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00:01 Stay tuned to meet a husband and wife team
00:03 who's taking a journey of faith.
00:05 My name is Jason Bradley,
00:07 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:32 Hello, and welcome to Urban Report.
00:34 My guests today are Ernie Hernandez,
00:37 Founder and Owner of New Creation Media
00:39 and his wife, Laura Williams, singer, songwriter,
00:43 and recording artist.
00:45 Welcome to Urban Report, Ernie and Laura.
00:48 It's great to have you. Thank you.
00:49 Yes, this is your first time on Dare to Dream.
00:52 So this is exciting.
00:53 Our viewers are going to get to know you,
00:55 find out about your background, and just all of that.
00:59 You know, I met you, probably years ago
01:02 at one of these events, ASI or GYC,
01:06 or one of these things, but I got a chance
01:09 to hear your testimonies
01:11 the other night at a concert.
01:15 And that was I was very impressed.
01:17 And I knew that we needed to share this
01:19 with our Dear to Dream viewers.
01:22 So let's jump into your background.
01:25 Ernie, let's start with you.
01:26 Okay, yeah, my background,
01:27 I grew up in a family that didn't have like
01:30 a religious background at all.
01:31 Okay.
01:33 So religious things and spiritual things are just,
01:35 they weren't in the cards for me kind of thing.
01:37 Yes.
01:38 Some other big things about me, I'm an adopted child.
01:40 So I didn't grow up with my biological family,
01:43 I grew up with a step family,
01:44 but I didn't go through the foster care.
01:45 So I was adopted within the family.
01:47 It may sound really confusing,
01:49 but I just understand that I didn't know my mom
01:52 and my dad and that kind of stuff.
01:53 Yeah.
01:55 I did not live with them because my mother was addicted
01:56 to methamphetamine,
01:57 she has a substance addiction problem.
01:59 So, left me with a lot of questions,
02:02 like, wondering, it's just like, who am I?
02:04 And why am I here?
02:05 And why am I not worthy of love and that kind of stuff?
02:07 And that'll it'll weigh on you as we grow up,
02:10 and you get older and older.
02:11 So, yeah. Yes. Yes.
02:13 And, Laura, what about you?
02:15 Well, I guess you could say I was the opposite.
02:18 I grew up in a really good Christian home,
02:20 and had a good upbringing.
02:23 But the world had a very strong pull on me pretty quick.
02:28 Yes.
02:29 And so by the time I was in my early teens,
02:30 I was like, completely rebelling against God,
02:33 I didn't want anything to do with God.
02:36 One reason, because I just found myself
02:40 wanting to do my own thing, you know?
02:41 Yes, yes.
02:43 And then, you know, another reason too
02:45 is getting so caught up,
02:47 looking at all the negative things
02:48 that can go on in Christianity.
02:50 I got so caught up on seeing that everywhere around me
02:54 that I associated that with God.
02:57 And that's how I started to see God. Yes.
02:59 And so I just wanted to go as far away from Him as I could.
03:03 See, you just brought out something
03:04 that's quite profound.
03:06 You know, a lot of times people look at people
03:09 as opposed to the message.
03:10 So people get caught up on the messenger,
03:12 as opposed to the message, the gospel,
03:16 and they fall off of course.
03:19 So that's, yeah, that's a profound point.
03:22 Ernie, I want to transition back to you and talk about,
03:24 you know, how those things impacted you,
03:27 the being adopted within the family,
03:30 which it was a blessing
03:32 that you were still within the family, for sure.
03:34 But what role did that play in your development?
03:39 Yeah, the truth of the matter is it just,
03:42 it really crushed me because as an adopted child,
03:44 even though I had every opportunity to excel,
03:47 to succeed, I was taken out of a circumstance
03:49 that otherwise would have been terrible.
03:52 But you don't grasp concepts like that,
03:54 you don't grasp love that way when you're little.
03:57 I mean, I was two years old when I was adopted.
03:58 So by the time I got into middle school,
04:01 into high school, those kind of things,
04:02 I just felt like I didn't belong anywhere.
04:04 And I think I mentioned in my testimony the other day
04:07 that my skin color was a little bit lighter
04:09 than my adopted family.
04:11 So I just felt like I didn't belong even within the family,
04:14 just time and time again, it was just like,
04:16 I am alone in the world, I'm not worthy of love,
04:19 and there's nothing I can do about it.
04:21 So I would take it out on myself,
04:24 I developed like self-destructive behaviors,
04:26 and one was self-mutilation.
04:28 And that's a clinical term but I would lash out at myself
04:32 and I would cut myself
04:34 or hurt myself in certain ways and whatnot.
04:36 All it was I was in so much pain,
04:39 but had no way to release it or to fill that void.
04:43 You know that kind of thing. Yeah.
04:44 No healthy outlet. No healthy outlet.
04:46 Yeah, exactly. Yes. Yes.
04:48 And, so you were in a very dark place in your life.
04:54 What were some of the other things
04:55 that you were into at that time?
04:57 Yeah. Oh, I just embraced the world.
05:00 So I mean, I took on the darkest types of things,
05:03 I would watch terrible movies, horror movies,
05:05 I was really into that genre.
05:06 I got into the punk rock scene.
05:08 So very anti-establishment, anti-everything,
05:10 anti the world, you know?
05:12 And I just thought that that would empower me
05:15 in some way, shape or form.
05:17 And I thought it did,
05:19 but it really didn't bring me any more sense
05:21 of fulfillment or purpose.
05:23 It just gave me an outlet for all that aggression and anger.
05:26 And then from there, there was no healing.
05:29 Yeah.
05:30 So it sounds like you were searching for principles.
05:33 Oh, yeah.
05:34 But you were searching for the principles in the wrong areas.
05:37 Absolutely.
05:38 Laura, you were gravitating towards the world.
05:43 What was your pull? Was it music, then too?
05:47 Did you want to become like famous singer
05:51 of maybe I don't know what genre.
05:54 But did you want to become a famous singer was that?
05:57 Yeah, that was the goal. Okay.
06:00 My plan actually, as an early teen was
06:04 I wanted to run away from home,
06:06 I wanted to go to LA,
06:07 which is actually where my parents left from
06:09 as soon as I was born, because they didn't want me
06:11 to be raised in LA.
06:12 Okay.
06:14 So I was going to go back there.
06:15 And I was so determined that, you know,
06:17 I could join the music industry,
06:19 become a famous singer.
06:21 I wanted to be the next Sarah Brightman.
06:23 Okay. That was my thing.
06:26 So yeah, that was my goal pretty early on.
06:29 Got you.
06:30 And so when did God grab ahold of your life?
06:35 Well, what happened
06:38 is there was a time
06:42 when I actually did know somebody
06:44 that was quite influential in the music industry.
06:47 And I just remember several times him sitting down
06:50 with me and basically saying,
06:52 "Is this what you want?
06:54 Do you want success?
06:55 Do you want fame?
06:57 Because, you know, you can have it?"
07:00 And that's exactly what I wanted, right?
07:02 But it was just like, I could never say yes,
07:05 there's always this feeling like, "No, this is not for you.
07:08 This is going to take you down a really dark road."
07:10 So I never would say yes to that.
07:12 And so right in the middle of this,
07:14 I was sent to Fountainview Academy.
07:16 Oh, wow. Wow.
07:17 Some of the viewers may know what that is.
07:19 Yes. Yes.
07:21 So it sounds like there was a great controversy going on.
07:24 There was a battle, and praise God
07:27 that He intervened on your behalf,
07:30 and you went to Fountainview.
07:32 Right. Yes, to shift that focus.
07:36 What about you, Ernie?
07:37 When did you grab hold of the gospel?
07:39 That is, that's really a long journey to tell you the truth.
07:43 After middle school, high school,
07:44 after being institutionalized, after therapy,
07:47 after all these things,
07:48 it wasn't until like my tail end of high school,
07:51 when I got in argument with my step family,
07:54 my family, you know, kind of thing.
07:56 But Steve's, my mom threw me out,
07:58 and I was homeless for like two and a half years.
08:00 Wow.
08:01 And I just, again,
08:03 I took on more self-destructing behaviors
08:04 and picked up smoking, drinking, I went right
08:07 to substance abuse, just like my biological mother.
08:10 And I said that in my testimony,
08:12 it pains me to say that, but this is the truth,
08:14 I was given every opportunity to succeed
08:16 and to live that life, and that's exactly
08:18 where I went when I had freedom.
08:21 But God really intervened.
08:23 There's two stories within that,
08:24 but God really intervened.
08:25 The first time that I can recollect very powerfully
08:28 when a certain individual came into the gas station
08:30 where it worked.
08:32 And he asked to pray with me.
08:33 That was a really simple request.
08:34 That's all he asked of me and me not having a background,
08:37 religious things and growing up in a respectable home,
08:40 I thought it'd be fine.
08:42 You know, there was something about who he was,
08:43 he looked happy, he looked, the good purpose,
08:45 all that kind of stuff.
08:46 So I let him pray for me.
08:48 He handed me a little tiny, like, tiny Bible,
08:50 little pocket edition, and then he just left
08:52 and I never saw him again.
08:54 But after that, I decided there was something about him
08:58 and like, just his the way he was living his life.
09:00 He was just happy.
09:01 So I thought maybe it's his relationship with God.
09:04 So I think it's my testimony again Yes.
09:06 But I took a quarter out of the register,
09:07 and I go out and I say heads is going to be yes
09:09 and tails is going to be no.
09:11 And I get really, really firm with God.
09:13 I was like, if you're really going to talk to me,
09:15 you're going to reveal to me now
09:17 because I don't know what I'm doing,
09:18 I feel lost, I feel hopeless, all these things,
09:20 and obviously, this man just has all those things.
09:23 So you can give me those things, too. Yes.
09:26 So I started out with all those questions, are you real?
09:28 And I would flip that quarter, and would land on heads,
09:30 you know, time and time again. And I thought I'd be smart.
09:33 Like, I'd throw it through the same question,
09:36 just a different way.
09:37 It will still land on heads, you know, that kind of thing.
09:39 Wow. He was being that direct with me in those moments.
09:41 Yes. And it was really powerful.
09:44 And there's lots of great detail I can go into,
09:45 but that's when I really saw
09:48 that God had a purpose for me
09:50 that He wanted something more than when I was,
09:53 you know, going through at the moment.
09:55 But even then I wasn't ready,
09:56 and I kind of stepped away from it.
09:58 Yeah. Yeah.
09:59 We actually have a picture of you
10:01 when you were going through some dark times.
10:04 I want us to take a look. Yeah, there.
10:06 I would never, looking at you today, I don't see that guy.
10:10 But that is what's amazing about Christ.
10:13 Oh, yes.
10:14 You know, your countenance has changed
10:16 so much since that picture that we just saw.
10:19 And that's powerful the transformational power
10:23 of Christ in our lives.
10:25 So, Laura, what took place?
10:29 So you transition, you sat down with the guy,
10:32 you didn't want the fame, he was asking you,
10:34 you couldn't decide to go down that route,
10:37 you got sent to Fountainview Academy,
10:39 now take us from there?
10:41 So at Fountainview, you know, we had the choir,
10:44 the orchestra, the touring all the time.
10:46 So this is where I really was able to gain
10:48 a good foundation in music, and what you know,
10:52 traveling and all that would be like.
10:54 I didn't realize,
10:55 you know, what the plan was for the future
10:57 that I would be doing full time music ministry.
11:00 But I can look back at that now I can see
11:02 that God was completely preparing me for that.
11:05 Yes. And He taught me so many things there.
11:08 But, after I graduated,
11:13 all those feelings started to come back.
11:15 All that bitterness that I'd held on to before
11:18 getting so caught up in all the negatives, and just again,
11:21 not wanting anything to do with Christianity.
11:24 And so I spiraled into this extreme depression,
11:28 I became suicidal.
11:31 Just kind of like Ernie not really feeling like
11:35 I knew where I was going, or what my purpose was,
11:37 or anything like that.
11:39 But all the time, though,
11:41 you know, God was trying to speak to me, to reach me.
11:44 I can look back at it now and see it so clearly
11:47 how He was all the time,
11:48 you know, working to bring me back to Him.
11:51 And I regret so much now
11:55 that it took me so long to listen.
11:56 Yes.
11:58 But my coming back to Him wasn't in a single moment.
12:02 I can't say like, this is when it happened.
12:04 Yes.
12:05 But over several years, He worked on my heart.
12:08 And when I saw my brother gave His life to God,
12:12 that's what really sealed it for me
12:14 because I had prayed for my brother for years.
12:17 Whoa, whoa, whoa.
12:19 I got to slow it down right there.
12:20 So you were praying for your brother for years,
12:23 but you weren't right with the Lord at that time,
12:25 but you wanted to.
12:27 It's interesting how that works.
12:28 It is. Our brains are so funny sometimes as we are.
12:33 It's so hard to explain,
12:35 but what I can boil it down to
12:37 is that even though for myself, I wanted my own way,
12:41 and I was, you know, running away from God.
12:44 In my heart, I knew it was what was right,
12:46 and I still wanted it for him.
12:48 Yes.
12:50 But and then in the long run, you saw his conversion...
12:53 I saw his conversion.
12:54 And that led to you being converted
12:57 as well which is incredible.
12:59 How did you two meet?
13:01 Yeah, so ironically it picks up right there.
13:04 So Jeremy, your half brother.
13:07 He gave his life to God like a week before
13:09 and my best friend that I lived with when I was homeless,
13:12 those two years everything we went through thick and thin,
13:15 he got a job next door at the smoke shop.
13:18 So I was an avid pot smoker
13:19 then because obviously self-destructive behaviors,
13:21 but he ends up in a conversation
13:25 with Laura's brother in the back
13:27 while he's closing up shop.
13:28 And he talked for like three and a half hours.
13:30 So I'm up in the front and I decided to go over
13:33 to those front lobby of the pizza place.
13:35 And me and Laura start talking, and then Minda,
13:38 her brother's wife comes out, we just sat there
13:41 and we just all connected for like
13:42 that three and a half hours
13:44 and because I was going to college at the time,
13:46 and I needed a place to stay,
13:47 you know I would go there wait for him to get off work,
13:49 but I would spend all my time with at pizzeria,
13:51 you know, that's why I always get around.
13:53 So it wasn't the pizza that kept you in the pizzeria.
13:56 Yeah. I hear you.
13:59 That's incredible.
14:01 So how long have you all been in full time ministry?
14:05 Yeah.
14:06 So for me, it's been about 10 years
14:08 at full time music ministry.
14:10 And I've had Ernie with me.
14:11 We got married about five years ago.
14:14 And it's been a lot better, let me tell you.
14:16 It's much better that way. Nice.
14:18 You got your partner in your corner.
14:20 Right.
14:21 We actually have a picture of you two in action
14:23 and you can tell us where you are
14:24 and what's going on here.
14:26 It looks like Ernie is playing the guitar.
14:28 Yep. That's one of our concerts.
14:29 It's actually had a Revelation seminar
14:31 that we were closing up closing weekend
14:33 doing a concert for that.
14:35 Nice.
14:37 I want to transition back into your testimonies
14:40 and kind of finish that up
14:42 because I want people to see
14:44 the totality of what God has been doing in your lives.
14:49 Let's go to you, Laura. All right.
14:51 So I got to see my brother's life changed.
14:54 I saw that even while I was running from Him,
14:56 God was still hearing,
14:58 He was still answering my prayer,
14:59 and that just really solidified me coming back to Him.
15:03 And I realized that we can never look
15:07 at other people as our examples of Christ.
15:11 Christians can give Christianity a bad name.
15:13 I think we all know that.
15:15 But it's not about that.
15:16 It's not about looking at them.
15:18 It's we have to keep our eyes on Christ.
15:19 Yes.
15:21 And when we do that, we reflect His character to others,
15:23 and that's what it's all about.
15:25 And I saw that it is so much more satisfying to sing music
15:29 that can change a person's life
15:31 that can have an impact on them for eternity,
15:34 rather than maybe just a feel good song.
15:36 Amen.
15:38 And what about you, Ernie?
15:40 Yeah, my transition was when I kept coming
15:42 around the pizzeria, Laura would minister to me,
15:45 she tried to give me a Bible,
15:46 and I was still really reluctant about it.
15:48 But she invited me to some of her concerts in the area.
15:52 And that was just ministry of music
15:54 is just amazing to tell you the truth.
15:57 But there was a particular event
15:58 where she had to sing for a Revival seminar
16:02 put on by a pastor by the name of Jeremiah Davis.
16:05 Okay.
16:06 And I don't know if any viewers are familiar with him
16:08 and his ministry.
16:09 But the way he goes about preaching is very,
16:12 very aggressive.
16:13 It's like very militant drill sergeant,
16:15 kind of aggressive.
16:17 And that's what I needed to hear.
16:19 Because the way I was living my life was also aggressive,
16:22 it was abrasive, it was harsh,
16:24 you know, all that kind of stuff.
16:25 So when he was presenting the Word of God in the way
16:28 that I could understand, in the way
16:29 that I've always understood the world,
16:31 you know, it was powerful, and it was transformative.
16:34 And then Laura took me home
16:36 to meet her parents for the first time,
16:38 put me through a 10 day detox, full body detox kind of thing.
16:41 And it was terrible.
16:43 It was awful, you know, five days of not eating food
16:45 and charcoal and parasite killers
16:48 and bug killers and all this kind of stuff.
16:50 But sure enough, you know, as bad as I felt,
16:53 and I really did feel terrible during that detox.
16:56 I needed to get rid of all the substance abuse
16:59 that I was doing with my body and the drinking,
17:00 the smoking, all that kind of stuff.
17:02 But the fifth day I kneeled next to the bed,
17:05 and I just started to talk to God again,
17:07 like I did when I was flipping the quarter.
17:09 But this time, I was all in.
17:11 I wasn't trying to run away from Him anymore.
17:13 I knew He had a purpose, and I knew He was leading.
17:15 And I was ready to embrace Him, and He was ready to embrace me,
17:18 and I've never been the same.
17:20 That's beautiful. That is beautiful.
17:22 Did you ever think that you would be doing
17:25 what you do right now?
17:28 What do you think?
17:30 Not like this. No.
17:33 It's been amazing.
17:34 You kind of imagine God always has a better plan for us
17:37 than we have for ourselves.
17:38 Amen.
17:40 And then did you ever think that you would have a wife
17:43 that you could be in full time ministry with as well?
17:46 Yeah, no, I've never thought about that.
17:48 I don't know where I would be without God.
17:50 I think I would be in the music industry
17:52 just doing live sound or something.
17:54 But this is so much more fulfilling.
17:58 And you know, that kind of thing.
17:59 It really filled the void I was trying to fill with the world.
18:02 Jesus has come and done so much for both of our lives.
18:05 Praise God. There's no better story.
18:08 What are some, maybe some miracle stories
18:11 that you can share with me as far as like,
18:16 you know, you've been traveling,
18:18 you've been going to different places,
18:20 and you've taken that journey of faith?
18:23 What are some things that you've noticed in that journey?
18:27 Oh, man, there's so many stories.
18:30 We be here for hours, countless stories.
18:34 But what we have learned through experience
18:36 after experience is that we can always rely on God.
18:40 If we are focused on serving Him,
18:43 working for Him, putting our best,
18:46 He takes care of the rest.
18:47 We don't need to worry about things He provides,
18:50 and He makes a way
18:51 where it doesn't seem like there is one.
18:54 Wow. Amen.
18:56 And, Ernie, you've covered a lot of miles
18:59 driving all of that stuff.
19:01 In fact, the transmission went out then.
19:04 Tell us a little bit about that?
19:06 Yeah.
19:08 And not even a little while ago.
19:09 That's kind of why we're here is
19:10 because our transmission failed.
19:12 So glad you brought us on the show.
19:13 But yeah, that just came out of left field for us,
19:15 and we needed to know what we were going to do
19:18 all that kind of stuff.
19:19 But the way God set everything up for us to be here.
19:21 We did the concert, and whatnot.
19:24 I mean, it was providential.
19:25 We needed some downtime, because we have future albums
19:28 that me and Laura working on that we're trying to finish,
19:30 you know. Yes.
19:32 And I didn't have any time with a tour.
19:33 We're booked three, five times a week sometimes.
19:37 Wow.
19:38 We're on the road for the next seven months.
19:39 So it's... Wow.
19:41 Got long ways to go. Yeah.
19:42 Very intense.
19:43 It's not the first time the car has given us problems.
19:45 Before we even left on the store,
19:46 we had a timing belt problem.
19:48 We had no way to pay for it. We had nothing.
19:51 And we made the appointment, we figured out the price,
19:54 and the next day somebody had given us donation
19:56 to cover the cost.
19:58 Exact same price. Exact same price.
19:59 Wow.
20:00 So like we've had that time and time again
20:02 and in other in different ways,
20:03 but God is always there for about doing His work.
20:06 Praise God.
20:09 Let's talk about some of the projects that are taking place.
20:12 What are some projects, upcoming projects,
20:14 and maybe projects that you've done in the past?
20:17 Well, our upcoming projects, there's just so many.
20:23 We actually have three CDs
20:24 that are on the verge of coming out.
20:26 Okay.
20:27 'Cause I have a hard time
20:28 sticking to one thing in a time.
20:30 But the CD that is just,
20:31 you know, almost within days
20:33 of completion is a fully original album.
20:36 That's all songs that I've written,
20:38 that Ernie has written.
20:39 And the other one right behind it is a scripture song CD.
20:43 So it's specifically made scripture songs
20:46 for the last days.
20:47 Nice.
20:49 So that 'cause I think it's so important,
20:50 you know, right now, especially for people to be able
20:52 to memorize these scriptures, these promises.
20:55 Yes.
20:56 So we're trying to get that one out.
20:57 Absolutely.
20:59 I think we have a picture if I'm not mistaken.
21:00 We have a picture of those.
21:02 I love the covers on the album.
21:04 It's such a peaceful type of scene.
21:06 What are some other aspects of your ministry?
21:10 Do you want to take that? Sure, I'll take that.
21:12 Yeah, we do kind of two things primarily, obviously,
21:15 Laura does music.
21:17 She's a fantastic singer, whatnot.
21:18 But the Lord impressed upon me to get into video work
21:20 and photography.
21:22 And that involves doing music videos,
21:24 promos, working with other evangelists and pastors,
21:27 getting stories and testimonies and like the raw movies,
21:32 kind of cinematic way kind of filmed
21:34 and the Lord has been good to us and that kind of thing.
21:37 Praise God.
21:38 You look like you're going to say something, Laura?
21:40 Yeah.
21:41 We tend to travel more than we're home.
21:43 So we stay on the road probably eight to nine months out
21:46 of the year, typically, and just do concerts
21:49 and evangelistic meetings, things like that.
21:52 Nice. Yes.
21:53 What would you say is your favorite thing
21:55 about doing ministry?
21:56 Yeah.
21:57 I mean, just seeing people's lives transformed, I mean...
22:01 That's it, yeah.
22:02 We've heard so many testimonies.
22:04 And I mean, it just, if you think about it,
22:07 I mean, if I were to think about it,
22:08 I'd just get overwhelmed with how many incredibly cool people
22:11 we've met, and like, their stories
22:14 and what they've gone through, and how God has,
22:15 you know, redeemed them and changed them just like me,
22:17 like my story, you know?
22:19 Yes. And it's just powerful.
22:20 And that's the best part.
22:22 There's nothing like finishing a concert
22:24 and having someone come up to you in tears and saying,
22:26 like, "I just really related to what you shared here,"
22:29 or they have a similar story.
22:31 But they just, they weren't sure
22:33 if they wanted to fully commit.
22:34 Yes.
22:36 And then, but they decide to, like things like that,
22:38 it's just,
22:39 there's a lot of discouraging days in ministry.
22:41 Yes. But it's things like that just, it's so worth it.
22:45 And it's always worth it.
22:46 Amen. Absolutely.
22:47 And ministry is one of those things
22:49 where you don't see the full impact until we get to heaven.
22:54 Right. Yes.
22:55 And that's going to be a beautiful, beautiful day.
22:58 Absolutely.
22:59 What are some of the needs of your ministry?
23:01 Because I know there's a lot
23:03 that goes into making all of this happen.
23:06 What are some of the needs?
23:08 Well, right now we're actually just about
23:10 to finish building our own home and studio.
23:13 So we're going to have a full studio, video and audio.
23:17 So right now we're working to start equipping that studio.
23:21 At the same time, you know,
23:22 to produce all these projects that we have,
23:25 we have our own recording equipment.
23:26 So that saves a ton. Yes.
23:29 It's incredible.
23:30 But you know, the production costs,
23:32 the copyrights, all that kind of thing.
23:34 Yes. Yes.
23:35 Okay.
23:37 And if someone wants to,
23:38 let's say they want to book you,
23:40 or if they want to help support,
23:42 we have your contact information.
23:44 We're going to put that up.
23:46 And, Laura, I'll have you read that for us.
23:49 So we'll take a look at that. Yeah.
23:51 So if you want to reach out to us for any reason,
23:54 booking, donations, you can visit my website,
23:58 laurawilliamsmusic.com
24:00 You can write to us at PO Box 58,
24:02 Addy, Washington 99101.
24:06 Ernie's website for New Creation Media
24:08 is also newcreation. media
24:12 All right.
24:13 How has being, in full time ministry
24:16 how has it strengthened your faith?
24:18 Ernie? Oh my, that is another tough question.
24:21 To tell the truth,
24:22 I think the best part of our traveling ministry
24:25 is that I've gotten to work
24:27 closely with really strong speakers.
24:30 It's really amazing, you know,
24:31 ministers and evangelists and all that kind of stuff.
24:34 And being around that environment all the time,
24:37 it rubs off on you.
24:38 Yes.
24:40 And I've seen even sometimes when I speak
24:41 or share something you know, I picked it up
24:43 because I witness someone else do it that kind of thing.
24:45 The edifying of the work, you know,
24:47 because of others you know, commitment to Christ.
24:49 This has been an amazing but there's so much like just
24:53 to hearing the stories from others is strengthening
24:55 my faith that what I'm sharing
24:57 and I do get very vulnerable in our concert.
24:59 I most of the time cry, you know, that kind of thing,
25:01 but it's so real to me.
25:03 And it's so real to people that listen to.
25:05 And there's a lot of people that are experiencing,
25:07 you know, those hardships, and there's a lot of young kids
25:10 that are still self-hurting,
25:12 you know, things like the same way I did,
25:14 and that kind of thing.
25:16 So, ministry will change you.
25:18 If you're not already changed, it will continue to change you.
25:20 Amen. What about you, Laura?
25:23 How has being in full time ministry
25:24 strengthened your faith?
25:27 Just with all the experiences, all those moments,
25:30 you know, where you come to a point
25:31 where you don't know what's going to happen next,
25:34 you know, you can't of yourself,
25:37 you know, fix the problem.
25:38 Yes. And then you just see how God works it out.
25:41 I mean, he's done so many things.
25:43 Just recently, we don't even have time for these stories,
25:46 but He will work out our problem,
25:49 before we even know we have it.
25:50 Yes.
25:52 And then you look back,
25:53 and you just see it all play out and things like that.
25:54 I mean, how can your faith not get strengthened?
25:57 Absolutely. It's huge.
25:59 You know, I think about your trip here.
26:01 And what could have been a tragedy,
26:04 you know, God ended up using it as a blessing.
26:09 And I got to hear the testimony.
26:10 Now you're sharing your testimony,
26:12 and everybody's getting to hear your testimony,
26:15 which we hope that you know,
26:16 lives will be won for Christ's kingdom.
26:19 Real quick, I want you to share some final thoughts.
26:23 Laura, and Ernie,
26:25 I want you to look into this camera over here
26:26 and speak to that individual
26:28 that may not be walking with the Lord.
26:31 Why should they? Right.
26:34 Oh, for me, you know, having grown up with Christianity,
26:37 and spending so much time running away from it,
26:40 just because of misunderstanding it,
26:43 or just because I simply want my own thing.
26:46 If there's any viewers
26:48 that are going through that as well,
26:50 young people that were like me,
26:52 you know, just getting caught up in the world
26:54 and all the distractions,
26:56 I just want to tell you that it is not worth it.
27:00 The world doesn't have anything that you need.
27:02 Because serving God is by far the most satisfying,
27:06 fulfilling thing that you could ever do with your life.
27:09 It brings so much purpose and happiness,
27:11 and I would never want to do anything else.
27:14 And I encourage you to also give it a try.
27:16 Give your life to God and see what He can do with it.
27:19 Amen.
27:20 Ernie, what's on your heart?
27:22 Yeah, everything that Laura said is the truth.
27:25 And if it's for people out there
27:26 that have been in the church for a long time,
27:29 it's real easy for us to lose sight of the big picture.
27:32 But the truth is, there's a world out there
27:34 outside of our church walls with people that are hurting,
27:37 people that feel hopeless, and your story
27:40 and your testimony can change their lives.
27:43 Amen.
27:44 And I want to thank you for coming on
27:46 and sharing your testimony and your story
27:48 and what God has been doing in your life
27:51 and in your life as well.
27:52 And I want to thank you for joining us.
27:54 Well, we've reached the end of another program.
27:56 Until next time, God bless.


Revised 2021-12-23