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00:01 The fall of Communism led to the rise
00:03 of Christian consciousness.
00:05 Stay tuned to meet an agent of change.
00:07 My name is Jason Bradley,
00:09 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:34 Hello, and welcome to Urban Report.
00:36 My guest today is Julia Outkina,
00:38 Executive Director of 3ABN Russia.
00:42 Welcome to Urban Report, Julia.
00:45 Thank you so much, Jason.
00:46 I'm really honored to be a guest on your program.
00:50 And I'm watching the progress
00:52 of Dare to Dream from Russia from faraway part of the world.
00:58 And I'm amazed at the level of the artistic level,
01:04 at the creativity level,
01:05 at the wonderful bright ideas for the different programs
01:10 that you have.
01:12 Just a wonderful, wonderful job.
01:14 Praise the Lord for that dream. Praise God.
01:17 Well, we're thankful for 3ABN Russia
01:19 and what is taking place over there.
01:21 So excited that you are here with us.
01:24 This is your first time on Dare to Dream and on Urban Report.
01:29 So this is a real treat.
01:31 This is a real treat.
01:33 Tell us a little bit about your background
01:35 and what it was like in Russia leading up
01:39 to 3ABN Russia coming into fruition.
01:44 Well, you know,
01:45 my reason for becoming a Christian
01:51 was really interesting because I came to listen
01:54 to Pastor John Carter's preaching in 1992 in my city,
02:00 the city of Nizhny Novgorod.
02:02 And my reason was I wanted to learn English.
02:05 I wanted, I was a teacher of English already,
02:08 I wanted to improve my English.
02:09 Okay.
02:11 And then I, you know,
02:12 the message started penetrating my heart more and more.
02:16 And finally, I gave my heart to the Lord.
02:19 Yeah, but as far as my background,
02:23 I was a PhD in Linguistics,
02:27 I was married, I had a son,
02:30 and my brother was the governor of the province,
02:33 the youngest governor in Russia,
02:35 a new generation of leaders.
02:37 And in spite of all these things,
02:39 my self-esteem was really, really low.
02:43 This must be, you know, just,
02:45 I didn't know the reasons for that.
02:48 But when I attended those meetings,
02:51 when I heard that God is real,
02:54 and that He's so close,
02:56 and when I heard the message of love,
02:58 then it just changed me completely.
03:01 Yes.
03:02 And, you know, I have never talked about that on 3ABN
03:05 and if you let me I will about the history of Russia.
03:09 Oh, we would love to hear about the history of Russia
03:12 and 3ABN Russia for sure.
03:14 Yeah.
03:15 Because understanding the history of Russia
03:17 leads you to understand more how we came,
03:21 you know, to the happiness of knowing God,
03:25 and how, you know, we accepted it with all our hearts.
03:28 So Russia before the year 1917 was a monarchy.
03:33 Okay.
03:35 It had a tsar, which is a king,
03:37 it had tsarina, which is a queen,
03:40 and there was private ownership,
03:43 people had enterprises, people possessed land,
03:47 and then the Communist Revolution happened in 1917.
03:52 And then the communists under the leadership of Lenin,
03:57 their motto was to deprive people of what they owned.
04:02 So even in the country, if a family owned one cow,
04:06 it was already considered that they were capitalists
04:10 and everything was taken from people,
04:13 their lands, their cattle,
04:16 no enterprise, just nothing was owned.
04:19 And that was a lot of blood, a lot of,
04:22 you know, just, you know,
04:24 the society was in a terrible turmoil.
04:27 Yes.
04:29 As far as religion in the tsarist times,
04:32 in the monarchy times,
04:35 Russian Orthodox was mingled with the state.
04:39 Okay.
04:40 It was the state religion,
04:42 but they allowed different religions into the country
04:45 as long as they didn't proselytize.
04:47 So they were not supposed to preach to anyone.
04:50 So they couldn't spread the gospel.
04:52 Yeah.
04:53 They couldn't hold an evangelistic style series
04:55 and something like that.
04:57 No, no, they couldn't.
04:58 And Seventh-day Adventism came to Russia from Germany.
05:02 Well, before the Communist Revolution,
05:07 and they stayed inside their communities,
05:10 inside their congregations, they couldn't preach to anyone.
05:15 Then with the Communist time since 1917,
05:18 every religion was persecuted in Russia,
05:21 every religion, including Russian Orthodox Church.
05:25 They said that they proclaimed, Lenin proclaimed,
05:28 the leader of the country,
05:30 that religion is opium for people.
05:33 That it is a drug that distracts people,
05:36 that leads them astray, that changes their personality.
05:39 So religion was forbidden.
05:41 And so many people suffered from that,
05:46 many people who were,
05:48 you know, who were in churches
05:50 and who stuck to their beliefs, they were killed,
05:53 they were put to jail, they were sent to Siberia,
05:55 their families were,
05:57 you know, just ruined in many ways,
06:00 because they might even take children away from families,
06:03 so this was what was happening during Communism times,
06:08 during Lenin times.
06:09 Lenin died in 1924, then Stalin came to power.
06:15 And Stalin left the atheistic
06:20 background of the country,
06:21 but he added political persecution
06:24 because he was suspicious
06:26 that now if a person didn't support
06:30 the political views of his or of the party,
06:34 of the Communist Party, then again,
06:36 millions of people were executed,
06:39 and religion was still forbidden.
06:43 But people kept getting together underground.
06:47 They just kept sticking to their faith.
06:49 And they even kept talking to others about God,
06:53 but they, many of them were punished severely for that.
06:58 So Stalin died in 1953.
07:01 Then Khrushchev came, it was the 60s,
07:04 religion was still not given its way in Russia,
07:08 then the 70s Brezhnev and then the 80s, Gorbachev.
07:13 And this is when the situation started warming up.
07:16 Gorbachev wanted to open the country
07:18 to the Western influence.
07:21 And he did it in the way he knew how,
07:24 and that was the time when,
07:29 you know, foreign ministers were being allowed
07:33 to come into the country.
07:34 And it especially flourished in further times
07:37 when the Soviet Union,
07:40 which we had since 1917,
07:42 then it split into 15 separate republics.
07:46 Wow.
07:47 Or even or rather the 15 republics
07:50 of the former Soviet Union, they became separate countries.
07:54 Okay.
07:55 And so freedoms came.
07:56 And this was when Pastor John Carter,
08:00 together with Danny Shelton had the vision,
08:04 you know, for spreading the gospel in my country.
08:07 Yes.
08:08 And wasn't that, you know, that was an amazing endeavor.
08:13 I know that Pastor John Carter raised 100% of the money
08:18 of the funds for his first campaign
08:20 that he held in my city, which in Nizhny Novgorod,
08:24 which is the third largest city of Russia.
08:26 And then they kept
08:29 their joint ministry...
08:33 I mean, their joint efforts of evangelism with 3ABN,
08:38 and so is going on till now, which I'm so thankful for.
08:42 Were there a lot of people at the event?
08:44 When you went to hear John Carter speak,
08:48 were there a lot of people there?
08:50 Let me tell you, Jason,
08:51 after all these years of persecution,
08:53 this is why I wanted to mention it today.
08:55 Yes.
08:57 After all these years of persecution,
08:58 people were so hungry,
09:00 and the idea of God was never wiped out of their mind,
09:04 even though it was suppressed by the government.
09:08 So there was a massive advertisement in my city.
09:13 And they rented a sports arena that sits 6,000 people,
09:18 and they decided
09:19 that they would have two meetings a day,
09:22 which means 12,000 people, and that was not enough.
09:25 There was more than 12,000 people.
09:28 So I don't know probably.
09:31 I don't know how many 15 or 16
09:33 or more 1000 people came daily to hear...
09:36 That is huge. Yeah.
09:38 To hear the news about the Lord,
09:40 to hear His Word, to hear His message.
09:44 And in June
09:48 of 1992, the baptism took place
09:53 which was over 2,500 people baptized.
09:58 Over 2,500 people were baptized?
10:01 Yeah. Wow.
10:03 As a result of that campaign,
10:04 and most of the workers of 3ABN Russia
10:06 were baptized at that time, including myself.
10:11 And then, you know, Danny had the vision
10:14 that these people need to meet somewhere,
10:17 newly baptized 2,500 people.
10:19 And then the Lord put him together with those people
10:22 who wanted to donate for 3ABN Russia Evangelism Center.
10:27 Yes.
10:28 Which houses 3ABN Russia studios
10:32 and the biggest church in Nizhny Novgorod
10:34 and the Christian School.
10:36 And so, just praise the Lord. That's beautiful.
10:40 What happened with you and your life after you got baptized?
10:46 As I told you, I had very low self-esteem.
10:48 I came there only to listen to English,
10:51 and then the message of God's love
10:52 started penetrating my heart.
10:55 And I know the moment when I was converted.
10:58 And I know that it was like light
11:02 and I'm not being,
11:04 you know, I'm not trying to be something.
11:10 But I just felt the light go through me.
11:15 Yes.
11:16 And I knew that, you know,
11:18 my self-esteem just immediately went into its right place.
11:23 Yes.
11:24 I just, you know, I felt God loves me.
11:27 I am a temple of His Holy Spirit.
11:31 And then what better friendship do you want to have?
11:37 What better lordship do you want to have?
11:40 So, yeah, since then, my self-esteem is okay.
11:44 So you found your identity in Christ?
11:46 Yes, yes.
11:48 And I actually don't care about my self-esteem.
11:50 I just feel in place, in any situation,
11:54 because it's not me, it's the Lord.
11:56 It's not my merits, which I don't have,
11:58 it's the Lord and it's His merits.
12:00 Amen. Amen.
12:01 So what happened?
12:03 So 3ABN Russia came into fruition on the heels of...
12:09 The fall of Communism.
12:11 So at that point,
12:12 tell us about how 3ABN Russia came about,
12:16 and take us through the progress?
12:17 Yeah.
12:19 When that building for 3ABN Russia Evangelism Center
12:21 was purchased, it was in 1992,
12:25 it took till 1996, that the building is completed
12:29 and that the taping starts going on there.
12:32 And before that, we had one little height camera,
12:36 just one camera.
12:38 We just were trained very quickly by the 3ABN people
12:42 who came for the evangelistic program,
12:46 and all these newly convert people they had so much
12:50 to share about.
12:51 So with that little height camera,
12:53 we started taping testimonies,
12:55 we started taping even cooking segments,
12:57 we started taping children's stories,
13:00 and singing and the pastor's preaching.
13:03 And so we would get together all that material.
13:07 And then 3ABN would invite me here to Southern Illinois,
13:12 and I would sit together
13:14 and help the editors put together the materials.
13:19 Yes.
13:20 And then I would sit as a host on one of 3ABN set,
13:24 but it was turned into a Russian set
13:26 while I was there.
13:27 Wow.
13:29 And I hosted those,
13:30 the first ones were 13 programs, half hour,
13:34 and I took them back to Russia.
13:36 We offered them to quite a number of stations there.
13:39 And most of them were cautious.
13:41 They didn't know how Protestant programming would be regarded
13:46 by the viewers, and one of them dared to take us.
13:49 And they said, "We're taking your first six programs,
13:51 if they're accepted by society, then we will go on with you."
13:55 And you know, the programs were so simple,
13:59 they were just based on the Bible,
14:01 and on the testimonies of simple people.
14:05 And we started receiving up to 1000 letters a week,
14:09 and then the station, they took us,
14:11 and of course, it was Danny's wonderful idea
14:14 to offer people the Bible as a free gift.
14:17 Yes. And that caused so much response.
14:20 And so the station said, "Oh, you're amazing.
14:23 We would never expect
14:25 that you would be more popular
14:26 than the central channels here."
14:28 And so, and you know,
14:31 and then we became bold enough to offer and, of course,
14:34 it was, you know, the word was passed by
14:38 and we started offering our programs more and more.
14:41 And then, you know, 3ABN gave us an opportunity
14:46 to be on satellite.
14:47 Yes.
14:49 And now we have over 500 stations
14:51 that broadcast us around the clock.
14:54 And we have, let me look at the figures,
14:59 I have them.
15:00 Okay, while you're doing that,
15:02 I just want to point out the fact that it's so amazing
15:06 how God just allowed that light to go out,
15:10 and 3ABN Russia was that light that was shining for Christ
15:15 that was huge on the heels of persecution
15:18 and all of that stuff where you couldn't even worship freely.
15:21 Now you have 3ABN Russia with these programs
15:24 that ended up becoming more popular
15:27 than the main channels out there.
15:29 Yeah. That's amazing.
15:31 Yeah. Yeah. That's amazing.
15:33 That's really amazing.
15:34 And we know that bad things are happening in the world,
15:39 bad things are happening in societies.
15:41 And in Russia, there are a lot of difficulties too.
15:45 But after all the religious persecution
15:48 that we had throughout,
15:50 you know, all the, so many years, now,
15:55 we are open to preach the Word of God,
16:00 and there are no obstacles, there're no hindrances.
16:05 So, it is really, really amazing
16:08 that the Lord opens the way for the gospel
16:11 through 3ABN Russia.
16:13 Amen. Amen.
16:14 You wanted to share some statistics with us?
16:16 Yes. Okay.
16:17 So over 500 cable companies that take our satellite signal,
16:23 which covers of 3,500 cities
16:27 and towns of Russia.
16:29 We have over 13,000 programs
16:34 that we have produced during the years,
16:38 since 1992.
16:41 We have over 3,000 hours,
16:44 our programs are not very long.
16:46 So 13,000 programs
16:50 make about 3500 hours.
16:54 And we have programs in 150 series,
16:59 which is, you know, studying the Bible
17:03 and making it practical for you,
17:05 family values, and relationships,
17:09 youth programs, personal testimonies,
17:12 children's programs,
17:13 programs about healthy lifestyle,
17:16 programs about deliverance from addictions,
17:20 musical programs,
17:21 historical and cultural programs,
17:24 as well as different videos and gardening and news.
17:28 So you offer quite a few programs?
17:31 Yes.
17:32 We actually have a video that will show
17:33 a little bit about, you know, some of the programs
17:35 that you offer, and then if you could kind of tell us
17:38 what's going on in those, that would be great.
17:40 Yeah.
17:41 I'm so proud to be able to share these videos
17:46 on Dare to Dream,
17:47 because these are the top
17:50 popular videos on YouTube channel.
17:52 Yes.
17:54 3ABN develops YouTube channels,
17:57 and we develop 3ABN Russia YouTube channels too.
18:00 So the videos that we have prepared
18:03 are the most popular videos on YouTube.
18:06 I love it. Well, I'll tell you what?
18:08 Julia, let's take a look at those videos right now,
18:11 and then you can tell us what's going on in those.
18:13 Okay.
18:16 This program is called male and female, He created them.
18:20 And this particular program
18:27 has 526,000 views.
18:30 And it talks about the relationships
18:32 between in families
18:34 when people become older, and how do they.
18:38 Here's another program, this one has
18:42 136,000 views,
18:46 and it talks about
18:49 how do you keep
18:51 a good relationship when the...
18:55 Like when you're not at an early age,
18:59 but when you become more mature,
19:01 but at the same time you lose some,
19:04 you know, you lose...
19:05 Some of the passions, some of the fire, yes.
19:08 Yes. Yes. Yes, yes.
19:09 And so we're so thankful that among the...
19:13 Not the best programming
19:15 that people can see on so many channels,
19:18 they can learn the vital truths
19:21 that make their life happy.
19:23 And so, you know,
19:25 about over a half a million views of this program.
19:30 We're amazed,
19:32 you know, how the Lord promotes us on YouTube.
19:34 Amen. And that's a huge blessing.
19:36 It's digital evangelism is what it is,
19:39 which is incredible.
19:41 We've got some more videos
19:42 that we want to take a look at and you can tell us
19:44 what's going on in those as well.
19:45 Let's look at that now.
19:49 As you can see, it's about health.
19:53 Yeah.
19:54 Nice. Yeah.
19:55 So that's a health video. Okay. Yes.
19:57 So this is a health program,
19:58 what's the name of this program?
20:00 The name of this program is A Helpful Minute.
20:03 Nice. Because it's a short one.
20:05 This one has
20:07 447,000 views.
20:12 Wow. And it talks about the squats.
20:15 How helpful the squats are for you,
20:18 because your leg muscles are as,
20:22 you know,
20:23 as big a pump for your blood circulation as your heart.
20:27 So you relieve your heart when you do squats.
20:31 Yes.
20:32 So, and this is just a vitally important thing
20:35 for people to know.
20:36 And the graphics that you saw there,
20:39 it had the nerves, and it's a short one.
20:43 And it still keeps bringing us more and more viewers.
20:48 It still keeps bringing us more and more subscribers
20:51 to our YouTube channel.
20:52 Which is beautiful.
20:53 I'm thankful for, you know,
20:55 the talent that God has blessed.
20:56 The team there at 3ABN Russia,
20:57 there's so much talent there.
20:59 I had the privilege of going to Russia,
21:01 and meeting some of the employees there,
21:04 and it was just an amazing, amazing trip.
21:08 I want to look at some more of the programs that you have,
21:11 and tell us what's taking place?
21:13 Yes.
21:22 This says there is a way out.
21:25 And this is a program about the withdrawal symptoms
21:30 when you quit smoking.
21:32 Yes.
21:34 And so many people have responded to this one.
21:36 There's 389,000 views of this,
21:39 and we're so happy to help people in this.
21:44 And here's another subject in the same series of programs.
21:47 And this talks about melatonin,
21:50 the natural way of getting your melatonin.
21:53 So all these are lifestyle.
21:55 Well, he talks about food here,
21:58 which gives you more nutrition and,
22:00 you know, so this is the way out, that program.
22:03 Yes, that's nice.
22:04 And people are looking or they need to be looking
22:07 for a way out, especially with the smoking and,
22:10 you know, people they need to live a healthy lifestyle.
22:13 And so I love the fact
22:14 that you're tackling each aspect or portion of life,
22:20 if you will, things that people are struggling with.
22:23 Yeah.
22:24 And then the program becomes popular on YouTube,
22:26 and it is Three Angels of Russian production,
22:29 and then YouTube offers them other programs,
22:32 not just about health, but they offer,
22:35 you know, theological programs, some programs
22:39 through which people can grow spiritually.
22:41 Yes, absolutely. Absolutely.
22:43 Now we have another video I want to take a look at that.
22:46 I love some of these opens that you have created.
22:48 Let's take a look at that now.
22:53 So what is this taking place here?
22:56 This is one of those spiritually uplifting programs,
23:00 which talks about prophets in Quran, in the Muslim Quran.
23:05 Okay.
23:07 And this is a wonderful way of reaching the Muslim people,
23:10 because there are many things that Quran mentions.
23:12 And so the one that you're just watching,
23:15 it has 388,000 views,
23:19 it talks about Jesus and Muhammad.
23:22 And then another one, it has 139,000 views,
23:27 it talks about did Jesus die on the cross?
23:31 Yes. So...
23:33 Yes, so it's showing people,
23:34 it's a way of witnessing to people
23:38 who read the Quran but bringing them to Christ.
23:40 Yes. Yes.
23:42 So yes, taking them from the Quran to the Bible.
23:44 Yes. Yes, that's beautiful.
23:46 We have another thing that I want to show you
23:48 that I know you've seen but I want our viewers to see,
23:51 so let's take a look at that too.
24:02 Yeah, this is, so who is this singing?
24:06 This is, her name is Ksenia Lapitskaya.
24:10 And this is, you know,
24:13 simple song sung by a simple person in a simple set.
24:17 But let me tell you
24:19 how many views it has attracted,
24:24 380,000 views of the previous lady
24:29 and 245,000 views of this one who is singing now.
24:34 Isn't that amazing simple song with
24:36 a wonderful message about Christ?
24:37 Yes.
24:39 Which is incredible because music is one
24:41 of those mediums which sticks in your mind.
24:43 You hear a song,
24:45 you think about the lyrics and all of that stuff.
24:46 Yes.
24:48 Julia, how has being the Executive Director
24:49 of 3ABN Russia strengthened your faith?
24:52 Oh, you know, I don't consider myself an administrative type
24:55 of person at all.
24:58 And the Lord tells me,
25:00 "Yes, you are, and you learn from Me,
25:03 and you don't rely upon yourself."
25:06 This is what I have been learning through the years,
25:08 about 30 years now.
25:10 And this is a constant,
25:13 you know, submission to the Lord.
25:15 And I'm thankful for this position,
25:17 because probably if I was in somewhere else,
25:20 I wouldn't be put into a situation
25:22 where I don't have any other way out,
25:25 but rely upon the Lord, or it is just,
25:28 you know, impossible to go on.
25:30 So, yeah, it's not easy,
25:33 but I'm thankful that He allows me to grow,
25:36 you know, through the experience.
25:39 I have a wonderful group of people.
25:42 There are 32 full time positions,
25:46 but part of them are full time,
25:48 and part of them are part time positions,
25:50 and everyone has their own individuality,
25:53 and everyone, you know, has their own aspirations.
25:57 So not being a very administrative type of person,
26:00 I'm learning to, you know,
26:03 to be really a good administrator,
26:06 to be a mentor, to be a spiritual leader.
26:10 So praise the Lord.
26:11 So there's what I'm hearing you say
26:13 is there's been a lot of growth,
26:14 there's been a lot of development there,
26:16 and you're learning a lot and depending on the Lord.
26:20 What are some, real quick,
26:21 what are some future plans for 3ABN Russia?
26:25 Our big plan now is to develop YouTube.
26:29 Okay.
26:30 This is a stand that 3ABN is taking now,
26:33 develop YouTube more,
26:35 and we are realizing
26:36 that this extremely secular mechanism,
26:42 but it can be used as a missionary tool.
26:44 Yes.
26:46 Because when there is activity around the video,
26:48 like the videos that I showed you,
26:50 when people start watching it,
26:51 when people start liking it, or even disliking,
26:54 when people start putting comments under the video,
26:58 then it just, you know, YouTube automatically,
27:02 its algorithms,
27:03 they automatically move the rating of the video higher.
27:07 And then they start recommending other videos
27:10 of 3ABN Russia.
27:12 So, but to make the videos, you know,
27:15 just as they should be acceptable for YouTube,
27:18 we have to make some changes in that,
27:21 then our aspirations are to have a new control room,
27:24 to have more taping done
27:28 simultaneously in two studios.
27:31 So these are our main aspirations.
27:33 Which is beautiful.
27:34 Ultimately, you just want to spread the gospel
27:36 and you're looking for every way to do that
27:38 possible using YouTube, all of those things.
27:41 Thank you for what you're doing over there with 3ABN Russia
27:44 and for the cause of Christ.
27:47 And I want to thank you for joining us.
27:48 Well, we've reached the end of another program.
27:50 Until next time, God bless you.


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