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00:01 Homeless, but not hopeless.
00:03 Stay tuned to meet a man whose life's mission
00:06 is to offer hope and help to the suffering.
00:10 My name is Yvonne Shelton,
00:11 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:36 Hello, and welcome to Urban Report.
00:39 My guest today is Eric Camarillo,
00:42 President of SALT Outreach Ministries.
00:45 Welcome to Urban Report, Eric.
00:47 Yay! Yeah.
00:49 I'm happy to be here.
00:50 Oh, I'm so happy that you're here.
00:52 Jason has interviewed you multiple times,
00:55 and I've not had the privilege.
00:57 So I'm really happy that you're here.
00:59 Thank you for joining us.
01:01 Yes, of course, I'm happy to be interviewed by you, too.
01:06 Oh, thank you.
01:08 Well, let's talk a little bit about SALT Outreach
01:10 because I have to tell you
01:13 that it is one of my favorite ministries.
01:15 You know, there are several ministries
01:17 that we come into contact with here,
01:20 but SALT Outreach
01:21 is one of my all time favorites.
01:23 Tell us a bit about how it started
01:25 and what you do?
01:27 Oh, praise God. No, thank you.
01:30 Yes, SALT Outreach is an organization
01:33 that is really geared toward empowering young adults
01:36 to impact the community.
01:39 Our largest outreach right now
01:40 and most active is our homeless outreach.
01:44 And with our homeless outreach,
01:46 we have a mobile drop in center where the homeless can come.
01:51 They can get a shower in a mobile shower unit
01:55 that we have has four bathrooms,
01:57 that 3ABN viewers actually helped us
01:59 to raise the money for by the way.
02:02 We have a clothing trailer
02:04 where they can get clean clothes.
02:07 We have barbers that give them haircuts.
02:10 We provide food and we have other partners
02:13 in the community that come and they provide other needs,
02:15 like help with identification,
02:18 you know, screenings for different diseases
02:20 and things like that.
02:21 So it's been a blessing.
02:24 We've been almost like the front lines
02:26 for the homeless
02:27 because we're meeting them
02:29 where they are with our power equipment
02:33 in our facilities.
02:34 So... That's amazing.
02:35 So you actually take a shower truck
02:38 into areas of homelessness
02:42 and the homeless can actually get a hot shower.
02:47 Exactly, yeah.
02:48 Before we got the shower trailer.
02:50 We surveyed the homeless
02:52 'cause as we continue to meet the needs,
02:55 we first survey them
02:57 to find out what they really need.
02:59 A lot of the time we just assume what they need.
03:02 We don't actually go in there and survey them and ask them.
03:05 And so we actually went in and surveyed them.
03:07 And we found out that there were some individuals
03:10 that were homeless
03:12 that were actively looking for work
03:14 and hadn't showered in up to three months.
03:16 Most of them haven't showered in at least a week.
03:20 And there's no way you can find a job
03:21 if you can't shower.
03:23 Absolutely. Absolutely.
03:25 And it's so important.
03:26 I think what you did,
03:28 to go in and actually survey them
03:31 and find out what their needs were
03:33 as opposed to what your perception
03:36 of their needs were.
03:37 I think that's so important because they could tell you,
03:39 look, we can't get a job if we can't take a shower,
03:43 and then also,
03:44 to have someplace safe to shower.
03:47 That's an issue as well, isn't it?
03:49 Right, it really is, you know, it's interesting you say
03:53 that we had a woman that showered with us
03:56 a few months ago,
03:57 and, you know, she went into the shower,
04:00 she took a shower,
04:01 we help provide some other needs for her.
04:03 She was with her family.
04:04 She had a son with her and a grandson.
04:07 And she came out of the shower crying.
04:10 And when we talked to her and prayed with her,
04:12 we found out that she doesn't feel safe
04:14 showering anywhere else in the community.
04:18 And this was, you know, her experience
04:20 where she feels like anyone could just walk in
04:23 and maybe do something
04:24 and she's heard rumors and she doesn't feel safe,
04:27 but we have these shower trailers,
04:29 they're like bathrooms.
04:31 It's like you're going into someone's home
04:32 and using their bathroom.
04:34 There's a lock on the door, you know, and it's very safe,
04:37 very comfortable, I think for a lot of them,
04:40 kind of gives them their humanity back
04:42 when you have a nice place for them to shower.
04:45 Oh, I think that is the most impressive thing
04:49 because, you know, again, where can you bathe?
04:53 Where can you go?
04:54 Where you can wash and be presentable
04:57 to go and get a job?
04:59 You can't even...
05:00 You can't get a job if you're smelling bad,
05:02 you can't.
05:03 So it's just, I mean, what a blessing that is.
05:06 How long has SALT Outreach been in operation?
05:11 So we started in 2011, September 2011,
05:17 our homeless outreach started in 2012.
05:21 We started with food,
05:22 and it just kind of evolved from there.
05:24 And we actually launched our mobile dropping center
05:26 when we got our shower trailer back at the end of 2018.
05:31 And the mobile drop in center, what is that again?
05:34 So the mobile drop in center...
05:36 So what homeless dropping centers are,
05:39 is a place that's very low barrier,
05:42 where a homeless individual, usually it's a building.
05:44 Homeless individual can come
05:46 and they can receive kind of the basic needs,
05:48 you know, they can get a shower there,
05:50 they can get food, you know, they can get clothing,
05:53 you know, sometimes there's medical facilities
05:56 that they can get free medical.
05:57 So it's a place they can come
05:59 and the purpose of a drop in center
06:02 is really for a homeless individual
06:03 to come spend some time there, get some needs,
06:06 relationships are created,
06:08 when those relationships are created,
06:10 then they get referred out
06:11 to the other various homeless organizations
06:14 that are helping in different areas.
06:16 So it's a way to kind of capture that data,
06:20 and then refer them out so that they can, you know,
06:24 be on the road to finding the home,
06:27 you know, to we actually refer to them
06:30 as home bound
06:31 because we believe they're on their way there,
06:33 you know,
06:35 and we wanna help them on their way.
06:36 Wow, what you're doing is so beautiful.
06:39 You know, a lot of people don't realize
06:41 I think that during the day,
06:43 the homeless don't really have anywhere to go often.
06:47 So they're in the shelters in the evenings,
06:51 but during the day, where do they go?
06:52 What do they do?
06:54 And what you're doing
06:55 is establishing these connections
06:58 and resources and all that for them?
07:00 So this is a beautiful, beautiful thing
07:04 that you're doing.
07:05 It's just amazing.
07:08 Let's switch gears a little bit and talk about
07:12 what's going on now around the world
07:15 and that is this whole COVID-19 situation
07:19 where people are impacted
07:24 so profoundly by this virus,
07:26 how has this pandemic impacted the homeless?
07:32 You know, it's crazy,
07:36 you know, and a lot of these things
07:38 that have happened
07:40 that that they've been impacted by it makes sense
07:42 because the virus is so contagious
07:46 and you can't, there's social distancing
07:48 that's involved and things are shut down.
07:51 And so, like some examples are,
07:55 you know, some of the food shares,
07:56 where the homeless go to get food.
07:59 I mean, there's tons of people gathered together
08:02 hundreds sometimes where people gathered together
08:05 and so some of those churches, those organizations
08:08 stopped providing food during that time.
08:11 So now food starts to become more scarce.
08:14 They know some of the shelters
08:16 that did offer some type of day service
08:19 had to stop taking walk-ins.
08:22 You know, people that were looking for jobs,
08:24 were no longer able to look for jobs
08:26 'cause no one wants to hire
08:28 and all these employers are closing.
08:30 We've had people come to us
08:31 that we serve during this pandemic
08:33 that have said they just started a job.
08:35 And because of the pandemic,
08:37 they're back on the street now
08:38 because they couldn't continue their employment.
08:42 And on top of all that, on top of all that
08:45 the cherry on top is there were,
08:47 there's rarely any place for them to wash their hands
08:51 and there was no place for them to shower.
08:53 I mean, that was a for sure thing.
08:56 So we decided to continue operating,
09:00 but in emergency response mode,
09:02 we just are using the shower trailer,
09:04 we're giving underwear and socks,
09:06 and we are doing a lunch.
09:08 And, you know, we're doing hygiene product.
09:12 And that's kind of the extent
09:13 of what we're able to do at the moment.
09:16 But luckily for us
09:20 that the city has had partnered with us
09:24 and they actually hired us to be able to serve them
09:27 in this way, three days a week,
09:29 all the way through the end of June.
09:32 Praise the Lord. Look at that.
09:33 So the city is aware of what you're doing,
09:37 and they have commissioned you to continue this outreach
09:42 during this pandemic
09:43 because you're serving the community.
09:46 Wow, that's wonderful. Right.
09:47 So how are you introducing
09:51 the homeless people to the Lord?
09:54 How do you make that spiritual connection?
09:59 Yeah.
10:00 So it's, you know,
10:01 it's become a little more difficult.
10:05 And the reason why I say that is because you can't...
10:08 We're enforcing social distancing
10:11 on our property.
10:12 So, you know, before we used to have people
10:14 kind of hang around the property,
10:16 we can talk to them more, engage them more.
10:19 Now what we're doing is we're setting appointments,
10:22 so they come to the property,
10:23 we set an appointment with them,
10:25 and then they come back and do their shower,
10:28 and then, you know, we provide whatever they need,
10:30 and they leave the property as soon as possible.
10:32 So new people can come on the property.
10:34 So it's been more difficult, but I will say this.
10:40 They have voice that many have voiced
10:43 that we're serving,
10:45 that how and glorifying God
10:48 and the fact that we started doing this
10:51 with at the end of 2018,
10:54 just doing one event per month.
10:56 Now we're doing three events per week,
10:59 which is what God had put as a vision for us to operate.
11:04 And just what a year and a half later
11:06 it's happening.
11:08 And so the homeless know that we care
11:11 because we're stepping out to provide for them.
11:14 We're showing them Christ character
11:15 through our action.
11:17 We're communicating with them, we're praying with them,
11:19 you know, we can't like,
11:21 you know, we can't do Bible studies with them.
11:23 There's not really much we can do in that area,
11:26 but we are making sure that God is glorified
11:32 through the services that we're providing,
11:34 you know, so...
11:37 That is beautiful.
11:38 And they know as you said, they know that you care.
11:42 You mentioned three events per week.
11:44 What are those events that you're having?
11:46 Yeah, so our outreach actually runs every Sunday,
11:49 Tuesday, and Thursday.
11:52 And so it's from 9:00 to 3:00, 9 am to 3 pm on those days,
11:57 and we have just our staff members on-site.
12:01 We hired people, that was a milestone for us
12:03 since the last time we've been on 3ABN.
12:06 We hired some staff starting in February,
12:10 when this outbreak happened, we decided to hire more.
12:12 So we have
12:13 four staff members on the books,
12:15 and they're the ones out there kind of, you know,
12:17 doing everything so...
12:20 So you're able to,
12:22 hopefully you wearing masks and all that
12:24 and protecting yourself like how,
12:26 what are you doing to protect yourself and others?
12:30 Yes, that's a great question.
12:33 So our employees are...
12:38 Yes, they're wearing masks
12:39 to prevent from spreading anything.
12:41 We actually ordered more masks
12:43 for our staff they're KN95 masks,
12:46 and then we also ordered 2,400 surgical masks
12:49 that should be coming at the end of this week
12:51 that we're gonna give to each homeless individual
12:53 as they come to help the spread of the disease,
12:56 you know, to help mitigate the spread among the homeless.
12:59 So we're gonna give them each one per week.
13:03 We also with our staff members, we're taking temperatures.
13:07 And we testimony here is the Hilton
13:11 actually has offered to house our staff members
13:15 so they don't have to go back home to their families
13:18 and risk maybe infecting the family member.
13:21 So they're, I mean, they're giving us a basically,
13:25 you know, close to 90 days of, you know,
13:29 $100 rooms for free
13:31 for two staff members right now,
13:33 which is amazing.
13:35 And so that's another way, you know, and again,
13:37 like I mentioned before, we're doing appointments,
13:39 and really enforcing social distancing on property
13:42 to make sure we don't,
13:44 you know, spread any kind of infection,
13:46 and then each bathroom after each shower
13:49 is sanitized totally to prevent any spread
13:53 from happening from one to the other.
13:55 So...
13:57 That is so beautiful.
13:58 You know, you mentioned that the Hilton Hotel
14:02 is donating some of its rooms
14:05 like that is just, that's wonderful.
14:08 Tell us about some of the other organizations
14:10 with which you're in partnership
14:12 and how that's working out?
14:16 Yeah, so, you know some of those,
14:19 I mentioned the city of Orlando that hired us,
14:21 they gave us a total of about $88,000
14:26 to cover about three and a half months,
14:29 which is huge that that's enough to fund us
14:31 and to help pay for our staffing.
14:34 You mentioned the Hilton that's providing, you know,
14:37 safe place for our staff to stay away from their family,
14:39 which is huge.
14:41 And just many different donors are donating,
14:45 the people are donating food.
14:47 It's been an interfaith effort
14:48 where there are groups from other denominations
14:51 in Christendom,
14:53 and then there's others
14:54 that are outside of Christianity
14:56 that are helping with food and helping with other things
15:00 at the outreach,
15:01 and it's just been amazing to see everything
15:03 kind of come together.
15:04 Public gave us a $500 gift card to help with food,
15:09 you know, which is a local grocery store here.
15:11 So it's just nice.
15:13 Yeah, it's really amazing
15:14 to see everyone really come together
15:16 for this effort to help serve them, so...
15:19 Yes, that is so, so great.
15:22 So you have some, you brought some pictures
15:25 and I'd like for us
15:28 to just kind of look at some of those
15:30 and tell us what we're looking at?
15:33 Yeah, so that's actually just the article
15:37 that the Orlando Sentinel the city newspaper did on us.
15:41 We were mentioned in there as one of the efforts
15:44 that are serving the homeless during this time.
15:46 That's the shower trailer in the background there,
15:49 you can see a little bit inside and that's our vice president
15:53 standing outside of it there is probably posing I think,
15:58 but he looks way too happy there.
16:04 No, but he's a happy guy.
16:07 That's the truck that also...
16:09 See these two things here
16:11 that shower trailer and that truck
16:12 are things that 3ABN viewers helped big time
16:16 to help us raise money for and we're so thankful,
16:20 but that truck is what we used to pull the trailer,
16:23 you know, to and from
16:24 and that was a blessing in itself
16:27 how we got that.
16:28 That's the shower trailer there.
16:31 We as you can see at the top of it there,
16:33 there's a solar panels,
16:35 the local power company called Orlando Utility Commission,
16:40 they actually donated those solar panels
16:43 for the shower trailer.
16:45 It helps us to be completely mobile.
16:47 We don't have to plug into anything.
16:48 We don't need a generator.
16:50 The sun is powering our trailer which is, which is amazing.
16:56 I want to show that. Wow, that is wonderful.
17:00 That is wonderful.
17:01 Go ahead, what's this? This is one of ours...
17:03 Yeah, this is one of our staff members.
17:05 His name is Pat. He was formerly homeless.
17:08 He actually used to help
17:10 clean the showers after each use
17:13 while he was homeless
17:14 and getting showers here himself.
17:16 And when we decided to hire staff,
17:19 he was one of the candidates that we hired.
17:21 And, you know, he's not homeless right now
17:26 because he's staying at the Hilton,
17:28 you know, the Hilton has that room for him.
17:29 So he's staying there.
17:31 And we, you know, with our staff
17:33 we're paying hazard pay,
17:34 so we increase their pay $2
17:35 during this time of the pandemic,
17:38 but for him specifically,
17:39 we're gathering together like a bonus
17:42 based on the amount of time he works with us
17:44 that's gonna help with a first month's rent
17:46 and a security deposit for a new place
17:49 once this whole thing is over.
17:51 This contract is over
17:52 so he's been a blessing to us big time.
17:56 Yeah. Look at that.
17:58 That is so great.
17:59 It's so great that you are working,
18:03 you know, with members of the community
18:05 and changing their lives by the grace of God,
18:08 changing their lives,
18:10 he is homeless no more and now he's got a job.
18:14 He's got a job, he's got a place to stay,
18:16 and by the grace of God, this surprise bonus.
18:20 So that's just wonderful. Yes.
18:23 That's just wonderful.
18:24 Yeah. Yeah. What's that our next picture?
18:25 Yeah.
18:27 So this is a way that we raise money here.
18:30 You know, we put OUC,
18:32 which is that power company on there
18:33 since they help with the solar panels.
18:36 We have the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
18:38 that donated $5,000 so we put their logo on there.
18:42 So we have different businesses if they wanted advertising,
18:45 we do get a lot of press and stuff like that.
18:48 So, you know, we,
18:49 it's something that we do for fundraising
18:51 where we, you know,
18:52 put a company logo on there for somebody.
18:56 This is just one of the signs as you can see,
18:59 you know, we're enforcing that certain things
19:03 that we do not want on the property or do want.
19:08 We are following strict social distancing.
19:10 So this is just the inside of the trailer
19:13 some pictures here.
19:15 That's Pat cleaning.
19:16 We have the, you know, toilet paper thing there.
19:19 There's him claiming one of the showers
19:23 and then you know, getting the toilet
19:24 so he sanitizes
19:26 we have chemicals that will kill COVID-19
19:30 and so he sanitizes all the places
19:32 that would get touched.
19:34 Pretty much the whole bathroom
19:36 before another person gets in there.
19:38 Oh, that is so, so great.
19:42 You know, one of the things that's so impressive to me
19:45 about that last picture is how clean it is.
19:49 You know, if you're homeless,
19:53 you don't want to go into a dirty bathroom,
19:56 you're thankful to have a clean safe environment.
20:02 And I mean, I just feel like
20:03 how pleasing this must be to Jesus
20:06 because this is what He has commissioned us to do
20:11 to be concerned about the poor and to help the poor.
20:14 And that's what you're doing.
20:16 You're providing an environment that is clean and safe
20:21 and something that anybody would wanna use.
20:23 It's not a step down.
20:25 And that's just so beautiful. So beautiful.
20:28 Amen. Yeah, we're just so grateful.
20:32 God's really provided for us
20:34 and we're realizing this time right now,
20:36 although we have to follow strict social distancing.
20:39 We're creating these relationships
20:41 and building trust with some of them.
20:43 I mean, there was a guy that would come to us,
20:45 and that's the, you know, being a drop in center
20:47 you're like the front line.
20:49 So you're some about 20% within a month's time,
20:53 20% of the showers we did
20:55 where from people individuals that were homeless
20:58 that have not received services
21:00 at another homeless organization ever,
21:02 it was a first time receiving services.
21:04 So we were able to capture that data.
21:07 And we continue building that relationship,
21:10 one of the guys that would come to us
21:11 would just come for food.
21:13 And it's been almost a month now.
21:15 And now he's like, you know what,
21:16 I'm gonna do a shower.
21:18 And so that relationship that's getting built they,
21:22 we build that trust.
21:23 And then when this is over,
21:24 you know, where we're planning on really,
21:28 you know, sharing Christ
21:30 and in these ways of group Bible studies.
21:33 We're in talks right now
21:34 about having like a mobile stage
21:37 where we can have like a service
21:38 before our events and things like that.
21:41 So, you know, we're excited to have this opportunity
21:44 to really strengthen those relationships
21:46 with the community and with the homeless, so...
21:48 Yes, that's great.
21:49 Tell us some of the stories
21:52 that the testimonies that you have
21:55 with some of the folks that have taken advantage
21:58 of your services?
22:01 Yeah, so, I mean, you know, some general stuff to,
22:05 you know, quick things are like,
22:07 you know, we have people that messaged us
22:09 that say I have an interview,
22:10 you know, can I come and can I shower
22:12 and we get them an appointment and they come in,
22:15 like one of them I mentioned to you that guy comes,
22:17 he just comes for food,
22:18 and then he starts to want to better himself
22:20 and continue to grow,
22:23 but we have individuals
22:24 that we've created relationships with that,
22:26 you know, their stories are just are sad.
22:29 I know one guy a couple, they would come to us,
22:32 they started coming to us back in 2018.
22:36 And, you know, they came to us one Sunday a few Sundays ago,
22:41 and they got showers a shower from us
22:43 and the guy the husband came up to me
22:46 and he was like,
22:47 "You know, Eric, I'm dying soon.
22:49 You know, I'm gonna go into hospice on Tuesday.
22:52 And, you know, I really,
22:55 you know, could use some prayers."
22:56 And so we prayed together and we spoke
22:58 and his liver was failing.
23:01 And, you know, he was working for a while
23:03 and then a lot of a stuff happened in his life,
23:06 including this whole COVID-19 thing
23:08 that helped, that threw him back
23:10 into this depressive state.
23:12 And, you know,
23:14 he started drinking alcohol a lot more.
23:18 It's one of the addictions he was struggling with.
23:20 And when he's depressed
23:21 it's hard for him to control himself.
23:24 And so, he did so much that his liver failed on him.
23:28 And so he ended up
23:29 going to the hospital on Tuesday.
23:32 His wife was there with him.
23:34 One of our volunteers went to bring them food
23:37 and some literature for them to read.
23:40 I called and I prayed with him
23:43 who was no longer able to speak,
23:45 though the liquid was just it was in his throat
23:48 where he couldn't speak and you can hear
23:49 when he's breathing and just sounds like
23:50 it's his bodies filled with liquid.
23:53 And that next day on Thursday, he passed away.
23:58 And it's just so sad.
23:59 His wife, you know, we were staying in touch with
24:02 and she has family in Oklahoma,
24:04 and we're gonna help buy her a ticket
24:06 to go back to her family after this, you know, is over,
24:09 she's staying somewhere temporarily
24:11 with another homeless organization,
24:13 then we're gonna get her over there,
24:15 but, you know, you create relationships with them.
24:17 And it's just, you know, you wanna make sure
24:20 they hear about Jesus and you also want to,
24:24 you know, help meet their needs and meet them where they are.
24:26 And it's difficult, you know,
24:28 we have some cases like that are hard,
24:32 but, you know, keep them in prayer,
24:34 keep the wife in prayer.
24:36 You know, hopefully
24:38 we'll see her husband in heaven.
24:39 Yes, yes, that is so beautiful.
24:42 What you're doing is just such it is,
24:47 as Jason's always saying practical Christianity.
24:51 You know, it's meeting people
24:53 where they are and helping them
24:56 to move forward in life.
24:59 Just tell us quickly, what are your needs?
25:01 We have about two minutes left? What do you need?
25:07 All right, so first and foremost,
25:09 we need prayer.
25:11 You know, we have this contract with the city
25:13 till the end of June.
25:15 We don't know what's gonna happen after that.
25:16 We want to continue to operate three days a week,
25:19 but it does take, it will take funding to do so.
25:23 So we need prayers that God will provide
25:26 that funding and the partnerships
25:28 for us to continue.
25:30 Also, you know, besides prayer, besides donations,
25:36 you know, we are generating income
25:38 by renting out our shower trailer
25:40 on days that is not in use.
25:41 So, you know, right now
25:43 we're making about $1,200 a week
25:45 by renting out to another group of churches
25:49 about an hour away from us.
25:51 And so we're contemplating and praying
25:54 as to whether we should buy another shower trailer
25:56 'cause it can help generate more income for us
25:58 if we can rent these out.
26:00 We've rented one out for a wedding,
26:02 you know, and we're able to earn
26:03 some money that way.
26:05 So keep that in prayer as well.
26:07 And those are our biggest needs,
26:10 but the best way for someone to help
26:12 is definitely prayer and donations
26:14 for us to continue operating and serving,
26:16 especially those most vulnerable to this,
26:19 you know, during this time, so...
26:21 Yes.
26:22 We're gonna put your website up on the screen.
26:25 It may have already been up already,
26:28 but this is how people can donate
26:31 to this amazing ministry.
26:34 They are doing some amazing work.
26:37 Do you have one last thought
26:39 that you'd like to leave like 30 seconds?
26:42 A 30 second final thought.
26:45 Yeah, I mean, I just wanna say,
26:48 you know, we were thankful to God
26:50 for Him to provide to us
26:52 and we're thankful for the 3ABN viewers
26:55 and Dare to Dream viewers.
26:57 They have donated to us
26:59 and helped us to continue going.
27:01 When we first came on 3ABN we were just starting,
27:05 you know, we didn't even have a shower trailer.
27:07 We're just fundraising for something.
27:09 And it's grown into this beautiful thing.
27:12 And it's thanks to God and thanks to the people
27:14 that God is using, like the viewers on this show.
27:16 So I just wanna take that 30 seconds
27:18 just to thank everyone.
27:20 Well, thank you.
27:21 We thank you for what you're doing,
27:23 and for your dedication to the work of the Lord.
27:28 What a blessing you are to the work.
27:30 So we thank you for that.
27:32 Matthew 25:34-36 says,
27:36 "Come, you blessed of My Father,
27:38 inherit the kingdom prepared for you
27:40 from the foundation of the world,
27:43 for I was hungry and you gave Me food,
27:45 I was thirsty and you gave Me drink,
27:47 I was a stranger and you took Me in,
27:49 I was naked and you clothed Me,
27:51 I was sick and you visited Me,
27:53 I was in prison and you came to Me."
27:55 God bless you. Tune in next time.
27:57 It won't be the same without you.


Revised 2020-06-11