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00:01 Stay tuned to meet a couple
00:02 that's walking in their divine purpose together.
00:05 My name is Jason Bradley
00:07 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:35 Hello, and welcome to Urban Report.
00:37 My guests today are Art and Pat Humphrey.
00:40 Art is a video producer
00:42 and Pat is the president of the ASI Southwest Chapter.
00:46 Welcome to Urban Report, Art and Pat.
00:48 Thank you. Thank you.
00:50 Yes, it's great to have you here.
00:52 You know, I know you guys personally,
00:54 but I want to dive into
00:56 a little bit about your backgrounds
00:59 and find out, you know,
01:01 were you raised in the church?
01:03 And how did you come to meet the Lord?
01:05 Let's talk about that?
01:08 Well, when I was born, my mother was a Christian
01:11 and I went through church school.
01:13 She worked and put me through church school
01:16 and so
01:19 when it came time to give my heart to the Lord,
01:22 you know, I did that,
01:23 you know, and I followed the Lord
01:25 and as I got older,
01:27 I started wandering and getting more serious
01:29 about my relationship with the Lord,
01:32 because all of us have to do that.
01:33 You know, you have to get to a point
01:35 where you got to be committed totally.
01:37 Yes. Yes.
01:38 So you, you had that relationship for yourself.
01:41 You weren't trying to live through your mother's
01:42 relationship with Christ.
01:44 Yes. Yes.
01:45 That's important. That's important.
01:46 And what about you, Pat?
01:48 So, in my case,
01:49 I was not raised in an Adventist home
01:51 and I wouldn't really describe it as a Christian home,
01:54 although we belonged to a church
01:56 and we would go to church on occasion.
01:59 And so, I would say kind of a nominal Christian background,
02:04 but when it came time for me to go to high school,
02:08 my parents decided that they were going to send me
02:10 to a public to,
02:11 not a public school, but to a private school.
02:14 And I had the choice of going to either an Adventist,
02:17 I mean, to a Lutheran school or to a Catholic school.
02:21 And so I went to the Lutheran school
02:23 and there I learned a lot about church history.
02:26 And then years later
02:29 I was given a copy of The Great Controversy.
02:32 Oh, wow.
02:33 And so when I read that book,
02:35 I just couldn't put it down.
02:37 And all of the things that I had learned
02:39 in that Lutheran high school kind of came together for me
02:42 and put the missing pieces into the puzzle.
02:46 And shortly after that,
02:49 I became a Seventh-day Adventist.
02:51 I took Bible studies and joined the church.
02:54 So that was my experience. Wow.
02:56 So The Great Controversy,
02:59 you got that book and you learnt from that
03:02 and the Lutheran school that you went to,
03:04 and then you became Adventist?
03:06 Absolutely. Wow.
03:07 Tell us about The Great Controversy?
03:08 So for someone out there that may not know
03:11 what The Great Controversy is,
03:12 just give a brief synopsis of it?
03:14 So The Great Controversy is a book about church history
03:19 and it talks about not just history actually,
03:23 it talks about prophecy as well,
03:24 but many of the events that have transpired
03:28 over the years that talk about
03:32 the reformation and the dark day
03:37 and all of the events that kind of foretell
03:40 what is coming
03:41 and that Jesus is ultimately going to return.
03:44 So it really takes you through the whole history
03:47 of the Christian Church,
03:48 but it leads you also to prophecy
03:51 and understanding what is coming as well.
03:54 And you're a part of a project that is dealing
03:57 with The Great Controversy, touch on that real quick?
04:00 Yeah.
04:01 So it's interesting how God leads in our lives
04:03 because how interesting that I came into the church
04:08 through reading The Great Controversy.
04:10 And just recently I was given an opportunity
04:13 and invited to be part of a project
04:15 called Streams of Light International.
04:17 And so Streams of Light is a ministry
04:22 that is dedicated to getting a copy
04:24 of The Great Controversy into every home
04:27 in North America over the next five years.
04:31 And so God leads in mysterious ways.
04:33 I never dreamed that I'd be part of a project
04:36 to give out the very book
04:39 that brought me into relation with,
04:41 relationship with Christ and also into the church.
04:45 So it's exciting project and we are just
04:49 excited to be part of that.
04:51 Amen.
04:52 Well, a little bit later,
04:53 we're going to get into your presidency,
04:55 Madam President, and find out about
04:57 what that is like and, and how you came
05:01 or stepped into that role and the challenges
05:03 and all of that stuff?
05:04 But, Art, I want to talk to you about some of the projects
05:07 that you have going on right now.
05:09 You've been busy and talk to us about that?
05:12 I'm not quite that busy.
05:13 It takes a while to do those projects,
05:15 but, you know, I remember being in the fifth grade
05:19 and looking in a book at school,
05:23 a very big thick book about motion pictures.
05:27 And there was a picture specifically
05:30 that captured my imagination,
05:32 a picture of a thousand people
05:35 on a set of a movie called Cleopatra.
05:38 And I just was so fascinated about that.
05:41 And I thought, how did they do, what do they do?
05:43 How are they doing those things?
05:45 You know, I didn't know anything,
05:47 you know, in the fifth or sixth grade.
05:50 And I was just curious about it and that's what happened to me.
05:52 I just was interested
05:54 in television and motion picture.
05:56 Okay.
05:57 That's the course
05:58 that I pursued for my life's work.
06:00 Wow. Okay.
06:01 So that's what sparked that?
06:03 Yes.
06:04 But now you use that for ministry.
06:07 And so, yeah.
06:08 So tell us about some of the projects
06:10 that you've worked on.
06:12 And we actually have some clips.
06:14 So let's talk about that?
06:16 Well, I believe that as a Christian,
06:21 we have to fight fire with fire
06:24 because Hollywood is really doing
06:26 a job on people of the world.
06:30 And the films that I create are truth filled films,
06:34 films that lead people to the Bible
06:38 and Bible study.
06:40 So that's what I decided to do
06:43 is three angels' message projects.
06:45 Okay.
06:46 And you have a project entitled,
06:49 Scared to Death?
06:51 Okay. Now what does that entail?
06:54 Because it's the title, Scared to Death.
06:57 Tell us about that film? Yeah.
07:00 In Hollywood, they always used to talk about
07:03 children or animals.
07:05 The directors will say no more movies with childrens
07:07 or children or animals.
07:09 This is two little boys that go camping together.
07:12 And one little boy is afraid of his shadow.
07:15 And the other little boy is a Bible student
07:17 and he teaches his friend what happens when you die?
07:21 This is the state of the dead for children.
07:24 Wow.
07:25 It's a vegetarian, scary movie.
07:29 Vegetarian scary movie, I love that.
07:32 Well, I'll tell you what?
07:33 Let's look at that clip.
07:34 We'll go to that clip right now.
07:36 And then we'll talk about it after.
07:37 Let's go.
07:40 You look like you just seen a ghost.
07:43 I'm always kind of edgy.
07:45 You know when sometimes spooky thing get near,
07:49 I can't stand it.
07:51 I'm always scared of the dark.
07:53 You know, dead people ghost, I can't stand it.
07:58 Why are you so scared?
08:01 I don't know.
08:03 I think it happened after,
08:05 you know, after my uncle.
08:10 Dude, can't go around being scared all the time.
08:13 Hey, how'd you get that way?
08:14 Okay man, whatever.
08:27 Brant, honey, it's bedtime.
08:31 Turn that off and go to bed.
08:32 Here's the body, put these gloves on.
08:35 Okay, mom, just a minute.
08:37 You know you've got school in the morning.
08:39 If I could just
08:43 reach the right blood vessel.
08:50 That's it.
08:55 You're getting close. Take your time.
09:02 I can't, we're running out of time.
09:07 No, wait, it's moving.
09:11 It's starting to... It's starting to move.
09:14 It's alive.
09:16 Brant?
09:19 I know, I really shouldn't watch all those horror movies.
09:23 It makes me imagine things.
09:26 Things like what?
09:32 You're getting close, take your time.
09:38 I can't, we are running out of time.
09:42 It's moving.
09:44 It's starting to move.
09:46 It's starting to move!
09:48 It's alive!
09:53 Brett.
09:55 Brett, do you know what happens when a person dies?
09:58 Yeah.
10:00 Sort of, they go into ghost like state
10:02 and they can be pretty scary.
10:06 Nope. Nothing like that.
10:08 Well, what makes you so sure?
10:12 Well, you see, you can't guess or believe
10:14 everything that it's going ground.
10:16 You know what I mean?
10:17 From things like movies especially scary ones.
10:20 And even though what some people say
10:22 happens to you when you die,
10:23 you got to take a look at the Bible.
10:25 You erase it when you find out about ghosts
10:28 and things in the Bible?
10:29 Brett, I believe that the Bible is the book for everyone,
10:33 not just Christians.
10:34 Hey you listen to this.
10:41 It says, "For the living know that they shall die,
10:45 but the dead know not anything."
10:47 So you don't think there's such things as ghost?
10:52 It's not what I think or feel because my senses can fool me.
10:55 I've got to believe what the Bible says.
10:58 Okay, man, whatever.
11:01 Sometimes at night I get so scared.
11:04 Hey, please read that text to me again.
11:07 Sure.
11:08 It says, "For the living know that they shall die,
11:11 but the dead know not anything."
11:13 You can be sure that the Bible is true.
11:16 You don't have to be scared.
11:18 Well, maybe I have watched too many scary movies.
11:21 What about my uncle?
11:23 Did he go somewhere after death.
11:26 A friend at school said, my uncle is probably in heaven.
11:31 I wish that I could tell you that your uncle is in heaven,
11:34 but there are Bible texts that talk about resurrection.
11:37 Cool word.
11:39 But what is this resurrection?
11:44 When Jesus returns to this earth,
11:46 there will be a resurrection.
11:48 Hey, here's another verse.
11:50 "For the Lord himself
11:52 shall descend from heaven with a shout,
11:54 with the voice of the archangel,
11:56 and with the trump of God:
11:58 and the dead in Christ shall rise first:
12:00 Then we which are alive and remain
12:02 shall be caught up together with them
12:04 in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air."
12:07 And you know what, Brett,
12:08 the very next verse says,
12:09 "Comfort one another with these words,"
12:11 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18.
12:19 Wow. That's really interesting.
12:20 That's a...
12:22 That's a different spin on things
12:23 because you know, in the world
12:25 like kids talk about ghost stories.
12:27 They tell ghost stories and all of that.
12:29 In this film, he's educating his friend
12:32 on the state of the dead.
12:34 So that was, that was really cool.
12:35 Tell you, you wanted to clarify some things?
12:38 A lady called me from Florida and she says,
12:41 "I use scared to death
12:44 in Bible studies with the kids at church."
12:46 And she said,
12:48 "I broke my DVD. Can you send me another one?"
12:51 I said, absolutely.
12:52 She said, "Every one of those kids,
12:54 this is the first thing I do is I play this film for them."
12:57 And she said,
12:59 "Every one of those kids stay in Christ
13:02 when they grow up."
13:03 Wow. Praise God.
13:04 That's a huge blessing.
13:06 And that was one of your first projects, correct?
13:09 That was the first movie project.
13:10 Yes. Okay.
13:11 Okay. Now you've worked on other projects too?
13:14 Yes, there's a short list.
13:16 Okay. Okay.
13:19 What's the next project you worked on?
13:22 The next one was a film called oh no.
13:26 Yeah, The Quest. Okay.
13:27 The Quest is a film of college students
13:31 at a secular university that discover the Sabbath
13:34 as a result of a research project.
13:37 Okay. And you also did The Creation?
13:40 The Creation.
13:42 Yes, The Creation was released in 2010
13:44 and that one was distributed around the world.
13:47 We had a public distribution that was on Wal-Mart,
13:50 it was on Amazon, it was everywhere.
13:52 Nice. You know?
13:53 And you know, I only know in eternity
13:56 what happened with these films?
13:58 So we have a clip if you want us to show.
14:01 Absolutely. You know what?
14:02 Let's go check out that clip right now.
14:05 I started off believing evolution
14:07 was the most sensible thing,
14:09 I just assumed it was true.
14:13 We really have to go on faith
14:15 when it comes to where we came from originally.
14:17 I think what God inspired Moses to do
14:20 was write a record that is corrective.
14:24 And under the guiding hand of inspiration,
14:26 Moses sat down and wrote us an accurate,
14:30 beautiful, poetic description of,
14:33 of how the universe began.
14:35 In six days, the great work of creation
14:38 had been accomplished,
14:40 and God rested on the seventh day
14:42 from all His work, which He had made.
14:45 Irreducible complexity says that it's much too complex,
14:49 one little part missing, and it no longer works.
14:52 All of those parts have to work at the same time.
14:55 They have to come together to, to be able to work.
14:58 There's so much organization design that's built in
15:04 for everything has a place
15:06 that just doesn't happen by coincidence.
15:08 It has to be by divine intervention
15:12 and intelligence that brings about
15:15 what we understand to be the universe.
15:17 The creator of the universe, who is perfect and true.
15:21 And wouldn't lie to us, told us what He did.
15:24 He gave us the eyewitness account
15:27 of His creation in the Bible.
15:29 The first few chapters of Genesis
15:31 lay it all out for us.
15:35 The creation.
15:42 The universe and all creation,
15:44 the intricacies of the living cell,
15:46 the molecular structure of atoms,
15:49 the complexity of matter,
15:50 all speak volumes of the creative power of God.
15:54 Not only is He the creator and a loving Father
15:57 who put perfection in all creative things.
16:00 There's really not enough programming time
16:02 to adequately and fully demonstrate
16:05 the magnificence of God's creation.
16:07 Our program is thus presented to spark new faith,
16:11 hope and love
16:13 of the one who gave Himself for His creation.
16:16 His ultimate restoration
16:17 and reclamation of our fallen race
16:20 will be our study theme throughout the endless ages.
16:31 If it could be demonstrated
16:33 that any complex organ existed
16:36 which could not possibly have been formed
16:39 by numerous successive, slight modifications,
16:44 my theory would absolutely break down.
16:51 If you can fathom
16:53 someone taking alphabets,
16:57 the American alphabet A to Z
17:00 and having 1 trillion of each alphabet,
17:05 a trillion of As, trillion Bs and just,
17:09 and piling up a mountain of alphabets,
17:14 like as tall as Mount Everest of alphabets,
17:18 and then placing a bomb beneath
17:22 this large mountain of alphabets
17:24 and blowing up the alphabets and they just go
17:27 blowing up into the sky and the alphabets all fall down
17:31 into the Webster dictionary.
17:34 From A to Z in alphabetical order
17:36 with the description and definition of every word.
17:39 If you can believe something of that nature,
17:41 then you can believe in the Big Bang Theory.
17:45 That's how impossible it is in my mind.
17:54 The mysteries of the visible universe,
17:56 the wondrous works of Him, which is perfect in knowledge.
18:01 God's glory in the heavens,
18:03 the innumerable worlds in the orderly revolutions.
18:08 The balancings of the clouds,
18:11 the mysteries of light and sound of day and night,
18:14 all were open to the study of our first parents,
18:20 on every leaf of the forest or stone of the mountains,
18:23 in every shining star in earth and air and sky,
18:27 God's name was written.
18:30 The order and harmony of creation
18:32 spoke to them of infinite wisdom and power.
18:36 They were ever discovering some attraction
18:39 that filled their hearts with deeper love
18:41 and called forth fresh expressions of gratitude.
18:45 So long as they remain loyal to the divine law,
18:48 their capacity to know, to enjoy and to love
18:52 would continually increase.
18:54 They would be constantly gaining
18:56 new treasures of knowledge,
18:58 discovering fresh springs of happiness
19:00 and obtaining clearer, and yet clearer conceptions
19:04 of the immeasurable unfailing love of God.
19:39 I love how the gentlemen in the film use
19:43 that illustration and kind of really painted
19:45 the picture of like how out there
19:48 the Big Bang Theory is,
19:51 what the alphabet and the mountain
19:53 and all of that stuff.
19:54 And coming together in the dictionary,
19:56 the letters coming together in the dictionary.
19:58 Yeah. So...
19:59 It's amazing how people can believe about
20:01 the Big Bang Theory.
20:03 It's amazing.
20:05 But I wanted to tell you too, that these films
20:07 are made with little or no money.
20:10 I only equipment.
20:12 I had the time to do it and the Lord impressed upon me
20:16 that I should do it.
20:18 So that's what I did. Yeah.
20:20 And that's, I'm glad that you said that because you know,
20:23 there's probably a lot of people
20:24 that are at home and they're thinking,
20:25 well, I don't have the money to do these things,
20:28 like I want to witness for God.
20:30 I want to do, you know, this or that for God like,
20:35 but it's about what you have in your hand, right?
20:37 What do you have in your hand that you can use
20:40 for God's honor and glory?
20:41 And that's what you've been doing.
20:44 We have The Crowning Act.
20:47 We have a trailer of The Crowning Act.
20:50 And so why don't you tell us a little bit about that film
20:54 prior to going to that clip?
20:56 In our church, we have a prophet
20:59 and the prophet is a messenger of God.
21:03 The prophet doesn't come up with his own messages.
21:06 And the prophet said
21:08 that when the church and state unites
21:11 then will be the time
21:13 for the marvelous workings of Satan.
21:15 Now, I thought, what is that?
21:18 So I thought about it and thought
21:20 it was going to be a lot of things.
21:21 Satan's going to do miracles and all sorts
21:23 of crazy things and make people believe
21:25 in spaceships and aliens and all that.
21:28 But I thought
21:29 maybe as the appearance of Satan as Christ.
21:32 And so I started writing, I came up with the script
21:35 and we called it The Crowning Act,
21:36 which is the crowning act of Satan
21:40 appearing or impersonating or personating Christ.
21:44 And the whole world is going to believe it.
21:46 Wow. Wow.
21:48 Well, let's take a look at that trailer right now.
22:10 Happy birthday.
22:12 Oh, wow. Thank you.
22:15 What exactly did you see this morning?
22:17 I saw a bright light, a dazzling light.
22:21 My heart was touched. This is wonderful.
22:24 I will never forget it.
22:27 I don't think that's Jesus.
22:29 I saw him with my own eyes.
22:30 It has to be Jesus.
22:32 Dan, maybe this time you cannot rely on your eyes.
22:36 We need to rely on God's Word.
22:38 Wonder if there's any other stations out there
22:40 talking about God's Word, and the Bible truth.
22:47 So who is this bright, shiny being
22:50 that's walking around in Israel?
22:53 Christ has come. He's come to the earth.
23:08 Wow.
23:09 I just want to say that brother needed
23:11 to turn to 3ABN's Dare to Dream Network.
23:12 He was wondering if anybody was out there talking,
23:15 he should have flipped on Dare to Dream.
23:16 I'm just saying,
23:18 but that looks very interesting.
23:20 So how, how long roughly did that take
23:24 and to come about?
23:25 Well, I sent out a treatment,
23:28 a treatment as just a rough
23:29 idea of what the film is going to be like.
23:31 I sent it out to many ministry leaders
23:33 and they said, oh, this is a great idea.
23:35 We're too busy.
23:37 And I got a, an email
23:39 from my friend, Steve Wohlberg at White Horse Media.
23:41 He said, I'm interested.
23:43 So we took it from there.
23:44 We've been working on it for very many months,
23:47 but it's going to be released very soon.
23:48 As a matter of fact, I think by this showing
23:51 it's going to be online at thecrowningact.com.
23:54 Oh, nice, nice.
23:56 Pat, I want to take a moment to talk to you Madam President
24:00 about the presidency.
24:02 So what is it like being a president for ASI
24:05 Southwest Chapter?
24:07 Well, it's a very busy role.
24:10 As a matter of fact,
24:12 serving as president as a volunteer role,
24:14 but sometimes it's almost like having a full-time job
24:19 and of course it can be just as busy
24:21 as you can allow it to be.
24:24 But ASI, let me just tell you just a little bit,
24:27 I think, you know a little bit about ASI,
24:29 but it is a ministry of people
24:32 who come from all different walks of life.
24:34 They're all laypeople who share a common passion.
24:38 They come from many different backgrounds,
24:41 but they all share a passion
24:43 to share Christ in the marketplace.
24:45 And so ASI Southwest is one of eight chapters
24:50 across North America
24:52 and each chapter kind of has its own unique
24:55 niche for ministry.
24:56 And some of the things that our chapter
24:58 has done is we have something called jumpstart
25:02 free health clinic, and we do a health ministry.
25:06 We've kind of paused that a little bit
25:08 with the pandemic, but hopefully one day
25:10 we will be able to get back into doing that.
25:13 And we do evangelism projects.
25:18 We do all kinds of, of ministry.
25:20 And so we're just a small chapter,
25:22 but we have a lot of excited people
25:25 who love the Lord and want to finish the work.
25:28 Amen.
25:29 And what does ASI stand for?
25:31 Oh, it's a mouthful.
25:32 So ASI stands for
25:34 Adventist-laymen's Services and Industries.
25:38 And so that just kind of represents
25:41 the different types of ministries.
25:43 There's organizational members that are,
25:46 there are people who are in business,
25:48 people who are professionals, doctors, and nurses.
25:52 And so it's just a, you know,
25:55 collaborative organization with people from different
25:59 types of ministries and businesses.
26:01 Amen.
26:02 Well, 3ABN has had the excited, exciting opportunity
26:06 and privilege of partnering with ASI Southwest
26:09 Chapter and doing a rally.
26:12 And that, that was a wonderful rally.
26:14 Yes.
26:16 I think, you know, this is groundbreaking
26:18 because no other chapter that I know
26:20 of as ever partnered with 3ABN,
26:23 I know that on the national level
26:26 3ABN and ASI have had a very close partnership,
26:29 but we've never done that on the chapter level.
26:32 So I feel like we really broke some ground there
26:35 and we're excited.
26:36 Amen. Amen.
26:38 If someone wants to get in touch with you guys
26:40 about some of these projects that you have going on,
26:43 or how do they contact you?
26:46 What's your email address?
26:47 So, we have an email address,
26:48 Art and Pat Humphrey is very simple,
26:51 ArtandPatHumphrey@gmail.com
26:53 So it's just our names and a Gmail.
26:56 Believe it or not, I'm the only Art Humphrey on YouTube.
27:00 So it's easy to find me.
27:02 Really? Okay.
27:03 So you have the YouTube channel too?
27:04 Yeah, Youtube.com/Art Humphrey, you'll find me.
27:07 Beautiful.
27:09 What would you say to an individual
27:10 that wants to do something for God,
27:12 but they don't know where to begin?
27:14 Just look in this camera right here
27:15 and speak to them?
27:17 That's a good question.
27:19 You know, I think that
27:20 if you want to do something for the Lord,
27:22 anything, make films, whatever, pray, He'll show you.
27:26 If it won't go away, it's for you to do.
27:28 Amen, Pat?
27:30 Yeah. I agree with that.
27:31 And I would say pray,
27:33 but also ask the Lord for some divine appointments
27:36 and He will send them,
27:37 but I would also say
27:39 be prepared for what He's going to do.
27:42 Amen. Amen.
27:43 Thank you so much for coming on and sharing
27:45 and for using your gifts for God.
27:48 And we want to encourage you to use
27:49 your gifts for God.
27:51 Thank you for tuning in.
27:52 Until next time, may God richly bless you.


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