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00:01 While the whole world is on house arrest,
00:02 you can learn how to be healthier
00:04 than you were before.
00:05 Stay tuned to find out more.
00:07 My name is Jason Bradley,
00:08 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:32 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:35 My guest today is Monet St Juste,
00:38 Co-Founder of Eden Lifestyle Ministry
00:40 Incorporated.
00:41 Welcome to Urban Report, Monet.
00:44 Thank you so much. Thank you so much.
00:46 Now I know that I always ask you
00:48 how to say your last name.
00:49 Did I pronounce your last name right?
00:52 Oh, you did a very good job, A plus, A plus.
00:54 Okay, thank you. That's good to know.
00:56 That's good to know.
00:58 Now you are no stranger to The Dare to Dream Network.
01:01 You and your brothers have been on before.
01:05 I wanna say we even had your dad on at some point.
01:11 My father?
01:12 Yeah, maybe at some point, I believe so.
01:13 Yeah.
01:15 At one of these, like ASI or one of those.
01:18 Yeah, yeah.
01:19 But for those who have not heard about you
01:22 or seen any other interviews,
01:25 tell us a little bit about Eden Lifestyle
01:27 and what you do?
01:29 Wonderful.
01:30 Yeah, so Eden Lifestyle is health evangelistic ministry
01:34 that seeks to reach people in this world
01:36 through health evangelism
01:38 and also spreading the everlasting gospel.
01:41 And so we are located right here in New York,
01:43 right in New York,
01:45 that the center of the pandemic
01:47 you would say in the United States
01:49 and we conduct a lifestyle center
01:53 currently there like a wellness center,
01:55 Upstate New York
01:56 and work with people from all over the northeast
01:59 and also from other states into the United States as well.
02:02 And helping them through health
02:03 and also asking God to open up their hearts,
02:07 so that the gospel could be
02:09 planted inside their hearts by the grace of God.
02:12 Amen. Amen.
02:14 Now, how did you get involved in all of this?
02:16 Like, have you always been just into health or what?
02:22 Yeah, not at all. Not at all.
02:24 I was just raise in a typical home,
02:27 you know, went to school,
02:28 you know, came back home and that type of thing
02:30 and did my own thing really, as a little boy.
02:33 Even when I grew up, I played in a band as well,
02:36 you know, like,
02:37 playing the band for several years,
02:40 was involved in a lot of different,
02:42 cycle activities as well.
02:44 And so, even later on transitioning
02:46 when I went to college university
02:47 at a time,
02:49 that's when the Holy Spirit really pricked my heart
02:52 and really minister to my mind so that I can be able to awake,
02:56 you know, and to answer his call
02:58 and ever since then,
03:00 you know, I've been involved in health evangelism
03:02 and also, you know, through evangelism in general,
03:06 through those experiences as well.
03:08 Yes. Amen.
03:10 So would you say that progress is a process
03:13 or did you just like come into the health message
03:16 and automatically,
03:17 you're just the super healthy guy?
03:20 Well, you're funny,
03:23 but, yeah, it didn't happen overnight,
03:26 you know...
03:27 Well, actually, I started off as a colporteur,
03:29 it's very interesting.
03:31 I was just going house to house knocking on doors
03:33 and just really sharing the gospel
03:35 from home to home.
03:37 And I remember knocking on this one specific door
03:39 and I entered into the house,
03:41 and it was a room, empty room with three men
03:45 sitting next to a computer,
03:47 and there's no furniture in the house.
03:48 And that was a little bit strange to me,
03:50 but all of them had the same uniform.
03:52 And the guys gently, you know, friendly,
03:55 you know, invited me in and said,
03:57 "Hey, you wanna come on in?"
03:58 I said, "Okay." So I came on in.
04:00 As I came into the house, I noticed that he said,
04:04 "Well, look at my shirt here.
04:05 We are Amazing Facts Missionaries."
04:08 I'm like, "What?"
04:10 So that was a little bit interesting.
04:11 So in that experience there I met that gentleman,
04:15 and he decided to train us
04:17 to be able to do colporteur evangelism.
04:19 And we have to canvass books,
04:21 we had to canvass the books and health books
04:22 and also other books related to the gospel.
04:25 And as I went house to house canvassing those books,
04:28 I'm like, hey, I got to,
04:29 people were asking me questions about the books.
04:31 And, you know, I wanted to be very sharp
04:34 when it comes to the books and understanding the books,
04:35 but also not only understanding the books,
04:38 but at the same time
04:39 experiencing what is in the books.
04:40 Yes.
04:42 So that's when I stated to open up
04:43 those recipe books, right?
04:45 Open up those health books instead of reading it
04:47 because people were asking me questions in the field.
04:49 "Have you tasted this? Have you tried this?"
04:51 And in doing that, in reading those
04:53 reading that information really transformed our lives,
04:56 and we were really young at the time
04:57 about 18, 19 years old.
04:59 Oh, wow.
05:00 And it was a group of college kids,
05:02 all of us in the dormitory,
05:04 and we were all trying to cook up
05:05 some plant-based food, right?
05:10 Nice.
05:11 Yeah. Nice.
05:13 It's really, really a powerful experience for us.
05:14 And that really jump-started our experience
05:17 and our journey
05:18 when it comes to health
05:19 and really paid attention to our health
05:21 and seen God's ultimate desire for us,
05:24 God's ultimate desire for our lives,
05:26 and how we should care for the temple,
05:27 the body temple in which He gave us.
05:29 Yes.
05:30 And without our parents looking at us,
05:31 we thought, you know, a mother behind the same,
05:34 "Boy, you better eat that vegetable."
05:36 Without any of that stuff we decided,
05:40 as the Lord convicted our hearts,
05:41 we decided to make that change.
05:42 And ever since then,
05:44 the Lord was leading and guiding step by step
05:46 and exposing us
05:47 to so much more information and resources
05:51 that we could not only be a blessing
05:53 to those immediately near us,
05:55 but also to those all around the world
05:57 that has been impacted by health evangelism.
05:59 Something that I could have, I would never thought that
06:02 I will ever be involved in at all
06:05 ever in my life.
06:06 Yeah. And that's huge.
06:08 I love the fact that you brought out that,
06:10 you know, not only did you read the books,
06:12 but you wanted to apply what was in it,
06:14 you wanted to,
06:15 you know, make it practical and experience it.
06:18 It reminds me really of the Bible where it says,
06:22 "O taste and see that the Lord is good."
06:25 You know, like, you can't, how are you gonna,
06:28 you can't taste and see
06:29 through your parents relationship with Christ.
06:31 You have to experience Christ on your own.
06:35 And so, you really took
06:36 to this health evangelism initiative.
06:40 I mean, you took off with it by God's grace.
06:43 So, yeah, that's really good.
06:46 What are some of the new mission developments
06:49 since the last time we had you on Urban Report?
06:53 Right, so it has been a journey.
06:56 And so the last time the first time we came in,
06:58 we were not even in New York at the time.
07:01 We were in Florida at the time.
07:03 And as since we are now in New York,
07:06 the Lord has opened up a door
07:07 where He has provided a place for His mission
07:12 and something that we could have never imagined
07:14 in our lives
07:15 and He allowed, impressed,
07:18 you know, somebody's hearts to donate a property,
07:22 25 bedrooms and also 28 acre land
07:26 and we've been using it for the glory of God
07:30 and opened up Eden Lifestyle Home
07:32 which is a wellness center
07:34 to really service the other areas of New York
07:36 because we noticed that New York is in dire need.
07:39 As well as conducting many health seminars
07:41 across the northeast,
07:42 health evangelism trainings across the northeast
07:45 also together
07:47 with our local conferences as well
07:48 and also really opening up for those
07:50 not of our faith to come to the center
07:52 and also come in contact with the message
07:55 that God has given to us and just a really quick story.
07:59 It's a few months ago really,
08:01 we had a really interesting experience
08:03 at the lifestyle center in Upstate New York,
08:06 where there were three pastors that came to the session.
08:11 And the two of them were Pentecostal pastors,
08:14 and another one was a Baptist pastor.
08:16 And because they wanted to have
08:18 some sort of a complete picture of true health
08:22 from a biblical perspective,
08:24 and as they came to the program,
08:26 and went throughout the program,
08:28 it was such a life-changing experience
08:31 that the pastors invited us
08:32 to come to the church on Sunday,
08:34 so they say, "You know, you wanna come
08:36 and do some sort of seminar for us,
08:37 you know, we really want our members able to,
08:41 you know, hear this message
08:42 and because we have never seen this
08:43 in our lives before.
08:45 We have never seen the gospel of health together.
08:48 I've never, all my life in ministry."
08:49 That's what the pastor told us,
08:51 "We have never seen this before."
08:52 Wow!
08:54 You know, I pray for many people to be healed,
08:55 but I've never seen
08:56 such a practical evangelistic ministry
08:59 that caters to people's health.
09:00 And so we went that Sunday to do,
09:02 you know, to do the seminar,
09:04 and I thought it would be maybe after church,
09:07 we will do some sort of a short,
09:08 you know, like 15, 20-minute, 30-minute,
09:11 you know, a little program here for the church members.
09:14 So as I walked into the Pentecostal Church,
09:18 and as I walked in, the pastor said,
09:22 "We are ready for you."
09:23 I said, "Okay, so I will be coming
09:25 after church service.
09:27 No problem."
09:28 They said, "No, we ready for you now.
09:29 We're gonna give you the entire church service."
09:31 Whoa, you had the entire church service?
09:34 Oh, yeah, from morning until the afternoon,
09:37 we were doing health classes,
09:38 we were doing classes on natural remedies,
09:41 and all sorts of classes
09:45 from morning until afternoon, they didn't want us to stop.
09:47 We had to say, "Okay, guys, we got to stop.
09:48 We got to stop." Yes.
09:50 And after that was done, the pastor said,
09:53 "You know what? You got to come back.
09:55 The members are begging for you all to come back
09:58 to be a blessing to those."
10:00 And, you know, some, you know,
10:01 our team joined them there that day, that Sunday,
10:04 and also other members
10:07 from the two core missions as well
10:08 that came in and joined us as well
10:10 in that endeavor
10:12 and it was really, really a powerful experience.
10:15 God really moved upon the hearts
10:17 of those individuals that were present.
10:19 About 200 people in the congregation.
10:22 Wow! Yeah.
10:23 Wow. That's incredible.
10:24 And, you know, you going there and teaching them those things.
10:29 I wouldn't be surprised
10:31 if they ended up wanting to continue that education,
10:35 wanting to continue to learn more,
10:37 and then they find the truth.
10:41 That's right. That's right.
10:42 Yeah, that's absolutely correct.
10:44 And they want us to come back.
10:45 So we wanna do like a 10-day program.
10:47 We wanna bring an entire program
10:48 to the entire church there and invite,
10:51 you know, all the members
10:52 to participate in this 10-day program.
10:54 And we're praying by God's grace,
10:56 that will be a bridge,
10:57 you know, from health to gospel,
10:59 so that they can be able to get, you know,
11:01 hear God's true message for this time.
11:03 And we're really praying for them.
11:04 And I ask that you pray for those individuals as well.
11:07 We've really learned to,
11:09 you know, to love them as, you know, as individuals,
11:12 and also to be able to really be a help
11:14 to many of them in dire need,
11:17 especially in the congregation and at this time.
11:20 Absolutely.
11:21 Now when you were presenting
11:23 the health message and all of that,
11:24 when you talked about rest,
11:25 did you discuss like a NEWSTART
11:28 or one of those models and talk about the Sabbath
11:32 or how did that come into play?
11:36 Well, that's a very interesting question.
11:39 That's a very good question.
11:40 And, you know, one thing I love about health ministry
11:42 is that it is a very,
11:44 you reach people where they are
11:46 and so,
11:47 we wanted to build some sort of relationship
11:48 and trust with them.
11:50 So we wanted to by God's grace,
11:52 build that trust, build that relationship,
11:54 help them,
11:55 let them see the changes, let them see weight loss,
11:57 diabetes being reversed
11:59 and other conditions being impacted,
12:01 let them have a personal testimony
12:03 for themselves.
12:04 Yes. And many of them already have.
12:06 And that has already impacted so much
12:08 so that the church had invited,
12:11 the church sent even more people,
12:12 they sent three more members to come,
12:14 and more members are calling to come.
12:16 And, you know, ever since the pandemic,
12:17 we had to be shut down
12:19 as a result of, you know,
12:21 being in New York and so forth,
12:22 but it's opened up doors
12:23 for much more of the church members to come.
12:25 And also,
12:27 when they actually came to the center,
12:29 that's where the pastor was really asking me
12:30 a lot of different questions about the Sabbath,
12:33 about what happens when people die,
12:35 you know, all different types of questions for hours
12:39 just asking about those questions.
12:40 And you can see that
12:41 it's really opening up the doors
12:44 for God's message to go forth.
12:46 Wow, that's incredible
12:48 that they granted you that opportunity to share
12:51 with their congregation those truths?
12:56 Yes.
12:57 Oh, yes, it was really a powerful experience,
12:59 and we look forward by God's grace
13:01 to going back there
13:02 because they do want us to come back.
13:04 So hopefully after,
13:05 you know, after the whole pandemic situation,
13:07 we can arrange to get back in the field there
13:11 because there were so much people there
13:13 that are in need, you know,
13:15 people with health issues, health problems
13:18 so many issues that they have.
13:20 Yes.
13:21 And I pray that by God's grace
13:22 that these souls will be reached,
13:25 you know, and I know they will be.
13:27 So keep them in prayer
13:28 as you continue to remember them.
13:30 Absolutely.
13:32 And I pray that, you know,
13:33 and hope that our viewers and listeners
13:35 will keep them in prayer as well
13:37 'cause there is definitely power in prayer.
13:40 You know, you mentioned the pandemic.
13:42 And I'm glad that you did
13:44 because that brings me to my next question,
13:47 which is, you know, how is,
13:49 has your ministry been impacted by this pandemic?
13:55 Well, we have been impacted in a very, very big way.
13:59 Just because we are in New York
14:01 and New York have a lot of orders,
14:04 shelter in place orders and so forth.
14:06 And so, for us to be able to abide
14:08 by some of those orders, as well.
14:11 We, you know, abide by those orders
14:13 then we had to close down our program
14:16 because we couldn't have a certain amount of people
14:18 coming to our center due to the orders
14:21 that was given in the state.
14:23 So we have seen a dramatic impact there
14:25 because we can't travel anymore,
14:27 we can't do any seminars,
14:28 we can't do any health evangelism programs,
14:30 we can't invite anybody to come to our campus at all
14:33 because, you know,
14:35 New York is a really heated place right now
14:36 when it comes to the Coronavirus situation.
14:39 And so for weeks we just been praying
14:41 asking God what to do, right, how to reach souls,
14:44 you know, how to reach people who are in need
14:45 because people are home, people need help,
14:48 and people still in help even more so
14:51 and how can we help them more?
14:52 That's when God will continue to speak to our hearts
14:55 and He showed us how we can switch gears, right?
14:57 Yes.
14:59 And to be able to cater to those around us
15:00 and to still be of help,
15:02 to still be of service to individuals
15:05 and to impact their lives in a dramatic way.
15:07 Yes.
15:09 And so, what are some of the ways
15:11 or some of the things that you've been implementing
15:14 during this time to reach people
15:15 where they are at home
15:18 given the new guidelines and all of that?
15:21 Yes. And thanks for asking.
15:24 And I mean, God inspired us
15:25 to use online evangelism, right?
15:28 Because you see that everybody was pivoting online
15:31 and our work is designed
15:33 to come very close to people, right?
15:34 It's through health evangelism.
15:36 We get to see people face-to-face,
15:38 we got to touch people, we got to be there with people,
15:40 pray for people, right there face-to-face,
15:42 and not being able to have the opportunities to do that,
15:46 we had to be able to develop some way possible
15:49 to reach people in their homes
15:51 and to help people even more so
15:53 because people have been calling for help,
15:56 you know,
15:58 from all different types of issues
15:59 that they have been experiencing in their lives
16:01 and we wanted to see how can we do that.
16:02 So God inspired us to switch gears
16:04 and move online for online evangelism
16:06 as our major outreach,
16:07 and also, we launched a webinar as well,
16:10 just wanna tell you a little bit about that.
16:12 And a webinar which really was focused on
16:16 how people can equip themselves during this time of pandemic
16:21 to be able to help themselves
16:24 help their immunity and so forth.
16:26 And we had about
16:27 over 1,000 people signed up for the webinar.
16:29 We were shocked. Wow!
16:31 You had over 1,000 people?
16:32 Yeah, because, you know, typically,
16:33 for first time running the webinar,
16:35 people will, you know, get at least 50, 100 people.
16:37 But we were surprised that 1,000 people signed up
16:40 and people from all over the country,
16:43 and even all over the world.
16:45 And so we thought that
16:46 it would have been only 100 at the time,
16:48 but that's just to give you like a picture in your mind.
16:53 In about a year's time,
16:55 you know, doing seminars from place to place
16:56 we would have gotten about 100 signups
16:59 of people interested,
17:01 sorry, about 1,000 signups in a year,
17:02 you know, go into doing at least 50,
17:05 about 40 to 50 seminars a year,
17:07 but in 7 days doing one webinar,
17:11 there was about 1,000 people that signed up.
17:13 So God really opened our eyes
17:14 to see how much more people that are there that needs help.
17:18 Amen.
17:19 And being able to do this webinar as well.
17:20 There was a very interesting person
17:22 that was invited to come on by her sister
17:25 and that person is not of our faith.
17:27 And so it was we found out
17:30 that it was a New York official,
17:32 a New York official
17:34 that was part of the main planners,
17:37 I'm not sure that terminology there,
17:39 but the main planners for the frontline responders,
17:41 and they were on that main team,
17:43 and they decided to come on the webinar
17:44 because somebody told them
17:46 you got to come and hear this, right?
17:47 Yes.
17:49 And so when they came on, they were so impressed,
17:51 that individual was so impressed
17:53 that they have,
17:54 they are inviting us to come to speak
17:56 to the group of first-line responders
18:00 so that we can be able to share
18:02 what we have been sharing on the webinar
18:04 because we have been sharing really,
18:06 how can you protect yourself?
18:07 How can you build your immune system
18:09 using God's natural methods of healing?
18:12 And, you know, and diet
18:13 and many other aspects to our lifestyle,
18:16 NEWSTART, and so forth.
18:18 So they really want us to come there
18:20 and to really share those principles with them.
18:22 So we were really praying about that opportunity
18:24 because that can open up the doors,
18:26 even more so for God's work to go forth.
18:29 And that is really pushing God's message,
18:32 especially in New York, to the forefront
18:35 because New York, you know,
18:36 we were told New York is to be a center for evangelism,
18:39 you know, in the book Testimonies,
18:41 volume 7.
18:43 Yeah, definitely.
18:44 You know, I'm originally from New York.
18:47 So I've seen some of the things that take place there.
18:50 I actually, just recently lost one of my cousins to COVID-19.
18:55 And so, I know
18:57 and he was at one point a first responder.
18:59 Thank you.
19:01 And then he worked with FEMA as well,
19:04 but yeah,
19:05 it's a tough situation out there,
19:07 but I'm glad that you guys are out there
19:09 doing what you're doing.
19:10 And God is putting you guys in the right places
19:13 at the right times
19:14 and connecting you with the right people.
19:17 And that is so, so crucial.
19:20 So you have a Heal at Home project, right?
19:25 Oh, yes, and...
19:26 Tell us a little bit about that?
19:28 I'm glad you mentioned that.
19:29 And by the way,
19:30 sorry to hear that about your cousin.
19:32 Thank you.
19:33 We know that there's many more people
19:35 that have lost, you know...
19:36 Yes.
19:37 Many other individuals
19:39 where their families have lost their lives
19:40 and so forth in this situation and we have gotten many calls,
19:42 and so we really pray for those family members
19:45 who have lost family members as well.
19:47 So we pray for them and keep encouraging them.
19:50 And so God has really opened our eyes
19:52 to use an online more
19:54 to reach souls through evangelism.
19:55 And that's why we relaunched our Heal at Home program
19:58 because, you know, it's the perfect time
20:00 to launch a Heal at Home,
20:01 to re-launch the Heal at Home program.
20:03 Absolutely.
20:04 So that we can bring the wellness experience
20:05 into the lifestyle program into the homes of people.
20:09 And with that program as well,
20:13 it has really been a big blessing
20:16 to many individuals in that program,
20:18 you know, entails things like being able to give
20:20 like people comprehensive consultation one on one,
20:24 ongoing coaching and support,
20:26 you know, one of the biggest drawbacks
20:27 we have seen,
20:29 especially in lifestyle center programs is that
20:32 we don't have a strong follow-up system
20:34 so that really opened our eyes
20:36 to have a strong at home follow-up system.
20:39 Yes.
20:40 That can be a benefit to many individuals.
20:42 So and also giving people like
20:43 a personalized Heal at Home program
20:45 as well as be able to join like a support group
20:49 that can continually help you at home
20:52 and also mail to their homes natural Heal at Home kits.
20:55 Wow!
20:56 And the kit has all the resources
20:57 that they need.
20:59 So we send the resource to your home
21:00 and also we walk you through exactly
21:01 how you can use the information that you've had
21:04 and also the resources that you've gotten as well
21:06 to experience healing at home and also healthy meal planning,
21:11 you know, they get a one on one skilled health partner coach
21:15 that's assigned to them as well
21:17 in the process of their healing journey.
21:20 Wow! That is incredible.
21:22 Let me ask you this question.
21:23 Why is this particular program
21:26 especially beneficial in urban communities?
21:32 Yeah, it's very, very, very, very beneficial
21:36 in the urban communities.
21:37 The reason being is that
21:39 a lot of people in urban communities
21:40 don't have the opportunity in many cases
21:43 to be able to go to different centers
21:45 or experience certain types of programs and other,
21:48 you know, this method of healing
21:50 that God has given to us
21:52 so not everybody has an opportunity
21:53 to come to the center.
21:55 So why don't we package what we have at the center
21:58 and send it to their home
22:00 and so that we can benefit them
22:02 especially in the fields of urban communities
22:04 and we have been working with many, many, many people
22:06 that have showed interest in the Heal at Home program
22:09 even now,
22:11 and so much more individuals
22:12 that are interested in getting that support,
22:14 getting that help,
22:15 and getting that one on one time
22:17 and that experience with somebody
22:19 that's willing to listen to them,
22:21 willing to pray with them,
22:23 willing to share with them, willing to show them recipes,
22:25 you know, willing to just care for them,
22:28 that alone makes a big difference.
22:31 And we have had people that have experienced
22:34 powerful healing miracles in their lives
22:36 as a result of that type of support that nobody else
22:39 like many people not willing to give them.
22:41 And we really want to do that.
22:43 And we want to expand that reach even more so
22:45 in urban communities,
22:47 to be able to share that message of health
22:50 and lifestyle and wellness that God has given to us
22:53 in a very practical way,
22:55 so that they can be benefited and blessed.
22:57 Amen. Amen.
22:59 Now moving forward, you know,
23:00 because this was really kind of a wake-up call
23:05 how things can shift so fast.
23:08 Where do you see lifestyle centers
23:12 being in the near future?
23:16 Wow!
23:17 That I really believe by God's grace that
23:20 this has opened up a lot of doors
23:23 for God's methods of healing.
23:26 Reason being is that people are looking for answers
23:28 and also people are searching for a true answer
23:33 in how they can get help,
23:34 you know, people are seeing what's going on around them.
23:36 People are waking up.
23:37 People are reading, people are researching,
23:39 people are watching, they're waking up.
23:41 And so, we just wanna be ready.
23:44 That's the thing that God has really been putting
23:45 in our hearts and our minds
23:47 be prepared
23:48 because when this thing opens up,
23:50 we believe by God's grace
23:52 that many, many more people will be flocking to centers,
23:55 lifestyle centers,
23:57 and also it will open up so many doors
24:00 for God's work to go forth.
24:01 I'm not sure, I'm just gonna read this quotation
24:03 really quickly here in Testimonies,
24:05 volume 7, on page 37,
24:07 where Ellen White speaks about New York,
24:10 you know, New York as being the center of evangelism,
24:13 she says, "New York is to be a symbol of the work
24:16 that should be done in all the world."
24:18 It should be a symbol.
24:20 So that means it should be a pattern,
24:21 it should be a center of evangelism.
24:23 And when you look
24:25 at the whole pandemic situation,
24:26 it has impacted New York specifically.
24:28 I'm like, "Lord, how comes
24:29 New York supposed to be a symbol
24:31 when New York is the one impacted."
24:32 Because God wants to give us an opportunity
24:34 because there's so much more people
24:36 that are in need, especially now,
24:38 and this whole situation is gonna open up the doors,
24:41 maybe for a very short time for God's message to go forth
24:44 with power
24:46 and that many souls could be reached in places
24:49 that have never been reached before.
24:50 So many people are waking up when it comes to their health
24:53 like they, like they never heard before.
24:56 People who have never considered healthy living
24:58 are waking up to the fact that they have to be healthy.
25:01 And they're looking for answers.
25:02 And if we can be in a position to give answers to them,
25:06 then I believe that that will go a long way
25:08 to prepare souls for Christ's soon coming.
25:10 Amen. Amen. Yes.
25:13 You know, I know that it has to take a lot
25:15 to keep all of this up
25:17 and running in the lifestyle center
25:19 and now this online initiative
25:22 and the Heal at Home and all of those things.
25:25 What are some of your needs as an organization?
25:30 Yes, thanks for asking
25:32 because there are needs in our organization.
25:35 And these things are, you know, the right help
25:38 because we do need help for coaches,
25:40 people that are trained to be able to help
25:42 and support people,
25:43 you know, over the phone, over video call, video chat
25:46 because there's a lot of people
25:48 that's calling us messaging on a regular basis.
25:52 And, so we do need a help when it comes to coaches
25:55 and people that are trained to join us
25:57 and even our online team as well
25:59 to join us for our online team writers,
26:02 people who are able to be editors and so forth,
26:04 and even people that engage in videography
26:07 and, you know, on certain forms of communication
26:10 and media like that.
26:12 And also benefit financially as well to support the cause,
26:17 to support the cost to go forth,
26:20 especially in New York.
26:21 New York is a very expensive place, right?
26:23 It's very expensive.
26:25 I mean, you know, because you live in New York.
26:27 Absolutely. You grew up in New York.
26:29 Yes.
26:30 It's an extremely expensive place
26:32 and it's only by God's grace
26:34 that we are going through going forward,
26:38 you know, on faithful supporters,
26:41 our God has really blessed faithful supporters
26:42 to continue to support the work that we do,
26:46 and also other mediums as well.
26:48 God has taught us how to be able
26:50 to continue to support the work that we have,
26:52 but these are some of our needs.
26:54 Well, that I'm glad that you had the opportunity
26:56 to share that with us.
26:58 I wanna put up your contact information
27:00 on the screen when you see it,
27:02 if you would just read that really quickly.
27:04 We've got about 45 seconds left.
27:06 Just read that.
27:08 Okay, so Eden Lifestyle Ministry,
27:09 our address mailing address is PO Box 184,
27:14 Cragsmoor, New York.
27:15 That is C-R-A-G-S-M-O-O-R,
27:18 New York 12566
27:21 and our numbers (844) 433-3654,
27:25 (844) 433-3654.
27:27 And our website is EdenLifestyle.org.
27:31 EdenLifestyle.org.
27:33 Well, Monet, I really hope that our viewers and our listeners
27:36 will get behind what you're doing
27:37 because God is using you and your family,
27:40 your ministry in a mighty way to reach people,
27:44 especially during this time.
27:45 There's no better time than right now
27:47 for what you're doing.
27:49 Thank you for coming on the program.
27:51 Well, we've reached the end of another program.
27:53 Join us next time.
27:55 Remember, it just wouldn't be the same without you.


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