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00:31 This was a bombing that took place for hours and hours
00:35 relentlessly pounding away all night.
00:39 When the devastating attack was over,
00:40 rescue volunteers were frantic.
00:42 Just digging, pawing, desperate to reach the dead
00:45 and injured trapped in that huge pile of rubble
00:47 and they worked day and night
00:49 when suddenly a chaplain helping with the rescue effort
00:53 heard something a child's muffled cry.
00:58 With a new rush of adrenaline,
01:00 rescue workers redoubled their efforts
01:02 and cleared the wreckage clawing away.
01:05 Four days, four nights desperately recovering
01:08 every person living or dead in the chaplain's own words,
01:12 "When we heard that feeble cry, we thought no one could survive
01:16 the cold and exposure, least of all a child."
01:20 But sure enough, they found that little fellow there,
01:24 when they got him out, he was still conscious,
01:28 with no food, no water for all that time of four days.
01:33 Now, how did that child survive?
01:37 It was a miracle of mother love and sacrifice the little boy
01:44 lay sheltered beneath his mother's lifeless body
01:47 some how sensing imminent danger,
01:49 that brave mother deliberately curved her strong body
01:53 over and above her child.
01:54 When the building collapsed,
01:57 she took the full weight of the crashing stone,
02:00 and underneath her protection, her little son was safe.
02:06 You know John Masefield, the poet laureate of England,
02:09 wrote these words "Oh, Mother,
02:12 when I think of thee 'Tis but a step to Calvary."
02:18 That dear, little Belgian mother sacrificed her life
02:21 to save her own flesh and blood the little one who loved her.
02:26 But ladies and gentlemen, God sacrificed His Son
02:31 not just to save those who loved Him
02:33 but also to save His enemies those who hated Him.
02:38 Isaiah 53 one of my favorite passages says,
02:42 "He is despised and rejected by men,
02:45 a Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.
02:48 He was wounded for our transgressions,
02:50 He was bruised for our iniquities
02:53 and by His stripes we are healed.
02:56 All we like sheep have gone astray He was afflicted.
03:00 Yet He opened not His mouth,
03:02 He was led as a lamb to the slaughter."
03:05 The question tonight is, who was this Jesus?
03:11 Why does the Bible say in Revelation 5:12
03:15 "Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain."
03:20 Tonight ladies and gentlemen,
03:21 as the Voice of Prophecy speaks,
03:23 we discover an amazing technique of God
03:26 absolutely profound in the way that He deals with people.
03:33 When you and I take a closer look at the Bible record,
03:37 you will discover that whenever this planet
03:39 has experienced cataclysmic catastrophic,
03:43 spiritual crisis judgments
03:47 God always first sends a prophet
03:52 with a message of salvation, a loving prediction
03:56 warning about that crisis coming
03:58 and that message results
04:00 in the inauguration of a movement a remnant people
04:05 who respond to that prophetic message,
04:07 they therefore avoid the judgment,
04:10 and they move safely through another--
04:12 that crisis into another epoch of human history.
04:16 And all throughout the Bible it is always the same.
04:19 There are at least five major epochs in human history
04:23 that illustrate this point.
04:26 I want you tonight to watch very carefully
04:27 and notice how the Voice of Prophecy speaks.
04:31 Because it has something to do with Armageddon,
04:34 it has something to do with left behind
04:38 and it has something to do with you tonight.
04:42 You tell me out loud what is the first cataclysmic crisis
04:45 we come to in the Bible?
04:48 Genesis 6, the flood, the flood of Noah.
04:52 Genesis 6:5-8 says, "The Lord saw
04:59 that the wickedness of man was great in the earth,
05:01 and that every intent of the thoughts
05:04 of his heart was only evil continually,
05:06 and the Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth,
05:09 and He was grieved in His heart.
05:11 So the Lord said, 'I will destroy man
05:14 whom I have created from the face of the earth,
05:16 both man and beast,
05:17 creeping things and birds of the air,
05:20 for I am sorry that I have made them.'
05:22 But Noah what?
05:26 Found grace in the eyes of the Lord."
05:29 Trouble coming, Noah.
05:30 Big time was he surprised? No.
05:35 Because before God sends judgments,
05:38 first He sends a prophet.
05:40 Well who was the preacher prophet sent before Noah's day?
05:45 I mean Noah preached a 120 years
05:47 warning before this great flood came.
05:50 Did someone precede Noah?
05:53 Well, the tiny little New Testament Book of Jude
05:55 that's only one page long says "Now Enoch,
05:59 the seventh from Adam, prophesied about these men."
06:04 Yes, there it is.
06:05 Before Noah's catastrophic flood,
06:09 God first sent Enoch a prophet, it says.
06:14 You know that Enoch the Bible tells us
06:16 he had a son by the name of Methuselah.
06:19 Genesis 5:21 says Enoch, lived 65 years
06:23 and begot Methuselah."
06:26 But Methuselah
06:28 became the turning point in world history.
06:32 A changing point in Enoch's life as a prophet.
06:35 You see, part of Enoch's prophecy
06:38 was in the very name that he gave Methuselah.
06:42 May be you know that in Bible times
06:44 often when people named their children,
06:46 God helped them give them a name
06:47 that kind of had something to do with their own future
06:49 as well as with history, right?
06:52 Methuselah, he was the longest person
06:55 to ever live in the Bible wasn't he?
06:57 Well Methuselah's name actually means,
07:01 if you would translate it from Hebrew,
07:03 it literally means "at his death it will come."
07:10 What will come at his death?
07:12 Well now, if you ever go to a buy a new Bible,
07:15 you always try to buy one
07:16 with a nice centered marginal reference.
07:19 If you look at the margin in your Bible you'll find out
07:22 that there is just as valid an alternate of the translation
07:25 to that word Methuselah, because it literally means,
07:30 "at his death the sending forth of waters."
07:34 In other words if you would greet
07:36 little Methuselah, you would say,
07:37 "Hi, at your death the sending forth of waters."
07:41 But I want you to notice how amazing
07:43 an accurate prophecy is here.
07:45 God makes a prediction you see to Noah,
07:47 "I'm going to send a flood."
07:49 But first the prophet Enoch predicts it
07:52 through his son Methuselah, by naming his son,
07:55 "at his death, the sending forth of waters."
07:58 And if you read the record, in Genesis 5:27, it says,
08:02 "So all the days of Methuselah" how long did he live?
08:06 "Nine hundred and sixty-nine years,
08:09 and he died."
08:12 He lived clear up to the time of Noah,
08:16 when you see God raised up another prophet, Noah.
08:19 Who began an evangelistic campaign kind of like this
08:21 when we are doing, saying,
08:23 "Folks, a flood is coming get on board, everybody."
08:26 And every time Noah was preaching,
08:28 there in his audience sat great, great,
08:31 great, great, grandpa Methuselah,
08:34 and Noah would point to him and say, "Folks.
08:35 There he is. When he dies it will come."
08:40 We don't know the day, we don't know the hour,
08:41 but it's coming.
08:42 People poked fun at Noah.
08:44 The Bible says, they didn't believe it.
08:46 But one day his great, great, great, great,
08:48 great grandfather died, Methuselah,
08:51 and at his funeral Noah preached and said,
08:54 "Please folks, now you've got to come in the ark
08:56 because it's here.
08:58 But you know that only eight people believed.
09:02 The rest of the planet was destroyed.
09:06 But notice what happens.
09:08 God led His little remnant prophetic people
09:12 those eight people, safely through the cataclysmic flood
09:16 into the next epoch of human history.
09:19 Now the point is tonight ladies and gentlemen,
09:21 we see a technique of God here
09:23 if you watch the screens for a moment.
09:26 God calls a prophet.
09:29 Through that prophet He makes a prophecy.
09:32 At the end of that prophetic period,
09:36 God raises up another prophet
09:38 who takes that prophecy, starts a movement of people
09:42 who go safely through the crisis,
09:44 and on into the next epoch of human history.
09:49 Now if we want to see that again
09:50 let's move to exhibit two.
09:53 The major crises of the Old Testament
09:56 is the crises of Exodus.
09:58 Probably the most remarkable prophecy in all of the Bible
10:01 which I will probably has or to guess
10:03 you probably never heard preached on a Sunday
10:05 or a Saturday any other morning.
10:07 It's the prediction God gave to Abraham,
10:12 400 years before the Exodus, dramatic,
10:15 remarkable prophecy for filled 400 years later.
10:20 If you have your Bibles
10:21 you can turn with me to Genesis 15:13, 14
10:25 notice this technique of God at work once again.
10:29 There is a crisis coming, Gods people is real
10:32 are going to be in slavery 400 years.
10:36 But God comes to His friend Abraham.
10:39 And He makes His dire prediction of bad news
10:43 but then some good news.
10:45 Notice, God calls Abraham, a prophet.
10:49 "Know certainly Abraham, that your descendants
10:53 will be strangers in a land that is not theirs,
10:57 and will serve them," meaning the Egyptians "
11:00 and they will afflict them four hundred years.
11:04 And also the nation whom they serve"
11:06 that's Egypt "I will judge
11:08 afterward they will come out with great possessions."
11:13 So notice again God gives a prophecy to Abraham,
11:17 makes a prediction
11:18 that exactly 400 years of slavery and persecution
11:21 there would come then a deliverer another prophet--
11:25 oh, by the way, if we include the call of Abraham
11:28 and well, he was still over there Bagdad,
11:30 or remember the soldiers, our troops what right up
11:32 through or even the news were CNN were saying,
11:34 this is where Abraham came from.
11:36 If you include the time that he was there
11:38 before he went to the Palestine,
11:40 he was there 430 years.
11:43 You'll see that's important at the moment.
11:45 But we should expect that after that 400
11:49 or 430 years passed another prophet
11:52 400 years later would come along,
11:54 take that original prophecy, start a movement
11:58 that inaugurates a remnant people
12:00 who respond to that prophetic message,
12:02 and they avoid that judgment, and move safely through that
12:05 crisis to another epoch of time.
12:08 Did it happen?
12:10 Well, all you have to do is
12:11 read the story of Moses and the Exodus.
12:14 It fulfilled prophecy dramatically and remarkably.
12:18 Notice please with me Exodus 12:40-42: it says
12:23 "Now the sojourn of the children of Israel
12:26 who lived in Egypt was four hundred and thirty years."
12:31 Notice this next line.
12:33 "And it came to pass at the end
12:35 of the four hundred and thirty years
12:37 on that very same day it came to pass
12:40 that all the armies of the Lord
12:42 went out from the land of Egypt.
12:44 It is a night of solemn observance to the Lord
12:46 for bringing them out of the land of Egypt."
12:49 And right on into a brand new epoch of time.
12:53 That is one of the most remarkable
12:55 most amazing prophecies in all of the Bible.
12:57 Fulfill the Bible says, to the very same day
13:01 when the Passover took place.
13:03 You see this is the same technique of God
13:07 always since scripture.
13:09 A prophet makes a time prophecy,
13:12 toward the end of which another prophet raises up to apply
13:18 that prophecy to his generation and begin a movement
13:21 that goes into the next epoch of history.
13:25 Let's try it again with exhibit number three.
13:29 The 70 years of Babylonian captivity exile.
13:34 You talked about Blitzkrieg and Baghdad.
13:38 We know from history
13:39 that these years of the Babylonia Captivity
13:42 for the Jews, under Nebuchadnezzar
13:44 were from history tells us 606 to 536 B.C.,
13:50 you count down when you are in B.C.
13:52 Seventy years of captivity-- catastrophe.
13:55 But now notice what happens.
13:57 Jeremiah the prophet made the prediction
14:00 that God's people would go into 70 years of exile
14:04 because of their wickedness, backsliding, apostasy,
14:07 worst catastrophe ever to come to Israel.
14:10 Capture by Babylon, exile, a time of crisis.
14:15 Jeremiah 25:11-12 "And this whole land
14:20 shall be a desolation and an astonishment,
14:23 and these nations shall serve the king of Babylon 70 years.
14:28 Then it shall come to pass, when 70 years are completed,
14:32 that I will punish the king of Babylon."
14:36 Now, friends listen carefully.
14:38 If the technique of God is to be consistent
14:42 and we saw that it holds true in the case of flood,
14:44 it held true in the case of the Exodus,
14:46 two instances, then we should expect
14:49 that a prophet or may be even several prophets
14:52 should come on the scene
14:53 at the conclusion of this 70 year period
14:56 lead God's people through that crisis
14:58 on into a new epoch, a new era.
15:02 Well, exactly 70 years later, what happened?
15:05 Sure enough, three prophets show up,
15:08 Daniel, Haggai and Zechariah down to the very year 536 B.C.
15:16 We'll just pick on one of them
15:17 for a quotation from Daniel 9:1, 2 he says,
15:22 "In the first year of Darius I, Daniel,
15:26 understood by the books the number of the years
15:28 specified by the word of the Lord
15:30 through Jeremiah the prophet, that He would accomplish
15:34 seventy years of desolation of Jerusalem."
15:37 You see Daniel takes the prophecy of Jeremiah,
15:41 applies that prophecy to His day.
15:43 And so God begins a remnant,
15:46 who went back to Jerusalem, started a new movement
15:49 and moved into a brand new epoch for the nation of Israel.
15:53 I mean it's absolutely thrilling.
15:55 Folks, God is the same yesterday, today and what?
15:59 Forever, God rules, folks. He's in control.
16:03 But now hold on to your seats because tonight's message
16:06 is one of the most amazing examples
16:08 of this prophecy principle in all of the Bible.
16:12 The 490 year prophecy of Daniel 9:25.
16:18 Now most people who studied the Bible,
16:20 they know that there is over 300 little prophecies
16:23 in the Old Testament
16:24 pointing forward to Jesus, Messiah.
16:27 Every detail is there about His lifetime.
16:30 We call those "Messianic prophecies"
16:32 and we'll look at a few before the evening is done.
16:35 But For thousands of years back there in the Old Testament,
16:38 people would offer sacrifices and they would slay a lamb,
16:41 and they would sprinkle the blood of the lamb
16:44 on the doorposts of their homes clearly teaching people
16:47 before Jesus came to died on Calvary
16:50 that the only way to be saved from their sins is,
16:53 John 1:29 says, is to "Behold the Lamb of God
16:57 who takes away the sin of the world!"
16:59 Messiah is coming.
17:01 Hebrews 9:23, says very-- verse 22 says
17:05 "without the shedding of blood there is no remission."
17:09 So you see God Himself set up that ceremonial system
17:12 for all those millennia on purpose
17:14 to point forward to Messiah the Lamb of God.
17:18 He's coming.
17:19 The most important crisis, crucial,
17:22 cataclysmic event in the history of the universe.
17:24 Jesus' death on Calvary's cross.
17:27 But let's stop tape right here.
17:29 Let's refocus the camera and let's back up 500 years.
17:35 Five centuries.
17:38 Daniel, the prophet
17:40 was carefully studying the prophecies
17:42 and praying for His people Israel.
17:45 Remember he is in Babylon. He is a captive.
17:47 But he got excited because he notice that
17:49 one of the prophesies about the exiles
17:51 it was the 70 year captivity prophecy of Jeremiah
17:55 and he realized the prophecy that had been predicted
17:58 about that captivity was going to come to end
18:00 for him and his people in about five years.
18:03 "Wow, well, we Jews are gonna get to go back to Jerusalem.
18:07 God's about to set us free."
18:09 Well, as Daniel was speaking to God
18:11 and thanking Him in prayer, for this wonderful revelation,
18:15 the angel Gabriel came, Daniel 9:22, 23 says
18:19 "And he informed me, and talked with me, and said,
18:23 'O Daniel, I have now come forth to give you skill
18:27 and understanding for you are greatly beloved"
18:30 wouldn't you like to have God save of you through Gabriel?
18:34 You-- God thinks you are really special.
18:38 "Therefore Daniel consider the matter,
18:40 and understand the vision."
18:42 So, notice now, hear again we have a prophet,
18:45 God's giving the prophet Daniel a vision,
18:47 a new prophecy,
18:49 And Gabriel told Daniel
18:51 "I've got some good news and some bad news.
18:55 Let me give the bad news first, Daniel.
18:58 Another big crisis is coming:"
19:00 Daniel 9:24 "Seventy weeks are determined for your people."
19:07 In other words your Jewish nation Daniel,
19:09 has got 70 weeks to get their act together
19:13 or God says I'm through.
19:15 It will be finished, it will be over kaput."
19:19 Well, Daniel's heart stops cold.
19:22 Why, with this be Gabriel?
19:24 Daniel 9:24, "For your people and your holy city,
19:28 to finish the transgression to make an end of sins,
19:31 to make reconciliation for iniquity,
19:33 to bring in everlasting righteousness,
19:35 seal up the vision and prophecy,
19:37 and to anoint the Most Holy."
19:41 Well, Daniel was troubled about this.
19:44 The vision haunted him for days and the Bible says for weeks.
19:46 He couldn't understand it.
19:48 He couldn't sleep, he Stayed up nights
19:49 thinking about it because it wasn't clear.
19:52 Because you see, Daniel knew that in prophecy
19:57 when you compute apocalyptic prophetic time,
20:01 end time events prophecies.
20:05 He knew that one prophetic day
20:08 really stands for a literal year.
20:12 I mean that's how prophetic time works.
20:14 Daniel knew about Ezekiel 4:6 and Numbers 14:34,
20:18 you can get it that discover lessons,
20:20 be sure you pick up your copy at the-- the table tonight.
20:24 They spell out very clearly
20:26 that "I have appointed thee each day" for what?
20:31 "A year."
20:32 So, first of all, says Gabriel to Daniel,
20:35 who was a prophet remember
20:36 in this prophecy here of this 400-- this 70 weeks.
20:40 This prophetic period of 490 literal years
20:44 that's 70 weeks, 70 times 7 is 490.
20:47 That's how long the Jews have to get with it.
20:50 Four hundred ninety literal years
20:52 are measured off for the Jewish nation,
20:54 to repent, to be saved as a nation of Israel.
20:57 And this is also Daniel,
20:58 a special period of grace for the Jewish nation.
21:01 But then, Daniel, a big crisis is coming, big time.
21:07 But Daniel, here's the good news.
21:09 I want you to notice that during this 490 year period
21:13 some great things are gonna take place.
21:16 Some events leading up to,
21:18 hold on to your seat Daniel, Messiah.
21:22 Really? That's right.
21:23 Daniel, during this long time prophecy all of these rites
21:28 and ceremonies and blood sacrifices
21:30 was would brought to an end.
21:31 Pay attention, Daniel.
21:33 This is the greatest prophecy God has ever given.
21:36 Four specific events leading up to ground zero, Calvary.
21:42 I'm gonna tell you exactly Daniel,
21:44 listen I'm gonna tell you the year Messiah comes,
21:47 exactly when He will officially begin His ministry,
21:50 how long His ministry will be, even to when He will die
21:55 to the year, month, day and hour of time
21:59 and much, much more, Daniel.
22:01 Wow, thought Daniel. Wow.
22:05 "Gabriel, when does this prophecy begin?
22:07 When did it start, what's the beginning date?
22:08 I'd like to know, so may be I can start computing
22:10 when all these things will happen."
22:12 Gabriel says to Daniel in verse 25, Now listen,
22:15 it just takes a little bit of simple arithmetic.
22:18 You can start figuring out this prophecy
22:21 and all of its finer details from the time of the decree
22:25 to restore and rebuild Jerusalem.
22:29 Notice, "Know therefore and understand,
22:32 that from the going forth of the command to restore
22:35 and build Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince,
22:39 there shall be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks."
22:44 Oh, says Daniel. Sure enough.
22:48 I'm here in Jerusalem, it's in ruins at this time.
22:50 Daniel and the Jews they are captive prisoners in Babylon.
22:53 Gabriel says, get out your stopwatch Daniel,
22:56 well, a decree is made to rebuild Jerusalem.
22:59 All right, says Daniel. Can't miss that.
23:02 I mean this is like "WordPerfect for Dummies."
23:04 And we find that decree recorded
23:07 in the Book of Ezra Chapter 6 and 7 in fact,
23:10 the Jews wrote it everywhere in the Old Testament,
23:12 so nobody would miss it.
23:14 But, well, let's pick on Ezra 7:7, 13 tell us
23:18 "In the seventh year of Artaxerxes the King"
23:21 King of Persia and it gives such and such a day
23:24 and such and such month.
23:25 "I make a decree, that all they of the children of Israel
23:30 of their own freewill can go up to Jerusalem."
23:35 Well, history tells us that the decree of King Artaxerxes
23:38 to rebuild Jerusalem was issued in the year 457 B.C.
23:44 the year, the month and even the day are given.
23:48 The angel says, Daniel, get out your pencil.
23:51 This prophecy is so simple
23:53 an eighth grader can figure it out.
23:55 The beginning date of this long 490 year prophecy period
24:00 is when this decree is issued in 457 B.C.
24:03 Daniel, put it down. Write it down.
24:06 But notice now, that Daniel is gonna be
24:08 several amazing subdivisions in this 490 year period.
24:13 Write these down.
24:14 But 457 B.C. starts the clock ticking.
24:19 But the very first thing Daniel to watch for to happen
24:21 after that is going to be you'll see Jerusalem rebuilt.
24:26 Daniel 9:25 "to restore and build Jerusalem
24:30 shall be" how many weeks?
24:32 "Seven weeks.
24:34 The street will be built again, and the wall,
24:36 even in troublesome times."
24:38 Well, Seven weeks how many days?
24:42 Come on, 49, seven--
24:46 seven weeks times seven days in a week 49 days.
24:50 Actual prophetic days, but now we want actual years,
24:54 so that's 49 years that's right
24:58 for the rebuilding of Jerusalem.
24:59 Bingo, that brings you down to 408 B.C.
25:03 you do the math.
25:04 History tells us that dates correct
25:07 because Artaxerxes, Longimanus completed the work in 408 B.C.
25:14 But, now, Daniel, says Gabriel, from 457 B.C.
25:17 this prophecy also is to go down and reach to Messiah,
25:23 the anointed one, verse 25, "Know therefore and understand,
25:28 from the going forth of the command
25:30 to restore and build Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince,
25:34 shall be seven weeks and sixty two weeks."
25:37 What's sixty two in seven? Sixty nine, all right.
25:42 Do a little math, seven times, 69 is 483 days
25:47 or we're looking for real years now.
25:50 Four hundred and eighty years later
25:52 after Artaxerxes original decree brings us down--
25:56 you actually have to go down to zero
25:57 and now you are up into A.D. you count up to 27 A.D.
26:01 That's the year that Messiah should officially appear.
26:06 What happened in that year?
26:07 You go to your gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
26:10 even the Book of Acts they all tell us precisely
26:13 that year happen to be the 15th year
26:16 reigning of Tiberius Caesar,
26:19 and it says the John the Baptist
26:21 was baptizing people over in the Jordan River
26:24 and one day Jesus came down to that river
26:26 and He asked John,
26:28 I want to be baptized in the Jordan River.
26:30 John, I want you to anoint Me. Now says John.
26:36 Now says Jesus. The prophetic clock has struck.
26:40 Notice, Mark 1:15 Jesus said, "The time is" what?
26:46 "Fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand."
26:49 And John looks with prophetic inside and says.
26:52 "Behold.
26:53 The Lamb of God
26:55 who is gonna takes away the sin of the world!"
26:57 People, look at him, this is Messiah.
27:00 He is showing up right on schedule
27:02 as the prophecies indicate.
27:04 In fact Luke pinpoints this very year
27:06 that Jesus was anointed at His baptism,
27:09 Luke tells us it's in the fall of A.D. 27.
27:13 Luke 3:1, 22, 21.
27:16 "In the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar
27:19 and praying, the heaven was opened,
27:21 and the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape
27:24 like a dove upon him,
27:25 and a voice came from heaven, which said,
27:28 'Thou art my beloved Son, in thee I am well pleased.'
27:35 " God anointed Jesus.
27:39 Messiah, anointed One, right there at His baptism.
27:44 And Paul states in Acts 10:38,
27:46 "God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost."
27:51 In the fall of A.D. 27 and that's important
27:55 because it fulfills the 483 year
27:58 part of that prophecy down to the very month.
28:01 I mean is this just an accident?
28:03 Why wasn't Jesus baptized in the spring or the summer?
28:07 Just happenstance here. No friend.
28:10 The prophecy said Jesus would be anointed
28:13 exactly at that time so that Messiah
28:16 could not possibly be Buddha nor could it be Confucius.
28:22 It cannot be Mohammed.
28:24 This is no coincidence because it proves
28:26 Jesus was indeed who He claimed to be, Messiah.
28:31 In fact, Jesus himself preached everywhere He went,
28:33 Mark 1:15 "The time is fulfilled,
28:36 the kingdom of God is at hand.
28:38 Repent, and believe in the gospel."
28:39 He said to the people,
28:41 My whole life is based on prophecies.
28:44 Oh, but listen, hold on there's more.
28:47 It really gets beautiful and wonderfully technical.
28:50 In fact, this is my favorite part of the prophecy.
28:54 Because you see in from 27 A.D.
28:56 when Jesus arrived there is still seven more years
29:00 left in that prophecy for the Jews
29:03 to get with it, right.
29:04 From Christ's baptism in 27 A.D.
29:07 clear up to A.D. 34 for seven more years
29:12 after the Savior entered His ministry in A.D. 27,
29:15 the gospel was preached especially to the Jews.
29:19 For three and half years preach to them
29:21 by Christ Himself, and then afterward
29:23 when He went back to haven the apostles preached the Jews.
29:27 But look, something else happens first
29:30 before that Jewish nation falls apart in A.D. 34,
29:34 Daniel 9:26, 27 say's in the midst of the week,
29:42 "Messiah shall be cut off, but not for Himself."
29:49 For others He'd be killed. Now look closely what happens?
29:54 Right smack in the middle of this last 7 years,
29:57 from 27 A.D. to 34 A.D. right in the middle 31 A.D.
30:03 it says, "And He shall confirm
30:04 the covenant with many" for how long?
30:07 "One week at seven years and in the midst of that week
30:12 He will cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease."
30:16 In other words, exactly three and one-half years
30:20 after Jesus baptism,
30:23 by sacrificing Himself halfway through this week,
30:27 He would bring an end to the entire
30:29 sacrificial system of the Jewish Old Testament.
30:32 Now I want you to count it with me.
30:33 Hold up your hand. I want you to use your fingers.
30:37 There is one, two, three years
30:39 and we're gonna go into the half of this fourth one.
30:41 The fingers are just the edges of the years, okay?
30:44 From the fall of A.D. 27 you go to the fall of A.D. 28,
30:49 that's one year, to the fall of A.D. 29, two years,
30:52 to the fall of A.D. 30, three years
30:56 and then you don't go to the fall of A.D. 31
30:59 its only half year.
31:00 From the fall you'll go to winter,
31:03 and then what's the next season?
31:05 The spring of A.D. 31.
31:07 When is Easter? The spring.
31:11 Prophecy was fulfilled exactly history tells us
31:15 it was Passover in 31 A.D.
31:18 exactly three and half years after His baptism.
31:21 In the middle of this prophetic week,
31:23 Jesus died as the perfect Lamb of God.
31:26 He the true sacrifice offered on Calvary the Bible says,
31:30 was suddenly cut off, killed, hung on a cross.
31:35 And scripture even tells us,
31:36 it was on the 14th day of the first Jewish month
31:40 equivalent precisely to our Easter time.
31:43 And you very well remember what happened that day?
31:45 Mark records it.
31:46 Says it was Passover in Jerusalem,
31:49 and it says that just as the priest
31:51 was there in the temple,
31:53 there was about to slay the lamb on the altar,
31:55 suddenly it says "the veil in the temple behind him bushed"
31:58 by the way was six inches thick
32:01 was suddenly torn from top to the bottom by an unseen hand.
32:05 In horror, the High Priest dropped the knife,
32:08 and all the people now for the very first time
32:10 could see right into the most Holy Place
32:12 which only the high priest was ever supposed to see.
32:15 But all of that rigmarole and ceremony was worthless now.
32:19 It meant nothing. Why?
32:22 It all came to an end at the cross.
32:25 Because at that very moment,
32:27 Jesus outside the wall of Jerusalem,
32:29 hung on Calvarias hill and He cried out
32:31 at that very instant.
32:33 Look John 19:30 "It is finished."
32:39 The Bible said that Jesus would be crucified
32:43 when the Passover Lamb was slain
32:45 three o'clock on the afternoon
32:46 on the 14th day of the first month in A.D. 31.
32:50 On the very month, the very day,
32:52 the very hour and the very second
32:56 that the lamb in the temple was slain
32:59 meeting the specifications of prophecy
33:01 in every single minute detail.
33:05 You see the time had come for the rights
33:07 and the ceremonies of the Old Testament to cease.
33:10 No more sacrifices to show faith
33:11 anymore in a coming Messiah.
33:13 Messiah Changed the World. What a prophecy.
33:18 Can you say amen? Amen.
33:20 Fantastic, because no other person on the planet
33:23 could possibly fulfilled history as Jesus did.
33:27 Oh, but friend, the prophecy isn't ended.
33:30 Three and one-half more years remember
33:33 were measured off for the Jews ending in 34 A.D.
33:39 As a nation they have three and one-half more years
33:40 to straighten out, to accept Jesus
33:43 and the message of the disciples.
33:44 But you know what the New Testament tells us
33:46 they never did.
33:47 The Jews-- the disciples tried to win them
33:51 but the Jewish nation officially
33:52 rejected their message and finally
33:56 when Jews stoned Stephen to death
33:58 in A.D. 34 they finally sealed their doom.
34:03 The rejection of the gospel Stephen became
34:06 the first martyr of the Christian church,
34:09 and that's when the prophetic clock struck again
34:12 right on time, that 490 years of prophecy.
34:16 That's when the Jews finally had broken the camel's back.
34:20 The last straw persecuting not only the Messiah's
34:23 putting Him to death but now it's persecuting His church.
34:26 So God sent word that because
34:28 they had rejected Him as a nation,
34:31 He finally had to reject them.
34:33 And the disciples, under intense persecution
34:36 were scattered and Acts 8:4 says
34:38 "They went everywhere now preaching the word."
34:41 Preaching the Gospel now to the Gentile world.
34:45 If God couldn't use the Jews, God would use the Gentiles
34:49 to proclaim His truth and formulate His church.
34:52 We know this exactly what happened.
34:54 Acts 13:46 gives the CNN News report from Antioch,
35:00 when the Jewish fiercely opposed the apostles,
35:02 it says "Then Paul and Barnabas grew bold and said,
35:07 'It was necessary that the word of God
35:09 should be spoken to you first, but since you reject it,
35:13 and judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life,
35:15 behold, we turn to the Gentiles.'"
35:20 Ending the 490 year prophecy of Daniel
35:25 end of the Jewish theocracy Jesus has said in Luke 13:7.
35:30 "Look, for three years I have come seeking fruit
35:33 on this Jewish fig tree this Jewish nation, I find none.
35:38 Cut it down."
35:40 The Jews are obstructing Gods plan of Salvation.
35:42 And that's why shortly after A.D. 34
35:45 the Jewish nation and Jerusalem was terribly totally sacked,
35:50 leveled by the Roman armies in 70 A.D.
35:53 Just like Daniel 9:26 foretold.
35:56 Just like Jesus foretold in Matthew 8:12
35:59 "The children of the Kingdom
36:01 shall be cast out into outer darkness."
36:05 You see, friend, the 70 week prophecy is not only correct
36:11 it's accurate to the very moment of time.
36:14 Every little subdivision met complete fulfillment
36:17 in history proving beyond the shadow of a doubt,
36:20 Jesus of Nazareth was Messiah, foretold in Scripture.
36:26 Jesus began His ministry, He accomplished His death
36:29 at the very times specified in prophecy.
36:31 I mean who else could it be? No one.
36:34 It's not Confucius, it's not Gandhi,
36:38 it's not Buddha, it's Jesus. Amen.
36:42 But notice that we see it again a technique of God.
36:46 We see the consistency of God.
36:48 A prophet makes a time prediction
36:52 at the end of which another prophet raises up
36:56 to form a movement a nucleus of people.
36:59 They lead that remnant through the time of crisis
37:02 and on into a new epoch because our God is the same.
37:08 He is predictable because He doesn't change.
37:14 And by the way in the very last days of this earth's history
37:18 there's one more prophecy we don't have time for tonight
37:21 it's the most exciting one of all,
37:22 of tremendous global and cosmic interest
37:25 that follows the identically same pattern.
37:28 It's the final prophecy that leads out the final people
37:32 in the final crisis the final jeopardy on this planet.
37:36 This time not into just another human epoch of time
37:39 this time into eternal life.
37:43 You don't want to miss that message on Friday night.
37:46 I mentioned there are hundreds of other detailed prophecies
37:50 in the Bible that point with stupendous
37:52 and astonishing accuracy to Jesus.
37:54 I'll just touch on a few.
37:56 He is prophesied as being the true Lamb of God.
38:00 And these are all evidence of course that He is the Messiah.
38:02 His miraculous birth it was predicted
38:05 that He would be born of a virgin.
38:08 Isaiah talked about that in Isaiah 7:14.
38:10 His birth place was given in Micah 5:2
38:13 but Thou Bethlehem of Ephratah remember?
38:15 His betrayal by Judas was fore told in the Psalms,
38:18 Psalm 41:9.
38:20 The price paid to the betrayer was how much?
38:24 Thirty pieces of silver.
38:25 That was talked about in Zechariah 11:12.
38:27 His Beating and His abuse in Isaiah 50 and Isaiah 53
38:31 that they would pierced His hand and His feet
38:33 Psalms talked about that in Psalms 22:16.
38:36 It says that he would be numbered with the transgressors
38:38 and He was crucified between two thieves
38:41 Isaiah 53:12 talks about that.
38:43 It even predicted in psalms 22:18
38:45 That they would cast lots for His clothing
38:47 and we know the Romans solider did that.
38:49 Even the Words on the Cross were predicted in Psalm 22:1
38:52 when Jesus said "My God, My God,
38:55 why hast thou forsaken me?"
38:56 Ladies and gentlemen, of the jury tonight,
39:00 Jesus Christ was not only truly everything
39:04 He claimed to be the Messiah.
39:08 There's only one Person in the world
39:10 who could fulfill all the Biblical rubrics of prophecy.
39:13 Amen. I mean there's no mistake.
39:16 And friend, as our Lord hung upon that cruel cross
39:19 fulfilling prophecy to the very split-second
39:22 with His back lacerated, the cruel beatings
39:25 and His hands and feet driven through with spikes,
39:28 His nails pierced and the thorns in His brow,
39:31 enduring the mockery and jeers of the crowd you know,
39:37 He could have called 10,000 angels
39:41 to destroy the world, set Him free.
39:45 He was God.
39:47 But you see, He couldn't save Himself and save us too.
39:52 Do you ever wonder if anybody is out there
39:56 who really cares about you?
39:59 Oh friend, Jesus does.
40:03 Two thousand years ago
40:05 He proved just how much He cares
40:08 as He poured out His life for you on a lonely hill
40:10 just outside of Jerusalem.
40:12 What incredible love. But listen, friend, listen.
40:17 Just as all these prophecies of Christ's first coming,
40:22 His first advent announced His kingdom of His amazing grace,
40:28 so the message of Christ second coming
40:32 announces the kingdom of His glory.
40:34 And the second coming prophecies
40:36 and the second coming messages,
40:38 are even more than the first coming,
40:40 based on the prophecies hundreds and hundreds of them.
40:43 The Voice of Prophecy speaks.
40:46 Back the angle Gabriel told Daniel about our day tonight.
40:51 The last days.
40:52 When he said in Daniel 12:4,
40:54 "Many would run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase."
40:59 The wicked will do wickedly,
41:00 none of the wicked shall understand,
41:03 but the wise shall understand.
41:09 My friend, that's why you're here tonight
41:12 and why you've just received understanding
41:16 because tonight, it's closing time for this old world.
41:20 We've reached the time foretold in all these scriptures.
41:24 The time of the end is come. Solemn, swift, certain, soon.
41:31 My dear friend, George Vandeman,
41:33 Connie's father the late George Vandeman
41:35 I worked for them for five years.
41:36 Jeannie and I travel all over the world with them.
41:39 George Vandeman used to tell the story
41:40 a number of years ago about a lighthouse.
41:42 That was being built on the rock-bound coast of Wales.
41:46 When the building was nearly completed,
41:49 unfortunately one of the workmen stumbled
41:51 and fell back through the scaffolding
41:53 down to the rocks below.
41:55 The other workmen were shocked.
41:57 They didn't dare even look down
41:59 for fear of being unnerved at the sight.
42:01 With heavy hearts they kid of slowly
42:03 backed down the ladders to the ground.
42:05 But to their surprise and their joy
42:08 they saw their fellow workman lying on a tuft of grass
42:11 kind of shaken up.
42:13 Shocked and bruised of course. But not seriously harmed.
42:17 But right beside him lay a dead lamb.
42:23 A flock of sheep had been wandering by that very moment,
42:27 and a lamb had broken that mans fall.
42:31 Friend, a lamb broke your fall. A lamb broke mine.
42:38 Jesus, the Lamb of God
42:39 that takes away the sin of the world.
42:42 Wouldn't you like to lift your heart
42:43 to prayer in heaven right now and say,
42:45 "Yes, Jesus, I see it now clearly
42:48 He who really are Messiah, my Lord, my Savior.
42:52 You were the fall guy for me.
42:56 Lord I accept You, I give my heart to You."
43:01 Breathe that prayer just now
43:04 as the broke happen start those response cards down take it,
43:10 make an indication, turn your life
43:12 over to Jesus as Joey sings.
43:16 If you are aimlessly wandering alone
43:24 Turn your life over to Jesus
43:32 If you need someone to call your own
43:39 Turn you life over to Him
43:45 You can depend on the love He will provide
43:53 All your confusion in Him you can confide
44:01 He gave His own life to save you
44:09 Why don't you give yours to Him?
44:19 Won't you bow your head with me
44:20 and let's pray and talk to the Lord right now.
44:24 Gracious Heavenly Father, as we begin tonight
44:28 to comprehend through prophecy.
44:32 The significance of Jesus sacrifice,
44:34 tonight we simply want to pause and say "Thank You."
44:39 Thank You for spelling it out so clearly
44:42 that You came on purpose to fulfill prophecy
44:45 and to bring Your free gift of salvation.
44:47 We certainly didn't deserve it,
44:50 but Lord your prophecies show us time and again
44:53 You're a God who is consistent.
44:57 You're predictable. We can count on You.
45:01 So just now by faith we choose to make a decision and respond,
45:05 by accepting You.
45:07 Claiming You by faith tonight.
45:10 Lord as our heads are bowed
45:11 and we're in attitude of prayer,
45:14 I want to invite all of you wherever you're located
45:17 in the downlink location to join us here in Colombia.
45:20 Just open your eyes and look down at that response card
45:23 make some kind of a tangible commitment
45:26 to the Christ of prophecy tonight.
45:28 He's spoken through His word to our hearts
45:31 throughout this auditorium through out the world,
45:33 wherever you people are listening.
45:35 Will you say, Lord, Lord, you can count me in on this prayer
45:40 by marking your commitment, the first one
45:44 many if you may want to check and say you know I see it now,
45:47 I want accept Gods plan for my life
45:49 and I look toward a better tomorrow.
45:53 Check the first one.
45:54 Some of you may also want to check the second one.
45:57 Oh, I see it I want to accept Jesus Christ
46:00 and His plan of salvation,
46:02 just put check there
46:03 right there clearly in number two.
46:05 And then number three I hope many will say tonight
46:09 perhaps for the first time you know
46:10 I want to get out my Bible, I want to study it daily,
46:12 I'm gonna pick up those discover lessons
46:15 and I we're gonna pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit
46:18 from now on in my life would you check number three.
46:21 And finally number four you may have
46:23 a special personal prayer request
46:25 we want you to check that in write your request down
46:27 or at least a little summary of it
46:28 we'd like to pray for you.
46:30 You could write on the back if you'd like as well.
46:32 Lord, we're gonna continue you to pray
46:33 just now as a responding.
46:36 Please accept our thanks
46:37 and accept our commitments to You.
46:40 And as we leave this auditorium
46:42 and surround us with Your promised power
46:44 and Your presence, and Your forgiveness
46:47 and Your love, because we pray it in Jesus' name.
46:53 If you are aimlessly wandering alone
47:00 Turn your life over to Jesus
47:08 If you need someone to call your own
47:15 Turn you life over to Him
47:22 You can depend on the love He will provide
47:29 All your confusion in Him you can confide
47:37 He gave His own life to save you
47:46 Why don't you give yours to Him?
47:53 Turn your life over to Him
48:07 Right now we're gonna ask those row captains
48:09 to make sure that the containers moved pass that row.
48:13 Thank you for turning in your decision
48:15 and your commitment tonight.
48:17 Tomorrow night right back here same time,
48:19 same place and all the locations
48:21 from Australia the Pacific rim
48:23 to our friends up there in Canada
48:25 the Spanish world is listening to this translators
48:27 all through out South America in the Spanish world.
48:30 And in Korea is being translated every night
48:32 our Korean translators back here
48:34 we might get them to come out
48:35 and say hello some evening here.
48:37 Thank you for listening, thank you for coming.
48:39 Tomorrow night subject don't forget it,
48:42 because the Bible tells us in a very, very different way
48:45 if you're born once you're gonna have to die twice.
48:52 But if you're born twice you'll only have to die once.
48:57 Amen. Born to live forever.
49:02 As we close our broadcast every day,
49:04 I want to leave you these words remember friend,
49:07 God really does love you.
49:12 Amen. Good night everyone.


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