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00:01 Are you or a loved one crippled by sin?
00:03 Are you struggling with the stronghold
00:05 of same-sex attraction or sexual immorality?
00:09 Well, stay tuned to meet someone
00:10 who has some strategies to defeat the strongholds.
00:14 My name is Jason Bradley,
00:16 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:40 Hello, and welcome to Urban Report.
00:42 My guest today is Michael Carducci,
00:45 co-founder and speaker For Coming Out Ministries.
00:48 Welcome to Urban Report, Michael.
00:51 It's good to be here. It's great to have you here.
00:54 I wish you were here with me in person.
00:56 So we could talk about this incredible topic.
01:00 This is a powerful thing
01:01 we're going to be discussing today.
01:03 Yeah, I'm grateful for the opportunity, Jason.
01:05 Yes.
01:07 And I'm grateful for you stepping out
01:08 and taking this on.
01:10 So why don't you tell us about who is Coming Out Ministries?
01:15 Sure, thank you.
01:17 Coming Out Ministry started 11 years ago by five
01:20 individuals that all had testimonies
01:22 of coming out of sexual sin.
01:24 Specifically some of us were coming out of bisexuality,
01:29 transgenderism, lesbianism, bisexual addiction,
01:34 porn addiction, everything.
01:36 And as we realize that each one of us had a ministry,
01:39 we thought, you know, if one of us told a story,
01:42 that would be a good thing, but what if five people got
01:44 together and formed a ministry to tell their stories?
01:47 So that's how it started since then we now have six speakers.
01:50 We have 10 people on our board.
01:52 We have probably 25 volunteers, a volunteer behind the scenes.
01:57 So Coming Out Ministries has evolved into something
01:59 much greater than even what we anticipated
02:01 11 years ago.
02:03 Wow. Wow.
02:04 And it seems like
02:06 the climate is right for it right now
02:10 with all that's going on.
02:12 Well, do you know Jason?
02:13 I think, yeah, I think that our popularity hasn't necessarily
02:16 been because we're strong speakers
02:17 or incredible celebrities, I think is because of the...
02:21 It's the issue of the day.
02:22 As a matter of fact, Dwayne Lemon even calls us
02:24 the present truth ministry, because we're dealing about
02:28 the issues that contemporary society
02:30 is dealing with from a biblical perspective.
02:33 Yes. Yes.
02:35 What have been some of your triumphs?
02:39 Some of our triumphs?
02:40 I, well, it really, it really kind of goes back.
02:43 I think, to some of the ministry
02:45 opportunities that we've had in the past
02:47 where we've met people,
02:48 we've encouraged people along the way,
02:50 and they've chosen to walk away from their LGBT identities.
02:54 And as we were working with them,
02:56 we were studying with them and promoting them.
02:59 They were telling their stories,
03:01 their incredible stories and you know,
03:03 something, it's interesting that you bring it up
03:04 so early in the interview
03:06 and I really want to unpack this.
03:08 But one of the things that we started to realize
03:10 is that God gives us this incredible gift
03:13 and that's the gift of the will.
03:15 We have the choice of the will each and every day
03:18 and several times in a day.
03:20 And sometimes because of that precious gift,
03:23 that there's also a huge risk that goes to that gift
03:26 is that I can choose at any time to walk away.
03:30 And it's not a gay thing.
03:31 It's not a straight thing.
03:33 It's basically God's respecting of the will.
03:36 So in the last 11 years, we've had individuals
03:39 that chose to go back into the gay culture
03:42 or they fell back into addictions,
03:45 and Coming Out Ministries had to really assess ourselves
03:48 and say, wait a minute, you know,
03:50 is this what kind of a ministry do we have?
03:52 Do we just turn and walk away from these individuals
03:54 and act as if they never existed?
03:57 We don't talk about it. We don't mention it anymore.
03:59 But instead what we did is we started to establish
04:02 on Wednesday mornings, we started to pray
04:05 and fast for individuals that we have lost
04:07 for individuals that are in the ministry,
04:10 that we are encouraging relationships with.
04:13 And through that process, and I can't even,
04:17 I mean, we've had opportunities where we've spoken
04:19 around the world, but I think the greatest,
04:22 the greatest events that have happened in Coming Out
04:24 Ministries is when two of those individuals
04:26 have actually come back.
04:27 One of them was actually a founding member
04:29 of Coming Out Ministries.
04:30 If you go to our February newsletter,
04:32 you can read all about it because one of the things
04:36 that I'm the most proud about this ministry
04:39 is that everybody has the right to choose.
04:42 And the consequences of those decisions are always there.
04:45 And we face them every day, but there are many ministry
04:48 leaders that have fallen away because of not only
04:51 sexual sin, but because of other sins
04:54 or other reasons that they walk away from ministry.
04:57 So does that mean that the Bible
04:59 is still not the truth?
05:00 Does that mean that the word doesn't have any value?
05:02 No.
05:04 It just means that we're human beings
05:05 that are frail and fall into temptations.
05:07 So as we were talking about how to bring these people back,
05:13 we felt that we had an opportunity
05:15 and an honor to talk about how God still
05:17 is in the business of restoration.
05:20 One of the examples that I want to use
05:22 is my colleague Wayne Blakely,
05:24 who walked away from our ministry before years ago.
05:27 And he really had to assess some things
05:28 that were going on in his life.
05:30 He had to really assess the power of temptation
05:34 and what that was doing not only in his representation
05:38 of the ministry, but was that even
05:40 the goal of what he wanted as far as you know,
05:43 his eternal salvation.
05:45 And through that process, we didn't drop him.
05:47 We didn't let him go and pretend like
05:48 he never existed.
05:50 But instead what we did is we rallied around him.
05:52 We loved him.
05:53 And in that process,
05:55 not that it had anything to do with us,
05:56 but as the Lord was ministering to his soul,
05:59 he began to start writing again.
06:01 He began to really start praying again,
06:03 and he started to pursue Jesus Christ in a whole different way
06:07 that I believe made it an even better part of his testimony.
06:11 So just because somebody falls,
06:13 you know, the Bible is very clear.
06:15 Mary had to be healed the demon seven times.
06:17 And we know that in the Bible, in Proverbs,
06:19 it talks about the righteous man and the wicked man,
06:21 they both fall.
06:23 And the righteous man falls seven times.
06:24 And what that means is that he falls until he gets it right.
06:28 And so just because somebody falls,
06:30 it doesn't mean that their ministry is over.
06:32 It just means that they're human
06:34 and that the power of Jesus Christ
06:36 can still be manifested in their life.
06:37 So not only did that happen for Wayne,
06:39 but it also happened for another colleague
06:41 that we spoke with internationally.
06:43 And she had come out of transgenderism and lesbianism.
06:47 And while she was speaking for us these,
06:49 the temptation again got overwhelming.
06:52 She said, you know, I can't represent
06:53 the ministry anymore.
06:54 She went back into the gay life.
06:56 And then while she was in the gay life,
06:58 we were praying and fasting.
06:59 Again, her mother was with us.
07:01 We were all desperately pleading
07:03 for the Holy Spirit to work in her life.
07:05 And you know, miraculously, two weekends ago,
07:08 she got baptized again, coming back into a relationship
07:11 with Jesus Christ.
07:12 She has a podcast,
07:14 she's got a ministry that she's starting as well.
07:16 And so, those are the most powerful things
07:19 I think that has happened to Coming Out Ministry.
07:21 I can't believe you asked that as the second question.
07:23 It's like, we've so much more to cover.
07:25 I was hoping we'd save that for the last, but it's good.
07:28 Let it get out.
07:29 That's right. That's right.
07:31 And we want to hear even more stories.
07:32 So we've got, we've got this whole time to hear
07:34 some powerful stories about how God is moving.
07:38 What are some of your greatest challenges that you face?
07:42 Some of the greatest challenges that we face are really
07:45 not with the world so much
07:47 and what the world's attitudes are about LGBT promotion
07:51 and acceptance.
07:53 I'm just gonna put it out there.
07:54 Jason, 'cause you asked is the acceptance
07:57 of our own church inside.
07:59 There is a huge polarization going on in our church that,
08:04 that when I came back into the church,
08:07 you know, 20 years ago, the issue was that,
08:10 you know, gays can't change and that God hates them.
08:12 And now all of a sudden it's, there's this complete opposite
08:16 side that, you know, that gays can change,
08:19 but God loves them.
08:20 So what's amazing to me is that the message is the same
08:23 saying that God, gays can't change,
08:25 but we either hate them or we love them.
08:27 And you know what?
08:28 Did anybody read 1 Corinthians Chapter 6?
08:31 If you will look at verse 11,
08:32 it says such worse some of you after explained all
08:35 of the abominations that won't be in heaven.
08:38 And yes, homosexuality is just one of many.
08:41 Did you know that even gossips are listed as an abomination,
08:45 that won't be in heaven.
08:47 So isn't that interesting that God puts gossips
08:49 and homosexuals right on the same level.
08:50 There's not one that's better than the other.
08:52 They're the same.
08:53 It's the same with fornication, adultery, murder stealing.
08:58 So, all right.
08:59 So if we're going to pick on one group of people,
09:02 we have to at least be inclusive
09:05 of all the other issues that,
09:07 that the Bible is very clear about.
09:09 So if we're going to be inclusive,
09:11 then that means that we shouldn't be exclusive either
09:13 and allow the LGBT community to identify
09:16 themselves in their temptations or their simple behaviors.
09:20 So, so again, we don't,
09:21 we don't isolate one from the other.
09:23 We put them all in the same level,
09:24 the same category,
09:25 which may actually bring you to another question
09:28 about Coming Out Ministries.
09:29 We're not about LGBT issues anymore, Jason.
09:32 And while we all had that in common,
09:34 we had many other things that were in common as well.
09:37 And we found that people as they were coming to us
09:40 and listening to us, they thought, oh,
09:42 I thought this was all about the gay issue.
09:44 But really I realized that you're talking about me.
09:47 And even though I never struggled with,
09:49 with homosexuality, they, people would say
09:52 that they struggle with porn addiction or they struggled
09:54 with masturbation or premarital sex,
09:56 or these other things started coming up.
09:58 And they were realizing that the victory over sin
10:02 was really our message.
10:04 And so we started to be more inclusive about Coming Out
10:07 Ministries is not just about coming out
10:10 of the closet or going back into the closet as LGBT,
10:13 but instead it's about restoring all men
10:15 and women back to the image of our Creator God,
10:18 which isn't a gay thing or a straight thing,
10:20 it's about holiness.
10:22 You know, Jesus says be holy, even as I am holy.
10:24 So what does that look like in our world
10:27 today with all of these social constructs about being
10:29 who you are and identifying as who you are being
10:32 comfortable with who you are?
10:33 Well, the Bible says I have to die daily.
10:36 And what does that mean? How do I get there?
10:38 And how do I learn the process of embracing something
10:42 other than what did define me other than the things
10:45 that I was attracted to,
10:46 that I was allowing to define me
10:48 and to find identity in something
10:50 that gave me something better
10:52 than what the world is giving me?
10:53 And that may seem like going around my elbow
10:56 to get to my wrist, Jason.
10:57 But I think that that's the biggest challenge
10:59 that we have right now is convincing the church
11:02 that they've really dropped the ball.
11:03 They dropped the ball because what they've done
11:06 now is, is they've given up the biblical evidence
11:08 that God can restore and redeem.
11:11 And, and what we've done is
11:12 we sold into these social constructs,
11:13 whether it's because schools are accepting,
11:17 you know, government funding, whether it's our universities,
11:20 whether they're just trying to meet, you know,
11:22 these different social constructs halfway,
11:24 I don't know.
11:26 But unfortunately we have lost the fact
11:28 that Jesus still has the power to redeem and to restore lives.
11:32 And 2 Timothy 3:5 is very clear.
11:34 It says, there's a form.
11:36 There's a people that have a form of godliness,
11:38 but they deny the power thereof, from such stay away.
11:42 So when you do not have the power of Jesus Christ
11:44 to restore what you're doing, you're basically saying
11:47 that the, that the, that the example
11:50 of what Jesus gave us on the cross is impotent,
11:52 that everything that Jesus accomplished for us
11:54 is basically null and void.
11:56 And, of course, you would say that that's only
11:58 some people that's not all the church.
12:00 That's not all the universities.
12:02 That's not all the, yeah.
12:04 We want to make that, that clear.
12:06 Yeah.
12:07 Well, you know, Jason it's tough.
12:10 It's really tough.
12:11 There's very few of our universities that will actually
12:15 embrace biblical evidence of biblical truth on sexuality.
12:18 And while in every school, in every conference
12:21 and in every union, there are people that,
12:23 that support our ministry that support our message.
12:26 But unfortunately there's enough strong
12:29 leadership that certain countries will not allow
12:31 Coming Out Ministries to even enter into their country
12:34 or speaking to their churches.
12:36 And sometimes we've even been escorted off
12:39 the campuses because they didn't want Coming
12:41 Out Ministries to talk about the biblical evidence
12:44 of God's restoration.
12:47 You touched on something earlier
12:49 that I want to revisit it,
12:50 you know, in terms of putting sin on a pedestal,
12:55 why is it do you think that people put particular
13:00 sins up on a pedestal when the Bible says,
13:03 you know, for the wages of sin is death?
13:07 You know, I like the way you put that,
13:10 because I didn't say that they put it on a pedestal,
13:12 they kind of separated.
13:13 They kind of made, you know, like years ago,
13:15 years ago, like homosexuality was this horrible thing.
13:19 And that there was just no way that God could redeem it
13:21 so that wasn't putting it up on a pedestal.
13:23 It was really kind of separating it out.
13:24 Meaning, if you send like that, that's really bad.
13:28 Like that's so bad that God can't even help you.
13:30 But now I think you're right.
13:32 I think they put that on a pedestal because now
13:34 things have switched around.
13:35 Isaiah 5:20 says,
13:37 "Woe to them that make evil good and good evil."
13:40 So now we've taken LGBT issue
13:43 and we put it up on this pedestal and said,
13:45 yeah, you know, what is hateful to tell
13:47 gays that they can change.
13:48 And if the gays can't change that they were
13:50 born that way and that we should love them
13:53 because God loves them.
13:55 So we've completely thrown away by the gospel.
13:58 We've thrown away the power of God to redeem
14:00 and to restore.
14:01 So now, if, if, if I've got same-sex attraction, Jason,
14:04 and then if I understand that the Adventist Church
14:07 now says that it's okay to identify as a gay Christian,
14:11 then what that means is that
14:13 I don't have anything to confess.
14:14 Remember, 1 John 1:9 says, that
14:16 "If we confess our sins,
14:18 He is faithful and just not only to forgive our sins,
14:20 but to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
14:22 But if I don't believe that I have to confess
14:26 that I have same-sex attraction.
14:28 Then if I don't confess that, then I have cut myself off
14:31 from the cleansing, forgiveness and restoration
14:33 that Jesus has provided for me.
14:36 So again, when we take a sin temptation
14:38 and to attach it on our identity in Christ,
14:41 we're making that sinful behavior or that identity,
14:45 we're making that exclusive from all the other identities
14:48 that haven't got a chance, you know,
14:49 that God says in Chapter 6,
14:51 that these are the abominations that won't be in heaven.
14:54 So I don't get that.
14:56 And you know, a very prominent pastor told me, he said,
14:59 we don't want to be exclusive here.
15:01 And we want to allow LGBT people to be put in the same
15:06 group as everybody else.
15:07 And I said to this person, then why would you allow
15:10 a gay person to identify as a gay Christian unless
15:13 you're willing to identify as a lying Christian
15:16 or an adulterating Christian or a fornicating Christian.
15:20 You get my point. It doesn't make sense.
15:22 But if you're going to allow someone to identify
15:23 as a gay Christian, which is a sinful temptation,
15:27 and let me be clear,
15:28 God does not condemn the person that has same sex attraction.
15:31 He condemns the behavior.
15:33 And that also applies to transgenderism as well.
15:36 But I can't continue to identify as a gay Christian,
15:41 if God is asking me to walk away from that identity that I,
15:44 that I lived in for over 20 years.
15:47 Why would I continue to call myself something
15:50 when God says I'm a new creature,
15:52 in Christ, I'm a new creature.
15:53 All things have passed away.
15:54 Behold, everything becomes new.
15:56 Well, even though everything is becoming new
15:58 over the last 20 years that I've been walking this walk,
16:00 Jason, it doesn't mean that God took away my history
16:03 or my memory.
16:04 And we know that that Paul prayed to be relieved
16:07 of this thorn in the flesh.
16:08 So maybe his thorn in the flesh was,
16:10 you know, his old thoughts and his old behaviors.
16:14 And while God doesn't promise to take away my temptations,
16:17 what he does promise is to give me strength
16:19 and grace to overcome those temptations.
16:21 And I believe that that's what every single one of us
16:24 is learning to do.
16:25 Whether you are same-sex attracted,
16:27 whether you were addicted to pornography
16:29 and masturbation, whether you were in premarital sexual
16:33 relationships or whatever that was,
16:35 God doesn't take away the memory of that.
16:37 But He does promise to give us power to overcome
16:39 those temptations and behaviors.
16:40 Yes.
16:42 Right now, how about you give us some tips
16:44 and some strategies to overcome some of those strongholds,
16:47 like, what do you tell people when you're counseling them
16:49 or when you're speaking with them?
16:53 Well, this is really interesting.
16:55 I've had some recent conversations with a few people
16:58 that really alarmed me.
17:00 And I think that when 40 years ago
17:03 when I was 20 years old
17:05 and I was struggling with same-sex attraction,
17:08 I hadn't actually gone into the gay life or anything.
17:10 But I remember that I had two thoughts.
17:12 I had two decisions that I could make.
17:14 Number one, I could either be gay
17:17 or I could be a Christian, but I couldn't be both.
17:20 And now what I hear is that people have this kind
17:25 of warped sense of the gospel, meaning that that cheap grace
17:28 basically says that I can be addicted to porn
17:31 and I could be fornicating
17:33 and still have a place in heaven.
17:35 And some of them are preachers and teachers
17:37 and people that are getting baptized.
17:40 And, and here's the big misunderstanding is,
17:43 yes, God loves us just as we are,
17:47 but He's not going to leave us where we are.
17:49 And so while He does love us, even though we're sinful,
17:52 He's willing for us to accept Him
17:54 as He is and walk according to, to, to the foundation
18:00 of what He established that He said is good for you.
18:02 You know, people get caught up in this thing that
18:04 if I give up my, my life, according to what the Bible
18:08 says is simple, then, then I'm losing something
18:11 like I'm not being true to myself.
18:12 Well, the Bible says that everything is permissible,
18:15 but not everything is beneficial.
18:17 And while God allows us to make the choice
18:19 and to live by those choices,
18:21 our choices have become perverted because we've
18:24 indulged in the things that come naturally,
18:26 God isn't going to take perverted characters to heaven.
18:29 And while I come to Him, as I am polluted and,
18:32 and perverted, He says, take hold of my strength.
18:36 In Philippians 2:5, "Let this mind be in you
18:39 so that you can have my thoughts and my feelings.
18:42 Let me take your perverted thoughts and feelings
18:44 and heal them and give you holy thoughts and feelings."
18:48 And that is a process.
18:49 One of the things that have recently come to my mind,
18:53 which is really powerfully convicting
18:55 is that my sister was in church
18:58 and this little old lady in her 90s said that for three,
19:02 for three generations her family has been Adventist,
19:05 and now I said, oh, Jesus is coming soon.
19:07 Jesus is coming soon.
19:08 And she said that, this woman said,
19:10 I'm not saying that anymore.
19:11 Once I've seen the pandemic take over the world
19:14 and I've seen LGBT acceptance and these laws
19:17 and everything that's happening in the church today,
19:20 she said, Jesus isn't coming soon.
19:22 Jesus is just playing coming.
19:24 And when she said that, my sister had her mouth dropped
19:26 open when she realized that.
19:28 And I thought, wow, that's right.
19:29 Jesus really is coming soon if you're watching the way
19:32 march in the prophecy, you can tell what's on the horizon.
19:35 And I was sharing that with a brother in Switzerland
19:38 and we were just walking one night and he said, wow, Mike.
19:40 He said, when you think about that,
19:42 if Jesus is coming soon, he said,
19:45 that means not very long from now,
19:47 there won't be any more sin.
19:48 And that absolutely grabbed my attention.
19:51 And my reaction was the same as mine.
19:53 I thought, wait a minute.
19:54 If sin won't be any more than as a Christian,
19:57 I need to make sure that my sins are in the sanctuary
20:00 and that daily, I am asking God to help me to hate
20:03 sin perfectly.
20:05 That's my new prayer, Jason.
20:06 Lord, help me to hate sin perfectly because honestly
20:10 on our own, Jason, none of us can do that.
20:12 None of us can hate sin perfectly.
20:14 So how do we get to that process
20:15 of learning the character of Jesus Christ,
20:18 learning the process of getting those sins in the sanctuary?
20:22 And I was reading well, actually,
20:23 I've been reading for probably the last month,
20:26 the book, Mind, Character and Personality, Chapter 15.
20:29 And that is a very startling chapter when you read it,
20:33 because it talks about the will.
20:36 And that is the bottom line for people
20:37 who are addicted, for people who have
20:39 fallen in the temptations, for people
20:41 who are stuck with certain behaviors
20:45 that they don't like anymore.
20:46 You read that chapter, and it tells you exactly
20:49 how to overcome sin by, by surrendering the will.
20:54 And I think that that we've made that kind
20:56 of a cavalier statement, we're all, yes,
20:58 when you will surrender your will,
21:00 but what does that really mean?
21:01 And what I'm finding in my own pursuit
21:04 is that asking the Lord to give me His will.
21:08 And as simple as that sounds,
21:10 it just means that I'm acquiescing.
21:12 That means that I'm giving Jesus permission.
21:14 I just give Him permission because you know what?
21:16 Oh, this is so cool.
21:18 Jason, listen to me, listen,
21:20 I'm going to preach it for just a minute
21:21 that you're gonna love this.
21:22 Hey preach, take your time.
21:25 All right. Right. All right.
21:26 I'm going to, but there was this young woman
21:28 that accidentally came on our reformer's line
21:30 and it was my fault.
21:31 It was my fault.
21:33 Let me just, let me just be honest about that.
21:34 She was, she was a lesbian woman
21:36 that I'd met in Switzerland
21:38 and I was speaking there and she came up
21:39 and she was really kind of, you know,
21:41 dismissed by my presentation.
21:43 And she said, if I was ever to pray again,
21:46 I would never ask God to take away my relationship.
21:49 And so we exchanged phone numbers,
21:51 we dialogue a little bit.
21:52 She was a beautiful woman in her mid 30s.
21:54 And so I was scrolling.
21:56 I was, look, I was scrolling through my phone
21:59 and I'm trying to find these people
22:00 to invite to our reformer's line.
22:02 And we have an international reformer's line
22:04 which is really incredible.
22:05 Ask me, ask me about that later on.
22:07 So I was asking all these people that come in
22:09 and I was inviting people from South Africa,
22:12 New Zealand Zimbabwe, you know,
22:16 all around Europe, Sweden, Denmark.
22:18 So I found her name and I go, oh, lesbian from Switzerland.
22:22 Boop. I invited her.
22:23 So when I opened up the zoom line
22:25 and I looked and I see this young woman,
22:27 she goes, Hey, Mike, remember me?
22:28 And I'm like, no, not really.
22:30 She said, I'm from Zurich, Switzerland.
22:32 And then it hit me.
22:34 And I thought, oh, I've made a huge mistake.
22:35 I've invited this woman to an ex,
22:38 you know, to an ex-gay zoom chat, prayer line.
22:42 And so she said, well, she goes, that's okay.
22:45 She said, I was curious about what you had to say.
22:47 And the Holy Spirit said, do not let her go,
22:50 do not let her go.
22:51 And I thought, well, how am I going to incorporate
22:52 her into this group?
22:54 And we had like 20 some people in this group
22:55 all over the world.
22:57 And so I thought, okay.
22:58 I said, would you be willing to share what your reaction
23:01 was when I gave my testimony in your church?
23:03 And she said, I'd be happy to.
23:06 And so it was a, with a little bit of fear and trepidation,
23:09 but I brought her into the group
23:11 and she was very plain.
23:13 And she said, Mike, you're old.
23:14 You know, you don't have any sexual attractions anymore.
23:17 She said, but I'm young.
23:18 And I like sex and it feels good.
23:20 And as we were talking or whatever,
23:22 she basically dismissed me.
23:23 But what was so incredible, Jason is she started to hear
23:27 20 other people around the world talking about
23:30 how they had given God their identities and sexuality
23:34 and their addictions and their drives.
23:36 And there was a 20 year old man that had been walking
23:39 with Jesus for three years, talking about it was difficult,
23:42 but that he realized that God was offering him something
23:44 so much better.
23:45 And then other people started to share.
23:47 By the end of that two hour zoom call,
23:49 she was in tears and she continues to come back.
23:53 Jason, that's what I'm talking about.
23:55 Praise God. Praise God.
23:57 Well, wait, wait, wait, wait, here's the other part,
23:59 here's the other part.
24:01 And I'm sorry, I was just going around my elbow,
24:02 but it's necessary because I called her
24:05 another time and we were having this long conversation
24:08 and she said, you know what?
24:09 I know it's wrong.
24:10 She said, I know being gay is wrong.
24:12 She said, but you know what?
24:14 Fifty percent of me can't help it.
24:16 Fifty percent of me, I just can't do it.
24:19 And she said, and 50% of me doesn't want to.
24:22 Jason, that's it, make a bumper
24:24 sticker because it's not about sexual sin,
24:26 it's about all sin.
24:27 Fifty percent of us, we know we can't.
24:29 And 50% of us doesn't want to.
24:31 And when I put that together with the will,
24:34 surrendering the will, that's exactly what I pray now.
24:37 Lord, 50% of me can't
24:39 and 50% of me doesn't want to,
24:41 but I choose to give You my will.
24:45 And you know what?
24:46 That's when the power and the grace of Jesus Christ
24:49 comes in and swoops in and gives me the strength
24:53 that otherwise on my own, I wouldn't have known
24:56 or what I want to.
24:57 Lord, help me to hate sin perfectly.
25:01 That's powerful. That's powerful.
25:02 Mike, tell us a little bit about
25:04 the prayer line real quick?
25:07 Okay.
25:09 So the prayer line is probably,
25:10 I think the greatest thing that Coming Out Ministries
25:13 has ever done it, if not anything else,
25:15 because we meet three times a week.
25:17 On Monday evenings,
25:19 we have a zoom call at 7 o'clock Eastern Time.
25:21 Also 9:00 AM on Thursdays
25:24 Eastern Standard Time in our phone prayer line
25:27 and also Friday mornings at 6:00 AM.
25:29 So we try to include the East Coast
25:31 and the West Coast, but in these prayer lines
25:34 we mostly have parents, parents that are pleading,
25:38 parents that are fasting and praying on behalf
25:40 of their children and loved ones.
25:42 And you know what?
25:43 Parents, I didn't know this, but parents struggle
25:45 with a deeper sense of guilt and shame
25:48 than even people that are LGBT, because now everyone's
25:50 embracing it and claiming it.
25:52 But when the parents come together,
25:55 woo, some of them now have become best friends.
25:57 They realize that we've created a community now
26:00 where people can come without shame,
26:02 without condemnation, and they can find encouragement
26:05 and support, you know, people that they,
26:09 that know exactly what they're going through,
26:10 things that they can share their, their heartaches
26:13 and also the victories.
26:14 Yeah, and that's extremely important is to have
26:16 that support group, to have that support is,
26:19 is crucial.
26:21 You know, I want to put up your contact information right now.
26:24 And if you would just read that because somebody out
26:26 there that's gonna want to get in touch with you,
26:28 maybe they need help.
26:29 Maybe they're struggling with something
26:30 and they want to reach you,
26:32 or maybe they want to support you.
26:33 So if you could just read your contact information
26:35 that would be great.
26:37 Sure.
26:38 Coming Out Ministries, we're located at PO Box 107,
26:42 Tilly, Arkansas. That's Tilly, Arkansas 72679.
26:48 If you want to email, or if you want to contact us,
26:50 you go to comingoutministries.org
26:52 On our website we have powerful resources.
26:55 We have our movie Journey Interrupted,
26:58 which you can watch for free in 12 different languages.
27:01 At comingoutministries.org
27:02 you can also find powerful testimonies,
27:06 resources, books, videotapes, music, all kinds of things.
27:10 We have a free library there.
27:11 We have different tabs to address the different issues
27:15 that you may want information on as well as
27:18 if you want to email us, you can go to
27:19 admin@comingoutministries.org
27:22 and we can move your prayer requests.
27:24 We can answer your questions and send you any kind
27:27 of resources that you may need.
27:28 Thank you, Jason. You're welcome.
27:30 Thank you, Mike. That is beautiful.
27:32 And I'm so glad that you have those resources
27:35 available to the public and that you're going out,
27:38 you're being transparent and you're sharing with them.
27:41 You know, that they can gain the victory.
27:44 They don't have to be stuck in that lifestyle.
27:46 And so if you're out there
27:48 and you're listening to this right now,
27:49 know that God wants to deliver you
27:51 from whatever you are being held and bondage by.
27:55 Until next time, God bless you.


Revised 2021-08-30