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00:01 Have you ever wondered
00:02 about God's way for relationships today?
00:04 If so, stay tuned to get some tokens of love.
00:07 My name is Jason Bradley
00:09 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:34 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:36 My guests today are Brandon and Sheretta Taylor
00:38 and they are both authors and international speakers.
00:42 Welcome to Urban Report, Brandon and Sheretta.
00:46 Hello. Hi.
00:47 Thank you for having us.
00:49 I'm so glad you guys could be here.
00:50 I wish you were physically here in the studio,
00:53 but hey, we'll utilize technology
00:56 to the best of our abilities.
00:58 There you go.
01:00 That's right.
01:01 So this is your first time
01:02 on Dare to Dream on Urban Report.
01:06 But I want to kind of dive into your testimony
01:11 and your journey
01:12 before we start getting into Tokens of Love.
01:16 Sure.
01:17 So how did you guys meet?
01:21 So we actually met at college at Cornell University.
01:26 I was a freshman,
01:27 Brandon was a junior at the time
01:29 and we were just acquaintances after,
01:32 I'm sorry, you were a sophomore.
01:35 We were just acquaintances.
01:37 You know, at first, just hello.
01:39 And we knew each other,
01:40 but we'd never really talked until his senior year.
01:44 We were actually the last semester
01:46 of his senior year,
01:48 we were enrolled in the same class
01:49 and we just so happened to start talking
01:51 a little bit more.
01:52 And at that time,
01:54 you know, Brandon could share more,
01:56 but he was on a journey to really,
02:00 you know, walk back closer to God.
02:02 And I had been through that experience
02:04 a couple of years before that.
02:06 And so a lot of our conversations
02:08 grew around,
02:09 you know, God and just living as a Christian
02:12 and that sort of thing.
02:13 And the more that we talked couple of months,
02:16 his interest developed
02:18 and pursued courtship
02:21 and we began our relationship there.
02:24 And we got married...
02:27 Two years.
02:28 Well, we got married two years later in 2015
02:31 and we now have one son and yeah.
02:35 Nice. Nice.
02:36 Now you use the word there.
02:38 You said courtship.
02:40 Now there may be some people out there
02:42 that don't know the difference between courtship and dating.
02:46 So why don't you unpack that a little bit?
02:48 Sure.
02:50 So when we use the word courtship,
02:51 it's really just a matter of preference for us.
02:55 Courtship and dating, neither courtship nor dating,
02:57 you'll find in the Bible.
02:58 So for us, the word courtship,
03:00 it truly signifies the purpose
03:02 with which you should pursue relationships
03:05 and really value this the institution of marriage
03:09 and the journey that God desires
03:10 for two people to travel
03:12 in leading up to marriage.
03:13 And when we use the word courtship,
03:14 it just signifies to us the purpose,
03:17 the intentionality behind your actions
03:19 and behind that relationship.
03:21 And that's why we prefer to use the word courtship
03:23 to describe that, that period leading up
03:26 to an engagement into marriage.
03:28 Got you. So it was all purposeful?
03:31 Yeah.
03:33 Exactly. Purposeful and prayerful.
03:35 I like that that two-piece, purposeful and prayerful.
03:38 So I'm sure that
03:40 you had boundaries in place and all of that,
03:43 you know, a healthy relationship
03:44 involves boundaries.
03:46 So what kind of boundaries did you have in place?
03:52 Yeah, so this was actually
03:53 the first relationship for the both of us
03:56 where we really wanted to put God into the center.
03:59 We had made a lot of mistakes in the past with our choices
04:02 and, you know, some ignorance in there
04:04 when it came to certain things.
04:06 And so from the very beginning,
04:08 we were intentional about physical boundaries,
04:11 how we didn't want to touch each other
04:12 in an inappropriate way.
04:14 We were saving ourselves for marriage.
04:16 Also being intentional about how we spent our time together.
04:19 So we tried to be very creative
04:21 with our dates and that sort of thing.
04:24 But most notably,
04:26 I think from our story of boundaries is
04:29 actually when we first set our boundaries,
04:34 we said we were okay with kissing
04:35 and that wasn't gonna be a problem.
04:38 And then a couple months into our relationship,
04:41 it started to get a little bit more difficult.
04:44 And we were saying if we're waiting for marriage,
04:48 I don't know how successful we're gonna be
04:50 if this is how it's going.
04:52 And so exactly around that time,
04:54 I had to leave the country to go study abroad in England
04:58 for a few months.
04:59 And while I was there, I started to feel impressed,
05:02 you know, as I was continuing to pray and read
05:05 that we should save kissing for marriage,
05:07 but I said, you know,
05:09 Lord if this is what You want us to do,
05:10 you're gonna have to tell Brandon,
05:12 and he's going to have to be the one to bring it up.
05:14 And sure enough, like it was either that day
05:16 or later that week,
05:18 Brandon brought up how he felt that,
05:20 you know, he should honor me and honor God more and that
05:23 we should really save kissing for marriage.
05:26 And so we made that decision,
05:28 you know, hundreds and thousands of miles
05:30 apart from each other
05:31 that we were gonna save hundreds and thousands.
05:35 We're gonna save our next kiss for our wedding day.
05:39 And that's what we did.
05:41 So almost
05:42 maybe almost two years later is the next time
05:45 that we shared our kiss on our wedding day.
05:48 And that video is actually on our YouTube channel
05:50 of our wedding ceremony
05:51 when that happened.
05:53 Wow. That's awesome.
05:54 Brandon, how many seconds was that?
05:57 Two years down, 653 days.
06:01 I know for a fact there,
06:03 I have to think about the hours and the seconds,
06:04 but it felt like a very long time
06:08 but it was worth the wait.
06:09 Right. Yes, for sure, for sure.
06:12 So tell us a little bit about Love At Home Ministries.
06:16 How did that get started and what is it all about?
06:20 Of course, yes. Thank you.
06:21 So Love At Home Ministries is a ministry that allows us
06:27 to work with couples and individuals
06:29 directly and also indirectly
06:31 on how to experience healthy, happy, and holy romance.
06:34 And it really grew out of our years of doing relationship
06:38 focused content on YouTube.
06:40 Back in 2014, we were searching online
06:44 trying to find resources about courtship
06:46 and just how to do this thing,
06:47 that we were both so new to
06:50 and God really allowed...
06:51 God really impressed our hearts at that time,
06:53 that if we weren't seeing what we were looking for,
06:55 why not start making content
06:57 and sharing this content online with people
06:59 about what we were experiencing
07:01 and what God was teaching us from His Word.
07:03 And by God's grace, we did that.
07:04 So we started releasing a series of different videos.
07:08 The first series was entitled The Courtship series.
07:10 And just the response that we received from people
07:13 literally all around the world
07:15 that were messaging us and sharing that,
07:17 you know, something that we had shared
07:18 had resonated with them
07:19 or that they really appreciated,
07:21 you know, the content that we were bringing in,
07:22 just the vulnerability that we have with our videos.
07:26 And we were so thankful for that.
07:27 And this truly been overwhelming
07:28 throughout the years.
07:30 In 2018, about four years later,
07:33 God blessed us with our first son.
07:35 And after he was born,
07:38 we started to really see the need for more ministry
07:43 towards the home, towards the home life.
07:46 Maybe I was starting to realize that
07:48 the weight of responsibility now on us
07:50 as parents or whatnot,
07:51 we just had to think that
07:53 the whole needs to be ministered to.
07:55 And that there's a mission for us,
07:57 I think, to address the needs of parents and families,
08:00 and husbands and wives, and daughters and sons,
08:03 and by God's grace,
08:04 that's what we sought out to do
08:06 with starting Love At Home Ministries.
08:08 And, you know, seeing the home as this,
08:11 as the center of communities, as the center of churches,
08:14 as the center of our nation
08:15 and administrators that we needed right now.
08:18 Yes, yes.
08:20 That is awesome.
08:22 You know, I've seen your YouTube channel,
08:23 I've seen some of your videos
08:24 and I have to second what everybody's saying is,
08:28 you know, I appreciate your transparency
08:30 and all of that.
08:31 And I think that that is very helpful
08:33 when dealing with the subject of relationships and marriage
08:37 and all of that stuff,
08:38 because sometimes the picture is painted as,
08:41 "Oh, you know,
08:42 once you get married, everything's perfect."
08:44 Like even if there's red flags that arise
08:46 and you ignore it.
08:47 Oh, yeah, it'll get better.
08:48 You know, people have that impression.
08:51 So what are some challenges
08:54 that guys have faced as a couple
08:57 and maybe as a married couple as well.
09:01 And how did you overcome those?
09:05 That's a great question. I'll start off.
09:07 And I think that one of the first challenge
09:08 that comes to my mind is
09:10 after our son was born
09:12 continuing to place one another
09:14 at the forefront of our relationship.
09:16 So when you have a new baby in your life,
09:18 and you're so excited to be a father, to be a mother,
09:20 sometimes you can begin
09:22 to slip as far as how much care,
09:24 how much, you know, devotion,
09:25 you really show into your spouse
09:27 and the attention that you're giving to them.
09:29 And that was an adjustment for us.
09:30 And it still is an adjustment today.
09:32 We still haven't perfect.
09:33 We're trying to get better. Right?
09:34 We're trying to get, you know,
09:36 a little bit more regimented in the,
09:37 you know, the date nights
09:39 that we'll have with one another
09:40 and just the intentional conversations
09:42 that will satisfy to make sure that we can have time
09:44 every single day to just talk and to catch up.
09:46 But it is challenging
09:48 when a child that when children come into the picture,
09:51 but that's one of the, that's an example,
09:52 one of the challenges that we faced.
09:54 Yeah.
09:55 I think in the beginning,
09:57 especially when you have
09:58 a really solid foundation of friendship,
10:00 that can be easy to just sail on through
10:03 'cause really with marriage,
10:04 you have to be very intentional.
10:06 And I think, you know, like Brandon said,
10:08 having a child open up our eyes
10:10 to the fact like, yes, you're always gonna be friends
10:12 and you like each other,
10:14 but you do have to intentionally keep sowing
10:16 into your marriage
10:18 communicating, building those memories
10:19 and those special moments together.
10:21 So we try to really apply what we tell others to do,
10:27 as we need to share,
10:28 but, you know, we have to put into application,
10:31 you know, what God has already shown us.
10:32 So that's how we try to address it now.
10:35 Amen.
10:36 So you practice what you preach.
10:38 I love it.
10:39 That's what we preach.
10:40 I love it.
10:42 So what led to the creation of Tokens of Love?
10:47 Yeah.
10:48 Tokens of Love is really, it was a multiple year journey.
10:52 The idea actually came from us putting together presentations.
10:58 So whenever we would do different seminars,
11:00 we would always try to find examples in the Bible
11:03 to give the principle for what we were sharing.
11:06 And we started noticing that every love story in the Bible
11:09 had a lesson or a token, if you would say
11:13 that we could use to apply to our relationships.
11:16 So in 2016,
11:18 we started actually just writing down the couples
11:20 we were finding in the Bible.
11:22 And then the next year after that
11:24 really challenged ourselves
11:26 to start finding what are those themes
11:28 that we can pull out from each couple,
11:30 until we finally narrowed it down
11:32 and we started writing
11:33 and, you know, it took some time
11:35 and we would, you know, lay it down
11:37 and then God would send something
11:38 to remind us, to pick it back up again.
11:40 And after our son was born,
11:42 I think that really gave us the push
11:43 that we needed to really finish the book.
11:45 And that's when Tokens of Love was born.
11:47 So we had 31 couples, 31 stories and 31 lessons
11:52 that we can take away from these Bible stories.
11:55 Wow. That's huge.
11:57 You were gonna say something, Brandon?
11:59 No, no. I was just agreeing with her.
12:01 Okay.
12:03 So, what is the structure of the book?
12:07 Yeah, so the book I should have mentioned
12:09 the book takes you through 31 different couples
12:12 and different relationships
12:13 that we see recorded in the Bible.
12:15 And then along with each day's devotional entry,
12:17 while we're also, also able to provide them
12:20 the devotional was a prayer starter
12:22 for us to have, you know,
12:24 concentrated prayer on each particular theme
12:26 and, you know, by day by day,
12:28 and then also additional scriptures
12:30 for individuals to study or couples to study.
12:33 I mean, there's just only so much
12:35 you could put into one devotional entry.
12:37 So we did our best to
12:38 also provide reference scriptures
12:40 for additional study
12:42 that folks can also entertain.
12:44 And then second, thirdly
12:47 we thought it was really important
12:48 to provide a personal reflection space.
12:50 So if you're reading this devotion
12:52 and you're going through it,
12:53 and you know, sometimes when we get devotions
12:54 we can just go day by day and not really think about
12:57 what we're actually reading
12:58 and what we're no longer receiving.
13:01 And so this personal reflection space was designed
13:03 so that individuals can, can journal and can write
13:06 in response to the devotional theme
13:07 for that day.
13:08 And when we think about
13:10 how does this practically apply to my life and to my walk
13:12 particularly around,
13:14 particularly around relationships.
13:15 And then lastly
13:16 there's a couples corner discussing question
13:18 for each day,
13:19 but we wanna encourage those
13:21 who are choosing to read this book together,
13:22 that they can have healthy conversations
13:24 with one another about these topics.
13:26 Maybe you're doing the Bible study.
13:27 Maybe you're just,
13:29 you know, reading it with your significant
13:30 other whatnot,
13:31 but these couples corners can be really helpful
13:33 to sparking conversation and dialogue
13:35 around the different things in the book.
13:37 Yes.
13:38 You know, and I love
13:40 how you have that couples corner in there
13:41 because I think I can really see
13:43 how that would enhance things.
13:45 You know, it's practical exercises
13:47 and stuff for the couples to do.
13:49 That is awesome questions to get them thinking.
13:52 Sorry. Yeah.
13:54 I think that's huge.
13:55 Now, what about for that single person
13:57 that's out there and they're like,
13:59 well, you know,
14:00 I'd like to be in a relationship one day.
14:02 I'd like to be married one day.
14:05 What do you have for them?
14:06 How can this book benefit them?
14:11 Yeah, I think I always say that,
14:14 you know, the journey to marriage
14:16 or into a relationship is a faith journey
14:18 because it really involves a total surrender
14:21 and trusting that God knows best
14:24 and He will provide what is best.
14:26 And I know even just in my own personal journey,
14:29 I had to go through that.
14:30 So, Tokens of Love,
14:31 because we're going through the different Bible stories,
14:33 what we hope readers take away,
14:35 especially if they're single,
14:37 is knowing that God cares
14:39 and that He intricately cares
14:40 about each and every person, every story,
14:43 He cares about how you experienced love.
14:45 He cares about when you're frustrated
14:47 or you're angry.
14:48 He cares about
14:50 when you're waiting for something.
14:51 There are just so many components
14:52 to relationship,
14:54 and all through the Bible we can see God's care.
14:56 And I think we,
14:57 I think when a person starts there
14:59 and they're strengthened in their faith
15:00 and their understanding that
15:02 God wants to be very involved in this area of their life
15:05 that will inspire them
15:07 as they're on that journey of preparation.
15:10 Well said, well said.
15:12 Why do you think that
15:13 the area of love and relationships
15:16 and why do you think that's such a huge, huge topic
15:20 that seems to be very high in demand?
15:23 Yes. Yeah.
15:25 Well, when you think about the fact that God,
15:26 you know, He created
15:28 this institution of marriage, right?
15:29 He created the desire in our hearts
15:33 to want companionship.
15:35 And so when you understand that,
15:37 I think it makes sense that
15:39 so many people are just attracted
15:40 to talk about love and relationships,
15:42 because we all have that little thing in our hearts
15:44 that, you know, goes off and makes us want to feel loved
15:47 or want to love someone else.
15:49 And so I think that, you know, especially today,
15:51 when we look at what's happening right now
15:53 with just the marriage rates over the last few years,
15:56 and also the divorce rate
15:57 and even the rates of cohabitation
15:59 and even most recently, the epidemic of loneliness
16:03 that we're dealing within the United States.
16:05 It's apparent that
16:06 love and relationships is on people's minds
16:10 and that individuals are seeking information,
16:12 want to know how to actually do these different things
16:15 that pertain to the matters of my heart.
16:18 And I know that, you know,
16:19 we probably don't even have research on this yet,
16:21 but the year of the COVID-19 pandemic
16:24 and we see what's transpired and just, you know,
16:26 I think that also the pressure that many homes have been under
16:29 as a result of this has also increased,
16:32 I think the desire, the need for more ministry,
16:35 more I think more getting back to God's Word.
16:39 What does it mean to have healthy, happy,
16:41 and holy romance
16:42 and healthy relationships in your home.
16:45 And how do you cultivate those happy, healthy,
16:48 you know, and holy romances in your home?
16:51 How do you go about cultivating that?
16:55 It really starts with God being the foundation.
16:58 And I know it sounds,
17:00 probably sounds a little cliche,
17:01 but really, you know,
17:03 there's nothing we can do outside of Christ
17:05 and so if you want something to be strong
17:07 and to be happy and healthy, that's gonna come from Him.
17:10 So, you know, praying together and it's so important.
17:14 One thing we have really tried to do
17:16 and be consistent with,
17:18 with our son is family worship time.
17:20 So just gathering together in the Word and prayer
17:23 can do amazing things for a family.
17:25 And when you do it on a consistent basis as well,
17:28 I think also having an understanding
17:29 of communication.
17:31 So now that we are all spending a lot of time at home
17:34 on the same four walls with each other.
17:37 Do we know how to have healthy communication habits,
17:40 you know, that can foster more love and more kindness
17:43 and those sorts of things.
17:44 So it's all about
17:45 just equipping ourselves with the skills,
17:47 but on top of the foundation of God being the center.
17:51 Amen.
17:52 Now what about finances?
17:54 You know, 'cause married couples,
17:56 you know, when they come together
17:57 and the whole financial component,
18:00 how does that factor into a happy, healthy marriage?
18:05 That's so important too.
18:06 I mean, we work with couples
18:08 and premarital coaching sessions with couples.
18:10 We've focused explicitly on finances
18:13 because, you know, many fight some money problems
18:16 is one of the leading cause of divorce in America.
18:20 And so we know that
18:21 there's so much work that needs to be done
18:23 leading up to marriage.
18:24 And even before you're in a relationship
18:26 to make sure you have those right financial principles.
18:29 So yes, understanding your finances,
18:32 understanding how to properly manage family finances.
18:35 And then I think also as a couple coming together
18:37 on the same page
18:39 on your finances,
18:40 and there like Sheretta was mentioning earlier,
18:41 just the communication.
18:43 One time I heard somebody telling me that,
18:45 you know, they and their spouse don't talk about finances
18:48 except for once a year.
18:49 And I said that just can't happen.
18:51 You can't have a healthy, happy, and holy home
18:54 with just talking about finances once a year.
18:56 So having that regular time with the communicating
18:59 and sharing about your finances
19:00 and your dreams and your goals and your plans,
19:03 it's very healthy for a relationship.
19:05 And I'd also add starting with the good financial habits.
19:08 You know, the Bible has a lot to say about
19:10 how to handle money.
19:12 And so, really building those healthy skills.
19:14 I know we all need that.
19:17 Yes, absolutely.
19:20 You guys also do premarital counseling.
19:23 What do those sessions look like?
19:25 How do you start?
19:27 How do you start with the couples?
19:29 Like what do you do?
19:31 Yeah.
19:32 So we take each couple through a customized assessment where,
19:36 you know, they fill out this sort of questionnaire
19:39 and they, then we get a report
19:41 where we can look at the different areas
19:43 of their relationship
19:44 such as, you know, how they communicate,
19:47 conflict resolution,
19:48 their thoughts on parenting in the future, et cetera.
19:51 And we walk them week by week through each of those areas
19:54 and just have discussion and also sharing,
19:57 transparent sharing of our experiences.
20:00 And I'm really just trying to,
20:01 we call it the marriage toolbox.
20:03 So we are trying to give them all the tools
20:05 that they will need
20:06 to be able to build a foundation
20:08 for a successful marriage.
20:09 And yeah, that's what we do with them.
20:14 That is wonderful.
20:16 What are some, maybe some testimonies
20:18 that you can share about
20:20 how people have been blessed by the book
20:23 and perhaps the premarital counseling?
20:28 Well, great. Yeah, that's a great question.
20:30 So I guess I would take the...
20:33 I'll take the book one first.
20:34 So we had somebody who wrote,
20:35 actually wrote an endorsement for our book
20:37 and they had reached out to us after reading it
20:41 and after receiving the book
20:43 and share that
20:44 they were going to actually purchase another book
20:46 to provide to a couple
20:48 that was on the brink of divorce.
20:50 And that was so...
20:52 That experience was so humbling for us
20:54 to realize that
20:56 someone thought so much about
20:58 what God placed on our hearts through this book
21:01 that they believe that would be a helpful resource
21:04 for somebody to rekindle their relationship
21:06 and to revive
21:08 just the happiness in their home
21:09 and hopefully, you know, keep their marriage.
21:11 And that was just an awe-inspiring moment for us.
21:15 Yes, yes.
21:17 Rekindle the flame.
21:20 That's right. That's right.
21:21 So what about the premarital counseling side?
21:26 Yeah, we've been blessed to see,
21:28 you know, different couples get married
21:30 and we certainly keep in touch after
21:33 and wanna make sure that,
21:34 you know, all is starting off well,
21:37 so I remember
21:40 this is little connected to the book as well,
21:42 but there was a couple who was courting
21:44 and they were reading the book together,
21:47 going through each entry one by one,
21:49 I'm sorry, week by week.
21:51 And they shared how the couples corner
21:54 was actually really helpful for them
21:56 getting a little bit deeper in their conversations
21:59 about their relationship
22:01 and about how God is a part of that relationship.
22:04 And I'm not saying this is because they read the book,
22:07 but they did get engaged recently
22:10 and are planning to get married.
22:11 So it's just exciting to see how,
22:13 you know, God is just using this
22:15 to facilitate the discussions that are needed.
22:18 And for people to really, as we mentioned before,
22:20 that purposeful, prayerful journey to marriage,
22:23 it's really helping people get there.
22:26 Praise the Lord. Yeah.
22:28 It sounds like the journey has been successful.
22:31 Amen. By His grace.
22:34 Amen.
22:35 Did you incur any challenges in writing this book?
22:41 Oh, we had several challenges Sheretta,
22:44 I think Sheretta mentioned earlier that,
22:46 you know, we started in 2016
22:48 with just kind of thinking about the book
22:50 and the book wasn't published until 2019.
22:52 So there was a bevy of challenges
22:54 all up and down those three years.
22:56 But I think in the, you know, in the most,
22:59 I guess when we were about to publish the book,
23:02 we sent out, you know, a query letter
23:05 and a proposal to some different agencies,
23:07 inquiring if they were going to,
23:09 you know, want to publish the book for us.
23:11 And after getting interest from these agencies,
23:15 we ultimately decided not to go the traditional publishing hub.
23:20 God impressed our hearts at that moment.
23:21 We were just struggling with like,
23:23 do we really want to go the traditional route?
23:24 Do we prefer to go self publishing?
23:26 And God reveal to us that we had the skills
23:29 and we had the resources
23:30 to be able to have to self-publish.
23:32 And so that was an overcoming
23:33 that challenge of that decision right there
23:36 and God has tremendously blessed
23:37 beyond our, you know, beyond our imagination.
23:40 Ah, praise the Lord.
23:42 I want to put up your address page.
23:46 I know that our time is dwindling down,
23:48 but I wanna put up your address.
23:51 And so people know how to get in touch with you
23:53 if they wanna book you for seminars,
23:55 if they'd like to get your book,
23:57 all of that.
23:58 So I'd like for you to read that for us.
24:02 Sure.
24:04 So the address where you can contact us
24:06 is 88 Glocker Way
24:09 #177 is the box, Pottstown, Pennsylvania 19525.
24:15 Our website is lahministries.com
24:19 and email if you want to have us speak
24:22 or you just want to get in touch with us
24:24 or interested in premarital coaching
24:26 is info@lahministries.com.
24:31 And then you could also call our phone number
24:33 at (267) 225-7115.
24:37 All right.
24:38 And that's Love At Home Ministries.
24:41 Yes. Yes, sir.
24:42 So real quick,
24:45 are there any final thoughts
24:46 that you have, Brandon or Sheretta?
24:52 Yeah.
24:54 Well, I think that
24:55 when we talk about love and relationships,
24:57 it's important for us to always remember that
25:01 courtship and marriage are really great opportunities
25:05 to enjoy companionship with one another,
25:08 but most important in our minds
25:09 is to be ready for the greatest marriage
25:11 of all to Jesus Christ
25:13 and to be ready for His soon coming.
25:15 And so, you know, as we're enjoying relationships
25:18 and seek relationships and trying,
25:20 it's trying to find our one to find our match.
25:23 It's important for us not to take our eyes off of
25:26 preparing for that great ceremony
25:29 that we want to be a part of.
25:31 And so one thing that we always tell people is that,
25:32 you know, knowing God and knowing His love
25:36 is so integral
25:38 to actually being able to love someone else.
25:41 As God transforms our lives,
25:43 as He transforms us as individuals,
25:45 we will be better able to love other people
25:48 and love that one
25:49 that God desires to bring into our lives.
25:51 We say that a life transformed is a love transformed.
25:54 Amen. I like that.
25:56 And I just...
25:58 Yes, and I would just like to add as well,
26:00 just from my personal experience,
26:02 I had gone through so many years
26:04 of not considering God as a part of my love life,
26:08 like when it came to romantic relationships
26:11 or someone being interested in me
26:12 or vice versa,
26:14 I never considered
26:15 God needing to be a part of that,
26:17 of consulting Him and talking to Him.
26:19 And, you know,
26:21 that led to a lot of really poor decisions.
26:23 But when I finally surrendered and I realized like,
26:26 no, God should very much be a part of this
26:28 just as I pray for protection,
26:30 traveling mercies and all of those things,
26:33 He should very much be a part of my relationships.
26:37 And I surrendered it over to Him.
26:38 That's when everything changed for me.
26:40 So I just wanna encourage
26:42 anyone listening to this program,
26:43 that if you haven't surrendered,
26:45 you know, your love life to God,
26:47 if you haven't included Him along the way,
26:49 it's not too late.
26:50 And you can certainly do that
26:51 because He is the one who has created this
26:53 and He knows best.
26:55 And He certainly always has a plan
26:57 more than we could ever imagine.
26:59 Amen.
27:00 Excellent, excellent advice.
27:02 And that just shows people
27:03 why they need to go get this book.
27:05 They need to pick up Tokens of Love.
27:09 Go get it, go get Tokens of Love.
27:12 Real quick, what would be your favorite Bible couple?
27:18 For me that is Hosea and Gomer.
27:20 I love the story of forgiveness that we see recorded there
27:24 and just how it reflects God's love
27:25 and His forgiveness towards us and His children.
27:28 Yeah.
27:30 It's hard to pick a favorite,
27:31 but the one that I think really resonated with me
27:35 was Nabal and Abigail
27:36 and just seeing her love come through
27:40 when he was very unlovable.
27:42 I think that's what we called it,
27:43 loving the unlovable.
27:45 So just learning how to deal with that.
27:46 Wow. That's huge.
27:48 Well, thank you so much for coming on
27:49 and sharing with us today,
27:51 and we wanna thank you for joining us.
27:53 Well, we've reached the end of another program.
27:54 Join us next time and remember,
27:56 it just wouldn't be the same without you.


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