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00:01 Have you ever felt like
00:02 something was lacking in your life?
00:04 Well, stay tuned to discover the missing piece.
00:06 My name is Jason Bradley,
00:08 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:32 Hello, and welcome to Urban Report.
00:34 My guest today is Dr. Nadine Collins,
00:37 author, international speaker, spiritual wellness coach,
00:40 and host of Dare to Dreams' program
00:43 The Missing Piece.
00:44 Welcome to Urban Report, Dr. Collins.
00:48 Hi, it's a pleasure to be here.
00:51 It's a pleasure to have you here.
00:53 You know, we wrapped up
00:55 recording season two of The Missing Piece,
00:59 and ventured a little bit into season three
01:03 and this was definitely a different season.
01:07 I kind of threw something at you,
01:09 I threw a little curveball at you
01:10 at the last minute
01:12 and let you know that
01:13 you'd be hosting it by yourself
01:15 and the timing of it would change.
01:19 But, thank you for moving forward,
01:22 pressing forward with that,
01:23 I think that these two seasons
01:25 are going to be extremely powerful for sure.
01:28 Amen.
01:30 It was a big curveball, but I mean, we made it.
01:33 God really came through and so I'm so thankful for that.
01:37 Amen. Amen.
01:38 Before we start talking about The Missing Piece
01:41 in a little bit more detail.
01:43 Why don't you tell us
01:44 what a spiritual wellness coach is?
01:48 Okay.
01:50 So, I know that sometimes when people hear,
01:52 you know, spiritual,
01:54 you know, especially in the world
01:55 that we're living,
01:57 everybody's always talking
01:58 about some kind of spiritual something
02:00 because truly we live in a spirit world.
02:02 And, I know sometimes,
02:03 you know, we may have our little kind of qualms
02:06 or ideas or even discomfort around
02:09 maybe the word spiritual wellness,
02:11 but I just want to just comfort you
02:12 and our viewers
02:14 because the truth is,
02:15 I had no idea what that was myself.
02:17 I never intended to ever be in a space like that,
02:20 but it was through prayer.
02:22 One day I was working on
02:24 my certified prayer counselor class.
02:26 I was preparing to launch that in 2018.
02:29 And while I was praying for clarity on it,
02:32 I heard a whisper like spiritual wellness coach,
02:36 like two, three times.
02:37 And I was like, what am I doing with that?
02:39 I simply wrote down that name.
02:42 I didn't know what to do with it for a few days.
02:44 I was on my way to Kenya,
02:46 and that was like two days before that.
02:48 And so I was getting ready for the airport
02:50 and I was having a meeting with one of my coaches,
02:53 and I said to her, you know,
02:54 the Holy Spirit actually told me
02:55 spiritual wellness coach
02:57 and I don't know what to do with that.
02:58 And so, and she said,
03:00 "Why don't you check out the domains?"
03:01 And so I checked out the domain,
03:03 spiritualwellnesscoach.com,
03:05 spiritual wellnesscoaching.com,
03:07 and both domains were available and a whole,
03:10 you know, array of domains with either .net
03:13 or anything around that.
03:14 And I was shocked
03:16 because I thought we live in such a spiritual kind of world,
03:19 how it was possible that
03:21 that domain could have actually been available.
03:23 And so, of course, I had to go back to God
03:25 to help me define what that is.
03:28 And, so what I can say is
03:30 based on the work that I'm doing with women
03:32 for the past few years,
03:34 as a spiritual wellness coach is helping women
03:37 to really uncover what their true purpose is.
03:40 But we're using biblical principles.
03:42 We're using prayer as the avenue
03:45 through which we can uncover our true purpose
03:48 and also the avenue
03:50 through which we can work around
03:51 creating successful ministries brands,
03:54 even businesses around
03:56 what our true purpose is.
03:57 So it's really coaching women,
03:59 but using prayer as the foundation,
04:02 using biblical principles as the foundation,
04:06 the foundation that gives us strategies
04:09 to be able to set up these businesses,
04:11 to be able to launch these brands
04:13 and ministries and so on.
04:14 So, it's, coaching,
04:15 that's rooted in the Word of God
04:18 and coaching rooted
04:19 in a deeply spiritual and effective
04:22 and meaningful prayer life.
04:23 Amen. Amen.
04:26 It's definitely very powerful.
04:28 And, I believe that you share principles
04:30 that also go beyond the realm.
04:33 I know that you, you seek to reach women with this,
04:36 but the principles that you share
04:39 are applicable to anybody's life as well.
04:42 Correct?
04:43 Totally, totally, totally,
04:44 it's just that I am focusing on women
04:47 in corporate
04:48 because that is where God led me.
04:50 Ironically this year,
04:51 He's also leading me to do certain things with men
04:54 and I will fall in line in terms of being obedient,
04:57 but definitely the principles are for both male and female
05:01 because they're biblical principles for us
05:03 to experience success in this life, you know?
05:06 And so, because there's so much coaching
05:08 available out there
05:09 and a lot of it are not aligned with our Christian values.
05:13 And so I guess God just kind of raised me up
05:16 to be able to create something
05:18 that could really help to align many more of us,
05:21 His children in our true purpose,
05:24 doing things that are aligned with the gift
05:26 that we were brought into the world to actually use.
05:29 But we are using the principles of God.
05:32 We're using the Word of God to be able to create success,
05:35 so that we can be true examples
05:37 that we can live a life aligned with the will of God.
05:40 We can continue to be faithful Christians
05:44 honoring God,
05:45 by while still experiencing success.
05:47 And that's basically
05:48 what the spiritual wellness coaching movement,
05:50 or what God has called me to do with it is about.
05:53 Yes. Got you.
05:55 So how did you know
05:57 that it was your purpose to teach people
05:59 on the topic of prayer?
06:00 Because you've been teaching people
06:02 on the topic of prayer for a while now,
06:04 and that was even, I think if I'm correct,
06:06 correct me if I'm wrong
06:08 even before the spiritual wellness coaching?
06:11 Oh, yes,
06:12 the way before that
06:14 I started right after I finished off my PhD,
06:18 I believe in the year 2014,
06:20 that was the direction that God was leading me,
06:22 and it's ironic.
06:24 You just ask how,
06:25 how did I even know that
06:27 that is what God has called me to do?
06:28 But what I didn't realize is I was being prepared to do this
06:33 maybe for my entire life.
06:35 I just didn't know it yet.
06:36 You know, it happened that, for example,
06:39 I was in the UK on vacation
06:42 after I finished off my PhD
06:44 and after I had chilled out in Asia for a little bit,
06:47 and now I was on vacation
06:49 and a pastor calls and says to me,
06:50 Nadine, I heard you're in town.
06:53 Can you speak on Sabbath for communion?
06:56 And I thought to myself, what?
06:58 I'm like, I just finished a PhD in education
07:01 and not theology.
07:02 Yeah.
07:03 And so, I had to go through my little struggle with God,
07:06 but he eventually answered and said,
07:08 "No problem."
07:09 I had no idea
07:10 what I was going to speak about.
07:12 Did you have a Moses' moment?
07:15 Oh, my goodness I think,
07:16 I have most like maybe exponential Moses' moment
07:21 because I'm like, what am I going to do?
07:23 How do I write that summit for communion?
07:25 It's not even a Wednesday night,
07:27 it's communion.
07:28 And so I had, what's a God
07:30 and I had to of course respond first,
07:32 then go to him
07:34 and get instructions on what to do.
07:35 And that happened.
07:36 And the following week
07:38 I went to another church to sing.
07:40 While I was at that church,
07:42 a lady came up to me after
07:44 and she said we were having
07:46 our women's ministries weekend next month,
07:48 I would like you to sing for us.
07:50 So, I said, I'm actually on vacation
07:53 heading to the US next week.
07:55 She took my details and she said,
07:56 "I'll get in touch with you. I have to leave."
07:58 And that lady began to call me and email me and text me.
08:02 And she said,
08:03 "Nadine, God said, it's your time to speak."
08:05 So we're talking about how did I know that
08:06 he asked me to really focus on prayer.
08:08 So it so happened at that church
08:10 that I sang at in London,
08:11 the following year
08:13 they asked me to come and do attendees of prayer.
08:15 I'm like, what?
08:17 So, that was the beginning of me
08:19 going into that direction
08:21 as if God was directly leading me
08:24 to actually get into that space of prayer
08:26 and everything that I'd been learning over the years
08:29 and all of the principles
08:30 that I was learning through my own personal prayer life.
08:33 When I went off to college, when I took God at His Word,
08:36 when I began to trust Him.
08:38 And when I didn't know what was happening,
08:40 every single principle that I now teach on prayer
08:42 comes from my personal experience
08:44 and my relationship with God over the years,
08:47 how it has been developing.
08:49 And so then God said,
08:50 I want you to write books on prayer.
08:52 And he told me the names of the books
08:53 that he wanted me to write on prayer.
08:55 It was through his direction
08:56 also that I reach out to your mom when I did,
08:59 because all of that was part of his instruction for me.
09:03 One year when I was fasting and praying, he said,
09:05 "I want you to focus on prayer.
09:07 I need you to write books on prayer.
09:08 And I also want you to contact Yvonne,
09:11 and you ask about a program on prayer."
09:13 All of that came through the instructions of pray,
09:16 of course, way before
09:17 the spiritual wellness coaching,
09:19 which now still uses
09:20 the same principles of prayer as well.
09:23 Wow. Yes. Yes.
09:24 And I'm so glad that you did go in that direction
09:27 because The Missing Piece is extremely powerful.
09:30 And, I know that you've touched a lot of lives
09:33 by the grace of God,
09:34 and we get calls
09:35 still with people wanting to get in touch with you
09:38 and find out more about your books
09:40 and all of that,
09:42 and how to book you for speaking engagements
09:44 and all of that.
09:45 And we want to get into all of that as well,
09:47 because we want people to know how they can contact you.
09:50 But do you ever have,
09:54 like, you seem very solidified in your calling,
09:58 but do you ever have doubts
10:00 about the calling that God has placed on your life?
10:03 Have you ever had doubts about that?
10:06 The truth is when it comes to the calling,
10:09 if there was anything that I was really sure about,
10:13 I think it's the calling.
10:15 Because the truth is every time,
10:18 like every time I find it so strange,
10:22 if I'm questioning God about something
10:24 and I'm going through that moment with Him
10:26 and I'm spending time seeking Him in prayer,
10:28 even when I have not had the answer,
10:30 even when I feel, oh, Lord, You're not,
10:32 I'm not sure if You've heard me right now,
10:34 even when I have these moments,
10:36 I still find myself
10:37 going and talk right back to Him.
10:39 And so when it comes to that calling,
10:42 I see sometimes
10:43 I may not be feeling my best today.
10:45 I may not wake up today feeling like,
10:47 "Oh, I'm on top of the world
10:48 and I'm ready to make it happen."
10:49 But as soon as I get on the call
10:51 with one of clients,
10:52 it's almost as if, just as if, when I go to speak,
10:55 when I go to present at an event,
10:57 even now when I speak online,
10:59 even when I feel within myself
11:01 that I'm not able to do this,
11:02 I just feel new breath coming into me
11:06 and I'm doing this thing.
11:07 And it's almost like an out of body experience
11:08 in a way,
11:10 because it's like, I know within myself,
11:11 I don't have that capacity right now,
11:13 but I'm just seeing God show up.
11:16 And that for me, every time just,
11:19 just helps me to confirm that
11:21 I am doing what God has called me to do that.
11:24 I'm in my place of purpose
11:25 and this is what I'm meant to do for now.
11:28 And so I may doubt many things in life,
11:30 but one thing I cannot doubt is the calling
11:33 that God has given me to really help empower people
11:36 and inspire them
11:38 to have a more effective prayer life
11:40 and everything else that I do.
11:42 For example, the work of purpose,
11:44 helping women to uncover their purpose,
11:45 helping women to build successful ministries
11:48 and brands and businesses,
11:49 all of it stemmed in prayer
11:51 because without prayer, I say to my clients,
11:53 I cannot do any of these things
11:55 because prayer is
11:57 my number one business strategy.
12:00 Without it, there is nothing.
12:02 Amen, all the credit goes to God.
12:05 That's, yes, amen, amen.
12:09 So what is it like walking in your purpose
12:12 and your calling?
12:14 Do you feel that sense of fulfillment?
12:17 And can you describe that?
12:20 Definitely,
12:22 I would say that
12:23 I think one of the greatest pleasures in life,
12:28 one of the greatest feelings in life
12:30 is being able to know that
12:33 you are doing what you are here to do,
12:36 that you are doing what it is.
12:38 God brought you into the world to do.
12:40 That is what it's like
12:41 walking in my true purpose, I know.
12:43 That's why sometimes I see
12:45 when I don't even feel like doing it,
12:47 it's almost like it gives me life
12:50 because this is it.
12:51 You know, I can see God showing up all of the time.
12:54 Sometimes, like I have sessions with clients
12:57 and they would say to me,
12:58 "Oh my goodness, you're a genius."
13:00 And I'm like, "No, I'm not."
13:01 I said, "This is all God."
13:03 And I remember had a meeting with the client recently.
13:05 And she said to me,
13:07 "You just changed my life today."
13:08 I said, "No, it's not me. It's God."
13:10 And so, just knowing every day
13:12 that I am able to make a difference
13:14 in the life of women.
13:15 At this point every day,
13:17 I make a difference in the lives of other people,
13:18 just knowing that I can,
13:20 because I am doing what I'm meant to do now,
13:23 help other people do what they're meant to do.
13:26 It's almost like the greatest feeling on earth.
13:29 Recently, I said to a client, if I die today, I'm content
13:34 just knowing that so many lives have been touched
13:37 and people are literally more intentional
13:40 about knowing
13:41 what they brought into the world to do.
13:43 That is what propels me
13:45 and motivates me every single day
13:47 to keep on doing this,
13:49 because I know that as I walk in my true purpose,
13:52 as I answer the call of God,
13:54 because in Jeremiah 1:5,
13:56 the Bible actually says that even before I was formed,
13:59 even before we were formed,
14:01 He had already set us apart and appointed us
14:04 to do something amazing to do that great thing.
14:07 And I believe at this phase in my life,
14:10 I am doing what I've been appointed to do
14:12 and set apart to do.
14:14 And I see that
14:15 by the lives that have being changed
14:16 and transformed and inspired and empowered.
14:19 And that is what gives the sense of fulfillment.
14:22 Just knowing that I'm doing what God wants me to do today.
14:25 Amen.
14:27 That is where my greatest fulfillment comes.
14:28 Amen.
14:29 Well, let's help some people today.
14:31 So, what recommendations would you have
14:34 for that man or that woman
14:36 that's out there
14:37 and they're searching for their purpose?
14:40 What would you recommend that they do
14:41 in order to find their God-given purpose?
14:45 I think one of the first things that we need to do is
14:49 to believe that we have a true purpose.
14:54 It's so ironic
14:55 because as I've interacted with thousands,
14:58 every I interact with thousands of new people,
15:01 whether I was in person or even virtually,
15:04 it's just that first having that belief
15:07 that you have a true purpose
15:08 because we have not been taught that.
15:11 We did not grow up knowing that you have a purpose
15:15 and you need to know what that purpose is.
15:17 Many of us, for example,
15:18 especially coming from a Caribbean background
15:21 where, you know,
15:22 we were taught about the value of education
15:25 and how education was the road to success.
15:28 And that's the thing that you need to do.
15:30 You need to be able to,
15:31 you know, go to school and get good grades
15:33 and then get a great job and you're successful.
15:35 You get married and you have kids.
15:37 And so many of us grew up both male and female
15:40 with the idea
15:41 that if I go to school and I get that good education
15:43 and I get married and I have kids
15:45 and I have a good job and I'm making money,
15:46 then I'm successful.
15:48 But purpose is not defined by any of these things.
15:52 It's really defined by that one thing
15:55 that Jeremiah 1 speaks about
15:56 that you have been appointed to do set apart to do.
15:59 And so, for that man or that woman
16:01 who is searching for that purpose,
16:02 first, you need to believe that you actually have one.
16:07 Now, when you believe that
16:08 you actually have a true purpose,
16:10 that God has brought you into this world
16:12 to accomplish a great thing,
16:15 now that you believe that,
16:16 you need to also believe that your purpose matters
16:19 because 60% of the women, for example, that I work with,
16:23 when they come to me, they actually believe that
16:25 they have a true purpose
16:26 or they have a vague idea
16:28 that they're supposed to be doing something else.
16:31 Because deep down,
16:32 sometimes inside you may be doing things
16:34 that look successful to other people,
16:36 but inside of you,
16:38 you don't feel that sense of fulfillment,
16:40 you know, something is missing.
16:41 So, now when you believe that you have that true purpose,
16:44 you need to know that your purpose actually matters.
16:47 Whatever it is God brought you here to do,
16:49 it matters.
16:50 And that is why the third thing you are going to do is
16:54 to expend your time and efforts, monies,
16:57 whatever you need to do to know what that purpose is.
17:01 And then, of course, we go to God in prayer
17:03 to help us to know how we can create success
17:06 around that purpose.
17:08 So, there are like three fundamental things
17:10 that has to happen
17:12 even before we can begin
17:13 to create success around our purpose.
17:14 And why do I say create success around it
17:17 is because the Bible says
17:18 your gifts will make room for you,
17:21 whatever it is
17:23 that you have been brought here to do,
17:25 that is the thing that is going to create room
17:28 and set you up before kings and not mean men,
17:30 according to Proverbs 22:29.
17:33 So, what we do as many of us, as even Christians,
17:37 is we try to find outside of ourselves
17:42 what it is we can do to create success.
17:44 That is why we have the education rounds.
17:46 That is why we have all of it.
17:47 Mind you, yes, I have a PhD
17:49 and I am a proponent for education.
17:51 However, I understand that what God has called us to do,
17:56 He has equipped us.
17:57 We say these things,
17:59 but sometimes do we really believe it?
18:00 We already have everything that we need to succeed
18:04 because we were already born with it.
18:07 And so, one of the things I have clients say,
18:08 sometimes I had a pregnant with purpose event,
18:11 a virtual event for women and I had them say,
18:14 I am pre-qualified to do what God has called me to do.
18:19 And I am overqualified
18:21 by a reason of my experiences in life,
18:24 because every single one of us
18:27 were born already with that thing
18:29 that we were supposed to do.
18:31 And when we uncover it,
18:32 that's when the beginning of fulfillment comes
18:35 because now I know why I'm here.
18:37 Why am I here in the world?
18:38 Now, what am I going to do with this information?
18:41 So, on that quest
18:42 to searching for purpose
18:44 is understanding these three things
18:46 and then going to God to give you wisdom,
18:49 to know how you can begin to be successful in that thing
18:52 that you were brought here to do,
18:54 which is your purpose.
18:55 Wow. Wow.
18:57 That was a lot.
18:58 So, when you're teaching, right,
19:02 when you're giving these seminars,
19:04 how has COVID impacted what you do?
19:08 Ooh, to be honest,
19:10 COVID kept me busier than when I was traveling in person.
19:17 As crazy as it may sound because the truth is, Jason,
19:21 when I was traveling 10 to 11 months of the year,
19:24 I was still able to write books.
19:27 I was still able to do some of the things
19:29 that I want to do,
19:31 but with COVID I find myself being so busy
19:33 because from the time it came,
19:35 I had to immediately switch up everything to online,
19:38 cancel a lot of in-person engagements,
19:40 but still figure out
19:42 how I can still reach clients online,
19:44 how I can still help to minister to people online.
19:47 So, I do speak quite a lot online
19:50 and I have created new coaching programs
19:53 because of COVID,
19:55 had new programs that I never had
19:57 because of COVID to be able to impact
20:00 even more women
20:01 than probably I would do in person.
20:03 So I can say in a sense that COVID has pushed me
20:07 to be a little more successful
20:10 in how I reach people,
20:12 because yes, I would go in person,
20:13 but now I have the virtual space
20:16 and I'm able to meet many more women
20:18 through my Facebook women's groups,
20:20 through my prayer group online,
20:22 through different programs that I'm speaking in online
20:24 because now I'm not in a physical location,
20:26 but in one weekend
20:28 I could travel virtually to four different countries,
20:30 whereas before it was one country
20:33 for the weekend, you know?
20:34 Yeah. Such kind of way.
20:36 Yeah.
20:37 So, you've been stretched in multiple directions there.
20:41 Yeah.
20:42 So, if somebody wants to book you for,
20:46 let's say a seminar
20:47 or wants to take advantage of your online courses,
20:50 how do they do that?
20:52 What's your website?
20:53 And then if somebody wants to get in touch with you,
20:55 what's your email address and your phone number?
20:58 Okay.
20:59 With regards to booking, for example,
21:01 for speaking engagements,
21:04 they could write at booking@nadinecollins.com.
21:07 That's to book me,
21:08 but if the person wants to get in touch with me
21:10 with regard to any of my coaching programs,
21:13 my online prayer class,
21:15 the certified prayer counselor class,
21:16 they could write us at info@nadinecollins.com.
21:21 And my website is nadinecollins.com.
21:23 It's very easy.
21:24 It's my name, right? Okay.
21:26 And so, there are multiple ways to reach me.
21:29 If you check nadinecollins.com
21:31 information might be there
21:32 of how I could be reached on Instagram.
21:34 You know, there are so many ways nowadays
21:35 to actually send a message,
21:36 but info@nadinecollins.com is a good place to start.
21:40 And if you're looking to book for speaking engagements,
21:43 you know, women's weekend, a prayer weekend,
21:44 whatever it is,
21:46 a leadership training and so on,
21:47 bookings at nadinecollins.com,
21:49 regardless of what email you may sent, we will get it.
21:51 But we're just trying to funnel bookings
21:53 into that particular email
21:55 so that it does not get mixed up or lost in,
21:58 you know, a muffle of emails that sometimes I get.
22:00 Yes. And your...
22:01 A number where they can reach you is?
22:05 (817) 719-3099.
22:09 That's our business number.
22:11 Okay. Okay. Wonderful.
22:13 I know people are gonna want to get in touch with you.
22:15 What are some practical tips
22:16 that you can share in regards to prayer,
22:20 how to strengthen your prayer life?
22:23 Yeah.
22:24 And so some of these practical tips
22:26 will take us to what we did in season one
22:30 of The Missing Piece.
22:32 And then, of course, we built on so many
22:34 because I think we filmed the last time
22:36 I think 20 episodes,
22:38 and so many other concepts,
22:40 but some of the basic principles
22:41 to really having an effective prayer life,
22:44 one of them is,
22:46 of course, to build a relationship with God.
22:48 And you may ask, how do I do that?
22:50 The same way you work on building relationships
22:54 with anybody else.
22:55 Flip off, let's have a conversation.
22:59 So, now prayer,
23:00 we know is that conversation that we have with God.
23:03 And we said before, it's a two-way conversation.
23:06 So, it's not a conversation.
23:07 Actually, it's not a conversation
23:09 if I do all the talking, it's a monologue.
23:11 And so, what we want to do is
23:13 in these fundamental principles is,
23:15 first of all, recognizing that
23:17 I need a relationship with God.
23:19 And prayer is the only way
23:22 that I can establish a relationship with God,
23:25 because communication is the only way
23:27 that we can establish relationship with anybody else.
23:30 And prayer is how we communicate with God.
23:34 And so, what we're doing or what we need to do
23:37 if we really want to have that effective prayer life is,
23:40 first of all, wanting that relationship,
23:42 wanting to talk to God,
23:44 but also giving God the opportunity
23:45 to speak back to us.
23:47 Another thing is for us to be able to learn
23:51 to distinguish the voice of God
23:52 and how we do that
23:54 is by ensuring that we don't talk all the time,
23:57 but we actually silence our soul.
23:59 Ellen White actually has a quotation that I love.
24:03 She says,
24:04 "When every other voice is hushed,
24:07 and in quietness we wait before Him,
24:10 the silence of the soul
24:12 makes more distinct the voice of God."
24:14 And so we want to be able to distinguish
24:16 that voice of God.
24:18 We also want to practice dying to self.
24:20 So, I'm giving a few of the principles.
24:22 First, we establish communication with him
24:24 a two-way conversation.
24:25 We want to be able to distinguish that voice.
24:28 We also want to be able to die to self
24:31 because self is the greatest hindrance that we have
24:34 in having an effective prayer life, why?
24:36 Because self will always cause us to pray prayers
24:40 that are inconsistent
24:41 with what the Spirit of God wants us to pray about.
24:44 And why should you want to pray
24:46 about what the spirit wants you to pray about?
24:48 Because the only prayers
24:49 that are guaranteed to be answered
24:51 are the prayers that are actually prayers
24:54 that are led by the Spirit of God.
24:56 And we get that in 1 John Chapter 5:14-15,
25:00 where the Bible actually says,
25:02 this is the confidence that we have in God,
25:05 that if we ask anything according to the will of God,
25:08 we know that He hears us.
25:10 And if we know that He hears us,
25:12 then we are sure to have an answer to that prayer,
25:16 and we want to be able to pray in the will of God.
25:19 But the only way to pray in the will of God is
25:21 when we are printing the Spirit of God.
25:23 And the only way to pray in the Spirit of God
25:25 is when self is dead, because self is inconsistent.
25:30 It's always going to cause us to want the opposite
25:33 of what the Spirit of God wants us to pray about.
25:35 So, these are four quick principles
25:37 that I just shared here
25:39 on how your prayer life can begin
25:40 to make a drastic turn,
25:43 so it can become much more effective.
25:45 Those are excellent principles.
25:47 And I'm so glad that you mentioned the fact
25:49 that you need to pray in the will of God,
25:52 because, you know,
25:54 it's like if somebody just prays and says,
25:56 Oh yeah, I, you know, I really want a Bentley,
25:58 or I want, I want a Maserati
26:01 or something along those lines or some,
26:04 you know, temporary thing that's, you know.
26:07 If they pray for that
26:09 and it's not in the will of God for them per se
26:14 and then they're wondering,
26:16 well, why weren't my prayers answered?
26:18 Yeah.
26:19 And then we get mad at God when should I say to people,
26:22 a lot of times when we think we pray to God,
26:24 we're actually praying to ourselves.
26:26 And the saddest thing is,
26:28 you cannot answer yourself
26:30 because anytime self is alive, when we're going to God,
26:34 we're not going to ask Him
26:35 things that are in accordance
26:36 with the will or the Spirit of God.
26:38 So, it means, I'm asking it
26:40 according to what's okay for me.
26:42 And God cannot answer me
26:44 when I'm praying these self-prayers
26:46 or these selfish prayers.
26:47 And so, we need to now begin to make the shift.
26:49 So, we stopped getting angry at God
26:51 and begin to look at ourselves in the mirror and say,
26:54 this is what you need to be angry at.
26:55 And that's why you need to die to self,
26:57 because you are the greatest hindrance
26:59 to having that effective prayer life
27:01 that you would like to have.
27:02 Amen.
27:03 So, we have a way of blocking our blessings?
27:06 Yeah, exactly. Yes.
27:08 Now, we covered a whole bunch of topics
27:11 and I know that our time is escaping us
27:13 in season two and season three,
27:16 just give us a quick snippet of what we covered?
27:22 Well, season two and three is gonna to be really packed
27:25 because we look at, for example,
27:28 we talk about distinguishing that voice of God.
27:30 We spoke about being able to pray for revelation,
27:33 praying in agreement,
27:35 topics that people really want to know much more about.
27:38 And so, I look forward to seeing,
27:40 you know, how it continues
27:41 to transform the lives of others,
27:43 because we covered so much.
27:44 Yes, amen.
27:46 And it was very rich information.
27:48 Thank you for what you do.
27:51 And thank you for coming on here
27:53 and sharing with our viewers.
27:55 Well, we've reached the end of another program.
27:57 Join us next time.
27:59 It just wouldn't be the same without you.


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