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00:01 Stay tuned to meet a man who's been through the fire.
00:03 My name is Jason Bradley,
00:04 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:29 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:31 My guest today is Alex Castillejos,
00:33 speaker and director
00:35 of Little Light Studios in Espanol.
00:38 And he's also the co-founder of Just Be Blessed.
00:41 Welcome to Urban Report, Alex.
00:43 Thank you, Jason, I'm so happy to be here.
00:45 And we've been trying to make this happen
00:46 for a little while now.
00:48 So I'm glad that you were finally able to make it.
00:50 I know this is your first time on Urban Report
00:54 and hanging out with the Dare to Dream Network.
00:57 So why don't you tell our viewers
00:59 a little bit about your background?
01:00 Yes.
01:02 I'm from Southern Mexico,
01:05 I grew up as the Seventh-day Adventist Christian,
01:09 very awesome, you know, hanging out with,
01:11 you know, growing up as a Christian family,
01:13 great values, you know,
01:14 and yeah, I mean, so happy to be here.
01:18 Yes. So, okay.
01:20 So you, you grew up Christian background,
01:22 Christian family.
01:23 What were your teenage years like?
01:25 Teenage years.
01:27 It's been a little rough.
01:29 The thing is the, you know, those years, you know,
01:31 it can be a little crazy meeting some friends there.
01:36 You know, sometimes you go to church
01:37 and you go to the school and stuff like that.
01:40 And sometimes, you know, the influence,
01:42 I think, I believe that influence is very pulling you,
01:46 you know, do things that you didn't grow up like that.
01:49 Yes, yes.
01:50 So would you say that who you surround yourself with
01:53 is very important?
01:54 Totally, a 100%
01:56 and I'm going to be sharing with you,
01:58 in the age of 13, I started, you know, I was smoking,
02:02 smoking and drinking, parties and all the stuff.
02:05 And seriously, I mean, in Mexico,
02:07 I don't know right now,
02:08 but I mean, you don't have to have a, have ID
02:12 to go to a store and buy those kinds of stuff.
02:15 So I was 13, 14,
02:17 and it was starting your life, you know?
02:20 Yeah. So the accessibility to those toxic things.
02:24 Yes.
02:26 It was readily.
02:27 Everything was readily available.
02:29 Yes, yes.
02:30 And I believe in those years like I was telling you,
02:34 I mean, lying, he was the king of my life.
02:40 I mean, it was just the center of my life.
02:42 Now, why do you say that lying was the center of your life?
02:46 What do you mean by that?
02:47 Because, you know, like I say, you know,
02:49 grew up in a Christian home.
02:51 I mean, my parents taught me and going to church.
02:55 I mean, you know, to follow the Ten Commandments,
02:58 to love God and love your neighbor.
03:01 And the thing is that I don't need to do.
03:05 I mean, I was not telling my parents
03:07 what I was doing or what I was going
03:11 and the thing that it was a lie
03:12 and, you know, I was telling them,
03:13 "Hey, I'm going to be going to this church
03:15 or I'm going to be going to my friend's house."
03:17 It was a lie.
03:18 I was on the other side of the city,
03:20 you know, just party time.
03:21 And the thing is that one lie after lie
03:24 and the lie and it was just a mess.
03:27 Yes, yes.
03:29 So what kind of music I was listening,
03:31 you know, things like that
03:32 and it force you in later on, you know, 15, 16.
03:37 And it's kind of like, okay,
03:38 I'm not a little younger anymore
03:40 so now I can dress like this
03:43 and, you know, things like that.
03:45 And you need to tell me what to do, you know, so...
03:46 You felt like you were grown.
03:48 Yeah.
03:49 You know, those years we think that we're Superman,
03:51 you know, like we can do anything we want, so...
03:53 Yes. So, okay.
03:56 So you were lying to your parents.
03:58 Did you find that
04:00 the music that you were listening to
04:02 was steering you in the wrong direction as well?
04:04 So you surrounded yourself
04:06 with the wrong type of individuals,
04:07 and then you were listening to the wrong type of music.
04:10 Did you feel that
04:12 the music also pulled you in the wrong direction?
04:15 Oh, yeah. Yeah, a lot.
04:18 And you know, listening, you know, rock heavy metal or,
04:23 you know, techno, you know, that was my,
04:26 those kind of music and yeah,
04:29 because the thing is that
04:30 when you listen to that kind of music,
04:32 it's not just to enjoying yourself
04:34 and like, oh, I'm having a good time.
04:36 If you're very into that kind of stuff,
04:38 you know, that kind of music,
04:39 you bring the culture to yourself,
04:42 you know, to your life.
04:43 So you're going to be dressing like that.
04:44 I mean, believe it or not.
04:46 I mean, I used to have long hair.
04:47 I used to dye my hair
04:49 and everything black and everything...
04:52 And I remember I used to walk in the streets
04:54 and with all my friends
04:55 and people will literally just go to the other street,
04:59 just the appearance.
05:01 But God is good.
05:03 Amen. Amen.
05:05 Looking at you today,
05:06 you would never know that that was the past
05:08 and we praise, we praise God for that.
05:10 So why don't you share
05:12 a little bit about your conversion experience?
05:14 So how did you come back to the Lord?
05:17 Okay.
05:18 So, it went like maybe like, you know, five years later on.
05:21 I mean, I was going to church because my parents told me,
05:24 but it was not something like, you know what?
05:25 I'm going to bring my Bible
05:27 and I gotta to be having a Bible study
05:28 and stuff like that.
05:29 So the age of 13 to 17 and a half
05:34 or something like that.
05:36 I have two more brothers,
05:39 the older one often in the church,
05:42 the middle one, always in the church.
05:44 So he saw me, you know,
05:46 of course I'm sure, you know, the middle, little brother,
05:48 you know, dressing like this.
05:50 I can relate that, you know,
05:52 and seriously, every time I was seeing my brother
05:56 and I was like something my stomach,
05:58 you know, of course, you know, good and evil.
06:00 I mean, you cannot mix, right? Yes, yes.
06:01 So he told me, he said,
06:04 "Hey, can I have two hours of the 24 hours
06:08 that God gave you."
06:09 Wow.
06:11 And I mean, those kinds of quotes.
06:13 I like how he phrased that. Yeah.
06:14 I mean, those kinds of questions.
06:16 I mean, you don't hear that,
06:17 you know, you don't listen to the radio, you know?
06:19 I mean, he's just like what?
06:21 And I was like, okay.
06:22 I mean, you, you came to the punch,
06:23 you know, I was like, okay, sounds good, two hours.
06:26 And hurry up because my friends are going to pick me up.
06:29 So he sit down
06:30 and, you know, just make it kinda in the short.
06:34 He told me, he said, you know what?
06:37 When Jesus is gonna come
06:40 with the holy city,
06:43 the Castillejos family is going to be inside.
06:47 I don't want to see my little brother
06:48 to be outside in the city.
06:50 Wow.
06:51 And I was like, wow.
06:54 I mean, you don't hear that kind of stuff.
06:56 And I was like, okay, you know, he told me more stuff.
07:00 But I don't remember exactly if it was that afternoon
07:04 or how long it took.
07:07 I was in my, my friend's house, you know, outside or something.
07:11 And you know, the music here and my friends over here,
07:13 they're drinking this, I'm doing this and whatever.
07:16 And I believe the prayers of my parents
07:19 and my mom, my dad, and my brother
07:22 or people who were around me.
07:24 It was the moment that the Holy Spirit,
07:27 you know, when to use,
07:29 just kind of like talk to me
07:30 and they say, and I remember, seriously,
07:33 I'm looking at it kind of like you come to your sense,
07:34 kind of like the prodigal son, right?
07:38 Yeah.
07:40 You kind of come to your, his sense,
07:41 like, thinking like
07:42 what I'm doing here,
07:44 you know, kind of like, I mean, these guys doing this,
07:45 he's thinking, you know, this guy's talking about,
07:47 he's going to do something and you know, all these stuff.
07:49 And I'm like, this is not my life.
07:51 Yeah.
07:52 And I just get up and I left
07:55 and people was like, hey, come down,
07:56 you know, let's finish this.
07:57 I was like, no, I'm out.
07:59 Since that moment,
08:01 I used to get up at five in the morning,
08:03 reading my Bible.
08:04 Wow.
08:05 That was maybe eight months before the senior year,
08:09 it was over.
08:10 So I remember going back to high school and my dress,
08:15 it was totally different,
08:16 short hair and, you know,
08:18 dressing like a casual dressing.
08:21 And the principal come to me and is like,
08:23 Castillejos, you know, in the Latino community,
08:25 they don't tell you by your name.
08:27 Yeah. They go with the last name.
08:29 Last name, he said, Castillejos,
08:31 I don't know why you do it,
08:33 but whatever you're doing is working.
08:35 So keep it up
08:36 because I see you all those years before
08:38 with long hair and all these doing stuff.
08:41 So you're doing pretty good. So keep it up.
08:42 So in 1998,
08:46 I was baptized for the first time.
08:48 Wow.
08:50 First time I was not baptized at 11, 12, 13 until 18,
08:54 because my dad had this belief, you know, this is serious.
08:58 This is serious.
09:00 I don't know if it's good or bad thing,
09:01 but my dad has the themes, you know,
09:03 you know, God stuff is serious stuff.
09:05 So I want you to really understand what you're doing.
09:08 Yes.
09:09 So, yeah, that's...
09:11 He wanted you to make an informed decision.
09:13 And to me, it sounds like
09:15 your dad knew that
09:16 if you just did it just to do it,
09:18 one, you know, your heart's not in it
09:21 and you might not last and stay true to it.
09:24 So that's, yeah, that's powerful.
09:25 Yeah.
09:27 So transitioning into adulthood,
09:31 what made you decide to go into full-time ministry?
09:35 But let me tell you, it was enough.
09:38 I was working my normal job.
09:41 Okay. Okay.
09:42 And the thing is that,
09:44 I find out about Little Light Studios,
09:47 you know, and there's another story about that,
09:49 but I know we don't have too much time,
09:50 but I just fallen in love with that message.
09:55 And I was like, wow,
09:56 that they have the Spanish department
09:58 or what is this Spanish DVDs or something like that.
10:01 And no, they didn't have it.
10:03 And I was like, so I send a message to say,
10:04 "Hey, I can help translate."
10:07 So they send my file. And then I know that file.
10:09 So I helped them to translate five DVDs,
10:14 five productions, you know,
10:17 and then later on they asked me,
10:19 so you don't want, we need somebody to go to the churches
10:21 to share Battlefield Hollywood in Spanish.
10:24 And I'm like, I'm just a translator.
10:26 You know what I'm saying?
10:28 Like, I just come over to help.
10:29 And he said, no pray about it.
10:31 So I was like, okay, let's pray it.
10:32 Took my wife,
10:34 and is like, they want me to be the speaker,
10:36 you know, to be there in front in the church.
10:39 So yeah, so we pray and we decided to,
10:43 you know, I was involved before,
10:45 you know, evangelism and media evangelism,
10:47 you know, stuff like that.
10:49 And I love how the power of God through media,
10:54 we can share the gospel.
10:56 So to me, it's so because my wife became,
10:59 accept the Sabbath through watching 3ABN in 2004.
11:03 Wow.
11:04 So when I saw that,
11:06 I mean, we can do be here for like three hours show, but...
11:08 Yes, yes.
11:09 Yes, but that was the thing, you know, the passion
11:11 about sharing the gospel through media.
11:14 And later on, I was working normal job
11:17 and there I was a speaker, director,
11:19 I'm still am in Little Light Studios in Spanish.
11:23 Yes.
11:24 So 4:30 in the morning
11:25 translating getting up early in the morning
11:27 to translate their stuff and emails and everything.
11:31 Wow.
11:32 What kind of projects do you have going on
11:34 with Little Light Studios in Espanol now?
11:37 Okay.
11:38 Right now like I say, you know, I'm the guy who bring the,
11:42 all the documentaries, you know, DVDs, everything.
11:46 So right now we working on controller 2.
11:50 Okay.
11:51 There are three levels, you know three, three volumes.
11:54 Okay.
11:55 And now I'm bringing that to Spanish in volume two
11:59 and different ones Black Panther,
12:02 I have a Black Panther Deception.
12:05 I'm working with the voiceover for that.
12:07 So we do voiceovers, editing also in YouTube channel,
12:11 currently we're using in Spanish,
12:13 every week it's a video.
12:14 So we to produce, to edit it and, you know, stuff like that.
12:18 That's huge because you're reaching
12:20 a whole another market,
12:21 you're reaching a whole another demographic
12:23 and that's...
12:24 Yeah, yeah. That's huge. Yeah.
12:26 You had a very traumatic experience
12:30 take place in Oregon.
12:33 Tell me a little bit about what led up to that moment?
12:36 Well, let me tell you,
12:40 my daughter,
12:42 my youngest daughter had a dream.
12:45 I mean, we didn't know until later on,
12:47 but she had a dream that...
12:51 You know, she get up very, very, like,
12:54 not very happy and upset.
12:57 Then she had a dream that our house,
12:58 it was in flames
13:01 and she was like so scared.
13:03 And she was going to,
13:05 to see in the window to look outside
13:08 and the house of our neighbors, each side,
13:12 they were burning to the ground,
13:15 like burning to the ground.
13:16 Wow.
13:17 So she was like, you know, so yeah,
13:24 you know, no, not there,
13:25 you know, it's like very, you know, crying,
13:27 everything like that.
13:29 And we find out,
13:32 you know, later on about the dream
13:34 but it was 10 days before something happened.
13:40 And those 10 days it was the Oregon fires.
13:45 And last year it was 2,500 houses
13:49 burned to the ground.
13:51 Wow. It was lost.
13:53 It was three small towns in Southern Oregon.
13:55 Wow.
13:57 And it was my family
13:59 because I was at work and my family,
14:01 they were in my house.
14:04 And when they find out what's going on,
14:07 they had only like four to five minutes
14:09 to get out of the house.
14:10 But let me tell you,
14:11 I'm going to do this very quick.
14:13 Yeah.
14:14 'Cause we have some pictures too,
14:16 that I want us to look at
14:17 and just kind of, you tell us what's going on,
14:19 but go ahead with what you were saying.
14:20 So our neighbor in the front house,
14:25 she's supposed to be going to a family camp.
14:28 Okay.
14:30 You know, reunion thing, they canceled that year.
14:34 So she was in the house, in her house.
14:37 Okay?
14:38 So she told me later on every...
14:40 It's been 20 years that we've been doing this
14:43 and that year, last year it was canceled.
14:46 Wow.
14:48 And she's the one,
14:49 she went knocking the door at my house and she say,
14:52 my friend is working the fireplace,
14:55 a firefighter said that these fire is huge.
14:58 It's going to be like Paradise fire in California.
15:03 Oh, yes, yes. So, um, I was like what?
15:05 So yeah, he say, get your staffing,
15:07 get out of here.
15:08 My wife, she was kind of like what?
15:09 So she got the radio thing.
15:12 And he and she heard 15 minutes later that
15:14 the fire was in our street.
15:16 Wow.
15:17 So she was just four minutes
15:19 and to get stuff and just get out of house.
15:21 Yeah. And, of course.
15:23 I mean, you know, we got those pictures.
15:25 And it was just burning to the ground.
15:27 Yeah. Tell us what we're looking at?
15:30 Yeah, I mean, right there in the front house.
15:32 Believe it or not, that's in front of house.
15:36 Wow.
15:37 And it is nothing.
15:39 Just the two trees that used to be.
15:43 And your left side, I mean, you got a car
15:46 and it was the guy that's over and the police guy.
15:49 They helped me to go there.
15:50 Because you're not supposed to be be there
15:53 because it's a crime scene.
15:55 Got you.
15:56 And I just give me because
15:58 I need some pictures to have it.
16:00 Yes.
16:02 And so you couldn't even get back to your house
16:05 without a police escort?
16:07 Yes, yes.
16:08 And let me tell you, just like in the movies,
16:11 the electrical cables and everything.
16:15 And smoke and flames over there and all stuff.
16:19 So the policemen, I mean it's another story,
16:22 I saw God's miracle about each day.
16:24 I'm not kidding. Yeah.
16:25 I mean, I came to United States
16:27 with more clothes to that day
16:31 with two little plastic bag.
16:33 That's what I had, that's it.
16:34 Wow.
16:36 So it was like everything.
16:37 It was to the ground.
16:40 Now after that,
16:41 because that was a very traumatic experience.
16:45 But after that,
16:46 how did God lead and direct,
16:48 because you then ended up in Tennessee?
16:52 Yes, yes.
16:53 Because, you know, we've been working.
16:55 You know, I've been working for Little Light Studios
16:57 for many years voluntary.
16:59 And then that year, in April,
17:03 you know, we were talking and say,
17:06 let's do this on full time.
17:07 So I was, all right, praise the Lord.
17:09 I mean, God opened the doors.
17:10 So now the idea.
17:13 Nothing, I mean, practically nothing
17:16 and stay, yeah,
17:18 I mean, you don't have to sell the house.
17:20 You don't have to do this.
17:22 And you don't have to rent a U-Haul,
17:23 so it might well come.
17:25 So now I'm in Tennessee,
17:27 and close to Chattanooga area,
17:31 with full time and live YouTube in Spanish.
17:35 So bringing more production each week on YouTube,
17:38 and you know, DVDs and other stuff.
17:41 Now if somebody wants to check out
17:42 Little Light Studios in Espanol,
17:44 how, what's the website?
17:46 Yes, it's, you know, www.LittleLightStudios.tv
17:52 /Espanol.
17:54 Okay. That's the website.
17:56 And you know, we're in YouTube
17:57 and Facebook and all the social media.
18:00 So if somebody you guys want, you know, have Spanish friends,
18:04 you know stuff like that,
18:05 please tell them to go check them out.
18:07 And I know, you gonna be blessed.
18:08 For sure.
18:10 Now, you've been doing Just Be Blessed.
18:12 You're also the co-founder of Just Be Blessed.
18:17 Tell me a little bit about Just Be Blessed.
18:19 How did that get started?
18:21 And how long have you been doing that?
18:22 Okay, so I, you know, I,
18:25 like I say, you know, I really like, you know,
18:27 media and all this stuff,
18:28 and how to share the gospel and everything.
18:30 And I was like, you know, in 2015 and I have this desire,
18:34 like, you know, I want to get a camera,
18:36 lighting, everything.
18:38 I love production and all the stuff.
18:40 So I bought my little gear, you know, personal gear.
18:43 And I invite some people,
18:44 I ask people from my church, like,
18:46 "Hey, you have a testimony?
18:47 What about you, you know, you have a story to share,
18:49 some of that."
18:50 So he say, yeah, so I used,
18:52 get my camera, my lighting, everything
18:54 and I started filming.
18:56 And the thing is the passion.
18:59 Also about Just Be Blessed is everybody has a story to share.
19:03 Yes.
19:04 You know, everybody, a Christian,
19:07 you know, a Christian to share the testimony and say,
19:08 you know what?
19:10 Jesus did that for me.
19:11 Or God changed me for this or, like, healed me for that.
19:15 You know what I'm saying,
19:16 I mean, people stories, you know?
19:17 Oh, yes.
19:19 So I was like, you know, I'm so passionate about that.
19:21 But it took a lot of time,
19:22 like, you know, here in production.
19:24 I mean, it takes time
19:25 to put the lights and everything.
19:27 And I was like, you know what?
19:29 I've been doing that for a year or two years,
19:32 and it's not moving.
19:33 I mean, it's beautiful, the stories and everything.
19:35 And I love editing, everything.
19:37 But I was like, you know what?
19:39 We need to go live.
19:40 You know, everybody was in the beginning of going live
19:42 before this pandemic.
19:43 And I was like, we need to go live.
19:46 And I'm that kind of guy, like, let's push the button.
19:49 Let's do it, you know?
19:51 So, yeah, so I started doing in 2019 I believe, yeah 2019,
19:57 in beginning of December.
19:58 And every week, every week, I have a guest.
20:03 And you were there to share your testimony.
20:05 Yes.
20:07 And thank you for having me there as well.
20:08 I had a great time, I mean. I did too.
20:10 You have a really nice setup.
20:12 I like how you go about doing that program.
20:16 Yeah. It's really good.
20:18 Tried to make it, you know, nice, you know, better,
20:21 you know, I mean, everyday, you know how it is,
20:22 you know, getting better
20:24 and yeah, and so I've been doing that
20:27 and the YouTube channel is growing,
20:29 and praise the Lord.
20:30 And if people want to see those videos,
20:34 how do they get to watch that.
20:37 It's youtube.com/justbeblessed Right?
20:40 Yes.
20:42 Yeah, that's easy as that, you go to searching in YouTube
20:45 and you say, just be blessed.
20:47 Yes.
20:48 And you're gonna see the little black logo videos,
20:52 and I'm sure they're gonna see you there.
20:54 Yeah. There were a lot.
20:55 I saw Ryan Day there. Ryan Day.
20:57 Yeah, I saw Mr. Danny Shelton there.
21:00 Danny Shelton, yeah.
21:01 I saw several other people
21:03 that you had on the program as well.
21:06 Yeah.
21:08 So a lot of powerful testimony.
21:10 Ivor Myers is there, Pastor Ivor Meyers.
21:11 Pastor Meyers, yes.
21:13 Yeah. Yeah.
21:15 So how do you go about finding these stories?
21:18 Finding stories,
21:19 believing that in the Holy Spirit.
21:21 I mean, I cannot give the credit,
21:24 but it's just, I see somebody
21:26 or I saw some project,
21:28 it's just, oh, by the way,
21:30 Ricky, Brother Ricky who works here.
21:33 Yes, Ricky Carter.
21:34 Yes, Dare to Dream video editor.
21:36 That's right. Yeah.
21:38 He has a really unique ministry about, you know...
21:41 Hide it in your heart.
21:43 Hide it in your heart, you know, sharing, learning,
21:45 memorizing the scripture through music.
21:47 And I, you know, like I said, just for example,
21:50 like, Brother Ricky, I just saw this video.
21:53 I was like, that's well done.
21:54 Yes. Well done. Good production.
21:57 Awesome mission,
21:58 memorizing a scripture through music.
22:01 And I'm like, I never spoke to brother.
22:02 Yes.
22:04 But I follow, you know, with the YouTube stuff later.
22:06 I was like, you know, I can connect with him.
22:08 And I send invitation. Yeah.
22:09 He said, "Yeah, brother, I would like to be there."
22:11 I was like, "Okay, right now."
22:12 So you know what I'm saying, like,
22:14 I never spoke to you before.
22:15 Yes, yes.
22:16 Have a little conversation
22:18 when Brother Danny Shelton had a conversation.
22:20 And you're like, hey, yeah, we can be,
22:22 you know, we can talk later on.
22:24 I was like, yeah. Yeah, let's make it out.
22:26 Yeah. Yeah.
22:27 So I just see people with something,
22:29 or somebody told me or they send me a request.
22:33 I just tell like, you know what?
22:34 Send me that email.
22:36 Just be with no with that.
22:39 But it justbeblessed@gmail.com
22:43 Okay, okay.
22:44 If somebody wants to share their testimony.
22:45 And that's how they can get in touch with you
22:47 to share their testimony and all of that stuff.
22:49 Okay. Yes. Nice.
22:51 So what do you want to see for Just Be Blessed?
22:55 Like, how do you want it to be used?
22:58 Do you want people
23:00 to share the links on their social media?
23:02 Do you want people to use it as an evangelistic tool?
23:06 What's your vision?
23:08 Okay, the vision is, of course, you know,
23:10 we started in the platform, you know, YouTube,
23:12 you know, how is YouTube, I mean, you share, right?
23:14 Yes.
23:16 I mean, you watch it, and you share it.
23:17 Yes.
23:18 And, of course, you know, because these stories,
23:20 these stories, you know,
23:21 believe it or not, I mean, I share the gospel
23:23 through stories.
23:25 Yes.
23:27 And, yeah, I mean, just share the story,
23:28 because I know there's somebody out there
23:31 is gonna be blessed.
23:32 You know, it sound like a, oh, Brother Jason,
23:35 oh, brother this, or this guy has a new book,
23:37 or this guy talk about health.
23:39 How do you know about that?
23:40 You know, kind of like,
23:41 and the thing about is conversation
23:43 with just like right now,
23:44 and it's kind of like,
23:46 kind of a podcast,
23:48 and that's my little,
23:51 you know, my project later on.
23:53 Yes.
23:54 We put the stories in the podcast format.
23:57 Yeah.
23:59 And build a website, you know, and stuff like that.
24:01 So, you know, it's just little by little,
24:03 you know, little by little and put some devotionals,
24:06 I'm working with devotionals videos,
24:09 small clips, so...
24:10 I love that, because of its pointing people back,
24:13 you know, to Christ.
24:14 Yeah. So that's, that's huge.
24:16 And I love the format that you have.
24:18 I like that conversational format.
24:20 And I think that's, that's important, as well.
24:24 So what does your family say now,
24:27 because now they see this version of Castillejos.
24:32 Whereas before they saw,
24:34 you know, the previous version of Castillejos.
24:36 Yeah.
24:39 What do they say?
24:40 Well, God is good, you know, of course my mom is happy,
24:43 you know, like, oh, my son, you know, finally.
24:46 You host, yes.
24:48 So, you know, be involved in the ministry
24:50 and, you know, you know how it is,
24:53 I mean, praying for people
24:54 do this preparing seminars for this
24:56 and be involved and, you know, God is good.
25:01 And I'm so thankful for my parents prayers,
25:04 you know, and also I'm going to say something.
25:06 Yeah.
25:08 Behind of a great man is a great woman.
25:12 Okay, good, talk about your wife now.
25:15 Well, I'm gonna be 20 years,
25:17 20 years married in July 27.
25:22 So my bride is a lot of prayer,
25:26 believer of fasting,
25:29 and you know, things like that, you know,
25:31 and she's the one, you know, push me and pray
25:34 and, you know how marriages like this, right? Yeah.
25:37 But God is good. Need to keep going.
25:39 Praise the Lord.
25:40 So you have a solid support group?
25:41 Yes. Yes. Yes.
25:44 What would you say to the individual
25:46 that may be on the fence
25:47 about getting involved in ministry?
25:50 Pray, pray a lot. Pray.
25:53 And because let me tell you,
25:55 if we don't ask, we aren't going to receive.
26:00 We've talked about,
26:02 if it's media, whatever you have,
26:04 you have a camera and your phone.
26:06 I mean, everybody has a phone, or something like that.
26:08 If you want to go better than that,
26:09 get different ones.
26:11 But I just get,
26:12 what do whatever you have in your hands.
26:15 I mean, look at voices, right?
26:16 I mean, what do you have in your hands?
26:18 Yes. If it's not media, just a mail.
26:21 That's a ministry, believe it or not.
26:23 Because you never know
26:25 that person you met that morning,
26:27 he was thinking to make suicide in the bridge.
26:31 And they started, you know what?
26:33 I remember that,
26:34 that person gave me smile and say, you know what?
26:35 God bless you.
26:37 So I believe. I like that.
26:39 You just keep going.
26:40 Whatever you have in your hand to use for the glory of God.
26:42 Yes, yes, that's important.
26:45 And you've done that,
26:46 you know, God has really ordained your steps
26:49 and really blessed in, in that direction,
26:53 you know, taking you with Little Light Studios in Espanol
26:56 and Just Be Blessed,
26:58 sharing those powerful testimonies
27:00 and all of that.
27:02 Yes. God is good. Yes.
27:03 Now what would you say to an individual
27:06 maybe that has not given Jesus a chance?
27:12 There's a great opportunity
27:13 because you think that your life
27:17 the way you're living is great.
27:19 And you think this is it?
27:21 But let me tell you,
27:23 when Jesus come,
27:24 it's gonna, we have a huge changes
27:26 that it's going to be for a better good.
27:29 So give a little try to Jesus
27:31 and your life is going to change it forever.
27:33 Yes.
27:34 Don't be so focused
27:36 on the temporary things of this life,
27:38 but keep our eyes fixed on Jesus for eternity.
27:40 Thank you so much for coming on,
27:42 and sharing with us today.
27:44 Our time went by so fast.
27:47 Oh, man, thank you for joining us.
27:49 Well, we've reached the end of another program.
27:52 Thanks for tuning in.
27:53 Until next time, God bless.


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