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00:01 Stay tuned to meet a couple who overcame adversity
00:03 and was determined to do God's will, no matter the cost.
00:06 My name is Jason Bradley,
00:08 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:32 Hello and welcome to Urban Report,
00:34 my guest today are Ian and Angela Vandervalk,
00:37 and they are a huge part of our 3ABN production team.
00:41 Welcome to Urban Report, Ian and Angela.
00:44 Thank you, Jason. Thank you for having us.
00:45 Thanks for having us.
00:47 Yeah, my pleasure.
00:48 It's great to have you guys here since you've been at 3ABN,
00:51 I've had the opportunity to get to know you
00:53 a little bit better
00:55 and also taste some delicious food.
00:57 That's right. Yeah.
00:59 But while doing so,
01:01 I got to hear your powerful testimony.
01:05 And I want to start
01:06 with a little bit of your background,
01:08 your upbringing with both of you.
01:10 So how were you raised?
01:12 Let's start with you, Ian. You go.
01:13 No, go ahead. All right.
01:15 Well, I grew up in an Irish Catholic home.
01:17 Okay.
01:18 You know, I went to Catholic schools
01:20 my whole life from pre-K
01:21 all the way through high school.
01:23 The family that I was in though,
01:24 we weren't very spiritual.
01:26 You know, we just kind of went to church on
01:27 what was deemed the important days
01:29 like Christmas and Easter and things of that nature.
01:31 But we never really sat down as a family or read the Bible
01:35 or anything like that, it was just,
01:37 you know, my mom worked in the Catholic school
01:38 so I went to Catholic schools and...
01:40 Got you.
01:41 Yup. Got you.
01:42 So you didn't have the firm spiritual foundation?
01:44 No, there was really no foundation
01:45 even in being raised in the Catholic school,
01:48 I didn't really, you know, put forth the effort
01:51 or time to really learn about God or anything.
01:54 Got you. And, Angela, what about you?
01:56 Well, I was raised in a Seventh-day Adventist Home.
01:58 Okay.
01:59 My family went to church, my grandparents,
02:01 my aunts, uncles, everybody went to church
02:04 and I have a good memory of that,
02:07 but when I became a teenager
02:08 just one day my parents just stopped going.
02:11 And so we left the church, and I was at a church,
02:15 probably until I was about 24.
02:18 Okay, okay. Yeah.
02:19 Now, when you two met, were you in church then?
02:24 Actually, no, neither of us
02:25 were really in church at the time,
02:26 I definitely was not.
02:28 I was through and through 100% part of the world.
02:32 I was not involved in the church,
02:33 didn't attend church, didn't read my Bible,
02:35 had zero relationship with God at the time
02:37 I was just kind of looking for worldly pleasures
02:39 and doing worldly things.
02:41 So without a question we were not in the church
02:44 when we met.
02:46 Yeah.
02:47 So you're both kind of in the same state though?
02:48 Yes.
02:50 Yeah, at the time, she, and she was a single mom
02:52 when we met too, working two jobs and, you know.
02:55 Going to school.
02:56 Going to school,
02:57 so she really didn't set the time to go to church
02:59 or wasn't even part of that either then too.
03:01 Got you. Yeah.
03:02 Did you notice something missing in your life?
03:05 You know, looking back on it now,
03:08 I would say at the time I didn't.
03:10 But, you know, looking back, yeah, there was a big part
03:12 that was missing in my life for sure.
03:14 Did you feel like you were trying to fill voids
03:18 with other things?
03:19 Oh, without question, without question,
03:21 I mean I was, you know,
03:23 it was the party scene, the nightlife,
03:26 you know, I grew up in South Florida
03:28 near Fort Lauderdale, Miami,
03:29 so that's kind of what you do down there
03:31 and especially if you don't have
03:32 God in your heart,
03:33 you're just living in the clubs
03:35 and it's all about drinking and drugs and partying.
03:38 You know, that's really all it's about
03:39 and that's kind of what I used to fill my life
03:41 with, it's just, you know all the outside things,
03:44 you know, like I said the drinking and the drugs
03:46 and, you know, women and clubbing
03:48 and, you know dancing all of that,
03:50 that was pretty much what I did.
03:51 Yeah, yeah, and you found that it was empty.
03:54 Absolutely.
03:55 Yes. Absolutely.
03:57 So what were you doing for work?
03:59 What was your career?
04:00 Well, at the time I was,
04:01 I was a bookkeeper for a company.
04:03 Okay.
04:04 So I worked in a vault just counting money,
04:06 but I had lost that job at one point.
04:08 The company I worked for had shut down.
04:10 And we have actually just gotten married, maybe,
04:13 I don't know, maybe a year prior to that,
04:15 and when the company shut down.
04:18 I started looking for a job and I couldn't find one
04:20 and Angela then told me that she's pregnant.
04:25 I'm unemployed, so I didn't know what to do.
04:27 Things got real.
04:29 Things got real, real quick.
04:31 So what I did is,
04:34 my father and my grandfather were both,
04:36 had served in the army.
04:37 Okay.
04:39 My father was a pharmacy tech
04:40 and my grandfather was actually a spy in World War II.
04:41 Wow.
04:43 So there was a legacy there within my family
04:44 about serving in the military,
04:45 so I thought maybe this is a good time
04:47 to look into it.
04:48 So both my wife and I went there
04:50 and talk to a recruiter.
04:51 And, you know, I decided this is the best option
04:54 so I enlisted in the army for four years.
04:57 Wow, wow.
04:58 And I served a total of almost 12 years in the army.
05:00 Wow.
05:02 Now I know that, you know when you're in the military,
05:04 no matter what branch you're in,
05:06 there's a lot of travel involved
05:08 and there's some challenges that, you know, come up.
05:11 What challenges did you guys face
05:13 in your relationship when you joined the army?
05:15 Oh, boy.
05:16 Well, when I joined the army
05:19 that's kind of when everything started to fall apart.
05:21 The time that, you know, I had spent in basic training
05:24 and being away from her.
05:25 And then, AIT, which is kind of like the schooling
05:28 that you go to for your specific job
05:31 that you're going to have within the army.
05:33 So we spent, I don't know maybe about six or seven months
05:36 being apart from each other
05:38 and I might have thought one day
05:39 within that time, so there was, it was hard
05:42 and when I joined, I don't know what happened
05:45 but maybe it's because I didn't have
05:47 all that nightlife involved,
05:48 I didn't have those things that I could just,
05:50 you know, fill my life with in that void.
05:53 So I became very depressed.
05:55 Yeah. And it was, it was tough.
05:58 So that time in the military
05:59 I became basically an alcoholic.
06:03 I drank all the time, it was, you know, every day.
06:06 I started making extremely poor choices
06:08 in my life and the job that I had
06:10 at the time in the military.
06:13 I would have to say about every day,
06:16 I was watching people die.
06:17 Wow.
06:18 And it took a toll on me because you know,
06:20 you're working eight to ten hours a day
06:23 and you're witnessing,
06:24 you know, someone's life being taken.
06:25 Yeah.
06:27 And you know you played a part in that.
06:28 And then I would have to come home and all of a sudden,
06:31 flip a switch and become a father and a husband,
06:34 and I didn't know how to do that.
06:35 And on top of me being,
06:37 you know, dealing with depression
06:38 and not really sharing it with anybody
06:39 just trying to control those emotions on my own,
06:42 I just, I started to fall apart.
06:44 Yeah.
06:46 And, you know, with the drinking.
06:49 You know it's hard for me to say
06:50 but as a married couple I did,
06:53 you know, some of the worst things
06:54 that I could do to my wife and I committed adultery.
06:57 And it wasn't just once, I did it on multiple occasions.
07:02 And, you know, it's hard to forgive myself.
07:05 I know the Lord does forgive me for it absolutely,
07:07 but I still, in some ways I carry that weight with me,
07:10 because of what I did,
07:12 and the pain that I caused my wife.
07:14 You know, she was very much a part of the church
07:18 at that time.
07:21 And she had rededicated her life to the Lord.
07:23 Yeah.
07:24 So, I don't know if you want to talk about that.
07:28 Yeah, you know, Angela, I want to know, like,
07:31 what were your feelings
07:33 while Ian was gone at the army?
07:37 I was really sad.
07:38 It was sad and then before he joined the army,
07:42 and before we got married, I gave my life back to God.
07:46 I was smoking, I was drinking, and my cousin invited me
07:49 to evangelistic meeting.
07:52 And I went there smoking and drinking and left there.
07:57 You know I came as I was, 'cause everybody's always like,
08:00 "Come as you are."
08:01 So I did, I was smoking about a pack and a half day
08:04 and drinking on the weekends
08:06 and I went and I just gave my heart to God
08:11 and stopped all that.
08:12 So when we got married,
08:14 praise God that I gave my heart to God
08:17 before we got married.
08:18 And when we got married, I was already in love with him,
08:20 so I was like,
08:22 God is not going to come before you,
08:24 so I was like, God, God comes first I meant to say,
08:27 and so I told him that upfront,
08:29 I was like, "Before we get married,
08:30 I just want you to know I love God
08:32 and you may not go to church
08:33 but God comes first in my life,"
08:35 and he respected that
08:36 and, but he went away
08:39 and he told me what he was doing.
08:43 You know, it was very hard for me.
08:45 And, you know, my first thing is,
08:48 I'm not gonna be with no man that cheats on me,
08:50 there's no way, you know, and I'm like,
08:52 "Forget this, I'm leaving," but I was like,
08:54 "God, what is Your will?
08:56 What is Your will? What do You want me to do?'
08:57 And my cousin,
08:59 she went through this similar before I did
09:02 and then she's like, just, I spoke to her.
09:04 She's like, "Just read Psalms and Proverbs
09:06 and pray for your husband, pray for your marriage."
09:08 She's like, "Fight for it."
09:10 So I did and I prayed and every time,
09:13 you know, throughout the years we'd be fine,
09:14 then it would happen again and then he's drinking
09:16 and then it happens,
09:18 so I just kept praying and kept praying
09:20 for God's will to be done
09:21 and I would fight with God, I'd be like,
09:23 "Why do You want me with this man?
09:24 I don't want to be with Him."
09:26 You know, I don't want to be hurting anymore,
09:28 but God had a plan.
09:30 And now it's just a wonderful marriage
09:34 and I'm just so thankful and praise God
09:37 that I have this wonderful husband now
09:39 that he just loves the Lord.
09:42 Yes. Amen. Yeah.
09:43 And, Ian, like when Angela came to the Lord,
09:48 did you feel like you were married
09:50 to a different person?
09:52 One hundred percent.
09:54 She completely changed
09:56 and we were not at the same level
09:57 at that point.
09:59 She had accepted Lord,
10:00 the Lord and accepted Him completely into her life.
10:03 So, you know, I didn't really know
10:05 much about having relationship with God
10:07 so I just kind of told her, you know, yeah,
10:09 sure it's fine with me, you know.
10:12 But I was still drinking, I was still smoking,
10:15 I was still very much a part of the world
10:16 and she was not
10:18 so we couldn't really relate anymore.
10:19 There was a lot of things that we just didn't,
10:22 we started losing in common.
10:23 And, you know, but we just,
10:26 we kept moving forward as a couple
10:27 and, you know, throughout all of the,
10:32 the adultery and the drinking and the arguments
10:34 and the fighting, I mean,
10:36 it was constant and it was cyclical,
10:38 you know, something would happen
10:40 and I would be good for a while,
10:42 but then because of the hurt that I've caused her
10:44 and she didn't know how to deal with it.
10:45 She started, you know, and I don't blame her for it,
10:49 but, you know, berating me
10:50 and putting me down and things like that,
10:52 so then I started feeling even worse about myself
10:54 and it wasn't really her fault.
10:56 You know, it was just, she didn't know
10:58 how to deal with the emotions either at that time.
11:00 Yes.
11:01 And you know we just kept moving forward
11:03 and kept moving forward,
11:04 but it hit a point where in our marriage
11:06 and our relationship
11:07 where she couldn't take it anymore.
11:08 And she was, she was 100% done and I don't blame her for it.
11:13 So she left to go to North Carolina,
11:17 remind you, we lived in Georgia at the time
11:18 and she just kind of took a little vacation kind of,
11:21 to get away from me, and she had told me
11:23 that she wanted to divorce.
11:25 And this is when,
11:26 at the same time my mother was sick with cancer.
11:29 And she had been dealing with it
11:30 and battling with it for several years.
11:32 So I became, I essentially lost it,
11:37 and I became suicidal.
11:39 I was on the phone with my brother
11:41 and I was crying uncontrollably,
11:43 I couldn't...
11:44 All the emotions that were flooding
11:46 through my head, all I wanted to do is die,
11:48 because in my head I'm losing
11:50 the two most important women in my life.
11:51 And the only thing that actually saved me was,
11:55 was my son,
11:56 because my son was in the home with me at that time
11:58 and I kept thinking in my head
12:00 that I don't want my son to find me dead in the house.
12:05 You know, I don't want him to have that image
12:07 for the rest of his life.
12:08 So as soon as she came home,
12:10 I went to my leadership in the army
12:13 and I explained to them what I had going on.
12:15 And they immediately took me
12:16 to the military medical hospital,
12:19 and I was put on suicide watch
12:21 and had to go through counseling
12:22 for about four days.
12:24 During that time,
12:26 or after the four days when I got released,
12:28 my brother had called me and said,
12:30 "Hey, mom, is not doing well,
12:31 you need to come down here and go to the hospital."
12:33 So I went down there to visit her
12:34 and four days later she died.
12:36 Wow.
12:37 Now, this was the moment where I think in some,
12:40 in anybody's life, you're either gonna go left
12:42 or you're gonna go right, just you know,
12:45 and it was four days earlier where I was on suicide watch.
12:48 You know, I wanted to end my life,
12:50 and now my mother's dead
12:51 and I didn't know how to handle these emotions.
12:52 I had fear, anger, upset,
12:55 you know, but at the same time I was happy
12:56 because my mom didn't have to go
12:57 through that pain anymore.
12:59 Yeah, she wasn't suffering. No, she wasn't.
13:01 Um, so a few more days had gone by
13:04 and I called up my wife and I said,
13:05 "You know, listen,
13:07 you're never gonna have to worry again."
13:08 And she didn't believe me, she just goes,
13:10 "Yeah right, whatever."
13:11 And, you know, and I didn't blame her
13:12 â cause at this point talk was cheap,
13:14 so I couldn't just talk the talk,
13:15 I had to walk the walk.
13:18 And, you know, she's...
13:21 I can't thank her enough and really for the Lord
13:23 because, you know, as bad as she wanted to leave,
13:26 she listened to the Lord and not her emotions
13:28 and not what she wanted.
13:30 You know, so she listened to God
13:31 and she never left and she's stuck by my side
13:34 and this, that was the moment where things
13:36 and the Lord really started to work in my life.
13:38 Yeah.
13:39 He really started to make some changes.
13:40 And I want to go into that but I want to say that,
13:42 that is very powerful
13:44 that you had that forgiveness in your heart,
13:47 you know, that's clearly from the Lord
13:48 that God placed that forgiveness
13:50 in your heart and it's powerful
13:53 that you accepted that and you extended that to Ian,
13:58 and you guys are sitting here today
14:00 and, you know, like, having the opportunity
14:04 to get to know you, I think you guys are wonderful couple.
14:06 Thank you.
14:08 Like I'm thrilled that you guys are out here.
14:11 Yeah. Praise God.
14:12 You know, you've been through a lot.
14:15 You had come to the point
14:18 where you just wanted to end it all.
14:20 I did.
14:21 But your son, your son was there.
14:23 It's amazing how God uses children to get to the parents
14:27 to reach the parents.
14:29 So as you're taking this turn now,
14:31 you've received that forgiveness,
14:33 and you've seen,
14:35 you know that Christ like attitude
14:36 in your wife, in Angela.
14:37 That's right.
14:39 Now that you're taking that turn, what happened?
14:42 Well, you know, so I started attending church,
14:46 just a little bit here and there,
14:48 but I was getting more and more involved,
14:49 you know, in the past when I would go to church
14:51 I was more of a seat warmer.
14:52 I just kind of went to make my wife happy and that was it.
14:54 I had no intentions of sitting there and learning.
14:57 If anything I was looking at my watch
14:58 counting down the time when we'll get out of there.
15:01 But, you know, so I started attending church
15:03 more and more but I was sincere this time.
15:05 And I had a friend of hers.
15:09 Her husband who I had never met.
15:11 And I won't go into the whole story
15:13 but he basically who I'd never met,
15:14 had known nothing about, never talked to this man
15:17 and he did an act of kindness towards me and my family
15:21 that nobody would really do.
15:23 But to make a long story short, essentially my AC broke,
15:27 and he sent somebody out there and paid for it to fix it.
15:29 Yeah.
15:30 And that's really expensive sometimes.
15:32 Yes, it is. Yes.
15:34 He's never met Jason.
15:36 Never met the man. Yeah.
15:37 And he's one of my best friends now.
15:39 Yeah. His name is Jason so...
15:41 Look he sounds like a good guy to me.
15:42 He is a great guy. He is a great guy.
15:44 That's right.
15:45 But it just kind of made me wonder,
15:46 you know, maybe there's something more
15:48 to Christ and being a part of a church
15:49 and to having relationship with God.
15:52 And so, Angela went to then,
15:54 I don't know how much longer afterwards
15:56 but she went to an evangelistic series.
15:58 His wife gave me, showed me.
16:00 That's right. Jennifer.
16:01 And it was Pastor Kenny Shelton.
16:03 Yeah. Wow!
16:05 Uncle Kenny.
16:06 Uh-huh. That's right.
16:08 So she went there and came back and just said,
16:10 "Look, you know, hey, Ian,
16:12 you know, would you be open to seeing this guy?
16:14 He's an amazing preacher."
16:15 And I said, "Sure, you know, I'll go with you."
16:17 â Cause, again, I was starting to drift more
16:20 towards the Lord at this time.
16:21 I couldn't tell but now looking back
16:23 I can see Him working.
16:24 And so I went to this series, and it was just incredible.
16:29 The things that Pastor Kenny was saying
16:31 and especially at the end when he made an appeal.
16:34 I didn't take that lightly
16:35 and I had seen appeals done before,
16:37 you know, you see people stand up
16:39 and I just kind of took it as,
16:40 you know, they're just doing that
16:42 because they have to stand up.
16:43 You know, but for me I'm not going to do that
16:44 unless I truly mean it.
16:46 So, he made an appeal
16:47 and that first night I couldn't do it.
16:49 I started hearing voices in my head
16:51 telling me you know, I'm not good enough.
16:53 You know, you're nobody.
16:54 Look at the pain that you've caused
16:56 to your wife.
16:57 Look at the pain you've caused to your family,
16:58 and to all those that you love,
17:00 you know, how can God accept you,
17:02 He can't do that, He can't love you.
17:04 So that first night I never stood up.
17:06 So the devil was... The devil was attacking.
17:08 Without question,
17:10 and I told her the story afterwards
17:11 and the things that I had been experiencing
17:12 while I was in that church 'cause when I wanted to stand,
17:15 I'll tell you my legs got heavy,
17:17 I felt a pressure on my chest.
17:19 You know the palms started to sweat, it was,
17:21 you know, I was going through a spiritual battle.
17:24 And so I asked her later that night
17:26 after explaining to her I just said,
17:27 "Hey, you know, can we go again tomorrow and see him."
17:30 And she, she had plans because she was actually,
17:33 what was it, adventures?
17:34 Yes.
17:36 Yeah, she was doing adventures the following day
17:37 and she canceled all of her plans
17:39 and she's like, I am taking my husband back to see this,
17:43 you know, this evangelistic series
17:44 and hear Pastor Kenny.
17:46 So I went again
17:47 and the same thing started happening all over.
17:49 And, but that night I decided to give my heart
17:52 to the Lord.
17:54 And I completely surrendered at that moment,
17:58 and I was still smoking at the time too.
18:00 So I had made changes in my life,
18:03 I previously to that I've stopped drinking.
18:06 But at that moment I was still smoking,
18:08 and I quit.
18:10 You know, Praise God, 'cause it took a lot of prayer.
18:12 It was a miracle. Yes.
18:14 I think that's when she knew, Okay, something's...
18:16 He's serious this time.
18:17 Yeah. Yeah.
18:19 'Cause I smoked for about 20 years.
18:20 Wow.
18:21 And I just with the help of the Lord, I quit.
18:23 You don't even look like you're old enough
18:24 to smoke 20 years but...
18:26 That's right. Wow.
18:27 Well, thank you, I appreciate that.
18:29 No problem. No problem.
18:30 So, Angela, how were you feeling
18:32 when he gave his heart to the Lord?
18:34 That was awesome, It was really...
18:36 I prayed for my husband for 11 years.
18:39 And I really prayed for him and prayed for him
18:42 to give his life to the Lord,
18:44 I will say the same prayer over and over,
18:46 "God please help my husband stop drinking,
18:48 please help my husband stop smoking,
18:49 please help my husband to give his life to You."
18:52 And that was my prayer usually every night
18:55 for 11 years I prayed for him.
18:57 So when he finally did, fully commit,
19:01 it was wonderful, but the struggles you know
19:04 when you give your heart to the Lord,
19:05 it doesn't stop there.
19:07 That's right.
19:08 That's just the beginning of it.
19:09 That's right. Yeah.
19:11 And it was for us.
19:12 Yeah, and I'm glad that you brought that out,
19:13 but you know I think something else
19:15 that's powerful too is that you prayed
19:17 and you asked and you kept on asking.
19:19 You're asked again and you kept on asking like,
19:22 that's powerful.
19:23 It speaks through the fervent prayer
19:24 and that persistence and prayer
19:26 and that's, that's key.
19:27 Yeah.
19:28 So what happened 'cause it's not smooth sailing
19:31 just because you become a Christian,
19:32 things can get tough.
19:34 It gets worst. Absolutely.
19:36 Right after, you know,
19:38 dedicating my heart to the Lord,
19:40 I received orders from the army to go to Texas,
19:43 and I had to be there within 90 days.
19:45 And that's not totally uncommon but for me
19:48 and what I had experienced in the people
19:49 that I have known, and the soldiers
19:51 I had known, I hadn't seen that in a long time.
19:53 So...
19:54 And we owned a house.
19:56 Yeah, and we owned the house at the time.
19:57 So we couldn't just pick up and leave.
19:58 Wow.
20:00 Yeah, we had a lot going on at that moment
20:01 so I was really struggling with the decision I needed to,
20:03 you know, to make.
20:04 At this point I wanted to do what the Lord wanted to do,
20:07 wanted me to do.
20:08 I did not want to do my way at all
20:10 from that point forward,
20:11 so I kept praying and praying and praying.
20:14 Every night and I was waking up at 2, 3 o'clock in the morning
20:17 and just thinking about what I should do
20:19 and what the Lord wants me to do
20:21 just sleepless nights constantly.
20:22 And it got to the point
20:24 where, you know, I wasn't hearing anything back.
20:27 And I thought that maybe those voices
20:29 that I was hearing in my head,
20:31 you know, telling me I'm not good enough
20:33 at that evangelistic series,
20:34 you know, telling me that God doesn't love me
20:37 and the things that I've done,
20:38 you know, He can't accept me.
20:41 You know, it just, it started to consume me.
20:44 And I became filled with anger, and I started maybe again,
20:46 I actually began to curse God and I even called up my wife
20:50 and I just said yeah,
20:52 and I just said, you know, God hates me.
20:55 God doesn't love me. He's not answering.
20:57 I thought this is, you know once I become,
20:59 you know, a servant of His, you know
21:01 and, and I accept Him and allow Him
21:03 to come into my life,
21:04 He's supposed to guide me
21:05 and I'm not getting any guidance.
21:08 So, when I was on the phone with her,
21:10 that was where she really drew the line,
21:12 she said, "You're cursing God, I'm done with you.
21:16 You've put me through enough."
21:18 And I raced home from work
21:20 and you know kept her on the phone.
21:22 And as soon as I came in there she was in the bed,
21:25 sitting in the bed,
21:26 in our bedroom and just started reading the Bible.
21:28 Crying.. Crying her eyes out...
21:30 Reading the Bible.
21:31 Yeah. Yeah.
21:32 But as I heard her reading the Bible
21:34 I became fueled even more with anger,
21:36 because I didn't want to hear it.
21:37 Yeah.
21:38 And she kept telling me just pray, just pray
21:40 and I said, "I don't want to pray to God,
21:41 I don't, I can't pray to God,
21:42 He's left me, He doesn't love me."
21:44 And when she would stop reading the Bible
21:46 just everything would just calm down.
21:49 And then she would start reading it out loud
21:50 and then I would get angry all over again
21:52 and when I looked at myself in the mirror in our bathroom
21:55 which is right next to our bedroom,
21:57 my eyes didn't look like me, you know, I know it was me.
22:00 Yeah.
22:01 But it didn't look like me, I was just so angry
22:03 and it seemed like there was another person in me,
22:06 it was like another spiritual attack
22:07 all over again.
22:09 But this was after my baptism, so you would, why,
22:12 you know, you would think why you're gonna go
22:13 through something like this.
22:15 And it really felt like Satan was throwing an army after me,
22:19 and I couldn't understand that either,
22:20 I was wondering why am I so important
22:22 that Satan wants me so bad.
22:24 'Cause you're a child of God.
22:25 That's right.
22:26 And so needless to say that night I slept alone.
22:32 Hope your couch was comfortable.
22:33 Well...
22:34 We had a spare bed. We got a spare bed.
22:36 Second one wasn't too bad.
22:37 Yeah, that's right.
22:39 So, I was in the bed and I was just,
22:42 you know, I couldn't pray, but I got three words out,
22:45 and that was, "God, help me."
22:47 Wow.
22:49 And that's all I really needed to say,
22:51 because that next day, I became,
22:52 I woke up and I felt calm,
22:54 and the day after that I was even more at peace.
22:57 And I just became fueled with this fire
23:00 and this passion for the Lord.
23:01 Yeah.
23:03 And I was, you know, waking up early
23:04 having my own devotional,
23:06 sometimes at 4:30 in the morning
23:07 I'd wake up
23:09 and I would just start reading and studying my Bible
23:11 to the point where she's wandering,
23:12 you know, hey, I need your help around the house, you know.
23:15 Yeah.
23:17 Can you do something here, you know.
23:18 I love it.
23:19 But, you know, but I began to find that balance
23:21 between family and the Lord because, you know.
23:24 And it was just... It was just incredible.
23:26 We would be places in,
23:28 you know, I'd just tell her, you know.
23:29 I just wanna serve the Lord. I just wanna serve the Lord.
23:31 He just kept saying that, I don't know what I'm gonna do,
23:33 'cause he was hired by a contractor.
23:35 Okay.
23:36 And... Well before that.
23:37 Oh, okay. Yeah.
23:39 Okay. Sorry, I don't mean to...
23:40 No, it's okay.
23:42 I had made the decision to get out of the army,
23:43 which was very tough
23:45 because, you know, you have medical insurance
23:48 that you don't have to pay for,
23:49 you know, and your family would go to the hospital,
23:53 go in emergency room and they're covered.
23:54 Yeah.
23:56 And that was huge because I thought,
23:59 you know, if I get out the army,
24:00 how are we going to...
24:02 How am I, as a man of the home gonna take care of my family.
24:04 Yes.
24:05 And we just kind of, you know, I made a decision.
24:08 We were at church one night, and I just saw my wife
24:12 and my kids with our church family
24:14 and I just said, "This is where we need to be,
24:16 this is where I'm going to grow in Christ.
24:18 Wow.
24:19 So, we did it and we decided to get out.
24:21 And that was it
24:22 and then we just relied on the Lord
24:25 to take us the rest of the way.
24:27 So, I heard, Angela,
24:29 you're about to go into some contract work real quick.
24:31 Yes.
24:33 Yeah, he got a job as contractor,
24:34 but he didn't want to do that, he wants to serve the Lord.
24:36 So...
24:38 'Cause I would essentially been going back
24:39 to what I'd been doing before which is taking lives again.
24:42 Yeah.
24:44 And I didn't wanna do that, I didn't wanna,
24:45 but I left in the Lord's hand, I said God,
24:47 you know, I'm hired, you know, I haven't started yet
24:50 and they haven't given me a start date, but I'm hired.
24:53 I love that you went out with faith.
24:55 So how did you end up coming to 3ABN?
24:59 Well, we had sent our resumes up,
25:02 and we, when we sent it to Jill,
25:05 it was during the...
25:08 I think it was a camp meeting at the time.
25:10 Okay.
25:11 But, you know, prior to that, it was, I kept,
25:13 I didn't know what to do anymore,
25:15 you know, I didn't have a job but we had no income anymore
25:18 so I just as time went on, I kept saying,
25:22 you know, I just, I don't know I just didn't know what to do,
25:26 I was just so confused.
25:27 So, but I sent our resumes out to Jill
25:31 because actually, Pastor John Lomacang
25:33 who I reached out to early on in my Christianity,
25:37 in my walk with God,
25:38 I'd sent him an email and he responded back
25:40 and gave me some very powerful words
25:42 of encouragement.
25:43 And, but he called me up and just said that I,
25:47 you know, talked to Jill Morikone
25:49 about your guy's story
25:50 and she went through guy's resume
25:52 so I was blown away when that happened.
25:54 Yeah, that was a miracle.
25:55 So, yeah, absolutely, so you sent,
25:57 you sent the resume in,
26:00 and you didn't hear from Jill for a little while.
26:02 Did you begin to get discouraged?
26:05 Absolutely I did, and it seemed, my friend Jason.
26:10 He worked for a company and I said,
26:12 "You know, I need a job.
26:13 What do you got, I can't wait any longer."
26:16 And as soon as I said that is when I got the phone call
26:17 from Pastor John.
26:18 Wow.
26:20 And then, as more, you know, then we had our interviews
26:22 and everything else but then more time had passed.
26:24 You know, I think, I don't know how long it was,
26:26 but it was over a month.
26:28 Then after that time that passed the second time
26:30 did you get discouraged again?
26:32 Absolutely. Okay.
26:33 I did.
26:34 It happened all over again as time passed,
26:36 I was trying, you know, I couldn't understand
26:38 why everything was taking so long
26:40 but it was God working through me
26:42 because I can tell you without question
26:43 He was teaching me patience and about waiting.
26:46 In His timing.
26:47 His timing. Absolutely.
26:49 But then the phone rang again, didn't it?
26:50 As soon as I was, I was, in the wife with my car
26:52 and I said, I can't wait any longer I need a job.
26:54 You're in the car with your wife.
26:56 Yeah.
26:57 Got you, got you.
26:59 And second time, you know, my phone went off
27:01 and it was an email from Jill inviting us up here
27:03 for another interview.
27:04 What a blessing.
27:06 And God has provided everything for us all our needs.
27:08 All of our needs. All of our needs.
27:10 And you made a point you said that
27:12 no matter what they were going to pay
27:15 you are going to come.
27:17 Yeah, we made it, you know, basically told God,
27:20 whatever it is, whatever the pay,
27:21 we don't, we don't care.
27:22 We're gonna trust in You.
27:24 We're gonna trust in You that You will provide
27:25 and that's what we did...
27:26 And He has.
27:28 And He did because right after
27:29 our interview, we saw that,
27:31 you know, with me being a veteran
27:32 that I got Veterans Assistance
27:33 and I started getting, getting paid so...
27:35 Yeah, that is huge, your story is truly inspiring.
27:40 The lessons of forgiveness that we've seen,
27:42 the perseverance, God showing up on time,
27:46 and I just want to say thank you,
27:47 I appreciate your transparency and all of that.
27:48 Thank you.
27:50 And I want to thank you for joining us.
27:51 Well, we've reached the end of another program.
27:54 Thanks for tuning in.
27:55 Join us next time, God bless.


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