called his ten servants and delivered them ten pounds,
07:55 and said unto them, 'Occupy till I come.'"
08:00 God, when He saves us, He saves us on the cross.
08:04 But He also saves us for a purpose.
08:06 And Jesus wants us to occupy.
08:08 Now, perhaps the most obvious idea
08:12 of occupying is some people
08:13 may be giving Bible studies and witnessing,
08:15 and those things are extremely important.
08:18 But there are vocational pursuits
08:20 that He instilled within us
08:22 to live out His purpose for us on this earth.
08:25 He wants us to occupy in very specific ways,
08:29 vocationally, as well as spiritually until He comes.
08:32 Unpack that a little bit?
08:34 Well, when Jesus says, "Occupy till I come,"
08:38 again, that's talking about your God given purpose.
08:41 God gives you your purpose in life.
08:43 People think that you need to go looking for,
08:45 it comes to you.
08:46 In the Old Testament, you will hear this phrase used
08:49 over and over in relation to the prophets.
08:51 The word of the Lord came to Jeremiah,
08:54 the word of the Lord came to Isaiah,
08:57 the word of the Lord came to Malachi.
09:00 Just as a prophet received
09:02 his prophetic ministry from God,
09:04 you receive your God given purpose.
09:06 He may speak through a sermon,
09:08 a conversation you have with someone,
09:10 a book, well, life experience, whatever medium that He uses,
09:14 the message will be clear that God will say,
09:16 "This is what I have put you on this earth to do,
09:19 and I want you to occupy
09:20 in this capacity until I come."
09:25 I like that. I really like that.
09:28 Speaking of purpose and all of that,
09:30 what inspired you to write the book?
09:33 That's a great question.
09:34 I want to say right off the bat,
09:35 I've never fancied myself a writer.
09:37 I write now.
09:39 But I never fancied myself a writer years ago.
09:42 I got the idea to write this book interesting enough
09:45 in a very nonconventional way.
09:47 My wife Shurla is from Bermuda.
09:49 And she was visiting, our kids were smaller.
09:52 She was visiting home, 1 May I think it was.
09:56 And one Saturday afternoon, I was out playing basketball
09:58 and thinking I'm Michael Jordan.
10:00 And I came down real hard... That's what we all do.
10:03 I came down wrong on my ankle, I badly sprained my ankle.
10:07 And no one was there at the house but me,
10:09 and I finally made my way back to the house.
10:11 I'm sitting up on the bed with my leg propped up,
10:14 and I'm just flicking through the channels.
10:16 And I landed on interesting enough
10:18 the Lifetime channel for women.
10:20 Okay.
10:21 I'll let you know, and I'm just really just flipping
10:23 through the channels.
10:24 And I started watching an interview
10:25 with Suzanne Somers.
10:27 A lot of people may remember her as Chrissy...
10:28 Okay.
10:30 On the sitcom "Three's Company."
10:31 When she was being interviewed about her life,
10:33 and she talked about a book that she had written
10:35 which became a bestseller called "Keeping Secrets."
10:39 And she said something in that document
10:41 and she said that the pain in her life was so strong
10:44 that one day she just sat down to start writing about it.
10:47 And she said 18 months later, I was finished.
10:49 And I never forget that line.
10:51 When she said that the Lord spoke to me
10:52 and said, "You need to write a book."
10:55 Just out of the blue like that.
10:56 And I remember in my mind saying,
10:58 "Write a book about what?
11:00 You need to write a book about destiny."
11:02 I'm like, "Well, why would I want
11:04 to write a book about destiny?"
11:05 I'm having this conversation in my mind.
11:07 And then the Lord spoke to me,
11:08 and said, because you've lived it.
11:10 Wow.
11:11 And I immediately thought that to that same conviction,
11:13 it came to me at age 13 that you're going somewhere like,
11:17 and a light bulb went off in my mind.
11:19 Not only did the light bulb go off in my mind, Jason,
11:21 but I want to share with you
11:23 that this conviction to write...
11:24 Remember now, I was not a writer.
11:26 But there was a strong conviction
11:28 that I needed to write the book,
11:29 that conviction led me to write my book.
11:32 Wow.
11:34 And what can people expect when they get your book?
11:36 What are some of the topics that are covered in your book?
11:39 In the book, I talk about
11:41 how purpose is developed at different stages of life.
11:44 So I use a lot of biographical material from me as a kid
11:47 through middle school, high school, college,
11:50 up until to the point where
11:52 I discovered my purpose in life.
11:53 That's where the book goes.
11:55 And so at each successive stage,
11:56 from little kids to the teenage years,
11:58 which can be very awkward years,
12:00 to sometimes into your middle 20s,
12:03 whatever the point is that you discover your purpose,
12:06 I talk about how purpose is developed
12:08 at each successive stage.
12:09 Nice.
12:11 So if you're a parent and you have young kids,
12:12 and you're trying to figure out,
12:14 develop your parenting skills
12:16 to help pour into your children idea
12:18 that God has a purpose in life for you,
12:21 you're going to find something in this book.
12:23 If you're a young teenager,
12:24 and you're struggling with feeling awkward,
12:26 or, you know, being self-conscious
12:28 about how you look and really wondering
12:30 where you're going, I talk about some of those things
12:32 I struggle with that that age,
12:34 you're going to be able to connect
12:35 with the book in that capacity.
12:37 If you're a 20 or 30, something,
12:39 and you've been working in a career for a while,
12:41 but you're wondering, "Where's this all taking me?"
12:44 You're going to be able to connect
12:45 because I talk about how purpose is developed.
12:48 And so you're going to connect with that.
12:50 And then interestingly enough,
12:52 if you're in your retirement years,
12:53 and you're thinking about what you're going to do next
12:56 or how you can pour into the younger generation,
12:58 and you're looking for resource
13:00 that you can give to your grandchildren
13:02 or to someone who you're mentoring,
13:04 "Restless Pursuit" is the book for them.
13:06 Wow.
13:07 So in other words, you have something for everyone
13:09 in that book?
13:10 It didn't set out to be that way, but it's that way.
13:12 Yes. Yes.
13:14 And because we're all to walk with purpose.
13:15 Yes. Yes.
13:17 How rewarding would you say it is for you
13:19 to be walking in your purpose?
13:22 There's a piece that comes over your life
13:25 when you know what you're about in life.
13:28 I feel very fortunate that I had,
13:30 I had that happened to me early in life.
13:32 I'm reminded of a book by a gentleman
13:34 by the name of Carlyle B. Haynes.
13:36 Okay. It's called "God Sent a Man."
13:38 And it's a book about the life of Joseph.
13:41 And so he narrates the life of Joseph,
13:44 but from the angle that God has a purpose for your life.
13:47 In that book, he talks about how it's a good thing to come
13:51 to an understanding early in life what you are fit for,
13:54 what God has you on this earth to do.
13:56 He says it saves you much fretting in life,
13:59 trying to grope about
14:01 as if you're groping in the darkness.
14:03 You know who you are, you know what you're about,
14:05 there's a compass in your life.
14:07 And then there's a peace in knowing
14:09 that God has saved you that your life
14:11 is not just something that's temporary,
14:13 that is an extension of life eternal.
14:16 So what you do on this earth,
14:18 there should be a direct connection
14:20 between what you do here now and your eternal destiny.
14:24 So it does give you a great amount of peace,
14:27 life hits all of us.
14:28 Yes.
14:29 But what life doesn't have to do
14:31 because of your God given purpose
14:33 is dictate how you live.
14:35 That's deep. That's deep.
14:37 And I think that, you know, when you focus on the fact
14:40 that there is a life after this...
14:43 That is correct.
14:44 You know, I think that shifts the definition of success.
14:47 Yes.
14:48 I think that that redefines success.
14:51 Yes.
14:52 We have some pictures. Wonderful.
14:54 Yes, we have some pictures that we're going to put up.
14:57 And I just want you to briefly tell us
14:58 what's going on in each one of these.
15:00 Sure, sure.
15:01 Well, that's me.
15:03 I was about six months old there.
15:05 I have my little carriage there in our backyard.
15:08 And it's one of my favorite pictures that we took.
15:11 It's taken of me by my family. That's my father.
15:13 He passed away in March of 2018.
15:15 I had to preach his eulogy back in Memphis at my home church.
15:19 And that's a precious picture of he and I together.
15:22 He became one of my best friends,
15:24 and I love him to death.
15:26 Interesting enough, I use this picture in my book.
15:28 That's me at my high school graduation.
15:30 And standing to my right is one of my best friends, Tyrone.
15:34 He was valedictorian, I was salutatorian.
15:36 And to my left is the young lady named Stephanie.
15:39 That was really a precursor to be doing public speaking.
15:42 And when I gave my salutatorian speech,
15:45 it really ignited something in me.
15:49 That's me during my college days
15:50 at Rhodes College in Memphis.
15:52 That's the cover of one of the brochures
15:54 for the political science department.
15:56 We were there at the courthouse in Memphis
15:58 and that's me doing my prelaw days
16:01 as a college student.
16:03 That's my mother, Billy Gloria Perkins.
16:05 We called her Mynta Mae.
16:07 My younger brother, Chris.
16:08 That was in his college graduation.
16:10 We were her last two boys.
16:12 I refer to us as Billy's boys in the book.
16:17 That's me doing on set, there in my office in Dallas.
16:21 I actually produced an online course.
16:23 That's a companion course for the book.
16:25 And that's me doing shooting
16:27 some of the video tutorials for that course.
16:31 That's me at the launch of my book,
16:33 "Restless Pursuit,"
16:34 and I'm addressing the crowd there
16:36 and sharing a little bit about the book.
16:38 That was a wonderful occasion.
16:39 Some of my members organize it in my church,
16:42 have a wonderful church.
16:43 They organized that event for me.
16:46 That's me at my 50th birthday.
16:48 Interestingly enough,
16:50 my 50th birthday took place the day
16:51 after I eulogized my father.
16:54 Wow.
16:55 And so that always has a bittersweet experience.
16:57 And that's my book "Restless Pursuit."
17:00 I released it in June of 2019.
17:03 Wow. Wow.
17:05 You know, throughout those pictures,
17:07 as those pictures were going,
17:08 I was thinking to myself, like each stage in your life
17:13 kind of played a part in your purpose.
17:15 Yes. You know.
17:17 It does, from a child,
17:18 you saw the picture of me as a little kid.
17:21 I tell parents all the time, you know, your little baby
17:23 may be cooling in your arms, but that baby has a purpose.
17:27 And God wants you to understand that purpose,
17:30 to be able to have good parents despite their differences.
17:32 I had very good parents.
17:35 My wife Shurla, you saw us there in the picture
17:37 of my 50th birthday and our two children.
17:39 Yes.
17:40 We've poured into them about purpose.
17:42 And the fact that the same thing
17:43 I had to go through when they're going through
17:46 as young teenagers, I have the benefit
17:47 of being able to help my kids and say look,
17:50 "Tough times don't always last,
17:51 there's a purpose for your life and don't ever forget it."
17:55 And then that was about to take me to my next question,
17:57 what values, what things did you teach your children
18:01 as they were in the more coming up?
18:03 It's interesting you should ask me that question
18:04 and a thought comes to mind as you say that.
18:06 A few years ago, I was watching a television docudrama
18:10 on the life of Tiger Woods.
18:12 And I remember there was
18:14 a particular scene in the movie,
18:15 of course, it was played by actors and actresses.
18:18 But it was a dinner room scene between Tiger's father,
18:21 and his mother and then young Tiger.
18:23 And by now he had become
18:25 a little amateur golfer as a little kid.
18:27 And in this scene, Earl Woods,
18:29 his father is trying to convince Kultida Woods,
18:31 his mother, that, "Hey, we got this young phenom,
18:34 we need to give him more media exposure."
18:36 And she was having none of this media nonsense.
18:39 She was like, "No, I'm not going to have my kid
18:41 in front of a cameras and this and the other."
18:43 And out of frustration,
18:44 finally, Earl Woods slams his hand
18:46 on the dining room table and says,
18:48 "Listen, we have a diamond in the rough.
18:51 And it's our responsibility as parents
18:53 to help polish that diamond."
18:56 I remember when he said that it made an impression on me
18:58 because I view myself as a father
19:00 particularly as having two diamonds in a rough,
19:03 my son Marlon Jr. and my daughter Reba.
19:06 And I really have viewed them
19:08 since they were little kids because I've lived that.
19:10 Yeah.
19:11 And so as they've come up as kids,
19:12 and now they're college age students.
19:14 And, you know, they're going
19:15 through that period in their life
19:17 that where they get,
19:18 their life is beginning to get started,
19:19 and I help them...
19:21 I try to help them to understand that,
19:22 "Listen, God has a purpose for your life."
19:25 My son is an architecture major.
19:26 When you're spending all that time
19:28 in the architecture building,
19:29 you know, coming home at 2 or 3 o'clock
19:31 in the morning sometimes,
19:32 and you wonder, "Why am I slaving away like this?"
19:35 It's more than just the fact you gonna become an architect,
19:38 it's how God is going to use you.
19:40 My daughter Reba is a nurse.
19:42 She's falling in the footsteps of her mother,
19:44 who's a registered nurse.
19:45 And she goes to her clinicals.
19:47 And, you know, they go through different challenges.
19:49 And I think as a parent,
19:51 especially as a God fearing parent,
19:53 we have a responsibility to help pour into our children,
19:56 to help them to see that this life
19:57 is not all that there is.
19:59 That there is an eternal life to come,
20:01 and that God has a purpose for their lives.
20:03 Yes. Amen.
20:04 Now as a pastor,
20:07 how do you prepare `your sermons?
20:12 That one threw you for a loop,
20:14 you weren't expecting that question.
20:15 It did.
20:16 It's interesting you should say that
20:18 because one of the things that I reject is the idea that...
20:22 And my members know that I'm writing about purpose,
20:24 I've now released a book, they know I do,
20:26 speaking about the subject.
20:28 But I really have resisted the notion
20:30 to make that my pulpit mantra that every time I get up,
20:35 and I preach a sermon,
20:36 it has some angle about purpose.
20:38 I have intentionally resisted that
20:40 because we oftentimes see that with pastors or preachers
20:43 who they may have some gift
20:44 and everything is about your best life now,
20:47 or, you know, just trust God.
20:49 He'll give you a swimming pool and a pink Cadillac,
20:52 you know, and all that type of thing.
20:55 So I prepare my sermons as a pastor.
20:57 I do believe in preaching the whole Bible,
20:59 I believe in preaching through the Bible.
21:01 I'm an expository preacher by nature.
21:04 Okay.
21:05 And so I feel that I have a responsibility
21:08 to preach the Bible, to preach through the Bible.
21:11 And then as a Seventh-day Adventist pastor,
21:12 I do believe that I have responsibility
21:15 to keep those precious truths
21:17 that we understand about
21:19 the Bible ever before our people.
21:21 I'm reminded of a quote by Ellen White,
21:23 she says that the greatest...
21:24 The highest position to which
21:26 you could be called as a pastor,
21:28 a teacher in the Lord's institutions, a doctor,
21:30 but she says our greatest responsibility
21:33 is to fix the scriptures in the minds of the people
21:37 as a nail in a sure place.
21:40 And I really...
21:41 When you ask me how I prepare my sermons...
21:43 Yes.
21:44 I use the old adage by one old preacher,
21:48 Spurgeon, Charles Haddon Spurgeon.
21:50 He said that his method is to grab a text
21:52 and make a beeline for the cross.
21:54 Wow.
21:56 And so when I had that text in my mind,
21:58 I try to make a beeline for the cross.
22:00 Amen. Amen.
22:03 What would you recommend for someone
22:06 who is trying to find their purpose?
22:10 Where should they start?
22:12 Well, my book would be a great start "Restless Pursuit."
22:16 But I oftentimes say if it's some...
22:18 What happens is again God comes to them.
22:21 What I will tell them is to stop being anxious about it.
22:25 That's number one.
22:27 The Bible says "Be anxious for nothing,
22:28 but by prayer and supplication,
22:29 let your requests be made known to God.
22:31 Yes.
22:32 If it's really burdening you, then pray about it.
22:34 But pray about it and ask God to give you the peace
22:36 that He will reveal to you
22:39 what your purpose is in his time.
22:41 Yes.
22:42 I'm a firm believer of that,
22:44 and I talk about this in one of my workshops,
22:46 that there are three things you need to know about purpose.
22:49 Number one is God given.
22:51 He may speak to you through a sermon,
22:52 a book, a conversation,
22:54 a life experience, whatever medium He uses,
22:56 His message is clear.
22:58 Number two purpose is God guided.
23:01 Let God guide you
23:02 in the development of your purpose.
23:04 Don't you become master and commander of your life.
23:06 Yes.
23:07 God gives you your purpose, God purpose is God guided,
23:09 and then ultimately purpose is God glorify.
23:13 So as you live your purpose for God,
23:15 you allow Him to guide you,
23:16 you will experience success in this life,
23:19 but in living your purpose, you will come to glorify God.
23:22 Amen. Amen.
23:24 Where can people purchase your book?
23:26 It's available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,
23:29 as well as my website PurposefulPursuits.com/books
23:35 and it will take them right to the book.
23:36 Okay.
23:37 What are some other resources that you've developed?
23:39 What I do, as I said earlier, I develop an online course
23:42 that you can take as a companion course for the book.
23:46 I've developed in a study guide
23:48 that is correlated to each chapter in the book,
23:51 and I break down each chapter into bite size topics.
23:56 I've developed about 40 video tutorials,
23:58 over 40 video tutorials...
24:00 Wow. In this course.
24:02 I also have special prayers... Okay.
24:05 That you can pray
24:06 at different stages of your life about purpose.
24:08 And I have all those prayers on the website.
24:11 And so it's really a very interactive type of a course
24:15 where I'm talking to you.
24:16 I'm like your personal coach,
24:18 and I'm taking you through all of these stages
24:20 from as a young kid, teenager, adult.
24:23 I even have material as I've said,
24:24 for people in retirement years.
24:27 There's something there literally
24:28 for at each stage of life.
24:30 Yes.
24:31 And you can expect to have me as your personal coach,
24:33 talking like you and I sit down right now.
24:35 Nice.
24:36 And if somebody wants to book you for a workshop,
24:39 what can they expect to see in this workshop?
24:42 Well, I have three basic workshops that I do.
24:45 One is called "Four Points to Purpose,"
24:47 where I talk about the four practical steps
24:50 to understanding purpose.
24:51 I have another workshop that I typically do
24:54 for high school or college age kids,
24:56 it's called "What Are You Missing?"
24:59 Discovering the power, rather a purpose in your life.
25:03 And then I have one called
25:05 for retirees called "What's next?"
25:07 Discovering purpose in the golden years,
25:09 where I talk to older age groups
25:12 about what's next in their lives,
25:14 how they can come to understand purpose for their lives
25:17 and use their experiences
25:19 to help pour into younger people.
25:21 Yes.
25:22 How important would you say time management is?
25:25 Extremely important.
25:27 But here it is, it's interesting
25:29 that when you have a focus for your life,
25:31 and you have a God given purpose,
25:34 you are better positioned to know
25:35 how to organize and structure your life
25:38 because you have a focus.
25:39 So time management, oftentimes people struggle
25:42 with time management, I still do,
25:44 but it's a lot easier for me
25:46 because I know where I'm going in life.
25:47 I know what to say yes to and what to say no to
25:51 because I have that focus in life.
25:53 There are things that I know that I need to get done.
25:55 As a pastor, I don't have to punch a clock every day.
25:58 But I can assure you if I'm not doing my job,
26:01 it's going to show up in my church.
26:03 So that inner clock so to speak helps me
26:06 to develop the discipline to know how to organize events
26:10 and plans and time management format.
26:14 Got you, got you. That makes a lot of sense.
26:16 I want to put your email up, and I'll have you say
26:20 your email address so that people know
26:21 how they can get a hold of you.
26:23 Okay. What's your email address?
26:24 PastorPerkins @PurposefullPursuits.com.
26:30 Say that three times fast? Sure.
26:32 PastorPerkins @PurposefullPursuits.com.
26:35 Yes.
26:36 But it's definitely something that
26:38 that people should remember.
26:40 Yes.
26:42 And I hope that people invite you out
26:43 for some workshops and also take a look at your book
26:46 as they're searching for purpose.
26:47 Yes.
26:49 I want you to look into this camera right here,
26:50 and I want you to share what's on your heart.
26:54 If you're watching this program,
26:56 you may have been thinking about purpose for your life.
26:59 I can say that confidently
27:01 because I know that God has given you a purpose.
27:03 Jesus said, "Occupy till I come."
27:07 He says, "I know the thoughts," Jeremiah 29:11,
27:10 "that I think towards you, thoughts of peace
27:12 and not of evil to give you an expected end."
27:15 You may be grappling with that and maybe there's some issues
27:17 that are going on in your life right now
27:19 that may be clouding that purpose for you.
27:23 I would just tell you to do one thing,
27:25 there's nothing to be embarrassed about
27:27 by falling to your knees
27:29 and just asking God to speak to you.
27:31 If God could speak into Old Testament prophets,
27:35 if God could speak life into inanimate things,
27:38 surely you and me who have been made
27:40 just a little lower than the angels as Bible says,
27:43 He will speak to you.
27:46 Amen. Amen.
27:48 Well, I'm glad that you found your purpose.
27:51 And I know that there's nothing like,
27:54 nothing better than walking in God's purpose for our lives.
27:58 Thank you.
27:59 Thank you so much for coming on.
28:00 And thank you for joining us. Join us next time.
28:02 God bless.


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