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00:01 Welcome back and thanks for
00:02 joining us here on "The Ultimate Prescription"
00:04 On today's program, we're discussing
00:05 the reasons WHY we're sick.
00:07 Before the break, we were talking about some of the
00:09 different reasons and we answered a viewer's question.
00:12 Dr. Marcum, let's talk a little bit
00:13 about some solutions to the reasons why.
00:16 Yeah and that's our main focus today, as we want people
00:19 to ask themselves why things happen in life.
00:23 And as you're sitting there, ask yourself,
00:25 "Well why am I watching this program?
00:27 Why do I go to the doctor?
00:29 Why am I taking this prescription
00:31 medication? Why am I sick?
00:33 Why do I spend time in worship every morning?
00:37 Why do I do these basic things?"
00:39 Because when we ask the question "why,"
00:42 our body does some amazing things.
00:44 We start getting at cause; we want to get at causes
00:47 rather than treat symptoms. Right.
00:49 Even though treating symptoms is important sometimes,
00:51 until it gives us time to get at cause.
00:54 Are you following me? Yep!
00:56 I, numerous times, send people for bypass surgery, Nick.
00:59 We bypass around the arteries, but we don't take
01:02 away the blockages. Right.
01:04 And sometimes there are reasons why;
01:06 sometimes it's genetics; sometimes it's putting stress
01:09 on the genes by smoking cigarettes or eating bad foods,
01:13 so I work on that too.
01:15 And when we ask ourselves why, we want to have solutions.
01:18 Well sometimes in life, no matter what we do,
01:21 we just have bad genetics, you know, there's nothing we do.
01:24 And for that, we all have that and we need a Savior,
01:29 and God has promised to heal us in His time.
01:32 Sometimes it's through modern medicine and I see that a lot;
01:34 sometimes it's through lifestyle changes,
01:37 but we want to stay on that main path looking at Him.
01:40 So when we ask the reason why, sometimes we don't know;
01:44 sometimes we want a solution.
01:45 So that's why I said, "Well, what can I give to patients
01:48 and people out there that might help them not only
01:51 understand the reason why, but come up with
01:53 some solutions to the reason why.
01:56 So I developed a Bible study program called:
01:58 "Biblical Prescriptions for Life." Yeah.
02:01 So tell us about this... health and faith,
02:03 a lot of people don't really put those two together.
02:06 How does faith help your health?
02:08 Well, what we're now understanding is that people
02:12 that worship, for instance, they have less
02:15 stress on their bodies.
02:17 The parts of the brain that communicate with God,
02:20 the anterior cingulate cortex gets larger,
02:22 so with people that worship, it's like food for the brain
02:25 You know, you eat food for your body
02:27 to make it better every day, we want food for the brain
02:29 to help us with some of these chronic stressors. Right.
02:31 And also, God gives us the power
02:34 to make changes one step at a time. Right.
02:36 So faith and health - you know, God created us and all of us
02:41 are gonna wear out some day, and even if we do wear out,
02:44 we want to know that He's going to heal us
02:47 in the twinkling of an eye, that we can be with Him
02:49 safe forever and that is treatment in itself
02:52 because we know where we're going;
02:53 we have assurance; we don't have to live in fear
02:56 which fear is a stressor.
02:58 You know, God did not create a spirit of fear...
03:01 "Be anxious about nothing."
03:03 So all of these things, but how do we apply that to a patient's
03:06 life and how do we help people that are watching this...
03:09 Maybe that's the reason why you're watching today
03:11 is to learn how you can answer these questions.
03:14 So with that, we've developed a Bible study plan. Yeah!
03:17 "Biblical Prescriptions for Life," is what's it called,
03:20 and we've prepared a short introductory video,
03:22 and let's go ahead and take a look at that now.
03:25 "Hi, I'm Dr. James Marcum, I've been practicing
03:28 cardiology for over 20 years now.
03:31 I discuss health issues with patients every day at the
03:34 office and I try to help each patient grow to experience
03:38 the best possible outcome, but the longer I practice
03:42 medicine, the more evident it becomes that what I was
03:45 taught in medical school, didn't show me
03:47 the complete picture.
03:49 Today in medicine, we conduct procedures and prescribe
03:52 medications, but too often our efforts are treating
03:55 symptoms rather than getting to the root of the problem.
03:58 In realizing this, I determined that something had to be done,
04:02 so I opened up the best textbook that I've ever owned,
04:06 The Bible.
04:07 Our Creator's original design for our health is
04:10 well-documented and these concepts found in God's Word
04:14 have significant implications for our lives today.
04:17 It doesn't have to be hard; in fact, it's pretty simple.
04:21 Jesus asks us to come unto Him and He will give us rest.
04:25 I invite you to join me in experiencing life
04:29 more abundantly as together we learn to apply
04:32 "Biblical Prescriptions for Life"
04:39 "Biblical Prescriptions for Life," this is a 7-week
04:42 Bible study program and it's available
04:43 at 3ABN, you can give them a call.
04:45 But this is more than just a Bible study, this is really
04:48 more of a way of life, right?
04:50 Yeah, and if we look at the reason why...
04:53 you know, why are you here on earth?
04:55 You know, what's our purpose?
04:56 And, you know, if we understand why and plug into God's word,
05:00 and years ago, I said, "My patients aren't getting better,"
05:05 and that's when I started going to the Bible and finding
05:08 biblical prescriptions and applying them to life.
05:11 Okay, so biblical prescriptions, what is a biblical prescription?
05:15 Well I use that term, a "biblical prescription"
05:18 as something that we do
05:20 that the Bible has taught and I say I look
05:23 at the evidence-based medicine behind it and teach
05:26 people how to apply it to their lives.
05:28 For instance, people don't drink enough water.
05:33 Well that could be a biblical prescription,
05:35 but not only are we talking about water,
05:36 but we talk about "living water,"
05:39 and so you'll have the spiritual and physical - so as we
05:41 go through our day and we're walking with God,
05:44 and we're talking about the "living water" plugged
05:47 into that, He helps us think about drinking water.
05:50 And when we drink some water, we say, "Yeah, we have a God
05:52 that's interested in every aspect in life that
05:54 when we're in a relationship with Him, we're fine
05:57 and this is the path to health.
05:58 Well "Biblical Prescriptions for Life," goes through this,
06:02 and helps people learn how to apply this type of
06:04 thinking and this type of living to their lives and even if
06:07 they had done it, it's a great way that people can
06:10 reach their friends and neighbors with better health.
06:12 Meeting needs, loving them and not judging them,
06:15 and also introducing them to the power of that
06:18 relationship - that healing relationship forever that comes
06:22 when you walk with God just one day at a time.
06:24 You're just not telling people to drink more water
06:26 or to get more exercise or sunlight.
06:28 You're also putting a magnifying glass on the fact
06:32 that we can't do this on our own and we need to
06:34 tap into that relationship with God who has
06:36 the power to change our desires of our heart and live
06:40 in accordance with the way He designed us.
06:41 Absolutely Nick and that's the key...
06:43 we all need a Savior. Yeah.
06:46 We all need saving every day.
06:47 We all need to plug into that power and, you know,
06:50 God works with us one day at a time and this
06:52 "Biblical Prescriptions for Life" helps us.
06:54 And there's a place for modern medicine,
06:56 you know, there's a place for that.
06:58 There's a place for healthy lifestyle, but we want
07:01 to say on that path with Him because that helps us
07:04 to see truth and not everything is black and white, Nick.
07:07 Each individual, I've discovered, our bodies are
07:10 so complex - you know, we know very little about
07:12 how the mind works; a billion neurons,
07:15 a quadrillion connections.
07:17 We know very little about the one billion bacteria.
07:20 There's more genetics going on
07:21 in the bacteria than the whole body.
07:23 We're just now discovering the intricacies
07:26 of the immune system. Right, yeah.
07:28 So the more I learn, the less I know, the more I'm humbled,
07:32 the more I need to turn to the "Ultimate Physician"
07:35 for answers, not only today but for eternity. Yeah, yeah.
07:38 You know, I've got some friends that are my age,
07:41 some younger folks, and they're in the medical
07:43 community and different professions but they don't
07:46 feel like the Bible is relevant to them.
07:49 And in healthcare, how is the Bible relevant?
07:53 What does the Bible say about the way
07:55 we should live for our health?
07:58 Is there relevant information there?
07:59 Yeah, well the Bible is relevant for all aspects of
08:03 life, from our finances, to relationships, to the health
08:08 because when we turn to our Creator, our Creator knows
08:11 us the best and, unfortunately, sometimes when we're younger
08:15 we think we're invincible!
08:17 You know, "There's nothing going on in my body?
08:19 I'm perfectly healthy!"
08:21 But underneath you, you might have some
08:24 genes that are ageing; you might have some
08:26 genetics that need to have changed and you might
08:28 have things going on.
08:30 God's word helps us to understand the ways we can
08:32 be safe in Him forever, but also
08:36 opens up truth and, you know, how do you know
08:38 who to go to for help, you know, when your say,
08:41 "Well why, I'm sick," "Well, who do you go to?
08:43 Well, you can ask God, He can send you to the right
08:45 people - help you get the power to make the right changes.
08:48 You know maybe you're sick because you're
08:50 eating too much bad food every day. Right.
08:52 Well He can give you the power to maybe see that.
08:55 Maybe you're sick because you have
08:56 just bad relationships and I hope no one has that.
08:59 But that can age us genetically, but God gives us
09:02 the power to overcome these things and that's why
09:05 our physical and spiritual health go together,
09:08 and that's why in "Biblical Prescriptions," we walk people
09:10 one step at a time; we love them, not judge them;
09:13 show them the balance between lifestyle, modern medicine,
09:17 but the key is on staying in that path with
09:20 the "Ultimate Physician," our Creator who, when we
09:23 come unto Him, that with Him every day - that's the greatest
09:26 prescription we can have every day.
09:28 When you ask Him into your heart, ask Him to be
09:30 your Lord and Savior, when He walks with you,
09:32 when you ask Him for your will - when that's going on,
09:35 that's a very safe healing place to be and He's going to
09:38 take us where we need to go.
09:39 Even if you have the worst genes in the world,
09:41 He still has a safe place for you. Yeah!
09:44 Just kind of a short answer here... Yeah.
09:47 Science - does science support the ideas found in the Bible,
09:51 and in the Bible study here, that these things work,
09:54 and that they actually have some science that backs them.
09:58 Yeah and that's what I try to do in this study, Nick, is
10:00 everyone likes evidence-based medicine, so I try
10:04 to find the science that proves the Bible. Right.
10:08 I believe that the Bible is true.
10:10 It's the word of God, even if we don't have the technology
10:13 to explain everything.
10:14 But nowadays, we have genetics, the human genome has been
10:18 sequenced - Francis Collins helped with that.
10:21 We now have PET scans, functional MRIs.
10:24 We can study a lot of things that we didn't know in the past.
10:27 And all of these, once again, prove that God's word is true,
10:31 something we can depend on when this whole world is topsy-turvy.
10:35 Yeah, well I want to make a free offer to our viewers
10:38 at home - we have a free resource that you can download
10:40 from the website and that's our free guide to:
10:42 "Restorative Worship."
10:44 It's a one page PDF that you can download and print off,
10:47 and there are some great tips that you can use to
10:49 improve your health using biblical prescriptions,
10:51 and that can be found at the following:
11:00 and you can find more information
11:01 about the Bible study there.
11:03 This is also something that is available
11:04 through 3ABN but we encourage you if you would like to
11:07 purchase the study, to visit the 3ABN store online,
11:09 and you can get a hold of a copy there.
11:11 And Dr. Marcum, any final words
11:13 about "Biblical Prescriptions" today?
11:15 No, I just want everyone to focus on the reason "why."
11:18 If you don't get anything out of this program,
11:20 think about "why," why am I listening to this;
11:22 why am I here today and if you can understand why,
11:26 you'll turn to the cause and then things will start
11:28 making sense to you. Yeah.
11:30 Well Dr. Marcum, thank you so much,
11:31 and viewers, thank you for joining us.
11:33 Dr. Marcum is going to close the program
11:34 with prayer in just a moment.
11:43 Understanding the reason "why," this is so important,
11:48 not only to our health, but important to our entire lives.
11:53 Let's recap a little bit what we've learned today.
11:56 Well, we're all born with bad genes.
11:59 These bad genes age at a specific rate
12:02 depending on our family.
12:04 When these genes malfunction due to the stresses in life,
12:08 whether that be mental stress, physical stress, food stress,
12:12 we have genetic changes, we develop symptoms and a part
12:15 malfunctions and when that malfunction occurs,
12:19 that's a great place for modern medicine.
12:21 But modern medicine often does not look at the cause.
12:25 So we want to ask ourselves in our lives, the reason WHY,
12:28 and if we could figure out the reason why, that's our best
12:31 bet to find biblical prescriptions to help us out.
12:35 And a biblical prescription is God's plan to really help
12:39 us especially for chronic disease.
12:41 Does that mean we don't need modern medicine?
12:43 No, at times we need that, but He gives us the
12:45 power to see what we need and also lifestyle medicine
12:49 and even if we have bad genes that cannot be fixed,
12:53 or straightened out by modern medicine,
12:56 we're safe in that relationship with Him for eternity.
12:59 So that's what we wanted to accomplish here today
13:01 by understanding the reason "why."
13:04 Now I'd like to pray for the group here that's watching,
13:08 and if you go to our website: heartwiseministries.org
13:11 we have a prayer page where we'd like to pray for you
13:13 because God gives us the power to do things in our life.
13:15 So let's bow our heads in prayer...
13:17 Heavenly Father... As we come to You today, we'd like to
13:23 think that there is a divine purpose that we're watching this
13:26 program and that's why that we can connect with You
13:28 in a greater, more powerful way, Father.
13:31 There are some out there that are sick, Father.
13:34 Help them to understand the reason why and to feel
13:37 safe in Your love, and to feel safe in that relationship
13:40 and lead them to where You would have them
13:42 on this path to healing. Is our humble prayer, Amen.
13:46 Well I want to thank each one of you for spending time
13:50 today - you know, there's lots of things you could be doing
13:52 with your time, but thank you for joining us as
13:54 we looked at the reason "why," and if you might
13:56 have a question or concern, stay in this relationship with
14:00 "Ultimate Prescription" by going to our website:


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