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00:01 Have you ever needed hope for a better tomorrow?
00:02 Well, stay tuned to meet a woman
00:04 who was going to point you in the right direction.
00:07 My name is Jason Bradley,
00:08 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:34 Hello, and welcome to Urban Report.
00:36 My guest today is Raven White,
00:38 assistant administrator of Wildwood Lifestyle Center,
00:41 and she is also the director
00:43 of Project 144 Lifestyle Referral Agency.
00:47 Welcome to Urban Report, Raven.
00:49 Thank you. Thank you for having me.
00:50 It's great to have you back here.
00:52 You're no stranger to the Dare to Dream Network
00:54 or the 3ABN Family.
00:55 Part of family. That's right.
00:56 That's right. Absolutely.
00:58 Now I did say that you had
01:00 a different title assistant administrator.
01:05 You know, before we dive into
01:07 what that entails and all of that.
01:09 I think we should find out a little bit more about
01:11 Wildwood Lifestyle Center.
01:12 Okay.
01:14 And we have a video that is going to show us
01:17 a little bit more about it.
01:19 So let's take a look at that now.
01:20 Okay.
01:22 How to help you is the difference.
01:25 That's what we do.
01:27 We hone in on you and we say,
01:29 how can we help you become
01:31 the healthy person you're looking to become?
01:34 That's why I truly feel honestly
01:36 that Wildwood is here,
01:38 not only for myself,
01:40 but for so many others who are in need of saying,
01:43 can I get some help?
01:44 I need some help.
01:55 Here at Wildwood Lifestyle Center,
01:57 I meet with the guests
01:58 on their first full day at Wildwood.
02:00 We evaluate their health conditions
02:02 and then come up
02:03 with a personalized treatment plan.
02:05 As an endocrinologist,
02:06 I see a number of diseases
02:09 that it can be prevented or treated
02:12 through lifestyle change.
02:13 And so lifestyle intervention, including adequate sleep,
02:17 but plant-based nutrition and physical activity
02:21 really make the foundation of care.
02:23 So, my job as a lifestyle coach at Wildwood Lifestyle Center
02:27 is to help people make goals.
02:30 So most people know what they want to achieve,
02:32 but how to get there can be a problem.
02:34 And that's when I come into the picture
02:37 and I get involved with the guests
02:40 in the way that I'm there with them in a daily basis.
02:43 So we make sure they are following the orders
02:45 that their physicians give.
02:47 And through that, through that process,
02:50 we take walks in the nature.
02:52 Ten thousand steps or more.
02:53 I make sure
02:54 that they are drinking their water.
02:56 So I'm that person that keep saying, go, go, go.
02:59 And so most people need that.
03:01 They need that extra push.
03:02 And I'm the person that gives it.
03:03 While, growing up,
03:05 I saw my dad changed his lifestyle.
03:06 He started exercising
03:08 and he switched to a plant-based diet.
03:10 After doing that,
03:11 his triglyceride levels came down substantially
03:14 and he lost weight.
03:16 So a dietary pattern
03:18 that is abundant and nutrient dense foods
03:21 like fruits and vegetables and whole grains,
03:25 beans, and nuts.
03:26 It can strengthen your immune system
03:28 to help your body to fight disease.
03:31 What we do here in the teaching kitchen
03:33 is take our guests in their journey
03:36 from here at the lifestyle center,
03:38 all the way home,
03:39 learning practical applications
03:42 to be able to transition to a healthier diet,
03:45 a plant-based diet that is simple,
03:48 nutritious, and delicious.
03:50 And before you need the program,
03:51 I will sit down with you,
03:53 and we'll work menu together
03:55 that's personalized to your culture
03:57 and your habits,
03:58 and will support your condition.
04:01 We will make healthy eating
04:03 as simple and as practical as possible.
04:07 Most people, they see a disconnect
04:10 between their physical health and their mental health.
04:14 My role is to help them to see the entire picture.
04:18 We are a three sphere dimensional,
04:22 kind of being the mind,
04:24 the body and the spirit all are connected.
04:28 While the spiritual part comes in
04:30 by helping people to have hope in it,
04:32 because when you connect with the Lord,
04:35 there's hope, there's encouragement,
04:37 there's joy.
04:38 And they feel like
04:39 not only do I have strength for today,
04:42 I could face what's coming tomorrow.
04:43 When someone is depressed,
04:45 it's hard for them to do even the basic little things,
04:49 like get up out of bed,
04:51 go for the walks,
04:52 drink their juice or their teas, eat a salad.
04:56 And so when you're encouraged,
04:58 then they're motivated to do all the things that are needed.
05:01 If their mental health has impacted their life,
05:05 their social life, their relational lives,
05:08 we set goals together to emphasize
05:11 how they can improve those areas of their lives.
05:14 When people set goals and they achieve them.
05:16 That makes me so happy. And it happens so often.
05:19 What I like to see the patients feeling better
05:22 and here at Wildwood Lifestyle Center,
05:24 I see the guests, their numbers improving,
05:28 their weight is typically going in the direction you want it to
05:31 by the end of this day,
05:33 blood pressures come down
05:34 and blood sugars can happen to come into target.
05:37 And here they can reduce their medications
05:39 during their stay.
05:41 And they are motivated enough
05:43 so that when they go back home
05:45 having experienced the changes they had here,
05:49 they will continue doing at home
05:51 what they learned here.
05:53 And then when the guests leave, I keep in touch with them,
05:57 so when someone,
05:58 I talked to someone one month later
06:00 or three months later,
06:01 and they are just praising God,
06:03 not only were they happy
06:05 'cause they start getting results
06:06 while they're here, but they continued
06:08 and they're praising God.
06:10 And their health is improving physically,
06:12 mentally and spiritually.
06:14 Honestly, if you're struggling come.
06:19 I would say come,
06:21 look into a new way of thinking,
06:27 a new way of living,
06:29 a new way of seeing the new normal
06:30 of what could be.
06:32 Come, we're here to assist you
06:36 towards your healthy goals.
06:38 Come, I think when you're feeling
06:41 that I am my sickness,
06:44 you know, when you have that feeling
06:46 that this will never change,
06:47 then I don't, I don't know what to do.
06:50 That is the place where we say, you don't have to do it alone.
07:00 Come, we are here.
07:02 I am a living proof when I say
07:05 it is good to have someone look at you
07:09 and say, how can we help you?
07:11 Not just, hey, that's how, this is how we help diabetics.
07:14 No, this is how we help cancer patients.
07:16 No, this is how we help you.
07:19 You and who you are
07:20 and what you're going through
07:22 and try to help you towards the journey
07:24 of having hope and a better tomorrow.
07:52 Wow. The invitation is there. I'm telling you.
07:55 Whatever you're going through, just come.
07:56 Yeah. I love it.
07:58 Honestly, one of the key things
08:00 that we want people to know with,
08:03 especially with what's going on in our society,
08:05 we're still here
08:06 and we're still trying to help people.
08:08 Yes, you know,
08:09 one of the things that I love
08:11 about that video in Wildwood too
08:12 is that it's a customizable plan.
08:15 I notice that in the video you were saying that,
08:17 you know, it's not how can we just fix diabetes?
08:21 How can we help you? Exactly.
08:22 Because everybody's situation is different.
08:25 Exactly. Exactly.
08:26 One of the key things I praise God for
08:29 is that we do have the endocrinologist
08:31 and we do have the nutritionist and the chiropractor
08:33 and the mental health specialists
08:35 and other providers who are there to say,
08:37 how can we really help you?
08:39 Not just the general
08:41 because it is a lot,
08:43 you know, to look at a person's situation,
08:44 not every diabetic is the same you know
08:47 and so they, they can't have the cookie cutter.
08:50 And so the meals are designed for them.
08:52 Their herbs are designed for them,
08:54 the hydro treatments are designed for them.
08:56 And we want people to know that you're not just a number.
08:59 You're a part of the team,
09:00 you're a part of a group of people
09:02 who are saying we're here to help you.
09:03 So... Amen.
09:04 How did you get involved with all of this?
09:06 You know, goodwill.
09:08 Well, to remind it's,
09:10 that I was sick,
09:12 I was going through my own stuff, you know?
09:14 And I think I told you before, like my brother said,
09:17 you know, you're fat and sickly.
09:18 You know, you're trying to talk to me about natural remedies
09:21 and he was type 1 diabetic
09:22 and I didn't know really how to take care of myself.
09:25 I knew knowledge, but how do I apply it?
09:28 And I praise God.
09:29 Now, granted, I didn't have the money to go to Wildwood.
09:31 I went to the school
09:32 and the school taught me how to help others,
09:34 but in a process, I applied it to my life.
09:37 I dropped the 60 pounds.
09:39 The diverticulums went away.
09:41 The fibroids went away.
09:42 My heartburn that I have for two years
09:43 just drinking water went away.
09:46 And it just changed my life.
09:48 Why leave, I might stay there to help, you know?
09:51 Now you went to the other side to give back
09:53 and to help and all of that.
09:55 So what is your role now as the assistant administrator?
09:59 What is, what does a typical day
10:01 look like for you?
10:02 Well, I will say this,
10:04 God has taught me that I've brought
10:07 a lot of still the world with me.
10:10 I'm a boss and I'm learning to be a leader.
10:13 You know, it's not about getting the job done,
10:15 it's about meeting the needs of the whole person,
10:17 not just your clients, but your staff.
10:19 Yes. It took a lot.
10:21 So some days it's not just about,
10:23 hey guys, are we getting it done?
10:25 It's how are you doing? How's your mom?
10:28 You know, how are you functioning today?
10:30 It's different. It's investing in your people.
10:33 It really is, you know, you're finding out
10:35 how can you learn to work?
10:36 What is your love language?
10:38 What is your learning style?
10:39 And you having to be patient to realize,
10:41 well, one person, I may have to divulge
10:43 a whole hour to talk to them about certain things
10:45 where another, I can give them 10 minutes off.
10:47 Yes.
10:48 You're learning to change your mindset
10:51 of what it is to be a leader or be.
10:53 So for me, assistant administrator
10:56 from integration director, where I was before,
10:59 I was like, okay, just meet the needs of the client,
11:01 make sure the policies and procedures are up,
11:03 but I didn't have to think so much
11:05 about my staff until now.
11:07 And so now I have to make sure
11:09 that my first clientele is my staff
11:11 and that they're being...
11:12 Their needs are being met.
11:14 So even with them,
11:15 you have that customizable plan?
11:16 Oh, you have to.
11:18 You have to. And it's...
11:20 And if you think about it,
11:22 it brings you closer to Christ
11:23 because you don't have all the answers.
11:24 Yes.
11:26 You learn how to pray more, you know?
11:28 And it's made me stop saying my team and my work.
11:33 Now it's our team, you know, our work.
11:36 I love that. So...
11:37 How do you manage all of this?
11:39 How do you manage all these responsibilities?
11:43 Jesus. Amen.
11:44 And this is why I need an assistant as well.
11:47 But honestly it's really about time management.
11:49 Honestly, and I struggled with that.
11:52 It was a difference
11:53 when I was the integration director.
11:55 I had somebody tell me what to do.
11:56 I'm good at taking your vision
11:58 and I know how to make it happen.
12:00 And so now in coming to this position,
12:02 I'm learning time management,
12:04 where I have to prioritize what is the right thing.
12:07 So I first keep mindful of my staff
12:10 and then the client.
12:11 And when you start putting those things into order,
12:13 it helps out greatly.
12:16 2020... 2020.
12:18 Has been a year.
12:20 I mean, there's so many different words
12:21 you could use for 2020.
12:23 And all of them have pretty much been used,
12:26 you know, from an unprecedented year
12:28 to all of these things.
12:30 But how has Wildwood dealt
12:33 with the pandemic?
12:38 We took a hit,
12:39 you know, and finding out
12:42 that we're health institution,
12:44 just like a hospital,
12:45 but because we're a smaller institution,
12:48 we couldn't get mask,
12:49 we couldn't get hand sanitizers.
12:50 The things we normally wouldn't buy
12:52 in bulk, they saved it directly for hospitals.
12:54 So that was a little difficult for us in the beginning,
12:57 a $5 box for a mask turned into $50.
13:01 And then you had the travel restrictions
13:03 and then you had the people having fear of coming out.
13:06 So there was a lot that hit us all at once.
13:09 You know, some of our even workers
13:12 and students got locked out
13:13 when they would go on mission trips and do things
13:15 where they couldn't come back into the country.
13:17 You know, they started really having issue
13:18 with visas now.
13:20 And so some people had to leave
13:22 and it was a hit on us.
13:25 COVID took us by storm.
13:26 However, God was not shocked.
13:29 He was not unprepared. Amen.
13:31 Wildwood is a whole entity.
13:34 So we have our industries, we have our farm,
13:36 we have our store, we have our school.
13:38 So we still was able to keep our lifestyle center open.
13:42 We have our clinic.
13:43 God blessed us that
13:45 people still wanted to come
13:47 and then join our observer program,
13:49 our medical observer program.
13:51 So we had medical professionals and health educators
13:53 who still wanted to learn our method of healing
13:56 and take it back to their industry.
13:58 So we still had that going on with the outpatient clinic.
14:01 If people didn't want to come, no problem.
14:03 We had telemedicine,
14:04 so they can virtually talk to our providers.
14:07 And for those who could not come
14:08 to a lifestyle program,
14:10 we really wanted to create something
14:11 and it was called overcoming diabetes program.
14:14 Wow. So that's virtually as well.
14:15 So you saw on a video, we had our endocrinologist,
14:18 our nutritionist speak to them
14:20 and we give them four coaching sessions,
14:22 how to apply in their home.
14:23 Wow.
14:24 So we really kept up,
14:26 God really blessed us, honestly.
14:28 So the adaptability was there?
14:30 It was there, that we did have to make some changes.
14:32 Now everyone have to wear a mask
14:34 to come into our building
14:36 or at least be into the program or work in our building.
14:38 Or at Wildwood,
14:39 you have to have a negative COVID test.
14:41 Okay.
14:42 We had to buy full garbs
14:44 to be able to check people coming into our clinic.
14:46 So everyone, every day, every guest and every worker
14:49 gets their temperature checked, get the questionnaire
14:51 because, of course,
14:53 we still have to let people out.
14:54 We can't lock them in. Yeah.
14:55 But if they go to our store
14:57 or if they have to go downtown
14:58 for any kind of extra services,
15:00 we can't provide, we still have to check them
15:02 just to make sure
15:03 that they're not bringing anything back.
15:04 So we have adapted and changed to that
15:07 to try to meet the CDCs,
15:09 you know, rules and regulations,
15:11 our educational system,
15:12 even when, even in our building as much as possible,
15:14 trying to keep six feet apart.
15:16 So we're trying to do our best.
15:18 Yeah.
15:19 So those are some of the safety precautions
15:20 that were put in place
15:22 to keep the organization and the clients safe.
15:24 Yeah, for sure.
15:27 What are some of the challenges that you face?
15:30 Honestly, it really was...
15:33 Which just turned out to be a blessing.
15:35 It really was working with a smaller staff.
15:39 Again, like I said, when we are doing mission trips
15:41 and going out,
15:42 and we do have volunteers
15:44 whose come from other countries to work with us.
15:46 When they had to go home because of the borders closing
15:49 or being locked out and couldn't come back in.
15:52 Well, that changed our numbers.
15:55 But God has blessed that we were able to learn
15:57 how to cross train even more.
15:59 Now this even more.
16:01 So myself is washing dishes
16:03 or, you know, helping out in housekeeping even more.
16:07 But that's some of the challenges,
16:09 but within those challenges,
16:11 we decided to come up with new ways, newer ways,
16:14 let's say that to meet the needs
16:16 and our needs
16:18 are to make sure that
16:19 we're filling the organization's stand
16:21 on utilizing our skills resource for Christ.
16:23 And so we've come up with new projects
16:25 to deal with the challenges,
16:27 if we don't have enough guests coming in,
16:29 how can we still meet the need?
16:30 Which God has blessed us.
16:31 We even got up to 18.
16:33 Wow, praise the Lord. Praise the Lord, you know?
16:35 Yes. So we're still kicking.
16:37 How many can you hold?
16:39 Without COVID? Yes.
16:41 Without COVID, yes.
16:42 Actually 32, between 32 and 35.
16:43 Okay.
16:45 Especially if there are husbands and wives
16:46 or caregivers coming in a standard room,
16:49 it had to change
16:50 because now with COVID we can't do this.
16:52 So people have their own rooms
16:55 unless they are married couple
16:56 or a caregiver
16:58 that has come with them in the same car
17:00 and has both been tested negative.
17:01 Yes.
17:03 So what are some of the other new developments
17:05 that you've got going?
17:07 The Lord is blessed.
17:08 So here's the thing,
17:09 we did the overcoming diabetes last year.
17:11 And so we started to really think,
17:13 how can we expand on this?
17:14 Because we still have people who are fearful of coming out.
17:18 So we've developed the wellness checkup program.
17:21 So it's like the dia...
17:22 Over diabetes program
17:24 where the person is able to still meet with the provider,
17:28 check in with the mental health specialist
17:30 and the nutritionist
17:31 and get four, you know, coaching sessions,
17:33 virtual live interactive lifestyle program.
17:37 Okay?
17:38 So while we're there during the program,
17:40 you're able to speak and interact with us virtually.
17:43 We send you meals.
17:44 So you can be able to keep up the recipes
17:46 and menus of what we do here.
17:48 You go to the provider, the nutritionist,
17:51 the mental health specialist,
17:52 we've been trying to do digestive walks with you.
17:54 So virtually we could see
17:55 what's going on in here at Wildwood
17:57 and interact with us.
17:58 So we're providing all of that,
18:00 you know, and at educational resources
18:02 just in case, like how to do your hydrotherapies at home,
18:05 how to make your bread at home
18:07 for the more practical things you can't do with us.
18:09 So we're having that.
18:11 The clinic providers want to go out
18:12 and meet the need of those
18:14 who financially cannot come to our center.
18:16 So we have that outreach.
18:18 We have our chaplaincy program
18:19 that wanted to do more follow-up Bible studies.
18:21 So we have that going on. Yes.
18:24 We even have a group.
18:25 If people say, I don't have enough money to do individual,
18:28 you know, meeting with the provider.
18:30 Well, you can have people who are all diabetics,
18:32 you can interact together and have question and answer
18:34 and meet your needs from that point of view.
18:37 We have our follow-up program
18:38 where's before we were having another institution
18:41 do our follow-up for us.
18:42 Now we're doing the follow-up
18:44 and we're keeping up with our guests.
18:45 Wow.
18:46 So they will just constantly know that
18:48 we're on tune with them.
18:49 And one get help with the heart
18:50 is our in-home training program.
18:52 Nice. Yes.
18:54 Project 144 loves that.
18:56 Yeah, absolutely.
18:57 And so our goal is to take those
18:59 who are wanting to learn,
19:00 give them one month of full training,
19:02 but by God's grace,
19:03 we're trying to get also certified
19:05 state approved as CNAs as well.
19:07 Nice. So they know natural remedies.
19:09 They know the CNA work
19:11 to meet the whole person and their needs,
19:13 so we are trying to do a lot.
19:15 That is huge. I see. We're still here.
19:16 I see. We're still here.
19:17 You had me at meals.
19:19 Oh, I'm still stuck on the meals.
19:21 You know, I love food.
19:22 So yes, on the meals, I love how it's...
19:25 Again, it's the customizable plan.
19:26 And it seems like from this,
19:30 springs forth a support group
19:32 and each particular section springs forth a support group,
19:35 they can interact and all of that stuff.
19:37 And I think that's incredible. Yes.
19:39 So talk to us now
19:41 about Project 144 Referral Agency.
19:45 We've done a whole program on it before.
19:47 I know.
19:49 But just in case people miss that,
19:51 just bring us up to speed with what's going on.
19:52 Real quick.
19:53 So Project 144 is taking health educators
19:56 who are trained in natural remedies
20:00 and also want to utilize their skills
20:02 to reach souls for Christ.
20:03 We're trying to connect them with people in their homes
20:05 or over the phone.
20:07 However, they may need
20:08 where they even do home visits
20:09 if need be and not just stay in.
20:12 We're trying to do that.
20:13 Now I will admit COVID took a toll on us.
20:16 You know, many people were very fearful.
20:18 And then other people like come to my home,
20:20 but then it was hard
20:22 to find people to go to the homes.
20:24 COVID really just changed a lot of things with travel
20:28 'cause a lot of people didn't want to take tests.
20:31 And so that was a huge big thing.
20:33 And then a personal situation happened
20:36 where my brother got sick
20:37 and then he passed away from COVID,
20:40 and I just needed to take a break.
20:43 So I actually paused on the agency
20:46 between around July
20:48 to at least by the beginning of January of this year.
20:52 But when I came back,
20:54 I tell you, me and the Lord really bounced back
20:56 and said, okay, you can't crack.
20:58 Jesus is coming soon. I know He is.
21:00 So I know there are gonna be changes
21:02 and many things will happen in my family.
21:04 How do I continue to finish the work?
21:07 He blessed me with people to come on staff
21:09 to help finish the work.
21:11 And He started blessing me with people to say,
21:12 hey, I need work.
21:13 Hey, I need a person.
21:15 And it was just connecting back to back.
21:17 And then, so it's been a blessing right now.
21:19 So if this in-home program starts,
21:23 I got some more workers.
21:24 That's right. That is awesome.
21:28 I'm sorry to hear about your brother as well.
21:30 Thank you. You're welcome.
21:32 And that's a hard thing is how do you bounce back?
21:35 Right. That's very tough.
21:36 Right.
21:38 How are you able to balance all of this Project 144
21:43 and being the assistant administrator at Wildwood?
21:47 It hasn't been easy
21:49 which is why you hire more people to try to help out.
21:52 And be the overseer,
21:53 so you can keep the vision, you know?
21:56 It hasn't been easy, I won't lie to you.
21:58 But God has been really keeping it that.
22:02 He's given me dedicated people to help me.
22:04 And so the stress hasn't been on me.
22:06 I have a phenomenal staff at Wildwood.
22:09 I'm telling you, people are saying,
22:10 "Raven, you're doing a great job."
22:11 Oh no, no, no.
22:13 My staff is doing a great job.
22:15 And I think that's what makes it easier for me, you know?
22:19 So at this point,
22:20 that's how I'm doing it
22:21 because of Jesus giving me wonderful people
22:24 that He's working through
22:25 and they're doing their part and it makes it easier on me.
22:28 Teamwork makes the dream work.
22:30 You know. That's right.
22:31 I'm not a boss anymore. I'm learning to be a leader.
22:33 There you go. It's us working together.
22:35 There you go. It's a transitional period.
22:36 Yeah. That's right.
22:38 Nice little transition there. Yeah.
22:40 So, what are some of the needs of Wildwood?
22:45 So we are in need
22:46 of a campus maintenance person.
22:48 We're in need of a business manager.
22:50 Okay.
22:52 A diet kitchen manager. Okay.
22:53 I need a personal assistant. Okay.
22:56 Myself.
22:57 And now with these new projects that we're doing virtually,
23:00 we're needing another coach
23:01 or someone who can help with sales
23:03 and our guest services department,
23:05 just to be able to keep things going,
23:07 meeting the needs.
23:09 So those that are major departments
23:11 we're definitely in need for.
23:12 Wow. So people can get jobs.
23:15 So there's jobs available. Jobs are available.
23:17 Which is great in a time like today.
23:20 Yes. That is wonderful.
23:21 Jobs available.
23:23 So in order to find out more,
23:24 they can go to wildwoodhealth.com, correct?
23:28 Wildwoodhealth.com
23:30 Find out more, they can they also apply online?
23:32 Yes, they can. They'll see up the careers.
23:36 Nice. And there's also 1800 number.
23:38 We'll give that real quick.
23:39 1-800-634-9355.
23:44 Yes. Yes.
23:45 That would take you to the switchboard,
23:46 ask for anything whichever you need
23:48 they'll be able to take you around.
23:49 That's right.
23:51 Now what about for Project 144?
23:52 What are some of the needs there?
23:54 Honestly I do need more people for administrative purposes,
23:58 you know, for marketing,
23:59 getting the information out there,
24:01 keeping up with job posts, following up when,
24:04 'cause one of the things that I want to be different in
24:07 is that I call weekly to check in
24:09 not only on my client, but also on my agents.
24:11 I wanna make sure that they're doing well.
24:13 I wanna keep up with them even when we don't have work,
24:16 just to check and see how they're doing,
24:18 again, learning how to meet the whole need of the person.
24:21 So those two as definitely,
24:23 I have an intake person right now,
24:24 I'm training in another person,
24:26 but it's a lot when people are in need of you,
24:28 'cause they need to know
24:30 you're giving them your time, you know?
24:33 So you don't want to rush them off the phone
24:34 and say, hey, okay, just go get an application, di-la-la.
24:37 But you want to spend time hearing them
24:39 and meeting their need as well.
24:41 So they know that they are cared for.
24:42 Yes.
24:44 And really taking that time to get to know them.
24:45 Right.
24:46 And for more information on Project 144,
24:49 why don't you give the website? All right.
24:51 So you can go to project144.com
24:56 and matter of fact no, project144agency.com.
25:01 And my number is 423-521-5058.
25:05 That is 423-521-5058.
25:10 Wonderful.
25:11 And that say, look, there's jobs there too.
25:14 There's no reason to be unemployed
25:15 in today's market
25:17 with all these jobs available right now.
25:18 Meeting the needs of the whole person.
25:20 That's right. That's beautiful.
25:23 So what's next for you? Okay.
25:25 So honestly, it's really keeping up.
25:28 The biggest goal is just trying to be the leader
25:32 who can be able to meet the needs of my clients.
25:35 Whether the client is my workers
25:38 or the clients of who we're just trying to service
25:40 whether online or in-house,
25:42 that's really the big thing.
25:44 I think with all these new projects,
25:46 I don't wanna put any more on my plate.
25:47 Yeah, yeah.
25:49 So it's just meeting the needs of them
25:50 so they don't feel like they're just workers.
25:53 You know, they're part of a movement
25:55 to bring souls to Christ.
25:57 Amen.
25:58 What would you say to that individual who is,
26:00 you know, wanting to advance in their health journey,
26:05 but they really don't even know where to begin.
26:08 Honestly, one of the things I love about Wildwood is
26:11 we have an educational system.
26:13 Whether you can come with us in person for six months,
26:16 or you can meet us online
26:18 and learn more for those who,
26:21 when we get this in-home program training,
26:25 for those who want to do that
26:26 and learn how to actually work in home,
26:28 you can come, we have the virtual program,
26:30 you get your theory,
26:31 but then you have one month of training.
26:34 That is something, come, call us up.
26:36 We can be able to train you, help you get you equipped,
26:38 put you out there to be able to reach souls for Christ.
26:41 Amen.
26:42 And I love that how you added that,
26:44 how to reach souls for Christ.
26:46 That's the main thing. That's right.
26:48 Well, what else are we doing, you know?
26:50 Absolutely.
26:53 What tips do you have
26:55 real quick to boost our immune system?
26:57 Okay.
26:58 So one of the core things
27:00 when I actually had COVID and got over it,
27:03 I actually did contrast showers.
27:04 Okay. Okay.
27:06 Hot and cold? Hot and cold.
27:07 So you have two minutes hot, 30 seconds to one minute cold,
27:10 and then you rest for 20 minutes,
27:12 it will boost your immune system.
27:15 Um, I've learned to also keep up
27:16 with the eight laws of health.
27:18 You know, that nutrition, what are you eating?
27:20 What are you, are you exercising,
27:21 or get on walking, drinking your water.
27:25 But one of the biggest things
27:26 is making sure you keep your vitamin D up.
27:28 You know, a lot of people
27:30 don't like to be out in the sun,
27:31 deep breathe.
27:32 I truly believe yes.
27:34 Wear the mask, make sure you stay six feet apart,
27:36 but you want to learn how to actually breathe
27:38 and get out into the sun.
27:40 For sure.
27:41 You know. And so that's very important.
27:43 Yes.
27:44 All of those wonderful tips to boost the immune system.
27:45 Thank you for coming on... No problem.
27:47 And sharing with us today.
27:48 And we wanna thank you for joining us.
27:50 Well, we've reached the end of another program.
27:52 Thanks for tuning in. Join us next time.
27:54 And remember, it just wouldn't be the same without you.


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