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00:01 Welcome back. On today's program we're
00:02 discussing food as medicine.
00:04 And I'm your host Nick Evenson, joined here by Dr. James Marcum.
00:07 And Dr. Marcum, we are talking about turmeric
00:09 on today's program.
00:11 And there's an interesting fact about that
00:13 that I found online here.
00:14 90% of the world's turmeric comes from India. Right.
00:18 And did you know that at weddings in India,
00:19 they'll actually use the turmeric as a paste on the skin,
00:22 the face and arms of the bride and groom;
00:24 just kind of as a decoration.
00:26 Yeah. And also it will make your skin turn yellow. Exactly.
00:29 Yeah, yeah. Online; it's a pigment. Uh huh.
00:32 It's a pigment that acts from curcumin.
00:34 That's very interesting because I talked about all the
00:37 different articles on this.
00:38 This has been studied very well. Right.
00:40 And some are using this as a treatment for skin lesions.
00:45 Because, remember we talked about inflammation.
00:48 It seems to cut back inflammations.
00:50 It seems to help some things that will help different
00:52 types of skin lesions.
00:53 And if you think, you know, it helped me with...
00:56 I had some inflammation on my tendons in my feet.
00:59 It helped that. We know it helps other types of inflammation
01:03 like arthritis, different types of inflammation in the bowels,
01:06 like ulcerative colitis in Crohn's disease.
01:09 It might help that.
01:10 So it seems to have some anti-inflammatory cells that
01:13 turns down all those inflammatory cells,
01:15 which tend to, in certain types of inflammation,
01:17 actually damage the body.
01:19 So it seems to be, not only does it have anti-cancer effects,
01:23 but it seems to have anti-inflammatory effects that
01:26 helps knock down the immune cells that we
01:28 don't want going crazy.
01:30 You know, the excito kinds, and some of those dangerous ones.
01:32 Uh huh. So I think the literature is very strong to
01:36 recommend that unless you have gallstones or kidney stones.
01:39 I think turmeric is a great thing we can use
01:42 to add to a regimen to not only treat disease
01:44 but prevent disease.
01:46 And I think everyone has a little inflammation in their
01:48 body every now and then. Sure. Yeah.
01:50 See, now we talked earlier about different ways
01:52 that you can use turmeric.
01:54 You can use the root or the supplement pills.
01:56 We want to talk about, maybe, a few ways you can actually
01:59 put it in your food using the root in the powder form. Okay.
02:03 And to do that we went and sat down with our friend,
02:05 Kristina McFeeters, of Kristina's Kitchen,
02:07 and she showed us a way to incorporate it in a daily meal.
02:10 So let's take a look at that.
02:12 Welcome to Kristina's Kitchen.
02:15 I'm Kristina McFeeters.
02:17 Turmeric is a yellow root.
02:19 It's extremely bitter, very strong,
02:22 and it's used as a spice often in Indian curries.
02:26 And it also is very bright yellow, as you can see here.
02:32 And anything that you cook it in, when it cooks it actually
02:36 gets a brighter yellow flavor than when it's raw.
02:39 Today I'm going to show you how to make my favorite
02:43 scrambled tofu using the turmeric to both make it yellow,
02:48 and give it a hint of flavor, and also so we can incorporate
02:52 turmeric in for its anti-inflammatory
02:54 properties as well.
02:56 To start out we're going to take a block of water packed tofu.
02:59 You want firm or extra firm.
03:02 And when you take it you want to get the water out of it.
03:07 We are going to drain it thoroughly.
03:09 And then I always like to rinse it, so that way there's
03:16 some fresh water on it.
03:21 And drain that water off as well.
03:24 What we're going to do is we're going to break this tofu up into
03:27 chunks into a small skillet, or a saucepan.
03:32 It doesn't have to be perfectly cut.
03:34 Just break it up however you like.
03:38 Now we have the tofu ready, and so we are going to
03:42 add our seasonings.
03:43 Our first one we're going to put in 1 teaspoon of salt,
03:50 1 teaspoon of onion powder, 1/2 a teaspoon of garlic powder,
04:02 and a 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric.
04:04 I know that doesn't seem like much, but turmeric, a little bit
04:09 goes a long ways, because it's very strong.
04:12 Last we will use our wet ingredients.
04:14 This is a toasted sesame oil, which is optional.
04:18 If you don't have it, it'll still taste good without it.
04:21 But we're going to put 1 teaspoon in.
04:26 And lastly, we're going to put 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.
04:29 This adds a little bit of a sourness to it;
04:32 kind of gives it a little bit more of an eggie flavor.
04:35 If you want something that tastes almost exactly like
04:38 scrambled eggs, instead of salt you can use black salt.
04:42 And that will give a very strong eggie flavor.
04:45 Now we're going to cook our tofu.
04:48 Turn your stove on high, and bring it to a boil.
04:51 Stir your seasonings in so that the turmeric, and some of the
04:56 other seasonings are evenly coated over your tofu.
05:01 And then once it starts boiling, turn it down to low
05:04 and simmer it for about five minutes,
05:06 and then you're ready to serve.
05:07 Okay, our scrambled tofu is done.
05:10 Isn't that amazing?
05:11 And see how simple that is?
05:14 Just this simple ingredient, turmeric,
05:16 can give you anti-inflammatory properties,
05:20 and help you make a delicious meal that's so simple and easy.
05:25 Be sure and try this at home.
05:28 Thanks Kristina. And, you know, we really appreciate
05:30 those cooking demos.
05:31 Dr. Marcum and I, we're not necessarily the best cooks.
05:33 But I think we could even follow those.
05:35 And if you want to get more information about how Kristina
05:37 uses these ingredients in her health food store visit:
05:42 and she has other recipes there that you can use
05:44 to eat better every day.
05:45 And Dr. Marcum, we're talking about turmeric.
05:49 We just saw a great way to incorporate it into our diet.
05:51 And, actually, that was really good.
05:53 We ate that after she made it.
05:54 It was pretty tasty.
05:55 And what she said, simple.
05:57 It might be simple for her, but it wasn't as simple for me.
06:00 You know, so I mean, you have to have some aptitude.
06:03 I'm just not a big... I'm just not big in the kitchen.
06:06 But maybe I should learn. I don't know!
06:08 But most people can learn that if they go to Kristina.
06:10 She can coach them up, you know?
06:12 That's right. It's sort of like an acquired skill, I guess.
06:14 That's right. You know?
06:16 You know, we've talked a lot about nutrition recently
06:18 here on this program.
06:19 But nutrition isn't the only thing we need to focus on.
06:22 It's just one piece of the puzzle, right?
06:23 Yeah, and you know what?
06:25 You know, God has taught this in the Bible.
06:27 It's just not about one thing.
06:28 You know, our health is the things we put in our body,
06:30 the things we breathe, the way we move, our thoughts,
06:34 our actions; all of that changes our chemistry.
06:37 And we're now having studies that show that.
06:39 Nutrition's very important, but there's many other things that
06:42 God shows in the Scriptures that also changes the
06:45 chemistry of our body.
06:46 Yeah. You know, one thing water.
06:48 We haven't talked about that yet, but water,
06:49 it's part of nutrition.
06:51 But it's so important that we drink water. It is.
06:53 And there's also things like movement. Uh huh.
06:56 What else? Oh, I mean, just seeing great things outdoors,
07:01 You know? And I recently did a Biblical Prescription about how
07:06 we can add this to our lives.
07:07 That's right. Let's take a look at that.
07:09 It's called the Biblical Prescription for Life,
07:10 and there's some awesome sites on this.
07:12 And lets have a look.
07:14 I'm Dr. James Marcum with your Biblical Prescription for Life.
07:19 Would you like to have less inflammation in your body?
07:22 Today's Biblical Prescription is found in
07:30 A study done at the University California Berkeley showed that
07:34 people that saw awesome sights, whether that be a sunrise,
07:38 beautiful trees, water, or walking outside in God's works;
07:43 they had lower amounts of a chemical called
07:46 Cytokines in the body.
07:47 Less Cytokines, less inflammation.
07:50 And this helps every cell in the body do better.
07:53 So your Biblical Prescription is say to God,
07:56 How awesome are Your works!
07:58 Appreciate creation; all the wonderful
08:00 things God has given us.
08:02 You'll lower your Cytokines in the body;
08:04 have less inflammation in your body as well.
08:07 I'm Dr. James Marcum, and this is your Biblical
08:10 Prescription for Life.
08:14 And if you want to learn more about Biblical Prescriptions
08:16 for life, visit us at:
08:19 Or you can go to the website, BiblicalPrescriptions.com/3abn
08:24 You can order the DVD by Dr. Marcum and the
08:27 accompanying study guide.
08:28 And this is intended to be a small group Bible study
08:31 that you can use to live more in harmony with God's
08:35 design for your life.
08:36 Yeah, and what I like about this study is it's a balance.
08:40 Uh huh. You know, some people harp on exercise.
08:43 Some people just harp on, you know, the different aspects
08:46 of health like the different foods.
08:48 But this gives a balance.
08:50 You know, there's a place for eating well.
08:53 There's a place for thinking well, moving well, being outside
08:56 in the sunshine, breathing better.
08:58 You know, getting along with us.
09:00 But the key thing for this is, I think, what sets it apart is
09:04 it shows the importance of worship, and how worship
09:07 is a key to healing.
09:09 And it shows the science behind worship, and how when we
09:12 incorporate worship into our lives in that relationship,
09:15 how God gives us the power to make gigantic changes
09:19 for the right reasons: how it changes our brain, our DNA.
09:22 Then we start seeing truth.
09:24 Then we're able to incorporate this full aspect.
09:26 And remember, everyone, God moves at different speeds,
09:30 and different times.
09:31 But it's that relationship that gives us the power that's the
09:34 real aspect of healing.
09:35 I think that's what this program sets it apart from some
09:38 of the ones out there.
09:39 Yeah, and if it sounds like a program that's interesting to
09:41 you, and you'd like to get a copy of it, you can call 3ABN
09:44 and then order your copy today at
09:50 And that's about all the time we have on today's program,
09:53 so we're going to wrap it up here.
09:54 And Dr. Marcum is going to share a few final thoughts with
09:56 you in just a moment.
10:03 We've been talking today about the medicinal properties of
10:07 turmeric; the yellow pigment being so valuable,
10:10 especially in fighting cancer, and helping in inflammation.
10:14 So I want to encourage you to talk to your doctors about
10:18 adding this to your nutritional plan each day.
10:21 I know I've done it and it really helped with my
10:24 inflammation in the body.
10:26 There's many different ways you can do it that we've
10:28 learned about today.
10:29 Another thing I'd like to encourage you to do is visit
10:32 our website. That's HeartwiseMinistries.org
10:36 On that website you can learn a lot about nutrition.
10:39 There's resources you could have to develop a healthy lifestyle.
10:45 You can also leave your prayer requests,
10:47 and also pray for others.
10:48 With this in mind, I'd like to pray for each one of you.
10:51 There might be someone out there that needs a special prayer
10:54 for healing, that might need a little extra help in eating
10:58 better, or living a healthier life.
11:00 To know that God is right there with you, wanting to help you
11:03 achieve great things with your health.
11:05 So let's pray together.
11:07 Father in heaven, thank You for giving us so many good things
11:11 to make our bodies better, so we can serve You.
11:14 Thank You for helping to make our spiritual, and our physical
11:18 lives interwoven, Father, and helping us to understand
11:21 Your will for our life.
11:22 Please be with each one of those that need healing today, Father.
11:26 And come very close to them.
11:28 This is our humble prayer, Amen.
11:31 I want to thank each one of you for joining us.
11:35 And we'd love to hear from you on our website,
11:37 so drop us a line.
11:38 Let us know how you're incorporating these
11:40 changes into your life.
11:42 Turmeric, curcumin, you can take this in a tablet, you can grind
11:46 up the root, you can find some healthy recipe
11:49 to add it to your life.
11:50 This will help your inflammation in your body,
11:52 lower the risk of cancer.
11:54 It does a lot of things we don't even know about this.
11:56 I'm Dr. James Marcum wishing you the best of health.


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