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00:01 Stay tuned to meet a man
00:02 who's focused on the mission
00:04 to make a difference in his community.
00:06 My name is Jason Bradley,
00:07 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:32 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:34 My guest today is Pastor Taurus Montgomery,
00:37 senior pastor of the Harbor of Hope
00:39 Seventh-day Adventist Church,
00:41 located in Benton Harbor, Michigan.
00:44 Welcome to Urban Report, Pastor Taurus.
00:47 Thank you so much for having me, man.
00:49 I really appreciate it, Jason, for the opportunity to share.
00:53 It's great to have you here.
00:54 And I'm excited for you to share.
00:56 So let's start with this.
00:57 What is the mission of Harbor of Hope?
01:01 At Harbor of Hope,
01:03 we exist to empower young people to rise
01:05 and lead through Christ.
01:08 We land on that mission statement
01:11 over a series of over the course
01:14 rather of several months, I'll even say years.
01:18 But within the past six months,
01:20 we've kind of been on this journey
01:22 of really praying and seeking God for clarity
01:25 as to what is our unique mission
01:28 here in this community.
01:30 And we are unapologetically for young people,
01:34 impacting young people, serving young people.
01:36 We believe that that's the call that God
01:38 has placed on us as a congregation.
01:39 Amen.
01:41 And so the whole congregation is on board with this?
01:44 Absolutely. Absolutely.
01:46 I tell people all the time, you know, we have,
01:49 we even have a target age is ages five to 25 years old.
01:53 That's where we focus our resources,
01:55 our time, our power, manpower and womanpower.
02:00 And, and we say, you know,
02:02 that doesn't mean that if you are above that age,
02:05 then you can't be a member at Harbor of Hope.
02:06 If that was true,
02:08 then I wouldn't be able to be a member,
02:09 I'm above, you know.
02:12 But you know, we just believe in this,
02:14 this intentionality, right?
02:16 Yes.
02:17 Those who are above 25 years old,
02:20 God has given you a story,
02:22 God has given you experiences in life
02:24 for you to be able to pour back into that particular age group.
02:28 And so we just want to be intentional about,
02:30 you know, this call that God has placed on us
02:32 to serve in this community.
02:34 Amen, and that's so important.
02:36 You know, each community has its own set of challenges.
02:39 So what are some of the challenges
02:41 that Benton Harbor is faced with?
02:44 Man, um, you know,
02:47 a city that has been impacted by poverty.
02:50 You know, poverty breeds all kinds of issues.
02:55 And one of the things that's really on people's heart
02:57 right now is gun violence.
03:00 You know, we've had our hand a handful of that,
03:04 too much to be honest with you,
03:06 any amount of violence must be dealt,
03:08 you know, the truth of the matter.
03:10 In fact, I have a news clip
03:12 that I share kind of the same thing,
03:14 that if we can pull that out right now,
03:16 I think it speaks to it.
03:17 Absolutely.
03:18 Let's take a look at that right now.
03:20 Pastor Taurus Montgomery, himself,
03:22 thank you for taking the time.
03:23 Sir, good to see you.
03:25 First off, what's your reaction when you heard about
03:27 another deadly shooting in Benton Township
03:29 not far from your church overnight?
03:31 The victims just 18 and 20 years old,
03:33 what did you make of it?
03:35 Well, you know, I was hurt, Brian, I was hurt.
03:38 You know, I couldn't help but think about the fact
03:40 that these are young, young people,
03:43 18 years old, 20 years old, you know,
03:45 whole life ahead of them, but now,
03:48 not able to live that life.
03:51 Because they've been taken, you know, at such an early age.
03:53 My heart goes out to the family,
03:56 and loved ones who are now mourning,
03:58 yet again another death
04:00 of a young person in our community.
04:02 It happens all too often, no doubt about that.
04:04 But your church, the Harbor of Hope,
04:07 has a new mission to help young people
04:09 make more positive choices.
04:10 What led you and your parishioners
04:13 down that path?
04:15 Well, what led us down that path is the reality
04:18 that in communities that are underserved,
04:22 communities of poverty,
04:24 young people are oftentimes going to experience
04:28 what they call ACES,
04:30 or that stands for adverse childhood experiences,
04:33 and the more of those that people have,
04:36 then the more likely
04:38 they're going to struggle in life.
04:40 In addition to the fact that, as you played in the video,
04:44 just down the street from our church,
04:46 we had a young man last summer who was killed, 19 years old.
04:50 So these things, you know, we're saying,
04:52 "Hey, we can sit back and complain about it,
04:54 or we can do something."
04:55 And so that's, that's what took us down this path.
04:58 So tell our viewers about the Final Play
05:00 that basketball tournament fundraiser
05:02 and community wide event next week,
05:05 what's the overall goal with this?
05:08 Listen, our Final Play is a four day community event
05:13 that uses basketball, to bring people together,
05:18 to bring the community together.
05:19 And our overall goal is to kick off
05:22 a positive, peaceful, productive summer
05:25 and a summer where we can, we want to,
05:27 we want to expose young people to opportunities and programs
05:31 that are available in the city
05:33 for them to tap into for the summer.
05:36 How can people support your mission
05:38 and all those nonprofits trying to make a difference there
05:41 in Benton Harbor and Benton Township?
05:43 Are you asking people to get involved?
05:45 Oh, sure, absolutely.
05:47 Well, the first thing
05:48 they can do is go to the website,
05:50 onefinalplay.com.
05:52 That's the number one spelled out.
05:53 Onefinalplay.com and learn more about the event
05:57 and other things that we have happening.
06:00 The second thing they can do is volunteer.
06:02 They'll find it on the website as well.
06:04 And we're also accepting donations
06:06 to take funds to make these kinds of things happen.
06:09 And so they can make a donation on there as well.
06:12 And lastly, they can attend, you know, show up, be present,
06:16 be amongst young people be that positive influence
06:19 when they come around as well.
06:21 And so those are ways that people can get involved.
06:24 Pastor Taurus Montgomery at the Harbor of Hope Church
06:26 of Benton Harbor, thank you for all you're doing
06:28 to make this a safer, less violence summer.
06:31 We certainly appreciate your efforts.
06:33 Thank you, Brian.
06:35 All right.
06:36 Wow, that's incredible.
06:38 I'm so glad that ABC 57 chose to highlight
06:41 what was going on in the community.
06:43 Your church is doing incredible things,
06:45 Pastor Taurus, and thankful for your leadership there.
06:49 You know, a lot of times
06:50 we see problems within a community.
06:53 But we don't address those problems.
06:56 We don't do anything, we tend to complain about them,
06:58 but we don't do anything about them.
07:00 So you're doing something about it.
07:03 But what is your church doing to address those problems?
07:08 Well, a couple of things.
07:10 Man, you know, one of the things
07:11 that you know, as you are saying
07:13 what you just said there, you know,
07:16 it's important to scratch people
07:17 where they're itchy, right?
07:19 If you, if I'm...
07:21 If my back is itching, but you're scratching my head,
07:23 then I'm looking at you, "What's wrong with you?"
07:25 You know, it's not, you're,
07:27 what you're doing is not relevant to what my need is.
07:29 Yes.
07:31 And so just find it necessary for the church
07:33 to listen to the community,
07:34 because the community will tell you
07:36 exactly what their issue is, what the problem is.
07:39 And I believe that God has blessed His church so much,
07:42 with so many gifts and so many talents
07:43 and so many resources.
07:44 And I'm not just talking about my church,
07:47 I'm talking about the Adventist Church period
07:50 to be able to address any problem or any issue
07:52 that we find in our community.
07:55 And so what we, in addition to, you know,
07:58 trying to address this gun,
07:59 this gun violence issue, we created programs.
08:04 So for young man, we have a men's group
08:06 where we want to provide,
08:07 where we provide mentorship for young men.
08:10 For young ladies, there's a women's group,
08:13 we turned our Sabbath school
08:16 into what we call Now Rise Up School
08:19 to be in line and in harmony with our mission
08:21 to empower young people to rise and lead.
08:24 And so we're teaching the Word, you know, of course,
08:28 during that time and giving them
08:29 that firm foundation that's going to help them
08:32 to make it out of poverty,
08:34 and also be able to walk on the streets of gold.
08:37 And so, those are some of the things that we're doing.
08:41 We have a life skills program, you know,
08:43 what we're talking about how to change a tire,
08:46 you know, how to change your oil,
08:49 how to tie a tie, you know,
08:51 we've got them actually to get them involved
08:53 in to be able to serve.
08:55 We have a community garden to teach them agriculture.
08:59 Just a number of things that that are practical
09:01 and hands-on for young people to be able to partake in.
09:05 Main attraction is basketball.
09:07 You know, basketball is something
09:09 that this community gravitates to.
09:13 A lot of them, you talk to them,
09:14 they don't call it Benton Harbor,
09:16 they call it Ball Harbor,
09:18 and that's for their love for the game,
09:20 their love for sports.
09:21 And so those are some of the things
09:23 that we're doing.
09:25 And so that they call it Ball Harbor,
09:26 that must mean they have skills,
09:28 that they must have some skills on the court.
09:32 If you're, they do, let me just say that.
09:34 Benton Harbor is a basketball city
09:37 and which is why everybody loves the game here to see.
09:40 Nice, nice.
09:42 We actually have some pictures of some people
09:44 that have you know,
09:45 attended and played out there and all that stuff.
09:48 Why don't you tell us a little bit about that?
09:50 Sure, sure.
09:51 So this, this was the first event
09:54 at our grand opening
09:56 that we did where we had about 200 people come out,
10:00 you know, it was a...
10:01 This I know basketball, you know,
10:02 basketball is a big deal.
10:04 It was a last minute kind of thrown
10:07 together type of thing,
10:08 because we were trying to respond as quickly
10:10 as we could to, you know,
10:12 the issues that was happening last summer, right?
10:15 And so, man, people showed up with little advertising,
10:18 we had a great time.
10:20 Here's some young boys right here, you know,
10:22 coming out and participating and playing.
10:25 And, you know, it's an attraction,
10:27 a lot, what a lot of people don't know.
10:30 And I learned this, you know, over the course of time,
10:33 is that even the origin of the game of basketball,
10:36 it was created to help keep young people,
10:38 young men in particular off the streets.
10:41 The guy who created,
10:42 his name was Dr. James Naismith.
10:45 And he was a gym teacher, he was a minister,
10:48 he was a physician,
10:49 and the director of the Boys and Girls,
10:52 not the Boys and Girls Club,
10:54 the YMCA at the time came to him and said,
10:56 Hey, we need to do something to keep these young men
10:59 off the streets during the wintertime,
11:01 and that's the origin of the game of basketball.
11:04 And in fact, in fact, in his prayer journal,
11:08 it was written in his prayer journal,
11:10 he said, you know, "God, give me a game
11:13 to win men to the Master."
11:15 And that is the origin of the game of basketball.
11:19 So I tell people, it's the holy sport.
11:22 You taught me something new.
11:23 You just taught me something new on that.
11:25 So how do you use basketball to spread the gospel?
11:30 So here's a couple of things.
11:35 The first thing is that, you know,
11:37 embedded within the game
11:39 is the ability to mingle with people, right?
11:43 Whenever there's a basketball game,
11:45 you're on a team with somebody, you just kind of out there.
11:47 So we, as we have these events,
11:49 you know, we're intentional about
11:51 mingling with young men and young ladies.
11:54 Right now, as we speak,
11:56 we have a program out in the community,
11:59 where we're going to places
12:01 that have basketball courts already,
12:03 and we're mingling, we're playing ball with them.
12:06 Last, the first night, we had about 50 people show up.
12:10 The second day, we had about 70 people show up.
12:13 And so tonight, when we go back out there to play ball,
12:17 I'm suspecting that it'll d be even more.
12:19 But after playing basketball with them, or rather,
12:21 before we play with them, we share the Word.
12:25 And so even so when I told you tonight,
12:27 that I have a presentation, I'm going out there,
12:30 we have the TV, we take the TV out,
12:31 so I'm using PowerPoint, the young people gather around,
12:35 and they're watching, you know, the Scripture's on the screen.
12:39 And so we're preaching the Word,
12:41 sharing the gospel, we're playing basketball,
12:43 we have some fun and games, you know,
12:46 we play stuff like capture the flag with them.
12:49 Adults get involved, teenagers get involved,
12:51 kids get involved.
12:53 And we're just having a great time.
12:54 After that, we sit down together,
12:56 we eat some food.
12:57 But you know what?
12:59 You know, once I'm preaching the Word,
13:01 I'm also making appeals, I'm appeals.
13:03 I'm making appeals for giving your life to Christ.
13:05 I'm making appeals for Bible study.
13:07 You know, I'm making appeals for come join us, you know,
13:11 go to church with us this Sabbath.
13:13 You know, it's holistic approach, man,
13:16 where it's almost like
13:18 we're doing a week of prayer in the community on site,
13:22 using the game of basketball to be able to pull it off.
13:25 Yeah. Amen. Amen.
13:27 That's, that's a very unique approach.
13:29 How did the grand opening of the court,
13:32 how did all of that come about?
13:35 Man, you know, well, you know, I have a...
13:37 I have a love for the game, you know,
13:38 basketball, I play basketball.
13:41 As a young man, I had hoop dreams,
13:44 wanted to go to the NBA
13:46 and all that kind of stuff, you know.
13:47 And so I had this, this connection with the game
13:52 and I began to see that basketball was a tool.
13:55 You know, I'll be honest with you, man,
13:57 I wrestle with it,
13:58 because of the competition part, you know I'm saying.
14:01 Sometimes, you know, I would allow it
14:04 to get the best of me and, you know,
14:06 it turned into something that it shouldn't turn into,
14:08 but the Lord began to show me
14:12 that if I would allow Him to be in control of me,
14:15 you know, and surrender myself as I'm even playing the game.
14:19 Then He, and He helped me with that, right?
14:21 And so then I began to realize that you know what?
14:22 This is a tool.
14:24 This is a tool.
14:25 Young people love it.
14:27 And I began to ask myself,
14:28 what if we put a basketball court
14:32 on the church lawn, right?
14:34 And to be honest with you, man,
14:36 I wanted to put something small,
14:38 something simple, just one little hoop up.
14:40 And when I began to share
14:42 that vision with the church board,
14:44 they were like, "Well, pastor,
14:45 I think we should probably put it in the center
14:48 and make it a real deal basketball court."
14:51 And I said, well praise the Lord.
14:54 Right? Amen.
14:57 We ended up getting some donations.
15:00 You know, some people blessed us,
15:01 you know, the Lord blessed us through these individuals,
15:04 we were able to get the funding and the court went up,
15:07 and the community came out.
15:09 That's, that's huge.
15:11 Tell us about the Final Play?
15:14 Man, the Final Play.
15:16 The Final Play.
15:17 It was, it just happened in June.
15:20 It was a four day event that involved a basketball,
15:25 we had a stage play, we had resources,
15:30 and food, of course, right?
15:31 In fact, I think we have some shots right here.
15:34 Some pictures of the,
15:36 the resource booths that we had,
15:38 were again, you know, we're using basketball, it may,
15:43 it drew the community out.
15:44 And with the community came out,
15:46 we had these about 20 different organizations.
15:48 Here you have Spectrum Health Lakeland,
15:50 which is the local hospital, and health care system here.
15:54 You had Express, which is a hiring agency
15:58 in the community where individuals were able
16:01 to go around and visit these different booths.
16:04 We had the army recruiters.
16:06 They came out, and they began to share,
16:09 you know, recruit young men to come join the army.
16:13 Another cool thing about it was, you know,
16:15 we were able to raise some funds
16:17 to get to provide assistance for other organizations
16:21 that are serving young people.
16:22 And here, organization called 400 Men,
16:26 and they were, you know,
16:28 catering to mentoring young boys
16:30 between the ages of 10 and 17 years old.
16:32 And so we were able to bless them
16:34 with some funding to be able to do that,
16:36 with the funds that we raise from local supporters,
16:39 you know, who were giving.
16:41 And then the last one that you saw there
16:43 was a check for $2500
16:45 for another organization called Peace for Life,
16:48 which started as an anti bullying organization.
16:52 You know, at the end of every school year,
16:55 there used to be fights.
16:56 It was just kind of a part of the culture
16:58 at the end of the last day of school,
17:00 there's gonna be a fight.
17:01 And so this organization formed to combat that, right?
17:05 And so they will do peace marches.
17:07 And we, we've been a part of those
17:09 before as well.
17:10 They were rallies at the park and, you know,
17:13 trying to do things that are just,
17:15 you know, positive and productive
17:17 to some kind of, you know,
17:19 peaceful transition into the summertime.
17:21 And so being able to, you know,
17:23 be a blessing to those organizations.
17:26 And listen, again,
17:28 it was all a tie to basketball, right?
17:31 So the teams were the organizations
17:35 where the, that you just saw there,
17:38 a part of them being able to apply
17:42 for and participate to be able to,
17:44 to get the, what we call the community impact grant,
17:48 was they had to, you know,
17:50 there was a requirements or whatnot.
17:52 But the teams that were playing in the tournament
17:55 were represented or they represented
17:58 one of the organizations.
18:00 And so the organization team that won was the team
18:05 would determine what prize they got.
18:07 So in other words,
18:09 the players got a chance to play
18:10 for something bigger than just winning a game.
18:13 I got you.
18:15 Playing for charity.
18:16 And so, they think it's pride,
18:18 a sense of like giving back and supporting my community,
18:22 as a result of the work we try to, you know,
18:26 interweave, you know, the charities into the game.
18:30 So it all worked out.
18:31 Yes, yes.
18:33 That's huge.
18:34 So what happens after this four day event?
18:39 So you know, that was a...
18:41 That's a good question
18:43 because I was telling my church that,
18:45 hey, guys, you know,
18:46 we've been planning this event for seven months,
18:50 praise God, it went well.
18:53 But it's over.
18:54 And it's just four days.
18:56 And guess what?
18:57 The devil is still busy,
18:58 he's still gonna be attacking young people in our community,
19:01 he's still going to be causing arguments,
19:05 causing fights.
19:06 And, you know, we hope nobody else dies
19:09 from violence or whatever.
19:10 But we live in a sin sick world.
19:13 And so, just because the event is over, that doesn't mean
19:17 that we have to stop now, right?
19:18 There's still more work to be done.
19:20 So what we decided to do was,
19:22 we looked out into our communities
19:23 and we say, okay, well, what complexes,
19:27 what housing project areas,
19:29 what apartment complexes
19:31 already have a basketball hoop, right?
19:35 Already have a basketball court.
19:37 And we found out that there were four of them,
19:40 now two of them,
19:43 the basketball hoops was actually missing.
19:46 So then we had to try to, you know,
19:48 fundraise to be able to buy some hoops
19:50 to be able to put the hoops up on those locations.
19:53 And then we said, you know what?
19:55 We're gonna go to each one of these locations
19:57 for one week, and this
19:59 is what I was referring to earlier,
20:01 and we're doing what we call
20:02 a community non violence initiative.
20:04 Wow!
20:05 And we're going out.
20:07 And I'm talking about the story of Cain and Abel
20:09 and how these two brothers,
20:11 one brother killed the other brother,
20:13 and just kind of using that as a springboard to talk about,
20:17 you know, love God,
20:18 love people and essentially preach
20:21 the gospel from that, right?
20:24 And so, so we're spending one week in one location.
20:28 And then after that,
20:30 we spend another week in the next location.
20:31 We do a basketball tournament,
20:33 we'll do food, we'll do fund, we'll do games.
20:36 But we're definitely going to preach the gospel,
20:37 call people to make decisions for baptism,
20:40 people to make decisions to study the Word of God,
20:43 people to make decisions for Christ,
20:45 and so on and so forth.
20:46 And so for the next four weeks, that's what's going on.
20:50 That's where I'm preaching at tonight.
20:52 And I'm looking forward to making
20:53 that happen tonight again.
20:54 Yeah, that is, that is awesome.
20:56 So tell me, what has been the result
21:00 of your basketball ministry?
21:03 Man, the Lord has been blessing, man.
21:05 The Lord has been blessing in so many ways.
21:08 I'll tell you, I'll tell you two different stories.
21:10 The first one is when I first started
21:13 doing basketball ministry, um,
21:16 I was connecting with, again, young men, you know,
21:19 young men love to play ball.
21:21 And it led to them coming to church.
21:24 It led them to come into the Sabbath School,
21:26 it led them to doing Bible studies,
21:29 it led them to getting baptized.
21:32 In fact, we had four young, four young men to get baptized,
21:38 I'm sorry, it was, it was two young men
21:39 that got baptized.
21:40 Three young men that got baptized,
21:42 and three young ladies.
21:43 And then eventually we took these,
21:46 this small group of young people
21:48 who have never flown in an airplane
21:50 ever in their lives,
21:52 who never really traveled out of the state of Michigan.
21:54 We actually took them
21:56 on a mission trip to Guyana, South America.
21:59 And while there, we partnered with the organization
22:01 that I was a part of, that I'm sure you guys
22:04 are familiar with, called NAPS,
22:05 The National Association for the Prevention,
22:09 which is really where I got my foundation
22:10 for outreach and community ministry from, right?
22:14 And so we took these kids, man,
22:17 you know, to Guyana, South America,
22:19 while there, we did an evangelistic effort.
22:22 While there, we also built the home
22:24 for this widow and her small children.
22:29 And so they got a chance to, you know,
22:31 go beyond the norm for their lives, you know.
22:37 You know, they didn't even know what a passport was, right?
22:40 And so, so that's,
22:42 that's the first blessing, right?
22:43 Yes.
22:45 And they were sort of the firstfruits, right?
22:46 And then, just recently, man,
22:48 I got a phone call last week, Thursday.
22:53 We're doing,
22:54 we're doing this 40 days of prayer and fasting.
22:56 And on Thursdays, is our day of fasting.
23:01 And so, there was a young man call me, it's like 9:30.
23:06 And I'm sitting down at the table,
23:07 just kind of like, you know,
23:10 looking forward to eating something,
23:12 and I get a phone call.
23:14 And the phone call
23:16 is from one of my Bible counselors,
23:18 Bible workers.
23:19 And they're saying, "Hey, Pastor, you know,
23:21 the young man that I've been working with,
23:23 I've been working with him for some time now.
23:25 He's been coming out to the basketball ministry.
23:27 He's been coming to church.
23:29 He told me that he's ready to get baptized."
23:31 And I said, "Okay, well, great.
23:35 You know, we're having a baptism this coming Sabbath.
23:37 He could be a part of that baptism."
23:39 And she said, well pastor.
23:41 He said, "He wanted to get baptized right now."
23:45 I said, "Right now?"
23:47 Wow.
23:48 See, well, I got it. Okay.
23:50 Well, I got to go to the church and turn the water on.
23:54 And it's gonna take about 40 minutes to fill the pool up,
23:57 and then it's gonna take a while
23:59 for the water to get warm.
24:02 He said, Okay, it's 9:30 PM, okay.
24:06 Wow.
24:07 And then he says.
24:09 So I've come over to the church.
24:11 And for whatever reason,
24:13 the baptismal pool is not working.
24:16 And later I found out that I didn't know
24:18 what I was doing.
24:21 But I didn't know, I didn't know
24:25 how to turn it on.
24:26 Yeah. So I called him back.
24:28 I called him back and I said,
24:29 "Hey, man, you know, is not working.
24:32 So the only option
24:33 we have is to go to Lake Michigan."
24:36 Now Lake Michigan, Silver Beach is just, you know,
24:39 seven minutes away from the church, right?
24:41 Uh-huh.
24:42 So, he said, "Okay."
24:46 And man, I grabbed a couple of my other young guys
24:49 who here you know, serving as counselors.
24:54 And man we got in the van and we drove to the beach
24:58 and we got out there.
24:59 We met him out there.
25:01 In fact, we have a picture.
25:02 I think I have a picture here.
25:04 So you know what happened when we got there.
25:05 So that's what's there on Lake Michigan.
25:08 It's 9:30, 9:45 by now.
25:11 And we were praying and you know,
25:15 asking the Lord to be with him and with us.
25:18 And then from there,
25:20 we walk out into the water him and myself.
25:22 And I raise my right hand, in the name of the Father,
25:25 in name of the Son, in name of the Holy Ghost,
25:28 we baptize this young man, his name is Milan.
25:31 And he's on fire for the Lord, man, so.
25:33 Yes. Yes.
25:35 God is showing us that this thing works.
25:37 This thing is for this community especially,
25:42 and thank you for how the Lord has moved.
25:44 Amen. Amen.
25:46 And hopefully our viewers and listeners will keep Milan
25:48 in prayer as he continues his walk with the Lord.
25:51 Real quick, I want to put up your contact page
25:54 and if you would just read that to us
25:57 so that people know how to get in touch with you
25:59 and if they want to support what you're doing,
26:02 they know how to do so.
26:04 So absolutely.
26:05 We are Harbor of Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church,
26:08 769 Pipestone Street.
26:11 Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022.
26:15 Our website is HarborOfHopePMC.org
26:20 HarborOfHopePMC.org
26:23 And you can check us out on there.
26:25 You can donate from on there as well
26:26 if you want to support anything that we have going on.
26:29 Wonderful.
26:30 And what are some of the current needs?
26:32 We're running low on time,
26:33 but what are some of the current needs that you,
26:36 that your church has?
26:38 Man, we need transportation.
26:41 We need, we're looking to purchase
26:43 two 12 passenger vans.
26:47 Because to keep up,
26:49 transportation ministry is a key component
26:51 of our work going out to pick up young people
26:54 who don't have cars, who don't have vehicles.
26:57 It's a vital part of what we're doing.
27:00 And so if you're willing and able,
27:04 please prayerfully consider donating to help us
27:07 to purchase some 12 passenger vans
27:12 that will help our ministry out in a major way
27:15 to be able to go pick up young people
27:17 and bring them to church,
27:18 to be able to nurture them and grow them
27:20 to becoming all that God created them to be.
27:23 Amen. Amen.
27:25 You've been extremely busy.
27:27 I remember, you know,
27:28 I've been able to talk to you
27:30 during different stages of this project.
27:33 And I'm just amazed
27:35 at what God is doing through you,
27:38 and what God is doing through your church
27:40 and what God is doing within your community.
27:44 And I hope to be able to come out there
27:45 and visit some time.
27:47 I want to thank you for coming on
27:49 and sharing with us
27:50 and sharing with our viewers what is taking place,
27:53 inspiring them to get involved.
27:55 Whatever you have in your hand,
27:57 make sure you use it to the glory of God.
27:59 Until next time, God bless.


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