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00:01 Stay tuned to meet a man with a holy boldness
00:03 that has taken him from the Vatican
00:05 to the nation's Capitol.
00:07 My name is Jason Bradley,
00:08 and you are watching Urban Report.
00:32 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:35 My guest today is Christopher Hudson,
00:37 director and speaker for Forerunner Chronicles.
00:40 Welcome to Urban Report, Christopher.
00:44 Hey, thank you for having me, Jason.
00:46 Glad to be here with you.
00:47 Oh, it's great to have you here.
00:48 You know, I was actually reading your story
00:51 in my mom's book, Glimpses of His Glory.
00:55 And I was blown away by your testimony.
00:59 Praise the Lord again.
01:00 God has been very good to me.
01:02 And I'm extremely thankful for the way that
01:05 He's led me in my life and that I'm alive.
01:09 You know, there was a time in my life where
01:11 I really had no aspirations for living a long life.
01:14 I just wanted to be famous,
01:17 be rich and die at the age of 25.
01:19 But God had other plans.
01:21 And I'm thankful for that.
01:22 Amen.
01:23 So let's, let's talk about that a little bit more
01:25 before you started doing Forerunner Chronicles
01:28 and traveling the world,
01:29 spreading the everlasting gospel.
01:31 What were you doing?
01:33 Right.
01:34 So I got into the entertainment industry
01:36 at a young age around 19.
01:38 I had this aspiration to be in the hip hop industry,
01:42 in particular, to be a rapper,
01:45 and started working with some different individuals.
01:48 And I came to find out that I had some friends
01:50 that are pretty deep into the movie industry.
01:54 So connecting with them, working with them,
01:58 working on some video projects, et cetera,
02:00 I was able to get my feet wet.
02:03 And ultimately, by the age of 20,
02:06 I was able to write my first screenplay
02:09 for my very first film that was released
02:11 in the theaters.
02:12 And so, I worked in the movie business
02:15 for a bit of time,
02:16 was a part of the Writers Guild of America.
02:18 And I was involved in a whole host
02:19 of other activities,
02:22 that the Lord was just good to deliver me from.
02:26 Yes, yes. And so, yeah.
02:28 How long did it take you to write that screenplay?
02:33 The first screenplay that I ever wrote,
02:37 that actually turned out to be the first movie
02:39 that I ever had released in the theaters,
02:41 it took me under 24 hours to write.
02:44 Under 24 hours?
02:46 Wow.
02:48 Yeah, had a 200 page script in 24 hours, under 24 hours.
02:51 Wow.
02:53 And that's amazing that
02:56 you could write a 200 page script.
02:57 People don't even write books in under 24 hours.
03:00 Yeah.
03:02 And, but as you read the book,
03:05 then, you know, the back story on that is,
03:08 I certainly was receiving supernatural assistance.
03:11 In that particular, we're talking about Satan.
03:14 And yeah,
03:16 it was a quite...
03:21 How can I say?
03:22 It was an experience that
03:26 I'm really thankful that God liberated me
03:27 from, that's the best way that I can explain it.
03:30 It was something that, yeah, you know,
03:31 it was something that
03:33 I never expected, I had no plans
03:36 on having this type of connection with the enemy,
03:39 but it did happen.
03:40 And because of the success I was experiencing as a result
03:44 of the demonic possession,
03:47 you know, I was happy for it, for a space in time,
03:51 because I thought I was the one that was in control
03:53 of what was going on with myself.
03:55 But it became very clear in a short space of time,
03:59 that man is not in a position where you can control Satan.
04:04 Quite the contrary you know, so...
04:07 Yeah, I'm glad that you... The Bible tells us, yeah.
04:09 I'm glad that you brought that up.
04:10 I was ashamed.
04:12 Yeah, I was just gonna say in Romans 6:16,
04:14 the Bible tells us clearly, "Know ye not,
04:17 that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey,
04:20 his servants ye are to whom you obey,
04:22 whether of sin unto death,
04:23 or obedience unto righteousness?"
04:25 So either we willfully yield ourselves
04:27 to being instruments of the Creator
04:30 or we become de facto instruments of Satan.
04:33 And that's pretty much where I found myself.
04:36 So there is, in other words, there's no middle line,
04:38 there's no middle ground.
04:40 There's no middle ground.
04:41 Not at all. That's right.
04:42 So people need to make a decision.
04:44 You know, and I'm glad that you brought that up,
04:47 because, you know, a lot of times
04:49 I think that people think that they can be in control,
04:52 but that's not the case.
04:55 Not at all. Not at all.
04:56 I certainly was ignorant in that sense as well,
05:01 I certainly was of that,
05:02 you know, that class that thought that I could control.
05:07 You know, I could control these supernatural agencies
05:09 for my own personal benefit.
05:11 But as I stated earlier,
05:13 I came to understand very quickly,
05:17 that that's not true.
05:18 We were definitely made a little lower than the angels.
05:21 And we're certainly not wrestling against flesh
05:23 and blood that we can just tame at our own personal whims.
05:27 So, yeah. That's right. That's right.
05:30 So what was your upbringing like?
05:31 And were you raised in the church?
05:34 Yeah, I was def...
05:36 I was raised in a Christian household.
05:38 My parents were very much so involved in the church,
05:41 very loving parents.
05:44 They tried to make sure that
05:45 my brother and my sister, myself,
05:49 received Christian education.
05:51 We even had morning worship, evening worship.
05:56 You know, they really did try to inculcate within us
05:58 Christian principles, biblical principles.
06:01 But unfortunately, I had other plans.
06:06 And you know how it is sometimes,
06:07 unfortunately, young people in the church,
06:09 they're looking outside of the church thinking that
06:11 there are things in the world that are better
06:15 than the thing that had been presented to us by our parents,
06:18 and that we're getting in the church.
06:21 And so, there was a series of events that took place
06:25 that pretty much brought me to a position
06:28 where I became sour on God, if you will.
06:31 You know, God wasn't my magic genie.
06:33 He didn't do what I wanted Him to do
06:35 when I wanted Him to do it.
06:36 And so I just made a decision, in my mind,
06:39 at very young age that I wasn't going to follow
06:43 that path anymore.
06:44 I did believe in God, never denounced
06:48 the reality of the Creator, it just logically made sense
06:51 that I didn't come from an animal.
06:54 I had to be made by an intelligent being, you know?
06:57 So obviously, that theory of evolution
07:00 was a non factor with me,
07:01 but I just made the decision that even though God is real,
07:06 that's just not going to be my path in this life.
07:09 And I chose my own direction
07:10 for a good period of time in my life.
07:14 Yes, yes.
07:15 So how did God get a hold of your life?
07:18 And when did that transition take place?
07:22 Right.
07:23 So when I was at a point
07:27 in the industry where...
07:31 I was at a point where the contracts
07:33 were getting ready, were coming in,
07:35 and big opportunities
07:37 were being presented to me,
07:38 not only for the movie industry,
07:42 but also in the music industry,
07:44 which was really what my heartbeat was for.
07:48 And because during that time,
07:51 just living a particular lifestyle
07:53 really ministered to you having the...
07:57 How could I say that?
07:58 The facade that was to go along with all that,
08:03 that lifestyle entailed, I was selling a lot of drugs
08:07 at that time as well.
08:08 And I was in uptown
08:11 Manhattan one day picking up
08:15 some drugs from a supplier.
08:19 And I just, I was totally not at peace
08:24 with what was going on in my life.
08:26 I knew that there was this power
08:29 that was in control of me that,
08:32 that I didn't have control of,
08:33 and every outside
08:39 to all of my friends,
08:40 everything was going in the right direction.
08:42 But within I knew everything was going
08:43 in the wrong direction.
08:45 And so that day, I found myself in a very known,
08:49 well-known park in uptown Manhattan.
08:52 I sat down and I went to start smoking some marijuana.
08:55 But as I lit up,
08:57 I heard the voice of the Spirit of God.
09:00 And, of course, now I know it was the Spirit of God,
09:02 saying to me, "Chris, you need to stop selling the drugs."
09:05 And I just said, "You know what,
09:06 I'm going to stop selling the drugs."
09:08 "Chris, you need to stop smoking."
09:09 "You know what, I'm going to stop smoking weed."
09:10 "Chris, you need to stop doing the movies."
09:12 "Know it, no more movies for me."
09:14 "Chris, you need to stop the music."
09:16 I'm done with rap. "And.
09:17 Chris, you need to go to school and become a preacher."
09:19 And I said, "I'm going to school
09:21 to become a preacher."
09:22 And it was, it was really, I always just describe it
09:24 as my Damascus Road experience,
09:26 because it was that much of an abrupt
09:28 out of an ordinary series, you know, situation for myself.
09:31 It wasn't something that I was expecting.
09:34 But the Lord evidently was just helping me
09:39 to see that the path that I was going on
09:42 was not the path
09:44 that was going to bring me the peace
09:45 and the joy that I was looking for.
09:46 And so when the Spirit of God began to speak with me,
09:50 I just had this firm conviction in my heart
09:52 that if I just responded in the affirmative
09:57 to all of these requests that will be made of myself
10:01 that I was going to experience that release,
10:04 that peace, that freedom that I was looking for.
10:06 And that certainly was the truth.
10:08 You know, I'm so thankful that the Lord
10:10 met me that day in that park.
10:11 Yeah, that's powerful.
10:13 That's powerful.
10:14 So what was your life like after you came to the Lord?
10:18 Because, you know, sometimes people think that,
10:20 oh, well, if I become a Christian,
10:22 everything's gonna be smooth sailing.
10:24 So, what took place after that?
10:28 Yeah, yeah, so it was smooth sailing.
10:31 Right, because I had invested so much time and energy
10:35 into being successful in the music industry
10:40 that I had let all of my collegiate studies
10:43 fall by the wayside, because that wasn't my goal,
10:45 that wasn't going to be my path.
10:48 That's the thought that I had.
10:50 And so now I found myself trying to,
10:54 you know, make a wave for myself,
10:56 but I really didn't know where to begin.
10:59 And so a host of events took place,
11:03 but ultimately, I ended up homeless.
11:06 And as I ended up homeless, the only thing
11:11 that I had left that was a worth in value
11:13 in my possession was a laptop computer.
11:16 And I had this laptop computer.
11:19 And I thought to myself,
11:20 "What am I going to do with this?
11:21 This is the only thing that I have of any good value.
11:24 What can I do with this?"
11:26 And I saw they had this generic
11:31 video editing program one day.
11:34 I thought to myself,
11:35 you know, maybe I should make videos.
11:40 And this is a time before social media
11:42 was even a thing.
11:45 And, but I was impressed,
11:48 I should make a video, make a DVD even.
11:51 And by...
11:54 By the Lord's intervention,
11:56 I was able to get a job doing some flooring work.
11:59 And the very first check
12:03 that I got from doing some flooring work,
12:06 I went to a Walmart to go purchase a video camera
12:09 because I had scoped out some video cameras there,
12:12 maybe a few days earlier.
12:14 And I went in there to buy this video camera
12:17 that I knew that I had sufficient money to get it,
12:19 definitely wasn't something that I wanted,
12:20 but I knew it was what I would be able to afford.
12:23 And when I went into to purchase that video camera.
12:26 I'll never forget the attendant behind the desk,
12:27 said, "You know what?
12:29 We had a sale on video cameras just yesterday.
12:31 You know what?
12:33 I think we have one left."
12:34 And she went under the counter, was searching around.
12:37 And then she pulled out this video camera
12:39 which was better than the one
12:40 that I wanted to get for cheaper.
12:43 And then that's what I knew.
12:44 This is the Lord's leading,
12:46 and started trying to figure out
12:49 how to work the video camera
12:51 and ultimately learned how to work the video camera,
12:53 had a young man that was assisting me as well.
12:56 And piece by piece, bit by bit, I put together this DVD.
13:00 And it was called the Forerunner Chronicles.
13:02 Wow!
13:04 And somebody told me, man, you know,
13:05 and I, and then all the money that I used to get from work.
13:09 I only saved enough money to buy...
13:12 I saved enough money to buy bread, oranges, peanut butter.
13:17 Want to be fancy, we get avocados,
13:19 that's the fancy date, we eat avocados,
13:21 maybe some chips and salad, so that's fancy.
13:24 But I would save all the money that I got from the work
13:27 to make sure that I had money to buy these blank DVDs.
13:31 I actually bought a DVD burner.
13:33 I bought some blank DVDs and I would burn DVDs.
13:37 Now I would go to a local library.
13:41 And I would sit in the library and I would study the Bible
13:45 as I was there.
13:46 And I would burn up these DVDs.
13:49 And so as I was studying the Bible,
13:50 I've been putting in one DVD at a time,
13:53 and these DVDs that we give out,
13:54 I would give them out for free.
13:56 Wow.
13:57 And it's funny.
13:59 It's funny after some time I had given
14:01 one of those DVDs to an individual,
14:02 and they said, "Well, you know, you really
14:04 should put this on the internet."
14:06 And they even made a suggestion for me to put it on YouTube.
14:09 And I thought yeah, I know about YouTube.
14:11 All right, I'll try,
14:14 and this is when YouTube was in its infancy.
14:16 So I went into a nearby
14:20 apartment complex parking lot and was able to...
14:26 I was able to pirate somebody's WiFi.
14:28 They didn't have it locked,
14:31 so I pirated their WiFi.
14:33 And I bit by bit uploaded this DVD section by section
14:38 on to YouTube, left it alone, never thought anything of it.
14:42 Until one day maybe about 20, 30 days later,
14:46 I went on because I got an email.
14:48 Well, I was pirating somebody's WiFi,
14:51 so that I got an email.
14:53 And I saw that somebody messaged me from YouTube.
14:58 And I thought to myself, people are watching the videos
15:01 and I went on YouTube and I saw that
15:03 there were like hundreds of thousands of views
15:05 on these videos I posted up.
15:09 And so I started just responding to questions
15:12 that people were presenting to me via messages on YouTube
15:15 with video responses.
15:18 And the Lord just impressed in my mind and said,
15:20 "This is what I want you to do.
15:22 I want you to do these videos."
15:24 And He told me that people in the world
15:25 were going to support me.
15:27 And that's exactly what happened.
15:28 I started doing the videos, and the people in the world
15:30 started supporting me doing the work.
15:32 And it was a real blessing.
15:34 And it's continued to be a blessing
15:36 because the Lord took me from being homeless
15:38 to traveling all over the world,
15:39 sharing the everlasting gospel.
15:41 Amen.
15:42 That is huge.
15:43 So that's the birth of the Forerunner Chronicles?
15:46 That's how it all began?
15:48 That's how it happened.
15:50 That is incredible.
15:51 And so the content came from the questions
15:53 that you received on YouTube?
15:55 Exactly, exactly.
15:57 Wow. That is amazing.
15:59 Let me ask you a question.
16:00 Because I've seen you preach before, too.
16:03 And, in fact, you've preached on foundation of our faith.
16:07 But how do you prepare your sermons?
16:12 I'm studying, you know.
16:15 With me, it's... I like to study the Bible.
16:18 And I like to study the Bible to the point
16:22 that if I look at verses, a verse of scripture,
16:26 it has to mean something to me, right?
16:28 Because I know we were having the conversation
16:30 a little bit earlier, like why,
16:31 how do I memorize the scripture?
16:35 I try not to study the Bible, the way that you would study
16:38 a textbook to pass an exam in class.
16:40 You know, many times when people try
16:42 to memorize scripture,
16:43 it's kind of like the way that you study
16:46 to be able to regurgitate information to pass an exam.
16:50 And shortly after you take that exam,
16:53 you don't really retain the information
16:56 that you would have put down on that piece of paper
17:00 or to check off A, B, C and D, you know what I mean?
17:03 Yeah.
17:05 You know, we, most of us don't even recall
17:08 most of the things that we learned in high school.
17:10 But when you grab, when you have some information
17:14 that means something to you,
17:16 that you find personal benefit from,
17:18 and then you go and share it with others,
17:21 and you see how it benefits them,
17:23 then it tends to have significance to you.
17:26 And then you tend to retain it,
17:27 you hold it close to your heart.
17:29 That's how I study the Bible.
17:31 And that's how I tend to retain the scriptures.
17:34 I like to study it till I find
17:36 the personal meaning for myself.
17:38 And then I like to go and share it with other people.
17:40 Because Word of God makes it very clear
17:42 that in living we receive,
17:43 and I believe one of the very special spiritual blessings
17:46 that God imparts us and He will give to anybody
17:49 is the blessing to me to be able to retain
17:51 that truth that He has educated us,
17:54 that He has taught us
17:56 as we have studied the Word of God,
17:58 so that might not only be benefited by that truth
18:01 as we go down the line,
18:02 but be able to share with other people.
18:04 Wow.
18:05 So that's in a nutshell to like how you study the Bible.
18:10 And see that's huge, because I've seen,
18:12 you know, you preaching and you said something
18:15 about like Revelation Chapter 7.
18:18 And then you had the Bible down by your side,
18:21 but you quoted it word for word.
18:25 Praise the Lord.
18:26 Yeah, that... Yeah, that's...
18:28 Again that's an idea, that's just important to me.
18:30 I'll tell you another thing.
18:32 I started as a colporteur.
18:34 That's one thing that I did, I would go door to door,
18:37 you know, selling books, Christian literature.
18:40 I'll never forget, there was one day
18:42 that I met a brother at the door,
18:44 the Hebrew Israelite to be quite specific.
18:46 And when I came to the door,
18:50 before I could even really get my canvas out.
18:53 He said, "Brother, do you know that you're Hebrew?"
18:57 And he...
18:58 He took off on me and started trying to quote
19:02 from this inscription, that inscription,
19:04 this inscription,
19:05 and he pretty much had me on the defense
19:08 for about five or six minutes.
19:12 And I said, how am I going to, you know,
19:14 because he's saying that only the Hebrews
19:16 are going to be saved, only black people
19:18 are going to be saved.
19:19 That's, you know, that's what he was presenting to me.
19:21 And then, the Lord brought Revelation 14:6 to my mind,
19:25 I said, Brother, the Bible says in Revelation 14:6,
19:28 "And I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven,
19:31 having the everlasting gospel
19:32 to preach to those who dwell on the earth,
19:33 and to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people."
19:36 I said, "Brother, the Bible says,
19:37 every nation, every kindred, every tongue,
19:40 every people, that's everybody."
19:43 And then he said to me,
19:44 "I need to go back and ask my teacher about that one.
19:46 I'll remember that one."
19:48 And that was it, that was the end of that conversation.
19:51 And so, I though,
19:52 I'd wipe some sweat off my brow.
19:54 After I left, I said, "Wow, I said, thank You, Lord,
19:57 for giving me that scripture."
19:58 I said, "I don't want to ever find myself
20:00 in another predicament like that,
20:02 where I'm having an interaction on scriptures.
20:04 And I'm not able to give a clear thus saith the Lord
20:08 to substantiate the positions of my faith."
20:10 And so I tried to make it a part of my lifestyle
20:14 to make sure that I know the scriptures
20:16 and have it in my heart.
20:17 So whether I have a Bible in hand or not,
20:19 I'm able to share the Word of God wherever God places me.
20:23 Amen. Amen.
20:24 It's incredible.
20:26 He was going on for five to six minutes.
20:28 And it just took maybe 10 to 15 seconds of just sharing
20:32 that one verse that was like, oh, well,
20:34 maybe I need to reevaluate this.
20:36 Yes, for sure.
20:37 Now, you've been to the Vatican,
20:40 and you've been to the Capitol?
20:41 Tell us a little bit about both?
20:44 Because you were passing out
20:45 the Great Controversy at the Capitol.
20:48 And that was on a day in history
20:51 that we will never forget.
20:54 Right, the infamy.
20:56 So I have a burden on my heart to share
21:00 this present truth message that God has given to us.
21:05 And I know that giving out literature,
21:09 truth build literature is one of the most powerful ways
21:13 that we can disseminate the gospel.
21:15 Nobody can have argument with the book,
21:18 they can argue with a book,
21:19 but it's a very lopsided argument.
21:21 So...
21:25 And the book that we have as Seventh-day Adventists
21:29 that systematically with really distinction breaks down
21:34 the present truth for our time is The Great Controversy.
21:37 And we've been given counsel to give that out.
21:39 So we have been doing distribution campaigns
21:44 to distribute The Great Controversy
21:46 by the tens of thousands
21:48 in different countries all throughout the world.
21:51 Done in Italy as well.
21:52 And just recently,
21:54 we did one in the Capitol during that,
21:57 that storm on the Capitol building.
21:59 And we had a lot of planning
22:01 that went into it prior to that,
22:02 but we knew that we'd been given counsel
22:04 in the book Evangelism
22:06 that all these large gatherings,
22:07 we should be present with literature that contains
22:10 the present truth to give to the people at those gatherings.
22:13 And it was an awesome opportunity to, to do that,
22:17 even though things turned left towards the end.
22:22 We don't need to really go into that.
22:23 I think it's public knowledge at this point.
22:26 But I just want to make a quick...
22:29 I just want to say something very quickly on this.
22:31 In 2016, we did a campaign in Washington, DC,
22:35 when there was this large evangelical event out there.
22:37 We were able to give out, we brought 100,000 copies
22:40 of Great Controversy out there was wonderful.
22:42 And the people that were there with us
22:44 functioning as volunteer missionaries,
22:46 they all gathered together with us
22:48 in one of the meeting rooms at a local hotel.
22:52 Four years later, in 2020, due to the health crisis
22:56 that is now ensuing, we were no longer
23:00 able to use a meeting hall of that nature for our people.
23:04 So we had to use a parking lot to bring in all of our trucks
23:08 and have our people gathered together in the parking lot.
23:11 And this distinct dichotomy between being in that hotel
23:16 and being in the parking lot, just four years later,
23:20 it really struck me, because I said, wow,
23:22 who would ever...
23:23 Who would have ever thought that four years later,
23:25 we wouldn't even be able to be in a meeting hall
23:27 to come together to do this work.
23:29 Now we're outside in the parking lot
23:31 as a result of what's going on in this world.
23:34 And it really impressed me that time is wrapping up,
23:36 we're not going to have the same opportunities
23:39 that we do presently have to be able to share
23:42 the Word of God freely.
23:44 And to do so without...
23:49 How can I say without any, without any strong pushback,
23:52 without really being marginalized.
23:55 And I just believe the Lord allowed my eyes to be opened up
23:59 to take notice of that to say, Chris, time is short.
24:03 We have to avail ourselves of every opportunity
24:06 that is presented to us because the doors
24:08 are shutting to share this message.
24:09 Yes, amen. That's right.
24:12 We got to get it out there.
24:13 You even went to the Vatican, you went to Rome?
24:17 What was that like? Right.
24:19 It was really interesting, as I was telling you,
24:23 once before, when we were talking that
24:25 just to see all of the history
24:26 there that correlates with Bible prophecy
24:29 is certainly something
24:30 that is impressive for a Bible student.
24:33 And we went there to film a documentary called
24:36 Leopard Vision volume 1.
24:38 We also went to film Leopard Vision, volume 2
24:40 which I have to play out as of yet,
24:41 but it was really interesting.
24:43 Matter of fact, we've given on Great Controversy
24:45 over there as well.
24:46 And the Lord blessed me to have a special interaction
24:48 with the priest over there.
24:49 I was able to share the Great Controversy
24:51 with right then in St. Peter's Square.
24:55 And it was funny because of that as I got down
24:57 to the last Greek Controversy I had in hand.
24:59 I said, "You know what?
25:01 I'm saving this one for a priest."
25:03 And I went to give it to one priest,
25:04 and he just brushed me off.
25:06 And I said, "Okay, it's okay." It wasn't for him.
25:09 But I met another young priest.
25:11 And as we talked, it came out
25:15 that he came from nearby town,
25:21 to where I grew up in New York.
25:23 And that's where we clicked.
25:24 And I knew the Lord had made that connection.
25:27 And when I shared with him the book and told him
25:29 what it was all about, he was very much so intrigued.
25:32 And so he said, "I'll read it."
25:33 So it was an awesome experience.
25:35 Yeah, that's awesome.
25:36 I can't believe our time is dwindling down.
25:39 But I want to find out, what do you have planned next?
25:43 What are the needs of your ministry?
25:46 And how can people support those needs?
25:50 Sure.
25:51 So one of the great burdens that we have,
25:54 as I told you earlier, was to get out the book,
25:56 The Great Controversy,
25:57 so much so that we developed
25:59 something very interesting here,
26:01 called the Great Controversy,
26:02 intelligent USB card.
26:04 And if you can see that,
26:06 that's a USB right there in the car.
26:09 And also, you have a QR code on the back,
26:12 and it's really small.
26:14 You can carry 100 of these
26:16 in your purse ladies very easily.
26:18 And people love it, people take it very quickly,
26:22 because it's new technology that they're not familiar with,
26:24 you can take the USB, put it in your computer,
26:26 and not only can you read The Great Controversy,
26:28 but you can hear it.
26:30 And we have it available in 10 different languages,
26:32 right there, just utilizing this one simple little card.
26:36 And people, I yet had to have anybody turned me down,
26:40 didn't turned as of yet.
26:42 And so we're focusing on doing right now
26:44 is we're trying to set up a publishing house
26:48 where we can publish Great Controversies
26:50 at cheaper costs for missionaries
26:53 that want to be able to get it out.
26:54 But they might not have the finances to do it.
26:56 Well, we want to be able to do that.
26:58 Of course, we're trying to print
26:59 as many of these as possible.
27:01 And then we're working on other projects overseas,
27:04 with the building schools and so forth.
27:06 In Africa, we've been working on doing one in Zimbabwe,
27:09 it's been a blessing so far,
27:10 where we have 50 children over there.
27:12 So there's a lot of things I can talk about.
27:13 But I know that time is fleeting.
27:15 And if people want to know more about what we're doing,
27:18 then they can just reach us over there
27:20 at Forerunner Chronicles, send us an email.
27:22 And we'd be loved.
27:23 We would love to have a conversation with them
27:26 about what we're doing and how they can assist.
27:28 Nice, so they can go to forerunnerchronicles.com
27:31 And they can get in contact with you.
27:34 Forerunnerchronicles.com Yes, and find out more
27:35 about what you have going on and all of that stuff.
27:38 You know, I'm so thankful for the work that you are doing
27:41 for the cause of Christ.
27:42 And I want to thank you for coming on and sharing with us
27:44 today and taking that time out.
27:47 Definitely appreciate it. Hey, thanks for having me.
27:49 You're welcome. Thank you.
27:50 Thank you for joining us.
27:52 Join us next time, until then God bless.


Revised 2021-05-29