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After Covid-19 What's Next?

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00:01 The question on everyone's mind is after COVID-19,
00:04 what's next?
00:05 Well, stay tuned to find out.
00:07 My name is Jason Bradley,
00:08 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:32 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:34 My guests today are Mr. Danny Shelton,
00:37 3ABN Founder and Corporate Consultant,
00:40 and Dr. Yvonne Shelton,
00:41 3ABN Dare to Dream Co-founder and Consultant
00:45 and also known as my parents.
00:48 Welcome to Urban Report, guys.
00:49 Thank you, Jay.
00:51 It's great to have you. Happy to be here.
00:53 Yes, yes.
00:55 Now, I know
00:56 that when people entered into the year 2020,
01:01 they did not expect to get hit with such a pandemic.
01:04 Never.
01:06 Never in their whole life.
01:09 I've never seen anything like it.
01:11 I can't talk about your mom's age
01:12 and get in trouble.
01:14 But with my age, I've been around a long time.
01:16 And I've never seen anything like this.
01:19 Yes. Yeah, it came.
01:21 It seems as though it just came from nowhere.
01:23 You know, so you have the end of 2019.
01:28 And everybody's expecting that 2020 will be a great year.
01:31 Stock markets the greatest they've been in 50 years.
01:34 We're getting all those reports.
01:36 Everything has happened and economy's up,
01:38 people working more than literally the last 50-60 years.
01:42 So how could you expect
01:44 anything but a great start to a brand new year.
01:47 Yes, yes.
01:48 And then all of a sudden,
01:51 we get hit with this horrible news
01:53 about COVID-19 and see so many lives impacted.
01:57 What led to you guys writing this book?
02:01 Well, after we,
02:04 I think it took all of us a while,
02:06 including governments around the world
02:08 to really understand the kind of pandemic
02:11 that it's a worldwide pandemic.
02:13 And from so, looking at it,
02:16 not even from the spiritual side,
02:18 but from the physical side, having to comprehend,
02:21 no, wait a minute, well, this can't be that bad,
02:22 well, flues, more people die of flu,
02:25 you know, each year more people than automobile crashes,
02:28 more people with heart attacks, I mean, all of these things.
02:31 So you don't know what type and you don't know what isn't.
02:35 And you don't know where politics are involved
02:37 and we're politics or not.
02:38 So you don't know
02:40 who's playing one side against another.
02:42 So I think all of us may be set back
02:45 a little long until we kept getting people
02:48 that we knew or people we saw or,
02:50 you know, and we'll talk a little bit later
02:52 about somebody very close in the family that literally,
02:55 you know, got the disease or the virus and died.
02:58 And so, I think when all of a sudden,
03:03 what did it take?
03:04 It was two months,
03:05 maybe before most of us caught on January and February
03:10 that people began to ask, what's next?
03:12 Was this ever going to end?
03:14 And if it does, you know, by March and in April,
03:17 it just continues to go on.
03:19 So what's next? Yeah.
03:22 So that idea gave us the idea to actually, in 2005,
03:28 after Katrina,
03:30 the big hurricanes in the South, Katrina,
03:33 Pacific Press asked me to write a book,
03:35 and we called it, "After the Storm."
03:38 And it's really just a little 16 page booklet.
03:41 But there were several there have been numerous storms
03:44 since then over the years, and even in Sandy Hook,
03:47 and every time some major problems came up.
03:50 So there's been 2 or 3 million of those books
03:53 have been passed out,
03:55 because it helps lead people to Jesus
03:58 and after the storm, what next, though we didn't,
04:01 you know, didn't ever dream.
04:03 We never dreamed
04:04 something like this would happen.
04:06 So, when this happened, we said, okay,
04:07 we need something specifically, you know, for COVID-19.
04:12 Because people are asking, after COVID-19, what's next?
04:17 And a lot of the questions where,
04:19 when you talk to people spiritually,
04:23 well, will there be anything like this again?
04:26 And, of course, we answer
04:28 that kind of things in the book.
04:29 So ask your mother as well,
04:31 you're the doctor in the family,
04:33 would you maybe put some facts together
04:36 about COVID, you know, 19
04:38 and then let's hit some spiritual facts
04:41 to help people.
04:42 It'll be, you know, we're looking for antiviruses.
04:45 So lest, only that's Jesus.
04:47 So let's see if we can do something
04:49 to get this to people to help them
04:52 when the whole world is at a shutdown.
04:54 Right. Yes.
04:56 This was a major opportunity for us
04:59 to take what's going on in the world
05:03 and expose Satan's whole agenda
05:08 and also and God's agenda and how different they are,
05:13 and yet give people hope
05:16 because so many people are just as Danny said,
05:18 they're wondering, well, what's next?
05:20 Like, what am I going to do now?
05:22 What do I do? What?
05:24 Is this going to be the last thing that happens?
05:27 We can let people know that if they look to the Bible,
05:30 to the Word of God,
05:31 they'll see what's going to happen next.
05:33 That's right. Right?
05:35 So we don't have to,
05:36 you know, be afraid but we can offer people hope,
05:40 where there is no hope.
05:42 Yes, and people are searching.
05:44 People are searching and people are at home.
05:47 This is the first time literally,
05:49 you can say everybody in the world
05:51 referring to anything.
05:53 Now when we're teenagers growing up and you try this,
05:56 I'm sure some of you did with your parents,
05:58 didn't set well with my dad.
05:59 But you'd say, "Well, dad, but everybody's doing."
06:02 And he'd say, "No, not everybody."
06:05 You know, we'd say, Well, look at him."
06:07 He'd say, "No,
06:08 everybody's not going whether it's teen town
06:10 or some event up in high school at night.
06:13 No, everybody's not going."
06:15 And we were quiet,
06:16 you wouldn't better and talk back to your dad.
06:18 He'd say, "I can tell you who that is.
06:20 The Shelton boys
06:21 because there were four of us at 812 West Warden Street,
06:23 in West Frankfort, Illinois.
06:25 They're not going.
06:26 So everybody is not going."
06:27 But if my dad were alive today,
06:30 I could say to him, dad,
06:31 everybody in the world is talking about this.
06:34 That's pretty well be true.
06:35 That's very true.
06:37 It's on everybody's mind. It is.
06:38 And people are wondering, what's next.
06:41 Now this isn't the first pandemic
06:43 we've seen, correct?
06:44 No. Right.
06:46 There have been others that have preceded this,
06:50 but this one
06:52 has caused the world to shut down.
06:55 Yes. So this one is different.
06:56 You know, there's some that have hit in the Far East,
07:01 you know, or Africa.
07:03 But this has shut down around the world.
07:07 And so this is unprecedented.
07:10 You know, you can go way back in history
07:12 to the black plague and bubonic plague
07:14 all those things you can go to 1918
07:16 what they call the Spanish influenza
07:18 that had nothing to do with Spanish.
07:20 I'm not sure where that came from,
07:22 but it was different.
07:23 For number one,
07:25 we didn't have satellite communications
07:27 and the Internet to get this around the world.
07:30 So they really don't know how many people
07:32 were at the remotest part of some countries
07:35 really were affected or not.
07:37 But with social media,
07:38 then with the communication tools
07:41 that can literally, and satellites that can spot,
07:44 you can't hide anywhere on the planet if they want to.
07:46 Somebody wants to, government wants to find you,
07:49 you know, they're there, so this for us in our lifetime,
07:53 we've never lived through them.
07:55 But as I look back the other day,
07:56 I saw back in 1918,
07:58 I think is Minnesota where some Adventists
08:01 were helping out up there
08:03 and they're all the folks were wearing masks,
08:05 you know, around who said well...
08:07 Looks familiar. That's before even I was born.
08:12 Oh, you know,
08:14 you're dangerous right now.
08:17 I didn't say, where did I, Jay?
08:19 You didn't but I guess is good,
08:22 I got a couch in my house so.
08:26 Need to visit.
08:28 So I stopped short.
08:29 I was just like, "Oh, no, no, here in my lifetime."
08:34 So I want to talk about the first pandemic, sin.
08:39 Oh, well,
08:40 that's what we bring out in the book
08:42 because since people are asking,
08:44 you know, after COVID-19, what next,
08:47 and everybody's looking for there has to be a Savior.
08:51 Right now in this world,
08:53 there has to be in the physical sense,
08:55 people are looking for a Savior,
08:56 an antivirus,
08:58 vaccine that's going to stop all of this
09:01 and make let everything go back to where it was.
09:04 Well, I have a feeling,
09:06 things will never be back the way they were.
09:08 But as we look into those of us who studied prophecy some,
09:12 we believe that all this is doing
09:14 is put us into the very end of times
09:17 to wake everybody up.
09:19 So many of us Christians who haven't been doing much
09:21 suddenly say
09:23 have to take a look at this and say, you know what?
09:25 The world's never going to be the same after this.
09:27 And so, but in the Garden of Eden,
09:31 so we bring in this little pamphlet,
09:33 and we talk about sin,
09:35 how that it came in the Garden of Eden,
09:37 God created, you know, a perfect world.
09:40 But then when the devil tempted in the form of the serpent,
09:44 Eve and she and her husband,
09:46 and so they partook, they disobeyed,
09:49 what it's all about was disobedience.
09:51 They disobeyed God.
09:52 So he said, "Well, you can't live.
09:54 It's impossible to live in a perfect world,
09:56 because now you have sinned."
09:58 And what is sin?
09:59 Does anybody know what the definition of sin is?
10:01 Transgression of God's law.
10:02 It's transgression of God's law
10:04 or the breaking of God's commandments,
10:07 of His laws.
10:08 So when we break God's laws,
10:09 we distance ourselves from our Creator.
10:13 That's why today we don't see God face to face.
10:15 We could not stand up,
10:17 human flesh could not stand in the presence of a holy God,
10:20 because we've disintegrate from the brightness,
10:23 from perfection.
10:25 And so, what happened is Adam and Eve got put out
10:28 and we try to explain this
10:30 to people who maybe or not
10:31 totally familiar with the Bible,
10:33 necessarily Christians to answer.
10:36 So many people are saying,
10:38 "Well, I can't believe this is,
10:40 how do they blame God when a tornado happens?"
10:43 An act of God. An act of God.
10:45 They say, "Oh, this is an act of God."
10:47 Well, no, it's an act of the devil.
10:49 So what we try to do, Jay, is we try to explain,
10:52 go back to the Garden of Eden
10:54 and show how sin came into this world
10:57 and that Jesus was that antivirus
11:00 for that Jesus is the only one
11:02 and because He loved us so much,
11:04 the God had made a plan of salvation,
11:08 where Jesus was able to take our sins
11:11 on His shoulders
11:12 and take those to the cross, nailing them to the cross,
11:15 and remission shed His blood in remission for our sins.
11:20 And so it's the only answer
11:21 because we're all born terminally ill.
11:24 We just some take us longer to die than others.
11:26 And so that's the world we live in.
11:28 There is no way out.
11:29 There is no hope
11:31 except through the Lord Jesus Christ.
11:32 So what we're trying to do is to show people,
11:35 that God is a God of love.
11:36 John 10:10 says, "The thief," speaking of Satan,
11:40 "comes not but for to steal, kill and to destroy."
11:43 But Jesus says,
11:45 "I've come that you may have life
11:46 and you may have it more abundantly."
11:48 So we're trying to answer questions,
11:51 because people as you referred to earlier,
11:54 as well, if there's a God,
11:56 where is He now when we need Him?
11:58 That is a very good question that people are asking.
12:03 And, you know, another one is,
12:05 well, why do bad things happen to good people?
12:08 Yeah, yeah.
12:09 And you touch on that on in the booklet as well.
12:10 We touched on that.
12:12 And where is God when you need Him
12:13 and why do bad things,
12:15 why do bad things happen to?
12:17 Well, it all goes back to sin.
12:19 It all goes back to,
12:20 you know, the original pandemic which is sin.
12:25 And so, there is the only remedy
12:29 for it is the blood of Jesus.
12:30 And, unfortunately,
12:33 and I didn't realize this
12:35 until recently, really,
12:37 there's so many people who have never heard
12:40 of Jesus ever.
12:41 And because we kind of take it for granted,
12:43 you know, we're Christians,
12:45 and we talk about Jesus and all.
12:46 But there's some people who have never heard His name.
12:48 They've never heard the name of God
12:50 outside of cursing or profanity.
12:52 And so for us now to,
12:55 in this booklet to kind of show who God is,
12:59 what He's done for mankind
13:02 through making a plan of salvation for us,
13:05 and then Jesus Christ is sure,
13:08 giving His life for all of mankind.
13:12 And so it's like,
13:14 this booklet is kind of written
13:16 to vindicate the character of God
13:19 because so many people feel as though
13:22 God is just up there trying to zap people
13:26 or judge them and kill them.
13:29 No, that's not who God is. God is love.
13:32 It's not He's like love,
13:33 is not, you know, He's kind of...
13:36 No, God is love.
13:39 And so that's what this is about really.
13:41 It's really showing who God is,
13:44 as opposed to who the enemy is,
13:47 and showing how they always have a plan.
13:52 God has His agenda,
13:54 and the enemy has his.
13:55 And we try to bring out,
13:57 you know, what God wants to do in our lives,
14:01 and that's what this book is about really, what's next?
14:04 We have a lot that's going to be happening next.
14:07 But if we stay connected to the Savior,
14:11 and we have nothing to worry about.
14:13 Sure.
14:15 So why do bad things happen to good people?
14:18 And then it's a great question.
14:20 And what we're trying to do is to maybe, as she said,
14:23 exonerate God in the court of public opinion,
14:28 because can I speak real bold to the viewers for a second?
14:32 I'm going to have to lay a lot of the blame on televangelists
14:36 for out preaching the way they preach that,
14:41 you know, if you're a Christian,
14:42 you're healthy, wealthy,
14:44 and wise and anything you say and you,
14:46 all the miracle healings and all the stuff, God heals.
14:49 We've talked about that before,
14:51 but they make so light of it,
14:53 that Christianity is a mockery to a lot of people
14:57 because they see so much hypocrisy.
14:59 So they see so much
15:01 and they see people teaching things
15:03 that it seems more it's on a financial end
15:06 rather than on a spiritual end
15:08 from some of these huge ministries
15:10 that are out there preaching.
15:11 So the truth is,
15:13 the Bible says the rain falls
15:14 on the just as well as the unjust.
15:17 So what that means is, just because I'm a Christian,
15:21 if I walk out in front of a semi,
15:23 if I see a semi coming down the highway,
15:25 I walk out in front of it,
15:27 you think I'm going to be hit or not?
15:28 I'll be run over, right? Yes.
15:30 That'd be much said.
15:31 If a person is not a Christian they walk out in front of it,
15:33 they're going to be hit?
15:35 Absolutely. Of course they will.
15:36 We walked outside and there's a huge thunderstorm
15:39 or tornado,
15:40 we're now I'm in right next to a non-Christian,
15:44 who's going to be hit?
15:45 Both of us, okay,
15:46 so what it is they're saying well,
15:49 you know,
15:50 when you listen to what's going out there
15:52 Yvonne, it makes Christianity is almost God as a Santa Claus.
15:56 Well, all you got to do is pray
15:57 and you can do this while He does that.
15:59 No, on this earth,
16:01 we go through trials and tribulations
16:03 just like everybody else.
16:04 If you notice all Christians die,
16:07 there's nobody here.
16:08 That's a lie that was here
16:09 120 years ago on this earth, right?
16:12 Of the billions of people.
16:13 So that ought to tell us something,
16:15 because these people say, well, we're just praying,
16:16 you be healed.
16:17 Well then just keep doing that.
16:19 But I noticed even all the faith healers die.
16:21 I don't mean to sound ugly on that.
16:25 But that's that kind of information
16:27 that's been disseminated in such a worldwide,
16:31 you know, audience
16:33 that makes people not have confidence,
16:35 and then when this happens, I've said before,
16:38 if they're, all these faith healers,
16:39 if that's true,
16:40 they should all be in hospitals healing everybody
16:42 and this pandemic would be over.
16:44 So what we try to do is say
16:46 that's not the way God operates.
16:48 What happened is
16:49 we're separated from God by sin.
16:51 While we're on this earth, we're going to reap,
16:54 we're going to get old.
16:55 Just look at me, I'm lot, I started 35 years ago,
16:58 I look totally different than I look now.
17:00 But praise the Lord.
17:01 You know, you don't look that different.
17:02 No, he doesn't.
17:04 We need recorder after the program.
17:06 But what happens is so because of sin
17:10 that we're all going to die.
17:12 And so the Lord says, "I have a plan.
17:16 I'm your Creator.
17:17 Heaven is not heaven until My children are there."
17:21 So He says, all you have to do is come to Me
17:24 because when we go through all the scriptures,
17:26 it says, "For all have sinned
17:28 and come short of the glory of God."
17:30 But it says, "If I confess my sins,"
17:32 1 John 1:9,
17:34 "If I confess my sins,
17:35 God is faithful
17:37 and just to forgive me for my sins,
17:38 and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness."
17:41 So all I have to do is say, "Lord, I'm a sinner,
17:44 and I ask You to save me."
17:46 So you don't have to know anything.
17:48 You don't have to memorize the Bible.
17:50 None of that, you simply so what I did was,
17:54 let's get this out by the millions.
17:56 Let's put this out in the millions
17:57 because never in my lifetime
18:00 has so many millions of people been sitting at home
18:04 because you're out of work, you can't go to work
18:06 and with social distancing,
18:08 not too many people are outside.
18:10 So what can we do to reach people
18:13 in their homes
18:14 at a time when they're most susceptible,
18:17 most interested in hearing the gospel?
18:19 So let's say you're sitting at home,
18:21 you don't know what's going on.
18:23 See, a Christian has peace in the midst of the storm.
18:26 We're going to go through the same storm
18:27 that person is not a Christian,
18:29 but we have peace and they don't
18:31 because we know the outcome.
18:33 Revelation says they win.
18:34 So that's what it's all about.
18:36 We've read the back of the book.
18:37 Read the back of the book and it says, we win.
18:39 And they overcame Him by the Satan,
18:41 by the blood of the Lamb and the word of the testimony.
18:44 So what could we do
18:45 to get this into the hands of millions of people?
18:48 Now, let's say you're out of work, Jay.
18:50 You don't know the Lord,
18:51 you have no idea what's happening.
18:53 Your relatives have died people, you know,
18:56 you're worried about yourself
18:57 and this shows up in the mail with 10 other bills
18:59 or whatever because you're not working
19:01 and things are happening
19:03 and you look at it and it's bright,
19:05 it says, "After COVID-19, what next?"
19:07 Shows an ambulance
19:09 and somebody on the stretcher getting ready.
19:11 You think you probably going to look through this?
19:13 Oh, I'm going to read that for sure.
19:14 You're going to look through it.
19:16 So what we've done is we've asked our viewers,
19:18 said, look if you pay for the printing,
19:20 you know help us raise the money,
19:22 it's only like 15 cents
19:23 so you can get like six books or so for $1 actually,
19:26 but what I've been doing is trying to get individuals
19:29 who would donate money for the printing
19:31 and then people for zip code.
19:33 So people who want to send in,
19:35 it's literally you can send two of these books
19:38 to zip code of your choice
19:39 for less than the price of one stamp.
19:41 Wow, that's incredible, you can't beat that.
19:45 It really is.
19:46 And you can't put a price on the soul.
19:49 So four for a dollar.
19:50 In other words, if you donate $500,
19:52 that's 2,000 homes,
19:54 this book will go into
19:55 because others are raising the money
19:57 or paying for the printing
19:59 and for those of you
20:01 that we're asking you to do one or the other.
20:02 Now, at the time of this taping,
20:05 we're almost 4 million orders.
20:08 We've had 3 million books printed up.
20:10 And we have money to pay for about three million,
20:13 but we don't have for the next four.
20:15 So we're asking people, please help with the printing,
20:18 because we've got orders for almost 4 million,
20:20 but we have enough money
20:22 that's paying for the first 3 million printed
20:24 if I make sure I get that straight.
20:26 So we're really asking for help in the printing right now,
20:29 because we already have people
20:31 who've sent money that said, cover this zip code.
20:34 So what happens is,
20:35 if you want to give the zip codes
20:37 in your area, your town,
20:38 then you can call us here at 3ABN,
20:42 and they'll tell you how you can do it.
20:43 And they have a way of looking up your area
20:45 and saying, okay, there's X amount of zip codes.
20:48 And so when they do,
20:49 then they can tell you what it would cost
20:51 to cover certain zip code.
20:53 But what we're really looking for now
20:54 also is if you say give $100 for zip codes,
20:58 maybe you could give $100 say for printing,
21:01 because we're actually
21:03 running behind on printing money.
21:05 And so, but 3 million of these are already printed,
21:08 they're into going into the homes all over.
21:11 And we have half a million
21:13 being printed in Spanish right now.
21:15 And so we've got orders as far as way as Australian,
21:18 we're still trying to work out how best to do that
21:21 and get it from Norway from Russia.
21:24 They've already printed it,
21:25 or I think yes, printed in Russian.
21:28 And so numerous languages,
21:30 I think Norwegian
21:32 maybe they're asking about doing this up there.
21:34 So numerous languages, but we actually,
21:37 we just need your help in doing it.
21:39 So does it tell everything if you're an Adventist,
21:42 it says the 28 fundamental, no, not all in here,
21:45 is the main fundamental belief
21:47 that how you understand who Jesus is,
21:50 and you become a Christian.
21:51 But good news on the back page,
21:54 the whole back page tells you
21:56 how you can get the rest of the story.
21:58 Paul Harvey used to say...
21:59 Yeah, yeah. Right.
22:01 Now we're going on page two, we'll go to the next story.
22:03 But this says 3ABN, mending broken people.
22:06 All of these are ways you can watch or listen
22:09 or go on the internet or get Roku,
22:11 all of these cable, Amazon Fire,
22:14 you know, whatever app, all of that is in here.
22:17 So for that amount of money, so what's happened?
22:20 This is going in as a piece of literature
22:23 to help people to understand who God is.
22:26 And He's a God who loves them, who died for us,
22:29 made a plan of salvation for us,
22:30 is coming back very soon in the clouds of glory.
22:34 And then, they can find out they want more information,
22:37 they're going to be able to find out
22:39 how to get in communications with 3ABN
22:41 so, I'm talking quickly
22:42 because the time is short for you too.
22:45 Well, the other thing is,
22:46 you know, a lot of times you wonder,
22:49 what can I do for the Lord,
22:50 especially now?
22:52 I can't go outside. I can't do this or that.
22:54 Well, guess what?
22:55 All you have to do is pick up your phone
22:58 and call 3ABN (618) 627-4651
23:03 and you can call or you can go on the website,
23:07 3abn.tv.
23:09 Actually donate on the website.
23:10 You can donate on the website...
23:12 For COVID-19. Either way.
23:14 But there's no excuse
23:15 because you don't have to leave home to do this.
23:19 But yet you can impact someone's life for eternity.
23:22 And that's what, you know, to me,
23:25 the beauty of this is that someone
23:27 is going to more than one,
23:29 but someone is going to read this and say,
23:32 "You know what?
23:34 Maybe that's what's been missing
23:35 from my life all this time.
23:37 I need to find out more about this Jesus,
23:40 who is He really,
23:42 and what is He really done for me."
23:44 And it can lead people to the throne,
23:47 it can lead them to heaven.
23:49 Ultimately, you can change your life for eternity
23:52 just by ordering these books and having them sent.
23:56 You don't have to do anything.
23:57 We'll make a phone call and it's record,
23:59 like to me it's a no brainer, because the Lord wants us to,
24:05 who's, go ye...
24:06 Yeah, into all the world.
24:07 Who into all the world.
24:09 Who is the ye as Danny says.
24:11 Who's the ye? We're all ye.
24:13 We are to go into the whole world.
24:15 And so that's what we can do with this booklet
24:18 and make a difference in people's lives for eternity.
24:22 The Bible says where sin abounds,
24:23 grace does abound much more.
24:26 And this is the greatest evangelistic opportunity
24:29 in 35 years of ministry.
24:31 I can tell you that,
24:32 I've never seen this type
24:34 because once again we'll go back to the term
24:36 we said earlier, everybody
24:38 and very seldom you ever say,
24:40 when I could say
24:41 everybody's doing such and such
24:43 when millions of people watching ballgames,
24:44 million people on cruises, millions are working, millions.
24:48 Now literally,
24:49 everybody's thinking about this.
24:51 Literally everybody in the world
24:52 and you're having to measure yourself
24:55 about your finality.
24:57 And what does happen after death?
24:59 I have guaranteed
25:00 that there are people wondering,
25:01 I wonder if there is life after death.
25:03 You know what is going to happen now
25:05 because so many folk are dying.
25:06 You just lost your cousin.
25:08 Yes, my first cousin Gregory Hodge
25:11 and he died with suddenly, from COVID-19.
25:16 He was healthy.
25:18 It's been on a lot of different news outlets
25:20 because he was a first responder,
25:22 he was 911, he was a hero.
25:24 They call them the legend in his department
25:26 at the office of emergency.
25:29 Yeah, Office of Emergency Medicine
25:31 and in for New York,
25:33 New York City so you know.
25:35 But Gregory knew the Lord.
25:37 And so I'm so thankful that this is not the end.
25:41 That one day when Jesus comes, right now He's resting.
25:45 Gregory's resting in Jesus, but one day,
25:47 we'll all be able to be together forever.
25:49 And hopefully many of the people
25:51 who've received this booklet in the mail will be,
25:55 we'll all be together forever.
25:58 So when we can't go to church
25:59 because we're not allowed to go to church
26:01 and meet people,
26:03 what are we going to do to do our part
26:05 because what happens we can get lazy.
26:07 We don't go to church, we forget it.
26:09 But this just gives you an opportunity to say,
26:10 you know what?
26:12 I want to sponsor printing books,
26:14 I want to sponsor zip codes, I want to help in this.
26:16 So you can do it from your home.
26:18 And all you have to do is go to our website
26:20 or call our phone numbers,
26:21 and you can find out how to do it.
26:23 And again,
26:24 these are only about 15 cents to print
26:26 but the mailing is 25 cents, or 4 for $1.
26:29 So if you want to give $100, 500,
26:31 some folk have given 1,000, you can do that for printing,
26:34 or you can divide it half for printing,
26:36 half for zip codes
26:38 and give us the area where you live,
26:39 and we'll get it out.
26:41 So this allows each of us
26:42 to still do evangelism to get millions of these.
26:46 So far,
26:47 three and a half million are being printed.
26:49 And we hope that several million more are
26:51 and we've got to catch up
26:52 because we're three quarter almost a million in ahead of
26:56 what we have to print.
26:58 Yes, well I hope that our viewers
27:01 will get behind this and support it
27:03 because I mean, you really don't,
27:04 you don't have to get up off your couch.
27:06 That's right.
27:07 You don't have to go to the mailbox.
27:09 Just pick up the phone, call (618)-627-4651.
27:15 Follow the prompts to the call center,
27:16 talk to them and go ahead and support this great cause
27:20 because you don't know whose soul will be won
27:23 for God's kingdom.
27:25 Do you guys have any final thoughts real quick?
27:28 I just know
27:30 that there is a blessing in giving.
27:32 There's a blessing for you in sharing the gospel
27:35 and knowing that you have done something
27:38 for someone else
27:39 that is going to change their lives for eternity.
27:42 You won't know here, but you'll know one day.
27:45 Absolutely.
27:46 Well, thank you guys so much for coming on the program
27:49 and writing this great booklet in such a time as this
27:52 and thank you for joining us.
27:54 Until next time, may God continue to bless you.


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