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00:01 Did you know that
00:02 what your kids watch can impact them for eternity?
00:04 Stay tuned to meet someone whose vision
00:06 and mission is to help your children
00:08 make it to heaven.
00:09 My name is Jason Bradley,
00:11 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:35 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:37 I'd like to share a quick Bible verse with you
00:39 before I introduce my guests.
00:41 It's found in Proverbs 22:6 and it says,
00:45 "Train up a child in the way he should go
00:47 and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
00:50 My guest today is Francine Bergmann,
00:53 and she is the general manager of 3ABN Kids Network.
00:57 Welcome to Urban Report, Francine.
00:59 Oh, I'm delighted to be here, Jason.
01:00 This is your first time on the Dare to Dream network?
01:04 On Urban Report? It is.
01:06 And I'm delighted to be here.
01:07 You have such a wonderful community of people
01:10 that I've heard on phone calls and what not.
01:12 So I appreciate being here with you.
01:13 Well, praise the Lord.
01:15 I want to introduce you to our viewing audience
01:17 as well as our listeners.
01:19 And so just tell us a little bit
01:20 about your background?
01:21 Well, I grew up in Michigan
01:24 and I had a heart for children long,
01:28 I mean, when I was really young,
01:30 even since age 6 and when I was 10, and 12,
01:33 I was already helping out in camps
01:35 and teaching Sabbath School.
01:37 And God just kept guiding me
01:39 and leading me toward working with children.
01:41 And so I ended up becoming a teacher
01:44 and getting my masters in teaching.
01:45 So I have taught over 18 years
01:48 and I just have a heart to be with our young people.
01:50 Nice.
01:52 And so were you teaching prior to coming to 3ABN?
01:55 Yes, I was. Of course I was.
01:57 So God was preparing you for this work?
01:59 He was preparing me,
02:00 and I just see how God constantly is guiding.
02:03 So I did teach grades one through eight.
02:05 I did do a little high school stuff
02:07 but mostly with the younger kids
02:09 and just leading them to Jesus.
02:11 And my last year I was in the public school
02:13 and it was really hard.
02:15 Yet I was able to witness about God
02:17 even in the public school.
02:18 Yes.
02:20 And so that to me is just the tool
02:21 of taking on Christ character
02:25 and trying to represent who Christ is.
02:27 What were some of the ways
02:28 that you were able to witness like in public school?
02:31 Well, even in the public school,
02:33 it was interesting because I would get into situations
02:35 and the kids knew I was different.
02:37 And yet I was always honest with them.
02:40 And I didn't have anything to gain like
02:42 some other teachers they had,
02:44 you know, we're trying to show the authority,
02:45 but the kids saw that
02:47 there was something indifferent about me
02:48 and they would ask questions.
02:49 And there was times even in history,
02:51 we would talk about Joseph.
02:52 Oh, wow.
02:54 Well, we were talking about Moses.
02:55 And they would ask more questions.
02:56 And so I'm like,
02:58 let me tell you a little bit more.
02:59 So even in that community,
03:01 God was already setting up, you know,
03:03 different ways to meet the needs of children
03:06 and young people.
03:07 Amen.
03:09 Well, let's jump into the kids' network now.
03:10 Okay.
03:12 What's your vision for the kids' network?
03:13 Well, I envision that again,
03:15 it is trying to lead young people to Christ.
03:18 And yet again, it is about relationships,
03:20 Jesus is talking about
03:22 how He wants children to come to Him.
03:24 And like your memory verse, like your verse said,
03:27 Proverbs 22, "Train up a child."
03:29 It is through these trainings, and it's not what we see
03:32 or as parents see
03:34 in the training of our children.
03:36 It's training them in the way God would have them be.
03:40 And so I think in our mission
03:43 is to have these children have a love for Jesus.
03:46 And it is through that, through our programs,
03:49 through nature, through science,
03:51 through the Bible verses, through the Bible stories.
03:55 Whatever we do it is to try to encourage
03:58 that relationship with Jesus as their Savior and so.
04:00 Amen.
04:01 So what do these kids call you on the program?
04:05 Oh, they call me Aunt Francine.
04:07 And we have,
04:08 I have a little nephews and nieces.
04:11 And so they always called me Aunt Francine,
04:14 but I love it because I used to be Mrs. Bergmann
04:17 but even with our friend's kids
04:19 they would call me Aunt Francine.
04:20 And I just like that, again,
04:23 it's that relationship where they can be open
04:25 and they don't see me as Mrs. Bergmann.
04:27 I want them to see me as somebody
04:29 that can be encouraging to them and their friend.
04:32 Absolutely. I like the name, Aunt Francine.
04:34 I love it. I love it.
04:35 Now we've had a huge, I'll call it an event,
04:39 a huge event here at 3ABN
04:43 where all of 3ABN got involved.
04:46 What was that? That was kids' camp.
04:48 I mean, I have to say that was my biggest highlight.
04:51 I was just coming in
04:52 as their general manager for the kids' network.
04:55 And that was a four day event and we brought in between,
04:59 little over 50 about,
05:01 almost 60 kids and they came for four days.
05:05 And they were there to participate
05:08 in different programs.
05:10 So they had what was called Bible Gems
05:12 and sing along
05:13 and they had different programs.
05:15 And everybody was set in.
05:18 I mean, everybody at 3ABN was all on board.
05:21 And it was fun to see the kids' enthusiasm
05:24 and seeing the love of Jesus.
05:26 But what was also interesting
05:28 that I had never seen is the people
05:30 that were setting up to even the camera crew,
05:34 to even the people setting up the stage
05:36 or whatever they were doing as far as the kitchen.
05:40 Everybody was so excited for these kids.
05:42 And I saw teamwork that I had never seen before.
05:45 Yes.
05:47 And that was just amazing to see
05:48 how God worked through it all.
05:49 Amen. Amen.
05:51 These kids were hilarious, too.
05:53 I mean, interacting with them and doing different programs
05:57 and stuff like that.
05:58 They were very, very funny.
06:01 They had a lot of fun. Yes.
06:03 And their personalities, you could see them
06:05 and I think that's what made it fun
06:07 and memorable for them.
06:08 A lot of them just didn't want to leave.
06:10 They made that connections already.
06:12 Nice.
06:13 What's the premise of the Sing Along?
06:15 Oh, Sing Along, I enjoyed that one
06:18 because it was Tim Parton and Aaron Wilburn.
06:20 Okay.
06:22 And they had, I just threw it out there.
06:24 And I said, you know, it would be nice
06:25 if we had songs that would match
06:27 what the theme was.
06:29 And they actually wrote some programs.
06:31 So we...
06:32 There's a song in every episode at least
06:35 that they wrote just for kids' camp.
06:38 And so, kids can find out on the website.
06:40 We'll talk a little bit more about that.
06:42 But they can even sing along with the songs.
06:44 Nice.
06:45 Well, we actually have a clip of Sing Along
06:47 and we should go to that right now.
06:55 We are children of the king
06:56 and that's something to be so happy about.
06:58 So excited to be here.
07:00 Thank you for joining us on the Kids' Camp Sing Along.
07:03 We're gonna have a great time today.
07:05 I just feel it. I just feel it.
07:06 I think the words are gonna sing along with us.
07:09 I think they ought to, don't you?
07:11 Let's sing I'm a Christian, you know that?
07:13 I am a C, I'm a CH.
07:14 I am C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N Amen
07:18 And I have C-H-R-I-S-T In my H-E-A-R-T L-I-V-E
07:24 E-T-E-R-N-A-L-L-Y
07:27 So whatever you have, you can sing, you can share.
07:33 If you can bake an apple pie, Uncle Aaron.
07:37 I think you ought to do it
07:39 and serve the Lord with it, right?
07:41 Yes.
07:42 The Bible says whatever you do...
07:43 Yeah. Do it as unto the Lord.
07:46 All right? Yes.
07:47 So I think you should sing that song
07:49 that everybody loves God's little people...
07:51 Well, let's do it. With everything in your heart.
07:53 You guys ready? Do it. Go.
07:54 Let's go.
07:59 We're God's little people
08:04 We've got a light Were gonna let it shine
08:08 Hallelujah, hallelujah,
08:13 Hallelujah
08:16 Your love makes me sing
08:18 Hallelujah, hallelujah
08:23 Hallelujah
08:27 Your love makes me sing
08:30 We're God's little people
08:35 God's little people are God's big people sometimes
08:41 Yay!
08:42 Come back next time.
08:44 Wow.
08:46 God has blessed them with a tremendous talent,
08:48 a tremendous gift to be able to write
08:50 all of those songs
08:51 and they're catchy songs too with a powerful message.
08:55 It is amazing just the talent
08:56 that God brings in at the right time
08:58 and their willingness.
08:59 And the children are excited about singing.
09:01 Yes, absolutely.
09:03 There were some other programs.
09:06 You mentioned Bible Buzz. Correct.
09:08 Bible Buzz with Christian Martin
09:10 and Ademar Neto.
09:11 Okay.
09:13 And it was his sidekick, we call him.
09:14 And they would spring off of each other.
09:16 And again, there's something that was fun near the end
09:19 so they don't show it.
09:20 I'll tell you what was fun at the end,
09:22 that was a tradition.
09:23 That became a tradition on that one.
09:25 Okay, we have a clip of that as well.
09:27 Let's go to that right now.
09:34 Hello, boys and girls and welcome to Bible Buzz,
09:38 where we learn stories from the...
09:40 B-I-B-L-E. That's right.
09:43 And after we hear a story,
09:45 then we quiz you to see just how much you remembered.
09:48 And my name is Christian Martin and I'm not alone here today,
09:52 I have my sidekick, Neto.
09:55 Let's welcome Neto, everyone.
09:57 Let's give Neto a hand.
10:00 Let's give Neto a hand. And Neto deserves a good hand.
10:03 So let's get started, Neto.
10:05 And those at home, are you watching too,
10:07 I hope you are 'cause we're ready to begin.
10:09 Question number one.
10:11 What was the name of the king
10:13 of Israel at the time of Elijah?
10:16 In three, two, one.
10:19 Blue ball. B, Ahab.
10:22 Correct. Good job.
10:24 Boys and girls,
10:25 today we discovered something very powerful,
10:28 very important,
10:29 that in the life of the follower of Christ
10:31 there is no place for compromise.
10:35 You have to make up your mind, are you gonna go left?
10:37 Are you gonna go right?
10:38 Jesus tells us that He is the way,
10:41 the truth and the life.
10:45 Now that seems like a fun way to learn about the Bible.
10:49 It was fun because it was a game and at the end,
10:52 the highlight for all the kids
10:53 was throwing the balls at Christian Martin.
10:57 And so that was the highlight
10:59 that they all looked forward too,
11:00 they all would count one, two, three
11:02 and then they aim for him
11:03 and so that became a tradition
11:05 that I don't think it's gonna end anytime soon.
11:07 Well, I might have to be a kid in this next,
11:10 the next Kids Camp
11:11 so I can throw up some balls there too,
11:13 and getting involved.
11:14 Have fun. I'm pretty sure.
11:16 Have fun. I'm pretty sure.
11:17 Now Bible Gems? What was Bible Gems about?
11:21 Well, Bible Gems is finding the treasures
11:23 in the Bible of stories.
11:25 And so Linda Johnson,
11:27 along with Aron Crews
11:28 were willing to write some scripts
11:31 and that would tie into the other programs,
11:32 many of the other programs and share about the Bible.
11:36 And so they would reenact
11:37 and having the kids participate in that reenactment.
11:40 So maybe we can take a look again.
11:42 Absolutely. Let's check it out.
11:48 Hey, campers, welcome to Bible Gems.
11:50 Today, we're going to be learning about
11:52 a man named Gideon
11:53 and how he fought an entire army
11:54 with God's help.
11:56 Isn't that right, Julie? Julie?
11:58 How's that? No, Julie, not yet.
12:00 Oh, sorry.
12:03 The Midianites are coming. Bible Gems is up next.
12:14 Welcome, boys and girls, to Bible Gems.
12:18 Come and join us. We have a real gem today.
12:21 You won't want to miss it. Come on.
12:22 All right.
12:24 The story we're going to learn about today is a man
12:27 who was really scared.
12:29 Anyone here ever been scared before?
12:32 Richard, yeah, I've been scared before too.
12:34 But over time,
12:36 once God made Himself known to this man,
12:39 he became more and more and more courageous.
12:43 The man's name was Gideon.
12:45 And this one time the Midianites came in
12:48 and for seven years,
12:50 the Israelites were held in bondage.
12:53 They were being oppressed by the Midianites.
12:56 But eventually the children of Israel
12:59 got so tired of being oppressed
13:01 by the Midianites that they cried out to God,
13:02 they say, "God, deliver us from the Midianites."
13:06 Anyone here ever cried out to God for help before?
13:09 Yeah, that's what we need to do in our time of need.
13:12 Quietly let's go and sneak over and see if we can overhear
13:16 something going on with the Midianites.
13:18 Let's go, guys. Let's go.
13:20 Don't get too close, they might wake up.
13:22 Okay.
13:23 So there they were
13:24 and they overheard a conversation.
13:29 Hey, hey, wake up. Wake up.
13:34 I had an awful dream.
13:37 You know what it was? What?
13:39 I dreamt that a barley loaf rolled down the hill
13:44 and hit our tent and destroyed it
13:47 and knocked it down.
13:49 What do you think it means?
13:50 This means that Gideon is going to win the battle.
13:53 Oh, no. They cried out.
13:57 The trumpets began to blare.
14:00 And they cried out the sword of the Lord and of Gideon.
14:04 The sword of the Lord and of Gideon,
14:07 the sword of the Lord and of Gideon,
14:10 the sword of the Lord and of Gideon.
14:14 And then there was mayhem in the camp
14:17 and something began to happen.
14:20 I can't see anything, it' pitch dark.
14:21 I can't either.
14:23 Can you see anything? No.
14:24 They must be coming, I heard a terrible yell.
14:26 Let's fight them.
14:31 The Midianites began to slay one another.
14:35 They didn't know who the enemy was.
14:36 And they just, it was chaotic,
14:38 and they were stabbing each other
14:40 and they didn't know what was going on.
14:41 And then the army of 300 went into the camp
14:45 and they slew how many?
14:48 All of them, all 120,000.
14:51 And God defeated the Midianites and delivered the Israelites.
14:57 Now, boys and girls, you may be scared,
15:00 you may be a little, little person
15:02 with not a lot of strength.
15:04 But God knows that if He comes
15:07 and He fights your battle for you
15:08 that you don't need to be afraid
15:10 of anyone of anything.
15:12 Do you, boys and girls, want to have God on your side?
15:15 Yes.
15:16 Because if God is with us, who can be against us.
15:21 Boys and girls, at home,
15:22 I hope the same thing for you
15:24 that you bring God into your life
15:26 and let Him defeat your enemies for you.
15:29 God is amazing, boys and girls.
15:31 Remember to search your Bibles,
15:34 and you will find so many precious gems.
15:37 Well, come back and see us next time.
15:40 Bye, boys and girls. Bye.
15:44 That's another fun and exciting way
15:46 to learn about the Bible.
15:48 They were so excited and what was nice
15:50 is that everything that was there on the set
15:53 was to let the children play with things.
15:55 So sometimes the kids
15:57 were even pretending to make baskets
15:59 and were part of the enactment.
16:01 I mean, they were allowed to get up
16:03 and sweep and whatever, during the story.
16:06 And that made it nice because it was a long day.
16:08 And it was nice for them to listen to the story
16:11 but also to participate.
16:12 So everything that was set up behind the scenes
16:16 was already there for the kids to play with
16:18 and to rotate different events.
16:21 So it was just fun to see. Definitely.
16:23 And it sounds like a lot of creativity
16:26 and planning went into this whole thing.
16:29 Speaking of creativity, what about Creation Crafts?
16:33 Oh, that was another fun one
16:35 coming up with these wonderful crafts.
16:37 It was with Ryan Hayes and his wife Suzi.
16:40 And they had Creation Crafts,
16:42 and they came up with different things
16:43 that would tie into maybe a memory verse.
16:47 And so they came up with things that would,
16:49 I would not even think of like food
16:51 and doing some art.
16:53 And we can probably feel a little bit about that.
16:55 But again, the kids had a blast.
16:56 Yeah.
16:58 I believe we do have a role on Creation Crafts.
17:01 And I think that
17:02 we should take a look at that right now.
17:09 Hello, boys and girls,
17:10 and welcome to Kids Camp Creation Crafts.
17:13 We're so excited you're joining us.
17:15 Are you ready for some crafting?
17:17 We sure are.
17:18 We're your hosts, I'm Miss Suzi.
17:20 And I'm Mr. Ryan.
17:21 And we're glad that you've joined us.
17:23 And we have all these red coded people here.
17:26 Are you guys ready to help make some crafts?
17:28 Yeah! Wow.
17:30 I think they're ready.
17:31 Miss Suzi, what are we going to make today?
17:32 Sure.
17:34 We're going to be making a heart handprint tree.
17:36 Are you ready? That's right. I'm ready.
17:37 Are you kids ready for some crafting fun?
17:39 Yes! Yes!
17:41 All right. Let's do this.
17:43 Well, let's get started. All right.
17:45 So once you have your hand drawn,
17:46 go ahead and cut it out.
17:50 Good job, boys and girls.
17:52 Do you guys all pass the scissor
17:53 training safety course?
17:55 Yes. Wow, you teach it.
17:56 Wow. That's great.
17:58 You guys are doing good. All right.
18:02 Well, once you get
18:04 all of your hearts on your tree,
18:07 we want you to take your marker
18:09 and we're gonna write God is love.
18:11 And that is our reminder that God does love us.
18:15 And if you guys want
18:17 to write the Bible verse on there,
18:19 that was 1 John 4:8.
18:22 That is an excellent idea.
18:25 That way we know it's right from the Bible,
18:28 we'll have our reminder up,
18:30 take this home, put it in your bedroom.
18:32 All right.
18:33 Well, I think that's all the time
18:34 we have here today.
18:36 Thank you for joining us on Creation Crafts
18:38 where scripture inspires creativity.
18:45 I'm pretty sure that
18:46 if I was involved in that particular project,
18:49 I would have made a mess.
18:50 Oh, and they were allowed to make a mess.
18:52 Okay. That was okay.
18:53 That was part of the clean up afterward.
18:55 That was the fun. I got you.
18:57 That's why I'm a teacher. Yes, yes.
18:59 I can be just as messy with these kids.
19:01 I love it. I love it.
19:02 Speaking of fun, we had fun in the kitchen.
19:06 We have a kitchen fun filler.
19:08 And you were in that, correct?
19:12 I was one of them. Yes.
19:14 A little bit, and I believe you were too
19:17 if I'm not mistaken.
19:19 And you had to do some daring...
19:21 Yeah.
19:22 Testing on the food, don't you think?
19:24 I love food but I don't know
19:26 how much I actually loved this particular meal
19:30 that was prepared for me.
19:31 We have the kitchen fun filler.
19:33 Let's go to that right now.
19:37 Misunderstanding.
19:39 Now she said to squeeze the lemon.
19:42 Oh. Hey, Jason.
19:44 Hey, girls, have you seen my sandwich?
19:45 I left it in here yesterday.
19:48 Was it a chickpeas sandwich with lettuce and tomato?
19:51 Yeah, that's the one.
19:53 Uh-oh. Here you go.
19:57 You go ahead and hold on to that.
19:58 I'll find something else to eat.
20:00 Okay. Hey, I have an idea.
20:02 We could make you a new sandwich.
20:04 Yeah!
20:05 Oh, I make the best peanut butter
20:07 and jelly sandwich in the whole planet.
20:10 I make my own special jelly.
20:12 Well, Julie, I don't know about that.
20:14 My vegan grilled cheese is so good.
20:16 It'll make your taste buds say,
20:18 "That's a mighty good sandwich."
20:21 That doesn't even make any sense,
20:23 taste buds don't talk.
20:24 Oh.
20:25 They will after you eat my sandwich.
20:27 Well then, why don't we both make Jason a sandwich
20:30 and see which one he likes best.
20:34 I don't really have time for that.
20:36 Are you ready? Wait.
20:37 On your mark. Get set.
20:40 Hang on a second. Go.
22:16 Well, Jason, it's the moment we've all been waiting for.
22:20 May we present you with your lunch.
22:26 As you can see the grilled cheese
22:27 was prepared with wheat bread
22:29 because I know that that's your favorite.
22:31 Oh, Jason, would you like some orange juice
22:34 to go with your lunch?
22:36 Whoa, whoa, whoa.
22:37 Hey, that's afoul. Ref, ref.
22:39 Tiara, you are the ref.
22:42 Oh, yeah.
22:54 Tiara, that's probably intriguing.
22:57 Oh, thank you.
23:05 And. Julie, this is rather interesting.
23:08 So whose do you like best?
23:11 I think I'm gonna go with a banana for the day.
23:14 Oh. Oh. Are you sure?
23:15 You didn't even try my original mustard dipping sauce?
23:18 Girls, you know what I really have to run.
23:21 Okay, well, bye, Jason, we'll save you some extras.
23:29 You know, he doesn't know what he's missing out on.
23:32 Tell me about it.
23:34 Will you try some of my mustard sauce?
23:36 With my PB and J?
23:38 Yeah, sure.
23:41 Oh, looks like Kitchen Fun's about to start.
23:43 Oh, stay tuned to find out
23:44 how to make all new recipes here on Kitchen Fun.
23:48 Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do...
23:51 Do it all to the glory of God.
23:54 Hey girls, have you seen my soup?
24:00 I'll tell you what, I'm glad that
24:02 what we just saw in that Kitchen Fun filler is not
24:04 what the kids actually made or ate.
24:07 I'm glad too. Absolutely.
24:10 In fact we actually have a clip of Kitchen Fun
24:15 and in this clip,
24:17 hopefully we'll see a little taste
24:19 of what they had an opportunity to make and try.
24:23 Let's check that clip out now.
24:29 Hello and welcome to our Kids Camp Kitchen Fun.
24:35 Boys and girls.
24:36 I hope you love to be in the kitchen
24:38 because it is always gonna be fun
24:42 if you're doing something in the kitchen.
24:46 Who loves to be in the kitchen?
24:48 Me! Me too.
24:52 Oh, boy, who would like to make brussel sprout muffins?
24:57 Not me. Not me.
24:59 No. Oliver, not you?
25:02 What is this?
25:03 Blueberry muffins. Right.
25:06 This is oatmeal blueberry muffins.
25:11 Okay, let's get started.
25:14 So put the flaxseed into your bowl.
25:19 That's one tablespoon of flaxseed.
25:22 We're going to put that in our bowl.
25:24 And now we're going to put
25:25 in three tablespoons of water.
25:30 Now I want you to stir it up a little bit.
25:34 And go ahead and add your brown sugar too.
25:37 Kids, add your brown sugar.
25:40 All of your brown sugar and then mix it up.
25:43 Here's what you do.
25:44 You're just gonna drizzle it over your muffin like this.
25:47 You can drizzle one way
25:48 and then you can drizzle it the other way.
25:50 See?
25:51 Okay, and there's yours over here to do.
25:54 Boys and girls,
25:56 I hope that you have enjoyed watching us
25:59 and I hope that you're going to make this recipe.
26:01 And remember,
26:03 anytime you can be in the kitchen, it's fun.
26:10 Wow, Kids Camp was incredibly fun.
26:13 And powerful messages. Wonderful.
26:16 And those things were delicious.
26:17 Yes, yes.
26:18 What are some of the needs of the network?
26:22 I say that there, we need participation.
26:24 I mean, we want kids to know that they are invited.
26:27 So there is a good way that
26:28 they can find out more information
26:30 about website and that's 3abnkids.tv.
26:34 Okay.
26:35 And there they can even link into the Kids Camp
26:38 and they can even watch it on demand.
26:39 Okay.
26:41 And there's even a place
26:42 there that they can email me as well
26:45 and let me know that they want to participate.
26:46 Wonderful.
26:48 Well, we actually have an address role,
26:49 we'll put that up and just ask
26:51 that you would read that for us.
26:52 Absolutely.
26:54 And so again, you can email us
26:57 at kids@3abn.org.
27:00 And you can do snail mail
27:01 and I love reading letters from my children.
27:04 And that is PO Box 220,
27:07 West Frankfort, Illinois 62896.
27:11 And again, that important website is 3abnkids.tv.
27:15 And feel free to call us as well.
27:18 618-627-4651.
27:21 Yeah, I can't believe our time is just about up.
27:24 It is.
27:26 Are there any final thoughts that you have?
27:28 No, that we would love to have children participate.
27:30 I love hearing from them.
27:32 And there's more programs in the works.
27:35 I mean, hopefully Kids Camp as well.
27:37 Nice.
27:38 And so we are looking for children
27:39 that want to participate.
27:41 So again, hopefully they can find out
27:42 more information.
27:44 Definitely.
27:45 Well, I hope that the viewers
27:46 will go to the website to check it out.
27:48 Thank you for being here.
27:50 Well, we've reached the end of another program.
27:52 Thanks for tuning in.
27:53 Join us next time and remember,
27:54 it just wouldn't be the same without you.


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