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00:01 Is a plant-based diet for you?
00:03 Are you wondering if you can have food
00:04 that tastes good
00:06 and is healthy for you at the same time?
00:09 Well, stay tuned to me,
00:10 two folks who can take you on the journey
00:12 to help and soothe your taste buds
00:14 at the same time.
00:16 My name is Yvonne Shelton,
00:17 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:42 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:44 My guests today are Heidi Tompkins
00:47 and Ivan Raj from Heidi's Health Kitchen.
00:51 Ooh, we have a good program for you today.
00:54 Welcome, Heidi and Ivan.
00:56 Thank you. Thank you for having us.
00:58 Oh, you're welcome.
00:59 I wish I could shake hands, but this is the time of COVID,
01:02 so I'll just say I'm hugging you.
01:06 And, you guys, don't social distance
01:08 because you work together.
01:09 We're around each other all the time.
01:11 Right, right, right.
01:12 So I just want to let the audience know,
01:14 we're not disregarding social distancing.
01:16 We're just, you know, we...
01:18 They don't social distance anyway.
01:19 And so we do.
01:21 We're are distance apart.
01:24 So tell us about Heidi's Health Kitchen.
01:28 What is it? Sure.
01:29 So Heidi's Health Kitchen is a ministry and a business.
01:32 Okay.
01:34 The business supports the ministry.
01:35 We give...
01:37 Our ministry gives cooking classes,
01:39 health lectures, Bible studies,
01:41 online programs, large public programs
01:45 to educate people
01:46 in the laws of health and the gospel.
01:49 And our business supports our ministry
01:52 and our business...
01:54 In our business we manufacture Decadent Carob products.
01:57 And we cater and we operate a pop-up restaurant
02:01 to support our Bible work in our ministry.
02:04 Now that sounds amazing.
02:06 For those who don't know
02:07 what a pop-up restaurant is, what is that?
02:09 Sure.
02:10 So basically, we look for a venue
02:12 or a cafe or a coffee house
02:14 or something that's operating during the day,
02:17 closed in the evening.
02:18 So when they close,
02:19 we can rent the space from that
02:21 and we open up as Heidi's Health Kitchen.
02:23 Oh, nice!
02:25 So you're using an existing facility
02:28 that already has a clientele
02:30 that can kind of funnel into your business?
02:34 And you can teach them plant based living?
02:36 Yes.
02:37 And then, of course, it's a win-win for the venue,
02:40 because we're bringing in our clientele
02:42 and they're seeing maybe this place
02:43 that they've maybe never come to before.
02:46 Nice, nice.
02:47 So what kinds of foods do you have there?
02:49 Well... Okay.
02:50 Wait, wait, do I need a napkin 'cause I may start salivating?
02:55 So primarily, I provide the American
02:59 and Italian type dishes
03:00 and, of course, Ivan is from South India,
03:03 so we offer South Indian food as well.
03:05 Yeah. Yummy.
03:07 Now how did you get involved
03:08 with Heidi's Health Kitchen and with Heidi?
03:10 How did you guys meet? Oh, okay.
03:11 So actually, Heidi and I met at a church in Manhattan.
03:16 And we were both Bible workers.
03:18 And I actually brought her the proposal,
03:22 after I prayed and asked God,
03:24 as to how I can start self-sustaining business
03:28 that supports the Bible work.
03:31 Nice. So God gave...
03:34 God answered the prayer and He gave me the wisdom
03:36 to put together a proposal in 2014.
03:40 And then I showed the proposal,
03:42 I emailed the proposal to Heidi and I said,
03:44 this is what we're gonna do.
03:46 Even the name also God gave it to me
03:48 as Heidi's Health Kitchen after I fasted and I prayed.
03:51 How beautiful.
03:52 You know what I love about this?
03:54 You guys is, it's both ministry and it's a business.
03:59 So you're making your living through ministry
04:02 which is wonderful.
04:04 You are Bible instructors,
04:05 so you know the word and that word is kind of,
04:10 I want to say, implanted into the food.
04:11 Yes, it is.
04:13 You what I mean?
04:14 The principles are...
04:16 You're living out the principles,
04:18 so I think that is so beautiful.
04:20 And every recipe is from God and we thank Him for it.
04:23 And we ask Him, you know,
04:25 to put His finger in there and stir it
04:27 and make it just right for every palate and all that.
04:31 What are some of the challenges that you find you have
04:34 with this particular kind of ministry?
04:38 I would say probably one of our challenges
04:40 is that just we do so many things
04:43 and so our schedule, for example, like it's very,
04:48 you know, it's very meticulous.
04:49 Like we've got certain hours
04:51 that we do our manufacturing weekly,
04:54 certain hours that, you know,
04:55 we're in the kitchen and so forth,
04:57 and then the other hours where we can schedule,
05:00 you know, Bible work or counseling sessions
05:02 for our Bible students, mentoring.
05:05 Ivan also offers business mentoring
05:07 to his Bible students as well and our Bible students.
05:10 And so, we just are doing so many things.
05:14 And then, you know, speaking engagements
05:16 and speaking projects, and we're just doing so much.
05:19 I would say,
05:20 I think that our challenge is probably managing our time,
05:23 which we just...
05:24 We've got a very regimented schedule
05:26 to be able to handle it all.
05:28 Wow. Yeah.
05:29 So God gave us a wisdom to not time manage,
05:34 but priority management, what is urgent and important,
05:38 take care of that right away.
05:41 So we kind of have like a chart
05:45 where we write down what is urgent,
05:47 the most urgent, and what is the most important,
05:50 what is the least urgent and least important,
05:53 and then we go by that.
05:55 Wow. That's...
05:56 So anything which is highly urgent
05:59 and top priority, important,
06:01 that will be taken care of first
06:03 and the least important
06:04 and least priority urgency will be last.
06:06 Right.
06:08 Within our schedule of all of our other things.
06:09 Right.
06:11 So how many people work with you?
06:13 Is it volunteer work, is it paid by you?
06:16 Our staff are part-time.
06:18 They're paid staff, part-time.
06:20 And so we have a paid staff that works for us
06:23 at our pop-up restaurant.
06:25 Helen is our pop-up restaurant manager.
06:28 She's been such a blessing.
06:30 God brought us Helen
06:31 and she's had years and years of restaurant
06:34 and catering experience.
06:35 She's been such a blessing to us.
06:37 And then we've got some part-time staff as well
06:40 that helped with the pop-up restaurant.
06:42 At our pop-up restaurant I'm the host and a server,
06:45 and then Hannah and Addie and Grace are servers as well.
06:48 So our part-time staff is four to six people
06:51 depending on the event.
06:52 Wow!
06:54 So look at how God has brought you what you've needed.
06:55 Yes.
06:57 Like at every juncture
06:58 He's brought you the people that you need,
07:00 He brings you the facilities that you need,
07:04 and you're doing an incredible work from...
07:08 Praise God.
07:09 You guys are doing great work.
07:11 And I'm just so thankful for what you're doing.
07:13 Praise God.
07:15 Now you incorporate Indian food into the cuisine?
07:20 Yeah, we give two options for people to choose from,
07:23 either the Western or Indian.
07:26 So people select on our website and they prepay
07:29 and they come and dine.
07:31 And it's all plant-based?
07:32 All plant-based and gluten-free.
07:33 Oh, wow.
07:35 A wholefood plant-based gluten-free.
07:37 We also offer oil-free dishes
07:39 for those that are more health conscious,
07:41 and we operate our pop-up restaurant
07:44 as a three-course prefix for a set price.
07:46 They choose their entree appetizer
07:48 and dessert out of some choices.
07:49 Indian is one of them.
07:51 And...
07:52 You know, I know
07:53 that the viewers are now saying,
07:55 okay, so where is it?
07:56 Can I go?
07:58 So it's currently...
07:59 We actually started our pop-up restaurant
08:00 in Manhattan four years ago.
08:02 And then the last three years
08:04 we've been in Long Island in Babylon, New York,
08:07 in Babylon village.
08:08 It's a quaint little place
08:10 and really nice if anyone's visiting.
08:14 That tells about your decadence chocolate.
08:16 Well, it's a decadence carob.
08:17 Decadent Carob. Carob.
08:19 Now, by the way, I just want to mention
08:20 our pop-up restaurant, we're only open once a month.
08:22 It's the third Sunday of the month.
08:24 Oh, okay.
08:25 So for all of our New York viewers,
08:27 it's the third Sunday of the month
08:29 and it's the pop-up restaurant.
08:31 Yeah, they go right onto our website,
08:32 they book their ticket
08:33 and choose their menu in advance.
08:35 Okay, and we're gonna put your website up as well
08:37 so that people will know exactly how to reach you.
08:39 And at our pop-up and at our other events,
08:42 our products are available as well.
08:43 So like our CARUBIES, our Decadent Carob truffles,
08:46 or our CARUBELLA, our Decadent Carob spread,
08:50 FIGSPRESSO is another one of our signature products.
08:54 Wow. It's a coffee replacement.
08:56 Okay.
08:58 Did you bring samples?
08:59 We didn't bring in that one,
09:01 but we brought the other products.
09:04 That's great. That's good.
09:06 We'll talk after the program.
09:08 That's wonderful.
09:10 So what you're finding, I would imagine,
09:12 is that people are gravitating to what you're doing,
09:17 because you're offering them good taste and health.
09:22 Yes.
09:23 What kinds of people
09:25 are you servicing at the restaurant?
09:26 Usually, it's the upper middleclass
09:29 and above.
09:31 Tell us about
09:32 some of the people that you serve?
09:34 Yeah.
09:35 It is because we are located
09:37 or the pop-up restaurant location
09:38 is in a place
09:40 where it's mostly upper-middle class
09:42 and upper-class clientele.
09:45 So therefore, our catering is also geared towards them,
09:48 our services are geared towards such people.
09:50 Yeah, fluent and the educated.
09:52 A lot of...
09:54 Of course, in New York a lot of Jewish families.
09:56 You know, a lot of people
09:58 who are just interested in health
10:00 looking to better their health
10:02 and, you know, looking for the best way to do it.
10:06 That's great.
10:08 You have some situations there with people
10:11 that yet you've helped with their health.
10:14 Tell us about it? Yes.
10:15 Oh, so many.
10:17 Wow. So...
10:18 Well, now we also...
10:21 Prior to this time that we're living in now,
10:23 we also gave cooking demonstrations
10:25 and hands-on cooking classes.
10:28 We have many, many people
10:29 who have come through our free cooking demonstrations
10:32 in midtown Manhattan,
10:34 and then they've joined
10:36 our paid hands-on cooking classes,
10:38 where we cook
10:39 an entire five-course meal together
10:41 so they can actually get the hands-on instruction.
10:43 We have many testimonies from that.
10:45 People that thought, okay, I can actually do this,
10:48 I can switch my diet, I can change my lifestyle,
10:51 and we've shown them many, many testimonies
10:54 how they now know that they can live healthier
10:57 and have a better lifestyle
10:59 and from our pop-up restaurant as well.
11:01 Because, you know, we serve many of the things
11:05 that we've demonstrated here on cooking shows at 3ABN.
11:08 And so, for example, when we serve as an appetizer,
11:11 or herbs stuffed avocados, people ask,
11:16 "Wow, you know, do you give recipes?
11:18 Like, can I get the recipe for this?"
11:20 And I tell them, "Sure, you can just go to 3ABN,
11:23 go to YouTube and search 3ABN
11:25 and you can find
11:26 our cooking programs right there."
11:28 And, of course, we're hoping
11:29 that while they're there they'll watch other programs.
11:30 Exactly. That's great.
11:33 That's great. That's what we want.
11:34 Yes. That's great.
11:36 So they come in and they have a cooking class.
11:39 Walk me kind of through, walk us through the process?
11:43 So they find that about you from the website
11:46 or from watching or online...
11:48 Sure. Eventbrite or something.
11:49 They come what happens?
11:52 To a cooking class? Yeah.
11:53 Or to the restaurant and then you funnel them into.
11:55 Sure, sure.
11:57 So our cooking classes,
11:58 we demonstrate four to five different dishes.
12:01 One of the elders of our churches
12:03 is a naturopath in original medicine,
12:06 and he does short health talks in between each cooking demo.
12:10 And, you know, it's all to, you know,
12:12 get people to be able to consider their health
12:15 and see that they can make the transition
12:18 and understand the benefits that they could receive.
12:21 And so people get to taste everything,
12:25 they get to take home the recipes.
12:27 When they come to our pop-up, you know, they're seated,
12:29 they're greeted with a smile.
12:31 At our pop-up we have testimonies of people
12:34 who've been able to improve their health.
12:37 We also have testimonies about the atmosphere,
12:40 very peaceful.
12:42 We're playing instrumental Christian hymns,
12:44 we've got health and physical,
12:47 mental and emotional health tracks.
12:49 Little pamphlets on the table, they can read,
12:52 they can take with them.
12:53 And, you know, this is the way we see it, Yvonne.
12:57 These people are...
12:59 We know that the people in the world
13:00 are living in darkness.
13:01 And we pray from the moment someone books their ticket,
13:07 and even if there's an empty seat
13:08 up until the time that seat is filled,
13:11 we're praying.
13:12 I can tell you our pop-up ministry
13:14 is probably more of a prayer ministry
13:16 than a food ministry,
13:17 because we pray for every single person.
13:20 We ask God to prepare their hearts
13:22 before they arrive.
13:23 We ask that that one hour,
13:25 hour and 15 minutes that they're dining with us
13:27 that they will be brought out of darkness
13:29 into God's marvelous light,
13:31 and they would crave it from thence forward.
13:33 Oh, that's beautiful.
13:35 We pray for all their sins to be forgiven
13:36 and that God would cover them
13:38 with His blood and His righteousness
13:39 and lead their feet to the city of God.
13:41 Aw, that's so beautiful, because without prayer that...
13:45 You have to have prayer.
13:46 Because this isn't just a business.
13:48 We're not doing our pop-up restaurant
13:49 for business.
13:50 If we were, we'd be open every day of the week
13:52 and so forth,
13:53 but this is really a part of our ministry.
13:56 Yes, that's great.
13:58 So are you able to...
14:00 You have pamphlets there you're able to include
14:03 spiritual information.
14:05 They are mostly Glow tracts.
14:07 So they've got something.
14:08 They've got, you know, something in them that,
14:10 you know, that leads them that way.
14:12 The health ones, even the water tract.
14:14 You know, at the end there's a Bible verse,
14:16 you know, at the end
14:18 or a scripture reference, you know?
14:19 So there are physical health,
14:22 mental or emotional health related tracts.
14:25 And then from people
14:27 coming to our pop-up restaurant,
14:29 we tell them about our other events,
14:31 we tell them about our cooking demonstrations,
14:33 we also offer in-home food programs,
14:36 in-home cooking, in-home juicing,
14:38 and we've gotten those clients from our pop-up as well.
14:41 So you go to someone's home? Yes.
14:43 Oh, wow. And teach them.
14:44 That's great,
14:46 because you're in their environment,
14:48 you can look and see what they have.
14:50 You can say, oh, you know, what a better...
14:51 Yes, to be able to pray in their home
14:53 even if they don't know that we're doing it
14:55 just to invite God's presence there,
14:57 to be there even when we leave.
14:59 Yeah, it's a real blessing.
15:00 I would think with that kind of a place
15:06 you will also attract people who are like Buddhists and...
15:11 All backgrounds.
15:13 Absolutely. Yeah, yeah.
15:15 Yeah. Yeah.
15:16 Because of the vegan, the whole thing plant-based.
15:19 Yeah, absolutely.
15:21 So I would think that that would be.
15:23 And one of the things you guys have been doing
15:26 is you have been doing research
15:31 and investigation of yoga and its effects.
15:35 And I want to talk a bit about that.
15:38 Sure.
15:39 Because, as you know, I don't have to tell you,
15:43 yoga is infiltrating the churches,
15:46 schools, society.
15:48 And, Ivan, you being Indian and having come from India,
15:54 you know firsthand about Hinduism and all that.
15:58 So talk to us a bit,
15:59 if you would about that, about yoga.
16:03 I'd like to know, and I know a lot of our viewers
16:05 would like to know
16:07 about yoga and what that's about?
16:08 Yeah.
16:09 So yoga is from my country, India,
16:12 and it is rooted in Hinduism.
16:15 The word yoga means to yoke,
16:19 to unite, to marry, to combine.
16:22 And so yoga is actually a ritual,
16:26 a Hindu ritual.
16:28 It is a physical expression of worship
16:30 if you do just stretching, even if you don't chant,
16:33 and even if you just do a yoga posture or a stretching,
16:37 you're still following Hinduism.
16:40 Now, this, Ivan, what you just said is critical,
16:45 because I have heard...
16:47 You know, my background is that New Age thing
16:50 and I was practicing alternative medicine,
16:54 but New Age modalities and stuff.
16:57 And one of the arguments for yoga from people
17:03 is it's just exercise.
17:05 It's different. It's just stretching.
17:08 There's nothing wrong with stretching.
17:10 There's nothing wrong with stretching.
17:12 So tell us why is that...
17:13 Why is it not just exercise? Yeah.
17:15 So stretching is different from yoga.
17:19 Everybody...
17:20 We all have to stretch for blood circulation,
17:22 and it's very good for health.
17:24 You have to stretch.
17:25 However, yoga, the postures and the stretching in yoga
17:30 is designed as a form of worship.
17:34 Worship to whom? Self.
17:36 Ah!
17:38 Each pose, each different yoga pose
17:42 actually invokes a Hindu God.
17:46 So that the lie
17:48 that Satan told you can be like gods.
17:52 So when God gave this program, you know, into my mind,
17:56 when he put into my mind,
17:59 it was purely through God's grace,
18:00 I was able to decipher the techniques
18:04 about the postures in yoga.
18:07 I mean, the techniques about yoga,
18:09 the postures and the breathing techniques
18:11 and so, so much involved in yoga is just Hindu ritual.
18:16 It's a Hindu lifestyle.
18:18 So if as a Christian I practice yoga,
18:22 then I am saying that Jesus is not adequate for me,
18:26 because as a Christian,
18:28 He is the author and finisher of my faith.
18:33 And yoga has nothing to do with Christ.
18:38 Has an entirely different author.
18:42 So when a Christian says,
18:47 I do yoga and I'm a Christian,
18:50 and it's not hurting me.
18:52 I still go to church, I still read my Bible.
18:56 I mean... So my question...
18:57 How is it hurting me? Yeah.
18:59 My question is, if I go to a mosque,
19:03 if I enter a mosque, right,
19:05 and if I do this, and they say,
19:08 I'm still worshiping Allah, even though I'm a Muslim,
19:13 but my hand gestures...
19:15 If they saw that cross?
19:16 Yeah, would it be acceptable?
19:18 Not acceptable.
19:20 So how is it then acceptable
19:22 when you practice a Hindu teaching,
19:25 the Hindu philosophy.
19:27 It's actually...
19:28 Yoga is part of one of the six schools
19:30 of Hindu philosophy.
19:31 There is a philosophy called Samkya, S-A-M-K-Y-A,
19:35 Samkya philosophy,
19:37 one of the six schools in Hinduism,
19:40 and it means numbers.
19:42 It also means knowledge.
19:45 It is a theory
19:47 and the practical part of Samkya,
19:49 the practical arm of Samkya philosophy is yoga.
19:54 And it is atheistic in nature. Wow.
19:57 Yeah, Hinduism is actually atheistic,
20:00 antitheistic,
20:01 so there are two schools combined in Hinduism.
20:05 Now that's interesting
20:06 because I thought that Hinduism
20:08 was just theistic
20:10 in that there's so many millions of Gods.
20:13 Yeah, 33 million Gods including Donald Trump.
20:16 He's a God. Donald Trump?
20:18 Yeah, people worship Trump in Hinduism.
20:21 If you want to go to YouTube
20:23 and just type worshiping Donald Trump,
20:27 you will watch videos
20:29 of people worshipping Trump as God.
20:30 Oh, my! I'm just...
20:32 Because it's not a sin in Hinduism,
20:33 because you are God, I am God, everybody is God.
20:37 So the 33 million Gods are also people?
20:40 Yes.
20:42 They were once upon a time who lived and they died and...
20:45 And some of them are alive.
20:47 They have God men, you know, that are still alive.
20:51 So when one practices yoga...
20:54 I just want to make sure that our viewers get this,
20:57 because this is critical.
20:59 You're not just stretching.
21:00 If you take a yoga class,
21:02 you are actually inviting the spirits
21:07 that are connected to that to Hinduism.
21:11 Yes, yes.
21:12 And entering their territory. Yes.
21:14 Going on their ground. Yeah.
21:17 And bring it in into your home if you watch it?
21:18 Yes.
21:20 So what about "Christian yoga"?
21:22 There's nothing...
21:24 Okay, people can brand it as Christian yoga,
21:27 but it doesn't exist, because yoga is Hinduism.
21:33 You can never separate it from Hinduism.
21:36 It is Hinduism.
21:37 That would be like saying I'm a Christian Hindu.
21:39 Wow!
21:41 They're two different things, which are you?
21:42 It's one or the other. Right.
21:44 Are you monotheistic or polytheistic?
21:47 Right. Right.
21:49 And also in India,
21:51 a lot of gurus say that in the past,
21:55 the Brits came and stole our gold,
21:58 now the Westerners have stolen our yoga
22:00 and they've Christianized it.
22:02 You have your own God,
22:03 why you want to follow our teachings
22:06 and then Christianize it and make it yours?
22:09 It's an insult to Jesus Christ.
22:13 Oh!
22:14 Now that's a powerful statement.
22:17 It's an insult to Jesus when Christians practice yoga.
22:22 Yeah.
22:23 Yeah, because that's saying, He's not enough.
22:26 He is not enough. He is not adequate.
22:27 Yeah. He's not.
22:29 Yeah. Wow.
22:30 So besides the stretching with yoga, there's breathing,
22:36 there is meditation.
22:37 Yes, there is breathing, there is meditation,
22:39 there is diet, it's called a sattvic diet,
22:41 which is a vegetarian diet, not vegan, not plant-based,
22:45 it's a vegetarian diet.
22:46 In fact, Buddha was not a vegan.
22:49 Buddhism is also from my country, India.
22:52 And Buddha consumed dairy products.
22:56 So I'm always surprised to see Buddhists,
22:59 sorry, Buddha statues in a vegan
23:01 or plant-based restaurants,
23:03 whereas Buddha was not a vegan or plant-based.
23:07 That's so interesting,
23:08 'cause I've always thought that Buddha was a vegan
23:13 that, you know, vegetarian, vegan or whatever.
23:16 And so you're saying that that wasn't the case at all.
23:19 No, not at all.
23:21 In Buddhist writings it is mentioned
23:24 that he consumed dairy
23:26 and he actually died of food poisoning.
23:29 A group of Buddhists say he died of food poisoning
23:35 because of consuming mushrooms,
23:38 other groups say he consumed, he ate, pork.
23:42 So Buddha has nothing to do
23:43 with veganism or plant-based diet.
23:45 Wow.
23:47 So it's interesting to me
23:48 how a lot of the Eastern religions
23:52 have crept into Christianity.
23:55 And it's so dangerous
23:58 and yet it's presented in the media
24:01 as therapeutic, harmless.
24:04 It's so good for "you." Yeah.
24:07 And yet, if you're a Christian, you have to do your research,
24:12 you can't just accept things at face value.
24:14 You have to do your research and know
24:16 that this is not of God.
24:19 A lot of people recently have put YouTube videos
24:24 that they have left yoga.
24:28 A lot of them, especially during the lockdown period,
24:30 a lot of them.
24:31 Because they started experiencing
24:33 supernatural effects and they got scared.
24:36 Negative supernatural... Negative.
24:38 Negative, negative.
24:39 Negative, which is scary to them.
24:41 And they said, "Oh, wow, this is not good for me.
24:44 This is not right."
24:45 Yes, yes. Yeah.
24:47 So you really have gotten deeply
24:52 into the study of this.
24:54 Are you able to share this with people at the restaurant
24:58 or is it something that you keep separate?
25:01 It's a separate entity and I do it separately.
25:05 When people invite me to present at churches,
25:08 I do that. Good.
25:09 And we have an address page for you
25:12 so that people can do that.
25:13 Okay.
25:14 They can contact you and invite you
25:17 to come to their church and do...
25:19 Do you do cooking classes? Yeah.
25:20 Yeah. All of that.
25:22 We often go, you know, to a church for a weekend
25:24 and we can do a weekend of programs, you know,
25:27 from Friday night through Sabbath,
25:28 Sabbath evening,
25:29 and then Sunday do cooking programs
25:31 and health programs.
25:32 Oh, that's awesome.
25:33 So let's put that page up on the screen.
25:35 Heidi's Health Kitchen, PO Box 232,
25:39 Babylon, New York, 11702.
25:42 So you can see that and their website,
25:45 and an email address if you want to email them.
25:48 Ivan or Heidi, they can reach you there.
25:51 So that's really good
25:53 because I'm sure that people will have
25:55 questions about food, about...
25:58 Now do you ship the chocolate?
26:00 Yeah, we ship across the US.
26:02 I keep saying chocolates, the carob.
26:03 Carob, yeah.
26:06 all of our products we ship across the US.
26:09 They're great gifts so.
26:11 Yes, I've tasted them and they are delicious.
26:14 I just have to tell you.
26:15 So thank you for what you're doing.
26:18 So what would you, both of you,
26:19 I want you to look into your camera
26:22 and speak to that person that's battling
26:25 either with their diet or with yoga
26:29 or with whatever temptation that is
26:32 speak to, both of you,
26:34 speak to your camera and just briefly,
26:36 like 30 seconds apiece.
26:39 Tell us, tell them what they should do?
26:41 Well, you know, God doesn't want
26:43 any of us to be sick.
26:44 He created us to be in good health
26:47 and He wants you to be in good health.
26:49 So if you're struggling with foods or recipes
26:52 or ways to stretch and exercise,
26:55 whatever it might be,
26:57 check out our website, go to HeidisHealthKitchen.com
27:00 and contact us and check out the cooking shows
27:03 that we've done here on 3ABN
27:04 and the other resources that we have to offer.
27:07 And we pray that God would keep you
27:09 in good health.
27:10 You have about 10 seconds, Ivan.
27:13 And I pray that you will do a lot of research
27:17 before you continue your practice on yoga
27:19 if you're already into it.
27:21 And I pray that God will give you the light
27:24 and all the information you need
27:25 so you can make a decision.
27:28 Thank you so much.
27:29 Thank you so much for what you're doing.
27:30 You guys are a light in the darkness.
27:33 Praise God.
27:34 You are a shining light upon a city on a hill.
27:38 And so we just thank you so much for what you're doing.
27:40 And we thank you for joining us.
27:43 You know, every day we try to bring you programs
27:46 that will be a blessing.
27:48 So make sure to join us next time
27:50 'cause you know what?
27:52 It just wouldn't be the same without you.


Revised 2020-12-10