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00:01 A former hitman for a drug cartel,
00:03 an entertainment script writer who consulted the dark side.
00:06 A sex addict whose lifestyle was indelible.
00:10 What did all of these people have in common?
00:12 Stay tuned to find out.
00:14 My name is Jason Bradley,
00:15 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:41 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:44 My guest today is Yvonne Shelton,
00:46 3ABN Dare to Dream co-founder and consultant,
00:49 and she's also my mom.
00:52 Welcome to Urban Report, Mom.
00:54 Thank you, Jason.
00:55 It's so good to be here. @Yes.@
00:57 It's great to have you here.
00:58 It's weird calling you Yvonne.
01:00 So I'm just gonna call you mom for the rest of the program.
01:02 Absolutely.
01:03 And it's weird having you call me Jason,
01:05 because you only do that when you're mad at me, so.
01:09 Oh, I might call you Jay.
01:11 Okay.
01:12 Well, let's stick with Jay.
01:13 Okay, right.
01:15 Yeah, we'll make it through there.
01:16 All right. Sounds good.
01:18 So we're here to talk about your book,
01:19 "Glimpses of His glory."
01:21 This is a powerful book,
01:23 I started reading it, you know, while you were writing it,
01:25 and then I started reading it once it came out.
01:28 And it's amazing
01:31 how there's so many different names for God.
01:34 I had no clue that there were so many names.
01:38 What inspired you to write this book?
01:41 Well, okay.
01:43 So, you know, a lot of times,
01:46 whether you're in ministry or not,
01:47 as a Christian, sometimes you just need some inspiration,
01:51 you need to have your prayer life
01:53 turned up, you need that relationship
01:55 with the Lord to get turned up some
01:58 as opposed to just being mundane or routine.
02:02 And so I was reading this book
02:05 about how to improve your prayer life.
02:08 And the author had said
02:10 that she studied the names of God.
02:14 And I thought, I think I'll look into that.
02:17 So I did.
02:18 And, man, what an incredible study it is.
02:22 Because it just opens up various aspects
02:26 of God's character to you.
02:28 Because each title, it's more,
02:32 these are more titles than names.
02:33 But each title gives you
02:36 just a little glimpse of who He is,
02:39 hence the name Glimpses of His glory.
02:41 Yes.
02:42 Each title just gives you a little glimpse
02:44 of who He is, and how He is, and how He loves us.
02:49 And, you know, Satan is always trying
02:51 to distort the character of God.
02:53 He's trying, he tries to make God seem so harsh
02:57 and mean and this cosmic killjoy,
03:01 but God is loving, and kind and just.
03:04 No joke. That is no joke.
03:07 And He's strong and powerful and kind
03:10 and all of these things.
03:11 And each title just kind of gives you
03:15 a little aspect of that.
03:17 Yeah.
03:19 So it gives you a glimpse into His character.
03:21 Exactly.
03:22 And the different aspects of His character.
03:24 That's right.
03:25 And they're all, they're not mutually exclusive.
03:27 I mean, while He is El Shaddai, God Almighty,
03:32 He's also Adonai Tzidkenu, the Lord our Righteousness.
03:37 So He's all these things at once.
03:39 These titles work complementarily,
03:41 they don't work in isolation but it's just,
03:45 they all kind of exemplify His love and power.
03:50 So, you know, when you share some of these
03:54 other names, right?
03:55 And you said that they all work at once.
03:57 So He can be loving,
03:59 He can be just all of those things.
04:01 I think of a time when I was a little kid,
04:03 and we go to the grocery store, and you loved me,
04:07 but it used to drive me crazy
04:08 when you would pick up with something
04:11 that I was trying to get something
04:12 and it had a lot of sugar in it,
04:14 it had a lot of chemicals in it, all this stuff.
04:17 And I knew that if you read the ingredients,
04:20 you're gonna tell me to put it back
04:22 and you're gonna find a substitution.
04:24 That's true.
04:25 But God has a health message for us.
04:26 Yes.
04:28 And He loves us and gives us
04:29 that health message for our benefit.
04:32 You weren't doing that when I was a little kid
04:34 to, you know, I guess disappoint me,
04:38 but you were doing that to protect me.
04:39 Exactly.
04:40 So we see in the book where, you know,
04:42 different aspects of His character
04:47 show how He wants to protect us,
04:48 how He loves us, how all of those things.
04:51 Yes, yes, He manifests Himself
04:54 in so many different ways.
04:59 His personality, you know, you get to know who He is.
05:03 And other thing, Jason, is when you talk to someone,
05:08 and you use their name versus just some general thing, like,
05:13 you're the general manager of Dare to Dream,
05:16 but you are Jason.
05:18 Yeah.
05:19 So there's something so much more intimate
05:21 about calling you by your name
05:24 than calling you by, you know, that work title.
05:28 And so it is with this,
05:30 that we learn more of God,
05:34 more of who He is through these titles,
05:36 through His names and titles.
05:38 Now, what's the significance?
05:40 Because, you know, back in the Bible days,
05:43 there was a different approach to naming people
05:46 than we have today.
05:48 I mean, today, you see some names,
05:49 and you're just like,
05:51 "What were their parents thinking?"
05:52 I know.
05:53 And you see some names, you know,
05:55 back in the Bible days, where you're like,
05:56 well, what were they thinking?
05:58 But there was a significance to that one, you know,
06:00 a meaning that went along with that.
06:02 What's the difference?
06:03 Yes.
06:04 Well, back in Bible times,
06:06 when parents named their children
06:08 it would often actually signify some kind of purpose
06:12 and direction for their lives.
06:15 So Jesus, really His name was Yeshua.
06:19 He wasn't called Jesus as a child
06:21 because there was no J in Hebrew.
06:24 So He was called Yeshua.
06:26 And that means Y-H-W-H, is salvation.
06:31 Y-H-W-H is the name that God told Moses,
06:37 when Moses asked God in Exodus 3,
06:40 who shall I say,
06:42 is sending me, you know,
06:43 to deliver the children of Israel?
06:46 And God said, "Tell them Y-H-W-H."
06:50 Now there was a pronunciation for that.
06:54 We don't really know what that pronunciation is.
06:57 The Y-H-W-H is called the tetragrammaton.
07:00 It's the four letters because back in Bible times
07:04 Hebrew had no vowels.
07:08 So it's all consonants.
07:10 So Y-H-W-H was the name that God said
07:15 that He was sending Moses.
07:18 And He also said, "I am who I am."
07:23 Ehyeh 'aer 'ehyeh.
07:25 And that meant I am who I am, or I am, that I am.
07:31 And so He is the self existent one,
07:35 the one for whom there is no beginning and no end.
07:40 I mean, it's just,
07:42 there's so much richness in it that,
07:45 you know, you just as you learn these different names,
07:48 and you hear these different names,
07:50 it's like, wow, like, because, for example, like,
07:54 Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning,"
07:57 our King James, or New King James, or NIV,
08:00 or whatever that version will say,
08:03 "In the beginning,
08:04 God created the heavens and the earth."
08:06 Right?
08:07 And that's what, that's what we read,
08:09 that's what we know.
08:11 But the Hebrew, the original Hebrew is,
08:15 it's transliterated into, "In the beginning, Elohim,
08:19 created the heavens and the earth."
08:21 Now that word Elohim is,
08:25 it's plural, but yet it had,
08:29 it's followed by a singular verb.
08:31 So it's like Elohim implies the Trinity.
08:36 Okay. Okay.
08:37 So we don't see
08:39 that when we read in the beginning,
08:41 God created the heavens and the earth,
08:43 but in the Hebrew Elohim is a plural noun.
08:47 Yes.
08:49 So it represents and implies God,
08:52 the Father was there, God,
08:54 the Son was there, God, the Holy Spirit was there.
08:56 Yes.
08:57 And that also within the Godhead,
09:01 there is a covenant relationship
09:03 that can't be broken.
09:05 So all of this stuff is in that name
09:10 that we don't know.
09:11 If we just see, "In the beginning God created
09:14 the heavens and the earth."
09:15 That's deep.
09:17 And so, where do you go to study
09:19 further on that like,
09:20 because it's not in the New King James
09:22 it's not in NIV, it's not in the King James Version,
09:25 so where can we study that?
09:27 I mean, yes, of course, we need to read this book.
09:30 But when we want to go even beyond that,
09:32 and see it in Scripture and continue down that path,
09:36 where do we go to find that?
09:37 Yeah, I have, I ordered this Bible,
09:41 this is the names of God Bible.
09:44 And it's the God's word translation
09:47 and it has some of the different titles now
09:50 it has Yahweh as YHWH instead of YHWH.
09:56 I don't use Yahweh because that name
10:02 was made out of taking the vowels
10:06 from another title of God and then it made that.
10:10 So that's kind of the name that many scholars say
10:15 that that's God's name,
10:16 that that's how you would pronounce the Y-H-W-H.
10:19 But you really don't know that.
10:21 And I had the privilege of having Dr. Roy Gane,
10:25 who is with Andrews University.
10:27 He is a professor of Near Eastern Biblical Languages.
10:32 I hope I'm not messing up the title, Dr. Gane.
10:35 He has a long title.
10:36 But he kind of cleared that up for me,
10:39 and I have it in the appendix of the book,
10:41 why I don't use Jehovah or Yahweh,
10:44 why I use Y-H-W-H
10:46 when writing and when speaking Adonai,
10:50 because that's the Lord.
10:52 So I use Adonai when speaking.
10:54 Okay.
10:56 Let's talk about the structure of the book.
10:57 How is the book structured?
10:59 Well, each chapter has first the title of God,
11:04 and then the pronunciation because...
11:06 That's important.
11:07 It is important, because if you're going
11:08 to be calling on the name of the Lord,
11:10 you do want to have a good pronunciation.
11:11 Yes.
11:12 And some of these are hard to pronounce.
11:15 So you want to make sure you can say it properly.
11:17 Then there's a scripture,
11:19 either the first time that name is introduced,
11:22 or scripture that really demonstrates that name.
11:26 Then there's the biblical context
11:29 for the name.
11:31 And then there's a testimony
11:34 of a modern day person
11:37 in whose life God demonstrated that aspect of His character.
11:42 So for example, with Elohim, we'll go back to Elohim.
11:47 The God continues, He is the creator of life.
11:53 And He continues to create,
11:55 as He recreates us in His image.
11:59 And so we look at the parallel
12:03 between creation and recreation.
12:06 And then I have a story of Chris Hudson,
12:10 the forerunner from the Forerunner Chronicles.
12:13 And he was that entertainment writer,
12:16 who was seeking the dark side,
12:19 actually literally seeking fellowship communion
12:24 with the dark side,
12:25 so he could write his entertainment scripts,
12:27 and the Lord got a hold of him.
12:29 And you got to read the book to find out how he did it.
12:31 That's right.
12:33 But he did.
12:34 And so, and then at the end, after the testimony,
12:37 there's a prayer.
12:38 I love that part too.
12:40 Praise the Lord. And that prayer that...
12:44 A few years ago, well, more than a few,
12:46 there's several years ago,
12:47 I was going through a really hard time about something.
12:49 And I read this book, and at the end of each chapter,
12:53 there was a prayer that you could pray aloud.
12:54 And I thought, "Wow, it really helped me
12:58 to pray that prayer aloud."
12:59 So I thought, well, let's have a prayer
13:02 using that particular title of God.
13:05 And talking to him about that aspect of His character
13:10 in that prayer, and you read it out loud,
13:13 you say it out loud to Him.
13:15 And during your worship time,
13:17 during your quiet time with the Lord.
13:19 It's so enriching to be able
13:22 to call Him by that title
13:25 and to pray to Him using that title.
13:29 I mean, you have to try it.
13:31 It's just, it's beautiful.
13:32 It does.
13:33 It's so rich.
13:35 I love that you said that God recreates.
13:36 Yeah.
13:38 You know, He recreates us because when you think about
13:40 sanctification, sanctification is the work of a lifetime.
13:42 Exactly.
13:44 So that's. Yeah, that is huge.
13:47 How has this book impacted your spiritual life?
13:52 Well, I'm telling you, Jay, it for me,
13:57 it has just brought me so much closer to the Lord.
13:59 Because, again, you know, I'm in ministry,
14:02 I'm in full time ministry.
14:04 And so, you know, you can get caught up
14:07 in, that's your job.
14:09 But you must,
14:10 in order to do that you must have a relationship
14:15 with the Lord that's meaningful,
14:16 otherwise it is just the job.
14:18 Yes.
14:19 You don't want that to be just your job,
14:24 you want to have a deeper,
14:26 more meaningful relationship with the Lord.
14:27 And I was seeking that.
14:29 And again, reading that book, you know,
14:32 just kind of led me into studying the names.
14:35 And then I guess the Lord just laid on my heart
14:38 that I should write it.
14:39 And then showing me, you know,
14:42 the connection of the modern day application,
14:45 because it's not just for Bible times.
14:48 You know, we think that these names,
14:50 oh, man, they're so outdated that's just for them.
14:52 No, He continues to be the Creator.
14:55 Elohim.
14:57 He continues to be El M' Kaddesh,
14:58 the God who sanctifies us.
15:00 He continues to be El Tsur, our Rock.
15:03 He continues to be Adonai Tzidkenu,
15:07 the Lord our Righteousness.
15:09 He continues to be just the one
15:12 that we can call on in every situation.
15:14 Amen.
15:16 So I don't know if I might have repeated
15:18 the Lord our Righteousness.
15:19 I don't know.
15:20 But anyway, if I did, He continues to be that.
15:24 I think you're preaching right now.
15:25 I know it.
15:27 I get excited because I know
15:30 what this has done for me.
15:33 And I feel as though, you know,
15:35 if you feeling like you're in a rut,
15:37 or you feeling like
15:38 your spiritual life needs a little fire,
15:40 we all need some revival, sometimes.
15:42 This book is definitely a blessing for that.
15:45 And it's also great to give to someone.
15:48 Yes.
15:49 You know, your friends,
15:50 whether they're Christian or not,
15:52 I actually have the sinners prayer in here.
15:54 So that for those who are not Christian,
15:57 but they decide after reading this that they want a deeper
16:01 relationship with the Lord,
16:03 or they want to accept Jesus as their Savior.
16:04 It's in here.
16:06 Information about righteousness by faith that's in here through
16:09 one of the stories.
16:10 So, you know, the Sabbath.
16:12 So all of these things are in the book
16:14 without it being a heavy doctrinal book,
16:17 but yet, we introduced them to certain truths of the Bible.
16:21 And so, yeah, I'm excited.
16:24 It's very informative.
16:25 It helps them fall in love with Jesus.
16:27 Yes.
16:29 And then it also shows them that practical application
16:32 in the life of a modern day person.
16:35 Yes.
16:36 That hitman from the drug cartel,
16:38 former hitman from the drug cartel.
16:39 Yeah, former.
16:41 You know, that script writer, all of those examples.
16:45 Yes.
16:46 I like the, I think it was Goel.
16:48 Yes.
16:50 With Job, were you talking about Job
16:51 and all of that.
16:53 Oh, yeah.
16:54 And Boaz, and the kinsman redeemer,
16:56 and all of these are powerful examples.
16:59 And I've heard feedback from people
17:01 who have read the book,
17:03 and they love it.
17:05 They said that they're so glad
17:06 that you took the time to write it,
17:09 and that it has blessed them and help them grow spiritually.
17:12 Praise the Lord.
17:13 I'm thankful for that.
17:15 It's been a privilege for me to have written it.
17:17 Because I'm telling you, as I was writing it,
17:21 there would be times when, like,
17:24 I would start reading a scripture or something,
17:27 and that would refer me to another scripture.
17:30 And then I would put it in there,
17:32 or I would say,
17:33 "Lord I need something here to,
17:38 you know, to pull this together,
17:39 or I need something to help me with this particular section."
17:44 And then the Lord would impress something on my heart.
17:47 And, you know, and you can include this,
17:49 or you can put that, and I was like, "Wow!"
17:52 I mean, when I read it myself, I'm amazed.
17:54 Because, not because I'm thinking
17:56 I'm all that,
17:58 but because God impressed all of this.
18:01 Yes.
18:03 And so, you know, it's just to give Him glory
18:05 and to let people know
18:09 who He is and how He is,
18:12 and how much He loves us,
18:13 because it's all about love.
18:15 It's all about love.
18:17 And that's evident through and through this book.
18:21 How long did it take you to write this?
18:23 You know, I don't know when I started,
18:26 I think it took me about a year.
18:28 Because I had started writing it and then it's funny
18:34 because I sent Brian,
18:37 my cousin Brian,
18:40 a couple of chapters,
18:41 and he gave me some really, you know, strong criticism,
18:45 but he critiqued it for me.
18:47 And so I kind of had to go back in and rework a lot of it.
18:51 But I'm glad he did.
18:52 I'm glad that he, you know, shared that with me,
18:55 and so I had to get back in there and do it.
19:00 And I also talked to different people about
19:06 the names and like one of my friends
19:08 from music business, who was a secular Jew,
19:12 but he was the son of a Rabbi.
19:15 And he also studied with one of the top cantors in New York
19:20 and great singer, and he decided to sing
19:23 commercials and stuff, but he helped me
19:26 too with some of the pronunciations.
19:29 He's Jewish, so he helped me with that.
19:31 And then, of course, Dr. Roy Gane.
19:34 So all of these, you know,
19:36 talking back and forth and research,
19:38 the research took a lot of time.
19:40 And then the contributors,
19:42 most of these stories come from people
19:44 that I've interviewed over the years here at 3ABN
19:47 whether it was on Dare to Dream or Today program or whatever.
19:51 And their testimonies are so powerful.
19:54 It's like these stories need to be heard.
19:57 Yes.
19:59 And so, I've got permission from each of them
20:02 to use their testimony.
20:04 And it's just been a blessing
20:07 and I guess I think it was about a year.
20:10 It took me about a year to write.
20:12 Yes, you were busy?
20:14 I was busy.
20:15 I think, you know, what I'd like to do right now
20:18 is relive a little bit of my childhood.
20:20 And you know, when I was a little kid,
20:23 you used to read me story and you'd read devotionals,
20:27 you know, morning and night.
20:28 So why don't you read a little bit
20:31 and give us a glimpse as to what we can expect.
20:35 Okay.
20:36 Is there anyone in particular that you...
20:39 It could be, you mentioned Chris Hudson's or...
20:43 Okay, I'll read a little bit of Chris.
20:45 I'll read something.
20:47 I won't read it all because his is kind of long,
20:49 but I'll read some just to whet your appetite.
20:52 There we go.
20:54 Okay, Chris's story.
20:56 At the age of 19, Chris decided to go
20:59 into the entertainment industry.
21:01 He wrote treatments for music videos,
21:03 treatments are the storyline for video,
21:06 what's going to happen in the video,
21:08 the flow of it, etc.
21:09 Later, he was offered the opportunity
21:11 to write a movie script.
21:13 He was called into his manager's office
21:15 and told that there was a movie script needed.
21:18 "When do you need it?" He asked.
21:19 "By 8 pm tomorrow," his manager said.
21:22 "Tomorrow night?"
21:24 Chris thought this could be the major shot at success.
21:29 But wow.
21:31 The next day, it was required.
21:33 He went to a store and bought a can of coffee.
21:36 He wrote and wrote.
21:38 When he became tired, he dug into the coffee can
21:40 and ate three to four handfuls of the coffee.
21:44 By 8 pm the next night,
21:46 Chris dropped off a 200 plus page
21:48 movie script at his manager's office.
21:52 From there, he got other projects,
21:54 movies and pilots.
21:56 The average manuscript takes at least six months to write.
21:59 Chris was doing it in under two weeks.
22:03 He wrote most of his scripts at his girlfriend's house.
22:05 She was a Haitian and her father
22:07 practiced voodoo in the house.
22:09 Chris smoked and sold marijuana at the time,
22:12 and will get high over there.
22:14 One day, Chris went home from their house
22:16 and looked in the mirror.
22:17 He saw something in his eyes that wasn't him.
22:20 And he smiled.
22:21 He knew that the entity looking back at him
22:24 was helping him write the scripts
22:26 and experience success in the industry.
22:31 By this time, he was writing screenplays
22:33 making money and hanging out
22:35 with the industry's top performers.
22:38 One day the Lord spoke into Chris's spirit.
22:41 He told him to stop what he was doing,
22:43 "Stop smoking marijuana,
22:45 and go back to school to become a preacher."
22:47 That very night Chris told one of his buddies
22:49 that he was leaving the industry.
22:52 The friend could not believe it.
22:53 What was Chris thinking?
22:55 He was so successful, why leave it all now?
22:58 Over the next few weeks,
22:59 several of Chris's friends heard about
23:01 his upcoming departure.
23:02 And many of them accepted the Lord
23:04 because of his witness.
23:06 Wow. Praise the Lord.
23:07 Praise the Lord.
23:09 Should I read more or do we have time?
23:10 Well, I want people to know how they can get the book
23:13 because we have a special offer.
23:16 But first, I mean, you can go to MagnifyHimPub.com
23:22 or for the special offer we have.
23:26 Yvonne has been, my mom has been
23:29 so gracious to donate a couple hundred of these,
23:32 couple hundred copies of these books,
23:35 excuse me,
23:36 and you can call (618) 627-4651
23:41 during non Sabbath hours.
23:44 And you can for any size donation,
23:46 we will send you a copy.
23:49 This is definitely a book that you're going
23:51 to want to have in your collection.
23:54 So dial (618) 627-4651 any size donation
23:59 to 3ABN's Dare to Dream Network.
24:03 So any size love gift to Dare to Dream Network.
24:06 While supplies last,
24:08 we will send you a copy of this book.
24:12 Yeah, this is a really good book,
24:15 and I hope our viewers will pick up
24:18 their copy today and share
24:20 and pick up more than one copy and share it.
24:22 Yes, that's the whole idea.
24:24 You know, like, well, I hope Chris didn't hear
24:27 that we just left him in limbo.
24:29 But anyway, he did come to the Lord
24:34 and he's on fire for the Lord.
24:35 And he's so and so.
24:37 Anyway, just want to make sure we didn't just leave him out
24:39 in the world talking to evil spirits.
24:42 Okay, so...
24:43 Yes, there was the plan of redemption
24:46 within that story.
24:47 That's right. That's right.
24:49 So yeah, I really feel as though the Lord
24:54 has a plan for this book.
24:56 And that, you know,
24:57 if we can just shared your Bible study group,
25:03 your personal ministries department,
25:06 taking it to someone who's sick and shut in,
25:09 giving it as a Christmas gift.
25:11 I mean, there's just so many uses for it
25:14 that you can use as an evangelistic tool
25:17 because again, it does tell
25:21 how to give your heart to the Lord.
25:23 And in the back, we also have how to watch 3ABN.
25:27 Oh, yes.
25:28 So that's really important because people need to be able
25:32 to continue their journey spiritually.
25:36 And this will give them that opportunity as well.
25:39 Yes, and I'm sure they're gonna want
25:40 to study more, they're gonna want to learn more
25:42 about the names of God,
25:44 and they're gonna want to read, you know,
25:47 the Bible stories with those names
25:50 as it creates such a rich experience.
25:53 Yes, yes.
25:54 I praise the Lord for that.
25:56 And I pray that people will give their hearts
25:59 to the Lord as a result of this and it will turn up
26:03 their experience with Him.
26:05 You know, turn up that fire.
26:06 That's what we want,
26:08 because the Lord Jesus is coming back.
26:09 Yes.
26:11 And many people are not comfortable necessarily with,
26:13 you know, knocking on doors amid COVID now.
26:15 Nobody's really knocking too many doors.
26:18 But you can send this book to someone or you can,
26:21 you know, read it for yourself just for revival.
26:24 Yes.
26:26 I mean, for me, it has really revived me spiritually.
26:28 And I'm so grateful for that.
26:30 Yes.
26:31 So yeah, I think that it's got a purpose.
26:34 How do you suggest that people use this book,
26:36 like, for example, a devotional or...
26:39 You know, that's a good question,
26:41 because some people want to just sit
26:45 and read chapter after chapter.
26:48 Some people will say, "Okay,
26:50 let me just read one title today."
26:52 And they'll read one title for their worship time.
26:55 It's short, it's an easy read, but yet pretty comprehensive.
27:01 So you might just want to say,
27:04 "Okay, during my quiet time with the Lord, today,
27:06 I'm gonna read one chapter of this
27:09 and learn about one of his titles."
27:12 And then the next day, do another one,
27:14 or you might want to sit and do three or four at a time.
27:17 It's not a real thick book.
27:20 But it's got a lot of different titles in it.
27:23 Yes, and rich in information.
27:25 In just a few seconds,
27:27 I'd like for you to look into this camera
27:29 over here and just speak to that person at home
27:32 who has never given Jesus a chance.
27:35 You know, now is the day of salvation.
27:39 If you're watching this program,
27:41 and you've never given Jesus a chance,
27:43 what do you have to lose?
27:45 You have everything to gain,
27:47 He is your salvation and He loves you.
27:50 Amen. Amen.
27:52 Thank you so much for coming on this program
27:53 and sharing A Glimpse of His glory.
27:56 Until next time, God bless.


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