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00:01 There is an urgent message that will impact the globe.
00:04 Stay tuned to find out how it applies to your life.
00:07 My name is Jason Bradley,
00:08 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:33 Hello, and welcome to Urban Report.
00:35 My guest today is Pastor John Lomacang.
00:38 He's an author, songwriter, musician, singer,
00:41 and perhaps my favorite title for him, he's my pastor.
00:44 Welcome to Urban Report, Pastor Lomacang.
00:46 Good to be here.
00:47 Good to be here with you CV the COVID bump.
00:49 That's right. That's right.
00:50 Good to be here, Jason. Yes.
00:52 Lord is good.
00:54 What a challenging age we're living in.
00:56 And this is the age where we need good news.
00:58 Yeah.
01:00 And you allude to that as far
01:01 as the global message is concerned.
01:02 And it's an urgent message.
01:04 I'm looking forward to getting into that
01:05 because I know that
01:07 you are going to unpack that for us.
01:09 And we'll be talking about a very, very important,
01:11 very special booklet that we have available.
01:14 That's an excellent tool for evangelism.
01:16 But before we dive into that, I want to talk a little bit
01:19 about your background and your upbringing.
01:21 Were you always a Christian?
01:23 Tell us about your childhood.
01:24 Well, my life began in an unusual way.
01:27 I often say what begins as a tragedy to us
01:30 is often the inception of a triumph to God.
01:35 I was born in New York City.
01:37 My mom was a little young lady from the Virgin Islands.
01:41 She's Filipino and French.
01:43 And my dad is Native American and African American.
01:45 I'm literally all four flavors.
01:47 Okay.
01:48 But she met my dad long enough in New York City
01:50 just to conceive me and walked away
01:53 and never got married and left me
01:55 and my sister at the home of a babysitter
01:58 who turned out to be
02:00 a Seventh-day Adventist Christian.
02:01 Wow.
02:02 So the Lord allowed me to be
02:04 where I needed to be for my life
02:05 to begin to develop where it is today.
02:08 And I didn't know who she was for upwards of 26 years,
02:12 who grew up in New York City was living, didn't know it.
02:16 On Central Park West when I was a little boy.
02:19 When my mom left New York, she left us in Brooklyn.
02:22 So we are literally Brooklynites.
02:25 You know, if I could say it that way.
02:26 My sister and I grew up together in Brooklyn, New York.
02:29 I grew up in the Seventh-day Adventist Church
02:31 but when the lady who raised me passed away,
02:33 shortly before I turned 13, I went out into the world,
02:36 got involved in gambling, pool hustling, partying.
02:39 Never got involved in drugs,
02:41 I was what you call a party drinker,
02:45 you know, having been in the world.
02:48 I wouldn't buy alcohol, I wouldn't buy beer,
02:50 but I would drink those mixed drinks
02:52 that had sweet taste to it,
02:55 and you can really taste the alcohol.
02:56 But nonetheless, you know, sin is sin,
02:58 whether it's sweet or sour.
02:59 That's right.
03:01 And that was my world for many, many years
03:03 until I met and married my sweetheart
03:06 who has been married to me now for 37 years, Angela Lomacang.
03:10 She works for 3ABN radio
03:12 and those who are part of 3ABN family
03:14 know who she is.
03:15 Yes. That was much of my life there.
03:16 I'm going through it very quickly.
03:19 But in late 1983, my wife and I got married
03:22 and moved out in New York City, and moved to Orlando, Florida.
03:26 Before we moved, a few years earlier than that,
03:30 I received a copy of my original birth certificate.
03:35 Because the bank I worked at in the Wall Street area,
03:37 asked for that copy,
03:38 and I had never seen my birth certificate before.
03:41 But it gave information about my mother's name,
03:45 where she was born,
03:46 how many children born before me, and it was two.
03:50 I only knew one my sister who is older,
03:52 often would say to me, we have an older brother,
03:55 and I never knew who that was.
03:57 But that gave me some impetus to start looking for her.
04:00 And he gave the address on 77th Street Central Park West.
04:04 I went there to look for her.
04:06 And obviously, nothing came out of that.
04:08 It was so many years had passed.
04:10 So moving out of New York to Orlando, Florida,
04:12 I became involved in a Christian Talent Search.
04:15 Talent search on the new side of my Christian walk.
04:18 And it worked out that I came in
04:19 among the top 10 finalists.
04:21 And every hour on the hour,
04:23 my name was mentioned on the radio
04:24 along with the other nine contestants.
04:26 It caught the attention of a lady
04:28 listening to the radio,
04:30 who contacted the radio station,
04:32 and they called me and I got her number
04:33 and I called her and having the last name Lomacang,
04:37 she said, "We've got to be related.
04:39 There's no way you could have that name
04:41 if we're not related."
04:42 So I said, "Well, who are you?"
04:44 She told me her name was Teresa.
04:46 I said, "What's your story then?"
04:47 She said, "I was born and raised
04:49 in the Virgin Islands.
04:50 I'm a Filipino descent.
04:52 My father disappeared
04:56 shortly before my sister was born.
04:58 And we heard that He had maybe been killed.
05:01 But maybe he left the islands
05:03 because the islanders didn't like him very much.
05:05 And he had a large enough fishing boat
05:07 to get to the mainland."
05:08 She said, "Maybe he moved to the mainland.
05:10 And that's how you have the last name."
05:13 And then she said, "Well, tell me about you."
05:14 And I said, "I'm born and raised in New York.
05:16 My sister's name is, my name is,
05:19 my niece's name is."
05:21 And she proceeded by saying, "That's really unusual.
05:23 I mean the John and the Vivian thing."
05:26 "So what's unusual about that?"
05:27 She said, "Well, I have a sister
05:29 who says she has a daughter named Vivian
05:31 and a son named John.
05:33 But every time we ask her about that,
05:35 she could never produce any evidence."
05:37 And then because I got my birth certificate
05:39 a few years earlier,
05:41 she said, "By any chance as your mother's name Rosario?"
05:45 And I tell you, I said, "Yes, it is.
05:47 Yes, it is."
05:49 And I was at work on a Friday in Orlando
05:51 at a Christian ministry.
05:53 And I, for the first time,
05:55 I experienced what it means to go into shock.
05:57 And I kept, I started crying profusely,
06:00 and I picked up the phone and said to the lady,
06:03 tell me, "Is she alive?
06:04 Is she alive?"
06:06 She said, "That's my sister."
06:07 And she said, "Yes, she's very much alive
06:08 and she's living in the Virgin Islands."
06:11 Well, that evening, to make a long story short,
06:13 we went to her home.
06:15 She had me call my mom on the phone.
06:17 She told me don't say anything.
06:19 She was trying to convince mom to come to Orlando
06:22 for the final talent search, sit in the audience
06:24 have my name mentioned, me come out and sing.
06:26 And that's the first time she would meet me
06:28 since I was three months old.
06:30 And it didn't work out.
06:32 So one of my other aunts, I found that I had six aunts.
06:35 And the lady that I met was my mom's oldest sister,
06:38 the oldest of six sisters.
06:40 Okay.
06:42 That evening, when I went to her house to call my mom,
06:43 I met all my first cousins.
06:45 Ten first cousins. Wow.
06:47 I went to work with not knowing any family.
06:50 And that evening ended with me knowing all of my first cousins
06:52 with just one aunt.
06:54 But one of my aunts in the Virgin Islands
06:56 told my mom about finding us.
06:58 And she said she wanted to speak to me.
07:02 So Sabbath I came home from church in Orlando.
07:05 By then the story had gotten out
07:07 all over the Central Florida news.
07:09 Just imagine, you know, Central Florida man
07:11 finds his mother after 25 years.
07:13 News at Six.
07:14 I was the main story
07:16 just like you began the program.
07:17 Yes.
07:18 I was a central Florida man finds his mother.
07:20 News at 11, news at 6, news at 10.
07:22 And it just took off from there.
07:24 So when I met my mom in 1984,
07:28 just before I joined the heritage singers,
07:31 and I carry that story around the world.
07:33 She was an alcoholic.
07:36 She smoked two packs of cigarettes a day.
07:39 Her life was turbulent because of all that
07:41 she had gone through and abandoning her children.
07:44 But as I'm going to segue into this because it fits.
07:47 Yes.
07:49 When I met her on the phone, the first thing I said to her
07:53 when she didn't know what else to say.
07:55 I said, "Mom, I forgive you."
07:57 Wow. "I forgive you.
07:58 I forgive you for the last 25 years.
08:00 I'm just glad God brought us back together."
08:02 That's powerful.
08:04 And so when you said that to her
08:05 when you said, "Mom, I forgive you."
08:07 You know what...
08:08 I'm sure that lifted a huge weight off of her shoulders.
08:12 But what was her response to that?
08:15 She asked, "What did you just say?"
08:17 And I said, "Mom, I forgive you."
08:19 And then she said, "Because you forgive me.
08:22 I want to be what you are."
08:24 Wow. So I joined heritage.
08:26 Yeah.
08:27 But I knew she was still an alcoholic, still smoking.
08:30 And I would send her materials and things to read Bible.
08:34 And I'd say, "Mom, pray for your life to be changed.
08:37 Pray for deliverance."
08:38 Well, after I left heritage, the next year
08:41 after that my wife and I started in ministry
08:43 with Pastor Doug Batchelor in evangelism.
08:46 The year after that I had my first church
08:48 in the mountains of Northern California.
08:50 And I got a call from my mom one day,
08:51 she said, "John, I'm on my way to live with you."
08:55 Now picture this alcohol, cigarettes.
08:57 And then she admitted also when I met her
08:59 that she had seven demons in her life.
09:01 And I'm just starting out in pastoral ministry.
09:03 What am I going to do with all that?
09:04 Yes.
09:06 And then she said, "Oh, I want to tell you something else."
09:08 I said, "What is it?"
09:09 She said, "I prayed for the Lord to deliver me
09:11 and I've been free from alcohol and cigarettes for six months."
09:16 She said, "I've lost the taste.
09:17 I have not gone back.
09:19 I don't have any desire for it."
09:21 Praise God. And then I heard a voice.
09:22 She said, "Oh, by the way, I'm no longer size a 1,
09:25 I'm a size 10 now. Is that okay?"
09:27 Wow. I said, "Mom that's okay."
09:29 So we forged a great relationships.
09:30 She came to live with us, and our lives took off.
09:34 But the unfortunate part of that was she succumbed
09:38 because of all the years of smoking.
09:40 She succumbed to that in 1991 and passed away.
09:43 We only had seven years together.
09:46 Just like God, "seven years,"
09:48 but I look forward to eternity with her.
09:49 Amen.
09:50 So tragedy often begins that way
09:54 but ends in a triumph if your life is in the Lord.
09:56 Yes, that's powerful on so many different levels, you know?
10:01 And something else that's very powerful
10:03 is this booklet that you wrote.
10:05 And I want to know what led you to create
10:08 The Three Angels' Messages in Summary booklet?
10:11 What led to you writing that?
10:13 And then what are The Three Angels' Messages
10:16 and how does it apply to us?
10:18 Okay.
10:19 In 2017, I think it was, Danny came to me
10:23 and he said one day said, "Do you know what,
10:26 here we are Three Angels' Broadcasting Network,
10:30 and we don't even have a booklet
10:31 on the three angels' messages, would you write one?"
10:34 And he challenged me to get it done
10:36 before camp meeting in 2018,
10:38 in which this is the result of that.
10:41 I finished it when I was in the jungles
10:43 of New Guinea with one finger,
10:45 I had broken my finger back then.
10:47 And what I did in thinking about this booklet,
10:50 I wrote it with a couple of focal points in mind.
10:54 One, in this generation today,
10:57 you know, a lot of people don't take a lot of time
10:58 to read thick books.
11:00 Yes.
11:01 We're not in the thick book generation,
11:02 they want stuff.
11:04 If they could find it on the Internet or...
11:05 Very true.
11:06 They could find it very, very quickly,
11:08 which is also going to be available on Amazon Kindle.
11:10 Oh, nice.
11:12 So I think that's going to be happening fairly soon.
11:13 So you could check Amazon Kindle
11:15 for The Three Angels' Messages in Summary,
11:18 but I designed it for a couple of things in mind.
11:20 One, for people that never heard it
11:22 before to understand it.
11:24 So it's Bible only,
11:26 you know, we appreciate the gift of Ellen White.
11:28 But I didn't put any of her comments in here at all.
11:31 Because we run into people
11:32 that don't even know Jesus, let alone.
11:35 What role does Ellen White play in God's church?
11:38 So it's all Bible.
11:40 Secondly, I made it look a little more contemporary,
11:44 I think they may have a graphic to that.
11:46 So I decided to try to appeal to a new generation.
11:49 Yes.
11:50 So I made the cover, you know, the light coming down
11:52 being emitted to the world.
11:54 So Earth being lightened with the glory of God.
11:57 And the third thing I made it just 46 pages.
12:01 Now don't let that fool you
12:03 because it's like one of those pills
12:04 you get from the doctor
12:06 that they say, don't make a mistake
12:07 and take two of these at once, they're very potent.
12:10 Yes.
12:11 Well, that's what the book is very potent
12:13 but totally Christ-centered.
12:15 Amen.
12:16 Because the messages of the three angels
12:18 is found in Revelation, 14:6-14,
12:23 if you're going to go all the way.
12:25 And it is in a nutshell
12:27 when you open the book at first,
12:29 it starts with talking about a global disaster alert
12:32 and coordination system.
12:34 So God has a global disaster alert system.
12:38 We're living in a world today
12:39 where disasters are on our doorstep.
12:41 Yeah, absolutely.
12:42 But there's something even more monumental than the COVID.
12:46 Or what's happening in our world
12:48 when it comes to the division in our societies.
12:51 The everlasting gospel is in fact,
12:54 if you summarize it, salvation by grace
12:56 through faith in Christ alone.
12:58 Wow. Yeah.
13:00 That's the everlasting gospel.
13:01 First introduced in Genesis 3:15,
13:04 when the Lord said, "I will speak into the serpent,
13:07 I will put enmity between thee and the woman
13:10 between your seed and her seed."
13:13 That was the introduction of the everlasting gospel,
13:15 the Lord was saying to Lucifer or to Satan,
13:18 "You're going to be defeated in the process my heel
13:21 is going to be bruised
13:23 but your head is going to be crushed."
13:25 So we knew from the Book of Genesis
13:26 that the Lord had forecasted a victory.
13:29 But it was not by works and salvation
13:32 with the Old or New Testament
13:33 has always been by grace through faith in Christ alone.
13:36 Yes.
13:37 They look forward to the cross, we look back to the cross.
13:40 The work of redemption was accomplished by Christ.
13:43 For by grace, are you saved through faith,
13:46 that not of yourselves,
13:48 it is a gift of God not of works
13:50 as anyone should boast.
13:52 Yes.
13:53 And so what does the Day of Atonement
13:55 and all of that have to do
13:57 with the three angels' messages?
13:58 Wonderful question because the first angel's message
14:01 talks about fear God and give glory to Him.
14:03 I'll just read this in Revelation 14,
14:05 briefly and just with the time we have,
14:08 give what you might refer to as one of the quickest synopsis
14:10 of the everlasting gospel.
14:12 You find in Revelation chapter 14:6,
14:15 "I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven
14:18 having the everlasting gospel to preach to those
14:22 who dwell on the earth to every nation,
14:24 tribe, tongue and people saying with a loud voice,
14:27 'Fear God and give glory to Him,
14:28 for the hour of His judgment has come and worship Him
14:31 who made heaven and earth,
14:33 the sea and the springs of waters.'"
14:35 Now the everlasting gospel is incorporated in that
14:38 but a couple of other components,
14:39 one, worship Him who made have an earth.
14:43 Least to say it's for everyone.
14:45 And what I want to make a point on this
14:48 whether you're a Christian or not,
14:49 the everlasting gospel will impact you
14:52 because the hour of judgment is available
14:55 for the world as well as for the church.
14:57 There's going to be a judgment before Jesus comes back.
15:01 But the everlasting gospel gives us an out.
15:03 Yes.
15:05 I've said in one of my sermons in the past
15:06 if you ever had to go to court and stand before a judge,
15:10 and you knew you were guilty, it'd be a frightful moment.
15:14 But what if your lawyer said,
15:17 "I've already spoken to the judge,
15:19 and we rigged the court in your favor.
15:22 If you simply accept my pardoning grace,
15:26 the court is rigged in your favor
15:28 so that when the verdict is read,
15:30 you're going to be declared innocent."
15:31 I'll tell you what, somebody staring down
15:33 the barrel at a life sentence
15:34 would say, "Yeah, I'll go for that.
15:39 Look, I accept it."
15:40 But you see some hesitation here on Earth,
15:45 with people accepting the fact,
15:47 you know, and I don't know if they don't realize
15:49 that they're staring down
15:51 the barrel at a life sentence or that,
15:54 you know, the beauty of Christ,
15:57 if they don't recognize the beauty of Christ
15:59 because of the misrepresentation
16:00 of His character.
16:02 I don't know. That's a very good point.
16:03 A lot of people think of God as this very angry judge.
16:07 That's looking to get you. "Gotcha.
16:10 I saw what you did, I can't wait to punish you."
16:13 But let me take the scenario I just drew
16:15 and make it even sweeter.
16:17 Because if the lawyer is in your favor,
16:19 you say, "Well, I feel good."
16:20 And the lawyer knows the judge.
16:22 But it's even sweeter than that.
16:24 The lawyer is the judge.
16:25 Oh, that's beautiful.
16:27 The Bible says, "God judges, no one,
16:29 but He has committed all judgment to the son."
16:31 So Jesus is the judge and our lawyer, the advocate.
16:36 Not only that, it goes even deeper than that.
16:39 Because he has said in Revelation 3,
16:42 "I will give you a white stone with a new name on it."
16:45 In the Roman courts, when a person
16:47 couldn't be decided by the jury of their guilty or innocent,
16:50 it was up to them to declare their innocence or guilt
16:53 by putting their hands in a bag with two color stones.
16:56 Can you imagine life or death?
16:57 Depending on the stone you pick?
16:59 Wow. That's scary.
17:00 Yeah, it is.
17:02 But the lawyer says, "I'm going to give you a white stone
17:04 with a new name on it."
17:06 So before you even put your hand in the bag,
17:07 you're declared innocent.
17:09 Yeah. So Jesus is our judge.
17:11 He is our lawyer. He's our advocate.
17:13 He's the only one through which we find pardon.
17:15 So you came out of that kind of world.
17:17 Yeah.
17:19 I used to be a disc jockey gambling pool,
17:20 hustler partier to name the least
17:22 that God saved me from...
17:24 And it doesn't really make sense.
17:26 With an everlasting gospel appeal.
17:27 It doesn't make sense to be lost
17:29 when God has made every provision
17:31 through Christ for us to be saved.
17:33 Yes.
17:34 So the first message is, "Get ready the judgment hours
17:37 coming the Day of Atonement," you asked that question.
17:40 The Day of Atonement was the day
17:42 when the sins of the people were blotted out permanently.
17:44 Okay.
17:46 Now why was the Day of Atonement necessary
17:47 because on a daily basis, they would have their sins
17:50 confessed onto the head of an animal or lamb,
17:52 a clean animal, sprinkled in the holy place.
17:56 But so much blood was in there from the daily sacrifices
17:59 that it had to be cleansed.
18:00 Yes.
18:01 And the cleansing of it meant
18:03 your sins were not just forgiven
18:04 but they were blotted out,
18:06 never to come against you again.
18:09 And that was a yearly service in the Jewish economy.
18:12 When Jesus comes,
18:13 all of our sins will be blotted out.
18:15 That's why the Bible calls it refreshing
18:17 from the presence of the Lord.
18:19 Yes.
18:20 But that gospel is available to us today.
18:23 And when you accept that,
18:24 then you also acknowledge the other component of it.
18:27 We worship the creator of heaven and earth,
18:29 which brings us to the Sabbath message.
18:31 That's the first angel's message.
18:33 So and then also, I'm gonna ask you,
18:36 why the loud voice?
18:39 What's the symbolism behind the loud voice?
18:43 They cry with a loud voice.
18:44 Urgency.
18:46 I'll use an example, if your doorbell rang
18:49 and an angel was standing there with a package
18:51 that will forever change your concept
18:54 of what you called priority mail.
18:56 Yeah.
18:57 You never think about the same again.
18:59 I saw an angel flying.
19:01 It's not literally an angel.
19:02 It comes from the Greek word Angelinos.
19:04 Meaning a messenger could be a messenger,
19:06 which is an angel, like in the Book of Luke
19:08 when the angel spoke to the shepherds.
19:10 Or it could be those of us who are messengers.
19:12 See, we carry the message, but the message is urgent.
19:15 That's why it's flying in the midst of heaven
19:17 with a loud voice, everyone is going to hear it.
19:20 Every case is going to be decided for
19:22 or against salvation.
19:23 Yes. That's that one.
19:25 Then the second angel's message
19:26 is, "Babylon is fallen, is fallen."
19:28 Now and it's become the cage of every foul spirit
19:32 and every unclean and hated bird.
19:34 But the last thing He wants His people
19:35 to come out of Babylon.
19:36 Now what does that mean?
19:38 Babylon is a symbol of the old, ancient city of Babylon,
19:41 a city built against God, in attempt to save themselves.
19:44 So we have to look
19:45 at the characteristics of Babylon.
19:47 Is that what you say? Understand spiritual Babylon.
19:49 So there's a spiritual Babylon
19:51 today built on the attempt to save oneself.
19:53 Okay.
19:54 The purposeful rejection of the truth of God's Word
19:58 and a substitution of it
19:59 which causes it to be filled with evil spirits,
20:03 as Revelation 18 talks about, it's a false gospel.
20:07 It's not based on the truth of God's Word.
20:09 It's not based on righteousness by faith.
20:11 And it says fallen, fallen for one reason.
20:14 It's already fallen in God's eyes.
20:16 But soon it's gonna be fallen in the eyes of man.
20:18 Gotcha.
20:20 So God is saying, "This is not a system
20:21 that can be reformed, come out of her, my people."
20:24 The beautiful thing about this, we believe that, Jason,
20:26 as Adventist Christians, that God has people
20:28 in every walk of life, in every denomination of life.
20:32 But John 10:16 says, "Other sheep I have
20:34 that are not of this fold them also I must bring,
20:37 and they will hear my voice and they will be one fold
20:39 and one shepherd."
20:40 Lot of people say it doesn't matter
20:41 what you believe,
20:43 it does matter what you believe.
20:44 Because the character of Christ is what's on the docket here.
20:46 When the character of Christ is rightly represented,
20:49 Jesus will be vindicated.
20:51 One more thing,
20:52 this is the hour of His judgment has come.
20:54 Well, the question is, who's on trial?
20:56 While our lives have been examined,
20:58 the one that's really on trial is Christ.
21:00 When He is vindicated if we're covered with his character,
21:03 we have indicated.
21:05 So when he's declared, just and true and righteous,
21:09 all of us with his character are declared,
21:11 just and true and righteous.
21:12 So Babylon's coming down... That's good hope.
21:14 That's good hope. Yeah, absolutely.
21:15 Babylon is coming down, and got to saying,
21:17 "Come out because it's coming down."
21:20 And that has a lot to do with false religions,
21:22 false doctrines, which is another topic
21:23 and it's in the booklet it covers what those are.
21:27 Finally, the third angel, it says,
21:29 "If anyone worships the beast in his image,
21:31 and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand,
21:33 the same shall drink of the wine
21:34 of the wrath of God."
21:36 The system of the beast...
21:37 And let me make this point right now,
21:38 no one has the mark of the beast right now.
21:40 But the system of the antichrist
21:42 is already in place.
21:43 You have apostate Protestantism,
21:46 a system that used to be based on the Bible,
21:47 but they rejected the Bible
21:49 and have taken tradition in his place.
21:52 Then you have Catholicism that has created
21:54 a whole another gospel of false priesthood,
21:57 taking the place of Christ Himself,
22:00 appearing to be God on earth.
22:02 So you have this unity under the system of Babylon
22:05 that if you worship that system,
22:07 you receive its mark.
22:09 Why on the forehead because that's what you believe.
22:11 Why on the hand
22:13 because that's what you advanced by your works.
22:14 Gotcha.
22:16 But the seal of God is only placed on the forehead,
22:17 you've accepted by faith in grace,
22:20 the salvation of Christ.
22:21 So the Lord is saying, don't worship Babylon
22:25 and its false doctrines,
22:26 don't worship the beast or his image.
22:28 What does that mean?
22:29 Well, the system of the head of this whole system of the beast
22:32 is the Roman institution that established a false system
22:36 of teachings throughout the last 1500 or 1800 years.
22:41 Sunday in place of the Sabbath, immortality of the soul
22:44 is place of you rest in the grave till Jesus comes,
22:47 an ever-burning hell
22:48 in place of you are consumed in the fires of hell.
22:51 And the sanctity of worshiping Mary
22:55 rather than worshipping Christ,
22:57 you know, a false person of the Godhead,
22:59 and a number of other things.
23:01 So God is saying, "If you go that direction,
23:04 you are acknowledging the beast supremacy."
23:08 But there's going to be a coalition
23:10 where Christians that claim to believe in God's Word,
23:13 will unite with Rome.
23:17 And the Bible says in Revelation 13,
23:19 the United States,
23:21 the lamb-like beast of Revelation 13,
23:23 "Will unite with the beast
23:25 who had a wound by the sword and did live."
23:27 But what's behind both powers?
23:29 The dragon will cause
23:30 those who depart from God's Word,
23:32 the dragon being Satan
23:34 will cause those who depart from God's Word
23:36 to unite with a system
23:37 that he set up the dragon gave Rome its power
23:39 and seating great authorities.
23:41 So these messages are extremely urgent.
23:45 Let me put it this way.
23:46 December 25th is coming
23:48 whether you acknowledge Chris Christmas or not,
23:51 January 1 is coming,
23:53 whether you like the New Year or not.
23:55 Here's the point.
23:56 If you knew that a storm was coming, you would say,
23:59 "You need to tell me about it,
24:00 and how can I get ready for it?"
24:01 So, Jason, a storm is coming.
24:03 Yes.
24:04 That's gonna affect the saved and the unsaved alike.
24:06 The everlasting Gospel says,
24:08 "You don't need to be on the bad side,
24:10 get on the good side, and receive eternal life."
24:13 Amen.
24:14 And that's powerful because you turn on the news,
24:16 as you look at what's going on in the world around us,
24:20 you know, just seeing the lack of value
24:22 that's placed on the human life.
24:24 You see, it appears as though God's Spirit
24:27 has been withdrawn from the earth
24:29 and when you think about the close of probation
24:32 and all that if you die today...
24:36 Your record is closed. Yeah, your record is closed.
24:38 So, you know, it's not even necessarily
24:41 like later on down the line.
24:43 If you pass away today, then the records that...
24:47 Yeah, yeah.
24:49 So there is no guarantee
24:50 that you'll be alive for Jesus to come.
24:52 But if you're not, even if you are,
24:54 you want to meet Him in peace.
24:55 Absolutely.
24:57 And the everlasting gospel is saying to a world
24:58 that's locked into a conveyor belt of destruction.
25:03 There's going to be a new heaven,
25:04 there's going to be a new earth.
25:05 The Lord is saying, "I've made every provision for you
25:08 to be saved."
25:09 Yes.
25:11 And as you know, you gave up a lot,
25:12 I gave up a lot because pool hustling,
25:14 gambling, partying, drinking, smoking,
25:16 and all the other things that go along with it
25:19 will be of absolute distaste when you given up...
25:23 I'll tell you what I got back, I got my liver back,
25:26 I got my lungs back, I got my health back,
25:28 I got all those things back.
25:30 So that's a huge blessing.
25:31 And speaking of provision,
25:33 we want to talk about the provisions
25:34 that have been made for this booklet
25:37 to go forth, you know?
25:39 When our viewers write in or if they call in,
25:42 they can call 618-627-4651,
25:46 they can purchase the book list
25:48 only for the cost of shipping that's $21
25:52 you get 200 of these booklets that comes in a case
25:55 we can't split up the case.
25:57 But you'll get a case of 200 booklets
26:00 for just $21 that will be shipped to you
26:02 somebody sponsored the printing of these booklets.
26:05 And so you can also go to 3ABN.tv
26:10 and then you can place your order for these as well.
26:12 These are excellent evangelistic tools.
26:16 And we know that Jesus is coming soon,
26:18 we should be sharing this with the world.
26:21 This is a message that impacts the world.
26:23 It's a powerful message that needs to go forward.
26:26 And it's a message that people should understand.
26:29 And this really breaks that down
26:32 for their understanding, as you've seen.
26:34 So I hope that a lot of people will grab these booklets
26:38 and share them with everyone
26:40 that they know or come in contact with.
26:42 And I also want to add this other thing before we end.
26:45 The everlasting gospel
26:46 is all wrapped in God's everlasting love.
26:50 You know, a pill that is very bitter,
26:53 you need to drink something sweet afterwards.
26:55 Yes.
26:56 You know, when you take that awful medication,
26:57 you make sure something nearby.
26:59 The everlasting gospel
27:01 is wrapped in the everlasting love of Jesus Christ.
27:03 That's why and with, "For God so loved the world
27:06 that He gave His only begotten Son
27:07 that whosoever believeth in Him
27:09 should not perish but have everlasting life."
27:10 And I am with this phrase, see you in the kingdom.
27:13 So there's no reason for anybody watching or listening
27:16 to this program to not be in the kingdom.
27:18 Don't reject the greatest gift
27:20 that makes itself available in the everlasting gospel.
27:22 Amen. Amen.
27:24 I love how you break it down.
27:25 I love how this is structured in here
27:27 so that whether you've been in church,
27:30 all your life or whether you're just now coming to the Lord,
27:34 it's as understandable people can understand it.
27:37 So I want to thank you so much for coming on
27:39 for putting this booklet together
27:41 and for sharing your knowledge
27:42 and the things you've learned over time
27:44 from the word
27:45 and definitely want to thank you for joining us
27:48 and encourage you to study the Word
27:50 to take a look at this booklet
27:52 and to share it with everyone you know.
27:54 Well, we've reached the end of another program.
27:56 Join us next time till then God bless.


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