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00:01 Stay tuned and see that where God leads He provides
00:04 and exceeds expectations.
00:06 My name is Jason Bradley,
00:07 and you are watching Urban Report.
00:32 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:34 My guest today is Eric Camarillo,
00:36 President of SALT Outreach Ministries.
00:38 Welcome to Urban Report, Eric.
00:42 Hey, Jason, I'm happy to be here.
00:44 Yes, it's great to have you here.
00:46 Clearly you are no stranger
00:47 to 3ABN's Dare to Dream Network at all.
00:50 You have been here, you know, on several occasions
00:53 and I have been impressed with how God has been leading
00:57 and providing in your ministry,
01:00 and I'm looking forward to diving into that
01:03 and hearing all the miracle stories
01:05 that have been taking place,
01:06 but before we do why don't you just tell us a little bit about
01:09 you, your background and what SALT stands for?
01:14 Yeah, so my name is Eric Camarillo.
01:18 I do have a background as far as my education,
01:22 I got social work a bachelor's degree
01:24 and got my master's in non-profit management,
01:27 and I'm the president of SALT Outreach.
01:30 SALT is an acronym for, Service and Love Together.
01:33 We right now have a mobile day service center for the homeless
01:37 or also referred to as a mobile dropping center
01:40 for the homeless, where we provide
01:42 basic needs to them that includes
01:45 shower through a shower trailer,
01:46 clothing and hygiene product
01:48 through a clothing trailer, haircuts, food
01:52 and other resource and services through our partners.
01:56 Nice, nice.
01:57 So you said shower trailer, and you said clothing trailer.
02:02 I remember you coming on the program
02:04 and you were talking about your need
02:06 for a clothing trailer, a change trailer
02:08 and for a shower trailer and you have it.
02:13 Yeah I will say that honestly
02:17 that shower trailer right there
02:20 was $40,000 we had to raise,
02:22 and if it wasn't for 3ABN and Dare to Dream viewers,
02:26 we might not have been able to raise it.
02:28 I mean just between the viewers on this show we raised little
02:32 over $20,000 from the people that watch this show.
02:35 Wow! And that supports this mission.
02:38 And so, if you know and like I always like to say
02:43 when it comes to helping the homeless, you know,
02:45 a lot of people don't know where to start or what to do.
02:48 You know, a lot of people don't feel comfortable
02:50 giving money directly to those experiencing homelessness,
02:52 but supporting organizations like us
02:55 that provide those direct services to them
02:57 is one great way to support those people
03:00 that are unsheltered right now.
03:03 Yes, yes.
03:04 Now I know, the last time you were, well, I say here,
03:09 but the last time you were on Skype,
03:11 my mother interviewed you and you were telling her
03:15 what was going on the ministry and all of that.
03:18 What are some of the changes that have taken place
03:21 within the ministry since then?
03:24 Yeah, you know what?
03:25 There has been a lot, Jason, it's crazy,
03:29 it's been like night and day
03:30 and we can only give God the credit for that.
03:33 You know when Yvonne interviewed us, you know,
03:39 we had just gotten some initial funding
03:41 from the city of Orlando to operate
03:44 during the Coronavirus pandemic.
03:46 You know, a lot of the organizations
03:48 because they operate inside,
03:51 it wasn't safe for them to operate
03:53 and because many of those organizations
03:55 let's say provide food,
03:57 it wasn't safe for them to gather all of those people
04:00 in one place.
04:01 So us being outside doing things by appointment,
04:05 we were one of the only organizations
04:07 able to operate during the pandemic
04:09 when it first started because you could imagine
04:12 for someone experiencing homelessness
04:13 and everything shutting down, the businesses,
04:15 not being able to get food where they usually get food.
04:19 Not being able to go into different places
04:21 to get resources like a shower or even use the bathroom.
04:25 Yeah.
04:26 It really put them in a tough situations
04:28 and so the city was like, "Let's partner with SALT."
04:30 And we partnered together.
04:32 And they gave us initial funding
04:33 to operate three days a week
04:35 during the pandemic.
04:37 And so, since then, you know,
04:40 we've been operating three days a week.
04:43 We just increased to four days a week,
04:45 and the city of Orlando approved a large grant for us,
04:50 $250,000 to cover us from October to September
04:55 of next year which is huge.
04:57 I mean, really, it's God's way of increasing our capacity
05:01 to serve even more people and do even more,
05:04 so that's exciting.
05:06 That is huge, so you got approved
05:09 for the grant for $250,000.
05:12 You're going to be able to accomplish so much
05:13 with that because all of that stuff cost money, right?
05:19 Getting stuff like a shower trailer.
05:21 What are some of the other things
05:23 that you are looking to do
05:26 that you need to garner support for?
05:30 Yeah.
05:31 And, you know, you're right, when it comes to,
05:34 I was just looking at like last year,
05:37 the beginning of last year we were operating once a month
05:39 maybe impacting 60 to 80 people a month through our operation,
05:45 but now operating four days a week, I mean,
05:47 our impact is almost quintupled from that time last year.
05:52 So definitely the extra funds
05:55 are helping us to make a bigger impact.
05:57 We are hiring, we just hired actually
06:00 a licensed clinical social worker
06:02 who is going help to do case management
06:04 for some of those experiencing homelessness they have,
06:07 you know, mental health issues.
06:10 We are hiring another master's level social worker
06:13 as well to help with case management,
06:14 and we are going to be taking four bachelor level interns
06:20 from the local universities to be able to help
06:23 with case management as well.
06:24 So we can really kind of connect them to the resources.
06:28 You know, once they get those basic needs
06:30 from us connecting them to other organizations
06:32 that can help with those other needs
06:34 that they might have eventually to end homelessness.
06:37 You know, because here in Orlando
06:39 there is a coordinated community effort,
06:41 you know like we might do
06:43 one aspect of serving the homeless
06:45 but then there might be another organization
06:46 does another aspect,
06:47 another organization that does another,
06:49 and we all kind of coordinate our efforts
06:51 to really impact that individual.
06:56 So that's one thing and the other thing too
06:58 is we actually just made a down payment
07:00 on a laundry trailer.
07:02 It's going to have six washers and six dryers to help meet
07:05 that laundry needs that we, that the homeless have.
07:08 Wow.
07:09 That's huge, so a laundry trailer,
07:12 that is huge.
07:15 So you are establishing partnerships,
07:17 you are building partnerships.
07:19 Have any companies helped support
07:22 what you have going on with SALT?
07:26 Yeah.
07:27 So we did have, you know, the city of Orlando, of course,
07:33 was a big entity that's supporting us,
07:37 then we have Orlando Utility Commission
07:40 who donated solar panels to us.
07:42 I mentioned that in Yvonne's interview
07:44 that's been huge to help us cut down
07:46 on that energy cost and that sort of thing.
07:51 We did also have the Hilton support us.
07:54 During the pandemic they helped house
07:57 some of our workers that were working
07:59 and they didn't want to go directly home for the risk of,
08:04 you know, if they did have
08:06 something passing on to their family,
08:07 they are able to go to a hotel room shower
08:09 and get changed and then go home.
08:12 But, yeah, we've had, I mean, many different organizations
08:17 and businesses really contribute
08:19 to this mission in different ways,
08:22 you know, providing food.
08:23 There's organization's named Food not Bombs
08:26 that does vegan food
08:27 for those experiencing homelessness.
08:30 You know, another organization, the Islamic Society of Orlando
08:35 is helping to provide food as well.
08:38 The Christian Service Center which is an organization
08:42 that we are kind of based right now.
08:44 They are also providing lunch every, you know,
08:47 around 12 every day at that site to help support
08:51 what's happening there.
08:53 So it's been exciting to seek
08:55 kind of all this different entities
08:57 from all this different backgrounds
08:58 and organizations come together for the same purpose, you know,
09:03 to be able to meet those needs, to fulfill, you know,
09:05 Matthew 25, right?
09:07 "'I was hungry and you gave me food,
09:08 thirsty and you gave a drink, naked and you gave me clothes.
09:11 I needed a shelter and you took me in.''
09:13 I mean that's...
09:14 Yeah, I believe it's referring to those experiencing
09:16 homelessness in those verses, you know,
09:19 definitely the help is needed.
09:21 Yes, yes.
09:23 So, man, so you have all these partnerships coming about
09:26 and it creates extra witnessing opportunities as well, right?
09:31 Talk to us little bit about being able to witness.
09:34 I mean, you already doing the practical Christianity,
09:38 you know, Christ method alone.
09:40 But talk to us about some of the witnessing opportunities
09:43 that you have had?
09:45 Yeah.
09:46 I know we're going to be going through the pictures later,
09:50 but that, that was kind of like a,
09:54 really like a prime example
09:55 of what we're trying to accomplish.
09:57 You know, being able to meet those needs and share Christ
10:01 you know, while we're meeting those needs is a huge part of,
10:05 you know, what we're trying to do.
10:06 I know that we just have a partnership
10:09 with a local Adventist Church,
10:10 Lighthouse Community Seventh-day Adventist Church,
10:13 and they actually have a box truck
10:16 that they retrofitted to be a mobile stage.
10:19 And so, they'll actually bring church out there
10:22 to those experiencing homelessness,
10:24 to be able to meet some of those steps,
10:27 that spiritual need that fellowship need
10:29 that they have because a lot of them
10:31 did go to church, but when the church is closed,
10:33 they weren't able to do that.
10:36 They couldn't go online
10:37 and even experience online church.
10:39 You know what I mean?
10:41 So this was something that,
10:42 that was crucial that they missed a lot.
10:44 I mean, the smiles on their faces
10:46 definitely spoke for themselves when we were able to do that.
10:50 And then obviously, you know, we as,
10:54 and I hear from our staff all the time,
10:55 there are those that just need prayer, you know,
10:58 that we're going to pray for.
11:00 And we're actually looking to hire a part-time chaplain,
11:04 calling them a chaplain, that's going to be onsite
11:06 to help meet that spiritual need
11:09 for those experiencing homelessness as well.
11:11 So that's a project that we're actually trying
11:13 to raise money for as well to kind of be there
11:16 for them in that, in that way.
11:19 So that's something that's, that's been working.
11:21 And then there's Patrick, which I'll talk about later,
11:23 I guess when we go through the pictures that story.
11:27 Yeah. You have so much going on.
11:30 One of the things that I'm curious about is,
11:32 how do you pick the location where you're going to take
11:37 the shower trailer
11:38 or where you're going to take the change trailer?
11:41 Like how do you, how do you find that location?
11:45 That's a good question.
11:47 So we used to, we used to kind of go to different areas
11:52 where we felt and one of the crucial things
11:58 I think about a drop-in center in general
12:00 for the homeless is, is, you know,
12:03 being able to meet those basic needs.
12:05 But when you're a mobile like us,
12:07 we can actually meet the homeless where they are.
12:09 And one of the purposes is to engage as many people
12:12 as possible to create those relationships
12:14 and build that trust, to then refer them
12:17 to other organizations to help end homelessness.
12:21 So, you know, we definitely want
12:22 to meet them where they are.
12:24 And so that's what we've been doing.
12:25 We try to pick locations where we feel
12:29 that they are going to be most comfortable
12:32 going to, and currently, you know,
12:36 we just for about a month now, we've been operating
12:39 at the Christian Service Center in Orlando, because that's,
12:43 that's something that's been in the community for ages.
12:45 You know, those that are,
12:48 that are experiencing homelessness,
12:49 they know where that location is.
12:51 I mean, the homeless, the coalition for the homeless
12:55 that has a shelter is maybe two or three blocks away.
12:59 So it's, it's, you know, it's a place
13:01 that they're familiar with that they're comfortable
13:03 with that, you know,
13:05 and that's crucial in being able
13:06 to provide these services and build that trust.
13:08 So that's how we picked that location.
13:12 Okay, good to know, good to know.
13:14 We do have several pictures and so I'd like to start
13:18 putting the first one up now,
13:21 and then you tell us a little bit about
13:22 what's going on in each one of these?
13:25 Yeah. I'm going to share a testimony.
13:28 It's about our friend, Patrick,
13:30 that's him right there holding the door open.
13:32 He's kind of, you know, guiding some volunteers
13:35 that are volunteering there on how to clean the bathrooms.
13:38 He came to us back in, it was late 2018, early 2019,
13:45 and he just came to us to receive a shower, you know,
13:48 and to get his needs met.
13:49 And so, you know, we got to know him a little bit,
13:53 and he was so grateful at being able to receive these services
13:57 that he started to clean the bathrooms
13:59 after each person that showered and used the bathroom.
14:02 And as a volunteer, I mean, he didn't expect
14:05 anything in return.
14:06 So that's just a picture of him volunteering with us.
14:11 If we go to the next shot here.
14:14 That's, this is him working with us as an employee.
14:18 So when we decided to hire people back in March,
14:23 you know, he was one of the first people
14:25 we decided to hire.
14:26 I mean, he's been with us and volunteering with us
14:28 for over a year at that point.
14:29 And he was good at what he did.
14:31 He was a hard worker, so we hired him.
14:33 And at the same time as we hired him,
14:35 we helped to get them off the street as well.
14:37 So he was in a place with AC and a bed
14:39 and, you know, he was comfortable.
14:42 And so that's a picture of him
14:44 and our homeless outreach director,
14:46 Kathy, they just took a picture there after outreach.
14:50 And so, he was a huge asset to our operation
14:53 and helping us to run during Coronavirus.
14:58 The next picture here.
15:01 So what ended up happening is...
15:07 So Pat, he started to limp
15:11 and it was back in about late June.
15:15 He started to limp, you know, people are noticing,
15:17 seemed like he was losing weight.
15:20 And he didn't really know what it was.
15:23 And we didn't, we kind of were urging him to go
15:26 and get it checked out and go to the hospital.
15:29 And finally, in early July he did end up
15:32 going to the hospital.
15:35 And you know, while we all thought
15:37 it was some kind of like pinched nerve or something,
15:40 and, even him, thought it was something like that.
15:43 We find out that he has stage IV lung cancer.
15:47 Oh, man.
15:48 That had metastasized and spread to his hip,
15:51 and that's why he was limping.
15:54 And so the doctors told us,
15:56 one of our outreach workers, Carlos,
15:58 was with him in the hospital
15:59 and he wept when he heard the diagnosis.
16:01 You know, Carlos did.
16:08 And it caught us off guard.
16:09 It caught all of us off guard.
16:11 And he only, he only had a few weeks to live
16:16 is what the doctor said after that.
16:17 And he didn't want to.
16:19 Pat, you know, he's stubborn,
16:21 you know, he didn't want to stay in the hospital.
16:24 He wanted to leave because he wanted
16:26 to say goodbye to people.
16:27 And with the Coronavirus restrictions with visitors,
16:30 he knew that he wouldn't be able to do that.
16:32 You know, he want to spend his last days
16:34 with the people that loved him and thepeople he loved.
16:37 And so that picture where he's in the bed
16:41 that's after he left the hospital.
16:43 We had gotten him a place kind of closer
16:46 to where the people he knows is,
16:49 you know, closer to downtown.
16:52 And that was us kind of with him.
16:54 He actually in that picture
16:56 that was right after his baptism.
16:59 One of his last requests was to be baptized.
17:02 And prior to this, it wasn't just a spontaneous thing
17:05 when he first got shelter with us,
17:08 when he first had a roof over his head
17:11 and a bed, he started to do morning devotionals.
17:13 And so, when you look at his Facebook,
17:16 you can see his little morning devotionals
17:18 that he'll post up on Facebook.
17:20 And he started to spend that time with God.
17:23 You know, and obviously, we would always
17:25 kind of emphasize that aspect that,
17:29 that spiritual aspect with him
17:30 and talk with him and about those things.
17:32 And so, you know, one of his last requests
17:36 was to be baptized
17:38 and since he couldn't move too much,
17:39 he was baptized in the bathtub of that hotel.
17:43 Wow! The pastor came and did that.
17:47 And so, the next picture that we have is about a week
17:52 after that he was moved to hospice.
17:56 That's my wife there sitting with him.
17:59 We both visited, we both went to go visit him
18:02 as soon as he got moved into hospice.
18:04 And you know, there wasn't,
18:07 there definitely wasn't much time left.
18:09 He was on morphine to help ease the pain
18:11 and the pain was like unbearable for him.
18:15 And, you know, we were there
18:17 and we spent some time with him,
18:19 spent a few hours with him and just talking with him
18:22 and, you know, we prayed with him
18:26 and, you know, the next day one of our...
18:31 Her name's Paula Meadow, one of our board members
18:33 and our HR director went to go visit him.
18:37 And as, when she got there, he was unresponsive
18:41 and he ended up passing away while she was holding his hand.
18:48 But, you know, I mentioned the story
18:50 because this is an example of what we want to see
18:56 with everyone that we serve.
18:57 You know, we want to be able to meet
18:59 that need to help get them off the streets
19:01 so they can, they can have a place.
19:03 You know, it's hard,
19:04 when you're living on the street,
19:06 it's hard to be consistent with anything,
19:09 you know, even reading the Bible
19:12 or, you know, it's just, it's hard,
19:15 you know, when someone has that roof over their head
19:19 and they have a bed to sleep in,
19:20 and they're comfortable.
19:22 Now that opens new doors,
19:23 you know, I feel like that spiritual door is more open.
19:27 You know what I'm saying?
19:28 And so, when we're able to meet those basic needs
19:32 and when we're able to then emphasize
19:34 that spiritual component and when it leads to baptism
19:39 and they're able to get off the street
19:41 and they're working, you know, like him,
19:43 he was working with us.
19:45 You know, it's life-changing.
19:47 And we want to see that with every single person we serve.
19:50 And so we're going to create a program in his memory.
19:54 You know, we did an actual memorial service for him
19:56 after he passed.
19:58 I have a picture of that,
19:59 that flyer that we put out on social media.
20:02 Invite all the volunteers and his friends, family,
20:07 you know, and, yeah, it was definitely,
20:12 really emotional, very hard for all of us.
20:14 I believe it.
20:16 Yeah, but he was, you know, he's awesome.
20:19 And I'm happy that in heaven we'll be able to see him again.
20:24 Yes.
20:25 When Jesus comes back, it's going to be so sweet.
20:28 When Jesus comes back to get us,
20:31 that will be incredible.
20:33 Yes.
20:34 It sounds like Pat made a huge,
20:37 you had a huge impact on his life
20:41 and he had a huge impact on your life
20:44 and the lives of others as well.
20:46 That's huge.
20:47 And that's what it's all about is leading people to Christ
20:51 and that practical Christianity.
20:53 And I think that SALT really embodies that.
20:56 Like, I think that you guys,
20:58 as an organization really embodies that
21:01 because you're meeting tangible needs that people have,
21:05 and also witnessing to them.
21:08 And that's powerful.
21:09 I'm so glad that he got baptized,
21:11 you know, prior to his passing.
21:14 Yeah, yeah.
21:16 It was just an awesome day with him that day.
21:22 And, yeah, he definitely did make an impact in our lives.
21:25 We'll always remember him.
21:28 So, yeah. Yes.
21:30 And I know that we have a few more pictures,
21:33 so we'll start going through those.
21:35 I want you to tell us what's going on in these.
21:37 Yeah, so, this is, I want to share this picture
21:40 because this is our staff.
21:42 You saw Cathy, our homeless outreach director
21:43 in the middle there, with the sunglasses is Oscar,
21:47 he's our homeless outreach coordinator.
21:50 And then the other three,
21:51 there are Carlos, Paula, and Natalia.
21:55 They are our homeless outreach assistance.
21:58 They all kind of specialize in different areas like Carlos,
22:01 he cuts hair.
22:02 Paula helps with video. And she was there on the right.
22:06 And then on the left, there is Natalia.
22:08 She helps with data entry. Oh, wow.
22:12 You have to do a lot of data entry
22:14 to track our impact.
22:15 So, but yeah, it's been, they've been a huge blessing.
22:17 They've been on the front lines four days a week
22:20 on serving those, you know,
22:22 that are experiencing homelessness
22:23 and really being, being those people to show
22:25 that love that Christ has for them
22:28 just in person, you know, and that's exciting.
22:30 For sure. Yeah.
22:32 It seems like there's a lot of positions
22:33 that are required for this ministry
22:36 and organization to run?
22:40 Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah, for sure.
22:42 Yeah, I mean, it's, I mean, I, even me, I,
22:46 you know, I'm mostly work a lot remote now.
22:50 I mean, there's a lot that happens in the background
22:53 that I have to do.
22:54 The homeless outreach director goes both onsite and offsite,
22:58 does some things in the background as well.
23:00 A lot of meetings have to happen,
23:01 lot of fundraising efforts that need to be done.
23:04 You know what I mean? Yes.
23:05 And it's, you know, putting reports together.
23:08 I mean, there's a lot in the background,
23:10 you know, I think when we think about the ministry
23:12 we just kind of think about that visual
23:17 of maybe someone giving someone something,
23:19 or giving, you know, handing out some food
23:21 or giving out some clothes.
23:23 But, you know, the ministry could also look like
23:26 someone's sitting on a computer.
23:27 Yes.
23:29 You know, and that'spart of, you know,
23:31 what needs to happen to, to keep this running, so.
23:34 Absolutely. Everybody has a part to play.
23:37 Yes. Right.
23:39 We have a few more pictures that I want us to get to,
23:42 because our time is running a little short.
23:44 What do we have here?
23:47 So, yeah, this is recent.
23:49 The mayor of Orlando actually gave us
23:51 a shout out on his Facebook.
23:54 And that right there, that, what he shared
23:57 is a recent news story from two weeks ago
24:00 of the $250,000 grant that was awarded to us
24:03 to continue serving for another year.
24:07 You know, and I just want to say,
24:09 you know, I think, you know, going to even just looking at
24:12 just a story here in the Bible, like Nehemiah, you know,
24:16 who was working for that king,
24:18 you know, that government, right?
24:20 And he had, he saw a gap in the community
24:25 and it encouraged him.
24:26 I mean, he, God had given him,
24:28 you know, he spent time in prayer.
24:29 It was four months from when he prayed
24:32 that initial prayer in Chapter 1.
24:34 And until Chapter 2,
24:36 when he actually asked the question,
24:38 you know, spent that time in prayer
24:39 and fasting and thinking about how to meet this need.
24:42 And then finally he decided to ask the king for support
24:45 and the king who didn't identify as, you know,
24:49 as the follower of the same God,
24:51 you know gave him all the resources
24:54 that he needed to be able to meet
24:56 that need for his people.
24:58 You know what I mean?
24:59 So I just want to encourage anyone that's looking,
25:03 to start something or, you know,
25:06 to make a change in the community.
25:08 You know, Jesus says,
25:10 "Ask, and it'll be given to you,
25:11 seek, and you will find,
25:12 knock and the door will be opened."
25:14 You know, and I truly believe that I think in fundraising,
25:17 you know, just in general you know,
25:20 one of the biggest balls that we drop in fundraising
25:23 is not asking the question, you know,
25:26 and that's a huge part, I just want to comment on.
25:29 Yeah. That's powerful.
25:31 Thank you for sharing that for sure.
25:33 We've got, I'd say about two and a half minutes left
25:37 and I want to know what are some of the needs
25:43 that your organization has currently?
25:46 Yeah, so as you can imagine,
25:50 you know, with increased funding
25:51 it comes increased operation,
25:53 but the increased operation comes increased costs,
25:56 you know, so we're where our annual budget
26:00 has now grown to about 400,000 a year.
26:04 And so, while the city of Orlando funding
26:06 does cover more than half of that,
26:09 we are still responsible for, you know,
26:12 raising another 150,000 for next year.
26:15 So that's something we're really working toward.
26:17 We don't want to decrease in services.
26:20 We want to increase our capacity
26:22 and expand our services
26:23 and meet even more needs in the community.
26:25 So we're going in faith, you know,
26:28 asking God to help meet that need.
26:30 Even our laundry trailer,
26:33 you know, we made a down payment,
26:34 but we still have about $10,000 to go
26:37 to raise the full amount needed for that trailer.
26:40 So it's another thing that we're really pushing for.
26:44 Well, we want to put up your address,
26:47 so that people know how they can get
26:48 in touch with you,
26:49 and if you would just read that to us.
26:52 Yeah.
26:53 So you can mail your tax-deductible donations
26:55 to 100 East Pine Street, Suite 110,
26:59 Orlando, Florida 32801.
27:03 Our phone number is (866) 237-2589,
27:08 or 866-BE SALTY.
27:12 And our website, saltoutreach.org,
27:14 and email address is team@saltoutreach.org.
27:18 Wonderful, wonderful.
27:20 Man, I can't believe our time is just about up, Eric.
27:25 Want to thank you for, you know,
27:27 what you're doing to reach the community for Christ,
27:30 what you're doing to really put on display
27:33 the practicality of the gospel,
27:35 and how you've been so willing to help those in need.
27:39 And thank you for coming on this program
27:41 and sharing today.
27:43 I hope that you at home will get involved
27:46 and support this wonderful ministry,
27:49 and you know what?
27:50 It just wouldn't be the same without you.
27:52 Join us next time. God bless.


Revised 2020-11-30