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00:01 Have you ever wondered how some pastors are able
00:02 to draw so many profound points from the Word of God?
00:05 Have you ever asked yourself how do they have
00:08 the whole Bible practically memorized?
00:11 Well, stay tuned to find out about a unique system
00:14 that you can implement that will help you see
00:16 the Bible like never before.
00:18 My name is Jason Bradley,
00:20 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:44 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:46 My guest today is Pastor Ivor Myers,
00:49 speaker and director of Power of the Lamb Ministries,
00:52 and he is also the co-host
00:54 of Dare to Dream Network's Salvation
00:55 in Symbols and Signs.
00:57 Welcome to Urban Report, Pastor Myers.
01:01 Thank you. It's good to be on.
01:03 And thank you for having me.
01:05 You're welcome. And it's great to have you on.
01:07 I wish you were actually here with me in the studio,
01:11 but you know with all his social distancing
01:13 and stuff here, out there in Cali.
01:16 Yes. Yep.
01:18 Yes. Yep.
01:19 We're living in a different world.
01:21 That's right.
01:22 Living the quarantine dream as they call it.
01:24 Yeah.
01:28 You know, a lot of people see you as Pastor Ivor Myers,
01:32 but they don't know your history,
01:34 like have you always been a theologian?
01:40 No.
01:41 You know, before I became a Christian,
01:46 actually, I was in the music industry.
01:50 And on my way...
01:52 Well, actually, we had signed a multi-album,
01:58 eight album contract with EMI Records.
02:01 I had begun recording our first album.
02:06 It was on Soul Train, MTV,
02:09 all of that doing the whole thing.
02:11 And that's when I was introduced to the gospel.
02:17 And it just made a profound impact on my life.
02:22 And I left it all behind and basically entered.
02:27 Didn't think I was going to become a pastor,
02:29 but gave my life to the Lord and decided,
02:32 "Lord, whatever You want me to do that I'll do for You."
02:35 And there is passion,
02:37 there is burning desire in my heart, excuse me,
02:40 to share the gospel just, you know,
02:44 could not be quenched and that's how I ended up,
02:50 you know, in the ministry.
02:51 Got you.
02:52 So that's kind of the long and short of the story.
02:54 Yeah, the juice down version if you will.
02:58 The juice down version.
02:59 Yes.
03:00 Now how were you introduced to the gospel?
03:05 So we were...
03:10 When we got our record deal, we were all living in New York,
03:15 it's four-man group,
03:16 but we had a whole group of friends
03:18 and entourage with us,
03:19 and we had an interest in things like
03:24 the New World Order.
03:25 And our unique angle was we were coming
03:28 from the Bible as conscience as rappers,
03:33 but we didn't even really know what the Bible said
03:35 that was just our angle that we were using,
03:39 you know, our gimmick if you will.
03:40 I don't want to call it a gimmick,
03:42 but we, you know,
03:43 kind of like that's going to be our unique thing.
03:46 And so a friend of a friend of ours
03:53 came to our house one night,
03:54 this friend invited him to our house.
03:56 We didn't know who he was,
03:58 didn't know that he happened to be a Seventh-day Adventist.
04:02 And he invited us to his home.
04:06 I'm sorry, he invited us.
04:10 I'm sorry.
04:12 He was invited to our home.
04:14 Got you, got you, got you!
04:16 That's what happens when you are on lockdown, man.
04:18 That's all right.
04:21 Yeah.
04:22 But anyway, so he came to our house,
04:26 so we were all hanging out, you know, doing our thing.
04:29 And we ended up getting into this religious discussion,
04:33 specifically about the mark of the beast.
04:36 And we had no real clue about what that was,
04:39 and this guy just started to break down.
04:42 And it was really an impromptu discussion.
04:44 Wow.
04:46 He begins to break down the Bible to us
04:47 and break down Daniel 2 and Daniel 7.
04:51 The prophecies speaking about the end times,
04:54 we had never heard anything like it.
04:55 It just kind of revolutionized everything for me,
04:58 particularly in that one night.
05:00 Wow. Wow.
05:02 So on that one it just changed.
05:04 Yeah.
05:05 Yeah.
05:07 That's incredible.
05:08 So now you've been walking with the Lord
05:11 for how many years?
05:16 It's been 25 years now.
05:21 Wow.
05:22 Wow! And...
05:23 Twenty-five years.
05:25 And you've implemented a program
05:27 or a system called Photo-Theology.
05:31 Right. What is Photo-Theology?
05:35 So, Photo-Theology is...
05:40 It's a term that I have coined.
05:43 And it basically means the study of God or the study
05:47 of the Bible through the use of images or pictures.
05:51 Okay.
05:52 So you've heard the saying a picture is worth 1,000 words.
05:59 I take that principle and applied to the scriptures.
06:03 So basically, in this system,
06:06 you are learning to study
06:08 the Bible by studying it in pictures, in images.
06:12 Okay.
06:13 When I was younger,
06:15 there was a card game that I used to play
06:16 called Concentration.
06:18 And you may be familiar with that game?
06:19 You had all the cards facing downward,
06:21 and you had to basically remember,
06:24 where that you flip the card and then you'd have
06:27 to remember where the matching card was.
06:29 Yes.
06:31 So it was a memory game.
06:35 But that principle is basically
06:39 what I took into the scriptures.
06:40 Now I didn't know that I was doing this at the time.
06:43 Right?
06:44 I didn't understand...
06:45 When I came into the church,
06:49 I didn't necessarily have anyone teaching me
06:51 how to study the Bible.
06:52 So I had to learn on my own basically.
06:56 Yes.
06:57 I learned through reading books,
06:59 I learned by listening to other preachers,
07:02 and I was always interested in, you know,
07:05 I guess I was interested in how you put this thing together.
07:09 So another thing is as a former rapper,
07:16 right, you are always trying to find a unique way
07:19 of saying the same thing.
07:21 Yes.
07:22 You didn't want to say something the way
07:24 someone else said it.
07:25 So I think subconsciously I kind of took that principle
07:27 into my Bible study.
07:28 Got you.
07:30 I would, you know, see a truth and my mind
07:32 would just automatically kind of ask, "Well,
07:35 how else can I look at this?
07:37 How else can I present this?"
07:40 And so all of that kind of led to this system which...
07:45 What would happen is people would ask me, "Hey,
07:49 how do you study the Bible like that?
07:50 How did you come up with that?
07:51 How did you find that 'cause I've been looking
07:54 at the Bible for, you know,
07:55 this long and I didn't see that?"
07:56 I'd ask you that.
07:58 And I actually like kind of...
07:59 Yeah.
08:00 Yeah.
08:02 So I kind of had to, like stop from it and say,
08:05 "Okay, what am I doing?"
08:07 Right?
08:08 How am I doing this?
08:10 And in studying the way that I studied,
08:13 that is how Photo-Theology came about.
08:17 Wow! Okay.
08:18 Right, it was okay.
08:20 This is how I'm studying.
08:21 This is how I'm breaking it down.
08:22 So then I took that principle and basically began to share
08:25 with others and so Photo-Theology
08:28 has evolved into an entire system.
08:32 So I think we've done an interview
08:34 on this once before, a couple of years back.
08:36 It has evolved since then,
08:38 and I'll share a little bit more about that,
08:41 you know, later on in the program,
08:42 but in a nutshell that's Photo-Theology.
08:45 Got you.
08:47 Right?
08:48 It's learning to study the Bible through images
08:50 because we remember pictures
08:52 a lot easier than we remember words.
08:55 Yes.
08:57 So that's kind of the idea behind it.
08:58 And so is that how you teach how to memorize the themes?
09:03 So one of the things that I've just started teaching
09:09 to my students
09:11 is how to memorize the Bible.
09:16 So when I say that how to memorize the Bible, people,
09:19 you know, typically like, "Memorize the Bible?
09:21 What are you talking about?"
09:22 Yeah.
09:24 You need to have like a photographic memory
09:25 to do that.
09:28 And what I share with people is that you do
09:30 have a photographic memory.
09:32 They're like, "No."
09:33 So I've given a challenge,
09:35 and I'm actually taking my students through this now.
09:37 And it is to memorize the themes of the Bible.
09:44 So instead of memorizing words, we're memorizing pictures.
09:47 Okay.
09:49 And basically, I'm saying, "Listen,
09:51 you can have the whole book of Genesis memorized
09:54 so that if I asked you what's in Genesis 5,
09:59 you should be able to tell me,
10:01 'Oh, Genesis 5 is the genealogy of Adam.'"
10:04 Got you!
10:05 Right? That's the goal. So people are like, "No.
10:07 How is that even possible?"
10:08 I'm like, "You can do this in a week or less."
10:11 And so that's kind of what we have been...
10:15 Some of the things I've been teaching my students
10:17 is we're going through 24 chapters at a time.
10:22 And, Jason, I've decided that we're on this program,
10:26 I'm going to take you through this challenge
10:28 and show you that you can memorize
10:30 the first 24 chapters of Genesis.
10:33 Oh, boy!
10:34 You look nervous.
10:36 Yeah, I'm nervous 'cause you try and give me
10:37 pop quizzes on Salvation in Symbols
10:39 and Signs and stuff all the time.
10:43 So yeah...
10:45 Yeah.
10:46 All right, well, take me through the system.
10:49 All right. So basically what we...
10:52 And I'm gonna explain a little bit more
10:53 about this a little bit later on,
10:55 but let me just start with this now.
10:57 I want you to imagine.
10:59 Let me go back
11:01 to the Photo-Theology for a second.
11:04 So in this system of photo theology,
11:08 we have a palace where I call it a photo-theology palace.
11:11 Okay.
11:12 Your photo-theology palace has 24 rooms.
11:16 Okay.
11:17 So imagine a palace in your mind
11:19 and in this palace, there are 24 rooms.
11:22 These 24 rooms represent 24 different principles
11:29 in photo-theology.
11:30 Okay.
11:31 Right? So each room is a different study room.
11:36 Okay.
11:37 So for example, here's the dimensions room.
11:39 In the dimensions room, there are five dimensions.
11:43 The literal dimension, the Christ dimension,
11:47 the me dimension, the church dimension,
11:51 and the heavenly dimension.
11:53 These five dimensions are different ways
11:56 in which you can read the Bible.
11:58 I'm coming back to the memory thing,
11:59 so just hold that thought.
12:00 Okay.
12:02 Most people...
12:03 So let me give an example, the sanctuary.
12:06 In the literal dimension, God said,
12:08 "Let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them."
12:11 That's the literal dimension,
12:12 a literal sanctuary was made in the presence of God
12:14 was in the sanctuary.
12:16 In the second dimension, Christ said,
12:19 "Destroy this temple,
12:21 and I'll raise it again in three days."
12:23 That's the second dimension.
12:25 Christ is the temple and the presence of God
12:28 dwelled in him.
12:29 Amen.
12:30 The third dimension is the me dimension.
12:33 No, you're not that you
12:35 are the temple of the Holy Ghost.
12:37 Wow.
12:39 And the presence or the Spirit of God dwells in you.
12:41 So in the third dimension, the temple is pointing to me.
12:45 Wow.
12:46 In the fourth dimension, it's the church.
12:48 Right?
12:49 We are all lively stones that are brought together
12:53 to form the house of God or the body of Christ
12:57 and the presence of God dwells in the church.
13:01 The fifth dimension is the heavenly dimension.
13:04 Okay.
13:05 There is a literal sanctuary in heaven,
13:07 and the presence of God is literally there.
13:10 Wow.
13:11 Okay?
13:13 That's just 1 rule out of 24.
13:19 I could spend an eternity in this palace.
13:22 You can spend.
13:24 Most people when they read the Bible are only reading it
13:26 in two dimensions,
13:28 the literal dimension what is just literally mean,
13:31 and the me dimension, how does it relate to me.
13:33 Yeah, that's very true.
13:35 By doing that you're missing out.
13:37 In other words, this is what I say.
13:38 You can read through the entire Bible
13:40 through the first dimension
13:41 and then go back and read through
13:43 the entire Bible in the second dimension.
13:45 How do these stories relate to Christ?
13:47 Then the third dimension, how does it relate to me?
13:49 Then the fourth dimension, how does it relate to church?
13:52 And then the fifth dimension,
13:53 how does this story relate to heaven?
13:57 Okay?
13:58 Again, most people are only reading the Bible
14:00 in two dimensions out of five.
14:03 Wow!
14:05 That's just one room.
14:06 Yeah.
14:08 That's just one room.
14:09 Yeah.
14:10 If you only had that room, you have everything you need.
14:12 Wow.
14:13 But we have 23 more to go.
14:15 We have 23 more rooms to go through.
14:17 We have 23...
14:19 Absolutely.
14:20 So you can take a text, go into the dimensions room,
14:25 come up with five different ways
14:27 you can look at that text
14:29 and then take that text over to the next room.
14:32 All right, let's go to the concentration room.
14:34 Okay.
14:36 Or let's go to connect room or let's go to the time room.
14:40 And now you're being able to...
14:42 You get what I'm saying?
14:43 Yeah.
14:44 You're able to funnel this one text to 24 different rooms
14:48 if you want to.
14:50 Now what's the questions room?
14:52 All right.
14:54 Okay, so there's the questions room.
14:57 The questions room, and I think we may have...
14:59 I don't know if we talked about this before,
15:00 but the questions room is very profound,
15:04 and it is very simple.
15:05 Okay.
15:06 The questions room, you're basically learning
15:08 to ask the text questions.
15:11 Most of us read the Bible,
15:13 and the only question we ask when we get to a text
15:15 is what does this mean?
15:17 Answer, I don't know.
15:19 And we keep moving.
15:21 Right? That's not we want to do.
15:25 We want to learn how to investigate the text.
15:28 So I challenge my students when you get to a verse,
15:32 you want to try to ask that verse
15:34 as many questions as possible.
15:36 So I've challenged my students to try to come up with 50
15:39 to 100 questions on any given text.
15:43 Okay, so let me reverse this little quiz thing here.
15:49 So Jesus wept,
15:53 give me some questions for Jesus wept.
15:56 All right.
15:57 So I'm gonna share a story with you.
15:59 Okay.
16:00 I'm not even gonna give you the questions.
16:02 Let me just share a story.
16:04 Got you.
16:05 Now you brought this up just randomly?
16:07 Yes.
16:08 Okay.
16:09 When I first...
16:11 This is about 21 years ago.
16:17 I met a guy who asked me,
16:21 he wanted to know how to study the Bible.
16:23 So the first principle that I ever applied
16:26 was a question principle.
16:27 At that time, I wasn't calling it the "question room."
16:29 I just said, "Hey,
16:31 one of the key things you want to do
16:32 is ask the text questions.
16:34 So I'm gonna give you an assignment.
16:36 And your assignment is to take
16:41 the shortest text in the Bible."
16:43 Oh, wow!
16:44 Jesus wept.
16:47 I want you to ask that text as many questions as...
16:52 I'm just laughing that you brought that up.
16:54 Yeah, yeah.
16:56 Ask as many questions as you can.
16:58 Wow!
17:00 This brother, this brother...
17:02 I'm not gonna mention his name.
17:03 But he's...
17:05 Now he's known in Adventist circles.
17:09 Yeah.
17:10 This brother came up
17:12 with three pages of questions...
17:16 For Jesus wept?
17:17 From Jesus wept.
17:19 Wow!
17:20 Yeah, why was He weeping?
17:22 Who was He weeping for?
17:23 And he just kept going, kept going.
17:25 Yeah.
17:26 What does it mean to me?
17:28 Why does one weep?
17:30 I mean, he just kept.
17:32 And what happened is one question would
17:33 kind of lead to another question.
17:35 Yeah.
17:36 It'll kind of lead to another question,
17:37 it'll lead to another question.
17:39 So when you learn...
17:40 Now when I challenge my students,
17:42 and I'm pushing them, I'm like, "Ask more."
17:44 More? Yes, ask more.
17:46 And they'll get to like 50 or 60 questions.
17:50 And then I say to them,
17:51 "Now the questions you're asking,
17:55 you were only asking them in the first dimension."
17:59 Wow.
18:01 Wow.
18:03 Wow.
18:04 And there's five dimensions.
18:06 So...
18:07 And there are five dimensions.
18:09 Yes, yes.
18:10 So now you can ask five times
18:14 as many of the questions that you...
18:16 You thought 50 was like, "Whoa, that's a lot."
18:19 Now I want you to ask that text questions now
18:22 in the second dimension, now in the third dimension,
18:25 now in the fourth dimension, now in the fifth dimension,
18:28 so that's just the question room.
18:31 Okay.
18:32 So let's go to one of the rooms is the memory room.
18:35 Okay.
18:37 And that's where we are right now, all right?
18:38 Got you.
18:39 So I kind of diverge a little bit,
18:41 but I'm coming back to the memory room.
18:42 Okay.
18:44 Let me mention this as well.
18:46 So the photo-theology palace has six floors.
18:53 Okay?
18:55 Each floor, these six floors,
18:58 the 24 rooms are divided among these six floors.
19:02 Okay.
19:04 The first floor that's where the memory room is.
19:11 And the reason why this is important
19:12 to understand is because you have to have a deck
19:16 of cards if you're gonna play the game.
19:21 Come on, now...
19:22 You don't have...
19:24 Do you know what I'm saying?
19:25 Yeah.
19:26 If you don't have the stories, right,
19:28 at a foundational level if you don't have the story...
19:31 So one of my favorite ones, you know,
19:34 playing the concentration game.
19:35 Yeah.
19:37 Moses goes on top of the mountain, he stretches.
19:39 I've shared this with you before many times on...
19:42 He stretches out his hands.
19:43 Yeah.
19:45 When his hands are lifted up, there's victory,
19:47 when they come down, no victory.
19:49 His hands go up, they begin to get tired.
19:51 Aaron stands on one side, her stands on the other side.
19:54 They're holding up his hands.
19:56 That is a picture.
19:58 That's a match.
19:59 Yeah.
20:01 Right? We flip that card.
20:03 How does it start remind me of Jesus?
20:04 Oh, Jesus on the cross.
20:07 His hands extended
20:08 with two thieves on either side of Him.
20:11 Yeah.
20:12 It's the sinner that held his hands up, not the nails.
20:15 Wow!
20:16 Okay. Yeah, yeah.
20:17 In order me to have made that connection,
20:19 I would have had to have that picture on ground level.
20:23 You know what I'm saying?
20:25 Yeah.
20:26 So the first floor is all about furnishing your palace.
20:33 Furnishing. Okay.
20:34 If you don't have stories popped in your mind, right?
20:36 If you don't have like,
20:37 and I say how are you gonna get these stories?
20:39 Read the Bible.
20:40 Yeah.
20:42 Listen to your story hour, like whatever you need to do.
20:44 Watch Dare to Dreams.
20:45 Get stories...
20:47 That's right.
20:48 Absolutely.
20:50 You might not understand the stories.
20:52 You know, Samson and David...
20:53 I mean, Samson... I'm sorry.
20:56 David and Goliath, you know, Samson, Elijah,
21:01 what are these stories about?
21:02 I may not understand it, just get it.
21:04 When you moving into a house,
21:06 you kind of have stuff all over, right?
21:08 Yeah. Nothing's organized.
21:10 First level, just get the stories in there.
21:15 Right?
21:16 So that's one of the reasons why I take people
21:18 through this memory challenge.
21:19 Okay.
21:20 So now let's get to the memory challenge.
21:22 In the memory challenge what we want to do
21:25 is we want to learn how to memorize
21:27 the Bible 24 chapters at a time.
21:33 Oh, wow!
21:34 Okay, let me... Let me break that down.
21:36 Twenty-four chapters at a time?
21:37 Yeah.
21:38 So, Jason, you might know this.
21:40 Have you heard the term 24 frames per second?
21:43 Oh, yeah.
21:45 Yeah. Yeah.
21:46 The 24 frames per second means that when you're watching
21:49 a movie, right,
21:50 your mind is actually processing
21:53 24 still images every second.
21:59 Those 24 images make up one motion.
22:04 Right?
22:05 Yeah.
22:06 That's the motion, right?
22:08 So 24...
22:09 Like take a book, a coloring book,
22:10 you draw pictures, right?
22:12 And then you start flipping and the picture starts moving.
22:15 Yes.
22:16 Twenty four frames a second.
22:17 That's what's happening.
22:19 So what I'm suggesting is that
22:22 if we take 24 chapters at a time...
22:29 Right? Yeah.
22:31 And for each chapter,
22:32 we simply take a picture, all right?
22:34 What's Genesis 1 about?
22:35 Creation.
22:37 Genesis 2, Adam and Eve.
22:39 Genesis 3, Cain and Abel.
22:41 I'm sorry, Genesis 3, the fall of man.
22:43 Genesis 4, Cain and Abel.
22:45 Genesis 5, the genealogy of Adam.
22:47 What happens is if I take a still image
22:52 of the summary of each chapter, right?
22:57 And I do this 24 chapters at a time what ends up
23:01 happening is that I should be able
23:04 to scan these chapters so rapidly.
23:10 I hope you are following this, right?
23:11 I'm following.
23:13 You're scanning these chapters into a place
23:14 where you can now juice down
23:17 what's happening in those 24 chapters
23:19 in one second.
23:21 Wow.
23:22 Wow.
23:24 Now... Yeah, yeah.
23:25 If you do that, right?
23:27 So watch this, the first 24 chapters
23:28 of Genesis if you juice it down,
23:32 it's about division.
23:36 One word, division.
23:37 Okay, division.
23:38 Separation between man and God.
23:42 Yeah, yeah.
23:43 Adam and Eve.
23:44 Adam and Eve. Yeah.
23:46 Cain and Abel.
23:47 The flood.
23:49 The Tower of Babel.
23:53 Abraham coming out of Earth.
23:56 Wow!
23:57 Hagar and Ishmael,
24:00 Ishmael and Isaac, all of it is separation.
24:03 So I've just juice down the first 24 sets of chapters,
24:07 the first 24 frames into one word, division.
24:11 Now if I follow that
24:15 there are 1,189 chapters in the Bible.
24:18 If I break those down by 24, I come up with 50,
24:23 24-frame per second sets.
24:26 Wow, okay.
24:27 Fifty.
24:29 Which means if I can juice the first 24 set down
24:32 into one second,
24:34 then I should be able to scan the entire theme
24:37 of the Bible in 50 seconds.
24:40 Wow.
24:41 That's incredible.
24:43 Yeah.
24:45 I mean, that's incredible.
24:47 And listen, I'm not just talking this, right?
24:51 I have students in my class that in a matter
24:54 of three weeks they have already done this.
24:58 In three weeks?
25:00 Look...
25:01 In three weeks.
25:03 We need to talk about how to even get
25:06 to where the course is.
25:07 We only about two minutes, two and a half minutes left.
25:12 Are you serious?
25:13 Yeah, time is...
25:14 You mean we never got to the memory challenge?
25:16 No, we didn't even get to the pictures.
25:17 This is juicy, man.
25:18 This is really good.
25:20 This is really good.
25:21 How do people even get to the course?
25:23 What website can they go to?
25:26 So if they go to PowerOfTheLamb.com,
25:30 and look for the Photo-Theology
25:34 online course,
25:36 that's how they're gonna find the course.
25:37 Got you.
25:39 If I can just share this, Jason, 'cause I'm really...
25:42 I'm just like I can't believe we didn't get to the images,
25:44 but if you connect, like Genesis 1,
25:48 imagine if you could show that picture real quick,
25:50 Earth with a big one on it.
25:53 Okay, let's go to that picture.
25:54 There we go.
25:56 Yeah.
25:58 So that image,
25:59 if you Imagine a high-rise building
26:02 and on each floor there's an image,
26:06 you connect the image, so Genesis 1,
26:09 you see a big earth with a number one in it.
26:12 You're always going to remember on the first floor,
26:14 Genesis 1.
26:15 Let me jump to Genesis 5.
26:17 When I get to floor five in my Genesis high-rise,
26:21 the elevator door opens.
26:22 I see Adam in a pair of jeans.
26:26 What?
26:27 Because Genesis 5 is about the "genealogy" of Adam.
26:31 Got you. Got you.
26:33 So I'm using photos really kind of like out there photos
26:38 to remember and what people
26:40 are seeing is that in doing this,
26:42 they're actually seeing that
26:44 they have photographic memories.
26:45 Yes.
26:46 They remember the image and they're like,
26:48 "Oh, Genesis 5, genealogy of Adam."
26:49 Yeah, yeah, that's...
26:51 Genesis 11, you got,
26:52 the two ones are the size of the Tower of Babel.
26:55 And so I'll never forget that Genesis 11
26:58 is the Tower of Babel.
26:59 Yeah.
27:00 And it just goes on like that.
27:02 Wow!
27:03 That is incredible.
27:04 I wish we had a lot more time.
27:07 If somebody is just...
27:08 We have like 40 seconds.
27:10 If somebody is just studying the Bible for the first time,
27:13 where should they start?
27:17 Well, I would say start on the first floor.
27:19 Okay.
27:21 I would say, just get these stories
27:23 into your mind
27:24 because that's where the Holy Spirit
27:25 is going to begin.
27:27 If you're earnest in your desire for truth,
27:29 the Holy Spirit will begin to take these stories
27:31 and bring them to life for you.
27:33 So it doesn't matter really where you start, start.
27:36 Yeah, just get started, just get started.
27:39 Thank you so much, Pastor Myers.
27:40 Thank you for your wonderful insight
27:43 and what you're doing to teach those how to study the Bible.
27:46 Till next time, God bless.


Revised 2020-06-11